Na3iLgood morning nabdev07:03
Na3iLmorning elacheche08:04
elachecheNa3iL, https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-awesome ?08:17
Dro__morning elacheche Na3iL nabdev08:21
elachecheYo Dro__08:23
Dro__!learn ubuntu  est un système d’exploitation open source basé sur la distribution Linux Debian.08:24
Dro__?? ubuntu08:24
Robot'ubuntu', (1/1):  est un système d’exploitation open source basé sur la distribution Linux Debian.08:24
chakerGood morning o/08:30
Dro__bjr chaker08:30
elachecheo/ chaker08:42
elacheche!learn ubuntu est un système d’exploitation LIBRE basé sur la distribution GNU/Linux Debian.08:43
elacheche-_- I have the right to kick you Robot -_-08:43
Dro__elacheche, the bot is configured to allow only users having VOICE at least to add a new topic09:15
Dro__i will make it accept any topic from any user09:15
Dro__# o Add a topic:                                voice                           #09:17
Dro__# o Delete a topic you have set:                voice                           #09:17
Dro__# o Delete a topic someone else has set:        OP09:17
Dro__# o Replace a topic you have set:               voice                           #09:17
Dro__# o Replace a topic someone else has set:OP                              #09:17
Dro__# o Search for a user's entries:                voice09:17
Dro__# o Showing who sat a topic:                    voice                           #09:17
Dro__# o Search for topics, the regular way:         none                            #09:17
Dro__# o Search for topics, body search:             none09:17
Dro__# o Search for topics, special:                 none                            #09:17
Dro__# o Display a topic:                            none                            #09:18
Dro__# o Show database stats:                        none09:18
Dro__try now :)09:18
Dro__!whoset ubuntu09:19
Dro__!forget ubuntu09:19
Dro__!forget a09:19
RobotI have 1 definition in my database (52 bytes).09:20
elacheche!learn ubuntu est un système d’exploitation LIBRE basé sur la distribution GNU/Linux Debian.09:29
elacheche?? ubuntu09:29
Robot'ubuntu', (1/1): est un système d’exploitation LIBRE basé sur la distribution GNU/Linux Debian.09:29
elachecheThis is better :)09:29
elachecheDro__, think that you'll like this http://pad.tn/p/BotWar09:30
Dro__not really :p09:39
Dro__!whoset ubuntu09:40
elachechechaker, I still waiting for your feedback about awesome :)09:51
Na3iLelacheche, did I answered about the awesome team on launchpad? my connection is suck :')09:52
Na3iLis a project like Ubuntu GNOME, it would be much better if we can create an ubuntu version LTS based on awesome wm environment..09:54
elacheche:D Na3iL Am trying to do the same thing those days → I'm working on Sabily.. Unfortunatly ADSL is down so I stopped doing that for 2 days.. Hope that I can work on that again during the weekend09:57
Na3iLvery cool, then you think the project will be going through the right way?09:58
elachecheNa3iL, you should change the Name! you can't use that name! You need to use "Ubuntu Awesome Remix" otherwise you'll get a mail from Canonical soon, and you'll do it at the end :)09:58
Na3iLah I understand, then I should remove all the pages (wiki) and make another documentation?10:00
elachecheNow technically what you should do is to start thinking what packages should be included in the disto.. As you use awesome so USERS will assume that it's a very light disto.. So you need to choice a light apps stack to install, like a LuaKit or dwb as web browser, etc.. I'll help finding the right apps names when I can..10:00
elachechedon't remove, just rename10:00
Na3iLotherwise I can keep the like which is https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuAwesome and  I change just the name10:00
Na3iLoh cool10:00
Na3iLgood, so I need u to be a part from the team10:01
elachecheLet me finish whit the technical stuff.. After listng what you'll install in the distor, start by creating a PPA and getting those apps.. So when you'll create the ISO you'll use the PPA.. It's better than use the DEBs :) ;)10:01
elachecheNa3iL, I think that you should know me better :D am always in all teams.. But can't focus 100% on any team except #ubuntu-tn :) :D If I can help I'll help..10:02
Na3iLawesome :D yup I know for that I want to be a part of the team :D10:03
elachecheActually, what I just told you to do is because I was playing arround to do the same (light distro) for my old laptop.. And trying to revive Sabily (playing with ISO customizartions).. :)10:03
Na3iLI see, I'll do it asap :D10:04
elachecheIf I'll get back my ADSL during this weekend I'll try to generate a First Sabily ISO based on 14.04.. If I'll get to that point I'll blog it and share everything with you and the Sabily's ML..10:04
elachecheAh! Just before I forgot, for a lighweight web browser.. LuaKit sucks :/ dwb is nice and uses VIM keybanding BUT, it's DEAD :'( You should try the alternatives listed in their website to choice a better one :)10:06
Na3iLawesome! hope that you back your ADSL as soon as possible10:06
elachecheAnd there is this project → https://github.com/breach/breach_core Have no idea if it's lightweight or not.. And it's still not stable, you should try it :)10:07
Na3iLokay, otherwise I'll need your help every time to do that10:07
elachecheI'll help with every thing I can :)10:08
Na3iLthanks bro :)10:09
chakerelacheche: Sorry I was busy doing some statistics on #ubuntu-tn10:09
elachecheHow is that?10:11
chakerNothing just counting number of msg each one post it :p10:13
elachecheI like you more and more chaker :) I was planning to do that → I have a good usage for that :)10:15
chakerThis only for 201510:22
Na3iLnice job chaker10:29
elachechechaker1, you'll share that on github?? I'll need you in our next project :)10:29
chaker1I will I'm working on it now, And I will be happy to perticipate10:30
Na3iLelacheche, I need your feedback if you have time about this → https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuAwesome/GettingInvolved10:31
SalahMessaoudBonjour ! o/10:31
Na3iLgood morning SalahMessaoud10:31
=== chaker1 is now known as chaker
elachecheHey SalahMessaoud, nizarus :)10:32
elachecheNa3iL, I'll do during the weekend :) right now I can just chat here because I'm working :)10:33
SalahMessaoudça va Na3iL elacheche  ?10:33
Na3iLokay elacheche, 7amdoullah et toi SalahMessaoud10:33
elachechechaker, great :) thanks dude :) Just don't forget to add a Free license ;)10:33
SalahMessaoudhmd labes :D10:34
elachecheyep SalahMessaoud :) Am so happy as there is some interaction in here :) I know that this interaction will move to the ML soon :)10:34
SalahMessaoudAwesome :D I don't like ML, way to much reading10:35
SalahMessaoudlazy to do so :D10:35
elachecheI'm not surprised :) You're lazy since the  first day we met here :D10:35
Na3iLyo Dro__19:27

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