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DDRHello, all. I have a small problem. My KDE wigets are is missing, and I can't get them back.01:05
DDRThe desktop background is just black. :(01:05
DDRI have access to a terminal, but I can't run anything with alt-f2 or anything.01:06
DDROh; I tried starting it, but it segfaulted. http://www.pasteall.org/5979001:09
DDRTried sudo plasmashell, that worked.01:12
DDRBut it had to be run in foreground; backgrounding it with & didn't work.01:12
DDRNow alt-f2 is broken. :(01:13
DDRBut seriously, how do I kill KDE mounting a /disk drive/?01:13
DDRWeird. It restarted with chunkier text.01:14
DDRThis is weird.01:15
DDRMade it into a keyboard shortcut. It loaded plasma with a different colour scheme.01:23
DDROh, it started it as root. :|01:23
Benjxanyone know easy way to replace kde with gnome ?01:23
DDRInstall gnome, uninstall kde in package manager?01:24
Benjxit's so easy ?01:24
DDRI /think/ so. But keep in mind the last half-hour has been me complaining that my computer doesn't work, so I might not have the creds to say so atm.01:25
DDRI installed KDE that way once.01:25
DDRMy advice is to install gnome, /then/ once that's working uninstall KDE.01:25
Benjxok thanks you01:25
mparilloA bunch of tutorials are here: http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/pureubuntu01:26
Benjxnice !01:26
Benjxthanks you01:26
DDRWeird. I can't log out.01:28
BenjxDDR: I had similar problem with my dual screen01:31
BenjxKDE is bugged when I launch kodi with fullscreen01:31
DDRBenjx: I'm running with one screen, here, but it's a large one... how did you fix it?01:35
Benjxinstall prop drives01:36
Benjxinstall prop drivers *01:36
DDRAs far as I know, I have those.01:36
Benjxyou have nvidia card ?01:36
DDRAMD or ATI or something.01:38
Benjxha ok01:39
Benjxkillall plasmashell ?01:39
DDR"VGA compatible controller: Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. [AMD/ATI] Tahiti PRO [Radeon HD 7950/8950 OEM / R9 280]"01:39
DDRDone. Plasmashell, however, doesn't do the inverse.01:40
DDRJust says Containment graphic object not valid twice, then... nothing.01:40
DDRIf I mouse over where the bottom bar would normally be, it segfaults.01:41
BenjxoO I don't know how help you01:41
DDRThanks, though.01:46
DDRI have no idea either, this install of KDE is just giving me /problems/.01:46
BenjxI leave from KDE to gnome because KDE is buggy01:47
DDRYeah, I'm probably going to do that too. Much as I like the customization and feel of KDE, if it don't run, it don't run.01:47
Benjxyes I like it too01:48
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lordievaderGood morning.06:32
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Ryoma721sometimes with Kubuntu 15.04 it does not work the keyboard after the computer has left the suspension screen ...08:46
Ryoma721not blinking cursor08:47
Ryoma721i can't write the password08:47
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nshiellHello all10:41
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echo1Hi guys, I have problems setting up the language to german in kubuntu 14.04: 1) I have tried to set up through system settings and this what I get http://pastebin.com/Hyj3gMkM 2) I have tried to install also kde-l10n-de but nothing happens, even after rebooting 3) When I cat ~/.kde/env/setlocale.sh , I get this http://pastebin.com/UCuFu9HH which is strange11:25
DrJanyone know why VNC on kubuntu is so darn slow?12:05
DrJI mean it is absolutely unusable12:05
DrJdoesn't matter if I connect to it locally or over the internet12:05
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Taggnostrwhen 15.04 came out I upgraded my laptop from a working 14.10, and got a black screen after login.  Several other people had similar problems.  Do you know if it eventually got fixed?13:08
BluesKajHey folks13:30
rom1504Taggnostr: try reinstalling bumblebee13:42
rom1504also check your /etc/modprobe.d/bumblebee.conf13:43
Taggnostrrom1504, never heard of bumblebee, is it something new?13:43
Taggnostrlast time the problem appeared to be related to nvidia drivers/noveau13:44
rom1504does your laptop have 2 graphic card ?13:44
Taggnostranyway now I'm reinstalling everything from scratch13:44
rom1504intel + nvidia for example13:44
Taggnostrno, it's a really old laptop with only an nvidia card13:44
rom1504can you check with lspci | grep VGA ?13:45
rom150415.05 introduced nvidia-prime13:45
rom1504which is broken on some laptop (mine for example)13:45
TaggnostrI'll check as soon as I reinstalled it13:46
rom1504oh right ok13:46
Taggnostrlast time I spent a week trying to make it work, but I had no luck13:46
rom1504hopefully reinstalling also solves the pb13:46
rom1504oh really ? when X doesn't start I usually ctrl+alt+f1 and check X related conf13:47
Taggnostrfirst the upgrade from 14.10 failed, then I tried to format and install 15.04 from scratch and that also failed, then I reverted to 14.10 and that failed as well13:47
Taggnostrfailed == black screen after the login13:47
Taggnostrctrl+alt+f1 was working13:47
rom1504so you can try to change some stuff from there13:48
TaggnostrI also managed to get borderless windows at some point13:48
Taggnostrbut none of the things I tried fixed the problem13:48
rom1504oh and I found I need to use sddm and not lightdm13:48
TaggnostrI think I changed that as well at some point13:48
BluesKajTaggnostr,  in the VT/TTY run update and upgrade13:48
TaggnostrBluesKaj, that's my plan, I hope it will just magically work13:49
rom1504that would be better yeah13:49
Taggnostrwhen I had problems 15.04 just came out13:49
BluesKajit will help13:49
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SchallaHello folks! Got a real quick question, is Plasma 5 yet the default on Kubuntu?15:47
s_2014.10, no. 15.04, yes15:47
SchallaThank you, just saw the news.15:47
SchallaWell, then lets give it a shot today. Thanks. :)15:47
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naftilos76Hi, does anybody know what the proper value range for a 1920x1080 IPS LCD regarding horizontal and vertical frequencies. I needto define that explicitly in xorg.conf. I have various flickering issues both on kubuntu and ubuntu. I tried the get_edid command and all i got was trash. The info returned contained nothing readable. Has anybody had any similar issues?16:10
TBotNikAll: I keep getting errors from my FireFox browser and know it is related to "keytracker viruses" that are now being stored via the HTML5 cache. Where do I find help to located and delete these?16:11
BluesKajnaftilos76,  which gpu?16:12
naftilos76The gpu is a new one GeForce 840M16:12
naftilos76i have had problems with the nvidia drivers but i suspect that defining the correct range of horizontal and vertical freqs could solve the issue16:13
murthyTBotNik: Is it a latest virus?16:13
naftilos76BluesKaj: i used the get_edid and here is what i got:16:15
BluesKajnaftilos76,  which driver ?16:15
naftilos76346 from the official repos16:15
TBotNikmurthy: No Idea!  Any page that links a Google API installs 25+ KT viruses and minimum # of KT viruses on a Win box is 200 not counting others.  That's why I don't do Winduhs!!!16:18
BluesKajnaftilos76, recommended driver ?16:19
naftilos76Yes this is the recommended in the drivers manager. I used sudo nvidia-xconfig --no-use-edid-dpi16:19
murthyTBotNik: have you tried clearing the history completely and then run a virus scan using clamav?16:20
naftilos76to generate a xorg16:20
BluesKajnaftilos76,  btw lspci is a command to find PCI hardware16:20
naftilos76i know what the gpu is16:20
naftilos76let me give you the exact line16:20
naftilos7604:00.0 3D controller: NVIDIA Corporation GM108M [GeForce 840M] (rev a2)16:21
BluesKajnaftilos76,  run sudo nvidia-xconfig , but dunno if that will help16:21
naftilos76but dunno ?16:21
naftilos76what is that?16:21
naftilos76run plain sudo nvidia-xconfig?16:22
naftilos76I concluded that i have to explicitly define DPI as well in Device or Screen sections16:23
naftilos76otherwise the login screen fonts are tiny16:23
BluesKajnever seen that in nvidia gui16:23
BluesKajor heard of such a setting either16:25
naftilos76BluesKaj: i have  seen that in a few links.16:26
naftilos76BluesKaj: i will try the driver and will get back16:27
BluesKajnaftilos76,  you set the dpi in system settings>applicatios appearance> force dpi settings16:28
naftilos76i have done that but in this case the dpi applies only when i login the x session16:28
naftilos76the login screen is still problematic16:29
murthyRyoma721: hi16:29
naftilos76BluesKaj: doing that in xorg solves the problem in both cases16:29
naftilos76i will see you in a minute16:29
Ryoma721sometimes with Kubuntu 15.04 it does not work the keyboard after the computer has left the suspension screen ...16:29
Ryoma721[10:47] <Ryoma721> not blinking cursor16:29
Ryoma721i cant write password16:30
BluesKajnaftilos76,  xserver-xorg is not needed if you use nsysem settings in the newer kubuntus16:30
murthyRyoma721: but are you able to open a tty?16:31
TBotNikmurthy: That finds nothing, but the slowdowns and lockups of the computer only happen when either or both Firefox and Thunderbird are open, so know some virus in the HTML5 cache.  Not sure if there any tools out there to find those.16:31
Ryoma721i cant write password16:31
naftilos76BluesKaj:  i am sorry i do not know what nsysem is but saw that changing things in xorg.conf affects the behavior of the lcd16:31
Ryoma721I expect a new suspension of the screen and then starts to run16:32
murthyTBotNik: do you have anyother browser installed? also how much ram do you have in your system?16:32
Ryoma721itty i think no16:33
murthyRyoma721: using any graphics card?16:33
murthyRyoma721: are you new to linux?16:33
Ryoma721i have a10-780016:34
murthyRyoma721: are you able to login from a tty?16:34
Ryoma721kernel 4.2016:34
murthyRyoma721: using ubuntu 15.10?16:34
Ryoma721kubuntu 15.0416:35
Ryoma721kernel 4.2016:35
Ryoma721same problem kernel 4.1916:35
murthyRyoma721: do you have any kernel of series 3.19.0-X16:36
murthyRyoma721: does this problem happen when using that kernel?16:37
Ryoma721I try 'in the next few days16:38
murthyRyoma721: ok do that. If the problem is only in kernel 4 series, file a bug16:39
Ryoma721with the kernel 4.19 for many weeks worked regularly16:39
Ryoma721bug kernel???16:39
murthymay be16:39
Ryoma721as freezer pc16:39
Ryoma721write password....16:39
Ryoma721and after 10 minuts the pc work good16:40
murthyRyoma721: if you like to debug, you can get guidance in kubuntu-devel16:40
murthyI mean #kubuntu-devel channel16:40
Ryoma721try kernel 4.1916:41
Ryoma721i like last kernel because update driver radeon....16:41
murthyRyoma721: newer kernel are bound to bugs. You could check the kernel log for errors16:43
prillian5how can I enable messages on Boot-Process to see, why the new 15.04 are such damn slow on startub?16:43
Ryoma721log kernel16:43
murthyprillian5: you need to remove the quit splash boot parameters from the grub menu and add debug and then boot. You will see the boot messages. do you know how to do that?16:45
murthyRyoma721: do you know where the kernel log is?16:46
prillian5is there a gui in kubuntu, or have i to edit /boot/grub/grub.cnf16:46
murthyprillian5: no16:46
murthyprillian5: you just want to see the error messages temporally right?16:46
prillian5so enter the grub-menu and do the setting there?16:47
murthyprillian5: then you can do it from the grub menu that is show during the boot16:47
prillian5ok, what exactly to do there?16:48
prillian5remove "quite" and?16:48
murthyprillian5: I will tell you16:48
prillian5Ryoma721: should i pastebin the Kernel-Log?16:49
murthyprillian5: during boot when the grub menu show up. at the bottom it will show you which key has to be pressed to edit the grub menu press that, now you will be able to edit the grub menu. remove the words quite and splash and then add debug and then press f10 key to boot. This is temporary and so you will have to do it every time you  boot if you want to see the debug messages16:50
BluesKajremove quiet and splash16:51
murthyRyoma721: The kernel log is in /var/log/16:53
Ryoma721can query???16:53
Ryoma721i have log kernel16:54
murthyRyoma721: do you see any error messages in it?16:54
prillian5murthy:  BluesKaj: If I look into kernel.log. does the numbers inside of the [  .... ] are seconds to show, when the entry was loaded at boottime?16:55
Ryoma721restart kernel16:55
Ryoma721murphy reload kernel....16:56
murthyprillian5: Ya, but I am not suere16:56
prillian5Ok, here is my kern.log: https://paste.kde.org/pycdhdge616:57
prillian5The most needed Time is on Line 95716:57
prillian5between apparmor_parser and bbswitch16:58
prillian5Any Idea, why the bootup elapsed so much time here?16:58
prillian5mean "waist so much time here"16:58
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.16:58
murthy!paste | Ryoma72116:58
ubottuRyoma721: please see above16:58
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.16:59
prillian5Does the problem cause of appamor, or bbswitch on my kernel-log?16:59
murthyprillian5: so your problem is slow booting ?17:00
prillian5yes, since I upgrade from 14.0417:01
prillian5takes more than three time as before17:01
murthyprillian5: try this command  systemd-analyze blame17:02
murthyprillian5: it will show you which process takes  how much time17:02
Ryoma721where write ???17:02
prillian5murthy: thank you. I've checked this before. But seems not show the real Problem. But anyway, here is the pasetbin of the result17:03
murthyprillian5: you were talking about this to someone yesterday?17:03
murthyRyoma721: seems your disks are corrupted17:04
murthyRyoma721: try this command    sudo touch /forcefsck17:05
murthyRyoma721: and then reboot17:05
prillian5murthy: so if I look at the top 10 of the systemd-analyze-Result, I have nearly "15 Seconds". But the System is now much slower thas this.17:06
murthyRyoma721: system will run a disk check on the root partition17:06
prillian5before it takes nearly 50 seconds to boot (i7, SSD), now it takes more than 2 minutes to login-screen of kde17:06
Ryoma721i format17:06
murthyprillian5: ok did you try the thing I told you17:07
Ryoma721sda2 swap17:07
murthyprillian5: about how to see the debug messages?17:07
Ryoma721deactivate swap17:07
Ryoma721attivate swap17:07
prillian5murthy: If I deactivate mysql and apache, the bootup is not really faster (not noticeable)17:07
prillian5Wait, in the logs, where the big jump is... bbswitch... isn't it the nvidia bumblebee driver17:08
prillian5maybe there are problems at boottime. Maybe I should try to remove manufacturer drivers for nvidia?17:08
prillian5I normaly use the smaller "intel" Graphics-Card. So no really need for nvidia17:09
murthyRyoma721: you better go to #kubuntu-devel for help.17:10
AlfHi, anyone can point me how to install kubuntu on a usb drive?17:10
murthyprillian5: ya, you can try removing the driver and see if that helps. but take care. see if the nouveau driver is blacklisted17:11
prillian5ok, sounds like a good plan. what are the steps to do this?17:12
prillian5murthy: you think I should try first to use the nouveau driver and see if the boot-process speed ub?17:13
Ryoma721Thank you, I try to see if now is not problems17:14
murthyRyoma721: ok17:14
Ryoma721sudo touch /forcefsck17:14
Ryoma721now and restart17:14
prillian5on KDE-GUI for "Driver ManagementSoftware" I cant remove the Nvidia, only choose another one17:14
Ryoma721thanks for help17:15
murthyprillian5: you need to remove the nvidia driver first and then remove nouuveau from the black list17:15
prillian5where do i found the blacklist?17:15
murthyprillian5: can you see the option xorg.... in the driver manager?17:15
prillian5murthy: yes17:15
murthyprillian5: the blacklist is in /etc/modprobe.d17:16
murthyprillian5: the xorg.. one is the default one that you have to activate to use nouveau driver17:16
murthyAlf: I forgot a webpage that explains how to install kubuntu on usb drive, let me search17:17
prillian5ok. A grep in /etc/modprobe.d/ gives me bubelbee.conf and nvidia-331_hyprid.conf which have nouveau as text inside17:18
prillian5Alf, murthy: Maybe try http://unetbootin.sourceforge.net/17:18
prillian5This installs the Distribution you like on your usb-stick.17:19
prillian5with 2 Clicks17:19
murthyprillian5: he want to install on pendrive, not a live one17:19
murthyAlf: did you mean you what to create a live usb?17:19
Ryoma721check complete hard disk17:19
murthyRyoma721: hi17:19
murthyRyoma721: good17:19
prillian5murthy: I first try now the alternate nvidia drivers. If they not faster on boottime, I comment out the blacklist, like you told.17:20
murthyRyoma721: problem still there?17:20
prillian5Be back in some minutes.17:20
prillian5murthy: thanks so far for your hints17:20
murthyprillian5: no17:20
murthyprillian5: wait17:20
Ryoma721I have to wait for the suspension of the monitor17:20
Ryoma721after keyboard not works17:20
murthyprillian5: the alternate driver to nvidia is the nouveau driver17:20
murthyprillian5: so after you activate the xorg option in the driver manager make sure that nouveau driver is not in the blacklist else you will have display trouble in the next boot17:21
prillian5This are my options: http://i.imgur.com/VVvHTHB.jpg17:22
prillian5I mean first try 304, or 34617:22
murthyprillian5: you need to use the last option xorg-x-server17:23
prillian5as last option I would try xorg-driver, and comment out the blacklist ot nouveau?!17:23
prillian5murthy: ok, you mean, the other ones makes no different?17:23
murthyprillian5: and when it says the selected option is activated, check if the nouveau driver is removed from the blacklist17:23
murthyprillian5: ya17:23
prillian5one moment, i activate it now17:24
murthyprillian5: no17:24
murthyprillian5: the latest driver may solve the problem. but first lets see if the driver is the issue here17:24
prillian5ok. How?17:25
murthyprillian5: so active the xorg-x-server and then check for the nouveau blacklist removal. I will tell you how17:25
prillian5ok, I have choose the radio-button and change the driver now to xorg.-One.17:26
prillian5how to check now the blacklist-entry?17:26
prillian5I'm in /etc/modprobe.d/ now17:26
murthyprillian5:run the following command and paste the output.   grep "nouveau" /etc/modprobe.d/*17:27
prillian5murthy: https://paste.kde.org/poclhy0wo17:28
murthyRyoma721: did you ask people in #kubuntu-devel?17:28
murthyprillian5: need to go, will be back in 5 mins17:30
Ryoma721try my pc after check disk17:31
Ryoma721and if i have same problem ask17:31
prillian5murthy: ok. Thanks so far. Can you give a last hint? Have i to comment out the blacklist nouveau of each files?17:32
murthyprillian5: ya, comment out the lines that says blacklist nouveau17:33
murthyAlf: http://askubuntu.com/questions/16988/how-do-i-install-ubuntu-to-a-usb-key-without-using-startup-disk-creator17:40
murthyAlf: try that17:40
murthygood night all17:40
AlfHi guys, thanks a lot!! I'll take a look at your links17:51
Ryoma721murthy yet the bug17:53
Ryoma721kernel log no problem17:53
Alfmurthy: Thanks!17:54
naftilos76BluesKaj: Do you know why would my bluetooth adapter works fne in ubuntu but not in kubuntu (not even recognized as a physical adapter h/w) ?18:06
BluesKajnaftilos76, sorry I don't know, I've never used any bluetooth devices18:08
naftilos76Thanks man.18:10
prillian5I have no found the problem why my pc start so slow. On boottime I got a message like.... : A start job is running for dev-disk-by\x2duuid.....18:27
prillian5how can I found out, which device this is?18:28
prillian5Ok, solved my problem now. It was a swap-entry for a not existing partition in fstab.18:32
prillian5Now the System boots in 20 seconds again.18:32
prillian5Thank you murthy for your help.18:33
Voyage_Theremy laptop LCD is broken, I need to get things urgently from my pc, I can ssh from another pc to it. I plan to attach an external LCD to VGA port and via ssh, change the display monitor in the settings> monitor of KDE. How can I do that?18:36
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krisewhat might be the problem why my laptop is overheating . Samsung chronos 7 about 2 years old. started to get hot about 6 months ago18:42
krise75 C at the moment, started up about 30 min ago18:44
krisewell cleaned regulary18:44
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SchallaVoyage: What you need? Files?18:53
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Schalla* Voyage_18:54
Voyage_Schalla,  not files.18:54
Voyage_some browser cache data that needs a GUI18:54
Voyage_some other things. All depend on GUI18:55
SchallaAh, I see. Hm, I am sadly a noob in every regard to graphic configuration, but just to bring up another idea might be to install a vnc server.18:55
Voyage_how to open kde settings page via command line?18:59
anditosanHey team, do you know who is working on the Kubuntu builds right nwo?19:02
Voyage_Question: In kubuntu, how to change things by config files that are change via settings> monitor/display ?19:49
lordievaderVoyage_: Likely in kscreenrc.19:54
Voyage_lordievader,  no such file there19:55
Voyage_etc/X11$ ls19:58
Voyage_app-defaults  core  cursors  default-display-manager  fonts  rgb.txt  X  xinit  xkb  Xreset  Xreset.d  Xresources  Xsession  Xsession.d  Xsession.options  xsm  Xwrapper.config19:58
Voyage_helps ^?19:58
lordievaderVoyage_: What version of Kubuntu are you running?19:58
Voyage_14 lts19:58
lordievaderKwinrc has some display definitions.19:59
lordievaderPerhaps it is in there.20:00
Voyage_lordievader,  http://pastie.org/1031036120:01
Voyage_http://pastie.org/10310361 found the file, which line do I need to change?20:03
Voyage_lordievader, ?20:08
DrJanyone know why VNC on kubuntu is so darn slow?20:10
DrJdoesn't matter if I connect to it locally or over the internet20:10
DrJI mean it is absolutely unusable20:10
lordievaderVoyage_: I am not sure why you are trying to do this via files...?20:15
lordievaderDrJ: Its VNC, VNC is slow.20:15
lordievaderEven turbo vnc with effects disabled is slow.20:15
DrJis there any other good remote access options then?20:16
Voyage_lordievader,  <Voyage_> Question: In kubuntu, how to change things by config files that are change via settings> monitor/display ?20:17
Voyage_laptop LCD is broken, I need to get things urgently from my pc, I can ssh from another pc to it. I plan to attach an external LCD to VGA port and via ssh, change the display monitor in the settings> monitor of KDE. How can I do that?20:18
lordievaderDrJ: xrdp is slightly better but can still be quite frustrating.20:18
DrJI probably use my computer remotely more than I do sitting in front of it20:18
lordievaderVoyage_: It is easier to set the resolution via xrandr.20:18
DrJrecently switched from windows to kubuntu20:18
DrJbut I'm about to switch back20:18
DrJbecause I just can't do without good remote access20:18
lordievaderDrJ: Windows is much better at the whole remote desktop thing.20:18
DrJyea, RDP is the best20:19
lordievaderPerhaps, and hopefully, this will change with Wayland.20:19
DrJwhat's Wayland?20:19
lordievaderA new display server.20:19
lordievaderDrJ: http://wayland.freedesktop.org/20:19
DrJalready there :)20:19
DrJso probably not something we'll be seeing in the near future20:20
lordievaderNot likely.20:20
DrJwell, right now I'm sort of getting around my problem by running windows vms20:21
DrJand having the stuff I access remotely most inside them20:21
DrJbut that defeats my purpose of switching to kubuntu at the same time20:21
DrJlordievader: would this X11 forwarding possibly be a solution?20:22
DrJthrough putty20:23
lordievaderFor individual applications, perhaps. For the whole desktop, no.20:27
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The_FireplaceHey guys21:32
The_FireplaceI just installed Kubuntu, I am having an issue on it(I also saw it in Ubuntu when I tried it) involving the resolution. I have 2 monitors hooked up to my computer, one is a monitor, the other is a tv, and they each have different resolutions. The actual monitor works fine, but edges of the screen on the tv go a little out of the boundries of the tv, still clickable, but not visible. In the settings, I have it set to the same21:40
The_Fireplaceresolution I set the tv to on windows, and on windows it didn't ever do this. Anyone know how to fix it?21:40
The_FireplaceAnd if my issue wasn't clear, I can draw up a visual example real quick and post the link21:40
The_FireplaceI believe the term for what is happening is "overscan"21:54
glennHow can I get nvidia drivers to work and not hang my system on reboot? I believe that X.Org is causing random freezing for me22:06
The_FireplaceI have an nVidia and I am not having issues with that. Which GPU do you have?22:07
glennwhich driver are you using?22:07
The_FireplaceI switched it from X.org to another one. One sec, I will open my settings and tell you which one22:08
The_FireplaceOk, in System Settings>Driver Manager, I switched it to NVIDIA binary driver - version 346.59 from nvidia - 346 (Recommended Driver)22:10
The_FireplaceI have a gt 62022:10
The_FireplaceLet me know if that fixed your issue22:12

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