smoserharlowja, around ?00:36
smoserin curtin, i'm wanting / needing to use pyparted00:37
smoserthere is no (to my knowledge) pipi option for it.00:37
harlowjau are in a curtain00:37
smoserhow would you use such a thing in tox ?00:37
harlowjahmmm, get it published to pypi :-/00:37
harlowjaotherwise u just have to get it installed as a system package, and then use it00:38
harlowjapush redhat to get it published on pypi?00:39
harlowjathey required the same push to get libvirt python stuff on pypi sadly00:40
smoserhow do i tell tox to tell virtualenv --system-site-packages ?00:42
smoserbah. sitepackages=True00:43
smoseroh for petes sake00:45
smoseradding 'sitepackages = True' to tox.ini:00:45
smoser http://paste.ubuntu.com/11928050/00:45
smoserbah. harlowja https://bugs.launchpad.net/curtin/+bug/147779501:02
smoserproblem described there.01:02
harlowjaah, cool01:02
smoserwhat a pain.01:02
smoserbut at least some reasonably sane work around.01:03
smoserhave a nice night01:03
harlowjau tooo01:03
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cboltis there a way to disable cloud-init from checking for meta-data?19:55
cbolti am running it in a VM where meta-data isnt available. the log shows it takes ~4 mins for all of the meta-data calls to timeout19:56
cboltis it possible to disable cloud-init from attempting to retrieve meta-data?20:57
cbolti am running it in a vm where meta-data isnt available and it is taking ~4mins of bootup time20:58
devicenullcbolt: you can disable metadata sources via a config file, it's usually somewhere like /etc/cloud.cfg.d/21:29
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