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davidcalleMorning o/07:29
didrockshey davidcalle!07:29
ohmyhello everybody07:58
ohmyi'm quite new to xml processing and i'd like to have your opinion07:58
ohmyi have to export some data to XML and i have the corresponding xsd schema, what are the different available approachs to achieve this please ?07:59
avi_some body know way page head with no action in it does not change the  foregroundColor ? it is a bug?09:08
ohmyi'm new to XML transform, and looking forwar any document/samples regardind XML writing from XSD schema, any help please ?10:01
ohmyanything in regards of Generating XML Documents from XML Schemas is more than welcome10:02
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popeymcphail: do you have a doc for how you built a non-minimal sdl ?11:34
didrocksdobey: hey, it doesn't seem there is any way to sort the u1db results from a query, isn't it?12:15
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DanChapmandidrocks: u1db won't sort them itself, but you could use a SortFilterModel for that. https://developer.ubuntu.com/api/apps/qml/sdk-15.04/Ubuntu.Components.SortFilterModel/12:27
didrocksDanChapman: ah, thanks for the reference! I'll use this then, loading everything in a listModel and use that filter12:30
ohmyanything in regards of Generating XML Documents from XML Schemas is more than welcome12:49
dobeydidrocks: what he said. and i don't really know anything about the qml component impl of u1db :)13:04
didrocksok ;)13:06
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tedgWhere is the website icon for "Get it on Ubuntu" ?14:17
tedgi.e. for a an app website like the Apple Store, etc.14:18
kalikianatedg: this one? https://apps.ubuntu.com/cat/applications/armagetronad/14:30
tedgkalikiana, Hmm, yeah. I thought there was a phone specific one, but that works.14:31
popeyJamesTait: the store is showing lots of apps in the "Updated applications" category which shouldn't be there15:16
popeyJamesTait: they're published, but when you click on them it says they failed tests, but the failures were for a previous upload15:16
popeyJamesTait: it's very confusing - see https://myapps.developer.ubuntu.com/dev/click-apps/reviewer/15:16
voldymanhow do i get a list of icons available for my application to use?15:25
voldymanlike i need an icon for the export menu toolbutton15:26
kalikianavoldyman: there easiest might be if you install the toolkit gallery - or alternatively ls -R /usr/share/icons/ubuntu-mobile15:36
voldymankalikiana: the -mobile icons work on desktop as well?15:38
* voldyman needs it for a desktop application15:38
kalikianavoldyman: yep, I have them on the desktop both for development and using some apps like dekko as convergience is being enabled15:39
voldymanoh nice, thanks kalikiana15:40
kalikianajust be sure to use the ppa as versions in the archive tend to be outdated quick15:40
JamesTaitpopey, I'm not sure why that's happening but I'll pass it on.15:40
JamesTaitIn fact, matiasb might be able to shed some light.15:41
* matiasb reads15:46
matiasbpopey, JamesTait, since we are in the progress of supporting channels, we need to support multiple versions in parallel and then every uploaded version should go through review and be either rejected or approved (there was an email from beuno about this too)15:49
matiasbso, the entries being listed are per version now15:50
matiasbsince there is only one channel now (stable), probably versions older than the current approved one could be ignored/rejected, but that's not automatic now15:51
davmor2popey: reminders is there a bug for the fact that the tag okay will not highlight unless there is a space after the word?  I think it is because the keyboard is still suggesting words at the time maybe.15:57
JamesTaitmatiasb, now you mention it I recall reading the mail but probably didn't fully understand the consequences. ☺15:57
popeymzanetti: ^ we know this bug don't we15:58
matiasbstill a work in progress, things should be getting better soon15:58
mzanettipopey, yeah... didn't we agree you'll fix it? :D15:59
mzanettipopey, no worries, I can look at it too15:59
mzanettinot atm tho15:59
popeyyes, we did :(15:59
JamesTaitmatiasb, yep, in the index as well. ☺16:03
davmor2popey: oh so it's your fault16:05
ogra_davmor2, that is only because popey is reluctant to the general new meme ... else he would just have answered "snappy will fix it"16:06
ogra_(and be off the hook)16:06
davmor2ogra_: yeah cause then it is all your fault16:07
davmor2ogra_: that's what you were getting at right?16:07
ogra_well, i'd just forward the blame to snappy in general :)16:08
davmor2popey, mzanetti: So far that is the only issue I have hit with reminders but it is a pretty ugly issue minor as it is.16:46
popeydavmor2: thanks!16:46
davmor2popey: One other minor thing, is there anyway to make the check boxes a little larger?  If you have a scrolling shopping list it is sometimes a little hard to hit the right checkbox,  but that it a minor quibble :)16:49
davmor2popey: is the keyboard issue something you guys want to fix now?  As it isn't a regression I'm happy to let it in this time with the same proviso as with clock app that it is fixed for next landing16:55
popeythat would be awesome. I don't think mzanetti or I have time to do it right now.16:55
davmor2popey: let me just double check on my dogfood phone then16:56
mzanettithanks... will make sure we have it fixed in the next landing16:56
popeythe tag ui changed, so it may be regression16:56
davmor2popey, mzanetti: okay so it exists in the current version on the dogfood phone. So I'll write up a bug for it now and pass this16:57
mzanettiwe already have a bug for it :/16:58
mzanettiI just missed it16:58
popeybecause it was assigned to me. sorry16:58
popeywell, gives me a second chance to fix it ㋛16:58
popeythanks davmor2 - will upload in a bit16:59
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davmor2popey: https://bugs.launchpad.net/reminders-app/+bug/147809417:06
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1478094 in Ubuntu Notes app "Tags wil not allow you to tap okay until the word is released from the keyboard" [Undecided,New]17:06
davmor2mzanetti: meh missed you message too busy writing the bug ;)17:07
mzanettino problem17:08
davmor2mzanetti: feel free to dupe one to the other :)17:09
davmor2mzanetti, popey: just remember to add it is a blocker for next release :)17:10
popeywill do17:14
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