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stubniedbalski: The NamedTemporaryFile was opened with the default mode ('wb'), but having a string written too it. I fixed the mode to 'w' so writing text to it actually works.05:18
stubAnd lp:charm-helpers got push --overwritten, so ensueing merge headaches and trunk has two broken tests again :-(05:25
stubSo pretty please everyone, actually run 'make test'05:26
stuboic, the openstack fix came in elsewhere and the file fix lost in the confusion05:30
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tvansteenburghhazmat: ping13:02
niedbalskistub, thanks.13:06
jamespageddellav, looking now13:28
jamespageddellav, looks good - a few comments to think about and resolve, but basically 99% done IMHO13:36
jamespageddellav, I think we need to try to avoid using action_fail in scenarios where the action does not do anything13:36
jamespagegit and configuration not set right13:36
jamespageddellav, some sort of action-set of the outcome seems appropriate13:36
jamespageddellav, skipped13:36
jamespageddellav, upgraded13:37
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ddellavjamespage, git and configuration not set right?14:55
jamespageddellav, sorry of git-install or config-changed managed upgrades are configured14:56
jamespageI can't type today either14:56
jamespageand have a tendency to repeat myself so bear with me14:56
ddellavno worries :)14:56
ddellavjamespage, so i'll go back and take out the action_fail lines when the code does nothing and maybe just use juju_log instead?14:59
jamespageddellav, I'd suggest some sort of 'outcome' output variable to say what action was taken15:00
jamespage'skipped' 'upgraded' 'upgrade failed'15:00
jamespageand log message is nice as well I guess15:00
ddellavah ok, that makes sense.15:00
jamespageddellav, I think 'fail' sends the wrong message back to the end user15:00
jamespagethe action did not fail - it just did not do anything!¬15:01
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whitalai1: heyo17:16
alai1whit, hi17:16
whitcloud:trusty-updates/juno is not a string I suspect as being in the etcd charm17:17
whitas etcd should not be openstack specific in any way17:17
alai1whit, the etcd charm option source cannot be set17:17
alai1it always set to cloud:trusty-updates/juno17:18
whitalai1: ok let me look at the code17:18
whitalai1: how are you testing what it is set to?17:21
whitalso, where does the charm you are deploying come from?17:21
whitand what cloud are you deploying onto?17:21
alai1whit, juju get etcd17:21
lukasaI feel like I should mention that I'm here right now17:22
lukasaAs I suspect this conversation is tangentially about my work. ;)17:22
whitand source=" cloud:trusty-updates/juno"17:22
lukasa /cc alai1 whit17:22
alai1lukasa, hi ;)17:22
lukasaHowdy alai1 =D17:22
whitalai1: so that string doesn't exist in the master repo, so I don't see how the charm would be setting it17:23
whitalai1: hmmm17:23
alai1lukasa, any idea why source in etcd charm is set to cloud:trusty-updates/juno ?17:23
lukasauh...which etcd charm are you using?17:23
lukasaIf you were using my old one that might happen, but with whit and lazyPower's it's hard to see how17:24
whitthat string is totally not something that should be getting set there17:24
alai1lukasa, whit :  we are using lp:~kubernetes/charms/trusty/etcd/trunk17:25
alai1lukasa, and got this error http://pastebin.com/dCd53r7017:26
whitalai1:  is it possible your environment has another etcd charm cached somehow?17:26
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lukasaThat's perplexing17:26
whitalai1: that string does not exist in the code you think you are deploying17:28
alai1whit, good point... I always clear the cache but I may forgot this time ;).  Trying it again...17:29
whitso I'm guessing either the code you think you are deploying is not... or something external is setting it :(17:29
whitalai1: cool17:29
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lazyPowerwhit: its probably set by a bundle18:21
lazyPoweralai1: check the bundle source18:21
alai1lazyPower, bundle source doesn't set up18:22
alai1lazyPower, in fact i added source: https://github.com/coreos/etcd/releases/download/v2.0.11/etcd-v2.0.11-linux-amd64.tar.gz in the bundle and did not help18:22
alai1lukasa, whit: i still see the same error18:23
lazyPoweralai1: can you link me to your bundle, as well as steps to reproduce?18:23
alai1i don't see that string in the charm so must be something external as whit said18:23
lazyPoweralai1: Thanks for the pastebin - looking this over i see the issue18:30
lazyPowerthere is an overrides: directive at the top - and its declaring any source: option should be could:trusty-updates/juno18:30
lazyPowerthe etcd config option is 'source' - so therefore its getting overridden by the bundle config18:31
alai1lazyPower, woot18:31
alai1good catch lazyPower18:32
lazyPowerI like to think this is why whit keeps me around.18:32
alai1i would never thought of the bundle as it is auto generated and we never had any issues with it18:34
lazyPowerthats the one variable in the equation between upstream and the deployment you're running is the bundle.18:35
lazyPowerand i had suspicioned since 'source' was at play it got overridden18:35
lazyPoweralai1: if you dont mind can you file a bug against the ETCD charm so i've got a reference when i propose a fix?18:36
lazyPowerwe normally dont like to break backwords compat like this, and having a bug that references this breaks with openstack deployments will help validate the necessity for the change18:37
alai1lazyPower, would be glad to do it18:37
alai1give me few minutes18:37
bhundventrying to add mysql to an lxc, but the lxc fails to start: http://pastebin.com/jZmamds418:44
bhundventhis is the machine-1.log from /var/log/juju18:44
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marcoceppibhundven: do you have a proxy in place or restricted access to the outside world?22:48
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bhundvenmarcoceppi: there is a nat, but no proxy22:54
marcoceppibhundven: try `juju retry-provisioning 1/lxc/0`22:56
bhundven$ juju retry-provisioning 1/lxc/022:56
bhundvenerror: invalid machine "1/lxc/0" retry-provisioning does not support containers22:56
marcoceppibhundven: terminate-machine 1/lxc/0; then juju remove-unit mysql/022:58
marcoceppithen try to deploy to container again22:58
marcoceppiit failed to fetch the base image that lxc uses for cloning22:58
marcoceppiwhich is stored and created oin teh bootstrap node22:58
bhundvenmarcoceppi: do you know the logfile this work will be in? I'm guessing on the node the lxc is being deployed to.23:01
bhundvenjuju add-machine lxc:123:03
bhundven      1/lxc/1:23:03
bhundven        agent-state-info: 'container failed to start and was destroyed: juju-machine-1-lxc-1'23:03
bhundvenyea, I made a new container after that, and still get the same error as the pastebin23:13
bhundvenI can wget/curl from sites outside my network from the physical machine through the nat23:13
bhundvenso not dns or connectivity.23:13
bhundvenalso weird is that I have done a 'boot-resources import' and click the apply button on the images page of maas, but it still says: "Boot image import process not started. Nodes will not be able to provision without boot images. Visit the boot images page to start the import.", but I have 4 deployed nodes. I tried nuking the /var/lib/maas/boot-resources23:19
bhundvendirectory, ran the maas command again and watch the images sync in the logs.23:19
bhundvenfor S&G purposes, I tried to fire up a kvm container...23:32
bhundven    containers:23:32
bhundven      3/kvm/0:23:32
bhundven        agent-state-info: 'kvm container creation failed: exit status 1'23:32
bhundvenam I missing a package or something?23:33
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bhundvenare the templates coming from jujucharms.com?23:46
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