Loganis it possible to copy a newer version of a package down to a supported release instead of manually uploading an SRU?04:41
ScottKNo, since the version would have already been used.04:44
ScottKAlso, even if you could do it, you'd still need to go through the SRU process.04:44
ScottKActually, the copy would probably succeed, but there's no guarantee that the binaries would work on the older toolchain, so it'd be a bad idea.04:49
infinityLogan: We don't copy backward for the reason ScottK stated.  Sometimes, if the versions already matched before, I'll consider copying forward (ie: sru to vivid, copy to wily, that sort of thing).04:55
Logangotcha, thanks!04:56
Riddellinfinity, stgraber: lordievader here wants to lead on kubuntu alpha 2 next week cos we're all away at akademy otherwise09:57
Riddellcan you give him admin powers on iso tracker?09:57
lordievaderDo note I have no idea what 'taking the lead' means, I'm just a simple tester ;)09:58
LaneyRiddell: can you reply to the thread and say you want to participate please?10:04
Laneyand it's some team "kubuntu release" but I can't see its launchapd ID10:04
Riddelllordievader: test the ISOs, poke others into testing the ISOs, decide if it's good enough for an alpha or not, poke people to make fixes if not10:08
Riddelllordievader: what's your e-mail?10:24
flexiondotorgRiddell, Someone else has sponsored ubuntu-mate-welcome. It is in the new queue right now.10:24
* Riddell looks10:24
flexiondotorgRiddell, The issue you've seen "works" on Ubuntu MATE because the mate-menu package is installed by default.10:24
Riddellthen it should pre-depend on mate-menu10:25
flexiondotorgRiddell, But I will release a 1.0.1 which address the dependency issue you caught.10:25
flexiondotorgRiddell, Yes, I've added that, but not release yet. Like I say, it "works" for Ubuntu MATE.10:25
Riddellgosh fonts are so complex, flexiondotorg what's an fontawesome-webfont.eot file ?10:28
Riddellwhat's the .eot ?10:28
Riddellflexiondotorg: data/css/font-awesome.css does say the font is OFL 1.1 so you can remove the comment in copyright about no versions being specified10:29
Riddellflexiondotorg: accepted!10:29
Riddellping me about the binaries in a bit10:29
flexiondotorgRiddell, Well, the fonts are essentially icons.10:31
flexiondotorgRiddell, Thanks.10:31
lordievaderRiddell: Its on launchpad: https://launchpad.net/~oliviervdtoorn10:31
Riddelllordievader: "No public address provided. " but I found it10:32
lordievaderAh, oke ;)10:32
flexiondotorgRiddell, eot are embedded OpenType fonts.10:32
flexiondotorgRiddell, Many thanks for your help.11:30
Riddellflexiondotorg: the font can be removed https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ubuntu-mate-welcome/+bug/147796211:56
ubot93Launchpad bug 1477962 in ubuntu-mate-welcome (Ubuntu) "lintian warnings" [Undecided,New]11:56
Riddellbinary accepted!11:56
flexiondotorgRiddell, OK, I'll look at that bug later. ubuntu-mate.org is under DDoS attack right now, so I'm dealing with that.11:58
rtginfinity, re-uploaded blktap-dmks for Trusty with yet another compatibility patch, this time for Linux 3.13, courtesy of smb. bug #147771812:21
ubot93bug 1477718 in blktap-dkms (Ubuntu Trusty) "blktap-dkms FTBS on kernels >= 4.1" [Undecided,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/147771812:21
Davieyarges: bug 1464253 is referenced in an SRU but still marked as Private, i guess this should be made Public now15:46
Daviey(it might have made more sense for it to be a sec upload IMO)15:46
argesDaviey: i'll takea  look15:53
argesOdd_Bloke: is it ok if bug 1464253 be made public security?15:54
argesDaviey: actually I grepped through my logs, he ACKd making this public before. So its done now.15:59
Davieyarges: Super, thanks15:59
Odd_Blokearges: Yeah, definitely.16:30
Odd_BlokeOh, caught up.16:30
Odd_BlokeCool. :)16:30
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slangasekLaney: I see you force-badtest'ed lava-server... I don't think that was correct, that means that lava-server /itself/ was let into wily, when it was the new package that was broken20:39
slangasek(when I did this for lava-dispatcher, I also removed the broken lava-dispatcher from -proposed first)20:41

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