Kiloshellooo africa06:02
Fatargood morning people06:17
Kiloshi Fatar craigbrash06:21
Kiloshi TAndriamirado welcome to ubuntu-africa06:21
KilosFatar  can you help me please and greet peeps that come here?06:29
Fataroh hmm sure06:29
Kiloswhen i take too long that is06:29
Kilosi have other chores to attend to during the days06:30
Fatarbut wait how do I know someone is new06:30
Kilosthat could take a while to get to know them but just say hi for starters then if they dont behave like old members then welcome them06:31
Fataralright i'll try06:31
Kilosty so much06:32
Dro__Kilos, you have to make a greeting bot :D06:33
Kilosyes Dro__ i have a script for QA but it needs some work06:33
Kiloswritten in python06:34
Dro__where are u from Fatar ?06:34
FatarNorth of France06:34
KilosFatar  did you mail ish?06:40
FatarNope not yet06:40
Kiloswow Dro__ you are early for a tunisian06:40
FatarAnd you just made me realize I didn't copy his email adress06:40
Kiloselacheche  only wakes up late06:40
FatarCould you give it to me again Kilos?06:41
Kilosyes let me find it06:41
Kilosare you still studying or looking for work06:42
Kilosyou welcome06:43
FatarStill studying06:43
Kilosjoin his group and get to know the guys there06:44
FatarHmm hello pieter2627!06:45
Kiloshi ongolaBoy06:49
pieter2627hi Fatar Dro__ and welcome06:50
pieter2627also hi to all else06:51
Kilossee we growing pieter262706:53
Kiloshi Na3iL06:53
KilosFatar  pieter2627 helped with the content in our site06:53
pieter2627yea, saw the chatting yesterday and you are already welcome another new one06:54
pieter2627actually only did some styling on the jumbotron - mopkop did most of the content06:55
Na3iLhey Kilos hows you06:55
Na3iLvery cool :D06:55
Kilosim good ty just cold here in za07:01
Kilosive had an idea07:01
Kilosmost of my ideas suck but maybe this one is better07:01
pieter2627Kilos: then you should go and get it again :P07:01
Kiloshehe ive already let the sheep out07:02
* pieter2627 is playing on your word 'had'07:02
Kiloswhat if we make a page somewhere that keeps the info of peeps that join us07:03
Kilosmaybe a wiki with links to each ones blog or another page with who you are, where you are from and what you do07:04
Kiloslike my new blog07:10
KilosQA  kilos.newblog07:10
Kiloswow no one has a comment even07:31
pieter2627hmm, a comment... what would be the purpose to create a page with a list of all that joined?07:51
Kiloshi elacheche07:53
FatarGood morning07:53
Kilosi was thinking that we could see then who is who and where they are07:54
Kilosnot srious, was just a dom idea i suppose07:54
* Kilos needs another keyboard07:54
elachechepieter2627, Know who is in! Who is missing! We can use that to get an official Support/Approval from the LoCo Council, and we can use that to prepare & host Ubuntu Africa events.. And 1st purpose is to know who to contact for a quick coffee in case you visit an other country :)07:54
elachecheAm I wrong Kilos !07:55
Kilosi dunno haha07:55
Kilosi was just thinking about it because at times i forget who is where07:56
elachecheThat's what I first thought about when you asked me to join!07:56
Kiloswe have had a good trip so far, not so?07:57
Kilosthis is fun07:57
Kilosand making friends on the whole continent07:58
elachecheYep :)07:59
pieter2627doesn't all who join also join the list? And from the list, their LP page will show their country and such?08:16
Kilosi need to check the lp page08:16
elachechepieter2627, at first there was Only the wiki :)08:17
Kilosoh you mean each ones individual page pieter262708:18
Kilosoh elacheche you need to nudge neo so he doesnt miss the meeting08:18
pieter2627yea, doesn't each's page show their country and such08:18
Kilosi dont know, looking08:19
pieter2627seem to be in the wrong - it does not list extra info08:21
Kiloswould be nice if irc showed it here08:22
Kilosall the going to other links is a pain08:22
craigbrashI was wondering why the country etc doesn't show08:28
Kilosi dont think it was thought of when the page was created08:29
Kiloswe were very few when this all started08:29
Kilosmy first contact wasnt even an ubuntu person08:30
* pieter2627 does not see any other issues with the idea then08:31
Kilosi dont know if we should/could just add a WHOisWherelink to the existing wiki page08:33
KilosNa3iL  ideas08:33
Kilosthe wiki page has changed lots hey pieter262708:34
Kiloseven 3 languages there now08:34
pieter2627add to the ubuntu-africa wiki page?08:34
* pieter2627 is going to have a look08:34
pieter2627who created the logo08:36
pieter2627it is great08:37
Kilosa day or 2 ago08:37
pieter2627Na3iL: great logo08:37
Kilosyeah i think everything is looking good08:37
pieter2627shouldn't the link to the eng page be inactive on the eng, and the same for the arabic and french page?08:40
Kilosnono english is geek language08:40
Kilosoh i miss undrstood08:40
pieter2627i mean each links to itself08:41
Kilosspeak to Na3iL all of that is beyond me08:42
Kilosek is domdonner08:42
craigbrashjy moet engels praat jing08:59
Kiloshy craigbrash where dit you learn that09:00
Kilosjing should have been jong09:00
Kiloswell done09:00
craigbrashi lived in elspark for some years09:00
craigbrashi'm actually a scotsman09:01
Kilosin the za channel we mix english and afrikaans and i sometimes forget here09:01
craigbrashbeen in zim since 7209:01
Kilosnice to know that09:02
Kilosty for sharing09:02
Kilosone could use links to personal wiki pages i suppose, but then its lots of reading as in09:46
Kilosyou clever peeps must think about this, its not really necessary, would just make it easir to know who you are chatting to09:48
* pieter2627 had a quick idea to use a private page on the site09:50
Kilosthat can work as well09:50
Kiloswell need flies input09:50
Na3iLanything I can help with Kilos ?09:51
KilosNa3iL  you and pieter2627 can chat about the wiki poage09:51
Kiloshe has some suggestions09:51
Na3iLhey pieter262709:51
pieter2627hey Na3iL09:52
Kiloshi coco1109:52
pieter2627Kilos: it will list members locations and what else?09:52
Na3iLpieter2627, you mean like Ubuntu mentors?09:53
Na3iLnice idea, if anything I can help am here :D09:53
Kilosi dunno maybe what they do?09:53
Kiloslocations mainly because peeps in tunisia sleep late normally09:53
pieter2627Na3iL: no, Kilos wants a list with the members/peeps that are here09:54
Kilospieter2627  you forget about what you said about the language buttons09:54
Na3iLhahaha Kilos xD, pieter2627 ah I see09:54
KilosNa3iL  did the work there09:54
pieter2627Na3iL: do you think we might be able to do something with that logo and an interactive map?09:55
Kilosdont make me think, you guys are the brains09:55
Na3iLhehe Kilos09:55
Na3iLpieter2627, you it will be amazing enough09:55
Na3iLI'm in09:56
pieter2627hmm... did you see the thing regarding the links09:56
* pieter2627 off to find something he saw a few weeks ago09:57
Na3iLtake your time pieter262709:58
Kilosthen nicks and countries thing could even be on a pastebin10:03
Kilosi dont know if it is possible to make one so everyone can dit it10:03
Na3iLyup Kilos I think we should make a draft then copy the whole thing into the wiki page10:03
Na3iLI think nicks should be include only the active members here, right?10:05
Kilosyes nicks are a must10:05
pieter2627just a wiki page like the za team has10:06
Kilosuseless it shows james bond and here he is goofy10:06
pieter2627as a simple start10:06
* Na3iL should return to his project Ubuntu Awesome :D brb10:07
Kiloshi Titou_ welcome to ubuntu-africa10:14
* pieter2627 was thinking of something like this http://datamaps.github.io/ with the bubbles, but it is gonna be a bit of work10:27
Kiloslook for the easiest least work way10:28
pieter2627the biggest work will be to figure things out, rest is easy10:29
pieter2627like how to store the data in such a way that it is easily editable while still being ordered and reachable10:30
Kiloscraigbrash  you need to wake up the zim guys to come here11:37
craigbrashwill try not much activity on the loco11:37
Kilosemails are hard work11:37
Kilosim hooked on irc11:38
Kilosyou should see the mail in the list11:39
Kilosabout Red Hat Admin11:39
craigbrashI'm still trying to get my head around Hexchat11:42
Kiloswhat you battling with11:44
craigbrashnothing really just find it a bit confusing, but time heals everything :D11:46
Kilosyeah , i also strruggled to get things setup properly in the beginning11:46
Kilosnow an irc client is the first thing i install11:47
craigbrashmust install one on my rpi11:48
Kilosirc is so convenient and replies are quick and one can always pull in others to help out11:49
Kilosemails are hard work11:49
craigbrashis that a hint?11:50
Kiloslol nono11:50
craigbrashI can help in some ways ,but the last time i was coding was Z80 assembler11:51
Kilosi have had to mail so much to get this group together, it is a pleasure to just chat on irc11:51
Kiloswe are building a team here of friends first11:51
Kilosi dont know any coding11:51
Kilosand there are guys here that live by coding11:54
craigbrashim busy trying to learn C11:55
craigbrashfound the mail re red hat in my junk folder12:33
Kilosoh my12:34
stickyboyRed Hat is winning.12:41
elachecheWinning what?12:42
craigbrashcheers going home13:29
KilosQA  load shedding19:59
QAOh my! Out with the candles again.19:59
Kilos2 hours inna dark sigh19:59
craigbrash /msg NickServ craigbrash@gmail.com bluemax5820:03
Kiloslol what you doing20:04
Kilosarent we all, all the time20:05
craigbrashdid that show pswd20:06
Kilosdid you put a space in front of the /20:08
Kilosotherwise it wouldnt show here20:09
Kilos  the / means a command coming20:09
Kiloswe all make mistakes20:09
craigbrashhow to change password?20:22
Kilosyou got to #freenode20:23
Kilosand ask staff to send you a password reset email20:23
Kilosyou know how to get there hey?20:24
Kilos  /j #freenode20:24
Kilosno space before the /20:24
craigbrash /msg NickServ SETPASS craigbrash voctxruvcqnt barnyard5820:26
Kilosnight africa, sleep tight20:26

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