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* robert_ancell wonders who chose the Launchpad group name 'ci-train-ppa-service'. Would love to type something shorter...02:41
* infinity notes that ~ci is an inactive account we could probably rename and steal.02:42
jamespageslangasek, I'll get on that today - was on my list06:45
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Laneydoko: do you have a make rule or some helper for calculating it?08:06
mvodoko: I think I am mkaing progress08:15
mvodoko: new apt uploaded to the ppa, libept will also need a rebuild against it though. p-apt builds in my schroot now08:37
tseliotinfinity: hey, tjaalton said you have problems with fglrx + linux 4.1. If so, please make sure to use fglrx 2:15.200.1-0ubuntu1 in wily, that will fix it. If not, I'm here08:43
caribouwhat is the most appropriate way to merge a debian package ? bzr or grab-merge ?08:55
caribouor it is up to who merges ?08:55
Noskcajcaribou, up to who merges09:21
Noskcajsometimes only one will work09:21
Noskcajsome packages are also in lp:~ubuntu-desktop/PACKAGE/ubuntu09:21
caribouNoskcaj: ok, thanks09:23
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dokomvo_, thanks, however tests still fail: https://launchpad.net/~ci-train-ppa-service/+archive/ubuntu/landing-016/+sourcepub/5224902/+listing-archive-extra12:03
mvo_doko: hm, thats new and different12:08
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mvo_doko: fix will be uploaded shortly12:39
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jamespageslangasek, I've fixed up all of the openstack packages apart from openstack-trove13:27
jamespageI may dump in a snapshot as upstream master don't appear to have the same unit test failures, and I'm failing to bisect a single commit that fixes the problem13:28
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seb128slangasek, seems like the pyqt5 python 3.5 rebuild is failing autopkgtest the 3.5 build seems invalid/failing to import14:39
dokoseb128, see lp: #147775914:49
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1477759 in dh-python (Ubuntu Wily) "pyqt5 misbuild with python3.5" [Critical,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/147775914:49
seb128doko, thanks14:49
infinitytseliot: Still around?14:59
tseliotinfinity: yep14:59
infinitytseliot: 2:15.200.1-0ubuntu1 is broken with 4.1.0-2 (ie: 4.1.3 upstream), trust me. :P14:59
* tseliot always forgets to update his IRC status...14:59
infinitytseliot: http://d-jenkins.ubuntu-ci:8080/job/dkms-wily-release_canonical_kernel_team_ppa-generic-fglrx_core/17/14:59
tseliotinfinity: I tried mainline and it works fine. Maybe we're using some patches?15:00
infinitytseliot: I even pointed tjaalton at a potential patch from another distro at the time.15:00
infinitytseliot: I doubt we're carrying patches that make symbols GPL-only...15:00
tseliotinfinity: the thing is, I already added support for linux 4.2. Maybe one of those changes was pulled into 4.115:01
tseliotpci_ignore_hotplug is part of my patch for 4.215:01
tseliotinfinity: I'll give it another try, and move that fix from the patch for 4.2 to the one for 4.1. Maybe 4.1.3 is the problem15:02
infinitytseliot: Well, not sure what to tell you.  All I can say is that it's obviously failing.  The log doesn't lie.15:02
tseliotinfinity: I'll check again with the kernel team ppa, and fix that, whatever the reason is15:03
tseliotinfinity: and yes, apparently I had only tested with 4.1.2 and with 4.215:04
tseliotoh, well...15:04
Sarvatttseliot: looks like it is going into 3.19 too https://lkml.org/lkml/2015/7/15/117015:05
Riddellmvo_: what makes you think I know anything about git?!15:05
tseliotSarvatt: aargh. Thanks for the heads-up15:06
mvo_Riddell: uh, I though we shared some code with that, my memory is sometimes blury15:06
mvo_Riddell: sorry15:06
Laneysladen: yo, are you interested in uploading the new version of the ubuntu font to the distro? I saw you've been active on the bug15:36
sladenLaney: I am.  But prior to that a new upstream version needs preparing!  ;-)15:37
Laneysladen: yah. willcooke says it exists or will exist or something. :)15:38
sladenLaney: small delta 0.80->0.83 to recompile a couple of tables; so should be backportable to everything and its grandfather15:39
Laneyyou mean SRU or backports?15:39
sladenLaney: willcooke: was meaning to do it last weekend, but insistent prodding helps ;)15:39
Laneywell, whatever, I trust you can handle it15:39
sladenLaney: s/backport/SRU/ yes15:39
willcookesuper, thanks sladen laney.  I'll let Magdalena know you're on the case15:40
* sladen grins15:40
dokoseb128, fix for  1477759 uploaded, python3.5 still building on armhf and arm6415:41
tseliotinfinity: it should be all fixed in fglrx-installer{-updates}_15.200.1-0ubuntu215:42
seb128doko, thanks15:42
infinitytseliot: \o/15:42
infinitytseliot: Thanks.15:42
tseliotinfinity: thanks for reporting the problem15:42
ogra_infinity, yo ... so i saw ubuntu-fan 0.3 on wily-changes ... do you think it is ready to seed it in snappy now ?15:52
ogra_apw, ^^^ same question to you15:52
infinityogra_: Did you unseed it at some point?15:53
ogra_when you asked me with v0.1, yes15:53
infinityogra_: Ahh, so you did.15:53
infinityogra_: So, yeah, it should be good to go now.  It no longer depends on dnsmasq.15:53
ogra_sweet !15:54
ogra_(not sure i'll manage today, but i'll put it back then :) thanks !!)15:54
infinityogra_: Seemed to me entirely unclever to have dnsmasq installed in a base image that people are trying to use as a border network device. ;)15:54
ogra_well, there are plenty of unclever thins in snappy still :)15:55
infinityNot that I agree with half the things in the base snappy image, but at least things in there shouldn't be actively harmful.15:55
infinityBloat is acceptable (ish), things that might actually break higher level snaps, less ok.15:55
ogra_(cloud-init being the worst ... and no, a go rewrite wont help :P )15:56
timrcGlad to know go rewrite jokes are still alive and well ;)15:58
ogra_thats not a joke sadly15:58
seb128doko, slangasek, hum, shouldn't libprofobuf change soname with its gcc5 rebuild?16:40
seb128I'm looking at https://launchpadlibrarian.net/212134164/buildlog_ubuntu-wily-amd64.messaging-app_0.1%2B15.10.20150710.2-0ubuntu2~gcc5.1_BUILDING.txt.gz16:40
seb128(/usr/lib/libphonenumber.so.6: undefined symbol: _ZNK6google8protobuf11MessageLite25InitializationErrorStringEv)16:40
seb128doing a diff from the nm -D of the lib from wily/the ppa version gives things like16:41
dokoI didn't change sonames yet16:41
seb128-000532d0 T _ZNK6google8protobuf11MessageLite25InitializationErrorStringEv16:41
seb128+00053cc0 T _ZNK6google8protobuf11MessageLite25InitializationErrorStringB5cxx11Ev16:41
seb128doko, it should no,  since the symbols changed in the rebuild?16:41
dokoand we have a libphonenumber7 there too16:41
dokoseb128, in principal, yes, but I can't handle 400 renamings16:41
dokoso the best thing here is to collect these libraries at the bottom of the library stack, and then just rename these16:42
seb128doko, well, uploading libraries that change ABI without soname change is not any better is it?16:42
seb128do we have a list of libraries that need to be renamed?16:42
dokono, but you can do it with no-change uploads16:42
seb128how do we make sure those abi change don't land to the archive?16:43
dokowell, they go into -proposed next friday, and the dependency on libstdc++6 (>= 5.2) prevents them from migrating16:43
seb128but how do we detect where abi changes?16:44
dokoand https://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=79075616:44
ubottuDebian bug 790756 in release.debian.org "transition: libstdc++6 cxx11" [Normal,Open]16:44
dokowell, you see it if you try to rebuild a package without first rebuilding it's dependencies16:44
seb128it seems a bit of try & see, but that doesn't give me confidence on how we are making sure we don't overlook some issues16:46
seb128or that we rebuild things in the right order16:46
slangasekjamespage: cheers16:46
dokoseb128, and for messaging-app: see the test failures at https://launchpad.net/~ci-train-ppa-service/+archive/ubuntu/landing-016/+sourcepub/5225831/+listing-archive-extra16:46
slangasekseb128: pyqt5, yes there's a bug open about this; it's a dh-python/python3.5 bug16:47
seb128slangasek, hey, doko replied earlier, thanks16:47
dokoseb128, yes, so we should do the transition, but then again, we shouldn't do it twice (once for ourself, and then again when debian changes things=16:48
seb128I don't understand how things work16:49
seb128like that protobuf upload has an abi change without soname change16:49
seb128that can't be right16:49
seb128what's the rational/logic?16:49
seb128why don't we hold on the upload until it's properly checked/transitioned?16:49
dokobecause that doesn't work, to keep up packages in sync, and do 400 transitions16:50
LaneyI think he means that you do the highest transition in any tree of packages16:50
dokoit's already a pain to keep this ppa up to date16:50
Laneybecause this already forces rebuilding/upgrading everything further down16:50
dokoright, but I do want to do these rebuilds in -proposed, not in the -ppa16:50
seb128I don't understand16:51
seb128what prevents that protobuf abi change to land in wily-proposed16:51
dokohttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/GCC5 has a list of the explicit transitions16:51
seb128or what guard us against it?16:51
dokonothing will guard you16:51
seb128so we might have updates that change abi without soname change landing in wily?16:52
dokowhy would that hurt? we don't guarantee partial upgrades. and as I said, for low level libs I plan to do that library rename16:53
seb128why would that hurt?16:53
seb128I though abi stability was one of the basic things we try to ensure16:54
seb128since when is that ok to change abi without changing the soname/renaming a deb?16:54
seb128sorry for the stupid questions16:54
dokowe're ubuntu, not debian. and if we change the libraries at the bottom of the stacks, we should be good enough16:54
seb128I'm sure that transition is really tricky and people though about it16:54
seb128we are not debian, but we never said that ubuntu didn't ensure abi compatibility is maintained16:55
slangasekdoko: what does http://bugs.python.org/issue24705 have to do with the pyqt5 build failure?  I didn't see any problems with prefixes16:56
dokoslangasek, another issue with dh-python16:57
dokotrying to generate some path name from a config var16:58
seb128doko, sorry but I still don't get it so I'm going to ask another question :-)16:59
seb128is protobuf going to be renamed before being uploaded to wily?17:00
seb128if yes, why didn't that happen in the ppa?17:00
seb128if no, why do we consider the abi change without rename as ok?17:00
seb128I could have a system with ubuntu core + libprotobuf + some custom application on top, it means upgrading my system is going to make my application fail on symbol errors17:00
seb128rather than having the packaging stopping me from upgrading17:01
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seb128slangasek, ^ you might be able to help me to understand things about that transition as well maybe? ;-)17:01
dokoseb128, I don't plan to rename it on my own, however will take any renaming that comes from debian. if you think it is worth renaming, then please do it in the ppa, rebuild all reverse-deps, and keep these up to date during the next week17:02
Laneysorry to add to the doko pinging, but...17:02
Laney-rw-r--r-- root/root    640800 2015-07-24 12:26 ./usr/lib/python3/dist-packages/PySide/QtWebKit.cpython-34m-x86_64-linux-gnu.so17:02
Laney-rw-r--r-- root/root    642336 2015-07-24 12:26 ./usr/lib/python3/dist-packages/PySide/QtWebKit.cpython-35m.so17:02
Laneyis that kind of thing fixed with this new dh-python?17:02
dokothe problem is that you probably will find another dozen libraries while you are doing this17:02
seb128doko, well, if they need to be transitioned that's how thing are...17:02
seb128we can't just ignore the abi breakage17:02
seb128and randomly uploads changed abis without transition17:03
slangasekseb128: what you're suggesting is that we change all of the sonames of the affected libraries, when upstream has not. that's incredibly painful; historically in Debian what we've done when we've had issues like this , is to rename the binary packages and not change the sonames, since changing the sonames requires fiddling with umpteen different upstream build systems17:03
dokoLaney, I don't know, the thing that I fixed was the doubled multiarch string in the soabi17:03
seb128slangasek, right, I said soname/or binary rename17:04
Laneydoko: maybe the one slangasek just linked to?17:04
seb128slangasek, in the ppa protobuf changed abi but got neither17:04
dokoseb128, I already have to babysit the touch guys, now I have people stomping with the foot to insist on 400 package renamings ;)17:04
Laneydoko: in the buildlog I see dh-python3 renaming the 3.4 one to add the triplet but not for 3.517:04
seb128doko, well, if the abi change they have to be renamed17:05
Laneyso was curious as to whether this will fix it or if I should wrangle in the packaging17:05
seb128I don't see why it would be ok to not17:05
seb128slangasek, ^17:05
slangasekseb128: right. but a package name change without an soname change is not going to do anything to protect users of unpackaged software17:05
seb128slangasek, well it's going to ensure you don't upgrade a library and break softwares17:05
Laneyguess I could just try it eh17:05
seb128apt is not going to let you update that lib17:05
infinitydoko: Err, we don't guarantee stability of the final product on a partial upgrade, but we have to support partial upgrades in-progress.  Not transitioning a library correctly can lead to something breaking in a postinst halfway through an upgrade and breaking the world.17:06
seb128or it's going to ensure other packages are upgraded to use the new name as well17:06
slangasekseb128: you cited ubuntu-core as an example, and ubuntu-core doesn't use apt for updates ;)17:06
dokoyes, that's why we have to rebuild everything before anything can migrate to the release pocket17:06
seb128slangasek, ubuntu-minimal? ;-)17:06
seb128or ubuntu server17:06
seb128whatever minimal base we provide17:06
seb128doko, well, "everything" is things in the archive, we might break third party debs17:07
seb128where a rename would protect them17:07
slangasekdoko: rebuilding everything and migrating it at once does not ensure correct unpack order on upgrade, an infinity said17:07
seb128if feels fundamentaly wrong to change abi without renaming17:07
infinityslangasek: "We can't fix unpackaged software" is a perfect-enemy-of-good argument. :P17:07
slangasek(this is why we had the discussion about apt in particular)17:08
slangasekinfinity: I agree with you and seb128 about renaming the affected libraries as part of the transition, I just want to be clear about what this does and doesn't accomplish17:09
dokoslangasek, infinity: I didn't say that we shouldn't rename nothing. we will have the soname changes for some libraries, and we will have to rename some basic libs. but I don't see the point to rename everything, even if you don't know if the symbols form part of the library API17:09
infinityslangasek: Right, we've been through package-rename-without-sover-bump transitions before, I think the Debian community is well-versed in what that does and doesn't fix.17:09
dokohowever doing this in the ppa is the wrong thing to do17:09
slangasekdoko: because it's safe to do so, and easier to script those conversions than to have this argument ;)17:09
slangasekdoko: the ppa is meant to be binary copied en masse to the archive when ready; the ppa would be the place to do this17:10
dokoslangasek, then please freeze -proposed for a week17:10
seb128it's over me why we upload "no change rebuilds that lead to a uncompatible abi" at all17:11
seb128shouldn't we check if the abi change and rename before upload17:11
seb128for every package17:11
dokosure, please start doing so17:11
seb128we wouldn't have that discussion if every package includes a .symbol and failed build on changes :p17:11
seb128doko, I'm going to start on monday17:11
seb128but that ppa has already damages by changed-abi-but-not-renamed packages17:12
dokosymbols files for c++ are crap17:12
slangasekseb128: damages meaning what?17:12
seb128slangasek, meaning we have abi changes sneaked in that we don't know about17:12
seb128since things were uploaded without checking if a rename was needed17:12
seb128e.g protobuf17:12
LaneyWhen you fix it by starting a transition you'll have a to rebuild the reverse-deps anyway17:13
dokowrong, I confirmed issues in the debian bug tracker17:13
slangasekok; "damages" suggested something stronger to me - I'm certainly aware of the state of the packages in the ppa17:13
seb128slangasek, how do we prevent those abi breaks to reach the archive?17:13
dokowe shouldn't care for -proposed from my point of view17:13
seb128we could have a lib without archive rdepends going through without having britney having any reason to stop it17:14
slangasekseb128: do you have some time to work on this?  I haven't started the scripting yet17:14
dokoand fix issues in -proposed17:14
slangasekseb128: but I have a rough plan I can describe17:14
seb128slangasek, not today but I can spend some time on that starting on monday17:14
dokoand keep in mind that by heavily using the ppa you basically block the buildds for archive purposes17:15
slangasekseb128: here's the list of all build logs showing changed symbols; they correspond to the bugs doko filed in the Debian BTS, but this list is better to work from because it gives you the binary package names, search for 'BEGIN GCC CXX11 symbols': https://people.debian.org/~doko/logs/gcc5-20150701/17:15
slangasekdoko: staging this transition is a high priority and a legitimate use of the distro builders17:16
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slangasekseb128: so my plan of attack was to extract each of those source packages, script up a package rename in debian/control and debian/$pkg.*, build, and see what breaks17:17
seb128slangasek, seems like a good plan to me. Why didn't we start by that rather than getting no change rebuilds in the ppa?17:18
dokoslangasek, so when do you think these builds will finish?17:18
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dokoseb128, would be a good task for +1 maintenance. so feel free to start. I'm already working 12+hours, weekends included17:20
slangasekdoko: we would only need to make the source changes to the affected libraries before copying to -proposed; 361 packages; I don't think I could give you a very precise estimate of build time but would assume < 1 week17:20
seb128doko, you shouldn't have to kill yourself over it17:20
seb128but we shouldn't do it wrongly either before of manpower or buildd considerations17:21
seb128we can probably find more resources if needed, would it be on the buildds on on people to help with the transition...17:22
dokoI still think this is too much overhead, choosing the very conservative road17:22
slangasekseb128: to be clear, the concern with buildd power is that if the buildds can't keep up with the ppa, by the time the builds are done the builds will be stale because of source uploads to -proposed and we'll have to spend more human time rebuilding again17:22
dokobut fine, if you think you can do that ...17:22
seb128well, there is no "very conservative"17:23
seb128abi changes should lead to deb renames or soname change17:23
seb128it's the only right way17:23
dokono, the ppa unfortunately has priority, so any builds for the archive will be blocked17:23
slangasekI don't see why this is unfortunate in this case17:23
slangasekit's unfortunate when it's a different team's silo eating the resources ;)17:24
slangasekbut it would still be a problem if a newer source package is in -proposed, regardless of whether it's had time to build17:24
dokoslangasek, seb128: if you do this, you should consider omitting these packages where debian considers to upload a new upstream with a soname change17:26
seb128it would mean delaying those packages until Debian does the uploads17:27
slangasekdoko: omitting those would mean stalling them in -proposed artificially; I think it's easier to just include them in the scripted rebuild17:27
seb128which might be longer than we want17:27
dokoor just copy the new upstream to the ppa17:27
seb128it doesn't hurt much to rename now to sync the new soname later17:27
dokoslangasek, I still doubt this can be all done until Friday, and then we'll have the problem with debian imports too, assuming the new ABI17:28
dokoLaney, did you figure out your py3.5 issue?17:29
seb128doko, he's away now I think but I would assume he was waiting for a comment from you or he would have followed up to say he figured it out17:30
seb128ok, on that note calling it a week17:37
seb128I'm going to help as I can on that transition next week17:37
seb128have a good w.e everyone17:38
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slangasekstgraber, hallyn: lxc has adt failures since the 22nd; I'm pretty sure the EPERM on overlayfs_mount is not caused by the python3.5 transition, but I don't particularly want to override these test failures for lxc itself.  Any ideas?18:28
hallynslangasek: assuming you're talking about dh-systemd liblua5.2-dev , i was assuming psivaa had some busted code there he was working on19:17
hallyn(today was the first day i saw the failure email)19:17
hallyn(assumption was due to:   )19:18
hallyn+ /home/psivaa/auto-package-testing/jenkins/run-autopkgtest19:18
hallynRSYNC_DEST not defined19:18
hallynyeah that must be something different as it passed the day before: https://jenkins.qa.ubuntu.com/job/wily-adt-squid3/23/19:19
hallynoh htat's jul 1119:19
slangasekhallyn: mm? I'm talking about a failure of the lxc test case itself: https://jenkins.qa.ubuntu.com/job/wily-adt-lxc/lastBuild/19:33
hallynsforshee actually may have seen this before.19:34
* hallyn tries to find the kernel version19:34
hallynslangasek: i notice the console output is installing a new linux-image-generic, suggesting the current kernel is out of date?19:36
slangasekhallyn: I assume the autopkgtest runs in a guest of some sort (chroot or container) so the linux package inside doesn't actually matter?19:37
hallynslangasek: doesn't matter unless the host kernel happens to be one with a overlayfs-related bug, or without the ubuntu sauce patch allowing this19:38
hallyn(meanwhlie, trying it out in a vm here)19:38
hallynjiminy.  seems like i startd a trusty vm19:39
slangasekhallyn: sure - the host kernel may have a bug, but an upgrade of linux-image-generic in the guest enviroment gives no clue whether that's the case19:48
hallyntrue.  but i still haven't found what kernel those things are running :)19:52
sforsheehallyn: I'm trying to find that too19:53
smoseris there a python friendly way of asking sysstemd "restart this service if it is running"19:54
smoserif i just 'systemctl restart service', then it will start it even if not running19:56
hallynsforshee: current wily kernel fails for metoo19:59
hallynslangasek: confirmed here19:59
hallynsforshee: so does the kernel have the right version of eric's patch?19:59
sforsheehallyn: I'm looking now to see what it has20:00
sforsheehallyn: it has a patch to enable userns mounts, but apw is the author20:02
sforsheehallyn: https://git.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-kernel/ubuntu/+source/linux/+git/wily/commit/?id=6a9e889d4a130e6445b0e9bbae2308dc4b139dfc20:03
slangaseksmoser: systemctl try-restart20:03
smoseryou'd think.20:04
smoseri just saw that too20:04
slangasekor maybe better yet, reload-or-try-restart20:04
slangasek(or force-reload which is a synonym)20:04
hallynsforshee: hm, i don't know what i'm looking at.  i assume apw is EOW...20:05
slangasekI guarantee that systemctl try-restart doesn't start a running service, because I just found a bug due to dh-systemd using it where it shouldn't :P20:05
sforsheehallyn: likely. What patch from Eric are you talking about?20:06
hallynsforshee: while i was on vacation (i think it was then) you had replied to a patch by eric saying that it stopped you running  unpriv containers20:06
sforsheehallyn: oh, yeah that was my mistake20:07
hallynSubject: Re: [GIT PULL] User namespace related fixes for v4.220:07
hallynMessage-ID: <20150706204748.GB22962@ubuntu-hedt>20:07
sforsheethat's 4.2 anyway20:07
sforsheewily is still on 4.120:07
hallyni figured it was some patch backported to stable and into 4.120:07
sforsheeoh, you're right, it did hit 4.1 stable20:08
hallynhm, my syslog has:20:08
hallynJul 24 19:58:45 lxctmp1 kernel: overlayfs: missing 'workdir'20:08
smoserslangasek, yeah, i was looking at rsyslog, and it seems its getting socket activated which confused my tests.20:09
smoserdoes 'reload' there mean "have the system reload its config" or "have *systemd* reload its unit files"20:09
hallynsforshee: fwiw lxc always tries without workdir= first, and if that fails does overlay mount with workdir=20:11
hallynwondering whether th enew patch may be messing that up20:12
sforsheethat message definitely indicates that it thinks the option was missing, but that should fail with EINVAL, not EPERM20:12
slangaseksmoser: "Note that this will reload the service-specific configuration, not the unit configuration file of systemd." systemctl(1)20:15
smoseryeah. thats what i want. just saw. thanks.20:16
hallynsforshee: sadly i'm gonna have to builda new vm with bigger disk to clone the wily source tree :(20:18
sforsheehallyn: I'm getting a vm set up now to play with it.20:19
hallynsforshee: what's the best url to uses for git clone of the wily kernel tree?20:35
hallynhttps://git.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-kernel/ubuntu/+source/linux/+git/wily/ seems a bit wrong20:35
sforsheehallyn: git://git.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-kernel/ubuntu/+source/linux/+git/wily is what I used20:36
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sforsheehallyn: so I think lxc is mounting with the overlay fstype instead of overlayfs, and only overalyfs has FS_USERNS_MOUNT set21:04
infinityGiven that overlayfs in 4.x is implemented by overlay, that seems like an odd difference?21:07
sforsheeinfinity: there's some backward-compatibility patch that apw wrote that does it. I'm not sure if this distinction is intentional or accidental.21:09
infinitysforshee: I'd assume the latter.21:10
sforsheeinfinity: maybe. There are differences between mounting as overlay and overlayfs in our kernel though, so I think I'll let apw make the call.21:14
infinitysforshee: Well, the biggest differences are of the "overlayfs needs to pull some tricks to make overlay look like overlayfs" sort.  But yes, best to get Andy's input.21:15
infinityapw: If you're still awake and care about anything anymore on this Friday evening ^21:15
sforsheeI'm about to stop caring myself21:16
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hallynsforshee: no, lxc is using type 'overlayfs'22:01
hallyni think...22:01
hallynthen again, no, that code is going backward22:04
hallynsforshee: 'overlay' was the old ubuntu-sauce one right?  overlayfs is the new one?  so 'workdir' should be used with 'overlayfs'?22:05
hallynthere, maybe pulling out 20 lines of code will help22:06
infinityhallyn: overlayfs is the old one, overlay is the new one.22:09
hallynit does!22:09
hallyninfinity: hm, that's not good22:09
infinityhallyn: We provide an overlayfs compatibility layer in the Ubuntu kernel, but upstream only has overlay.22:09
hallynsforshee: infinity: i suppose maybe apw's idea was that upstream doesn't yet support unprivileged mounts so 'overlay' shouldn't support it, only 'overlayfs' should22:15
hallynbut it used to work with 'overlay' so this is a regression in functionality22:16
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