lordievaderGood morning.06:33
ovidiu-florinlordievader: I don't recall, are you comig at Akademy?07:57
viphi ho08:00
vipanybody seen backports for new plasma, kde, etc, for vivid?08:01
ovidiu-florinsgclark: is working really hard on that. But the universe is against her08:08
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vipdamn universe08:12
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Riddellanyone want to do alpha 2 this week?08:59
Riddellnext week08:59
Riddellneeds testers and people to put it on the website08:59
Riddell!testers | someone to take the lead on alpha 2 testing09:00
ubottusomeone to take the lead on alpha 2 testing: testers is Help is needed in #kubuntu-devel. Please ping Riddell, yofel, soee, Tm_T, shadeslayer, BluesKaj, James147, Quintasan, lordievader, shrini, tester56, parad1se, mamarley, alket, SourBlues, sgclark, neo31, vip, mparillo for information09:00
Riddellothers are busy at akademy09:00
vipno time to lead, but I can test isos on vbox from time to time09:01
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lordievaderovidiu-florin: Nope.09:10
lordievaderRiddell: Next week? Sure. Please do remind me if I forget.09:10
Riddelllordievader: ooh great, join #ubuntu-release where infinity and stgraber will be making the iso images09:11
Riddellthey'll also be announced here09:11
RiddellI guess you'll need some admin power on iso tracker09:11
lordievaderThe testcases won'09:22
lordievadert be made automatically?09:22
Riddelllordievader: no they're not for Kubuntu09:56
Riddelllordievader: oh they're added to iso tracker but people need to fill them in and someone needs to tick "ready" or "rebuild"09:57
lordievaderRiddell: The rebuild depends on if critical bugs are fixed?10:37
Riddelllordievader: yes10:40
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Riddellfor whatever definition of critical you have10:40
lordievaderBut the fixes do need to be available, right?10:42
Riddellof course, so if no fix happens then you need to decide if you can release note it with the release or just not release10:42
lordievaderI see, are you guys not available at all, or just spotty?10:44
Riddelljust spotty10:49
lordievaderRight, as I thought ;)10:49
lordievaderI'll do the best I can ;)10:50
mparilloAnd sometimes a re-build is triggered if somebody eles's critical bug is fixed, right?12:15
BluesKajHey folks13:30
Riddellmparillo: yes13:31
mparilloAnd lordievader, I should be able to help out some next week also. BTW, I re-tested https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ubuntu-release-upgrader/+bug/1464330 and it still failed yesterday.13:57
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1464330 in ubuntu-release-upgrader (Ubuntu) "Release Upgrade Stalls on Kubuntu Upgrade to Wily" [Undecided,Confirmed]13:57
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lordievadermparillo: That is good to hear, thanks :) You are among the !testers ping?15:41
lordievaderPhew the bot doesn't trigger on that.15:41
lordievaderI hope the booting issues are fixed.15:41
lordievaderLast time I wanted to install Wily I couldn't boot the live-usb. I heard of similar problems of valorie.15:42
murthylordievader: I installed wily day before yesterday using live usb and everything is fine till now16:06
ahoneybunI installed it using the alpha with not problems  so far16:12
lordievadermurthy: Ah good to hear :)16:23
lordievaderahoneybun: Are you available to test the alpha2 images next week?16:23
BluesKajhad a "no desktop" problem after installing the new kernel this morning, however after updating & upgrading again in the VT/TTY I managed to get it back 16:41
BluesKajon 1510 that is 16:48
murthyBluesKaj: you have the nvidia binary driver installed?16:55
BluesKajmurthy,  yes, the 340 16:56
murthyBluesKaj: is kernel 4.x going to be used in 15.10?16:58
BluesKajyes theat's the kernel that installed this morning 16:58
murthyBluesKaj: you mean via normal update?16:59
BluesKajyes update & upgrade17:01
mparilloYes, I am part of that ping. I was able to boot Wily Live USB (created by Unetbootin), but I do not have UEFI.17:14
BluesKaj mparillo so maybe you can't boot from a usb either if your pc is older than 201017:23
BluesKajI meant install, rather thewn boot, mparillo17:27
* BluesKaj searches for his bifocals17:29
lordievaderBluesKaj: Are you available for testing next week?17:33
lordievadermparillo: Good, good :)17:34
BluesKajlordievader, I suppose so, what are we testing ?17:34
lordievaderBluesKaj: Alpha2 testing is next week.17:34
lordievaderI'll ping this channel when I see the testcases.17:34
BluesKajwhich day, next week ?17:35
BluesKajI might be away on Monday, not sure yet17:35
lordievaderErr, the release is thursday, so anytime before that.17:35
BluesKajok, NP 17:36
lordievaderCool, cool.17:36
BluesKajwife isn't going install W10 for quite a while, probly at least 6 mos, til most bugs are ironed out, so even wed next ids free for me to do some testing17:38
Ryoma721i have a bug inside kubuntu 15.0417:56
Ryoma721when the monitor is suspended, then the restart of the monitor does not make me write a password17:57
Ryoma721it does sometimes17:58
mparilloI have some very old PCs and I have generally been able to boot from a USB. The problems I hear are generally with the newer PCs with Secure Boot.18:14
BluesKajmparillo,  secure boot usually accompanies UEFI iirc. I have an older from 2008 and usb boot isn't an option 18:47
mamarleyA computer from 2008 doesn't have USB boot?  That sounds like a pretty awful BIOS.18:48
BluesKajjust a regular Phoenix BIOS 18:50
BluesKajit's a HP with amd dual core cpu and came with 3GB RAM which I increased to 6GB18:51
lordievaderThat is rather odd, PC's I have from before that time boot perfectly off usb.19:02
lordievaderThe only ones I've seen not able to had Pentium 3's.19:03
mamarleyI seem to remember having a Pentium 3 once that could boot from USB, but I may be mistaken.19:03
BluesKajwe have 2 HP pcs from 2008 that don't have the usb boot option in the bios19:17
claydohvalorie: Mamarok did we moderate Ralf on the kubuntu-users ml?19:20
soee_sgclark: ah .. sorry o posted on G+ info about Plasma 5.3.2 backport because i'v seen somewhere that you mentioned it should be this week, sorry if i was wrong :/19:28
BluesKajodd, can't seem to finnd the yr that the usb boot option was added to BIOS ..HP has nothing on it except a method to flash the BIOS which adds the usb boot, however it's doesn't mention which BIOS versions the firmware flash will work with.19:36
BluesKaji could use the plop manager methosd with a cd of course, but that seems a bit silly to me.19:39
ScottKmamarley: I have one from 2007/2008 (I don't recall which) that can't boot from USB.  I don't think it was that rare back then.19:41
* mamarley remembers the bad old days of having to burn CD-Rs for Linux and to transfer data between computers at his house.19:43
mamarleyMy next house is going to have gigabit ethernet ports in every room so I can transfer data at high speed without sneakernet.  I have already bought some used professional-grade network gear to support that. :)19:44
soee_i think this is serious problem that users can vboo20:13
soee_*cant book Kubuntu from USB: https://plus.google.com/102674597426161841373/posts/SB5UhyaqCjL20:13
Mamarokclaydoh: nope, not yet, but might be about time. Mind you, he is not the only one using strong language in that thread20:52
Mamarokalso, he is not using Kubuntu at all, he is repeating this on every occasion, so what is he doing on that list?20:52
valorieMamarok: is this about ralf?21:09
valorieif so, I've moderated him this afternoon21:09
valorieI warned him already months ago21:09
mhall119hey everyone, I just found out about plasma-mobile, are there by chance images for the Nexus 4, or just the 5?21:10
ScottKRiddell: ^^^21:10
ScottKNot sure who else to ping.21:11
ScottKshadeslayer maybe.21:11
valoriethey are still at the party I think21:12
* valorie was tired and left after one beer21:12
mhall119oh right, Akademy starts tomorrow doesn't it21:13
mhall119looks like the only images are for the nexus 5 currently :(21:15
valorieyes, this was the pre-registration event21:20
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adrianhello guys I saw you are the best team doing CI with .deb pkgs21:21
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adrianhow can I automate the changelog ath the moment of rebuild the pkg in jenkins?21:22
valorieadrian: most of our team is at a party right now, sorry21:24
mhall119ahoneybun: hope you're having fun this weekend21:24
valorieyou might drop an email to the kubuntu-devel list21:24
valoriemhall119: hopefully he's already in the air21:24
mhall119oh is he missing the party? that's too bad21:24
valorieour journey from Seattle took well over 24 hours21:25
valoriehe doesn't arrive until morning for some reason21:25
mhall119ew, I did that once, makes for a very long first day21:25
valorieI came at the beginning of the week in order to have time to get over jetlag21:25
valorieand get some work done here in the cool21:26
valorieSeattle and Portland both have been frying since spring21:26
claydohvalorie: Mamarok It seems Ralf unsubbed himself. Which is of course fine by me, one less non-contributing, non-kubuntu using person wasting email space22:27
shadeslayermhall119: I have no clue what you're talking about :P23:51
shadeslayerI totally can't comment on something that doesn't exist .. yet23:53

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