didrocksgood morning05:12
dufluMorning didrocks05:34
didrockshey duflu ;)05:41
tjaaltonsigh, again too late for ancell07:53
willcookemorning all07:55
didrocksgood morning willcooke07:56
seb128hey willcooke Laney tjaalton08:02
seb128re didrocks ;-)08:02
seb128 happy friday desktopers btw ;-)08:03
seb128Laney, new mir is in ;-)08:04
Laneyoh wow08:04
Laneydid it get fixed?08:04
seb128I think the mir guys asked to override the boottest at the end :-/08:04
seb128the abi issue got resolved08:05
seb128but you can end up without working drivers08:05
seb128that didnd't get resolved afaik08:05
didrocksre seb12808:06
didrockshappy friday Laney!08:06
Laneyhey didrocks08:09
Laneyhow's it going?08:09
didrocksgood good, yourself?08:09
Laneyit's cold today :-o08:11
didrockslucky you, I could use cold08:12
Laneyat least I won't have to water the plants for a few days ...08:16
willcookesame here08:16
willcooketomorrow morning we have a yellow rain warning08:16
Laneylovely weekend for housework08:19
Laneymaybe I'll paint that wall08:19
* Laney cries08:22
didrocksthanks to a contributor PR, I just learnt about functools.partial()08:28
davmor2willcooke: yellow rain, Just get the kids in off the roof and make them use the toilet like everyone else ;)08:31
Laneydidrocks: we'll make you into a haskell programmer yet08:31
LaneyPrelude> let plustwo = (+) 208:32
LaneyPrelude> plustwo 1008:32
didrocksLaney: no need to tell that to a RPN calc user! :)08:33
LaneyI'm showing you the partially applied + function08:33
didrocksthat's quite nice for callbacks in particular with parameters08:34
* didrocks is really impressed by this PR08:40
seb128Laney, it's working ;-)08:40
didrocksthe guy dove into the whole framework08:40
didrockswithout asking any question and understand some trickyness of the async view :)08:40
Laneyseb128: what is?08:40
seb128Laney, converting didrocks to haskell08:40
Laneyit's the place to be08:41
Laneyso why08:42
Laneyjust why is udisks2 still failing08:42
LaneyI sshed into the node and booted the actual vm image08:42
Laneyubuntu@autopkgtest:~$ sudo modprobe scsi_debug08:42
Laneyubuntu@autopkgtest:~$ grep scsi_debug /proc/modules08:42
Laneyscsi_debug 69632 0 - Live 0x0000000008:42
seb128Laney, it's weird indeed, gvfs is having the same issue today on the most recent run, I tried a new one08:57
Laneyit was a problem yesterday that I knew about09:00
Laneybut should be fixed now09:00
seb128Laney, retry worked for gvfs09:37
seb128oh, and yeah \o/ rebuilt from yesterday worked, gvfs, upower & co migrated to wily09:38
seb128we lack a +1 team nowadays, some of those were stucked since june and only a bunch of rebuilds for the new libplist were needed09:38
Laneyseb128: nice09:39
LaneyI wonder wtf went on09:39
darkxsthey all09:42
seb128hey darkxst09:44
darkxstseb128, Laney bug 1477788 ( g-c-c changed are added in the 3.16 branch on the bug mentioned withing09:44
ubot5bug 1477788 in gnome-control-center (Ubuntu) "Remove support for external panels" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/147778809:44
darkxstseems indicator-bluetooth still has a optional dep on g-c-c09:44
darkxstit really shouldnt, but not sure if that affects things? given u-c-c will be choosen first09:45
seb128right, i think it shouldn't09:47
darkxstso its just the compiz dep than can probably switch over to u-c-c-dev09:48
seb128what are you trying to do? demote g-c-c?09:49
darkxstseb128, g-c-c binaries that are not shared09:49
darkxstsince I really doubt the webkit2gtk transition is going to happen this cycle09:50
seb128yeah, not likely09:50
seb128unsure is goa is manageable09:50
seb128since that's used in empathy build-depends and some others09:50
seb128but I'm letting security&co deal with if it's ok to demote binaries or such09:51
seb128need to go for lunch, bbiab09:51
darkxstseb128, the webkit dep in goa is not seeded anywhere (libgoa-backend from memory)09:52
darkxst(binary wise, still needs webkit2gtk source in main for build of course)09:53
darkxstand I am out for the night, if I can navigate the storms09:53
willcookedidrocks, those remote power sockets...10:11
willcookeI got RC switch working on the Pi and on Arduino10:11
willcookeso good choice10:11
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seb128Laney, is doing gtk updates the pitti-systemd way now, big merge summary on top and if you scroll down you can see what actually changed!13:17
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seb128Laney, unsure how to deal better with those though, but I guess it only annoys people reading -changes, which is probably not a lot of users13:33
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willcookefolks, I'll be in London on Monday.  Laney I think this will effect our 1:1, but we can catch up later in the day as necessary15:16
Laneypoor willcooke15:16
willcookeit's not so bad15:16
willcookeI get to ride on a train15:16
willcookeLaney, anyone, can you help upload a new version of the Ubuntu font?15:17
LaneyI remember riding down that line in the days of WAGN :')15:17
willcookeWould be nice to back-port it too15:17
Laneywe get new versions of the font?15:17
* willcooke just got one fresh from the font mines15:17
Laneydoes it fix →←?15:18
Laneyanyway, yah, can you deliver it to a bug maybe?15:18
willcookeLaney, roger that15:18
willcookeagainst desktop?15:19
willcookeor just "ubuntu"15:19
Laneydo you know what's changed?15:22
willcookempt, do you know what the bug fix is for the Ubuntu font, per Magdalena's email?15:22
mptwillcooke, yes, it’s bug 133436315:23
ubot5bug 1334363 in Ubuntu Font Family "[25 mod] Wrong characters appear in some Mac apps ([‘] → [⁸], [’] → [⁹], [–] → [ẃ], [—] → [Ẅ])" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/133436315:23
willcookethx mpt15:24
willcookeLaney, in which case, can we use that bug?15:24
seb128willcooke, enjoy London ;-)15:25
willcookeseb128, thanks!15:25
Laneyand I imagine sladen might want to do the update15:26
didrocksLaney: oh, is he still doing the font update?15:26
* didrocks looks at launchpad15:26
Laneylook at that there bug15:27
didrocksoh right, he seems to be quite interested in it, let's see how it goes and upload if he doesn't get a chance15:28
Laneymaybe we can remove the metadata change that we made back in Quantal now15:31
Laneythere was some fontconfig/libreoffice bug or something15:32
willcookeLaney, didrocks - JohnLea said he's not doing it any more, so can he help15:33
Laneywhich 'he' are they?15:33
willcookeLaney, sladen15:34
Laneylet me just ask him :P15:34
* Laney executed work avoidance tactic #115:40
didrocksLaney: #2 is then ask your coworker15:41
didrocks#3 is to make a general blog post with "please help us on…"15:41
didrocksand #4 is to finally do the update yourself ;)15:42
Laneyno no15:43
Laneythere's a stage where you threaten to not do it at all or remove something15:43
Laney"since nobody stepped up to care about Firefox, we are removing it from Ubuntu"15:43
Laney<1000 volunteers appear>15:44
Laneyor that's the theory :P15:44
didrockshow could have forgotten that crucial step! :)15:46
Laneywhat really happens is that nobody notices until the release is made15:46
Laneythen angry people appear15:46
didrocksyou can be the one, you can make the headlines!15:47
seb128oh, gstreamer 1.515:56
seb128Laney rocking on this friday ;-)15:56
Laneyit's been an annoying two days15:57
Laneyglad that i could do that though15:58
Laneylet's see if i can kick eds out too15:58
Laneyno renato15:59
* Laney looks at the button anyway15:59
seb128Sweet5hark, btw, did you contact the DMB about libreoffice upload rights?16:19
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willcookehappy weekend all17:16
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* Laney too17:22
Laneywill eds on monday/over the weekend17:23
seb128Laney, have a good w.e!17:23
seb128have a good w.e desktopers!17:38

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