xenxoI tried to install flgrx with no success00:00
vigilant_bashing-om: or is there some info in the internal error message I could look for?00:00
TaZeRubuntu makes life worth living00:00
xenxoI'm also asking because I'm using ubuntu 14.04, and info out there seems to be for 13.10 and earlier00:00
xenxoif anyone knows how's the current state with mobility ati radeon drivers, info would be nice, afaik there's those fglrx that are old (I've not used them but have seen them years ago in the repos)00:01
vigilant_bashing-om: I look at 'graphicscard' line and it says under the Amd card rv710 and then next line ' subsystem: Samsung electronics co ltd device [144d:c07f] dont know if that is important00:02
xenxoalso, it seems that there are those xserver-xorg-video-[ati|radeon]00:02
OerHeksxenxo, see the !ati factoid, 2xxx 3xxx 4xxx are only supported by the open driver00:02
ubottuFor Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VideoDriverHowto00:02
xenxoOerHeks, ok! so no propìetary drivers for my card I guess00:03
SleePyI'm missing my /boot on my system.  If booted off a live cd, should I be able to just copy /boot from the cd to my root partition and run grub-install to repair things?00:03
xenxoOerHeks, so, fglrx is the way00:04
xenxoI installed them previously and got my system wrecked :/00:05
wileeeSleePy, you would generally just use commands while using the live, not pull from it.00:05
xenxowell I did not install them from those repos at the howto00:05
squintyvigilant Bashing-om    does the card in question support 3d acceleration?  afaik, unity requires it.  I see there is a Unity 2D reference after a bit of googling  (and something is tickling my little old grey cells about the livecd using it rather than 3D unity)  been a long time since I read/encountered this topic so maybe way of the mark.  Anyways just a thought....00:05
SleePywileee: I get an error: failed to get canonical path of '/cow' when I do it off the live cd.00:06
wileee!bootrepair | SleePy Some like this tool, be sure you know what you're doing00:06
ubottuSleePy Some like this tool, be sure you know what you're doing: Boot-Repair is a simple tool to repair frequent boot issues you may encounter in Ubuntu. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Boot-Repair for more info.00:06
wileeeSleePy, THis a uefi?00:06
wileeeSleePy, The live is a chroot or mount to fix boots in general, we are far from that just in gathering info at this point.00:07
vigilant_squinty: I am not sure, how do I find out? its amd rv710 radeon00:07
xenxohmmm don't know if I should be installing these: https://code.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/fglrx-installer00:07
SleePywileee: I don't have a /sys/firmware/efi, so I take that as a no00:08
vigilant_squinty: I will just post my initial post so you will know the background "Hello! I have an old Samsung R540 with the amd hd 4x00 screencard, after clean install of ubuntu 14.04.02 or 15.04 I get continus login loop and never get to the actual desktop, I am ableto push alt-ctrl and the function keys to change to terminal and issue commands, but I have noe idea how to fix this.. "00:08
wileeeSleePy, Are you on the live? If so pastebin    sudo fdisk -l00:08
wileeeSleePy, Run     sudo parted -l   as well00:09
SleePyOk, few mins for that.  Using my laptop for irc.00:09
squintyvigilant_,  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RadeonDriver   maybe see what that page says00:10
wileeeSleePy, No prob, we can have it sent straight to the paste and you would just post a url if you like.00:10
vigilant_squinty: it says fully supported00:10
squintyvigilant_,  seems your card supports it.... oh well :(00:11
SleePywileee: Yea will have to do that, ssh won't start up on live.  I have a overscan issue with my tv, making working with this difficult00:11
vigilant_squinty: its quite a puzzle actually :)00:11
wileee!pastebinit |sleepy install this00:11
ubottusleepy install this: pastebinit is the command-line equivalent of !pastebin - Command output, or other text can be redirected to pastebinit, which then reports an URL containing the output - To use pastebinit, install the « pastebinit » package from a package manager - Simple usage: command | pastebinit -b http://paste.ubuntu.com00:11
squintyvigilant_,  :-)00:12
wileeeSleePy, THan run        sudo parted -l | pastebinit     first than post the url00:12
vigilant_bashing-om: I clicked through the error, asked it to send a report to ubuntu. and then its just the purple background there, no menues or anything00:14
vigilant_bashing-om: I will just do a clean install, that works00:15
SleePywileee: Here is parted: http://paste.ubuntu.com/11917354/ and here is fdisk http://paste.ubuntu.com/11917351/00:15
wileeeSleePy, thanls looking00:15
SleePyThe md0 is the raid assembly of sde1 and sdf1 500 gb drives, that has the OS00:16
wileeeSleePy, Good info, raid is info that is key here, not something I can advise on, but always if you can give, at least,  that kind of detail. ;)00:18
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wileeeSleePy, Heh, I see you did while I typed, goo job, this is just others help area is all. ;)00:19
SleePySorry, didn't think it was relevant at this point since its just a raid1.  grub-install should just need to be ran on both drives for this to work smoothly00:19
wileeeSleePy, You want to default to that sort of info the software, file system etc for help here, but you are doing fine.00:20
Bashing-omvigilant_: squinty // squinty Thanks for the input ! .. I wandered off for a bit, I am playing catch up now .00:21
xenxoI'll try to install fglrx again...00:21
SleePywileee: Ok, I'm hoping once /boot is repaired grub-install will work fine and then things will boot again00:21
wileeeSleePy, you can put a grub-install in the MBR needed from a chroot, if that is all you need.00:22
wileeeor mbr's no idea with raid00:23
SleePyIt fails because /boot was missing from the chroot, the live cd says a file is missing.00:23
SleePymbr is used to boot the basics which assemble the raid enough for it to continue the boot, as far as I understand it.00:23
wileeeSleePy, hmm, you sure you would not be going to the mbr not a partition, and are you sure you were chrooted, have to ask this.00:24
DoYouKnowwhat's wrong with this: sudo add-apt-repository lp:ubuntu/wily-proposed00:24
SleePyyep, mounted my root on /mnt, did the --bind mounts for things and then chroot /mnt.  Ran the commands00:24
DoYouKnowI'm having an error where I can't run any msi in wine00:25
wileeeSleePy, /boot is a partitioned file, often a single partition00:25
DoYouKnowdue to compilation with gcc00:25
Ben64DoYouKnow: #ubuntu+1 for wily until release00:25
DoYouKnowI'm not on wily00:25
DoYouKnowI ust want to install the package00:25
Ben64then don't add a wily repo00:25
SleePywileee: When I setup the system I didn't move /boot to its own partition.  I only have 2 partitions on my drives, the root and swap00:25
DoYouKnowBen64: I need the repo. ....my program will not work00:26
DoYouKnowwithout it00:26
vigilant_bashing-om: ok after clean install I get internal error, and its ' usr/bin/ compiz '00:26
Ben64DoYouKnow: find it for whatever version you're on then00:26
wileeeSleePy, What command have you run for this /boot failure and the exact context's00:26
Bashing-omvigilant_: Did you verify the .iso (md5sum ) ?00:26
DoYouKnowBen64: it gives me the same error00:26
vigilant_bashing-om: no but , I tried earlier with ubuntu 15.04 and got same problem.00:27
DoYouKnowBen64: package is here: https://code.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/wine1.600:27
Ben64DoYouKnow: well remove all the wily stuff and give more details00:27
SleePywileee: http://howtoubuntu.org/how-to-repair-restore-reinstall-grub-2-with-a-ubuntu-live-cd00:27
DoYouKnowsudo add-apt-repository lp:ubuntu/wine1.600:27
DoYouKnowError: 'lp:ubuntu/wine1.6' invalid00:27
vigilant_bashing-om: should I just click ' continue ' on the error or look for more info in it?00:27
Bashing-omvigilant_: Wont take but a few minutes toi verify the ,iso and the burn .00:27
Bashing-om!md5sum | vigilant_00:28
ubottuvigilant_: To verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows00:28
Ben64DoYouKnow: thats not even a repo you linked to00:28
SleePywileee:The error I get when I run grub-install in the chroot is The file /boot/grub/stage1 not read correctly.  That file doesn't exist00:28
wileeeSleePy, So a chroot, were you chrooted is the question, are you sure, and what commands exactly did you run?00:28
squintyvigilant_,  is there actually a space in usr/bin/ compiz  as per your post or is that a typo?00:28
wileeeSleePy, Are you using grub legacy?00:29
vigilant_bashing-om: typoo00:29
DoYouKnowBen64: how do I ad th epackaging branch?00:29
OerHeks!info wine trusty00:29
ubottuwine (source: wine1.6): Microsoft Windows Compatibility Layer (meta-package). In component universe, is extra. Version 1:1.6.2-0ubuntu4 (trusty), package size 0 kB, installed size 21 kB (Only available for i386; amd64)00:29
SleePyAnyway to tell?  This was a 14.04 install that was upgraded to 14.04.200:29
Ben64DoYouKnow: you don't00:29
DoYouKnowthere's no way to do it?00:29
DoYouKnowwhat's the anmespace for then?00:30
squintyvigilant_,  just wondering if you would experience the same error if you installed  gnome-fallback as a temp desktop.  if you can log on with it, that may narrow things down a bit00:30
Bashing-omvigilant_: We still need to know for sure the install medium is sound . md5sum the .iso and also https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/CDIntegrityCheck .00:30
Ben64you need to find the ppa, not the source code00:30
Ben64DoYouKnow: ^00:30
Ben64or just use the wine version in ubuntu00:31
vigilant_bashing-om: oki, doing md5sum thingie00:31
squintyvigilant_,  also if your card is in desktop unit and installed in slot have you tried reseating the rascal?00:31
vigilant_@squinty portable00:32
vigilant_@squinty: its a portable computer00:32
vigilant_@squinty: or laptop00:32
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DoYouKnowBen64: I'm getting an error very similiar to this: https://forum.winehq.org/viewtopic.php?t=1097600:33
squintyvigilant_,  rules that out then  :-)  might want to try the gnome fallback desktop though if everything else pans out OK.00:33
Bashing-omsquinty: vigilant_ " http://paste.ubuntu.com/11916835/ " xorg log file, the last line, any idea what that means ?00:33
wileeeSleePy, This command will show the grub, probably grub 2 just confirming, sudo grub-install -v00:33
Ben64DoYouKnow: check the appdb and/or ask #winehq application support is beyond this channel00:34
vmOk so seriously, how cool is ubuntu00:34
vmLike let's be real00:35
Bashing-omsquinty: // vigilant_ Has tried to load gnome, same result .00:35
squintyBashing-om,  not a clue I am afraid  :-(  probably worth a google or too though00:35
wileeecool is a subjective state vm and offtopic00:35
SleePywileee: grub-install (GNU GRUB 0.97)00:35
squintyBashing-om,  ahhh... ok thanks for the heads up00:35
wileeeSleePy, Heh grub legacy, you are using grub 2 commands00:35
SleePydarn :|00:36
SleePywileee: Well I don't really care what grub it is, as long as it works :D00:36
wileeeSleePy, Since this is raid, and we know now you have grub legacy, lets let the real IT help, help you.00:36
Bashing-omsquinty: This one is a head scratcher, every thjing seems in order, permissions are good, just no load on the GUI . On a clean fresh install . No errors anywhere I can find .00:37
SleePywileee: I may end up just reinstalling the system, would hate to do that, but been spending hours trying to get /boot repaired and grub working again00:37
squintybtw  gnome fallback gives to options at log on.  metacity and compiz   seems he maybe having a compiz related issue with that error message00:37
wileeeSleePy, Not a hard fix if everything is good, however grub 2 is really what you want, so just stay cool.00:37
squintyBashing-om,  no kidding... I have been following your discussion on this while lurking in the background.  very strange00:38
wileeeSleePy, YOU have spent hours, but you were not informed on what you had, so a reinstall is not really a fix, this is easily fixable if all is working in the raid.00:38
SleePywileee: Well I could attempt a upgrade to grub2.  Not sure how well that would go while using the live cd00:38
wileeeSleePy, STOP AND GET HELP!!!!!!!!!00:39
* squinty starts humming "stop in the name of love"00:39
vigilant_bashing-om: 1b305d585b1918f297164add46784116  ubuntu-14.04.2-desktop-amd64.iso00:39
psusiSleePy, Ubuntu has been using grub2 since 9.10... you should not have 0.9700:39
vigilant_bashing-om: the iso checks out, should I check the disk completely too?00:40
vigilant_bashing-om: or the usb I mean00:40
SleePypsusi: Interesting, as I fresh installed this with 14.04...00:40
SleePywileee: Nothing ventured, nothing gained.  Worse case, I spend a night setting up my media server again, all my data is on the 4 drive raid 10, so nothing loss other than setting up all the samba shares again00:41
wileeeSleePy, 14.04 would not install that grub00:41
Bashing-omvigilant_: Yes .. ( there is an option in the liveUSB boot menu - check disk for defects - // Question: is this lap top with an external display ? the xorg error may be related to that .00:41
vigilant_bashing-om: no external display00:42
psusiSleePy, where did you see that old version number?00:42
wileeepsusi, I had him run a command00:43
SleePypsusi: I ran that command while inside the chroot00:43
squintyvigilant_, Bashing-om,  wife just came home with supper so have to go.  good luck guys  hope you figure the problem out  :-)00:43
psusiif you mount your root fs ( on the raid10 or separate? ) from the livecd, bind mount /proc, /dev, /dev/pts, and /sys into it, then chroot into it, you should be able to use grub-install to reinstall it00:43
wileeepsusi, sudo grub-install -v   anyway carry on.00:43
psusiwhich command?00:43
vigilant_squinty: thanks :) good supper00:43
psusiI seem to remember that the livecd actually has *both* versions of grub installed00:43
psusiso grub-install gets you grub-legacy, and grub2-install gets you grub200:44
psusiwe probably should get rid of grub-legacy from the live images finally00:44
SleePyActually, outside the chroot grub-install -v just tries to install and grub2-install isn't found00:44
psusibut, you don't want to run the one on the livecd really anyhow... chroot into the hd first and run it from there00:45
Bashing-omvigilant_: Confirmed the md5sum " 1b305d585b1918f297164add4678411600:45
psusipreferably via dpkg-reconfigure grub-pc, so that dpkg remembers where you installed it and upgrades it properly00:45
SleePychroot doesn't have grub2 either00:45
psusienter the chroot and run apt-cache policy grub-pc00:46
Bashing-omsquinty: Bon apetete !00:46
x0rsHow do I know what timezone cron is running on?00:46
SleePypsusi: http://paste.ubuntu.com/11917442/00:47
psusix0rs, your local tz00:47
x0rspsusi: so, "date" will tell me?00:47
psusiSleePy, that is very strange... you *should* have grub2 unless you have been upgrading since before ubuntu 9.10... install it in the chroot I guess... apt-get install grub-pc00:47
psusix0rs, yea00:48
x0rspsusi, ok thank you00:48
vigilant_bashing-om: the clean install without internet or any updates does not work00:50
vigilant_bashing-om: seems the updates somehow makes it possible for the login screen to come up haha, clean install without internet makes only purple screen00:50
vigilant_bashing-om: looks like normal ubuntu woud but without everything exept the background00:51
DoYouKnowBen64: I figured it out... I had to ctrl+c out of the installer after it extracted the msi file, then use 7-zip to extract the msi00:53
Bashing-omvigilant_: That does not make sense at all to me . The standard desktop install will install with no internet connection at all . hummmmm00:53
DoYouKnowafter it extracted the msi and before it crashed00:53
SleePypsusi: I was able to do that and when I ran grub-install on the root drives it worked, but no such luck on getting a successful boot.  Getting closer it seems like00:53
vigilant_bashing-om: yes it installed completely but on reboot, it comes up with the compiz crash error, and when I click continue it just becomes the purple background with nothing00:54
psusiSleePy, first, you shouldn't need to run grub-install.. installing grub-pc should have giving you a screen asking to pick what drives to install it to... if not, you can force it with dpkg-reconfigure grub-pc00:54
psusiSleePy, second, what happens when you try to boot?00:54
SleePypsusi: It didn't :(  I will try a dpkg-reconfigure though here in a few00:55
SleePyJust a black screen with _00:55
vigilant_bashing-om: ' check finished, error found in two files '00:55
vigilant_bashing-om: I did the ' check disk for errors '00:55
SleePyprior to having grub-install run it would give a message that no bootable media could be found.00:55
psusii'm betting that you still are using grub-legacy... the other reason it is important to use dpkg-reconfigure grub-pc is so that when grub is upgraded, it gets reinstalled automatically, lest the upgrade break your boot00:55
psusiSleePy, btw, are you installing to the raid disks or another boot disk?  and are the disks partitioned using gpt or mbr?00:56
Bashing-omvigilant_: ! well, well .. reburn and try the disk check again . I bet those errors are for the compiz files, huh ?01:00
vigilant_Bashing-om: but it doesnt say what files it is for hmm01:00
vigilant_Bashing-om: and I did install 15.04 from the same usb with different iso for 15.0401:01
SleePypsusi: mbr, I am installing grub to the raid disks that run the root partition.  After running dpkg-reconfigure grub-pc, it gave me the menu and I told it to install grub on the 2 root drives again and rebooted.  Same thing01:01
vigilant_Bashing-om: with the excact same problem?01:01
Bashing-omvigilant_: Still, if the install medium is not 100%, the install it's self can not be 100% .01:02
psusiSleePy, what do you mean two root drives?  I thought you had 4 drives in the raid array?01:02
vigilant_Bashing-om: so maybe the usb is broken and should not be used? I deleted everything on it completely between the two isos being put on it.01:02
Bashing-omvigilant_: Maybe the USB is bad ? I do a lot of installs and my preference for the install medium is a DVD ( my preference ) .01:03
vigilant_Bashing-om: its just strange that its the exact same problem with the two installs of different versions of ubuntu.01:03
SleePypsusi: The 4 drives are for a raid 10 that holds my media (/data).  I have 2 other drives in a raid 1 that holds the root (/)01:04
psusiSleePy, ahh.. make sure your bios is set to boot from the right drive01:04
SleePypsusi: I just found my bios had forgot the boot order and I think it was booting to the wrong drive.  Now that I fixed it, it boots up a memtest instantly.  Thats better...01:04
Bashing-omvigilant_: common factor is the USB . Got another on hand OR a DVD ?01:04
vigilant_Bashing-om: hmm, I will search! :D01:05
psusiSleePy, out of curiosity, why the two separate boot drives?01:05
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SleePypsusi: I am making a guess I need to go back in and run a update-grub or similar command01:05
psusiSleePy, also media is generally better on raid5 than raid10... you get more usable space and media generally doesn't care about the raid5 bad random write performance01:05
SleePypsusi: They are redundant OS drives, I can fail one and still boot01:06
vigilant_Bashing-om: haha I just remember I just bought one of those tiny usb, I will try it, it has ubuntu on it too01:06
psusiSleePy, if you have 6 drives, you can use all 6 together... part for raid10 for os, rest raid5 for media... I do that with 3 drives myself01:06
SleePypsusi: I also use it for backups of other systems, so it gets lots of writes as well still.  The 2 os drives are smaller drives than the 4 for the raid 10 (500 gb for OS, 1 TB drives for raid)01:07
psusiyes, but backups generally do large sequential writes, not lots of random small writes01:07
psusiahh, different size... good reason01:07
vigilant_Bashing-om: checking it for defects01:07
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SleePyI guess thats true, could reconfigure it to be a raid 501:08
vigilant_Bashing-om:  no errors found :D :D01:09
vigilant_Bashing-om:  installing01:09
Bashing-omvigilant_: Pins and needles while I wait . This just might be the culprit .01:09
SleePypsusi: did a update-grub2, it found 2 memtest images, no mention of the kernel :\01:10
SleePyGoing to try to reinstall linux-image-generic and hopefully that gets everything happy01:12
SleePypsusi: That did it, thanks for all your help.  Thanks wileee as well.  Booting system and working again01:13
psusiSleePy, sounds like you are on the right track.. might have a look in /boot first though to see if there are any kernels there01:13
gentooScrubguys does partitioning a virtualbox OS01:14
gentooScrubpartition the actual disk which can screw w/ the ubuntu i'm running01:15
gentooScrubvirtualbox on01:15
wileeegentooScrub, You're not making sense01:15
wileeeSleePy, Cool, good job, that was the right help from the other helper. ;)01:16
vigilant_Bashing-om:  its downloading a lot of updates as it installs, so it takes longer time01:17
Bashing-om vigilant_ Solitair does not care , take the time needed .01:18
gentooScrubwileee, if i am partioning a linux operating system inside the Oracle VM VirtualBox and I use fdisk or other tools to partition the disk to say01:19
gentooScrub/dev/sda1 to boot01:19
SleePywileee: You helped lots, got me on the right track to figuring things out.  And that I somehow had grub-legacy01:19
gentooScrub/dev/sda2 to swap01:19
gentooScrub/dev/sda3 linux etc...01:19
gentooScrubdoes that actually use the physical disk or a virtual disk01:19
wileeegentooScrub, if in the vm it is the vm01:20
gentooScrubwileee, okie thx01:20
wileeegentooScrub, booted in the vm, you understand I believe. ;)01:20
gentooScrubyes, for some reason my disk can't read the HDD when i boot gentoo using HDD01:20
wileeegentooScrub, You have to link the vm to the hd after an install.01:21
wileeeas a read01:21
gentooScrubwileee, do you mean install grub2?01:21
gentooScrubnot sure how to link the vm to hd01:22
wileeegentooScrub, be really clear when you're describing boot is this on the computer or th e vm.01:22
gentooScrubwileee, this is on the vm01:22
wileeegentooScrub, You don't boot the main HD from a VM, is that what you mean?01:22
gentooScrubwileee, no no lol01:23
gentooScrubwileee, it's all good though01:23
wileeegentooScrub, A vm is like having a jailed OS, really hard to understand you, be clear.01:23
Bashing-omvigilant_: I have thunder storms approaching, I may have to shut down on you .01:24
gentooScrubwileee, just wanted to make sure partitioning an OS in a VM won't actualyl affect my /dev/sda partitions on my disk01:24
vigilant_Bashing-om:  wow :) yeah you should stay safe!, thanks for all the help, I think it will work now, soon ready downloading01:25
bazhanggentooScrub, its a vm, it wont01:25
wileee;gentooScrub, Fair concern, no it just do the voodoo that it do in the vm . ;)01:25
gentooScrubbazhang, wileee alrighty :)01:26
wileeeBashing-om, Stay away from the ground01:26
gentooScrubhow does the VM work though. If I give an OS 5gigs of Memory, does the virtualbox take away from my /dev/sda3 partition where my Linux/ext4 Filesystem is on to make it from 304G to 299G?01:27
gentooScrubmaybe I'll check my disk to see lol01:27
gentooScrubnvm that question01:27
mekhamiis there a fb messenger app that's the standard? i didn't find anything from a basic google search01:27
vigilant_Bashing-om:  restarting :D01:27
gentooScruboh damn it doesn't show in the disk01:28
wileeegentooScrub, All the same concerns I had the first time.01:28
wileeegentooScrub, When you build a vm with vbox it is in it's file in home.01:29
wileeeunless put elsewhere01:29
si_kabayanYou could boot your 'real' partition01:29
vigilant_Bashing-om:  aaaahhhh, it doesnt work, same problem :\01:30
gentooScrubwileee, that makes sense01:30
wileee!who | si_kabayan01:30
ubottusi_kabayan: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)01:30
vigilant_Bashing-om:  on that little usb I had 15.0401:30
gentooScrubwileee, i gets it :)01:30
si_kabayanwileee: sorry, my bad ...01:30
vigilant_Bashing-om:  aaaahhhh, it doesnt work, same problem :\01:31
vigilant_Bashing-om:  on that little usb I had 15.0401:31
wileeegentooScrub, Cool thing is once you have that image buoit you can just load it to anther vbox, copy as a back....etc, you can take snapshots as well.01:31
Bashing-omvigilant_: YUK ! Think'n again .01:31
wileeesi_kabayan, No biggie, ;)01:32
si_kabayangentooScrub: what is this 'not sure how to link the vm to hd'?01:32
si_kabayanYou want to see HD from inside your VM?01:33
mekhaminyone here use terminator? i'm getting really fed up with the color scheme issues. if i open a new tab or re-open the terminal, all the color scheme is wrong, then i can go into preferences and then close preferences and they are back to normal01:33
gentooScrubwileee, yush , didn't know that01:33
gentooScrubsi_kabayan, aww nawww it was misworded but it's no problem thanks for the concern though01:33
si_kabayanWhat OS as the guess?01:33
gentooScrubi gotta brb in 2 hours01:34
gentooScrub> . <01:34
koholintI am running 15.10 daily, how to choose a keyboard layout I found in /usr/share/X11/xkb/symbols/se01:34
Bashing-omvigilant_: ' sudo lshw -C display ' say radeon is loaded ?01:35
koholintit has the name  xkb_symbols "dvorak_a5" and name[Group1]="Swedish (Dvorak A5)";01:35
vigilant_Bashing-om:  yes01:35
CB6I keep getting the error W: GPG error: https://private-ppa.launchpad.net trusty Release: The following signatures couldn't be verified because the public key is not available: NO_PUBKEY E131728675254D9901:38
CB6Is there something going on with ubuntu updates?01:38
CB6I'm new to ubuntu01:38
CB6using sudo apt-get .. it prompts for my pw and then after that runs the update list. I see all the updates then it ends with that error01:39
tewardCB6: http://askubuntu.com/questions/13065/how-do-i-fix-the-gpg-error-no-pubkey01:39
Bashing-omvigilant_: O long shot ' dpkg -l | grep fglrx ' . Any return at all ( should not be ) .01:39
tokenHi everyone, I have a dual boot machine(ubuntu 14.04 + windows 7). After installing wine 1.6 and rebooting I can log in, but unity launcher and task bar disappears. Any suggestions?01:40
tewardCB6: alternatively, this one liner including the semicolon: gpg --keyserver hkp://keyserver.ubuntu.com:80 --recv E131728675254D99; gpg --export --armor E131728675254D99 | sudo apt-key add -01:40
vigilant_Bashing-om:  nothing came out01:40
Bashing-omvigilant_: K01:40
wileeeCB6, When you add a repo you need the key.01:43
Bashing-omvigilant_: How much ram is installed on that system ? Are we running out of ram ?01:44
vigilant_Bashing-om:  I think 4 gb01:44
Bashing-omvigilant_: 4 gigs will be plenty . Back to spinning my wheels .01:45
CB6Any idea to know when the importing of keys is done? Is there something that expresses it's done?01:47
wileeeCB6, You have to do it.01:47
tokenHi everyone, I have a dual boot machine(ubuntu 14.04 + windows 7). After installing wine 1.6 and rebooting I can still log in, but unity launcher and task bar disappears. Need help please.01:47
tewardCB6: it's not automated.  it's a manual step01:48
CB6I went through the advanced manager and it says it could take a while.01:48
tewardCB6: which is why I gave you the commands to do it01:48
wileeeCB6, Every ppa has command which will add the repo and key, on it's page, might help to look at one. Not sure why you have that one.01:48
CB6I am just asking if the cmd screen will tell me if it's done importing or something.01:48
tewardCB6: just use the two commands I just gave you.  `gpg --keyserver hkp://keyserver.ubuntu.com:80 --recv E131728675254D99` and `gpg --export --armor E131728675254D99 | sudo apt-key add -`  without the `01:48
riobeHello, I'm trying to install ubuntu 14.04 LTS onto a laptop (MSI GE Series GE62 Apache Pro-219), and and the installer is crashing with "Kernel panic - not syncing: Timeout synchronizing machine check over CPUs". The full error is here: http://i.imgur.com/UjzF7vd.jpg (Sorry for the poor quality) Can anyone help me with how I should go about troubleshooting this?01:48
tewardCB6: using those commands it should say something about OK or such01:49
wileeeCB6, Finish as teward has suggested, but you can add repos and keys all in  one command in ppa's anyway.01:50
teward^ that01:50
tewardwileee: does that apply to private PPAs as well?01:50
CB6Do you guys have dual monitors? I'm finding the going between screens is a pain unless you move the cursor fast. It stops on the edge making you force a fast push through or it stops on the edge of the screen01:50
tewardCB6: alt+tab is what i use to alt-tab through01:50
tewardand copy/paste :)01:50
wileeeteward, I've never seen that a private, my guess is yes, lok at a regular ppa for this command it is the same, except for the ppa name on everyone.01:51
XelementCB6, I'm on a single monitor most of the time. Although tonight is stormy so i switched to the sloooooowest little netbook in this house.01:51
vigilant_Bashing-om:  should I post it on the ubuntu page as a bug maybe?01:51
* wileee makes ghosts sounds for Xelement fun01:52
riobeCB6, I think if you go to System Settings -> Displays and turn off Sticky Edges it should stop doing that.01:52
XelementLol! i love storms. but not the power outages!01:52
Bashing-omvigilant_: Well. as of yet, we do not know that it is a bug. Presently I just do not know how to proceed .01:53
CB6summers are prone to brown outs in many areas. Definitely bad news for PSU's. I've noted my PSU has been running pretty hot this summer. Can't be good01:53
riobeI'm trying to install ubuntu 14.04 LTS onto a laptop (MSI GE Series GE62 Apache Pro-219), and and the installer is crashing with "Kernel panic - not syncing: Timeout synchronizing machine check over CPUs". The full error is here: http://i.imgur.com/UjzF7vd.jpg (Sorry for the poor quality) Can anyone help me with how I should go about troubleshooting this? I'm not having luck googling it myself.01:54
vigilant_Bashing-om:  its a mystery indeed01:54
Xelementi just unplug all the computers when the storm approaches. and then i'm jammed in between tablets and netbooks.01:54
CB6I'm feeling like a jerk here. It keeps asking me if I'm root. Isn't sudo to log you into root?01:56
riobeSudo is to do a single command as root01:56
riobeThe next command will ask for permission too if it needs it as well01:57
Xelementyes it is! i think it gives you a (is it 15 minutes) grace period.01:57
reisioexcept on Ubuntu, where it's to do any command as root01:57
jamesd_sudo is one way, therre are others...01:57
riobeI thought.01:57
cain-polanyway i can sync my Apple Device With  Itunes 10?01:57
vigilant_Bashing-om:  I found this bug which could maybe be related? I could try installing lightdm? how do I do that? https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gdm/+bug/138560601:57
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1385606 in gdm (Ubuntu) "Black screen when entering GDM login page" [Critical,Confirmed]01:57
CB6Funny question but does that mean anything after && would be disregarded then?01:57
Bashing-omvigilant_: Lemme look . be right back .01:58
Xelementif you can do itunes on ubuntu... lucky lol. I tried for a while and settled for google play (drag and drop songs en masse.)01:58
reisioif you can avoid iTunes, smart you01:58
Xelementthen i download them on my tablets for later so i can listen to them on the bus. quite a complex process tbh.01:58
reisiosounds it01:59
cain-polso i cant sync my device with itunes 10?01:59
reisiomake better choices and that won't happen01:59
reisiocain-pol: sure you can, but why do you need to?01:59
Xelementyou might have trouble doing it. getting wine so it can run in compatibility mode?02:00
Xelement$ apt-get install wine02:00
cain-polreisio, how do i sync my device?02:00
reisiocain-pol: why do you want to sync it?02:00
riobeAnyone else ever seen a kernel panic during installation?02:01
cain-polreisio, i find it easier to downloand music on itunes, instead of on my device02:01
reisioriobe: what good does the answer to that question do you02:01
reisiocain-pol: so you buy it through iTunes?02:01
Xelementi never did. and I'm quite a distro-hopper. i never saw a kernel panic on installation.02:01
cain-polreisio, yeah02:02
tewardwileee: there's no mechanism to add private ppas like add-apt-repository does for public ppas02:02
riobereisio: Cause then I could ask how it was resolved, and maybe that'd help me figure out how to google my way into something relevant to helping with my problem02:02
riobeI don't know how to troubleshoot my issue.02:02
jamesd_riobe: usually with poorly supported hardware or memory issue02:02
jamesd_or bad copy of the iso02:02
reisiocain-pol: best solution to that is to find another store, but you can irrationally stick with iTunes if you want02:02
CB6Learning pretty quick there's not much recursive wise in the cmd line. Logging in for each instance while looking at the screen strikes me as illogical.02:03
cain-polreisio, so how do i sync my device with itunes 10?02:03
Xelementi really like google play. if you can pick up your songs from itunes and drop them on google play, you can pull them out on any other device on the internet.02:03
riobejamesd_: Well, it's a new laptop, so if it's not supported I'm not gonna be able to switch it out. Just redownloaded the iso and reburned. I'm starting to think I might not be able to install ubuntu at all02:03
Bashing-omvigilant_: Do not see the relevance , but will not hurt to try , also might force the desktop to autodetect ' sudo dpkg-reconfigure -phigh xserver-xorg ' . See if anything results .02:03
riobejamesd_: Thanks for giving me the scenarios you know about though.02:03
reisiocain-pol: you'd want a Windows or Mac OS installation02:04
Xelementyou should be able to. maybe wrong architecture? (x32 / x64)02:04
jamesd_riobe: google your laptop and ubuntu perhaps others have allready run into the problem, also down load an iso with a memory tester on it and let it run for a few yours.02:04
jamesd_er hours02:04
cain-polhow do i reinstall wwin02:04
reisiocain-pol: you can just put it in a VM02:04
cain-polreisio, how do i reinstall windows02:04
riobejamesd_: Thanks for the idea. ^.^02:04
reisiobut changing your OS because you are pointlessly loyal to a music store is... quite silly02:04
reisiomusic is for sale all over the internet02:05
XelementTo reinstall windows, insert disk, follow on-screen instructions. make sure to have backups...02:05
cain-polreisio, VM whats that02:05
reisiocain-pol: virtual machine02:05
Xelementwww.virtualbox.org lets you install an OS in another OS. we use it a lot at school.02:05
cain-polreisio, is it like virtual box?02:05
Xelementalso handy if you don't trust a program with your whole computer.02:05
vigilant_Bashing-om:  ' package 'xserver-org' is not installed and no information is available. '02:06
reisiocain-pol: yup02:06
Xelementit's exactly that! ;)02:06
cain-polreisio, so how do get windows on virtual box?02:06
OerHekscain-pol, buy it02:06
Bashing-omvigilant_: shucks, 15.04 .. That may be a whole new ball of wax . lemme check with my 14.04 .02:07
reisiocain-pol: for iTunes? You don't see how that's a huge waste of time for unwarranted app loyalty?02:07
cain-polreisio, how do i buy it?02:07
Xelementinsert disk (after downloading virtualbox) , and install from there. no disk? buy it or make a .iso image from another computer (uhh i don't remember how..)02:07
reisiocain-pol: you don't need to buy it, you already have a copy02:07
CB6Anyone have any clue why a brand new install of lightworks would show the install as expired license on a fresh install? I've  now successfully done all updates so it shouldn't be a versioning issue.02:07
cain-polreisio, im so confused..02:07
CB6I couldn't find an appropriate lwks channel02:08
=== pat_ is now known as Guest45011
Xelementrestore disks / repair disks? they would use your activation code.02:08
reisiocain-pol: I can tell02:08
cain-polresio, pm  me02:08
reisiocain-pol: you can buy music from a store other than iTunes; I highly advise you do so02:08
CB6lightworks is a video editing suite for Linux also known as lwks02:08
Bashing-omvigilant_: dpkg -l xserver-xorg >> ii  xserver-xorg   1:7.7+1ubunt amd64        X.Org X server . Valid in 14.04 .02:08
Xelementooh! cool! :D i usually don't take videos, but sometimes i like taking a short webcam video and talk a bit on youtube.02:09
cain-polreisio, am i able to sync to my Apple device though?02:09
CB6Lightworks is supposed to be the best. I used Kdenlive but it's somewhere in between.02:09
Xelementis it more for syncing the device or for the music you ened it, though?02:10
CB6I produced raw M2T files and can't edit them at the moment lol.02:10
OerHeksios7 yes, ios8 no02:10
Xelementi used shutter / cheese, but nothing much more.02:10
CB6Is that HDV/DV capable?02:10
CB6I don't need fancy lol02:10
Xelementi also used bandicam at some point (on windows 8) for my Spore videos.02:10
cain-polXelement, both syncing and music02:11
Xelementuhhh i'm not sure lol. not used to most terms. if it works for me, i'm happy.02:11
Xelementoh yikes. i don't think that'll work. but there might be another iTunes replacement?02:11
CB6I honestly found the usage of video editing a lot easier on linux so far but Kdenlive is a little buggy and is crashing.02:11
cain-polXelement, and what is that replacement02:12
Xelementnot sure cain-pol. might be jamendo or tangerine. software changes like weather.02:12
cain-polXelement, haha okay..02:13
XelementCB6 i used to have a hard time with the video resolution. nice on screen, garbage on youtube.02:13
cain-poland Thanks for the help...02:13
Xelementthis is my first night on the IRC. so im not used to it yet.02:13
Xelementno problem! :D02:14
CB6I'm noticing relative but I suspect it might be the camera. I don't know really02:14
cain-polXelement i'll probably be back anyways xD02:14
CB6bit of digitization when the camera pans but for a 2008 HD camcorder not too bad lol02:14
CB6it was one of the first sub 1000 camcorders the Canon HV 2002:14
reisiocain-pol: Ubuntu should allow you to sync data to and from your iPhoo out of the box02:15
Bashing-omvigilant_: Lemme check that " xserver-xorg " is supposed to be installed in 15.04 .02:15
Xelementcain-pol i will eventually have to go sleep, but knowing me, i'm a bat. needs glasses and doesn't sleep ;)02:16
cain-polreisio, it does let me but it doesnt allow me to do it on itunes 1002:16
cain-polXelement, haha02:16
reisiocain-pol: indeed not, iTunes 10 is programmed specifically only to help Apple get paid02:17
reisiothe least awful way to do what you want is with a VM02:17
reisiobut it's a total waste of time02:17
cain-polreisio, so i cant use a different program at all02:18
Xelementi think a virtualbox would be the best, yes. and saves a lot of configuration. it breaks? no problem. delete and make another one.. takes 30 seconds. or just recover it.02:18
reisiocain-pol: you can use a different program to buy music and sync to an iPhoo, yes02:18
cain-polhow do i use virtual box...02:19
reisioask #vbox02:19
Xelementcain-pol i use Google play, and it only needs me to open a browser at www.play.google.com and log in (it doesn't matter if you're on apple. just make an acct there) and drop your music there. that's what i do since (well... forever, almost!) works on any computer, because it's web-based. from your device, download the songs there and you can listen without wasting bandwidth, to your heart's content!02:21
Bashing-omvigilant_: Surprise, surprise " xserver-xorg " is not included in 15.04 .02:21
Xelement@Cain-Pol #vbox is another IRC room i think ;)02:22
reisiothis is the real problem with Apple things02:22
reisioit's not that you pay twice as much for them02:22
reisioit's that people think there is no alternative02:22
vigilant_Bashing-om:  think I could do what this person did on 10.10?  ' sudo apt-get install xserver-xorg-video-ati02:23
vigilant_sudo apt-get install --reinstall libgl1-mesa-glx libgl1-mesa-dri xserver-xorg-core | sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg'  from this page? http://blog.littleimpact.de/index.php/2011/03/25/ubuntu-linux-1010-on-samsung-np-r540/02:23
Xelementreisio i had the same problem before. it made me ditch my iMac for the huge 27 inch behemoth HP machine with a touchscreen. the moment windows 10 screws up... even once... it's (pun intended) going out the window.02:24
reisioI feel sorrier than ever for Windows users02:25
Xelementi still have an iPad mini, but it should feel VERY lucky to be in a otterbox... i have my temper sometimes xD02:25
reisioI'm sure the otterbox people's bank accounts feel very lucky, at any rate :p02:25
squinty!defenistrate | squinty02:25
Xelementreisio i know the feeling. i'm just stalling out the warranty and switching OS after it expires02:26
vigilant_Bashing-om:  Im falling asleep on my sofa, its 4:25 am here in Norway hehe, I have to go to sleep, thanks so much for trying to help. I will continue tommorow and hopefully resolve this issue eventually.02:26
XelementLol! they're by far the best cases, but also the most expensive!02:26
reisioI had a phone case once02:26
reisiobefore I figured out they just take up space and money02:26
reisioeverything is already designed to be durable and scratch resistant02:27
Xelementi don't use smartphones. i watch people walk into things and laugh, but i still don;t use them lol02:27
mojtabaHi, does anybody know how to configure synergy?02:27
reisiomojtaba: it's quite simple02:27
mojtabareisio: I have the config file, but I can not connect to the client.02:27
reisiomojtaba: how're you trying to connect to the client?02:28
mojtabashould I copy this config file to the client's home directory too?02:28
Bashing-omvigilant_: As to the video packages, as the xserver-xorg package is no longer installed, you can bet many others are not also . I would not at all !02:29
mojtabareisio: my synergy server is running and I am running this command from the client: synergyc Think02:29
CB6is there a minimize button for ubuntu or one that you can add? Super annoying having lots of screens up.02:29
reisiotry synergyc -f ip.of.server02:29
reisioor use qsynergy02:29
Xelementin the top bar, the 3rd button, i think, from the left.)02:29
Bashing-omvigilant_: In the meantime I will pick this back up and see what options I can come up with . 'Bout my end of session time .02:30
=== zz_denbeiren is now known as denbeiren
Xelementor right-click and click minimize.02:30
CB6I mean for all loaded programs02:30
mojtabareisio: It is giving lots of warnings02:30
reisioCB6: a panel item, you mean?02:31
CB6if you have to close out 3-5 and you just want to quickly view the desktop lol02:31
vigilant_Bashing-om: Thanks Bashing :D I will login here tommorow and see if your here.02:31
mojtabareisio: like this: 2015-07-21T22:31:16 DEBUG: retry in 1 seconds02:31
CB6@reisio I believe so?02:31
Xelementcan you set up a hot corner to [view desktop]?02:31
Xelementin the settings?02:31
Bashing-omvigilant_: Lord willing and the lightning does not stril, I expect to be here .02:31
=== sysop is now known as Guest36061
vigilant_Bashing-om good luck :D02:32
mojtabareisio: any idea?02:33
CB6llol I don't even know if I'm running gnome sadly. Whatever default ubuntu is. I've heard fluxbox is cool.02:33
XelementUnity is Ubuntu. KDE is Kubuntu, XFCE is Xubuntu, LXDE is Lubuntu.02:34
XelementI'm running Elementary OS Freya for now. super stable on my old netbook!02:34
mojtabareisio: I have used an encryption option. should I include this somewhere when trying to connect from the client?02:35
reisioXelement: compared to what02:35
reisiomojtaba: what option?02:35
mojtabareisio: I think it was obf02:35
=== Guest36061 is now known as sysop2
Xelementreisio not compared to anything, just in general.02:36
Xelementencryption as in full-dick encryption? (do you have to put in 2 passwords when yu log in?> i do.)02:37
Xelementdisk* OMG!02:37
Xelementdarn keyboard!02:37
reisiotwo passphrases?02:37
Xelementyup! i'm paranoid lol02:37
mojtabareisio: It is one02:37
reisioXelement: won't make your system more secure02:37
Xelementprobably not just a hindrance though.02:38
Xelementi know. i can do live boots too and kali if i wanted to.02:38
mojtabahow can I remove it02:38
Xelementremove the password entirely?02:38
CB6I like VLC is it advised against setting this as the default player?02:39
mojtabaXelement: yes02:39
Xelementgo to settings > user accounts > [login automatically] > check it.02:39
mojtabaXelement: I am talking about synergy02:39
XelementCB6 VLC is awesome. i don't think there's much wrong with it.02:39
CB6I know flash is a security nightmare but how is everyone doing things like speedtests to see if their connection is up to par if flash isn't on chromium?02:40
XelementOoh. i don't know what synergy is for. for that, i'll watch you guys and learn ;)02:40
mojtabareisio: Do you have any idea?02:40
CB6lol some devs say html5 is just as buggy02:40
Xelementor i use flashblocker as an extension. and scriptsafe.02:40
Xelementthose devs are right xD02:41
CB6XSS comes to mind02:41
CB6if they can do that there's a lot of other things.. more moving parts basically02:41
Xelement*heavy breathing* *big eyes hearing xss*02:41
Xelementlol can't trust the web these days. i had to reinstall windows 8.1 about 4 times on the big computer (gosh. make those 3 years of warranty fly by please.)02:43
reisioAdobe just always sucked at making applications02:43
reisio"HTML" has ages of open, secure development practices behind it02:43
CB6apparently so does lightworks on their registration. This is brutal02:43
reisioyou can also do most things Flash does without anything that even _requires_ security of any kind02:43
Xelementi hate adobe! i purposely get gimp and other pdf viewers to boycott the big red adobe monster.02:43
reisiolike you don't need cookies to make a stupid animation02:43
reisioyou don't need filesystem access02:43
reisioor webcam access02:43
CB6I always found those options very creepy02:44
Xelementjust check phone or mobile apps. it's hell with the photos permission! creepy!02:44
Xelementor location. that one is worse.02:44
CB6Even more creepy things like hardware being on without you knowing because the software determines if the LED is on not the hardware...02:44
Xelementi have a slider on my webcam. the moment Snowden spoke, i listened. i know he was right. it's a feeling. he describes the things vile humans would do.02:45
CB6I was of  the mindset any webcam activated should always show an LED on when the camera is active but that's driven by software.02:45
CB6spectrum/metasploit.. sketch ya02:45
Xelementexactly. gosh that's creepy to think of...02:46
mojtabaDoes anybody know how to connect the client to the server in the synergy?02:46
reisioCB6: sometimes it's driven by software02:46
reisioit's easy to disable a webcam though02:46
reisiojust disable the driver02:46
CB6I have nothing interesting but the fact that some weirdo can bothers me lol. It should be a law to have the LED on when cameras are active to protect people.02:46
mojtabaI have this config file in the server side, should I also copy it to the client side? http://paste.ubuntu.com/11917813/02:46
CB6lol they have bios exploits.. exploit for everything now02:47
CB6Mind you they did a decade ago but nothing like now.02:47
CB6I just want something solid that works lol02:47
Xelementwell, i gotta go to sleep guys. this was my first night on IRC and I loved it. Expect me back on soon ;) I'm taking an IT course and operate on the philosophy that anything I do to help others teaches me too, therefore i should help others for free so that someday I can become better at it. Have a good night! :D <302:48
CB6Is 14.04 LTS pretty solid?02:48
Xelementit is. LTS after all!02:48
XelementDebian. Elementary OS. www.debian.org www.elementary.io02:48
Xelementthose are rock solid and super stable. in my opinion anyways ;)02:49
Xelementyou too! :D02:49
wadIs it me, or are the servers that apt-get hits being really really slow right now?02:53
wileeewad, tons of servers, switch, none run at the same speed.02:53
wileeewad, There is a gui to change mirrors software & sources 1st tab.02:54
wadAh, okay.02:55
wadI was just trying to update a linux box, and got bored after 15 minutes of very slow download.02:56
ablest1980hello anyone know how to setup wimax?02:56
efoxis wimax still a thing?02:56
ablest1980i guess02:57
bjrohanhello all. I have14.04 installed on a machine, when booting it gives me the /tmp not ready, If I ignore, nothing happens, the screen just goes blank. If I go to manual option and enter mount -o remount, rw /, then restart, I get the same error message.  Any help to get this up and running would be great02:58
bjrohanWould the best thing to do be boot from a USB media, and try to recover?02:58
CB6is there some hardening one should do for Ubuntu or is it pretty secure by default. I suspect people on linux become relatively complacent of security.02:59
efoxablest1980: Sory, I have no idea. My thinkpad is wimax capable but there isn't any providers in my area.02:59
nicomachushi guys, I'm trying to launch a game called Ark in steam, and it's crashing every time. I've installed and reinstalled twice now. Here's the crash report: http://paste.ubuntu.com/11917855/02:59
DJ_HaMsTai need to install ubuntu using a USB drive. i have found WUBLI but, theres a bug that wont allow that to happen. is there another way of creating a usb to install ubuntu without wubli?02:59
nicomachusI'm not sure if it's an ubuntu error really, just was hoping someone could take a look and see if anything in the crash report stands out.03:00
efoxnicomachus: I would try steam user forums.03:00
en1gmai need to install a couple RPM files. what do you guys suggest? should i rpm convert it or just find an rpm installer?03:01
CB6might be a steam channel on IRC03:01
squintynicomachus,   #ubuntu-steam channel here on freenode03:01
nicomachusooooh ubuntu-steam, nice. Thanks squinty03:01
CB6I just looked and appears to be lots of IRC steam chans03:02
wileeeDJ_HaMsTa, Wubi is not supported03:02
efoxen1gma: the tool you seek is called alien.03:03
wileeeDJ_HaMsTa, And a really bad idea.03:03
eleeEvening folks. Recommended method for remote desktops? I'd prefer not to deal with a shared key or anything - authentication should be done with local user.03:03
lobyplease what is the commmand to stop isc-dhcp-server ?03:04
CB6For new users sudo ufw enable .. this activates the firewall03:04
eleeloby: typically service $service stop03:04
wileeeDJ_HaMsTa, We can help you get a dual boot or a virtual going if you like. ;)03:04
en1gmaefox thanks03:04
eleeassuming this is upstart03:05
=== Blaster is now known as Guest32504
DJ_HaMsTaid like dual boot..03:05
CB6Isn't firewall active by default?03:05
DJ_HaMsTawindows and ubuntu03:05
efoxen1gma: You're welcome03:05
lobyi tried sudo service isc-dhcp-server stop  and i got " stop: Unknown instance: "03:05
wileeeDJ_HaMsTa, Cool, be sure to use the nick of whom you answer here is all.03:06
DJ_HaMsTawileee, got it! thank youy03:06
eleeloby: what release are you using? trusty? precise?03:06
wileeeDJ_HaMsTa, No problem, you have a windows 8 setup?03:06
loby <elee> 14.1003:06
DJ_HaMsTawileee, heck no lol, im on win7..03:07
eleeuh I'm going to take a big stab here03:07
eleeloby: try reloading initctl and stop03:07
eleeinitctl reload-configuration03:07
mekhamiwhy ius google chrome acting so stupid03:07
eleeand then service isc-dhcp-server stop03:07
wileeeDJ_HaMsTa, Okay we just want to conform the HD's setup is all, we can do that from a live ubuntu.03:07
mekhamiit's not saving sessions03:07
mekhamiall my extensions stopped working03:07
eleemekhami: go ask the chromium/chrome team.03:07
mekhamidid anyone else update chrome and get completely fucked by it03:07
wileeeconfirm DJ_HaMsTa bad spelling03:08
DJ_HaMsTawileee,  i have two hard drives, one with windows the second one will be using ubuntu03:08
wileeeDJ_HaMsTa, Great, again we just need to run a couple of commands in ubuntu, the live to get you going.03:08
eleeloby: I'm hoping this won't work, but also try /etc/init.d/isc-dhcp-server stop03:08
wileeeif you want to now anyway DJ_HaMsTa03:08
DJ_HaMsTawileee, i dont yet have ubuntu, im now creating the universal usb installer03:09
eleeRecommended VNC or RDP server?03:09
DJ_HaMsTaits extracting the files03:09
wileeeDJ_HaMsTa, Excellent, really great help here, so ask as needed. ;)03:09
loby <elee>  got the same  output "stop: Unknown instance: "03:10
eleeloby: how do you know you have it/running it?03:10
wileeeDJ_HaMsTa, Is this a W7 that was installed by the manufacturer, I ask as file systems changed in windows with W8. Some will put earlier windos on theses is all.03:11
loby<elee>  can i disable it temporary and the activate it when i need it ?03:11
DJ_HaMsTawileee, no, i installed the OS03:11
DJ_HaMsTawileee, its a custom made pc03:11
wileeeDJ_HaMsTa, Ah, could be a UEFI is why I ask, do you know?03:11
loby<elee> sudo status isc-dhcp-server03:11
en1gmadoes this look right?  http://pastebin.com/C6fZP9UE03:12
DJ_HaMsTawileee, i did see UEFI in the bios somewhere, more than likely its enabled03:12
eleeloby: I'm going to suggest a Bad Thing and say "just go ps hunting and kill it"03:12
wileee!uefri | DJ_HaMsTa look through here than just to get orientated03:12
DJ_HaMsTawileee, will that be an issue with buntu?03:12
wileee!uefi | DJ_HaMsTa look through here than just to get orientated03:13
ubottuDJ_HaMsTa look through here than just to get orientated: UEFI is a specification that defines a software interface between an operating system and platform firmware. It is meant as a replacement for the BIOS. For information on how to set up and install Ubuntu and its derivatives on UEFI machines please read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI03:13
wileeeDJ_HaMsTa, the boot03:13
loby<elee> and why is it bad , and how to kill it ?03:13
eleeloby: ps aux | grep isc or dhcp or isc-dhcp or something, find the process, and kill it.03:14
wileeeDJ_HaMsTa, Uefi if on and partitioned as such has specif install parameters basically.03:14
efoxen1gma: what is it your are trying to install? OpenCL?03:15
DJ_HaMsTawileee, okie, im going to boot and see how it goes, the usb drive is ready. i will check for uefi03:15
wileeeDJ_HaMsTa, Great be sure to read that wiki, you may have to hit the bios03:16
loby<elee ; the proccess is "  6605 pts/1    S+     0:00 grep --color=auto isc-dhcp-server " how to kill it just "kill 6605" ?03:18
efoxen1gma: You should be able to find a .deb and instructions with a bit of google fu.03:19
efoxen1gma: http://wiki.tiker.net/OpenCLHowTo03:20
en1gmanice find03:21
en1gmawell i think its too old though03:21
en1gmato many things changed since then03:22
lobywhat is the command to kill a proccess ?03:22
efoxen1gma: are you sure? bottom of the page says "OpenCLHowTo (last edited 2015-04-04 07:35:38 by ::ffff:94"03:23
tonyyarussoloby: kill03:23
=== dbbnrl_ is now known as dbbnrl
lobytonyyarusso ;  the proccess is "  6605 pts/1    S+     0:00 grep --color=auto isc-dhcp-server " how to kill it just "kill 6605" ?03:24
en1gmayea that driver is from 2013 and its not even close to same anymore03:24
tonyyarussoloby: Yup, unless you want to specify a non-default signal.03:25
loby<tonyyarusso> its says " bash: kill: (6647) - No such process03:26
the0how do i watch netflix ?03:27
xanguathe0: Install Google Chrome to watch Nexflix DRM content03:27
xanguaGoogle Chrome, not Chromium browser03:27
the0any other way? I really don't like google03:27
lobytonyyarusso; I tried pkill 6637  and when i check with sudo status isc-dhcp-server i find it still running ?03:28
the0do you think it would work, if i made firefox pretend to be chrome?03:28
tonyyarussoloby: could try different signals then.03:29
OerHeksthe0, let us know if that works03:29
the0will do03:30
OerHeksWe still end up with chrome, the only drm browser...03:30
the0drm ?03:31
lobytonyyarusso ; what do you mean  by   " specify a non-default signal.03:31
tonyyarussoloby: eg kill -9 (more forceful kill)03:31
the0no it doesn't work03:32
the0almost though, it tricks netflix into trying03:33
wileeethe0, Kinda like turning on a light and watching the roaches run03:33
the0is there an open source equivalent of microsoft silverlight?03:33
tonyyarussothe0: Yes, but I don't think it's being actively developed anymore.03:34
tonyyarussothe0: http://pipelight.net/cms/03:35
the0maybe I'll get wine and install it on wine ?03:38
CB6Is there a linux mirror to send SMS messages to an APP so if you receive a message on your phone it also sends to your Linux box of which you can reply to from there? Apple has a sync feature for texts. I'd imagine linux must also.03:39
xanguathe0: you can install pipelight (wine) & silverlight http://www.webupd8.org/2013/08/pipelight-use-silverlight-in-your-linux.html you'll end up with restrictive elements, it that the reason you don't want to simply use Google Chrome¿03:40
xanguaCB6: you can use Pushbullet, there is an extension for Firefox and an unnoficial indicator for Unity desktop03:40
the0whats restrictive elements, and no I don't use anything google except the search engine because of all their privacy invasion03:40
pokergodwhat's the best app to model my database tables?03:41
CB6Is chromium popular in Linux or not so much?03:42
CB6wondering if pushbullet might be available to it03:42
xanguaseems like it is03:43
the0it's available on chrome, so possibly03:43
xanguaI just use/preffer Firefox03:43
the0me too03:44
Zixsame here03:44
CB6You guys use it and like it?03:44
CB6pushbullet lol03:44
xanguaoh, I've use it but I preffer my phone notifications on my phone03:45
the0never heard of it but im installing it atm03:45
CB6So annoying having to login to my cell constantly to reply to texts. I lose a ton of time having to do that03:45
the0login to your cell ? the four digit code ?03:46
the0imagine that, you can only login with facebook and google info... fucking privacy thieves everywhere !03:47
CB6pretty much03:47
ubottuThe main Ubuntu channels require that you speak in calm, polite English. For other languages, please visit https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/ChannelList03:47
DJ_HaMsTawileee, its installed, while installing it said that a diff OS was using UEFI and i declined to continue with forcing UEFI.03:48
DJ_HaMsTadual boot did not install, however.03:48
CB6UEFI is brutal. I tried going the thumbdrive root. No cigar there. Wish there was a way to check if thumb drives were adequate. I've been told kingston works good though so will pick up one of those soon.03:49
the0stay away from sandisk drives, well at least the ones with usb 3.0, didn't have any luck there03:50
xanguaCB6: I just remember Xubuntu and Lubuntu (ubuntu mate too?) use both ubuntu indicators so the unnoficial client should work there too, and for KDE there is this project called KDE connect03:50
wileeeDJ_HaMsTa, Did you read that wik I gave you on UEFI?03:50
CB6I have default Ubuntu right now. Can't even seem to get the stupid Lightworks to run lol03:51
DJ_HaMsTaif the other systems (Windows Vista/7/8, GNU/Linux...) of your computer are installed in UEFI mode, then you must install Ubuntu in UEFI mode too.03:51
DJ_HaMsTathe warning just scared me, said that the other os might not boot if installed in uefi mode03:52
CB6tells me brand new install has an expired license and I tried to make a new pw with the exact same thing. I updated/upgraded all packages with auto remove to make sure no garbage is in there. Also updated all keys. No success even with a new account login. Makes no sense at all.03:52
wileeeDJ_HaMsTa, Ah, so are you set?03:52
DJ_HaMsTawileee, it booted, it works, just no dual boot but no issues.. i just go into the bios and select the other drive03:52
DJ_HaMsTawileee, im going to reinstall using uefi mode!03:53
wileeeDJ_HaMsTa, Heh, I think you have got it. ;)03:53
the0since it's so busy here right now, does anyone know anything about 'fingerprint-gui' , It's a fingerprint scanner, I've got it to take and store my prints, and it tests fine, I just dunno how to make ubuntu ask me for the swipe like it does when im in test mode03:54
newUbuntuhello everyone, After the login window I'm presented with a blank screen(http://postimg.org/image/nw89of9v5/). However, I can still move my cursor around and the message "you are offline" appear in the top right corner. I have tried the solution given here:http://askubuntu.com/questions/17381/unity-doesnt-load-no-launcher-no-dash-appears. But, to no avail. After loggin in from tty1 window and using the command: "DISPLAY=:0 ccsm" I03:54
newUbuntubut no other windows and even after check marking the "unity plugin enable" the problem still persists.[System specs:Ubuntu 14.04, CPU=intelcore2duo 2GHz, GPU=nVidia GeForce8200MG)03:54
CB6the0 aren't you a little weirded out that someone could scrape your prints and like use them for poor use?03:55
CB6I mean the chances are ultra low but that's your identity we're talking about here.03:55
the0slightly yes lol but it bugs me when hardware doesn't work03:56
CB6any way to test if it's working on anything else to verify one way or another?03:57
wileeenewUbuntu, You rebooted after the unity plugin on?03:57
newUbuntuwilee, Yes I rebooted after the unity plugin03:58
the0cb6 , were you talking to me with that last statement ?03:58
wileeenewUbuntu, So what proceeds this issue, a little cause and effect?03:58
newUbuntuHere's a screenshot of ccsm window:http://postimg.org/image/k28nhftvl/ . Notice even after tickmarking the enable ubuntu plugin , the icons don't appear03:59
newUbuntuwilee, I think it was because I installed wine 1.6 recently03:59
wileeewe want to know what you did03:59
wileeewine will not cause this03:59
newUbuntuidk, it happned soon after i installed wine04:00
wileeeapps don;t wipe the desktop04:00
the0well, I'm not aware of any other linux things that use the fingerprint scanner ?04:00
=== Ladon_ is now known as Ladon
wileeenewUbuntu, TRy resetting compis04:00
newUbuntuwilee, I tried many solutions resetting compiz was one of them04:00
newUbuntuI can't even post the question on askubuntu.com, I need 10 points. I'm new to ubuntu04:01
wileeenewUbuntu, you been working on this awhile right, like a week?04:02
newUbuntuyes lol. how did you know?04:02
wileeenewUbuntu, The description.04:03
wileeewine is the fault04:03
newUbuntuI have tried reinstalling the whole ubuntu system like 8 times04:03
newUbuntuand I think the culprit is wine04:03
wileeenewUbuntu, I can't really tell what your issue is but your in outspace with wine.04:04
wileeenot the problem, unless it some voodoo you are doing as a new user04:04
newUbuntuwiliee, Yes I'll lay off the wine for a while.04:05
newUbuntuthank you for your help04:05
wileeeheh, good for cooking04:05
Zixis there any way to make it so the items in the "taskbar" (vertical bar on the left, not sure what it's called) don't smush together at the bottom when there's a lot04:06
ZixI'm fine with scrolling :P04:06
wileeenewUbuntu, So on a fresh install does it look okay after the update/upgrade?04:06
newUbuntuwiliee, Yes everything is okay after a fresh install. The problem only starts after I install wine04:07
wileeenewUbuntu, Not sure how that could happen, I would if you get the point you want to install wine again, is come here before or the ##wine channel04:08
newUbuntuoh thanks wilee, I didn't know about that channel. I'll give it a try04:09
wileeeI would just use play on linux much easier it's a wine gui basically04:09
wileeeuses wine anyway04:10
newUbuntuwhat ubuntu version do you have, wileee?04:10
wileeenewUbuntu, W8, heh, no wine04:11
wileeeneed it for college04:11
newUbuntuare you studying software engineering?04:12
wileeenewUbuntu, Tried a word release in play on linux, but it was problematic in  my use context is all.04:12
wileeenewUbuntu, Nah, intercultural relations04:13
DJ_HaMsTawileee, i installed it under uefi mode, now ubuntu is default to boot but no dual boot option04:13
* wileee waits for the laugh from thise that know me04:13
newUbuntuthat' cool wileee04:13
en1gmayou guys!04:14
wileeeDJ_HaMsTa, I'm not really up on uefi, any further than this, but 2 HD's make it slightly more work, others here know this stuff well/04:14
en1gmathis ubuntu 15.10 alpha is amazing!04:14
wileee!15,10 | en1gma04:14
DJ_HaMsTawileee, got it!, this will be fine... i will work on it in the future.. it kinda forces me to learn ubuntu heh04:15
ubottuUbuntu 15.10 (Wily Werewolf) will be the 23rd release of Ubuntu. Discussion in #ubuntu+104:15
en1gmaim serious.04:15
wileeeen1gma, sure but your on the wrong channel.04:15
en1gmaback to ole school and no unity04:15
wileeenot released yet04:15
en1gmaright on. i get ya04:16
wileeeno biggie, have fun. ;)04:16
en1gmathanks wileee. see you soon i hope04:19
texasmadeanyone ever have problems logging back in to their account after opening their laptop? I get told that my password is incorrect at the lockscreen. I wasn't having any issues earlier in the day, but now i have to completely reboot to get back in.04:19
wileeeyou will, I will look for yah04:19
wileeetexasmade, Have you checked for this again?04:20
wileeehard to tell if you tested this, you use the have as a plural, just confirming04:22
RudeViperRunning Ubuntu 14.04.2 - if you setup a startup script in the init.d directory and run update-rc.d - will that program start when you boot computer? In other words do init.d scripts still work?04:22
owen1ubuntu 15.04. wirless headphones are connected but i can't hear anything when i test the sound. any ideas?04:23
texasmadeI've searched the forums and haven't been able to find a solution as of yet. This is my first time using Ubuntu in the past couple years. I was on Kali, but switched over for my classes.04:24
wileeeowen1, I would in a terminal run  alsamixer and see whats there04:24
texasmadecurrently on 14.1004:24
CB6Can you send attachments with Pushbullet?04:24
wileeetexasmade, asked you a question, and 14.10 is eol on thursday.04:24
CB6I'm successfully using it now but I don't see the option to send attachments.04:25
CB6Is there a Skype program for Ubuntu?04:25
OerHeksSkype is in the parter repo04:25
texasmadei don't think i understood the question04:26
ubottuTo install Skype on Ubuntu, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Skype - To record on Skype, check: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SkypeRecordingHowto - Please use open protocols instead if you can, see !Ekiga04:26
wileeetexasmade, Fair enough, can you reproduce the issue with the password?04:26
wileeetexasmade, If you did what you did exactly as before does it happen again? You have to have some proof of problem testing is all, could have been a user error.04:28
texasmadeevery time it comes out of suspension and i attempt to log in it gives me the "incorrect" from boot I have no issues.04:29
texasmadeIf I enter it multiple times it stays on the lock screen04:29
OerHeksafter suspend no logging back in your account; only with encrypted home04:29
owen1wileee: thanks. everything is enabled on my alsamixer. including 'Headphone'04:29
wileeetexasmade, Cool, so now it happens every time when it had not before, you've recreated this. That's the most basic info needed, not sure here.04:30
wileeeowen1, Cool, a little faith no more I suggest.04:30
owen1another problem i have, when i enable my bluetooth headphones, mpv and mplayer are not able to play a video. it freezes.04:31
owen1i see a 'modes' dropdown - telephony duplex and high fidelity playback04:32
wileeetexasmade, Have you made any other passwords than you original on install, or other users?04:33
wileeetexasmade, Thanks, we see people making root passwords in ubuntu, when not needed.04:34
wileeeis all04:34
texasmadeWent into dconf Editor and disabled lock on suspend04:55
texasmadeThat seems to have resolved the issue for now.04:55
CB6how do you check if you have the latest version of lightworks?04:55
lotuspsychjetexasmade: tnx 4 feedback04:56
lotuspsychjeCB6: you can apt-cache policy packagename to see versions04:56
OerHekslightworks is not in the repo .. check their website?04:59
andrewjs18hi all, what would cause ubuntu to go into read-only mode?05:01
jak2000anyone know a client for update my ip ? similar to dyndons and/or noip? i want to know other if exists05:02
lotuspsychjeandrewjs18: did you login as guest perhaps?05:02
OerHeksjak2000, wrong channel for that, try ##networking05:02
andrewjs18lotuspsychje, no, I have it restricted to only allow a few users to log in05:02
OerHekserr jak2000 you don't want a free ip but an updatscript05:03
lotuspsychjeandrewjs18: you played with chmod then?05:03
jak2000explain me more please05:04
andrewjs18lotuspsychje, of course05:04
msroth123can i set a bandwidth limit on wireless 2.4g systems but not 5g or lan connected systems?05:04
lotuspsychjeandrewjs18: so maby you restricted yourself into read only?05:04
OerHeksjak2000, see http://ubuntuguide.org/wiki/Dynamic_IP_servers ddclient05:04
lotuspsychje!chmod | andrewjs18 dont know what you did mate05:04
ubottuandrewjs18 dont know what you did mate: An explanation of what file permissions are and how they can be manipulated can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FilePermissions05:04
andrewjs18lotuspsychje, it's definitely not that, sorry05:05
lotuspsychjeandrewjs18: can you explain your symptons, what happens exactly?05:05
andrewjs18yes, whenever I try to run any commands, it errors out saying that it's read-only05:06
andrewjs18for example..sending a test email05:06
lotuspsychjeandrewjs18: what kind of mail?05:06
andrewjs18an email05:07
andrewjs18from the server05:07
andrewjs18mail -s05:07
OerHeksandrewjs18, whatever did trigger the readonly mode, reboot in recovery mode and trigger fschk on reboot, to fix your filesystem issue05:07
lotuspsychjeandrewjs18: are you on ubuntu server?05:07
andrewjs18I tried a reboot, but it's not coming back up.  I'll need to hook a monitor up to it in the morning05:08
jak2000OerHeks, but ddclient need of dyndns, i not want dyndns, because isnt freee05:08
andrewjs18thanks for your help05:08
OerHeksjak2000, that config is just an example, use your own service05:09
logcat7Not possible to setup LVM manually on Ubiquity installer?05:12
jak2000OerHeks: http://www.yi.org/05:15
CB6fav torrent software?05:20
jak2000CB6 utorrent?05:23
tonyyarussoCB6: I go back and forth between Transmission and Deluge.  (usually the web interfaces)05:24
zaggynllol utorrent, no, utorrent used to be king, now it's bundled with crap05:24
logcat7CB6: transmission-gtk05:24
emmadoes anyone here use privateinternetaccess.com vpn?05:25
logcat7transmission-cli and transmission-remote-cli (with the daemon) gets the job done too05:25
zaggynlemma: I have in the past05:25
emmazaggynl: Im using 14.04 right now do you think the instructions here would still work https://www.privateinternetaccess.com/pages/client-support/ubuntu-openvpn05:25
CB6I used utorrent forever05:25
zaggynlemma: sure05:25
logcat7utorrent is adware now05:25
emmazaggynl: do you think it is safe or necessary to install their .sh ?05:26
zaggynlemma: they offer proprietary encryption through their blob05:26
zaggynlit's odd to say the least that they don't provide higher encryption standards through normal openvpn conf files05:26
emmawow propreitary encryption? That kind of worries me05:26
zaggynlnow combine that with it being based in the us is the reason that I dropped them05:27
bonobomapperDoes anyone here knows how to install "gnome-software" on Ubuntu Gnome 14.04?05:28
CarlFKmy sound is now only 1/2 working.  pidgin makes noises, but my speaker on the status bar is grayed out and it says [x]mute and clicking it wont uncheck it05:35
bonobomapperwhat DE do you use?05:36
CarlFKbonobomapper: default lightdm05:36
bonobomapperDE… Unity?05:36
CarlFKI guess so. fairly stock vivid05:36
bonobomapperdo you have tried tinkering a little with the sound preferences pane?05:37
bonobomappermaybe the indicator got messed up, or with a wrong setting somewhere...05:37
bonobomapperan alternative, i know, strange, can be installing VOLTI, since is the volume control at the tray that you're missing...05:38
CarlFKbonobomapper: installed. now what?05:40
=== ubik is now known as Guest6763
emmazaggynl: when you asked them why they would be using closed source encryption of their own making what did they say?05:43
ubottuianpas: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».05:43
CarlFKwell this is fun.  I run alsamixer.  speaker is at 0.  I arrow over and up it.. it goes up for about a second, then resets to 005:45
DJ_HaMsTais there a better RDP client for ubuntu other than what comes built in?05:46
bonobomappersorry the delay05:55
bonobomappervolti is a tray helper, simple app05:55
CarlFKbonobomapper: do I run it?05:56
userhello niggers06:05
=== user is now known as Guest58033
baizonthank you06:05
zaggynlwhat a bundle of sticks06:06
CB6Was telling a friend about Pushtext and MightText is apparently good. Has anyone tried it?06:12
draoshi is there any "appy for staff" or become an ubuntu developer?06:14
draoshi is there any "apply for staff" or become an ubuntu developer?06:14
lotuspsychjedraos: #ubuntu-devel can help you perhaps06:14
svetlanaHi draos, http://community.ubuntu.com/contribute/ among other06:15
lotuspsychjedraos: #ubuntu-touch always search for skilled devs too06:15
svetlanaNot necessarily development. could be outreach, translation06:15
Lurchyhey people.....I am thinking about mirroring my website on my local ubunut box.....but I dont quite understand how to access the local version on my network....06:15
Lurchywhat shoudl I lookup?  DNS re-routing?06:16
Lurchydownload the site....post locally.....then edit site locally...then synch back to online site06:16
draosthanks m8 :)06:17
Lurchyanyone have any ideas what I should use?  I am a novice at ubuntu....I think links will not all work...06:18
CB6Lurchy that's a good question. Which Ubuntu install are you using?06:22
Lurchyubu desktop 1506:22
CB6Did you configure apache?06:22
Lurchyfresh install06:22
LurchyI know how to setup lamp (somewhat)06:22
Lurchybut trying to get a big picture before I install stuff06:23
CB6HTML or Php/MySQL?06:23
Lurchyproblem is when I edit site online its godawful slow06:24
Lurchylocal site I could edit much faster....then post online06:24
draosinstall apache and in an web brower enter your ip and voala. but if you want to have ur website copy it to www folder. google it where it is cuz i dont know06:24
CB6On 3rd party or local on yours?06:24
Lurchyi wish to have site hosted on local network ubuntu box06:25
CB6Looking to mirror your site public or private only?06:25
Lurchymirror local site online06:25
CB6As in is this a staging server06:26
CB6oh ok06:26
LurchyI think thats what you would call it06:26
CB6After that in the footer of that tutorial it shows this https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ApacheMySQLPHP which will get you going06:26
draosi will make an tut on my site :)06:27
Lurchybut...can I download website...process things...then post back?06:27
somsipLurchy: various help here http://www.jackreichert.com/2014/08/23/setting-up-an-ubuntu-desktop-lamp-development-server/ https://gist.github.com/kbond/101484606:27
draosif im an ubuntu developer are there any reards?06:27
draosif im an ubuntu developer are there any rewards?06:27
somsipdraos: like what?06:27
draosubuntu 10.04 installer dvd or ubuntu mouse ? :)))06:28
CB6Hosting a website locally comes with a lot of risks. I've noticed so many people are regularly exploited. I noted an article earlier about running cron jobs for updates. What are most people doing for their security updates? Are defaults set to auto update?06:28
somsip!contribute | draos (I doubt it)06:29
ubottudraos (I doubt it): To contribute and help out with Ubuntu, see http://community.ubuntu.com and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ContributeToUbuntu06:29
draosi have an local websit and it works pretty well06:29
CB6Lots of well known webhosts are hacked often. I think the packages need to be updated with frequency and the configuration of the server needs to be just right with limitations of ports etc.06:29
CB6latest versions of PHP etc06:30
draosso are there any rewards?06:31
somsipLurchy: you would normally develop on a localhost, and then promote code to production when you are happy it works. No need to expose local dev servers to the public, or other beta testers, unless you want to do this?06:31
Lurchyno som....local network is behind hardware firewall06:31
draosare there any rewards?06:31
somsipLurchy: my advice, don't. Get a staging server - you work on dev, promote to staging for beta, and out to production when ready06:32
somsip!ot | draos06:32
ubottudraos: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!06:32
Lurchythen synch wed contect to online page06:33
bonobomapperAnyone here know how to install Gnome "gnome-software" in ubuntu gnome?06:33
draosthanks m806:33
somsipLurchy: you maybe need to read on the web development process. This sort of advice is out of scope of this channel06:33
LurchyI will read the link info...thx06:33
CB6Has anyone setup a private file server using LAMP or torrents for peers? That could be kind of fun06:34
draosis it possible to install ubuntu 32 bit vm in ubuntu 64 bitz?06:34
CB6should be draos06:35
CB6azure does that06:35
draosim pretty good at web stuff on ubuntu if any1 need help :)06:35
CB6in fact I read earlier there's an i386 package for making 32 work with 6406:35
CB6What's your reasoning for the VM?06:36
LurchyCB6..why not a simple ftp?06:36
DF3D2anyone here good w/ systemd and can help trouble shoot ?06:36
lizziehey zaggynl I looked at the script from emma... what is the proprietary blob you are talking about?  are you sure you weren't mistaking the base64 that is just the server's public key?06:37
DF3D2 made that and sudo systemctl status rtorrent shows no errors, just says "starting rtorrent" but neither screen nor rtorrent starts06:37
lizziezaggynl: it looks to me like it just installs a server certificate and config file and uses openvpn from the repositories06:38
bonobomapperWell… does anyone here know how can I install/get "Gnome Software" on Ubuntu Gnome? The Ubuntu Software Center is slow as hell...06:38
draossudo apt-get install ubuntu-gnome-desktop06:39
draoscan i uprade from ubuntu 15.04 to ubuntu 15.1006:39
wileeebonobomapper, Switch mirrors maybe.06:40
bonobomapperI do use ubuntu gnome already06:40
bonobomapperbut it doesn't come with gnome-software on the repos06:40
wileeedraos, 15.10 is not released yet, are you sure?06:40
wileeebonobomapper, define gnome-software?06:41
=== pdyo is now known as pydo
bonobomapperthe gnome software center06:42
wileeebonobomapper, besides a faster install, what is it exactly you want and an end goal, there is gnome all over the install if ubuntu and in the repos.06:42
wileeethere is no gnome software center in ubuntu06:42
bonobomapperthe Ubuntu Software Center is slow and ugly… Gnome Software (as in Fedora) is clean and fast...06:43
bonobomapperand IT IS compatible with APT… since it uses Packagekit as a backend...06:43
Blue1bonobomapper: yes but you could end up in dependancy hell06:43
wileeeuse the terminal, it is all the same repos called, that is a horrible weak comparison06:43
bonobomapperits not for me06:43
bonobomapperi'm quite familiar with apt-get and apt-build...06:44
bonobomapperI do like "apt-build" more… hehehe06:44
wileeebonobomapper, I don't doubt that as you've made no sense so far06:44
bonobomapperi need something easy to my dad06:44
bonobomapperand Ubuntu Software Center is sort of confusing… and Slow….06:44
emmazaggynl: are you still here?06:45
Blue1my 86 y/o mom has been running xubuntu for 6 years06:45
draosi outh this laptop 10 years ago and it orks perfetly06:45
bonobomapperThe lubuntu software center can be a simples alternative...06:46
bonobomapperlets try that06:46
draoswhat is the mnimum ram for ubuntu 11.0406:49
baizondraos: http://askubuntu.com/questions/11771/what-are-11-04s-system-requirements06:50
baizondraos: but 11.04 istn supported anymore06:50
draosi know i just wana see how it is06:50
baizondraos: take 12.04 then?06:51
draosi have it06:51
wileeedraos, except for the gnome2 to gnome3 and unity addition ubunt's hardly changed, just newer versions of apps.06:52
draosi see how it looks on google and i want to see myself06:53
wileeecool, just givin g you the low down06:53
r00t_xdo we know when unity 8 will come ?06:55
baizonr00t_x: ubuntu 16.0406:56
baizonif nothing bad happens06:56
r00t_xhehe so we can think about ubuntu 18.04 ;)06:56
draosubuntu 20\06:58
draosubuntu 20 :)06:58
pydoubuntu x06:58
=== quellochevuoi is now known as Guest68810
draosi will make ubuntu 11.04 table for old pc's06:58
draosi will make ubuntu 11.04 stable for old pc's06:58
=== Guest68810 is now known as grazieglpiana
wileeedraos, That is a dream, the security updates your not even aware off, it is not safe to run.06:59
draosim making in an vm07:00
=== Rahul is now known as Guest93112
=== Guest93112 is now known as RahulAN
r00t_xu have too much free time draos ;)07:00
r00t_xgo to work or something ;D07:01
draosim a kid and im and in an holiday :) and im very ood at pc's :)))))07:01
CB6I think I lost connectivity there. Did anyone see what I wrote about how do I get the latest version of lightworks properly located here http://www.lwks.com/index.php?option=com_lwks&view=download&layout=d&dtype=lin_public_deb&Itemid=20607:01
r00t_xCB6 seriously ?07:02
CB6seriously, the latest version didn't update via the repo07:03
draosdo any1 care?07:03
CB612.02 is latest version and the one I got yesterday downloaded via the local ubuntu software search pulled up 11.5 which is old07:04
r00t_xUbuntu 13.10 (and above) users07:04
somsipdraos: ut seems like, no. If you have a project, great - get on with it. If you have a support question, ask. If you want to chat, please use #ubuntu-offtopic07:04
pydo12.02 is latest version?07:04
draosim having an project07:04
somsippydo: 15.0407:04
=== vincent is now known as Guest88843
pydobut 15.04 come out07:05
CB6for lwks07:05
CB6 not of Ubuntu07:05
somsippydo: which, by definition, makes that the latest version07:05
pydogot it07:05
CB6the Ubuntu repo is pulling old versions apparently07:05
CB6http://www.lwks.com/index.php?option=com_lwks&view=download&layout=d&dtype=lin_public_deb&Itemid=206 this shows a debian install. I'm wondering what the appropriate method to install it with the local manager is?07:06
r00t_xCB6 Latest release:12.0.207:06
r00t_xRelease date:16 Dec 201407:06
r00t_xbut no there is BETA07:07
r00t_xso ubuntu will not add this to repo07:07
r00t_xbut now*07:07
r00t_xLatest Beta:12.5.RC307:07
r00t_xRelease date:17 Jul 201507:07
draoshow to make an custom ubuntu version ?07:07
r00t_xdraos start here : https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LiveCDCustomization07:08
draoshow to use remastersys ?07:09
wileeedraos, Not supported anymore, anywhere, especially here as a 3rd party07:10
draoshow can i make modifications to ubuntu and then make an installer of it ?07:11
wileee!uck | draos07:11
ubottudraos: uck is a tool that helps you customise official Ubuntu Live CDs (including Kubuntu/Xubuntu and Edubuntu) to your needs. See http://uck.sourceforge.net/07:11
wileeethat works pretty well07:12
draosno have an ubuntu installed and then install apps , modify themes and then create an installr of it07:13
wileeedraos, Not sure, however all you would have to do is a make a dpkg list of the installed any repos and keys and you could install it on a fresh ubuntu, maybe a dpkg into uck, not sure there.07:15
draoswhere apt keeps the soure list ?07:16
wileeeTHat is how I upgrade takes about a 1/2 hr for an identical ubuntu07:16
=== grazieglpiana is now known as Pippo
wileeedraos, I'm gonna stop here, in my opinion you need to do the research. ;)07:17
draosi just wana talk to peaople07:17
RudyValenciaOK so I'm trying to join a Windows domain using realmd/sssd and when I try to use realm to join the domain it fails with a signal 11, what could be the problem?07:17
wileeedraos, Than as mentioned use #ubuntu-offtopic07:17
pydodraos: use google get your answer07:18
wileeedraos, Nothing wrong with wanting to talk, just this is support  ;)07:18
draosi just installed ubuntu 15.04 sources to ubuntu 11.0407:19
wileeedraos, PLease follw somsip's request07:19
draosim making something for ubuntu07:20
draosi just did something ealy cool with uuntu that might help u guys07:21
OerHeksdraos, take care of your attempt to upgrade, which is not really a secure and safe method07:22
CB6root_x I had 11.5 or whatever. Is it possible the Canadian mirror would host the old version? I mean how else does a guy get something so archaic lol?07:27
CB6I fixed it by going to their site directly and grabbing it but update didn't work either so that tells me there's something up07:28
haiwho anyone love sex07:28
RudyValenciaOK so I got it fixed07:29
CB6you're asking this in a linux chat server?07:29
wileeelong gone07:29
r00t_xCB6 yhm with my country repp server are problems too so i use main server07:30
r00t_xhai ... rly ? here ? there are linux users O_O07:30
draosi make your dream. ubuntu 11.04 with the latest securrity updates07:30
r00t_xok draos ! go for it !;)07:31
ObrienDavefull moon tonight???07:31
CB6ya, that's no good if the Canadian mirrors aren't current.07:31
r00t_xdont use it .. go to main server07:31
r00t_xi think there shouldnt be a big speed difference07:32
draosbelive in ubuntu :)07:32
r00t_xok im going for a smoke to see some sun ;)07:32
CB6it's 1:33am07:34
CB6where's the primary ubuntu servers?07:34
wileeeCB6, why does where matter?07:34
ObrienDavesomewhere in europe i assume07:34
OerHeksprimairy for .. 11.04 ?07:35
CB6for mirrors07:35
r00t_xCB6 i think there  are in london ;) and in europe is 9.36 am07:36
CB6Well that's where the world splits time wise :P07:36
CB6 analog, analog jk07:36
ObrienDaveno, the world splits the time at the international date line. opposite london. Greenwich actually ;P07:38
OerHeksmirrors don't split.07:40
draoswhat i the best theme for gnome classic for my project07:40
ObrienDavehow would we know?07:40
mladouxmmm... purely subjective questions, how can you ever go wrong07:41
wileeenothing is objective ever really07:41
wileeedouble blind data maybe07:42
OerHeksif you need to ask: your current theme.07:42
mladouxthat is incorrect. there are plenty of objective things in life. objective things are based on evidence and data. subjective is based on emotion.07:42
ObrienDaveso says you ;P07:43
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!07:43
mladouxso says the dictionary.07:43
somsipmladoux: so says the !topic...07:43
mladouxanyway, i'm out07:43
wileeemladoux, I would disagree but hey that is my prerogative. ;)07:43
draosis your dream guys to make an version of ubuntu 11.04 that has ecurity updates to run on old pc's?07:48
ObrienDave*no feeding trolls*07:49
ubottuIf you really don't wish to see the messages from a particular person on IRC, you can use /ignore nickname07:50
CB6actually wileee you had it right the first time. Prerogative is correct :P07:50
CB6people just say it wrong :P07:51
wileeeI was guessing it was wrong, all subjective07:51
CB6use the force or apparently non updated mirrors jk07:51
wileeeI looked the dictionary, heh07:51
draosis your dream guys to make an version of ubuntu 11.04 that has ecurity updates to run on old pc's?07:53
CB6What's wrong is that while google corrects the incorrect spellings are appropriately located. I've heard a newer google update is to remove info from top results that are known to be false.07:53
CB6draos why are you asking the same questions frequently? It's like a broken cell phone :P07:53
draosbecause i wnt to know07:53
CB6I've asked a few times for some things because I'm using a wall power jack to router which is demonstrating to drop ping frequently lol. 80 bucks .. worth it but not07:54
MilkHey guys my 2nd monitor is not being detected it is on but just a black screen any ideas?08:01
x4w3Milk: driver is properly installed?08:02
draosi installed ubuntu on my tablet. my tablet is arm08:02
MilkI think so im not getting any error on my main monitor by the way my main monitor is connected to my gpu whereas my 2nd monitor is connected via the motherboard vga08:03
auronandace!arm | draos08:03
ubottudraos: ARM is a specific (RISC) processor architecture used in a variety of applications such as handhelds and networkdevices. For more information see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ARM . For ARM specific support, stop by the #ubuntu-arm channel.08:03
x4w3then you have 2 card with 2 monitors plugged in both08:03
MilkYeah my intel hd graphics and the main gpu08:04
draosno realy i browse internet, install apps exacly like desktop08:05
Milky guys my 2nd monitor is not being detected it is on but just a black screen any ideas?08:08
shafoxI have a shell script that tries to connect to one of the server through ssh, but everytime it is saying Host key verification failed. How can I resolve this ? Is this the right channel to ask ? I have tried #ssh but noone responding08:10
ObrienDavemaybe #ubuntu-server can help. i dunno08:11
krokuzshafox: did you try "ssh-keygen -R server.example.com" to remove the old string?08:11
shafoxkrokuz: right before doing ssh -i  ?08:12
=== Pippo is now known as rocosiff
krokuzyou can type it in the console one time. the next try to login will ask you to confirm the server's identity, and the new string will be saved to known_hosts08:13
krokuzdo it manually, not in the script08:14
shafoxlet me try08:14
somsipkrokuz: you may just need this option with 'ssh -i' http://askubuntu.com/questions/123072/ssh-automatically-accept-keys08:21
krokuzsomsip: looks like shafox sees the warning message mentioned here (also the solution included): http://askubuntu.com/questions/45679/ssh-connection-problem-with-host-key-verification-failed-error08:25
shafoxyeah krokuz doing that08:26
somsipkrokuz: ah - just skimmed the question and didn't see that bit. Fair enough08:26
draoserror ubuntu 11.04 security updates. 404 not found :))08:27
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draosi modified ubuntu 11.04 so now it uses ubuntu 15.04 repositoryes08:33
krokuzvery brave08:34
ObrienDaveand dumb08:34
krokuzi bet the system will die in one week08:34
ArtyBHello, anyone here familiar with multilib issues when installing opengl packages?08:38
KlausedSource_Hello this might be a noob question but... I am using shutter (screenshot utility) and I can't find the place where I can see/change the hotkeys for the application08:38
=== bazhang__ is now known as bazhang
KlausedSource_Would you please point me to the right place? Google only gave me results to make shutter the default screenshot utility (using print button on the keyboard)08:40
Kartagiswhy am I getting a 403 when trying to save a file on a samba share through web? my fstab file entry looks like http://paste.debian.net/284767/08:45
hellofapanyone have a recommendation for a cheap, small home media computer/package?08:45
hellofapi'm trying to avoid android08:45
hellofapbecause obviously android sucks08:45
hellofapwell something that could run xbmc08:47
hellofaptho the one time i've used xbmc i wasn't very impressed08:47
krokuzKartagis: investigation is needed. dig the httpd-error logs, dmesg and so on08:47
hellofapi prefer to just have a standard computer screen w/ wireless keyboard and mouse08:47
cfhowlett!alis list xbmc08:48
ubottucfhowlett: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)08:48
Kartagiskrokuz: I haven't got access to the share's administration08:48
cfhowlett!xmbc-linux | hellofap08:49
hellofapcfhowlett: do you know of a hardware package tho?08:50
hellofaplike a mini computer that is cheap and can run ubuntu or mint?08:50
somsiphellofap: personally I'd recommend XMBC on a raspberry pi, but that's one for discussion elsewhere08:50
cfhowletthellofap, the people in that channel would have recommendations08:50
hellofapyou mean #xmbc?08:50
hellofapwhat channel?08:51
hellofapoh ok08:52
hellofapcool thanks!08:52
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=== fernando is now known as Guest59738
hellofapthere was no holocaust08:54
cfhowletthellofap, stop the nonesense NOW08:55
cfhowlett!guidelines | hellofap08:55
ubottuhellofap: The guidelines for using the Ubuntu channels can be found here: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines08:55
TheUndertakeraeil: hello..!09:02
cfhowlettTheUndertaker, ask  your #ubuntu question09:02
Guest59738im trying to remove old kernels, but Im getting an error.. This are the output: http://paste.ubuntu.com/11918906/09:02
TheUndertakercfhowlett: hi, just started using weechat in terminal, i can't through headers and most of what i see, is there a way this could work like tmux?09:05
TheUndertakercfhowlett: or a script somewhere...09:05
cfhowlettTheUndertaker, sorry, I've no experience with weechat or tmux.09:05
Guest59738any idea about my problem?09:06
TheUndertakercfhowlett: okay, thanks.. am still surveying it anyways. :)09:06
cfhowlettTheUndertaker, I believe irrsi / irssi is a decent terminal irc client, never used it myself though09:07
somsipGuest59738: gzip: stdout: No space left on device09:07
ObrienDaveHexChat FTW ;P09:08
TheUndertakercfhowlett: Yeah, heard about it too, i will take a look thank You.. :)09:08
Guest59738somsip, this is the output of df -h: http://paste.ubuntu.com/11918941/09:08
=== dv__ is now known as dv_
somsipGuest59738: so /boot is out of space09:08
TheUndertakercfhowlett: though the guy who took me into weechat, had some 'irssi layout suck' comments..09:09
cfhowlettGuest59219, boot from USB, chroot to your system then remove09:09
Guest59738but Im trying to remove old kernels to get /boot space, so how can I get space at /boot ?09:09
somsipGuest59738: lots of possible solutions http://askubuntu.com/questions/171209/my-boot-partition-hit-100-and-now-i-cant-upgrade-cant-remove-old-kernels-to and http://askubuntu.com/questions/89710/how-do-i-free-up-more-space-in-boot09:10
mcphailGuest59738: sudo tune2fs -l /dev/sda1 | grep ‘Reserved block count’09:11
Guest59738somsip, thanks for the links, worked!09:20
somsipGuest59738: cool09:22
high_fiverAm I correct in thinking I can add a static route on my laptop ( to point to the IP of my local server ( to access my qemu guest?09:55
high_fiverthe local server also has an IP on the x.x.3.x range09:55
high_fiver192.168.244.1 is the gw for the qemu isolated network09:56
high_fiverAlso will tlp and laptop-mode-tools conflict?09:58
kishaninstalling ubuntu using UEFI boot10:01
cfhowlett!uefi | kishan10:01
ubottukishan: UEFI is a specification that defines a software interface between an operating system and platform firmware. It is meant as a replacement for the BIOS. For information on how to set up and install Ubuntu and its derivatives on UEFI machines please read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI10:01
ubottuFor discussion on Microsoft software, or help with same, please visit ##windows. See http://launchpad.net/distros/ubuntu/+bug/1 http://linux.oneandoneis2.org/LNW.htm and /msg ubottu equivalents10:02
galvahi there10:37
galvaExcuses me, I'm pretty new to IRC, i used it when i was young. What client do you use ?10:38
cfhowlett!irc | galva10:39
ubottugalva: A list of official Ubuntu IRC channels, as well as IRC clients for Ubuntu, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat - For a general list of !freenode channels, see http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#channellist - See also !Guidelines10:39
cfhowlettgalva, most people use the ubuntu default client10:39
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draosdudes i just build an ubuntu vrsion for old computers11:09
bekksdraos: How does it differ from a stock 32bit Ubuntu?11:10
draosits faster and build for old pcs. it was build on an old pc :)11:11
bekks"it's faster and build for old pcs" - thats marketing speech. Technicaly, how dows it differ?11:11
draosit dont have unity anymore because unity was slowing down the pc11:13
bekksThats applies to Ubuntu GNOME ,Kubuntu, Lubuntu, Xubuntu, Ubuntu GNOME as well.11:13
draosi removed unecesary apps11:14
bekksdraos: That doesnt make it "faster" :)11:15
cntris there any way to speed banshee search up? if i start typing into banshee, it lags horribly and freezes for about 5-10 seconds, presumably to calculate the search11:15
draosno but it saves hard disk space for old pc. like my old pc with an 80 gb pc11:15
cntr*into banshee's search bar11:15
bekksdraos: A full blown Ubuntu installation fits in far less than 15G.11:15
MonkeyDustdraos  and there's also the !mini version11:17
draosits made for old pc. can u guys test it ?11:17
histocntr: What is banshee?11:17
cntrhisto: ...the music player.11:17
histo!info banshee11:17
ubottubanshee (source: banshee): Media Management and Playback application. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.9.0+really2.6.2-2ubuntu5 (vivid), package size 2668 kB, installed size 13838 kB11:17
cntrit's default in ubuntu afaik11:17
bekksdraos: I dont see a reason for doing that so far.11:17
draosok say what image to build11:18
histoyuck built on mono11:18
MonkeyDustdraos  better ask in #ubuntu-offtopic11:18
bekksdraos: What exactly makes it "built for old pc"? Changed CFLAGS for compilation, changes MAKEOPTS? Or what did you change?11:18
histocntr: hold on i'm looking up info.11:18
bekksdraos: "everything" means nothing. Specify the details, how about that?11:19
draoscheck it out for urself11:20
bekksdraos: I will not do any efforts in finding out what you changed.11:20
histocntr: looks like it's using sqlite for it's database11:21
cntrwhat should i do with that?11:21
histocntr: how many songs do you have in your library?11:22
MonkeyDustdraos  http://lightlinux.blogspot.be/2009/02/lightweight-ubuntu-derivatives-for-old.html11:24
_Trulloif I want to login to my ubuntu server from this windows machine and be able to see my desktop, what do I install?11:25
cntrhisto: currently 4,238, though i'm trying to get rid of some useless songs11:25
MonkeyDust_Trullo  Putty comes to mind, with X forwarding11:26
histocntr: I don't see any bugs for db performance. Maybe file a bug and see if it gets addressed.11:26
histocntr: http://banshee.fm/contribute/file-bugs/11:26
_Trullocan I start X from putty?11:27
MonkeyDust!putty | _Trullo11:27
ubottu_Trullo: PuTTY is an !SSH client for Windows. Please see: http://www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~sgtatham/putty/ for it's homepage and downloads. See also !scp (Secure CoPy)11:27
MonkeyDust_Trullo  explore putty a bit11:27
histocntr: maybe they can add some speed enhancements to their queries11:28
=== Isla_de_Muerte is now known as NwS
histo_Trullo: you can forward X apps over ssh if you have a local X server running.11:28
histo_Trullo: do you need the whole desktop or just one application, and what is your client operating system?11:29
TzunamiiX2Go ( http://wiki.x2go.org/doku.php )11:29
=== quellochevuoi is now known as Guest81128
_TrulloMonkeyDust, yeah, checking now, thanks11:33
_Trullohisto, I need to see the desktop of the ubuntu server, so I can do stuff remotely without installing a monitor11:34
_Trullowhich I can't do through putty11:34
histo_Trullo: you can through putty, but not exactly sure why you need a desktop at all on a server...11:35
MonkeyDust_Trullo  yes you can, install !screen on the linux pc, so the work on linux doesnt stop when you disconnect11:35
histotmux > screen11:35
MonkeyDust_Trullo  screen, tmux - or something similar11:36
_TrulloI won't disconnect11:36
histo_Trullo: is there a specific application you use on the 'desktop'?11:37
histo_Trullo: What is your client's operating system?11:38
_Trullowindows 8.1 on this computer11:38
histo_Trullo: install xming on the client and enable X11 forwarding in putty and in your sshd config files.  Then you can launch whatever application or a full blown desktop if you must.11:39
histo_Trullo: http://www.straightrunning.com/XmingNotes/11:39
draosbekks :11:40
Tzunamiihisto: X2Go is really nice and free. You should try it instead of Xming11:40
_Trullohaven't started this server in awhile, upgrading everything takes forever..11:41
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MonkeyDust_Trullo  what ubuntu version is on the server?11:41
_Trullono idea11:42
draoscan i use ubuntu 9.10 today11:42
histo_Trullo: you can manage your files from the command line also no need for nautilus just so you know.11:42
auronandacedraos: you can but we cannot support you here11:42
histoTzunamii: xming is also free, just another suggestion is all.11:43
MonkeyDust_Trullo  use putty for a simple ssh connection (CLI) and find out first, so you/we know what you're working with  <-- my advice11:43
bekks!9.10 | draos11:43
ubottudraos: Ubuntu 9.10 (Karmic Koala) was the eleventh release of Ubuntu. !End-Of-Life on April 29th 2011, see http://ubottu.com/y/karmic for details.11:43
EriC^^draos: the software will have bugs and vulnerabilities11:43
draosok i will try to make an "today" version for ubuntu 9.10 because it look cool11:43
ubottuUbuntu 14.04 LTS (Trusty Tahr) was the 20th release of Ubuntu and is the latest !LTS version. Download at http://releases.ubuntu.com/14.04/ - CHECK FOR POINT RELEASES at http://releases.ubuntu.com - Release Info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/TrustyTahr/ReleaseNotes11:43
Tzunamiihisto: If you ever try it out, please get back to me. I'm curious if you liked it.11:43
Ben64draos: no, its way old and outdated, you should install 14.04 fresh11:44
=== aikidoka is now known as Guest48913
draosits started11:44
EriC^^draos: does 10.04 look any different? i want to try an older ubuntu to see what it was like11:44
EriC^^Ben64: i think he means he likes the look of it11:44
Ben64you can make 14.04 look however you like11:44
MonkeyDustdraos  9.10?11:44
draosno ubuntu 9.10 in my opinion has the best theme of all time11:45
histoTzunamii: I don't have a need for it at the moment.11:45
EriC^^draos: ok11:45
Ben64draos: so make 14.04 look like it11:45
histodraos: I think you would like mate then.11:45
draosno it looks to good for mate11:46
cntroh yes, also, can i ask xubuntu specific questions here?11:46
histodraos: http://mate-desktop.org/11:46
Ben64theres gnome-fallback, xfce, lxde, mate, bunch of others11:46
Ben64theres absolutely no sane reason to run something as ancient as 9.1011:46
draosbut i like ubuntu 9.10 theme11:46
Ben64tons of vulnerabilities11:46
Ben644 years without bug fixes11:46
auronandacedraos: port the theme over then11:47
draosi will try11:47
histocntr: there is a #xubuntu room but ask and find out.11:47
cntrok, so, in xbuntu, if i click on the title bar of some programs, it drag-grabs the window11:48
cntrso if i click a window to focus it and move my mouse, i'm greeted with the window being dragged along with it -- doubly annoying with full-screen windows11:49
cntrthis seems to happen randomly, but often11:49
draosim using ubuntu 15.04 as my "mainly driver"11:49
cntris there a fix for this?11:50
mcphaildraos: this is the ubuntu support channel. The Ubuntu support channel supports supported version of Ubuntu. If you have a support question about a supported bersion of Ubuntu, please ask here as it is the support channel. Otherwise please chat in #ubuntu-offtopic11:51
histocntr: that I would try in their room, I however don't experience this behavior with XFCE11:51
vigilant_Hello! I got a problem with a fresh install of 15.04, same problem with 14.04. When it starts up, it goes to the login screen even though I marked it to login automatically, and when password is typed or guest is chosen, the same login screen reappears. The machine is a Samsung R540 laptop. The graphics card is an Amd radeon rv710(pre 5000). help! :D11:52
mcphailvigilant_: has the login _ever_ worked successfully on this install?11:53
cfhowlettcntr, you might ask #xfce11:53
vigilant_mcphail: no, not on this one and not on the other 14.04 I tried to see if it was 15.04's fault. but the laptop was running 14.04 without the problem before I decided to do a fresh install of 15.04.11:54
_Trullocan't browse networks in nautilus..11:54
mcphailvigilant_: can you log in from a terminal?11:54
vigilant_mcphail: I think I fixed it some months ago when I installed 14.04. but I have no idea how, I have tried a lot of strange things now for 3 days, but at present it has a clean install of 15.0411:55
vigilant_mcphail: yes I can press ctrl alt and the function keys to change into a terminal11:55
histo_Trullo: what happens when you click on the browse network thingy in the left frame11:55
MonkeyDust_Trullo  File > connect to server11:55
mcphailvigilant_: can you paste the output to "ls -al ~" please?11:56
vigilant_mchpail: ok11:56
vigilant_how do i install pastebin?11:57
vigilant_mchpail: how do I install pastebin?11:57
histovigilant_: ls -al ~ | nc termbin.com 999911:57
cfhowlettvigilant_, sudo apt-get install pastebinit11:57
vigilant_mchpail: I could pastebin it to you? I dont have irc on the other computer11:58
histo_Trullo: what kind of server is this?11:58
histovigilant_: are there files present that aren't owned by your user there?11:58
mcphailvigilant_: follow histo's command11:58
vigilant_mchpail: http://termbin.com/cx2011:58
vigilant_mcphail: done :)11:59
vigilant_histo: http://termbin.com/cx2011:59
mcphailvigilant_: aargh - just found termbin is blocked by the IT dept here...11:59
histovigilant_: have a look in xsession-errors12:00
histovigilant_: less .xsession-errors12:00
vigilant_histo: what am I looking for? should I termbin it?12:00
vigilant_mcphail: do you have access to pastebin, should I pastebin too?12:01
histovigilant_: sure cat .xsession-errors | nc termbin.com 999912:01
vigilant_histo: ok, one sec12:02
vigilant_histo: it doesnt let me get out off less, what is the quit button for less?12:02
histovigilant_: q12:03
vigilant_histo: thanks :D12:03
MonkeyDustvigilant_  that's also the q-uit buton for man pages12:03
vigilant_histo: http://termbin.com/si1q12:04
histowell that's pretty useless12:05
histovigilant_: sudo dpkg-reconfigure lightdm12:05
_TrulloI guess I have to install a monitor anyway :)12:05
histo_Trullo: why?12:05
vigilant_histo: ok12:06
kongthapcan i have this zsh's theme http://i.cubeupload.com/iE2XMF.png ? please guide12:06
vigilant_histo: now i try login?12:07
mcphailvigilant_: looks like most paste sites are blocked here. The Ubuntu paste site seems to work, but looks as if histo has this covered anyway12:07
histovigilant_: after that is done sudo service lightdm restart and try to login12:07
haomy laptop x200 couldnt find the mouse, how could i fix it12:07
haoanybody know it?12:07
histohao: Do you mean a mouse plugged in or a touchpad?12:08
vigilant_histo: same problem12:08
histovigilant_: it just login loops?12:08
BluesKajHey all12:08
vigilant_histo: yupp12:08
haohisto: yeah12:09
histovigilant_: what are the permissions of /tmp  if you ls -ld /tmp12:09
vigilant_histo: drwxrwxrwt 11 root root 4096 juli 22 14:09 /tmp12:10
histovigilant_: rm ~/.Xauthority ~/.ICEauthority   and try and login12:10
mcphailvigilant_: is your home dir encrypted?12:11
vigilant_mcphail: no, I will never encrypt, I had problems with that before hehe12:12
vigilant_histo: I did and then the lightdm restart, same problem12:12
EriC^^vigilant_: does the guest account work?12:12
mcphailvigilant_: can you log in as any other user?12:12
vigilant_eric^^: no same problem with guest12:13
vigilant_mcphail: no12:13
ioriavigilant_,   ls -a /usr/share/xsessions ?12:13
EriC^^vigilant_: type sudo cat /var/log/lightdm/lightdm.log | nc termbin.com 999912:13
vigilant_iora: . .. ubuntu.desktop12:14
MonkeyDustvigilant_  sure no partition is 100% full?12:14
ioriavigilant_,   no openbox.desktop ?12:15
vigilant_Eric^^: http://termbin.com/jvu512:15
vigilant_MonkeyDust: yes, its a clean install with default partitions12:15
vigilant_iora: no just that I wrote was the output12:16
haohow configure the menu appear for all, not just for a moment the mouse move around.12:17
haoanybody know?12:17
MonkeyDusthao  do you mean the unity taskbar?12:18
lotuspsychjehao: unity acts like this: ontop bar menu or window menu on mouse moves12:19
=== newbie is now known as Guest46932
haoMonkeyDust yeah12:19
EriC^^vigilant_: try sudo dpkg-reconfigure unity-greeter12:20
hao<lotuspsyche: yeah, but i 'm not used to this mode, I like the windows' behaviour12:20
haohow could i change it?12:21
MonkeyDusthao  system settings > appearance > behaviour12:21
lotuspsychjehao: test other flavors: xubuntu,lubuntu,kubuntu perhaps?12:21
pfifolubuntu is ver windows-like (pre-windows7)12:21
vigilant_Eric^^: ok one sec12:22
haooh? thanks you suggestion? early I think these release is the same,today after you perhaps it's wrong.12:22
EriC^^vigilant_: type cat /var/log/Xorg.0.log | nc termbin.com 999912:22
vigilant_ericc^^: ok http://termbin.com/a2kd12:24
vigilant_ericc^^: should I restart lightdm and try login in again now after the previus command about unity greeter?12:25
MonkeyDustvigilant_  what was your initial question?12:25
vigilant_monkeydust: Hello! I got a problem with a fresh install of 15.04, same problem with 14.04. When it starts up, it goes to the login screen even though I marked it to login automatically, and when password is typed or guest is chosen, the same login screen reappears. The machine is a Samsung R540 laptop. The graphics card is an Amd radeon rv710(pre 5000). help! :D12:25
=== newbie|2 is now known as n3mo
charlesWWhen partitioning your hard drive, What are the benefits, (if any), to creating the /root, /boot, /home and /swap partitions on your own?12:26
=== nano_ is now known as citroniks
lotuspsychjecharlesW: users choice12:26
vigilant_monkeydust: originally it had 14.04 that worked but I wanted to replace it with 15.04, but 15.04 got this problem, then I tried to reinstall 14.04.02 and it had the same problem12:26
lotuspsychjecharlesW: you can also auto partition with ubuntu12:26
mcphailcharlesW: if you have to ask about benefits, you don't need them. Using separate partitions is for edge-cases.12:27
EriC^^_vigilant_: type dmesg | nc termbin.com 999912:27
vigilant_eric^^_: ok one sec12:28
mcphailcharlesW: possible excetion is home, as some people like to share the home directory between different distributions12:28
lotuspsychje!swap | charlesW or bigger swap in some cases12:28
ubottucharlesW or bigger swap in some cases: swap is used to move unused programs and data out of main memory to make your system faster. It can also be used as extra memory if you don't have enough. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SwapFaq for more info12:28
vigilant_eric^^_: http://termbin.com/gjc112:28
EriC^^_vigilant_: also can you try something for me, login to tty1, type sudo service lightdm stop, then type DISPLAY=:0 startx12:29
charlesWlotuspsychje: Thanks. I was just wondering if it made it easier for the new learning technician.12:29
EriC^^_dont use sudo with it, just DISPLAY=:0 startx12:29
EriC^^_and see if it loads the desktop12:29
MonkeyDustcharlesW  with a separate /home partition, you can easily reinstall ubuntu, without touching your personal (config-) files12:29
vigilant_Eric^^_: ok, straight from my tty1 where I alt-ctrl f1 ?12:30
charlesWmcphail: ah, gotcha12:30
lotuspsychjevigilant_: a lot of ACPI errors in dmesg also, have you tryed a no_acpi boot ?12:30
EriC^^_vigilant_: yes12:30
mcphailcharlesW: personally, I like my config files to be distro-specific. I do keep /home on a separate btrfs subvolume, however.12:31
MonkeyDustmcphail  you formatted /home/ differently from the rest?12:32
vigilant_eric^^_: screen went black then back to prompt with some writing12:32
vigilant_eric^^_: it says there is a log file amongst other things. /var/log/Xorg.0.log do you want this?12:32
vigilant_eric^^_: last line is ' waiting for X server to shut down (II) Server terminated successfully (0). closing log file.comp are not fatal to the X serverxinit: connection to X server lostLEVEL"has '12:34
EriC^^vigilant_: what did the error say?12:35
vigilant_lotuspsychje: how do I do that? I start with the shift key at boot and then ' e ' and change something?12:35
lotuspsychjevigilant_, EriC^^ : this doesnt sound very good in dmesg also: 1725.420641] traps: compiz[3254] trap invalid opcode ip:7fee73aa45f5 sp:7fffae7421b8 error:012:35
lotuspsychjeEriC^^: maybe compiz crash?12:36
vigilant_eric^^: it says there is a log file amongst other things. /var/log/Xorg.0.log do you want this?12:36
vigilant_eric^^: last line is ' waiting for X server to shut down (II) Server terminated successfully (0). closing log file.comp are not fatal to the X serverxinit: connection to X server lostLEVEL"has '12:36
EriC^^vigilant_: you gave me it earlier12:36
pfifovigilant_, perform a filesystem check, make sure its clean, then be doubly sure you removed  ~/.Xauthority ~/.ICEauthority12:36
EriC^^vigilant_: did you change the graphics driver before this started? etc?12:36
vigilant_EriC^^:  no didnt do anything, its clean install12:37
ioriamaybe disable autologin12:37
EriC^^pfifo: it's not user specific and not lightdm specific12:37
EriC^^vigilant_: try booting with nomodeset maybe12:37
vigilant_eric^^: ok I reboot12:38
lotuspsychjevigilant_: yeah nomodeset or no_acpi12:38
mcphailMonkeyDust: no - I have different versions of Ubuntu within the same btrfs filesystem. I use that method for upgrades12:38
lotuspsychje!nomodeset > vigilant_12:38
ubottuvigilant_, please see my private message12:38
charlesWI am having an issue with a new Belkin USB wireless network device. The device model is: F9L1101v2. It is a N600 DB Wireless Dual-Band USB Adapter. I plug it in and lsusb shows it there, but I can't connect with it. Anyone have an idea on how to fix this? Using 32 bit version Ubuntu 14.04.12:39
MonkeyDustmcphail  sounds interesting, let me dive into btrfs12:39
=== rory- is now known as rory
mcphailMonkeyDust: I create a new subvolume, debootstrap the new release, chroot in to tweak and then reboot12:40
mcphailMonkeyDust: can roll back to previous release if any problems12:40
lotuspsychjecharlesW: have you updated to 14.04.2 ?12:41
charlesWlotuspsychje: yes12:42
lotuspsychjecharlesW: belkin device doesnt show in wifi list?12:42
charlesWlotuspsychje: not good12:42
charlesWlotuspsychje: no it doesn't.12:43
vigilant_EriC^^:  lotuspsychje: Same problem, goes into login loop12:43
=== tlkr is now known as tlkrr
lotuspsychjecharlesW: i have tested belkin usb devices before, should be plug n play, have you tryed other usb port?12:44
lotuspsychjevigilant_: have you tryed xubuntu/lubuntu yet?12:44
=== Mitchell92[A] is now known as Mitchell92
lotuspsychjevigilant_: or ubuntu desktop liveusb mode to desktop?12:44
vigilant_lotuspsychje: no, but 14.04 worked fine before on it.. just now its strange.12:44
lotuspsychjevigilant_: if 14.04 worked fine, go back to it?12:45
charlesWlotuspsychje: yes and still doesn't show up in wifi list. Is it possible that it is the ndswrapper thing?12:45
EriC^^vigilant_: try DISPLAY=:1 startx xterm12:45
vigilant_lotuspsychje: clean install of 14.04 gives same results now12:45
EriC^^vigilant_: if it doesn't work, type cat /var/log/Xorg.0.log | nc termbin.com 999912:45
vigilant_EriC^^: ok12:45
lotuspsychjevigilant_: did you enable cable internet + updates + 3rd party software during setup?12:46
vigilant_lotuspsychje: tried both without internet on one clean install, then I didnt even get login screen, and on the other tries with all updates and 3d party, then I get the GUI login screen, but not past it12:47
vigilant_EriC^^: it worked I now have a white terminal window on black screen :)12:47
pfifomcphail, MonkeyDust, I use grub's isoboot and caspers toram, build a livecd, load it to a ramdisk at startup, talk about fast, not to mention, i can install test and break things as I please and the fix is always just tapping the power button12:47
EriC^^vigilant_: type unity in it12:47
vigilant_EriC^^: ok12:47
lotuspsychjevigilant_: maybe your card doesnt like unity, test out xubuntu or lubuntu12:48
vigilant_EriC^^: many errors12:48
haoinformation let upgrade to UBUNTU  15.04,Is it OK?12:48
vigilant_lotuspsychje: but wasnt unity on 14.04 too? or is it something new in 14.04.02?12:48
lotuspsychjevigilant_: yes also holds unity12:49
vigilant_lotuspsychje: it was running earlier so its strange12:49
EriC^^vigilant_: ok12:49
EriC^^vigilant_: try DISPLAY=:1 startx12:49
vigilant_eric^^: last 2 lines: ' compiz (core) - Info: starting plugin: opengl ' next line ' illegal instruction (core dumped)  '  on the previus command you gave me12:50
vigilant_eric^^: ok doing now12:50
=== moz is now known as Guest99376
Guest99376salve,ho un 3 in 1 samsung scx 4200. Non riesco a far funzionare lo scanner sotto ubuntu 14. qualche consiglio?12:50
vigilant_eric^^: user not authorized to run the x-server12:51
mcphailvigilant_: to my primitive brain, that sounds like a graphics driver error12:51
pfifoEriC^^, did you notice this -> [  2697.802] (EE) Failed to load module "fglrx" (module does not exist, 0)12:51
EriC^^vigilant_: type sudo ubuntu-drivers devices | nc termbin.com 999912:51
vigilant_Eric^^: it says "use netcat and ' exception ignored in etc etc... broken piperror12:54
vigilant_eric^^: im still in the black and white terminal world12:54
EriC^^vigilant_: ok, type sudo ubuntu-drivers devices |& curl -F "sprunge=<-" sprunge.us12:54
vigilant_eric^^: it says I need to install curl, should i?12:55
EriC^^that's odd12:55
EriC^^did you checksum the iso you used?12:56
vigilant_Eric^^: yes no errors12:56
EriC^^try /usr/bin/curl12:56
EriC^^does it say anything?12:56
vigilant_eric^^: no such file or directory, could this be because I am still in the black and white terminal?12:57
EriC^^vigilant_: no12:57
EriC^^vigilant_: try apt-cache depends ubuntu-desktop | awk '/^Depends/ {print$2}' | xargs sudo apt-get -y install --reinstall12:58
mcphailEriC^^: think curl is marked "optional" now, whereas wget is "standard"12:58
EriC^^mcphail: i have curl by default in ubuntu 14.0412:58
EriC^^in debian i don't though12:58
mcphail!info curl12:58
ubottucurl (source: curl): command line tool for transferring data with URL syntax. In component main, is optional. Version 7.38.0-3ubuntu2.2 (vivid), package size 128 kB, installed size 327 kB12:58
mcphail!info wget12:58
ubottuwget (source: wget): retrieves files from the web. In component main, is standard. Version 1.16.1-1ubuntu1 (vivid), package size 287 kB, installed size 720 kB12:58
mcphail!info curl trusty12:59
ubottucurl (source: curl): command line tool for transferring data with URL syntax. In component main, is optional. Version 7.35.0-1ubuntu2.5 (trusty), package size 119 kB, installed size 302 kB12:59
EriC^^mcphail: what's that mean?12:59
mcphailDunno - pribably ubuntu-desktop pulls it in12:59
ioriavigilant_,   try to rename or mv   this file     ~/.config/dconf/user12:59
halfbeingI want to scan some files for filenames that aren't compatible with Joliet (Windows). Is there a simple way to do this?13:00
mcphailEriC^^: I think it means wget gets installed by default in a minimal install, but curl only gets installed if you do it manually or something else brings it in13:00
vigilant_eric^^: I got "no packages found13:00
EriC^^mcphail: ah i see13:00
mcphailEriC^^: not sure about that, though13:00
vigilant_eric^^: I got 15.0413:00
MonkeyDusthalfbeing  what system are you in now and what is joliet?13:00
vigilant_iora: how?13:01
ioriavigilant_,   cd ~/.config/dconf      mv user user.bak13:02
mcphailhalfbeing: I think k3b had an option to do this13:02
EriC^^vigilant_: try apt-cache depends ubuntu-desktop | awk '/Depends/ {print$2}' | xargs sudo apt-get -y install --reinstall13:02
EriC^^vigilant_: there was a typo13:02
halfbeingMonkeyDust: i am using ubuntu at the moment. i want to copy a bunch of files to an ntfs volume and then scan them to see if there are any that don't conform to microsoft's joliet specification for filenames before i mount the volume in windows.13:02
vigilant_Eric^^: Iora: which one should I do first?13:02
mcphailhalfbeing: haven't used it for years, though13:02
ioriavigilant_,   do Eric^^13:03
halfbeingmcphail: you mean it will scan and identify problem names without having to create a disk image?13:03
charlesWhalfbeing: I use the k3b disk burning software. No issues there. One of the best burners I have seen and used.13:03
mcphailhalfbeing: yes - I think there was an option to do this. This was back in KDE3 days, though13:04
vigilant_Eric^^: installing something13:04
vigilant_Eric^^: a lot actually hehe, still going13:05
halfbeingmcphail: i can't imagine they've removed the functionality, so i think your suggestion will probably work. thanks! thanks also charlesW and MonkeyDust13:06
lanoxxI am looking for older debian packages of google chrome, the offical website lets me only download the latest version which has a bug on my system13:06
mcphailhalfbeing: have a look anyway. Hope it works for you13:06
lanoxxis there a website or something that collects all the recent chrome versions?13:06
mcphaillanoxx: chrome will update anyway13:08
mcphaillanoxx: (iirc)13:08
vigilant_Eric^^: finished13:08
vigilant_Eric^^:  no errors13:08
MonkeyDustlanoxx  start here http://www.oldapps.com/google_chrome.php13:09
EriC^^vigilant_: ok, try sudo service lightdm restart13:09
BluesKajlanoxx,  just install the available version and it will update automatically as needed13:10
mcphaillanoxx: as far as I remember, the chrome .debs have a nasty post-install script which adds the google repo to your sources.list, hence will update itself13:11
vigilant_Eric^^: I got the purple background, no menues or anything, but I can move the mouse around, nothing happens when I right or left click.13:11
lanoxxmcphail, BluesKaj There is a very annoying bug so I want to downgrade to an older version13:11
vigilant_Eric^^:  now it asks if I want to update13:11
EriC^^vigilant_: i think you should reinstall13:12
EriC^^do a checksum first and make sure everything is right, usb isn't damaged, try the integrity check too13:12
=== Tsunami is now known as Guest9046
BluesKajlanoxx, what bug?13:12
vigilant_Eric^^:  "ubuntu software has been issued since ubuntu 15.04 was released. Do you want to install it now?"13:12
lanoxxBluesKaj, hover states of all links are broken13:12
EriC^^vigilant_: that'll upgrade you to 15.04, but your system could still have missing packages and stuff13:13
lanoxxBluesKaj, and the mouse coursor does not change its icon when I move over links13:13
mcphaillanoxx: I suppose the advantage of google adding their repo is you might be able to use apt-get to downgrade13:13
lanoxxmcphail, can I get apt toshow the available versions?13:13
vigilant_Eric^^: it had a "settings" button, I clicked it and in the "additional drivers" portion I find "broadcom corporation wireless network adapter" and under it another device "unknown: unknown" and it is using "processor microcode firmware for intel cpus from intel-microcode (proprietary) "13:14
EriC^^vigilant_: also make sure the filesystem is intact13:14
EriC^^vigilant_: cause something is off13:14
vigilant_Ericc^^: I checked the usb and iso yesterday, of both versions of ubuntu, I have two usbs one with 14.04 one with 15.04 both have same problem13:15
charlesWOk yall, Here is one for 'ya....I installed Ubuntu 14.04 LTS on my desktop and my wife laptop. The desktop perfect. The laptop has issues. The screen greys out everytime she clicks on something. It is as if, something is going on in the background all the time. It doesn't matter what she opens, it greys out and she can't use the system until it finishes whatever it is doing. Ideas?13:15
lanoxxmcphail, apt-cache madison google-chrome-stable13:15
lanoxxgoogle-chrome-stable | 44.0.2403.89-1 | http://dl.google.com/linux/chrome/deb/ stable/main amd64 Packages13:15
EriC^^vigilant_: try a smartctl check for the hdd and maybe try doing a fsck13:16
lanoxxmcphail, looks like there is only that one version13:16
vigilant_EriC^^: how do I do that?13:16
=== Ornacia is now known as Consuela
dustuse chromium instead of chrome13:16
EriC^^vigilant_: sudo apt-get install smartmontools13:17
mcphaillanoxx: :(13:17
vigilant_EriC^^: should  I reboot or do it from this purple ubuntu with no menues?13:17
EriC^^vigilant_: also install pastebinit, and do sudo smartctl -a /dev/sdX | pastebinit13:17
EriC^^vigilant_: no need to reboot13:18
=== Consuela is now known as Ornacia
EriC^^do it from tty1 if you can't get a terminal in the purple one ( ctrl+alt+t )13:18
vigilant_eric^^: I cant get tty now ctrl alt f1 doesnt work13:18
vigilant_eric^^: should I do the updates?13:18
lanoxxBluesKaj, have you heards about my bug in chrome?13:19
vigilant_eric^^: or clean install?13:19
EriC^^vigilant_: nah, it's pretty futile, you might still have missing packages etc. plus if it's a bad hdd same thing13:19
EriC^^vigilant_: clean install would be best13:19
talkalHi all.13:19
talkalXubuntu installation question: is there a way to install with encrypted partitions but NOT LVM?13:19
EriC^^vigilant_: but you need to see why you were missing packages though, or it'll happen again i guess13:19
jpdstalkal: Yes13:19
lrunzehello, I'm the freshman on Ubuntu. I'm so happy to chat with you.13:20
jpdstalkal: I think you'll have to go into the advanced installer13:20
=== rauchrob is now known as rauch_
MonkeyDustlanoxx  i guess your issue cannot be treated here, try #chrome or so13:20
EriC^^vigilant_: try ctrl+alt+f213:20
vigilant_Eric^^: I do clean install now then, should I let it connect to internet and install updates while installing? this is the only way I Get the login screen, if not I get purple world like now13:20
talkal@jpds Thnx. Will try and get back to you.13:21
vigilant_eric^^: that worked :D13:21
vigilant_tty2 works13:21
lanoxxMonkeyDust, ok thanks13:21
EriC^^vigilant_: ok, type sudo apt-get install smartmontools pastebinit13:21
vigilant_eric^^: installing :D13:22
EriC^^vigilant_: cool13:22
YokoBRhi guys13:22
vigilant_Eric^^: Installed13:22
EriC^^vigilant_: ok, type sudo ubuntu-drivers devices | pastebinit13:22
YokoBRplease, could someone help me creating a way to make ssh and ftp connections go out only though eth0 ?13:22
YokoBRsometimes it goes only through eth1, and it doesn't work13:23
EriC^^vigilant_: also, sudo smartctl -a /dev/sda | pastebinit13:23
vigilant_Eric^^: http://paste.ubuntu.com/11919888/13:23
EriC^^vigilant_: type lsblk, is sda your main hdd?13:23
otircYokoBR: you could use iptables to restrict ssh to eth0 ip13:24
EriC^^vigilant_: ok, type lspci -k | grep -A2 VGA | pastebinit13:24
vigilant_Eric^^:previus command returned trying to send an empty document13:24
=== rauch_ is now known as rauchrob
EriC^^vigilant_: ok, type sudo smartctl -a /dev/sda13:25
YokoBRotirc: yep, how would be that rule?13:25
vigilant_eric: lsblk returned sda, and then 3 partitions with very strange letters in their name13:25
EriC^^vigilant_: ok, cool13:25
dustlanoxx, use chromium instead of chrome13:26
vigilant_Eric^^: noerrors logged on smartctl -a /dev/sda13:26
EriC^^vigilant_: does it say stuff?13:26
EriC^^try sudo smartctl -a /dev/sda | pastebinit again13:27
vigilant_ eric^^: yes yes lots of stuff13:27
vigilant_Eric^^: ok one sec13:27
vigilant_Eric^^: http://paste.ubuntu.com/11919910/13:28
EriC^^can someone check the above smartctl output? i've no idea about these stuff13:30
EriC^^lotuspsychje: ?13:31
jpdsEriC^^: SMART overall-health self-assessment test result: PASSED13:31
=== 18WAAAGIY is now known as dazm
EriC^^jpds: yeah i know, it says that sometimes but people say the hdd is toast13:31
YokoBRotirc: how would be that iptables rule to use ssh only in eth0?13:31
EriC^^jpds: the data below..13:32
EriC^^vigilant_: anyways, type lspci -k | grep -A2 VGA | pastebinit13:34
vigilant_Eric^^: ok13:34
=== chen is now known as Guest24333
EriC^^!cn | CheckYourSix13:35
ubottuCheckYourSix: 如欲獲得中文的協助,請輸入 /join #ubuntu-cn 或 /join #ubuntu-tw13:35
vigilant_Eric^^: http://paste.ubuntu.com/11919952/13:35
EriC^^Guest24333 if you want the Chinese channel check above13:35
EriC^^vigilant_: ok, type sudo apt-get install xserver-xorg-video-{ati,radeon}13:36
vigilant_Eric^^: ok13:37
EriC^^vigilant_: if it's already installed add --reinstall13:37
MonkeyDustYokoBR  is this useful http://askubuntu.com/questions/95199/two-network-cards-and-ip-forwarding13:37
vigilant_Eric^^: reinstalling13:38
vigilant_Eric^^: reinstalled13:38
EriC^^try sudo service lightdm restart13:38
erkburglesI downloaded Kali linux tool from the official site, how can install it on ubuntu 15.04?13:39
vigilant_Eric^^: I got purple background, but now when I right click I get the menu to make folders change background etc, but it has a black border and twinkles13:39
MonkeyDusterkburgles  kali is not supported here13:39
vigilant_eric^^: and no other things on the desktop, just the ability to right click13:39
erkburglesthis is a ubuntu channel right?13:39
MonkeyDusterkburgles  yes, hence not a kali channel13:40
erkburglesok MonkeyDust, how do you dual boot another linux disto on UBUNTU 15.0413:40
vigilant_eric^^:  I made an untitled folder  :D13:40
namoamitabuddhaAre you suffering from issues of Touchpad for ASUS laptop?13:40
EriC^^vigilant_: ok, try to get some feedback on the smartctl output, then maybe boot the liveusb to reinstall if it's all good, and reinstall making new partitions13:40
EriC^^vigilant_: :D13:41
vigilant_eric^^: I open the untitles folder and Im not able to rezise or maximise the folder, but I can look at my computer folders in it13:41
EriC^^vigilant_: ok13:42
vigilant_eric^^: ok  ctrl alt f1 gives me the white terminal on black background window. I write smartctl there?13:42
EriC^^vigilant_: no, hold on13:42
vigilant_eric^^: still here :)13:47
EriC^^vigilant_: ok, somebody is telling me the output looks good and to run sudo smartctl -t long /dev/sda | pastebinit13:48
pieterHi there. I'm kinda in panic mode right now. I tried following a blogpost on shrinking my software raid to use one device less, however I didn't follow it properly. What I failed to do was resizing the FS before reducing the size of the block device (in hindsight a very very stupig thing to do). The array continued to 'work' afterwards (no idea on how many data was lost at that point) however after doing an actual resize of the FS (following the13:48
EriC^^( i'm asking in ##hardware )13:48
MonkeyDustpieter  is that a server? if yes, there's also #ubuntu-server13:49
vigilant_Eric^^: doing it :)13:49
pieterIt's on a server yes13:49
EriC^^vigilant_: another person is saying Eric^^: I have seen similar smartctl logs before. The hard disk didn't drop dead immediately but after some time it may fail. OS starts to stuck and copy error starts. In my case I had to replace the HD13:49
pieterI'll check there : )13:49
erkburgleswhat an awful place to go for advice13:49
EriC^^vigilant_: from ##linux13:49
vigilant_Eric^^: http://paste.ubuntu.com/11920015/13:50
=== knob5432 is now known as knob
EriC^^vigilant_: try sudo smartctl -X13:51
vigilant_Eric^^: ok13:51
vigilant_Eric^^: error: smartctl requires a device name as the final command line argument13:52
bqhow to show swap space used?13:52
mcphailbq: free -h13:52
EriC^^vigilant_: try sudo smartctl -X /dev/sda13:52
=== nickware-idle is now known as nickware
vigilant_Eric^^: ' sending command : abort SMART off-line mode self-test routine". '  ' self-testing aborted13:53
vigilant_Eric^^:I tried twice with the same result13:54
EriC^^vigilant_: ok, try sudo smartctl -t long /dev/sda again13:54
vigilant_Eric^^: ' testing has begun, please wait 80 minutes for test to complete'13:55
vigilant_Eric^^: ' test will complete after wed july 22 17:14:4813:55
compdocvigilant_, testing at this point isnt helpful13:55
EriC^^vigilant_: do you have a live usb? try to boot it and run a fsck maybe13:55
vigilant_Eric^^: ok13:55
compdocvigilant_, do you know how to use pastebin.com?13:56
vigilant_compdoc: yes I have pastebinned a lot today and yesterday trying to solve this problem :) well at least I know hot to send it to pastebinit13:56
compdocthe command you need to pastebin is:  sudo smartctl -a /dev/sda13:57
EriC^^compdoc: http://paste.ubuntu.com/11919910/13:57
compdocEriC^^, sorry, you seem to be on top of it13:58
vigilant_Eric^^: how do I fsck from live? I held shift now I have the menu13:58
EriC^^compdoc: i don't know about smartctl, feel free to check it out if you have time13:58
compdocvigilant_, the one error I worry about is G-Sense_Error_Rate = 1655013:59
vigilant_compdoc: this is original problem: Hello! I got a problem with a fresh install of 15.04, same problem with 14.04. When it starts up, it goes to the login screen even though I marked it to login automatically, and when password is typed or guest is chosen, the same login screen reappears. The machine is a Samsung R540 laptop. The graphics card is an Amd radeon rv710(pre 5000). help! :D13:59
YokoBRguys, please, could anyone help me creating a iptables rule to only allow ssh through eth0?13:59
MonkeyDustYokoBR  is this useful http://askubuntu.com/questions/95199/two-network-cards-and-ip-forwarding13:59
compdocvigilant_, g-sense means g-force, which means its been dropped or handled roughly while running13:59
vigilant_compdoc: what is a g-force14:00
EriC^^compdoc: his os was working and suddenly it stopped, then he's missing packages like curl, and reinstalling some ubuntu-desktop packages is bringing his desktop back piece by piece14:00
YokoBRMonkeyDust: but that's not restrict to ssh :(14:00
compdocvigilant_, g-force:   A force acting on a body as a result of acceleration or gravity, informally described in units of acceleration equal to one g.14:01
vigilant_Eric^^: 14.04 was working but I tried to install 15.04 clean, then I get the problems, so I try to install 14.04.02 clean and get the same problems.14:01
compdocis it a laptop?14:01
vigilant_compdoc: but Im sitting still on my sofa, no g-force here! haha just kidding, its probably how the hdd is spinning?14:02
vigilant_compdoc: yes14:02
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compdocI had a customer with a brand new laptop. It dropped one foot to a countertop, and it destroyed his windows os14:03
compdocyou have to be gentle when they are running14:03
vigilant_compdoc: wow, yeah I didnt drop this one, but it could have been dropped before I got it, but when I got it it had windows working fine on it14:03
compdocwell, the smartctl test you are running should be helpful14:04
compdocbut I suspect the drive14:04
YokoBRiptables -A FORWARD -i eth1 -o eth0 -p tcp --dport 22 -m state --state would do the trick?14:04
MonkeyDustYokoBR  type /j ##networking, ask there   <-- double #14:04
compdocvigilant_, get a 240GB SSD. the laptp will run MUCH faster, and you can drop it all you want14:05
vigilant_compdoc: right now I have rebooted the computer and Im sitting in the menu to decide if I should do a fsck or not, like eric^^ suggested it14:05
compdoccant hurt14:05
EriC^^vigilant_: try a quick fsck if you want14:05
vigilant_eric^^: how do I do that?14:05
EriC^^type sudo parted -l | nc termbin.com 999914:06
vigilant_eric^^: I pushed the f6 button in the menu and can choose "expert mode" acpi=off etc14:06
vigilant_eric^^: can I start with only terminal14:06
compdocsmartctl says the drive is perfect, except for the many g-sense errors, and those are enough to damage the files on the drive14:07
EriC^^vigilant_: not sure, it's not needed though14:07
vigilant_eric^^: I do "try ubuntu without installing"14:08
compdocto fsck, its best to boot to single user mode, or just boot the ubuntu live cd and run the commands14:08
vigilant_eric^^: now I got a heap of errors lol14:08
vigilant_eric^^ It would let me boot live cd14:09
vigilant_eric^^: thats new14:09
EriC^^what are the errors?14:09
vigilant_eric^^: I am trying to boot normal now,  purple background works14:10
vigilant_eric^^: should I try live cd again to see the errors?14:10
EriC^^yeah ok14:10
=== erwin_ is now known as easyOnMe
vigilant_eric^^: Ill just do the sudo parted -l | nc termbin.com 9999 first14:11
vigilant_Eric^^: http://termbin.com/3t18/14:12
vigilant_EriC^^: what should I do now? run live from usb, clean install or fsck?14:14
EriC^^vigilant_: boot the live usb, let's see the errors and maybe do a quick fsck14:14
plamen1whats up14:15
vigilant_eric^^: ok doing now14:19
vigilant_EriC^^: end kernel panic - not syncing: vgs : unable to mount root fs on unknown-block(0,0)14:20
vigilant_EriC^^: thats the last line14:20
EriC^^vigilant_: ok, i think the usb is damaged14:21
vigilant_EriC^^: oh, I can do a check disk?14:21
EriC^^that would explain the erratic behavior of the install14:21
vigilant_EriC^^: its one month old14:21
vigilant_EriC^^: I will check dsk14:21
vigilant_EriC^^: checking disk for defects and same errors lol14:22
vigilant_EriC^^: ok I will try my other usb14:22
vigilant_EriC^^: 14.04 on this usb 15.04 on the other14:23
vigilant_EriC^^: boots fine with 14.04 usb, trying "try ubuntu"14:24
vigilant_EriC^^: purple background on try ubuntu14:25
en1gmaim trying to get intel opencl to work correctly. intel website says kernel 3.14.5 is supported. what i would like to know is what version of ubuntu amd 64 desktop will upgrade to that in the "STABLE" releases14:25
narcosHi all I'm trying to install mysql in a non-interactive manner. I've found several stack overflow articles mentioning using debconf-set-selections, but this doesn't seem to work: http://pastebin.com/raw.php?i=B5FQUFaC14:25
vigilant_EriC^^: tty1 works14:25
EriC^^vigilant_: ok14:25
vigilant_EriC^^: I think the files on the other usb got damaged during one of my many reboots, maybe I took it out too quick or something14:26
vigilant_EriC^^: can I do fsck now from tty1 on live cd?14:27
EriC^^vigilant_: i think it's a bad usb, i've seen someone give that error and in the end he had to use a different usb to install14:27
EriC^^vigilant_: try sudo fsck /dev/sda114:27
EriC^^vigilant_: you're in the 15.04 live usb right?14:28
vigilant_eric^^: yeah but I have two usbs, this is first time that usb had problems I did disk check yesterday and not the same problems14:28
EriC^^not the actual install14:28
vigilant_eric^^: Im in the 14.04.02 live usb14:28
EriC^^vigilant_: ok14:29
vigilant_EriC^^: returns ' /dev/sda1: clean, 188659/ 19283968 files, 2259919/7713288 blocks14:30
EriC^^vigilant_: ok14:32
EriC^^vigilant_: try typing /usr/bin/curl , i'm curious14:32
manituhi there, i have a problem installing my samsung scanner.. i did read about the /etc/sane.d/xerox_mfp.conf but i have a problem.. my printer/scanner Xpress C1860 is not listed14:33
vigilant_EriC^^: ' curl --help' or 'curl --manual' for more information14:33
manitusomeone know which i have to take then?14:33
EriC^^vigilant_: try to reinstall i guess, try running the integrity check of the usb first14:34
vigilant_eric^^: should I try to install a different ubuntu?14:34
EriC^^you should be able to get 14.04 to work i guess14:35
MonkeyDustmanitu  is it a usb scanner?14:35
vigilant_eric^^: ok Ill put it on the usb again14:35
manituMonkeyDust, no, network.. the printer work already but the scanner does not (its one device)14:36
manitui wanted to enter "tcp" in the xerox_mfp.conf now, but my model isnt listed :/14:36
MonkeyDustmanitu  install xsane14:36
manituit doesnt find the scanner14:36
vigilant_EriC^^: is there a way to get 14.04 instead of 14.04.02?14:36
manitu"No device reachable" "close" "help"14:37
EriC^^vigilant_: same thing it's going to update to 14.04.214:39
EriC^^vigilant_: i think it's just a graphics driver issue and you should be able to boot14:39
EriC^^vigilant_: try installing without the install updates checked14:40
EriC^^vigilant_: then work from there to get it to load the gui properly14:40
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ubottudomix1962: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».14:40
EriC^^vigilant_: which laptop do you have? maybe it needs some special parameter of some sort14:40
MonkeyDustmanitu  this solution looks 'dirty', it's with a debian repo http://askubuntu.com/questions/115864/how-to-make-samsung-clx-3185-scanner-part-work14:41
vigilant_eric^^ samsung r540 graphiccard rv71014:42
vigilant_EriC^^: making new 14.04.02 usb14:48
=== MACscr1 is now known as MACscr
easyOnMeplease do not get angry at me for asking this here14:52
easyOnMebut I have been trying to access daily show but it always says it is not available in my location14:52
easyOnMeis there a work around that14:52
MonkeyDusteasyOnMe  move to a place where it's availble14:55
easyOnMeMonkeyDust: no I mean probably doing something with ip addresses14:55
stnsHello, I'm using Ubuntu14.04. The software center still shows firefox 28. Is there something I should do to get it up to 39? apt-get also downloads v28!'14:55
MonkeyDusteasyOnMe  is this useful http://www.labnol.org/internet/youtube-blocked-video-not-available-in-your-country/2680/14:56
easyOnMeMonkeyDust: thanks14:56
AcidRainhello, is there a windows channel around here?14:57
Matt_tenidoes anyone know what I should do if the Wifi doesn't connect with ubuntu? i rebooted twice, kept enabling/disabling enable wifi option and networking option, and during one of the reboot my login details didn't work. Sometimes Ubuntu seriously bugs and coupple of reboot fixes it.14:57
MonkeyDuststns  try sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get dist-upgrade14:57
MonkeyDust!wifi | Matt_teni start here14:58
ubottuMatt_teni start here: Wireless documentation, including how-to guides and troubleshooting information, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs14:58
=== ablest1980 is now known as ablestx
vigilant_EriC^^: installing14:59
MonkeyDustAcidRain  type /j ##windows (double #)15:02
ablestxhello i need some help i want to change my passphrase password on before login screen15:06
MonkeyDustablestx  reboot in recovery mode, change it from there15:08
vmablestx, https://goo.gl/Qip6eF15:10
ablestxok thanks15:10
stnsMonkeyDust: nope. I just did update, upgrade and dist-upgrade. Firefox wasn't even in the picture. firefox --version still returns 2815:12
MonkeyDustablestx  https://www.liberiangeek.net/2014/10/change-forgotten-password-ubuntu-14-04-servers/15:12
MonkeyDuststns  what's the output of   cat /etc/issue15:13
charlesWIn terminal, What do I need to type to change the swappiness from 60 to 10? I have forgotten which file to edit.15:13
MonkeyDustcharlesW  sudo -e /etc/sysctl.conf15:13
ablestxcan i do thi sin terminal?15:14
charlesWMonkeyDust: that's it. thanks15:14
MonkeyDustablestx  yes, recovery mode brings you to a CLI15:14
vmablestx, recovery is a command line15:14
vigilant_EriC^^: installation complete awaiting startup :)15:14
notmaelkreekCan Ubuntu sync with Android phones?15:15
ablestxi did it in terminal ty15:16
vigilant_EriC^^: first error is internal ' compiz-core crash' 'compiz crashed with SIGILL'15:16
stnsMonkeyDust: Ubuntu 14.04 LTS \n \l15:16
alistair_hi guys how can i make my avatar visible on login screen? thanks :-)15:17
vigilant_EriC^^: I install the updates so I can get the login screen15:17
ablestxbut i need to change my encryption passphrase15:17
ubottucecco62: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».15:17
MonkeyDuststns  ok, that's what i have too, with FF 39 ... i guess you're using old software sources15:18
stnshmmm.. I just purged the existing ff and extracted the tar file manually. Seems to be working..15:19
vigilant_EriC^^: are you gone?15:19
alistair_ hi guys how can i make my avatar visible on login screen? thanks :-)15:20
MonkeyDustalistair_  system settings > user accounts > unlock15:21
alistair_ok thanks :-)15:22
SkaagIs there a known issue with upgrading from lucid to precise? the do-release-upgrade process fails to find certain files15:31
Skaag(I think from security)15:32
EriC^^Skaag: replace security with old-releases in /etc/apt/sources.list15:32
=== virusuy__ is now known as virusuy
mentazoomSteam is not starting after yesterdays update. Anyone know how to fix this?15:33
alistair_hi does anyone know how to show an avatar on the login screen on ubuntu 15.04? i tried system settings > user accounts and its not changing anything15:36
BluesKajalistair_,  only if you have one with jpg or jpeg file extension afaik15:38
alistair_ok will try again :-)15:40
SnicksieI have a question regarding audio devices: when I'm playing audio on speakers and I put in my headset, it starts playing over my headset, which is what I want. When I connect my bluetooth speakers, it doesn't start playing over those. where can I find settings to change this automatically, instead of manually changing this in volume control for each application that wants to play audio?15:40
bebechhello dear friends15:41
=== maotora is now known as MaotoraCode
bebechi have my 15.04 w/o internet15:41
bebechbut i want to watch some flv and mp4 files at my home15:41
bebechquestion is15:41
bebechhow can i build dependencies and download packages on my pendrive for 15.04?15:41
bebecha machine which i've got currently has 14.02 lts15:42
EriC^^!info apt-rdepends | bebech use this to get the dependencies of a package and download all the .debs15:42
ubottubebech use this to get the dependencies of a package and download all the .debs: apt-rdepends (source: apt-rdepends): Recursively lists package dependencies. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.3.0-3 (vivid), package size 13 kB, installed size 64 kB15:42
EriC^^then use sudo dpkg -i *.deb to install them15:43
alistair_hi im trying to get my avatar to show on ubuntu 15.04 login screen, i used a jpg file in system settings > user accounts but its not showing, what can i do?15:44
MonkeyDustalistair_  i tried it too (14.04) .. lightdm doesnt show avatars, it seems ... the picture does show in the system's menu, tho15:45
bebechEriC^^: much thx!15:46
alistair_can i swap it for another login interface MonkeyDust?15:46
bqi am installing ubuntu-server guest vm. do i have to add swap partition? how much if have to?15:47
MonkeyDustalistair_  yes, you can install gdm15:47
MonkeyDustalistair_  not sure if gdm shows avatars15:47
luisthow can i change unity to gnome?15:49
MonkeyDustalistair_  i found this, trying it myself  http://askubuntu.com/questions/151505/how-to-show-avatar-and-username-not-only-full-name-on-the-login-screen15:49
MaotoraCodeluist: you should install the gnome packages.. but isn't unity just a newer version of gnome?15:50
luistMaotoraCode, no... unity is ugly and slow15:51
luistits a Mac OS wanna that doesnt work properly15:51
MaotoraCodeluist: i believe gnome is not any bit lighter.. why shouldn't you install something lighter ..?15:51
MaotoraCodeluist: like kde perhaps ?15:52
luistMaotoraCode, i like gnome classic... its pretty lightweight15:52
Xelementgnome tweaks, maybe? I seem to remember trying it. from the Ubuntu app store. it's not magic, but it might fix some little things here and there.15:52
luistnot the new gnome either15:52
XelementI must admit though. Kde is beautiful, and Ubuntu Mate is really nice too.15:53
yecril71plWhy does Nautilus show the file owner as user # 1004?15:54
XelementO.o sounds like a mystery to me! I'll watch someone else blurt out the answer and I'll know for next time! :p15:55
MaotoraCodeluist: http://ubuntuhandbook.org/index.php/2014/04/install-gnome-classic-desktop-in-ubuntu-14-04/15:55
luistMaotoraCode, thank you15:55
MaotoraCodeyep.. :)15:55
x4w3Hi, how i restart network manager in ubuntu 14.04lts? i charged wifi card module properly ( lsmod mt7601Usta for dp-link archer t2uh) and appear in lsmod but any wireless extensions was listed.15:57
mainman_Hi i recently upgraded to vivid and until now box has just been runing. but i noticed after restart that inet doesnt work. I can make it work with: ip route add default via IP dev eth0. but when restart i need to run the command again. How do i make it work auto?15:57
vigilant_EriC^^: finished installation and update. back to my eternal login loop15:58
Journeymanso I did a fresh install and everything worked great15:59
Journeymanthe next day I updated and now the wifi card doesn't work and I am missing applets in my system tray15:59
mainman_Hi i recently upgraded to vivid and until now box has just been runing. but i noticed after restart that inet doesnt work. I can make it work with: ip route add default via IP dev eth0. but when restart i need to run the command again. How do i make it work auto?16:01
=== vm is now known as DeeJayh
vigilant_EriC^^: I found this is this related? http://www.linuxquestions.org/questions/ubuntu-63/amd-rv710-graphic-card-not-compatible-with-ubuntu-14-04-a-4175502401/16:01
MonkeyDustmainman_  try this http://paste.ubuntu.com/11920726/16:03
mainman_MonkeyDust: thanks but i rather want it setup dynamic. atm its setup like this: http://paste.ubuntu.com/11920740/16:06
ppfis there a way to wait for a clipboard change in a shell script?16:06
ubottuFor discussion on Microsoft software, or help with same, please visit ##windows. See http://launchpad.net/distros/ubuntu/+bug/1 http://linux.oneandoneis2.org/LNW.htm and /msg ubottu equivalents16:06
ppf(and then read the contents, of course)16:06
ioriavigilant_, why don't you try Lubuntu ?16:07
MonkeyDustmainman_  i'm not familiar with preup, sorry16:08
mainman_MonkeyDust: its just to apply iptable rules at startup shouldnt affect the general network setup i believe16:08
XelementOh god. Lubuntu... I tried installing it on my HP Mini 2140 (teeny weeny little netbok) yesterday and gave me a "Unsafe swap space error"16:09
vigilant_iora: hmm16:09
daftykinsXelement: install with encryption?16:10
Xelementyup, as usual xD16:10
daftykinsXelement: far too much work for a rubbish little netbook, though those things should really just be sent to an electronics recycling place16:11
luisthey guys... to create RAID with ubuntu disk i need the alternative image?16:11
Xelementi know lol. i just can't stand throwing out the old stuff.16:11
daftykinsthere is no alternative anymore16:11
EriC^^ppf: not sure if there's already a program that checks but you could use xsel to check if it has changed16:11
ioriavigilant_, did you try rename ~/.config/dconf/user ?16:12
MonkeyDustmainman_  yes, i see what it does, but can't help bacause i don't know if it's causing the issue16:12
EriC^^or something else that grabs the other clipboard ppf16:12
vigilant_iora: how do I do that?16:12
jakobIs there someone who speaks German?16:12
ioriavigilant_, cd . /home/<user>/.config/dconf16:12
daftykinsjakob: #ubuntu-de ?16:12
mainman_MonkeyDust: ahh like that.. ill try remove it for next reboot16:12
ioriavigilant_, sorry, cd  /home/<user>/.config/dconf16:13
luist hey guys... to create RAID with ubuntu disk i need the alternative image?16:13
vigilant_iora: should I try installing 32 bit 14.04, maybe that would help?16:13
daftykinsluist: alright replied, no such thing as alternative image anymore. pay more attention in future16:13
ppfEriC^^: hm, yes i guess i could.16:13
daftykinsalready replied too.16:13
ioriavigilant_, lscpu ?16:13
vigilant_cpu op-modes 32-bit 64-bit ?16:14
vigilant_ioria: cpu op-modes 32-bit 64-bit ?16:14
ioriavigilant_, can you post the output ?16:15
vigilant_ioria: ' x86_64'16:15
vigilant_ioria: to pastebin?16:15
ioriapaste.ubuntu.com, too16:15
vigilant_ioria: I forgot the command | pastebin ?16:15
ioriago to paste.ubuntu.com, too and paste and give us the url16:16
vigilant_ioria: I dont have webbrowser on the other computer. but I have the pastebin installed what is the command again? ' lscpu | pastebinsomething ' ?16:17
ioriavigilant_, cat /file | pastebinit16:17
vigilant_ioria: ' cat: /file: No such file or directory'16:18
ioriavigilant_, what cpu do you have ?16:18
ioriavigilant_, /file   mean path to file16:18
vigilant_ioria: http://paste.ubuntu.com/11920805/16:19
ubottupastebinit is the command-line equivalent of !pastebin - Command output, or other text can be redirected to pastebinit, which then reports an URL containing the output - To use pastebinit, install the « pastebinit » package from a package manager - Simple usage: command | pastebinit -b http://paste.ubuntu.com16:19
vigilant_I just wrote 'lscpu | pastebinit' it gave me an url to share16:20
ioriavigilant_, ok ...16:20
vigilant_iora: you can see the cpu now?16:21
vigilant_its a samsung r540 laptop with rv710 amd radeon graphics16:21
vigilant_Iora; its a samsung r540 laptop with rv710 amd radeon graphics16:22
ioriavigilant_,  yes ... is 64 bit... don't you remember the model ?16:22
vigilant_iora: that is the model r54016:22
ioriavigilant_,  cat /proc/cpuinfo ?16:23
ioriavigilant_,  model_name16:23
HanaNixHow can I make the fonts pretty when web pages load on Ubuntu firefox16:23
vigilant_iora: http://paste.ubuntu.com/11920826/16:23
HanaNixThe fonts are typically more bold and tend to add new lines16:24
ioriavigilant_,  which OS did you have before ?16:25
vigilant_original helpme message  I started with 6 hours ago: " Hello! I got a problem with a fresh install of 15.04, same problem with 14.04. When it starts up, it goes to the login screen even though I marked it to login automatically, and when password is typed or guest is chosen, the same login screen reappears. The machine is a Samsung R540 laptop. The graphics card is an Amd radeon rv710(pre 5000). help! :D "16:26
MonkeyDustvigilant_  i admire your patience16:26
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tgm4883sounds like the session is crashing16:27
vigilant_iora: when I got it it had windows 7, worked fine but I hate windows so i Install 14.04, works fine for some reason, I dont remember how I fixed it then if it didnt work maybe some months ago, then now I take it out to use it again and decide to install 15.04, get the eternal login loop, so I install the latest 14.04.02 get the login loop and get lots of help here yesterday after trying strange things lone for 3 days.. but no-one seem16:28
vigilant_s to know how to fix it :D16:28
ioriavigilant_,  ok .... maybe i'm wrong but you should have Intel not radeon    http://www.notebookcheck.it/Samsung-R540-serie.37903.0.html16:29
tgm4883uhh, ioria that says radeon right on it16:30
vigilant_iora: yes I noticed that too, but maybe they changed it on some versions of it? because other pages I saw this computer with the nvidia too?16:30
ioriavigilant_,  ok ... try this  cd   ~/.config/dconf16:31
vigilant_iora: and when I leave the tty alone for a while it starts typing something about brcmsmac dissasociated16:31
ioriatgm4883, ah,  ok i'm blind :-P16:31
yecril71plWhat are the quality standards at askubuntu?16:32
vigilant_iora: its a folder with a file or folder in it called "user"16:32
jpdsyecril71pl: How long is a piece of string?16:32
ioriavigilant_,  ok    mv user user.bakup16:32
yecril71pljpds: Which one?16:32
vigilant_iora: done16:32
jpdsyecril71pl: Exactly.16:32
Xelementpiece of string? as long as it's cut, no? :o16:33
yecril71plExactly what?16:33
ioriatgm4883, no .... that's for Intel Core i5 450M    she got P100 cpu16:33
SavemechHeya guys! I have a issue with my fingerprint reader; its work ok but sometimes when i did not swipe my finger over it, and just enter password its still waiting for finger(i mean green LED is lighting and become a lot warmer) when suddenly i did not reuse it in somehow manner; how i can disable fingerprint reader by timeout?16:33
ioriatgm4883, at the bottom ...  Intel Pentium P610016:34
XelementFingerprint reader... is it the Eikon To Go ones? I had one and it doesn't work anywhere on anything.16:34
pajjeIn which package can I find libasound_module_conf_pulse.so? Seems like i miss that one :(16:34
ppfEriC^^: i hoped there would be a solution involving less busy waiting16:34
yecril71pljpds: While I fully agree that the message displayed by askubuntu is a piece of nonsense, I expected some help from this channel with dealing with it.16:34
ioriatgm4883, reboot , if you can or sudo service lightdm restart16:34
vigilant_iora: you mean me?16:35
jpdsyecril71pl: Howso?16:35
ioriayes, sorry16:35
tgm4883ioria: thanks, but I think I'll leave lightdm up ;P16:35
delinquentmeHi all! Best way to record skype calls on ubuntu??16:35
ppfi tried a few clipboard managers now, but of the ones supporting actions, they all require special keystrokes or buttons to run an action16:35
yecril71pljpds: askubuntu tells me my post does not meet our quality standards.  What are they?16:36
vigilant_iora: i did the sudo service lightdm restart, got back to the login loop16:36
tgm4883ioria: in any case, it should be trivial to query the system to see if a radeon card is present16:36
ioriavigilant_,  reboot16:36
Savemechany ideas? :C16:36
jpdsyecril71pl: https://askubuntu.com/help/quality-standards-error16:36
auronandace!coc | yecril71pl16:37
ubottuyecril71pl: The Ubuntu Code of Conduct is the document that spells out etiquette in the Ubuntu community | http://www.ubuntu.com/project/about-ubuntu/conduct | For information on how to electronically sign the CoC, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SigningCodeofConduct | Watch http://static.screencasts.ubuntu.com/videos/2010/12/22/004-SigningCoC.ogv16:37
vigilant_iora: rebooting16:37
yecril71pljpds: Thanks.16:37
ioriatgm4883, true16:37
vigilant_iora: rebooted, same issue, login loo16:38
tgm4883ioria: what logs have we looked at, I've not been following for too long16:39
ioriavigilant_,  i think you already check .Xauthority and .ICe  and stuffn ...16:39
ioriatgm4883, seems a long story ... trapped in a login loop16:40
tgm4883ioria: so desktop session is crashing then?16:40
vigilant_iora: yeah I think eric^^ ran me through those before giving up earlier16:40
ioriatgm4883, i think she already reinstall ubuntu-desktop ans stuff16:41
* tgm4883 wonders about xorg log and .xsession-errors16:41
ioriatgm4883   Eric^^ checked them all16:41
tgm4883ioria: the whole OS or just the package?16:41
josuehi everyone16:41
XelementHmmm... tried changing the boot sequence in the bios yet? solved a similar issue once... (geez. the nostalgia of 12.04...)16:41
ioriatgm4883   both :-)16:42
XelementHiiii! :D16:42
pajjeneed some help with pulseaudio, looks like libasound_module_conf_pulse.so is missing but where can i find that one?16:42
vigilant_tgm4883: I can pastebinit again if you want?16:42
tgm4883ioria: wow that is odd. And the guest session doesn't work either?16:42
vigilant_tgm4883: no16:42
tgm4883vigilant_: couldn't hurt, paste them16:42
ioriatgm4883   no16:42
vigilant_tgm4883: what is the commandline?16:42
Xelementcan you run $ apt-get install for that file?16:42
tgm4883vigilant_: cat FILENAME | pastebinit16:43
vigilant_tgm4883: the full path to filename?16:43
ioriavigilant_,  for now, download a Lubuntu iso ... why not ?16:43
EriC^^vigilant_: what happened?16:43
pajjeXelement: me? no16:43
tgm4883ioria: or rather, just install lubuntu-desktop?16:44
vigilant_Eric^^: I reinstalled ubuntu 14.04.02 and pastebinit still login loop :)16:44
XelementElementary OS was a joke for me yesterday. installed with encryption, even! :D I'm so proud! *taps shoulder* www.elementary.io is where it's at.16:44
ioriavigilant_,  tgm4883 ^16:44
EriC^^vigilant_: ok, type /usr/bin/curl do you have it installed right now? and also the login loop is it the same as before or different?16:44
tgm4883ioria: out of curiosity, why are we trying lubuntu?16:44
EriC^^you said in the end you had a right click menu?16:44
vigilant_eric^^ same as before, ok I check curl16:45
Journeymancan't get my broadcom to work since after my update16:45
vigilant_eric^^: curl works16:45
EriC^^vigilant_: ok16:45
ioriatgm4883   'cause it runs everywhere ... i installed on a pentium316:45
EriC^^vigilant_: did you try booting with nomodeset?16:45
vigilant_Eric^^: that was on the liveboot I got the right click menu, I tried nomodeset earlier, no change16:46
EriC^^vigilant_: ok which graphics card are you using again?16:46
vigilant_eric^^: rv710 amd16:47
vigilant_eric^^: http://www.notebookcheck.it/Samsung-R540-serie.37903.0.html16:47
en1gmaim having to put ubuntu 14.04.00 on (need to have that kernel i know...) when i goto install it if im connected to net will is there a way for it not to upgrade the kernel? i mean i dont want it to upgrade kernel if it makes it go over 3.14.516:48
sirEggheadI just installed Ubuntu 15.04 on my desktop.  It has 2 Radeon HD 6870 cards in it.  I have 3 monitors.  One is via DVI and the other 2 are via HDMI.  I am testing with only 2 at the time.  When I hook up a second one, either one goes blank or both go blank.  I tried going to 'Additional Drivers' and changing to fglrx and once I enter my password, it reverts back to xorg.  The triple monitor setup is a must.16:48
EriC^^vigilant_: try sudo apt-get install fglrx16:48
vigilant_eric^^:  installing16:49
josuei've got a question about install apps in ubuntu phone16:49
daftykinsen1gma: yeah you... select don't update16:49
Xelement*traceswifi... i reset my bios settings. (i have a physical hardware switch on my netbook) and... after 2 years of wondering why it had no wifi... I can use it now!16:50
auronandace!touch | josue16:50
ubottujosue: Information about the Ubuntu Touch platform for Phone and Tablet is available here https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch . Support and discussion in #ubuntu-touch16:50
josueok! ok!16:50
Mike__I just installed Ubuntu and when I rebooted it, the grub screen came up. I choose Ubuntu from the menu but then the screen goes black, then 3 cursers and then comes right back to the grub screen. Any sugguestions.16:51
DeeJayhdid you do a guided install and just let it use the entire disk or did you manually partition it?16:52
Mike__No other OS's installed16:53
DeeJayhversion of U?16:53
vigilant_eric^^:  what should I do when it finishes?16:53
DeeJayhMike__, sounds like an installation error, either you selected an incorrect option, or you're trying to use it on a UEFI machine with the minimal install CD, which by default I believe won't work with UEFI16:54
Mike__It is a UEFI but I have it disabled in the BIOS.  reinstalled several times with no luck.16:55
DeeJayhSo you're SURE BIOS compatibility mode is enabled?16:55
DeeJayhin your UEFI?16:56
Mike__UEFI is disabled16:57
jwashHi everyone, in my grub menu i've got a "windows 7 loader" which then gives me the option of win7 and winxp16:57
EriC^^vigilant_: restart16:57
jwashhow do i get grub 2 to have win 7 and win xp  rather than the 'windows 7 loader"?16:57
jwashthey're on different physical drives from ubuntu16:57
vigilant_eric^^: restarting16:57
EriC^^Mike__: do you get any errors?16:58
Mike__No, cusor blinks for 3 lines and then goes right back to the Grub Menu16:58
vigilant_eric^^: loginloop16:58
DeeJayhMike__, suggest reading https://goo.gl/Gb1K6R, if that is true then I would say rip the installation you are using and compare the hash to the original, make sure the installation cd burned correctly/usb was written correctly etc16:59
Mike__I booted from USB and tried boot-repair but no luck with that either16:59
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EriC^^Mike__: boot a live usb and come back here16:59
ioriavigilant_,  try to install lubuntu-desktop16:59
vigilant_iora: how?16:59
ioriavigilant_,  sudo apt-get  lubuntu-desktop  and in login screen select it17:00
XelementAgain?! :o Geez. well, try checking the hard drive for errors somehow? maybe live booting, yes. if not, I don't know lol17:00
Mike__EriC^^: Ok17:00
Xelementnever know. might work.17:01
Mike__Ok EriC^^17:01
vigilant_ioria: 'invalid operation lubunt-desktop'17:01
ioriavigilant_,  sudo apt-get  lubuntu-desktop17:01
EriC^^vigilant_: sudo apt-get install lubuntu-desktop17:01
Xelement$apt-get install lubuntu-desktop17:01
DeeJayhvigilant_, at a terminal (term xterm whatever you like) sudo apt-get lubuntu-desktop17:01
Xelementit takes the install though after apt-get.17:02
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vigilant_Eric^^ Ioria installing :D17:02
Mike__I'm running form USB EriC^^17:02
ioriavigilant_,  did you select again  autologin  ?17:03
EriC^^Mike__: ok17:03
EriC^^Mike__: type apt-get install pastebinit17:03
ioriavigilant_,  when you reinstalle, i mean ?17:03
vigilant_ioria: yes is that bad?'17:03
EriC^^vigilant_: yeah17:03
vigilant_ioria: can I unselect it now?17:03
ioriavigilant_,  mm... for me yes....17:03
kongthaphttp://i.cubeupload.com/tEcqp2.png i don't understand why this folder has .git repository but my powerline does not show branch, state ? please guide17:04
EriC^^type sudo nano /etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf17:04
EriC^^and remove your username next to autologin=17:04
vigilant_Eric^^ Ioria : ok I am just waiting for lubuntu to finish installing17:04
Snicksiekongthap: do you have git plugin enabled in zsh?17:04
sirEggheadEric^^: so i got fglrx installed.  It seems a bit worse now than it was.  Now when I pull up displays, only one monitor is listed.  Before, both were listed, even though only one would be working.17:05
kongthapSnicksie, is it possible if i only want to use with bash?17:05
EriC^^Mike__: type sudo parted -l | pastebinit17:05
ioriavigilant_,  ok... also check  /etc/group  if you have a 'nologin' line17:05
sirEggheadEriC^^:  When I tried to boot up with both monitors connected, I got no display.  I had to unhook one and hold down the power button.17:05
Snicksieah, it's bash kongthap, not sure in that case :) it is possible to have git branch there. do you have it on other git repo's?17:06
Mike__EriC^^: Done17:06
sirEggheadEriC^^:  Seems like the original drivers may have been better.  I honestly don't care which drivers I use as long as I can get 3 monitors running properly.17:06
EriC^^Mike__: what's the link?17:06
kongthapSnicksie, https://github.com/magicmonty/bash-git-prompt something like this ?17:07
EriC^^sirEgghead: honestly i dont know much about multimonitors setup17:07
vigilant_lubuntu install takes long time17:07
sirEggheadEriC^^:  Thanks.17:07
EriC^^sirEgghead: you could check xrandr to see if it sees the monitor or something..17:07
vigilant_eric^^ is it uninstalling my ordinary ubuntu now?17:07
EriC^^sorry :)17:07
ioriavigilant_,  weid ... is very small17:07
Snicksiekongthap: could be, I think there was a builtin, I'm checking now17:08
EriC^^vigilant_: no17:08
Xelementi usually make a cup of tea and come back to the computer after and i get the "install complete" ;)17:08
tonyyarussovigilant_: That's a function of your machine and install media, not the OS.17:08
kongthapSnicksie, please :)17:08
sirEggheadWould anyone here be able to assist me with a multi-monitor setup with 2x Radeon HD 6870s.  I have a fresh Ubuntu 15.04 install.17:08
vigilant_eric^^ how do I save the lgihtdm.conf file?17:11
DeeJayhsirEgghead, http://goo.gl/1XGGX417:11
vigilant_ioria: how do I check  /etc/group ?17:12
vigilant_ioria: for no login line17:12
EriC^^vigilant_: type cat /etc/group | grep nologin17:12
Snicksiekongthap: it's __git_ps1, you can see that here: https://coderwall.com/p/fz0e0g/show-current-git-branch-name-in-bash-ps117:12
EriC^^or just grep nologin /etc/group17:12
vigilant_eric^^: ok should I pastebinit?17:13
ioriavigilant_,  paste17:13
EriC^^vigilant_: just check if your name is next to it17:13
kongthapSnicksie, i will try that first, thanks17:13
vigilant_eric^^: there is no output17:13
ioriavigilant_,  can you paste  ?17:14
Mike__EriC^^: Did the link work for you17:14
EriC^^vigilant_: ah sorry, grep nopasswdlogin | /etc/group17:14
vigilant_iora: its on a different computer, I can pastebinit. but there was no output from the command ' cat /etc/group | grep nologin'17:14
EriC^^* grep nopasswdlogin /etc/group17:14
EriC^^Mike__: type sudo mount /dev/sda1 /mnt17:15
ioriavigilant_,  you have to grep  grep nopasswdlogin17:15
vigilant_eric^^ ioria : ' nopasswdlogin:x:119:'17:15
sirEggheadDeeJayh: Thanks.  I'm gonna go ahead and reinstall.  I tried changing the drivers a couple of times and I'm kinda stuck atm.  I'll get back with you after the reinstall and see what happens.17:16
Mike__EriC^^: Done17:16
ioriavigilant_,  sudo nano /etc/group   and remove that line17:16
EriC^^Mike__: for i in /dev /dev/pts /proc /sys /run; do sudo mount -B $i /mnt$i; done17:16
sirEggheadDeeJayh: After entering in my password to decrypt, I just get a flashing cursor.  So I"m not even going to bother troubleshooting at this point.  A reinstall should take half an hour.17:16
EriC^^ioria: nah it's fine i have that too17:16
vigilant_eric^^ ioria : ' i should not remove it afterall?17:17
kongthapSnicksie, i installed git using apt-get as usually, but i dont' have /etc/bash_completion.d/git17:17
EriC^^vigilant_: no17:18
vigilant_eric^^ iora: should I reboot after removing autologin to see if anything change?17:18
EriC^^vigilant_: did lubuntu-desktop install?17:18
ioriavigilant_, no, restart and in login screen above the name you'll see a little ubuntu logo, press it and select Lubuntu17:18
vigilant_eric^^: yes17:18
Xelementwhen i decrypt, it says press S to skip or M for manual recovery. Eh. I usually do S.17:18
EriC^^ok, type sudo service lightdm restart17:18
vigilant_ woooow17:18
vigilant_eric ioria : I got different ubuntu now17:19
Xelementlooks like Lubuntu, eh? :D17:19
vigilant_eric^^ ioria its uglier, but it has the same login loop17:19
ioriavigilant_, oh ... my17:19
kongthapSnicksie, i have one similar called git_prompt, should it be this one?17:19
EriC^^vigilant_: try sudo apt-get install fglrx-updates17:19
ioriavigilant_, did you insert username and password ?17:20
vigilant_iora: yupp two times17:20
vigilant_eric^^: ok17:20
vigilant_eric^^ ioria updating fglrx17:21
ioriavigilant_, good17:21
Mike__EriC^^:  Says mount:  mount point /mnt$ does not exist. Says is 5 times17:21
EriC^^Mike__: /mnt$i; done17:21
Mike__EriC^^: I added the i.  it took the command17:23
EriC^^Mike__: ok17:23
EriC^^Mike__: type sudo chroot /mnt17:23
Mike__EriC^^: Done17:23
Mike__im at root17:23
vigilant_eric^^ ioria update complete17:24
vigilant_eric^^ ioria now I should reboot or?17:25
ioriavigilant_, yep17:25
pajjeis it normal that it will install pulseaudio:i386 instead of pulseaudio on a 64bit system?17:25
vigilant_eric^^ ioria it now says "lubuntu" on startup, I got a lubuntu login page17:26
ioriavigilant_, login17:26
Snicksiekongthap: I think it's only git_ps1, did you try that one in the link?17:26
vigilant_eric^^ ioria login loop17:26
vigilant_eric^^ ioria same login loop as with ubuntu 14.0417:27
ioriavigilant_, try ubuntu17:27
vigilant_ioria: how do I change back?17:27
ioriavigilant_, yuo should have a 'session selector' somewhere17:28
kongthapSnicksie, i don't much about ubuntu too, i use ls /etc/... i show the file, but when i use souce /etc/.../git_prompt in .bashrc i just got error message no file or directory :( i don't understand what went wrong17:28
vigilant_ioria: I just found it up in the right hand corner, turns out it was set on ubuntu afteall, now I changed to lubuntu and it works17:28
vigilant_iora eric^^ : I have lubuntu running!!! :D :D17:28
ioriavigilant_, what works ?17:28
ioriavigilant_,ho ..... graet17:28
ioriavigilant_,ho ..... very great17:29
vigilant_ioria eric^^ can i make it look prettier?17:29
vigilant_ioria eric^^ will this lubuntu run my youtube movies, facebook and gmail?17:29
ioriavigilant_, sure ... a beauty farm17:29
ioriavigilant_, absolutly17:30
Snicksiekongthap: you should write "source /etc/bash_completion.d/git" and after that you should edit your PS1 enviroment variable (did you do that already manually or do you use a script?) to add "\$(__git_ps1)" on the location where you want the branch to appear17:30
vigilant_ioria eric^^ thanks so much for the help :D :D <317:30
EriC^^vigilant_: try xubuntu if you want17:30
EriC^^it's a lot prettier and you can make it look like virtually anything17:30
vigilant_eric^^ it is prettier?17:30
EriC^^Mike__: sorry, im back17:30
EriC^^vigilant_: yeah17:30
kongthapSnicksie, ok but at first i don't have ../git i have only ../git_prompt17:30
vigilant_eric^^ how do i install xubuntu?17:30
EriC^^Mike__: type grub-install --recheck /dev/sda17:31
EriC^^vigilant_: sudo apt-get install xubuntu-desktop17:31
Snicksiehow did you install git kongthap ? sudo apt-get install git ?17:31
x4w3nothing: http://askubuntu.com/questions/457061/ralink-148f7601-wifi-adaptor-installation -> imposible to run the wifi card, i installed properly module and appear in lsmod but no wireless extensions, hw problem :(17:31
Snicksieah right kongthap, I see, I only have git-prompt as well. try it without sourcing, I think it is automatically17:31
Mike__EriC^^: Installion finished.  No error reported17:32
EriC^^Mike__: ok, type update-grub17:32
ioriavigilant_, ubuntu, xubuntu and lubuntu are different isos.... but it's possible install only their Desktop Envriron  -unity, xfce, and lxde17:32
Mike__EriC^^:  Done17:32
ioriavigilant_, in this case we have installed lxde on you unity-ubuntu17:33
vigilant_eric^^ ioria xubuntu looks nice I will try that17:33
Snicksiekongthap: you can test if it works if you can type in __git, hit tab (to autocomplete) and get an autocompletion for __git_ps1. If you enter that as command, you should get the current branch17:33
EriC^^Mike__: ok, type cat /boot/grub/grub.cfg | nc termbin.com 999917:33
ioriavigilant_, ok ... but this time is better to download a xubuntu iso ... maybe  :þ17:34
vigilant_ioria: I should ?17:34
kongthapSnicksie, http://paste.ofcode.org/ycYUDXx4bWasUfvFmyL2NR (~/.bashrc)17:34
EriC^^vigilant_: yes, it'll be cleaner17:34
vigilant_Eric^^: ok I will just test it now like the install command you sendt me and download xubuntu to try :) thanks for all the help :D17:35
ioriavigilant_, well,  to be sure, i would download a Lubuntu iso and then install xfce or xubuntu-desktop17:35
Mike__EriC^^: http://termbin.com/15um17:35
kongthapSnicksie, i can do what you said __git + autocomplete, after enter i got branch name once17:35
kongthapSnicksie, after use "clear" it's gone, i still not sure branch in the powerline yet17:36
vigilant_iora eric^^ : I have to get out of the house now so much computer I am getting strange lol17:36
Snicksieallrighty, than it should work kongthap :) does it work when you open a new terminal and cd to a directory with .git ?17:36
vigilant_iora eric^^ thanks guys!17:36
EriC^^vigilant_: no problem17:36
ioriavigilant_, np, you can aslo install gnome17:36
kongthapSnicksie, not sure, i will restart the machine17:37
Snicksiekongthap: yeah, that is just to test if __git_ps1 commando works. it clearly works, so just add it to PS1 variable as you did (that is your bashrc, so should be allright)17:37
Snicksieno need kongthap17:37
Snicksiesource ~/.bashrc works as well17:37
x4w3i need help please! i do http://askubuntu.com/questions/457061/ralink-148f7601-wifi-adaptor-installation and driver was listed in lsmod but network manager and iwconfig doesnt detect it!17:37
kongthapSnicksie, what else do i need to ? http://paste.ofcode.org/ycYUDXx4bWasUfvFmyL2NR this is what i have so far17:37
SnicksieI think you can even remove the source, as I think bash will automatically add all files in /etc/bash_autocompletion.d/ . how did you set up your powerline? I think it changes your PS1-variable, so you need to add __git_ps1 there17:38
kongthapSnicksie no "source" right?17:38
Snicksieremove all the lines except the one with PS1=...17:39
kongthapSnicksie ok17:39
EriC^^Mike__: ok, type exit, then restart17:40
kongthapSnicksie, nope, i only left the line PS1=... nothing happen :( just only powerline with path name17:40
SnicksieI'll take a look into powerline, I'm pretty sure that's what changes it back to just path name17:40
kongthapSnicksie, please, thanks :)17:41
Snicksiewhich powerline script did you use kongthap ?17:41
kongthapi followed github.com/powerline/powerline, pip install --user powerline-status17:41
Mike__EriC^^: No luck.  Still does same.  I select Ubunut from menu, screen goes black with cursor then comes right back to grub menu.17:42
EriC^^Mike__: ok, boot the live usb again17:43
EriC^^same thing, sudo mount /dev/sda1 /mnt17:43
EriC^^then, for i in /dev /dev/pts /proc /sys /run; do sudo mount -B $i /mnt$i; done17:43
kongthapSnicksie, this is what i got so far http://i.cubeupload.com/YN6Xho.png17:43
eeinhello. how can I copy a proprietary NIC driver from one server to another?17:45
Mike__EriC^^: Done17:46
reisioeein: with cp17:47
EriC^^Mike__: sudo chroot /mnt17:47
Mike__EriC^^: done17:48
eeinreisio, walked into that one :-) sorry i meant more "how do I locate the files needed"17:48
eeini have it installed on an identical server from some time back and now want to setup a second server17:48
EriC^^Mike__: type apt-get install linux-image-generic17:49
Snicksiekongthap: do you have powerline configfiles? I think you should add vcs (version control system) in one of those configfiles17:50
kongthapSnicksie, guide me more please, should it be in ~/.local/bin ?17:50
Snicksiekongthap: https://powerline.readthedocs.org/en/latest/configuration.html#quick-guide ; you should add VCS segment I think17:51
Mike__EriC^^: It's done installing17:51
reisioeein: what driver is it?17:52
EriC^^Mike__: ok, type update-initramfs -u -k all17:52
eeinreisio, broadcom bcm5716 http://www.ubuntu.com/certification/catalog/component/pci/14e4%3A163b/17:53
eeinit says it is available from ubuntu but i dont see how17:54
Mike__EriC^^: it updated17:54
EriC^^Mike__: ok, type exit then restar17:54
kongthapSnicksie https://github.com/powerline/powerline/issues/18617:54
kongthapSnicksie, i found config file but in the link you sent, i cannot find anyting relate to adding vcs into config file :(17:55
reisioeein: not sure that's a proprietary driver17:55
eeinreisio, how would you normally track the package that is tied to a nic?17:56
EriC^^i think he means lspci -k17:56
EriC^^or something like that17:56
eeinhow can you see what packages make a nic function or are they always in the kernel17:56
eeinEriC^^, lspci only gives me info on the pci bus but not what packages no?17:57
EriC^^eein: -k shows what kernel driver is in use17:57
Mike__EriC^^:  You are so awesome.  Thank you.  I have been at this for a few hours now and nothing from the forums and other sites were getting it done.  Thank you again.17:58
EriC^^Mike__: great, no problem17:58
Snicksiekongthap: http://stackoverflow.com/q/26218774/955026 seems the way to add it17:58
b100shey guys!17:59
b100swhy can i get error: Connection refused (errno: 111) ?17:59
b100swhat does it mean?17:59
kongthapSnicksie, my powerline version is 2.218:00
fishsceneDoes anyone know where or how to get "/sbin/chsnap"? aptitude yields nothing, Google is unhelpful. A few people get the same error I get, but there are 0 answers. Trying to install snapper on Ubuntu.18:00
lotuspsychje_b100s: can you explain us what your trying to do?18:00
b100slotuspsychje_,  /usr/bin/tarantool18:00
Snicksiekongthap: looks like the setup is the same though18:00
lotuspsychje_!info snapper | fishscene18:01
ubottufishscene: snapper (source: snapper): Linux filesystem snapshot management tool. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.2.4-1 (vivid), package size 188 kB, installed size 1067 kB (Only available for linux-any)18:01
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kongthapSnicksie, sorry too many config file which one to edit .../config_files?config.json ?18:03
kongthapin stackoverflow he edits defaults.json, which i don't have18:04
Snicksiekongthap: https://powerline.readthedocs.org/en/latest/configuration.html#quick-guide says create directory ~/.config/powerline and add file you want to edit there18:05
Snicksiebut I never worked with powerline, so I'm not sure... anyhow... gotta go... hope you succeed :)18:05
kongthapSnicksie, let me try first :(18:07
kongthapSnicksie, the file name should be ~/.config/powerline/config.json right? because it's not related to theme or whatever :(18:08
TechMongerhow do i get the term to print out the computer name? hostname gives me IP address, whoami gives my user name, dnsdomainname gives the last 3 parts of my ip address18:09
kongthapSnicksie, can you show me what the config file should look like, i read the doc and really dont' understand, althougth about this segment https://powerline.readthedocs.org/en/latest/configuration/segments/common.html#module-powerline.segments.common.vcs have no ideas how it will appear on the config file18:11
w30TechMonger, cat /etc/hosts includes it but not exclusive18:11
lotuspsychje_!hostname | TechMonger18:11
ubottuTechMonger: Use hostname <somehostname> to set the hostname, or to do it permanently: edit /etc/hosts to include BOTH the old and new hostname and then change /etc/hostname to the new one. WARNING! Make sure that your current hostname and /etc/hosts match, otherwise sudo may not work properly.18:11
=== Mitchell92[A] is now known as Mitchell92
fishsceneErr.. I think I misstated something. I am able to install snapper just fine. However, I'm attempting to install snapper-gui, which looks like it does some kind of python installation/compiling? Everything works perfectly fine, but when I try to actually run "snapper-gui", it throws an error saying it can't find /sbin/chsnap. There are many "fixes" saying to create configuration files, but when creating those config files, the same error is thrown. 18:11
=== dawnson_ is now known as dawnson
TechMongerw30 that works18:13
TechMongerlotuspsychje_ that did not18:13
TechMongerubottu not really what im trying to do18:13
ubottuTechMonger: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)18:13
Xelementubottu are you really just a bot? I don't believe it lol18:15
ubottuXelement: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)18:15
lotuspsychje_fishscene: can this help mate? https://poisonpacket.wordpress.com/2015/06/04/installing-btrfs-snapper-gui-on-ubuntu-and-ubuntu-derivatives/18:15
Xelementwell, that fast of a reply is a bot.18:15
fishscenelotuspsychje_: Actually, that's the exact same tutorial I'm using. :)18:16
fishsceneIt's open on another computer and kind of long, so I didn't want to hand-type it out. lol.18:16
mcphailfishscene: I looked at snapper a while ago and encountered lots of problems with the install. i gave up in the end. It is very tied to SuSE18:17
=== Mitchell92 is now known as Mitchell92[A]
fishscenemcphail: That's what I was afraid of. :(18:18
lotuspsychje_fishscene: you have btrfs?18:18
=== lotuspsychje_ is now known as lotuspsychje
fishscenelotuspsychje_: Not yet. I just wanted to see if I could get it installed and running.18:19
fishsceneWould the existence of /sbin/chsnap be dependand on the filesystem? o_O18:20
lotuspsychjefishscene: not sure never used snapper myself, but alot of btrfs forum stories show up on snapper18:20
=== Blaster is now known as Guest61256
syntroPican i use network-manager (gui?) to set wlan tx power?18:21
mcphailfishscene: mkfs.btrfs doesn't create that file, if that's what you mean18:21
GallomimiaPardon me, but i'm very disturbed by this message in "Thunderbird" suddenly telling me I have installed a developer nightly build. The message has broken links and makes me wonder if its spam. But it's not a real email.18:21
lotuspsychjefishscene: maybe lets start from the beginning, whats your purpose exactly with all this?18:22
lotuspsychjeGallomimia: can you pastebin the whole message to channel perhaps18:23
slicepaperwordscan anyone explain why when i set up my wired ethernet connection in /etc/network/interfaces with a static ip, on the GUI it displays no connection but ifconfig is correct and everything is working, its just the GUI doesnt recognize it18:23
maggotshi whats the ubuntu sdk handle?18:23
Gallomimialotuspsychje: more to come: Congratulations! You've downloaded or compiled a Daily build of Thunderbird.18:23
mcphailslicepaperwords: if you use /etc/network/interfaces, the GUI network manager is disabled18:24
lotuspsychjeGallomimia: ubuntu version?18:24
Gallomimialotuspsychje: the ubuntu version is 14.04 LTS with the latest updates... .2 ??18:25
lotuspsychjeGallomimia: maybe ask this question in #ubuntu-devel they might know if its legit18:25
slicepaperwordsmcphail: thanks, i figured it was something simple like that18:25
fishscenelotuspsychje: Officially, this was all for experimenting to see if I could include it in my default setup script for setting up a consistent and rock-solid Ubuntu system. Since this doesn't look to be an easy thing to setup and configure, I'm going to go ahead and let the project rest for now. Thank you for your input and thoughts on the matter. :)18:26
Gallomimiait's not questionable to me if its legit anymore. it is. i'm wondering who installed a nightly build on my system without my permission.18:26
mcphailfishscene: btrfs works pretty well and doesn't need accessory scripts18:26
lotuspsychjefishscene: ubuntu is already rocksolid :p18:26
lotuspsychje!btrfs | fishscene18:26
ubottufishscene: Btrfs is a new filesystem available for Ubuntu. It is currently marked as experimental, and should not be used for important data. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/btrfs18:26
lotuspsychjeGallomimia: apt-cache policy thunderbird, to check your version18:27
lotuspsychje!info thunderbird trusty18:27
ubottuthunderbird (source: thunderbird): Email, RSS and newsgroup client with integrated spam filter. In component main, is optional. Version 1:31.7.0+build1-0ubuntu0.14.04.1 (trusty), package size 29617 kB, installed size 77912 kB18:27
maggotsanyone getting the phone?18:27
lotuspsychje!touch | maggots18:28
ubottumaggots: Information about the Ubuntu Touch platform for Phone and Tablet is available here https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch . Support and discussion in #ubuntu-touch18:28
Gallomimialotuspsychje: that says nothing about a nightly build. i'm starting to think that the nightly build message somehow crept into the release version?18:30
fishsceneThere was some talk of it working on ext4 as well, but I can't even get to that point. :P Either way, it seems it won't work out very well with my script, so I'm dropping it for now, but keeping an eye on it. :) Thanks again mate.18:30
Gallomimiawhat is "it" ?18:31
Gallomimiai came in late. haven't seen what you're doing, just that 2 major fs types are considered for it18:31
lotuspsychjeGallomimia: see the reply in #ubuntu-devel :p18:31
fishsceneGallomimia: snapper / snapper-gui. But it's pretty much a dead subject now. lol18:32
Gallomimiathat sounds like a good candidate for censored searching on this modern internet of ours18:32
DeeJayhGallomimia, who would want censored searching...18:33
christo_mhello ive installed libavahi-compat-libdnssd-dev but when i grep the system for libdns_sd its not there18:34
Gallomimiame, cause my experience on that matter is in teaching 14 year olds how to google... before google had censored searches.18:34
christo_mi noticed i was trying to build something and i was getting /usr/bin/d: cannot find -ldns_sd so the .so isnt here18:35
geirhachristo_m: dpkg -L libavahi-compat-libdnssd-dev   # shows what files the package installed18:37
lotuspsychjesomeone knows a decent silverlight alternative for ubuntu besides mono(dev stopped on the project)?18:37
christo_mgeirha: weird, so its in /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu18:38
christo_moh wait, i need the 32 bit lib18:38
=== MaxSendQ is now known as Guest65971
christo_mya thats a 64 bit lib.18:39
christo_mgeirha: how can i get the 32 bit version :S18:39
Guest65971how do I recover ubuntu boot menu after installing windows 8? no uefi18:40
geirhachristo_m: append :i386 to the package name18:40
Gallomimiai don't think you do18:40
Gallomimiathe "ubuntu boot menu" is actually called grub and it's not made by ubuntu18:41
Gallomimiathe ubuntu installer should be able to put it in for you. or even a ubuntu live boot (from installer or your hd) and run grub-install18:41
christo_mgeirha: rekt, thank you18:41
lotuspsychje!recovergrub | Guest6597118:41
ubottuGuest65971: Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub18:41
tatersalahey camako18:43
YokoBR_please, how do i update php5.5.x version only?18:45
YokoBR_i mean, i cannot install php 5.618:45
YokoBR_but i need to be on the latest 5.518:45
tatersalahang on18:45
tatersalamight be able to help18:45
tatersalabrb tho18:45
lotuspsychje!latest | YokoBR_18:46
ubottuYokoBR_: Packages in Ubuntu may not be the latest. Ubuntu aims for stability, so "latest" may not be a good idea. Post-release updates are only considered if they are fixes for security vulnerabilities, high impact bug fixes, or unintrusive bug fixes with substantial benefit. See also !backports, !sru, and !ppa.18:46
MonkeyDustYokoBR_  what's different in 5.5 ?18:49
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ngaioRegarding encrypting /home/user, my personal home directory is years old and apparently over the years has built up some files that the rsync portion of ecryptfs-migrate-home fails with; when rsync returns a non-zero value, the migration script simply stops. What is the best way to handle this problem?18:53
ngaioproblems I noticed are very long file names under .local/share and there are no doubt other problems too18:54
lotuspsychjengaio: unencrypt and recover data with photorec perhaps?18:55
sirEggheadI just installed Ubuntu 15.04.  We are running Exchange 2010 at work.  I installed the Evolution mail client as well as the evolution-mapi package.  I went through the account setup wizard 4 times and added my account.  It successfully authenticated.  After the wizard is finished, my account is not shown on the main screen or in the accounts list.18:55
=== N is now known as Guest63166
ngaiolotuspsychje, the encryption process never finishes because of the rsync problem. And I have backups of /home so no worries about data recovery18:57
Gallomimialotuspsychje: im off now. thanks for being awesome.18:59
MonkeyDustsirEgghead  http://www.petenetlive.com/KB/Article/0000378.htm18:59
sirEggheadMonkeyDust, that's what I did.19:00
sirEggheadMonkeyDust, accounts list is blank.19:00
XelementLol I authorized that. (Sorry. not used to IRC yet...)19:01
MonkeyDustsirEgghead  maybe it's an option in Exchange, a way to deal with non-Windows clients19:03
sirEggheadMonkeyDust, the Exchange server wouldn't have anything to do with the client not saving my account.19:04
sirEggheadMonkeyDust, The client authenticates just fine in the wizard.19:04
sirEggheadMonkeyDust, the account just doesn't save.19:04
Guest65971I tried19:04
sirEggheadMonkeyDust, I'm also the Systems Administrator here.  I run the Exchange server.19:04
Guest65971now everytime it boots I got a grub command prompt19:04
sirEggheadI just installed Ubuntu 15.04.  We are running Exchange 2010 at work.  I installed the Evolution mail client as well as the evolution-mapi package.  I went through the account setup wizard 4 times and added my account.  It successfully authenticated.  After the wizard is finished, my account is not shown on the main screen or in the accounts list.19:07
noahmg123is there an irc channel for icedtea-web?19:08
MonkeyDustnoahmg123  ask your question here and wait19:08
noahmg123MonkeyDust: so I am guessing the answe is no19:08
sirEggheadnoahmg123, #openjdk is the channel.19:09
noahmg123sirEgghead: thank you19:09
noahmg123sirEgghead: wait is it ##?19:09
MonkeyDustnoahmg123  yes, icedtea has a channel, with one present, probably a bot19:09
SchrodingersScat!alis | noahmg12319:09
ubottunoahmg123: alis is a services bot that can help you find channels. Read "/msg alis help list" . For more help or questions relating to alis, please join #freenode. Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu* or /msg alis list *http*19:09
sirEggheadnoahmg123, sorry, it's on irc.oftc.net.  but the channel there is #openjdk19:10
noahmg123sirEgghead: thx19:10
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=== rauch is now known as rauchrob
tyu2Hi, i have compiled driver for wifi card Tp-Link and appear properly in lsmod but not in iwconfig, what's my problem?19:20
propoI have an ATi radeon mobility 4xxx, looking at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto/AMD section 7.1 it says fglrx-installer not working with AMD Radeon™ HD/Mobility Radeon™ HD 4000, 3000 or 2000 series graphics card in Quantal+19:20
propobut I don't know if it's refering to the installer or the driver itself19:21
wileeepropo, Are you running quantal?19:21
propoI tried to install fglrx and it does not work19:21
wileeepropo, What ubuntu release?19:22
propowileee, no, but I'm having issues with fglrx19:22
propotrusty, 14.0419:22
propowileee, ^19:22
ioriatyu2 sudo lshw -c netwotk19:22
wileeecool, just saw quantal was concerned, no idea other wise.19:22
wileeesudo lshw -c network19:23
propoif I install it, I get a smaller resolution, and fglrxinfo throws an error, as some bug says https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/fglrx-installer/+bug/127637919:23
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1276379 in fglrx-installer (Baltix) "fglrx-installer 2:13.101-0ubuntu0.0.1 fails with some "legacy" devices (Radeon HD 2000 3000 4000)" [Medium,Triaged]19:23
propobut that's for 12.04 too, so I think it's an issue at all versions19:24
tyu2ioria: http://paste.ubuntu.com/11922139/ here result.19:25
sokolldoes anyone know the best way to view the disk spaced used per user, but view the highest using 25 users19:25
ioriatyu2  lspci -nn19:28
pz3gullHello, Everyone!19:29
tyu2ioria: http://paste.ubuntu.com/11922160/19:29
ioriatyu2  by the way ... is ethernet  ? you use ifconfig not iwconfig19:29
tonyyarussosokoll: They probably exist, but I'm not personally aware of prepackaged utilities to do exactly that.  You certainly could script such a thing, however, looping through your user list, finding files, computing aggregate size, and then sorting.19:29
sokolltonyyarusso: I just mean a basic command19:30
tonyyarussosokoll: This of course gets a LOT easier if you just want to compare home directories rather than searching the entire filesystem by owner.19:30
cluelesspersonhey guys, I'm trying to use CIFS to mount a windows share.  Now it works on 2/4 of them, but for some reason it doesn't work on the others and I'm not sure why.19:30
Lixumuxhi all, not sure which channel to ask about this: if a router has been hacked, is it "easy" for the attacker to hack into a linux computer on the local LAN if it is ONLY running the built-in UFW without any special config, just enabled UFW?19:30
sokolltonyyarusso: so I have a bunch of user directories in the home directory19:30
cluelesspersonMusic works19:31
tyu2tyu2: yes i'm using too ethernet, but i have connected a usb wifi card and module is installed and in iwconfig not appear any device. I have only eth0.19:31
cluelesspersonpodcasts works19:31
tyu2ioria: yes i'm using too ethernet, but i have connected a usb wifi card and module is installed and in iwconfig not appear any device. I have only eth0.19:31
cluelesspersontorrents and videos folders show permission denied19:31
ioriatyu2 you just have this : Killer E2200 Gigabit Ethernet Controller19:32
pz3gullI want to remove the "Ubuntu Desktop" title in the unity-panel. Is it possible ? I also want the title to replace by a logo following by the current app title.19:32
ioriatyu2 try lsusb19:32
tyu2ioria: Bus 001 Device 004: ID 148f:761a Ralink Technology, Corp.19:32
ioriatyu2 not present in lshw -c network19:33
kongthapwhen i use $PATH i saw error (no such file or directory) i also saw path list contains "java path" when i look ~/.profile and ~/.bashrc there is nothing relate to java, i think there should be other files with wrong $PATH setup inside, please guide how to debug which one is it19:33
SchrodingersScatsokoll: du -s can summarize, so maybe cd /home/ ; for i in * ; do du -sh "$i" ; done | grep -m 25 ""  ??19:33
ioriatyu2 ethenet is working ?19:33
tyu2ioria: i'm using it.19:33
SchrodingersScatsokoll: oh, probably want a sort in there somewhere19:33
tyu2ioria: i installed wifi card with http://askubuntu.com/questions/457061/ralink-148f7601-wifi-adaptor-installation and module is in lsmod properly. mt7601Usta            610900  019:34
tonyyarussosokoll: If you're just looking at directories, you could do something like eg. 'sudo du -hcs /home/* | sort -h -r | head -26'19:34
ioriatyu2 for now, i just say that doesn't show up in lshw ...19:35
ioriatyu2 lsmod | grep -e rt5 -e rt219:38
tyu2ioria:  nothing happen19:39
philipballewhey, I am did a dumb move and accidentally deleted all my kernels. So I am wanting to fix this, and the only real guide I have seen is on Ask Ubuntu about chrooting in, however I think it is outdated.\19:39
philipballewI used http://askubuntu.com/questions/28099/how-to-restore-a-system-after-accidentally-removing-all-kernels19:39
philipballewand I ran sudo mount /dev/sdXY /mnt19:40
philipballewwhere XY was a119:40
philipballewhowever I can not run sudo mount --bind /dev /mnt/dev19:40
ioriatyu2 if you sudo ifup wlan0 ?19:40
philipballewI think it has to do with the boot stuff on ubuntu these days, but I wanted a little help here with this is possible19:41
tyu2ioria:  i don't understand if it run in windows and lsusb show it and module is installed why wlan0 not appear and iwconfig not show it.19:41
ioriatyu2 wrong module ?19:42
ioriatyu2 if you sudo ifup wlan0 ?19:42
tyu2ioria:  Ignoring unknown interface wlan0=wlan0.19:42
Andrewjs18Hi all, when my ubuntu box boots, it shows the following error....error: out of disk19:43
Andrewjs18Grub rescue>19:43
tyu2ioria:  module was installed like id and ubuntu ask.19:43
Andrewjs18Not really sure what's causing this as nothing has been changed on it in probably months19:43
tyu2ioria: ID 148f:761a -> http://askubuntu.com/questions/457061/ralink-148f7601-wifi-adaptor-installation19:44
ioriatyu2 do you have for any chance the  disk ?19:45
tyu2ioria: i never run this card in linux.19:46
ioriatyu2 i mean the disk shipped with the devvice19:46
ioriatyu2 in the box ...19:47
tyu2ioria: probably xD, u think in ndiswrapper?19:48
ioriatyu2 not really, in the disk should be this file : DPO_MT7601U_LinuxSTA_3.0.0.4_20130913.tar.bz219:48
tyu2let me....:)19:49
tyu2ioria:  only drivers for windows... :(19:50
tyu2and its the original cd.19:50
jhutchins_wktyu2: Does it show up with /sbin/ifconfig -a ?19:51
ioriatyu2 maybe you are not lucky http://askubuntu.com/questions/499091/trying-to-install-tp-link-archer-t2u-on-ubuntu ...19:52
tyu2jhutchins_wk: not appear, only eth0 and lo.19:52
jhutchins_wktyu2: The fact that lshw is identifying the manufacturer but not the device indicates that the correct driver isn' tloaded.19:52
tyu2ioria: i think so :)19:53
jhutchins_wktyu2: So your system doesn't know it's a network device, which is why lshw doesn't show it under networking.19:53
jhutchins_wktyu2: Which release of Ubuntu?19:53
ioriajhutchins_wk, it's not present in lshw19:53
jhutchins_wkioria: Yeah, I meant lsusb.19:53
tyu2jhutchins_wk: 3.16.0-44-generic19:54
tyu2jhutchins_wk: x64.19:54
jhutchins_wktyu2: Do you know which ubuntu release?  I don't know them by kernel versions.19:54
apalosa999I'm trying to find the dbgsym package for the most recent 14.04 kernel but it looks like ddebs.ubuntu.com only has dbgsym packages for only some of the builds19:55
apalosa999why is this? how do I find the debug symbols for the kernel currently in the repos19:55
tyu2jhutchins_wk: Ubuntu 14.04.2 LTS19:55
jhutchins_wktyu2: Ah.  Completely up-to-date?19:55
=== Bray9082_ is now known as Bray90820
ioriatyu2 good luck mate19:56
tyu2jhutchins_wk: let me check it again ... ioria thank u so much!19:56
iParad0xihey guys. So i tried to find a solution to my #noobproblems on my own but sadly failed. So i come seeking guidance! Im using Ubuntu 15.04 and when i enter 'sudo apt-get install openvpn' into terminal i get an error messsage ( trying to overwrite '/usr/bin/tor', which is also in package tor-browser 4.5.219:56
iParad0xidpkg-deb: error: subprocess paste was killed by signal (Broken pipe) ) hlp plz!19:56
jhutchins_wktyu2: Hoping maybe there's an update to the USB device tables.19:56
jhutchins_wktyu2: The other thing to do is dmesg | less and start looking for messages about the device.19:57
jhutchins_wktyu2: Have you booted with it plugged in?19:57
tyu2jhutchins_wk: dmesg not report nothing, tipically usb ro errors, ...update ok, upgrade i have pending things...oh!19:59
tdm4anyone know if YokoZar comes into this channel?20:01
tyu2jhutchins_wk: i run computer with it plugged.20:01
wileeetdm4, Not even appropriate in any way here.20:02
tyu2jhutchins_wk: appear new errors sorry: [   15.661387] usb 10-1: hub failed to enable device, error -6220:02
tyu2jhutchins_wk: other [   28.950053] usb 8-1: hub failed to enable device, error -6220:02
BluesKaj goodbye pulseaudio, thankyou intel-hda :-)20:03
tdm4wileee: well he is a maintainer for Ubuntu which was why I asked20:03
wileeedoes not matter20:03
wileeeany maintainer probably has contact access20:04
=== EriC^ is now known as EriC^^
en1gmawhat version of ubuntu will be the most compatible with intel opencl sdk (specifically the libOpenCL? in the release notes from intel they say the non RHL or Centos needs to be no higher then 3.14.5 so that is what i will go upto in their "Generic" install for ubuntu. now the best way to get there is the question. 14.04 or 14.04.1?20:07
en1gmaor even 12.04 and then upgrade kernel to 3.14.5 or just leave it as a 3.13 kernel20:07
en1gmai would like to be able to do apt-get update && apt-get upgrade but i need it not to take me past the 3.14.5 as per intel instructions20:08
someguy07am attempting to make a persistent usb, and i'm getting " mounting on /dev/sdx on /cow failed" everything i've read says that this bug was worked out around ubuntu 8.xx or so,20:09
wileeesomeguy07, How are you doing this setup?20:10
someguy07@wilee: followed the documentation at livecd/persistent etc... with a loopback casper-rw file and partition etc..20:11
wileeesomeguy07, No @ needed tab complete nicks, link?20:11
wileeesomeguy07, I've done this many times and never had an issue, just wondering why you may be.20:12
p1l0tI added myself to a group, the permissions on the folder are 770, but it still says permission denied do I need to restart a certain service or reboot or something for it to take effect?20:12
someguy07@wilee: fair enough here is the link: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent20:13
rypervenchep1l0t: Have you since logged out and back in as that user?20:13
p1l0trypervenche: No Sir do I need to?20:14
wileeesomeguy07, Are you making a casper-rw partition because you need more than 4 gigs persistent?20:14
rypervenchep1l0t: Also, I would recommend making the folder with 2770 permissions, so that any new file/folder created keeps that same group.20:14
p1l0trypervenche: excellent, thank you20:14
rypervenchep1l0t: Yes, you need to log out and back in20:14
rypervenchep1l0t: if there are sub-folders in that folder, I would run it recursively with: chmod -R 2770 blah/20:15
someguy07@wileee: yes, but now i'd be happy with a 4 gig maximum20:16
p1l0trypervenche: WILCO20:16
wileeesomeguy07, Ah use a gui loader, if this is ubuntu your loading using the on board startup disk creator, it has a persistent option.20:17
wileeesomeguy07, It has 4 gig and a handful of others if needed as well, just ask if you have an issue.20:18
someguy07@wileee: im currently running a debian box, so startup disk creator is a no-go, i've run the procedure manually, and with unetbootin -- still no persistence20:18
tyu2jhutchins_wk: i have same problem in two usb devices.usb 8-1: hub failed to enable device, error -62 for mx810 midi and usb 10-1: hub failed to enable device, error -62 for tp-link archer wifi card. :(20:18
DWSRHey all, is there "sysprep" for Ubuntu? I'm trying to build an image to deploy across laptops.20:18
rypervenchep1l0t: Don't know what that means.20:18
someguy07@wilee: live always works, but no persistent as of yet20:19
wileeesomeguy07, try looking through here. http://www.pendrivelinux.com/  Not sure but sounds like you were doing this in debian, I would use their wiki's if so.20:19
tyu2jhutchins_wk: and usb port are ok, computer is new one and i have tested to plug other devices and devices with problem run in windows ok. :( i always find incompatible hw in linux....20:20
mancomunadois it necessary to format with gparted before using DD? my boots doesn't seem to work simply formating to fat32 and applying dd20:20
EriC^^mancomunado: what are you trying to do?20:21
mancomunadobooting windows 1020:21
mancomunadobooting windows 720:21
mancomunadoformat 32, dd it, cry a rive20:21
wileeemancomunado, that is an easy load to a usb, no dd needed if it even would work.20:22
EriC^^mancomunado: ok, i think you have to make a fat32 partition and copy the iso there, no dd involved, better ask in ##windows though and be certain20:22
someguy07@wilee: yep a debian box. the first incompatibility i noted was that current syslinux in debian can't substitute for the version used in ubuntu, after i got past that part, the "can't mount on /cow" error started...20:23
mancomunadowileee USB live creator doesn't work. LILI did wqork but is windows only. Now, depending on linux I only have dd and it fucking fails lel20:23
wileeesomeguy07, Trying to mix commands and OS's is not going to work unless you're an expert and they fail too.20:23
SchreckDid you try Yumi? http://www.pendrivelinux.com/yumi-multiboot-usb-creator/20:24
SchreckIt works under wine20:24
wileeemancomunado, I'm in ##windows20:24
majono ay gente ay20:25
EriC^^!es | majo20:25
ubottumajo: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba " /join #ubuntu-es " (sin comillas) y presione intro.20:25
RenfieldHi Guys20:26
someguy07@wileee: agreed, i'd take a different approach were one available to me, i've only the deb box and the live ubuntu as tool20:26
majohaces uno dias que tengo le sitema ubuntu .... y no se mucho..20:27
qawap_I need to copy a folder from a http dir to my server. what should I look up getting this done?20:27
=== qawap_ is now known as qawap
someguy07i'm looking for ubuntu (persistent) because i need a wine compatible system, -- wine and debian don't really mix20:30
DWSRHey all, is there "sysprep" for Ubuntu? I'm trying to build an image to deploy across laptops.20:31
wileeesomeguy07, That site got what you need yet?20:31
Renfieldhopefully a simple question. I accidently turned off the network notification that flashes up at the top right hand corner. So I dont know if my vpn fails, apart form glancing up for the lock icon. Tried lots of things, but ant figure out how to turn the notification back on again. any ideas? (Using ubuntu mate 15.04 if that helps)20:34
someguy07@wilee: point taken, if you mean that i should try and build a persistent ubuntu from a different distro than debian. I'll give it a shot, thanks for the idea.20:35
EriC^^Renfield: what lock icon do you mean?20:35
RenfieldEriC^^, : On the Network(wifi) symbol, to show my Open VPN connection is connected20:36
EriC^^Renfield: ok, type ps aux | grep notify20:36
EriC^^does notify-osd show up?20:37
cluelesspersonhey guys, I'm trying to mount a windows ahre in ubuntu with CIFS, and some shares are fine, 2/4, but the other two are failing, Permission denied.20:37
cluelesspersonThey all have the same permissions as far as I know, I don't know how to debug further.20:37
RenfieldEriC^^, : I get root        53  0.0  0.0      0     0 ?        S    20:42   0:00 [fsnotify_mark]20:38
Renfieldphil      3382  0.0  0.0  15192  2156 pts/1    S+   21:37   0:00 grep --color=auto notify20:38
RenfieldBut I have other notifications up there, such as when downloads compete etc, I just told it not to tell me again if network connection failed (by accident)20:39
=== badbodh_1 is now known as badbodh
EriC^^Renfield: where did you set that?20:41
qawapwhat's the best way to download all files from a http dir to a local dir?20:41
RenfieldEriC^^, On the notification, had a little box saying "Don't show again"20:41
rypervencheqawap: You mean from a server to your local machine, or vice versa? I would use SFTP to transfer files, personally.20:42
Renfieldqawap, I am only back to linux over the last few weeks, so all my knowledge is about 6 years old, but a wget used to work perfectly.20:42
qawapits not a local machine, but a droplet on digital ocean20:42
qawapI am pretty clueless when it comes to linux. but I guess I need to read up on wget then20:42
qawapI just want to transfer a dir from a http dir to my droplet20:43
rypervencheqawap: wget will not help you in this case. wget is simply for downloading files from a web server.20:43
qawapI just want to download them I guess .. ?20:43
EriC^^Renfield: type gsettings set org.gnome.nm-applet disable-disconnected-notifications false20:44
rypervencheqawap: SFTP will be the best way. So long as SSH words, then it uses that protocol. And you can use Filezilla or the command line to copy the files to your droplet.20:44
EriC^^Renfield: also type gsettings set org.gnome.nm-applet disable-vpn-notifications false20:44
qawaprypervenche: ok. so I need to download sftp?20:44
EriC^^Renfield: and gsettings set org.gnome.nm-applet disable-connected-notifications false20:44
rypervencheqawap: What OS are you running on your local machine?20:44
qawaprypervenche: its not a local machine, its a droplet from digital ocean running ubuntu20:45
rypervencheqawap: You are wanting to put files onto it, yes?20:45
qawaprypervenche: yes, a couple of dirs from http://mysite.com/dir20:46
RenfieldEriC^^, Typed all three, will need to drop my connection and try and see if it works20:46
rypervencheqawap: So in this case, the "remote" machine is your droplet, and your local machine is the machine that you are probably connecting to IRC from.20:46
qawaprypervenche: true.. I am on win using putty to connect to my droplet20:47
rypervencheqawap: Ok, that answers my question. You are on Windows on your local machine. Then I would download Filezilla and connect to your machine using that. You would connect using your SSH credentials.20:47
qawaprypervenche: ok, thanks. I will try that. I didnt know I could ssh with filezilla20:48
rypervencheqawap: It uses SFTP, but it is the same protocol. It allows you transfer files back and forth.20:48
qawaprypervenche: thanks it worked! :)20:49
jhutchins_wkqawap: WinSCP is handy too, and I believe it can read your putty configuration and share saved connections.20:50
RenfieIdEriC^^, Worked a treat, thanks a lot!20:51
EriC^^RenfieId: no problem20:51
bloopanyone know how I can reconfigure the print screen key?20:51
RenfieIdgot to say, coming back to linux after a 6 year hiatus has been pretty easy, it is much slicker than it used to be20:52
livinituphey, i'm trying to install ubuntu on a asus k501lx. booting 15.0.4 from a liveusb, it throws a bunch of "SCHED_ERR" messages and then hangs at the ubuntu loading screen. any ideas?20:52
livinitupi also tried 14.x and it appeared to go well and then the installer crashed...20:53
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RenfieIdlivinitup, how did you create the live usb?20:53
bloopfound it20:53
livinitupfrom windows 820:54
livinitupthe computer has windows 8 installed and im trying to dual-boot, if that is relevant20:54
RenfieIdlivinitup, Yeah mine crashed too, use Universal USB installer, that worked perfectly first time20:54
livinitupkk, ill go for it20:55
OerHekslivinitup, disable fastboot in windows, and try again20:55
ubottuUEFI is a specification that defines a software interface between an operating system and platform firmware. It is meant as a replacement for the BIOS. For information on how to set up and install Ubuntu and its derivatives on UEFI machines please read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI20:55
bpromptlivinitup:   or just use  win32diskimager  ->http://sourceforge.net/projects/win32diskimager/   <-- to write the iso raw to the stick20:56
=== JavaRox is now known as GitGod
ecdheI want to associate a file type with a program on ubuntu.  Unfortunately, the mimetype is not unique  ' application/xml'...  Since the file extension *is* unique, can I override mimetype-matching with file extension globbing instead?20:58
MonkeyDustecdhe  start by studying this file:   ~/.local/share/applications/mimeapps.list21:08
ecdheMonkeyDust, mine's pretty simple and doesn't contain an example I can copy.21:09
ecdheMonkeyDust, I read about globs2, which seems to associate file extensions with mime types.... I just need to be able to point the file extension at a program.21:10
ecdheor rather, a .desktop file.21:10
jsinghI'm having trouble using camera on my ubuntu 14.04 the camera keeps on freezing21:10
jsinghif anyone could help me21:10
MonkeyDustecdhe  did you open the file I suggested?21:11
ecdheMonkeyDust, yes.  Like I said,  mine's pretty simple and doesn't contain an example I can copy.21:11
ecdheMonkeyDust, It has direct mime->.desktop associations, but no glob->desktop associations.21:12
jsinghcan anyone suggest me channel which can help me with that?21:13
reisiojsingh: what res are you using?21:13
brianboykoHowdy.  I'm having trouble booting any version of *buntu on my MSI GE70 2PE Apache Pro. I've tried with UEFI, without UEFI, from CD, from USB -- nothing seems to work.  And I've tried googling till the cows come home. Any thoughts?21:14
jsinghres? p.s. I'm newbie21:14
reisiojsingh: resolution, size, dimensions21:14
reisiofor the video21:14
jsingh1366 * 76821:15
ecdheOerHeks, looks like we're onto something here.21:16
livinitupOerHeks RenfieId it now hangs on another screen - a terminal window that says "Welcome to Ubuntu 15", and lists a bunch of tasks, some with [OK] and some without21:16
livinitupis this a UEFI issue?21:16
reisiojsingh: for the camera21:17
jhutchins_wklivinitup: No, if you're getting that far it's a systemd issue.21:17
jhutchins_wklivinitup: Is the md5sum of the iso file good?21:18
jsinghit's a inboard camera . 160 * 12021:18
livinitupjhutchins_wk i'll double-check now21:19
RenfieIdlivinitup, What happens when you boot from it? Is it the .386 or the 64 bit version?21:19
jhutchins_wkjsingh: What app are you trying to use it with?21:19
jsinghI've tried cheese and skype21:19
jsinghI'm experiencing the same issue21:20
reisiois this from the 80s?21:20
ecdheOerHeks, I followed the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AddingMimeTypes, similar to the "scad.xml" file.21:21
jsinghi can go upto 1280 * 720 but i face the same issue21:22
ubottuInstructions for using webcams with Ubuntu can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Webcam - Supported cams: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsMultimediaWebCameras21:22
ecdheOerHeks, but after running sudo update-mime-database /usr/share/mime, a `mimetype ` command still shows my example file as application/xml and not the custom mimetype I'd installed.21:22
Lunatic_PlayerHi, how do I run 2 command at the same time in a shell script? For example, I need to run a serveur and a jar file together, but the second command dont run until the firt as complete21:23
Lunatic_PlayerI tried &&, but no, the solution is & but dont work21:24
livinitupjhutchins_wk - checksum does not match. i will redownload and see what happens21:24
MonkeyDustLunatic_Player  yes, command && command is the normal way21:24
FuchsLunatic_Player: foo & bar     should work,  && is something else  (only run second command if first one was succesful)21:24
livinitupRenfieId - 64 bit version. i think the download was corrupted though, as the md5 hash doesnt match21:24
FuchsMonkeyDust: what? No, very much not so.21:24
Lunatic_PlayerFuchs: foo & bar? I don't undersant21:25
FuchsLunatic_Player:   process1 & process2    will launch both processes, process1 in the background21:26
Fuchsprocess1 && process2    will only launch process1 terminated succesfully21:26
Fuchsso if you want two in parallel, & is what you are looking for  (something like screen / tmux might also be handy, depending on the actual use case)21:26
Lunatic_PlayerThat's what I tough, but I already did that, seams to work but I got an unknown command output for 2nd command in terminal21:27
Lunatic_PlayerFuchs: And it's the same command I use everytime21:27
rypervencheLunatic_Player: tmux is great if you need to be able to interact with the command or see the output afterward.21:27
mgolischhm why does it take that long to bring up my networking? 25.288s ifup-wait-all-auto.service21:27
Lunatic_PlayerWanna see the script to help more?21:27
Ben64pastebin actual command and error Lunatic_Player21:27
Lunatic_PlayerAnd if it can help, I just need the server output to see21:28
Ben64oh... a script21:30
Ben64might want to try ##bash then21:31
Lunatic_PlayerFuchs / rypervenche / Ben64 : So I just need server output, Minecraft can be in background21:31
Lunatic_Playerwhat ##bash will do?21:32
Lunatic_PlayerHum, sorry for this, & was the right command, I reversed the commands and it worked21:33
Lunatic_PlayerBut if you got an idea to make my script better, tell me /)21:33
cluelesspersonHey guys, I'm trying to setup samba shares with CIFS on my ubuntu server.  I can access them fine as root, but as a non-root I'm denied permission to even view them.   THIS is my fstab. http://paste.ubuntu.com/11922616/ THIS are the mounts and their permissions. http://paste.ubuntu.com/11922620/21:34
MonkeyDustLunatic_Player  that's why the channel ##bash was suggested21:35
Lunatic_PlayerOh okay, sorry I will think about it next time thanks21:35
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mgolischcluelessperson: mediashare is the user you use?21:36
=== qawap_ is now known as qawap
mgolischcluelessperson: is this shared from a windows server? or why do you use cifs?21:37
cluelesspersonmgolisch, yes it is.21:38
cluelesspersonmgolisch, yes, mediashare is a user and group.  anyone in it can access the media shared from my media/desktop pc (in theory)21:38
cluelesspersonthat would include myself, subonic, etc.21:39
mgolischcluelessperson: does mediashare have permissions to access the parent folder?21:39
mgolischlike /media/zac or whatever it was?21:40
cluelesspersonmgolisch, yes.21:40
cluelesspersonmgolisch, the chown mediashare:mediashare -R was down on the /media/zac folder21:40
mgolischhm and it doesnt even work as that mediashare user?21:45
cluelesspersonworks root, non-root fails with "Permission denied" even reading the directory21:45
=== GitGod is now known as BangBang
=== BangBang is now known as BangBangBang
mgolischodd and that user can access the mountpoints?21:50
mgolischlike when the fs is not mounted?21:50
=== bubbasaures is now known as wileee
syntroPicluelessperson, does the fs in that  location support users/permissions?21:52
g00dt0g0any truecrypt gurus there? trucrypt needs root to rw local containers unless using fat21:53
wileeeg00dt0g0, Not supported 3rd party21:54
cluelesspersonsyntroPi, NTFS I believe, yes.21:54
reisiog00dt0g0: you making something new, or trying to read something old?21:54
cluelesspersonsyntroPi, Windows is setup for  auser "mediashare" on all of them21:54
g00dt0g0new container, ext421:54
g00dt0g0ntfs yuck21:54
syntroPiooh then the mount options probably are the problem21:54
syntroPithats a real mess21:55
g00dt0g0have user in truecrypt group  and modified sudoers21:55
mgolischdo you have access to the mountpoints?21:55
reisiog00dt0g0: for something new I'd go with... not truecrypt :)21:55
g00dt0g0can mount just no rw21:55
cluelesspersong00dt0g0, windows == ntfs standards21:55
cluelesspersonmgolisch, yes21:55
mgolischand you realy use the user medishare on your linux server to access that mounted share?21:55
g00dt0g0who uses windows?21:55
livinitupjhutchins_wk RenfieId now it throws a bunch of SCHED_ERROR messages, takes me to the loading screen, and then drops me out to some sort of shell called (initramfs)21:55
g00dt0g0mount under /media/truecrypt121:56
cluelesspersonmgolisch,   I added subsonic to mediashare group, and mediashare user to mediashare group, so yes21:56
cluelesspersonnot the direct user, but yes in the group21:56
g00dt0g0didnt know if peculiar to mint or ubuntu in general21:56
mgolischodd so groups shows that group?21:56
livinitupjhutchins_wk RenfieId DRMJ failed to create kernel channel -2221:57
livinitupanyone have any idea what might be causing that?21:58
cluelesspersonmgolisch, yes, group 100321:58
g00dt0g0reisio - go with what besides truecrypt? veracrypt21:58
cluelesspersonwhich I switched the gid to21:58
RenfieIdlivinitup, tried burning it to disk?21:58
reisiog00dt0g0: no21:58
reisiog00dt0g0: did you want full disk or not?21:58
=== bubbasaures is now known as wileee
g00dt0g0just container21:59
livinitupRenfieId burning the iso? i have no CD drive21:59
reisiog00dt0g0: then use encfs21:59
mgolischisnt truecrypt dead?21:59
g00dt0g0ta still considered good I thought21:59
g00dt0g0encfs as secure?22:00
g00dt0g0need to stash sensitive stuff22:00
syntroPilivinitup, how you boot? did you use usb-creator-gtk to burn the iso to an usb stick?22:01
reisiog00dt0g0: yup, that's its purpose22:01
quantum_im looking for help with terminal commands to download i2p. i followed a few steps but im not fluent with terminal commands at all and im hoping someone coould drop me a link to a video on how to complete the process. thanks22:01
reisiotruecrypt lives on in the form of veracrypt, but it was never of particularly good origin22:01
livinitupsyntroPi i've tried unetbootn and Universal USB Installer22:01
g00dt0g0will research encfs22:02
mgolischcluelessperson: what ubuntu version is that?22:02
reisiog00dt0g0: encfs /foo /bar, 'bout it22:02
reisioyou can automate it if you want, though22:02
cluelesspersonmgolisch, 14.04 server22:02
cluelesspersonor 14.02 whichever22:03
syntroPilivinitup, you have no linux box available so you have to burn it on windows?22:03
RenfieIdlivinitup, which version? i386 or amd64? and which processor do you have?22:03
livinitupsyntroPi i do have one, ill try it now22:04
MonkeyDustcluelessperson  for the good order: you mean 14.04.0222:04
livinitupRenfieId im on the 64-bit version, running it on an intel 550022:04
syntroPilivinitup, is it running in uefi mode?22:04
syntroPior bios / csm?22:04
RenfieIdlivinitup, try the other version, to see if it helps. I run an intel i5, and installed the intel one first, then took it off and put the amd64 one on.22:05
eduptHello! I am trying install the python, when I do "apt-get install python" or "sudo apt-get install python", but it gives a error: "Reading package lists... Done Building dependency tree Reading state information... Done You might want to run 'apt-get -f install' to correct tehse: The following packages have unmet dependencies: gnuplot: Depends: gnuplot-x11 (>= 4.4.3-0ubuntu3) but it is not going to be installed imagemagick : Depends: 22:06
livinitupsyntroPi i believe so. how would i check?22:06
syntroPihmm good question, do you have an os on it already?22:07
Leonitusedupt: did you try to update with sudo apt-get update?22:07
eduptI did22:07
syntroPiits a setting in the bios/ uefi firmware22:07
syntroPiif you want to boot in in uefi or csm mode22:07
syntroPiif you dual boot you dont want to change it though22:07
Leonitusedupt: make sure you are using the right repositories22:07
Leonitusedupt: so go to the software centre22:08
livinitupsyntroPi yeah, im trying to dualboot with windows 8. id rather keep it22:08
eduptHow can I see that?22:08
syntroPithen its most likely uefi22:08
syntroPinot entirely sure how to check that inside windows22:08
syntroPibut you can for sure22:08
Leonitusedupt: find the orange icon with an a on it22:09
livinitupsyntroPi the bios menu is titled "aptio setup utility - american megatrends"22:09
ki7mtedupt, what distro / version are you using that does not have Python installed? To my knowledge, all Ubuntu flavors have Py 2.x installed by default22:09
syntroPialso see in the bios/uefi but dont change anything there then22:09
Leonitusedupt: then click it, and yeah, I would use python222:09
Cosminhey guys , can someome help me with one problem ? I finally finish to install Ubuntu 14.04 lts but after I plug out the stick , I get reboot and select booter device..22:09
syntroPiyes go to the boot menu and look if uefi boot is enabled there22:09
eduptLeonitus: I search python2?22:11
mgolischcluelessperson: hm what version of windows is sharing the files?22:11
syntroPidont change anything and leave discard changes22:11
cluelesspersonmgolisch, 8.1x6422:11
cluelesspersonmgolisch, I'm making a bit of headway in ubuntu-server22:12
Leonitusedupt: try sudo apt-get install python2, if that doesn't work go to the software centre and find it there22:12
ki7mtIf he doesn't have python2 installed, he would not be able to use the Software Center, as it's a required dependency.22:13
eduptIt is say: "E: Unable to locate package python2"22:13
Leonitusedupt: are you connected to the internet?22:13
tgm4883isn't the python 2 package just called python?22:14
tgm4883!info python22:14
ubottupython (source: python-defaults): interactive high-level object-oriented language (default version). In component main, is optional. Version 2.7.9-1 (vivid), package size 133 kB, installed size 680 kB22:14
ki7mtYes /.. all he needs to type is: python -V22:14
Epx998Whats the default firewall ubuntu ships with, is it iptables?22:15
Leonitusedupt: you might have to put down a new repo because you either have none or the one you're on is off22:15
livinitupsyntroPi i think it is efi yes22:16
wileeeedupt, Confirm to the channel if you have not the release your running22:16
MonkeyDustEpx998  yes, use ufw, gufw, fwbuilder etc22:16
wileeeyou're doh22:17
eduptI don't understand.22:17
eduptI go to Ubuntu Software Center22:17
eduptand it say it needs repair22:17
wileeeedupt, Is this 14.04, 12.04, or any other?22:17
eduptIt is 12.0422:18
syntroPilivinitup, then you have to create an uefi bootable usb stick for x86_64 (amd64) i think22:18
wileeeedupt, Thanks, just wanted to be sure you were in support.22:18
eduptthanks very much22:18
Leonitusedupt: try sudo apt-get upgrade22:19
Leonitusedupt: I would ugrade to 14.0422:19
wileeeLeonitus, For python, bro don't help unless you really can22:20
ki7mtedupt, 12.04 by default, has Python 2.7 installed. If you've removed it, your going to have allot of trouble.22:20
mgolischanyone using a bridge? how long does your network take to come up?22:20
bekksmgolisch: Instantly, on every setup I'm using a bridge on.22:20
Leonituswileee, yeah i agree i think the best option for edupt is to upgrade to 14.0422:20
syntroPilivinitup, not entirely sure but i think you should use an uefi system to do that you might read up on https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick22:20
mgolischsystemd-analyze blame shows that :  25.288s ifup-wait-all-auto.service22:21
mgolischi wonder why it takes so long22:21
eduptki7mt: where can i find the python 2.7?22:21
syntroPilivinitup, there is also some info at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI22:22
mgolischits realy frustrating that my ubuntu on a samsung ssd takes longer to start than windows 7 on a like 6 years old samsung 1tb hdd22:22
ki7mtedupt, You can chek that it is installed with ( in a terminal ): python -V     ... it should return something like: Python 2.7.622:22
tgm4883Leonitus: I agree with wileee, that seems like a bad idea and you shouldn't be helping22:22
eduptki7mt:  yes, it shows me: Python 2.7.3, how can I open?22:23
tgm4883edupt: what do you mean open22:23
tgm4883edupt: what are you trying to do?22:23
ki7mtedupt, to open the interrupter console, just type: python22:24
eduptthanks very much22:24
eduptit is working22:24
ki7mtWelcome, glad all is well :-)22:25
mpontillomgolisch: check out 'man brctl'; it's possible that spanning-tree could be introducing a forwarding delay.22:27
wileeemgolisch, When you bot it hit esc to see the text.22:27
wileeeat least 6 year old laptop here SSD about 30 secs to boot at most22:28
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livinitupinstalling ubuntu from a usb drive, i have four options to boot to: Windows Disk Manager (P1), UEFI: Flash Drive, P1, or Flash Drive. which do i choose?22:30
syntroPiuefi flash22:33
everydaylinuxuseis this to boot into the live image for the first time? if so go for the UEFI flash drive22:36
livinitupsyntroPi just hangs on startup screen again....22:36
syntroPihmm which startup screen?22:37
syntroPican you describe that screen?22:38
shinkaI'm playing with returning lambdas (Linux: g++ 3.9 and clang 3.6), but I get odd errors with the linker for the following function: "auto member_of(const std::vector<char> &cs) { return [=](const char c) -> bool { for (const char &x : cs) if (c == x) return true; return false; }; };". I get tokenize.cc:(.text+0x68): undefined reference to `std::allocator<char>::allocator()' + many many lines of the kind of error messages you get with templates.22:43
SkaagI upgraded from Lucid to Precise, then from Precise to Trusty and now the machine doesn't boot with some error: "unknown commant 'knetbsd'"22:43
Skaagwhich I assume is some grub issue22:43
OerHeksSkaag, that is some NetBSD kernel issue, odd.22:45
ki7mtshinka, 3.9? that's a bit old I'd say. If I recall, 12.04 is using at least series 4.3 / 4.4 compilers.22:46
shinkaki7mt: typo, it's 4.9.22:48
ki7mtshinka, Ok, that's a bit better :-)22:49
SkaagOerHeks: I think it's this bug: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/grub2/+bug/128997722:49
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1289977 in grub2 (Ubuntu) "Ubuntu 14.04 Update breaks grub, resulting in "error: symbol 'grub_term_highlight_color' not found"" [High,Triaged]22:49
OerHeksSkaag, it does not mention that kernel kernel, why is this related?22:51
ki7mtshinka, what's your invocation and are you linking against libstdc++22:52
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StuxwebHi all newbie here. Simple question. In the terminal if I call "file <filename" and it gives me "ASCII text" does that mean that the file extension is ".asc"?22:52
bekksThe extension is irrelevant.22:53
bekksThe content of the file is examined using the "file" command.22:53
StuxwebIt may not be for what I need to do22:53
RenfieIddont need the extension in linux,22:53
bekksSo what DO you need to do?22:53
geniiStuxweb: No. It means the file is an ASCII text file, whether or not it has any extension, or no extension22:53
StuxwebI am trying to get the Nano text editor to do syntax highlighting plain text files. It will do it for .txt files22:54
Stuxwebexcept anything that says it's an ASCII text file which I thought was the same22:54
Stuxwebin the terminal22:54
* alex__ 22:54
StuxwebIn particular files like /etc/ssh/sshd_config for the openssh server so the "comments" starting with hashtags (#) will be easier to read22:55
StuxwebIs sshd_config something other than a text file? The "File" command says its just ASCII text22:56
Stuxwebbasically my nano config files are trying to use .asc to syntax highlight it where using .txt works for those files but it doesn't work for "ASCII text"22:56
ki7mtStuxweb, Nano syntax highlighting is very limited. There are several projects that have patches to extend it's current capability. A plain-text file is going to lack structure, which most parsers will use to determine the file type to provide the appropriate highlighting.22:57
StuxwebOkay. I was under the impression that it simply used the file extensions22:57
Stuxwebalong with structure22:57
bekksThe file extension is irrelevant when using linux.22:58
StuxwebAll I care about is coloring lines that begin with hash tags22:58
bob2017Hey I’m having trouble updating my system with apt.  Starting a week ago, while it seems to update fine, upgrade never finds any packages needing upgrade.  There’s no error, it just always says nothing to do.  Can anyone help me diagnose?22:58
ki7mtStuxweb, to see what you have at present: ls /usr/share/nano22:58
ki7mtStuxweb, Here's some additional file types: https://github.com/sentientmachine/erics_nano_syntax_highlighting22:59
Stuxwebki7mt: http://pastebin.com/pb2MD4fA22:59
Stuxwebconf and text are ones I added22:59
StuxwebI've been to that github repo, that's where I got "text.nanrc"23:00
Stuxwebbut I can't get it to highlight sshd_config which again appears to just be plain text. I don't understand how Nano can succesfully highlight a simple .txt file (sorry I'm used to explaining things like a wondoz person) and not others23:01
ki7mtStuxweb,I dont see a text.nanorc .. I see a tex.nanorc ...23:01
Stuxwebtex.nanorc is also in there but it's a different file23:01
Stuxwebtext is in there, line 2 column 223:02
philipballewhow can I decrypt my home partition when I am in an ubuntu liveusb so I can mount that partition?23:02
Stuxwebnot really line 223:02
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Stuxwebit's the last item on line 123:02
ki7mtStuxweb, sorry, I don't have a column 2, only one column. In any case, I dont even think NotePad++ has highlighting for plain-text files, could be wrong though.23:03
MonkeyDustphilipballew  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EncryptedPrivateDirectory#Live_CD_method_of_opening_a_encrypted_home_directory23:04
StuxwebOkay so I was probably confusing you with my newbie wondoz knowledge. Nano will successfully highlight new text files with the "text.nanrc" file23:05
Stuxwebbut even though sshd_config says its an ASCII text file it will not highlight it.23:05
ki7mtStuxweb, FWIW, Nano is a lightweight editor, if your looking for a full featured editor, maybe EMACS, Vi / VIM would be more usefull.23:06
philipballewMonkeyDust, thank you.23:06
philipballewI will try this now23:06
StuxwebIt's not really a feature problem with nano I think it may be in the file type23:06
StuxwebI was just wondering if some files claiming to be ASCII text which are configs for stuff like openSSH somehow get treated differently by text editors?23:07
Stuxwebif the file is owned by root can Nano not highlight it?23:07
ki7mtStuxweb, To my knowledge, the sshd config file is a text file, its certainly not a binary file, similar to the samba.conf file. It may be just the way it's written that is not interrupted properly by Nano.23:08
ki7mtStuxweb, Not sure, but you can't save the sshd conf file as a normal user anyway, so edit it as sudo and see if it highlights.23:10
StuxwebOkay I just figured it out.23:10
StuxwebNano looks at the file name23:10
Stuxwebtext.nanrc looks to see if it has .txt at the end23:10
Stuxwebthen it will highlight it23:10
Stuxwebthat's pretty limiting lol23:11
StuxwebI'm sure there's a way to highlight default text.23:11
ki7mtStuxweb, I think the ALL.nanorc file is the catch all, but I've not really played with it.23:12
StuxwebOkay I will try doing that, thanks ki7mt :)23:12
Koyaanisany easy way to upgrade to a newer version of ubuntu via ssh?23:17
ki7mtKoyaanis, sudo do-release-upgrade should work23:19
MonkeyDustKoyaanis  from to?23:19
ki7mtYour better off re-installing.23:21
Koyaanisbut how do i do that ;_;23:21
Koyaanisits a vps23:21
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ki7mtKoyaanis, Ask your Service provider to do it.23:21
KoyaanisDerp. Ok23:21
mgolischdont they all have like some selfservice webinterface?23:23
ki7mtKoyaanis, having said that, 13.10 to 14.04 with do-release-upgrade should work, in theory, though I've not tested that upgrade path in a very long time.23:23
Koyaanisit doesnt even recognize the command23:23
ki7mtKoyaanis, You may need to install the update manager core on a server: sudo apt-get install update-manager-core  or  sudo aptitude install update-manager-core23:24
Koyaanisboth dont work lol23:25
ki7mtKoyaanis, Is this a Ubuntu VPS server?23:26
Koyaanissixty four bit23:26
ki7mtKoyaanis, OK, well, we could try allot of different things here, but as this is a remote hosted server, I'd recommend asking the Host to do the upgrade for, or, ask them what process they recommend for upgrading.23:27
KoyaanisI wrote them a ticket23:28
ki7mtKoyaanis, That's the best option I think.23:28
IllyaI just compiled gcc (trunk) from source, is there a way to package that into a .deb so I can install it on my other PC (so I dont have to compile it again)?23:28
ki7mtIllya, Yes of course, debuild, sbuild, cowbuilder, pbuilder take your pick.23:29
mwarghi'm ashamed but i can't find where default path is in ubuntu 12.0423:29
ki7mtIllya, Another option, for personal use, look at an application calling checkinstall.23:30
designbybeckCould someone check my Script I'm trying to write to help me install faster for donated computers? https://docs.google.com/document/d/1A3Hj3r12vNc1j6NGkKyX0Ndi0ypvxy6e7OybkFc_Tbw/edit?usp=sharing23:31
mwarghit's /usr/bin:/bin:/usr/sbin:/sbin for root but i can't find it in /etc/.profile /etc/bash.bashrc23:31
mwarghor dotfiles in root23:31
mwarghor login_defs23:31
mwarghwhere it's set?23:31
ki7mtmwargh, /etc/skel has the default .profile and .bachrc files that are used when creating a user.23:32
Bashing-ommwargh: ' sudo echo $PATH ' to see what paths are set .23:32
ki7mtThat just tells you what is in $PATH .. not where $PATH defaults are set.23:33
OerHeksdesignbybeck, a lot can be covered with ubuntustudio-photography http://packages.ubuntu.com/trusty/ubuntustudio-photography23:33
ki7mtThe default $PATH vars are set from  /etc/enviroment I believe. I'll go look.23:34
designbybeckOerHeks: ...I have a pretty specific group of software I'm trying to install23:34
designbybeckOerHeks: ....mainly becuase of the way we teach classes and the volunteers that know certain software.23:34
mwarghi guess it's sudo that strips path to the bare /usr/bin:/bin:/usr/sbin:/sbin23:35
mwarghbut i can't see any options about that in /etc/sudoers23:35
mwarghis it compiled in or something?23:35
ki7mtmwargh, No exactly, the sudo $PATH and the users $PATH are different.23:36
ki7mt.. not exactly ..23:36
ki7mtmwargh, What exactly are you after, you want to add a path to a user or sudo or what?23:37
OerHeksdesignbybeck, then i guess you are fine23:37
ki7mtmwargh, This is a good to start: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EnvironmentVariables23:37
designbybeckOerHeks: I've used some of it before, but I just added to it. Just wanted to check before I ran it to see if anyone else has any better ideas23:38
mwarghki7mt: http://pastie.org/1030701023:40
mwarghki7mt: i've looked through that23:40
mwarghi really don't get what's happening23:41
ki7mtmwargh, well, to be honest, I never, on UBuntu distro's, use the root account, so there may be some other things going on here.23:41
mcgiwerhello. I would need support because getting very strange errors while trying to compile programs.23:41
Illyathe next ubuntu version comes in april right?23:42
ki7mtIllya, No, 15.10 in October.23:43
Illyaoh of course. the next lts is in april though23:43
ki7mtmcgiwer, Pastebin your errors, if anyone knows whats happening they will respond accordingly.23:43
ki7mtIllya, Yes, 16.04 ( next LTS release ) is schedled for April 2016.23:44
mcgiwerHere is my pastebin. Needed to copy & paste the output first: http://paste.ubuntu.com/11923031/23:44
Illyacool :)23:44
IllyaI have ubuntu on my laptop, desktop and server. Im liking it very much.23:45
ki7mtmcgiwer, Well I don't know why it's broken, but line-7 is a clue: -- Check for working CXX compiler: /usr/bin/c++ -- broken23:46
mcgiwer@ki7mt: this is the wird part since all compilers and libraries were installed automatically whn I installed the build-essential23:48
ki7mtmcgiwer, Are you following a How-Too somewhere ? What Ubuntu version / Arch you running.  Build-Essential is for packaging, and not for standard dev environments. Did you install Clang or g++ ?23:49
SkaagOerHeks: I think booting form the Trusty ISO and rescuing the system fixed it23:50
Skaag(there's an option there to re-install grub)23:50
ki7mtmcgiwer, I'd start with installing the CXX compilers. If you want clang and g++:  sudo apt-get install clang llvm g++    should get you going.23:53
jwitkoHey Guys,  I'm having trouble on some ubuntu 14.04 servers being able to get the link up on 10G network cards installed into a chassis connected to a cisco nexus switch23:55
mcgiwer@ki7mt: it look as build-essential has installed  installed cpp, g++, c++, etc. in the version 4.823:55
jwitkothe OS can see the interfaces but the switch does not see any connection coming from them23:55
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jwitkoI'm thinking it may be a driver issue but I have no idea how to find/update the drivers23:55
ki7mtmcgiwer, From the build-essential description, first line:  If you do not plan to build Debian packages, you don't need this package.23:55
bekksjwitko: check port settings on the cisco.23:56
jwitkobekks, the port settings are identical to other ports running without issue23:56
mcgiwer@ki7mt: I installed it only because it had installed all compilers and libs23:56
jwitkobut those are on newer hardware23:56
ki7mtmcgiwer, Clearly, you either have one of three conditions, either an incomparable CXX compiler / version, the CXX compiler in the package is broken ( which I doubt ) or, what your building is incompatible with the version of your CXX compiler.23:57
bekksIs this a thing now, using llvm/clang instead of gcc/g++?23:59
ki7mtmcgiwer, One other suggestion, specify the use of "g++"  not C++ to the cmake invocation, cmake .. .. .. CXX=/usr/bin/g++  and so on.23:59

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