zequenceI'm using my ubuntu phone as a usb tethering device08:08
zequenceHad to enable that feature using android tools you get from a PPA. The phone is not strictly Ubuntu. There's some android at the base08:09
zequenceWell, around the base, or whatever08:09
zequenceI have something around 20kb/s bandwidth, but this connection seems to be pretty stable08:10
zequenceTook me a whole night to download 800MB08:11
zequenceAnyway, I've been working on -controls08:11
zequenceThe first version of it, which was meant to be SRUd to trusty08:11
zequenceI'm almost done. Just need to package it and upload it.08:11
astraljavaIs the bandwidth due to ISP limitations, or do you think it's the tethering?08:19
zequenceBad connection to my GSM service08:19
zequenceIn part of the cabin I can get up to 200kb/s, but only for short periods08:20
astraljavaOk. Is it possible to put the phone in a better location, and use wireless tethering?08:22
zequenceDon't think you can use wireless tethering on this device, not without reconfiguring network stuff manually08:22
zequenceSo, I haven't bothered. The usb part was pretty easy to set up. Just connect the phone, unlock its screen, run one command - done08:23
astraljavaOh... thank $deity I couldn't afford it after all. :D08:23
zequenceYOu can do some stuff with it from the PC its connected to, using a tool called adm08:24
OvenWerkszequence: do enjoy your vacation :)15:15
OvenWerksastraljava: I am not sure why one would do wireless teathering... to me it would make more sense to set the pc to wireless directly. I am not aware of any portable PCs that do not come with wireless anymore.15:16
astraljavaOvenWerks: In my case, I use it when the housing network proves too slow, and I need more bandwidth, for streaming video or some such purpose.15:21
astraljavaThe 4G network in my phone is several magnitudes faster at best.15:22
OvenWerksastraljava: ok, I think I missunderstood you then. I was thinking you ment to set the phone to wireless connect and teather that to the pc via usb.15:24
astraljavaOh, no. :)15:30

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