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HulkHI have a samsung young s6312 mobile phone00:10
HulkHI want to install ubuntu on it00:11
HulkHwill Ubuntu perform well on it?00:11
kenvandinemzanetti, awesome!00:17
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kenvandinemzanetti, works great, thanks!00:31
nhainesHulkH: that phone isn't supported, so you'll need to ask the community developers doing the port.  If a port is available, you can find the only information we have here:  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Devices00:37
HulkHthanks nhaines00:37
HulkHdoes Ubuntu touch have an App store like Android?00:37
nhainesYes, it's called the Ubuntu App Store.00:38
HulkHhow many apps in that store?00:38
nhaines553 apps, 1006 webapps, and 204 scopes.00:38
HulkHThat's not bad00:39
HulkHOh I checked the ubuntu App store00:41
HulkHnhaines, many apps aren't free though00:42
HulkHvery few are free00:42
HulkHespecially in books and magazines00:42
kenvandineHulkH, most of them are free00:42
nhainesI don't understand what that means.  Most apps are free.00:42
HulkHthat's good00:42
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tuttle955iHello, should I report my observations and general expeience here?06:33
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abeatoLaney, morning, I've just created a new MP for plugins-bad to use GError in hybris in the same way as in androidmedia. Please take a look but do not just merge yet because I'd like jhodapp to take a look too09:18
Laneyhi abeato, good stuff09:22
Laneycan we put this in in a second round?09:22
LaneyI want to get 1.5 out to wily soon09:22
abeatoLaney, sure09:22
abeatoI'll ask jhodapp this afternoon about the testing09:23
JamesTaitGood morning all; happy Friday, and happy Tequila Day! 😃09:26
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m0n5t3ranyone familiar with the internals of the OS?10:51
m0n5t3rI have a BQ Aquaris E4.5, and cellular settings stopped loading (also, no sim seems to be detected)10:52
conyoo|AWm0n5t3r, http://sturmflut.github.io/ubuntu/touch/2015/05/07/hacking-ubuntu-touch-index/10:53
m0n5t3rbut /system/bin/logcat -b radio shows both sims are recognised10:53
m0n5t3rconyoo|AW: thanks, will dive into it10:53
conyoo|AWhave fun10:54
jgdxm0n5t3r, do you have a shell on your phone? (adb)11:13
m0n5t3rjgdx: even better, ssh :)11:14
jgdxm0n5t3r, great. There's a script, /usr/share/ofono/scripts/list-modems, which could give you some useful information.11:15
jgdxI think it has anonymous output as well. Mind outputting it here http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/ ?11:16
m0n5t3rService org.ofono not found on DBus: org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.ServiceUnknown: The name org.ofono was not provided by any .service files11:16
m0n5t3rofonod seems to be running11:18
jgdxm0n5t3r, does this persist over reboots?11:19
m0n5t3rI rebooted 10 minutes ago11:20
m0n5t3rdbus seems fine (dbus-monitor --system shows periodic stuff from powerd)11:21
jgdxm0n5t3r, look in the syslog for output from ofonod11:21
m0n5t3rmkay, so after reboot ofonod is not running11:33
m0n5t3rif I start it by hand I see stuff from network-manager in syslog saying it has found the data connection11:33
m0n5t3r... and unity freezes, lol11:34
ogra_wow, what did you do to your device ?11:35
m0n5t3rme? nothing, just installed some basics (vim, tinc vpn, an if-up script to add static routes to the vpn endpoints)11:36
ogra_so you made the device writable ?11:36
m0n5t3r... and enabled ssh11:36
m0n5t3ryes, and then I made it read-only again11:36
ogra_well, that might explain it11:36
m0n5t3rthe last OTA installed just fine11:36
ogra_dunno, if you installed stuff on the readonly system packages you installed could have changed bits there11:37
m0n5t3rand the issue appeared before it11:37
m0n5t3r... and the sim was working, I tested the VPN11:37
ogra_(btw, there is no need to make anything writable to enable ssh and you should use a chroot or lxc container to install dpkg packages ... there is no way to support you or take any bugs seriously from you after you canhed the readonyl bits)11:39
m0n5t3rI know I don't need writable image for ssh (the script just sets a system property)11:42
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abeatoLaney, jhodapp says we are ready to land gstreamer 1.512:52
abeatoLaney, don't we need to fill the "Additional source packages to land" field in the spreadsheet?12:53
Laneyabeato: yeah, can just do that and reconfigure it12:57
mandelkenvandine, I don't quite understand what is going on with silo 09, do you?13:07
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kenvandinemandel, udm and the click scope are stuck in wily-proposed13:11
kenvandinenot sure why13:11
kenvandinethe autopkgtests show as running for the click scope, but the job was done13:12
kenvandineso i kicked another job13:12
kenvandinemandel, ^^13:12
mandelkenvandine, ok, I was just wondering if that was the way to go, I was very tempted13:12
mandelkenvandine, lets see what happens..13:12
seb128kenvandine, because it seems it didn't see that the unity-scope-click autopkgtests are done running13:12
seb128Laney, ^ do you know who can help with that?13:12
seb128jibel, ^13:13
kenvandineseb128, yeah, not sure why it wouldn't notice the tests finished13:13
kenvandinei'm hoping another run will work :)13:13
kenvandineamd64 tests just passed13:13
seb128oh, you did a retry?13:13
seb128let's see13:13
kenvandinei386 are running now13:13
matv1jdstrand hi I am trying to get the jist of the discussion about xmlhttp request from within a qml app. specifically the mailinglist discusion started by bogdan cuza.13:22
kenvandinemandel, how's silo 17?  did you start testing that?13:22
matv1jdstrand I am correct in understand that xmlhttp requests from a qml app will not work in an apparmor confined environment?13:22
mandelkenvandine, yes, but I did not get udm to work.. but I'm a little confuse, if we are doing a sync, is that comming from wily or from silo 09?13:25
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mandelkenvandine, I'm getting SIGILL in gdb, so looking into what exactly is going on13:25
kenvandinemandel, it was a sync from silo 913:26
kenvandineof the source that is13:26
kenvandineand rebuilt13:26
mandelkenvandine, then something is going on there and is not working on vivid, I'm looking into it13:26
mandelkenvandine, weird SIGILL there.. no idea why13:28
* mandel lunch13:35
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seb128jdstrand, hey, do you know if those apparmor DENIED are known and if not where they should be reported? (that's from my bq on rc-proposed channel)13:57
seb128 operation="open" profile="com.canonical.scopes.bbc_bbc_1.8.4" name="/dev/tty" pid=27592 comm=517420626561726572207468726561 requested_mask="r" denied_mask="r" fsuid=32011 ouid=013:59
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dhbikeranyone here running MX4 ?14:13
jdstrandseb128: the telegram one is known. karni is working on it. the timeout one is bug #1376408. the tty one is harmless and likely the scope trying to write to stderr, possibly because of 137640814:16
ubot5Error: Launchpad bug 1376408 could not be found14:16
jdstrandthe tasks ones is likely the same as the telegram one14:17
seb128jdstrand, ok, thanks14:17
matv1dhbiker too general. Just ask what you want to know specifically14:18
jdstrandfwiw, karni said the telegram ones were likely not a problem14:18
davidcallejdstrand, do you mean that installed scopes shouldn't try to write to stderr? Are there negatve consequences (except that log?)14:18
jdstrandit isn't so much the writing to stderr as it is having to allow access to /dev/tty and pts14:18
seb128jdstrand, k, I had issues where apps didn't notice that the device was not connected and I was trying to see if it was an issue with apparmor/similar to the issue discussed on the list14:19
dhbikermatv1, based on the reviews i was trying to ask if its really overheating (as 40+ C ) and battery life is also a factor for me14:19
seb128seems it was not and transient but I noticed those errors so decided to ask about them14:19
seb128jdstrand, thanks for the replies!14:19
davidcallejdstrand, ok, thanks :)14:19
ogra_dhbiker, all these reviews were done before the first SW update14:19
jdstrandseb128: thart might be bug #140418814:19
ubot5bug 1404188 in Canonical System Image "QNetworkSession::isOpen() always returns false" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/140418814:19
seb128jdstrand, yeah, that's the "bug discussed on the list" I was referring to14:20
jdstrandall of a sudden something that has been working for ages seems to be a problem14:20
dhbikerogra_ 5th of july is what im looking at so then the issues are fixed ? :D14:20
ogra_dhbiker, battery life today is between 24 and 40h depending on your usage, the device still gets warm at times but far from as hot as before the first update14:20
dhbikersweet thanks for your reply ogra_14:20
ogra_and in ~6 weeks you get the next OTA14:21
dhbikeri was on N900.... went to lolipop and now im back in linux based phones14:21
dhbikerkinda miss them :D14:21
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mandelkenvandine, does this mean is done => https://ci-train.ubuntu.com/job/check-publication-migration/136935/console14:25
mandelkenvandine, when was the job kicked?14:25
kenvandine2015-07-24 14:21:04,172 INFO ubuntu-download-manager: Proposed pocket14:25
kenvandinemandel, so no14:25
kenvandineand it's still on the excuses page14:26
* kenvandine grumbles14:26
kenvandineLaney, ^^ any idea why it think's a test that's finished is still in progress?14:26
kenvandineLaney, ubuntu-download-manager on the excuses page, the test in question is unity-scope-click14:27
kenvandinemandel any progress on silo 17?14:28
mandelkenvandine, just got out of the standup, I can easily reproduce it, loaded the debug symbols and looking at the exact issue14:29
Laneykenvandine: have you tried to get hold of jibel?14:30
kenvandinemandel, thx, we're anxious to get started landing the APN editor :)14:30
mandelkenvandine, doing it as fast as possible :)14:30
kenvandineLaney, seb128 tried to highlight him earlier14:31
kenvandinemandel, understood, thx14:31
mandelkenvandine, and, yay! apn editor!14:31
Laneykenvandine: I don't know about this, all I can do is skip it14:31
kenvandinejibel, can you help figure out why ubuntu-download-manager isn't migrating in wily?14:31
Laneybut if it's broken, presumably would be a good idea to figure out why14:31
seb128Laney, can you skip the lava-server one?14:31
kenvandineLaney, yeah... the tests passed it just thinks they are still running14:31
seb128Laney, it's blocking a bunch of things and from the history it seems like it never worked (or not as far as the history go back)14:32
seb128like devscripts is blocked by it14:32
seb128and it's pretty sure the issue is irelevant14:33
mandelkenvandine, udm works with content-hub and the webbrowser (download and img) but the downloads do nothing in the system settings app, any way to debug this?14:38
mandelkenvandine, logs or something of the kind14:38
kenvandinethere is a log in .cache/upstart/14:38
kenvandinemandel, oh... i bet i know why!14:39
mandelkenvandine, shoot!14:40
kenvandinesettings wasn't built after udm!14:40
mandelkenvandine, ha, that is the reason114:40
* kenvandine forces a rebuild14:40
mandelkenvandine, I'm like 100% sure14:40
kenvandineunity-scope-click too14:40
kenvandinecontent-hub was though14:40
mandelkenvandine, which would have the same problem.. yay for ABI changes14:40
mandelkenvandine, I though we did the rebuild, no problem then, lets wait and if it works we are good to go :)14:40
mandelkenvandine, the SIGILL is comming from openssl, so we can ignore it14:41
kenvandinemandel, we did rebuild it14:41
kenvandinebut it didn't build in order in the silo14:41
kenvandineit built in parallel14:41
kenvandineso those built against the archive version of udm14:41
mandelkenvandine, oh.. well :-/14:41
mandelkenvandine, nothing hard to fix :)14:41
kenvandinei forced a rebuild of everything except udm14:42
mandelkenvandine, waisted some brain cycles, but those are "free"14:42
kenvandineso those will build against it :)14:42
mandelkenvandine, superb, I'll walk the dogs (takes less than the build) will test and wll hopefully +1 the silo14:42
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matv1Very solid and favorable review on businessinsider.com this week. Way to go guys :)14:43
jibelkenvandine, I'll have a look14:59
kenvandinejibel, thx!14:59
Laneyabeato: jhodapp: good to go?15:15
jhodappLaney, just about, rebuilding quickly15:15
jhodappLaney, had a superseded MR in that silo15:16
abeatoan issue with the MP, which was superseded15:16
Laneyoh right15:16
kalikianameh, every once in a while I forget the location input in unity7 is broken and I get so frustrated trying to add stuff15:34
kalikianaand after 10min as usual I realize "ah, right" and set it to manual again15:34
abeatoLaney, jhodapp media-hub is rebuilt, I made a quick test and all seems fine, I think we are good to go15:38
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Laneyabeato: jhodapp: it flies free15:46
LaneyI need to do the libvpx rebuilds too15:48
Laneyit won't get out of proposed until after that15:48
kenvandinemandel, silo 17 built15:50
jibelkenvandine, mandel u-d-m should be unblocked now15:53
kenvandinejibel, thx!15:53
jibeland gconf too15:54
jhodappLaney, awesome16:09
mandeljibel, awesome16:14
mandelkenvandine, testing16:14
mandeljibel, what was happening with udm? out of curiosity16:14
jibelmandel, unity-scope-click was marked 'in progress' because the tests failed to match the version of the packages in the test request and the test result. In this case the test results are discarded because there is no way to know if they correspond to this request or not. Restarting the job fixes it most of the time, otherwise fixing the version manually is fine after verifying that the version the test16:23
jibelran against are correct (and not older than requested)16:23
jibeland since unity-scope-click depends on u-d-m it was blocking it16:24
mandeljibel, one small question, the version of the so for udm was bumped to be 1, how do I tell ci to bump it in the changelog, or should I do it manually?16:32
irssiany idea how to debug this: ubuntu-device-flash --bootstrap --wipe, etc. finishes correctly, then the phone reboots, shows spinning logo for a while, reboots again and then just displays the bq logo forever?16:37
irssi(BQ aquaris e4.5, stable channel)16:37
irssiadb devices sees it, but says it's offline16:38
jibelmandel, no idea :)16:38
irssidamn, forgot to change the nick16:38
ogra_ --bootstrap --wipe is definitely redundant :)16:38
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ogra_you want either or ...16:39
m0n5t3rsorry 'bout that16:39
m0n5t3rok, will try again then16:39
ogra_(just drop the wipe16:39
ogra_and indeed, make sure to have the right recovery.img (and to use the --recovery-img option with it)16:40
m0n5t3rI have this one: http://people.canonical.com/~jhm/barajas/recovery.img (suggested by http://sturmflut.github.io/ubuntu/touch/2015/05/05/hacking-ubuntu-touch-part-1-ubuntu-device-flash/)16:43
ogra_yeah, that should be fine16:44
m0n5t3rflashed again, same thing: pushes the files, reboots into recovery, recovery does its thing and reboots again, it is stuck at the boot logo16:45
m0n5t3ra serial port would be useful :)16:45
ogra_using --bootstrap ?16:46
ogra_and what channel ?16:46
ogra_can i see your complete command ?16:47
m0n5t3rubuntu-device-flash touch --bootstrap --channel=ubuntu-touch/stable/bq-aquaris.en --recovery-image=/tmp/recovery.img16:47
ogra_hmm, that looks all fine16:48
kenvandineElleo, any progress on the autopilot keyboard issue?16:48
m0n5t3rogra_: http://paste.ubuntu.com/11931064/16:49
ogra_m0n5t3r, yeah, nothing wrong with that ... and you see the spinner with the weird progressbar after that ?16:50
m0n5t3ryes, and then it reboots16:51
ogra_(i.e. after it rebooted in recovery)16:51
ogra_how long did you give it at the white logo ?16:52
ogra_it might have to regenerate all apparmor profiles ... that can take quite some time16:52
m0n5t3rit's been there for more than 5 minutes already16:52
ogra_give it ten more16:52
m0n5t3rI'm on a train and signel is getting spotty, I'll leave it like this and see if it starts eventually16:53
ogra_the apparmor stuff can be a pain of first boot16:54
Elleokenvandine: yeah, it's in silo 2 now if you fancy testing it, only fixes the SHIFT <-> CAPITAL state issue though16:56
kenvandineah, not the SYMBOLS ?16:57
Elleokenvandine: no, that's a different issue (that I'm not really clear on the cause of yet)16:57
kenvandineok, i can try it though :)16:58
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thebishopHi All, Is ubuntu touch likely to work seamlessly with the new ASUS Chromebook Flip?  I love the idea of swapping between desktop unity and touch UI17:16
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popeythebishop: never heard of that device17:17
thebishoppopey, it's just coming out, though it is based on a fairly common rockchip chipset.  I don't care so much if it literally works today. Just that these hybrid convertible devices will be able to flip between desktop/touch mode17:19
popeysounds fun :)17:20
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popeythebishop: someone who has one would need to port it17:20
kenvandineElleo, ok, i tried it but can't say if it's better or not... since i have the SYMBOLS <-> CHARACTERS issue :/17:21
Elleokenvandine: yeah, you can manually test the thing its fixed by tapping shift, then a key then shift again within 400ms (before it'd end up in caps, now it ends in shift), but it won't help with the symbol switch17:23
alinso is there any way to reflash an ubuntu meizu?17:27
jgdxalin, if you have an ubuntu desktop it's a breeze17:37
alinjgdx: I do not this is the issue...17:38
alinjgdx: and seems to be a little bit of pain in the neck to build the ubuntu-touch-flash on other linuxes17:39
jgdxalin, what do you want to achieve?17:39
tathhu"The pull-down has a major flaw, however, in that it's accessible at any time, even on the lock screen. " loool17:39
jgdxchange channels or --wipe?17:39
alinjgdx: for the moment nothing have a way to reflash the thing if things go wrong17:40
jgdxtathhu, that doesn't sound right… :=17:40
tathhujgdx: reviews a phone and doesn't check settings,, 5/5. :D17:40
jgdxalin, what's going to go wrong?17:41
jgdxthe system is read-only, and a factory reset will factory reset :)17:41
alinjgdx: when you hack things go wrong...17:42
qxmen31hello, im going to install ubuntu touch on my android phone( Lenovo A526), and there are several images with different suffixes like "flo" or "generic" and ... . i don't know which image should i download. can anyone help me?17:44
brobostigonthey are all code names for the various hw, like occam/mako for my nexus 4.17:49
qxmen31well, my phone is Lenovo A526.17:51
qxmen31i think i gotta choose "generic" , right ?17:51
brobostigonwell, all the images will be hw specific, as all hw is different. if the images dont exist yet for it, it will needed to be ported to that hw.17:53
brobostigonfor example, i could download the nexus7 image, and flash it onto my nexus4, howeve rit wouldnt run as they are spepcific to that hw.17:56
brobostigonso would need the nexus4 specific image.17:57
qxmen31brobostigon, and also there are 4 types of images, (boot,recovery,system,touch) . i need all 4 images?18:00
brobostigonqxmen31: are you looking on system-images.ubuntu.com?18:01
qxmen31im looking here http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-touch/daily-preinstalled/current/18:01
brobostigon system-image.ubuntu.com i where you should get from.18:03
qxmen31brobostigon, i don't know which image i should get! and this is the problem :(18:14
brobostigonqxmen31: as i said, if  an image for your device isnt there, then it is ready to be ported by someone, and that needs to be done.18:16
qxmen31brobostigon, ok, thanks.18:17
brobostigonyw qxmen3118:18
brobostigonqxmen31: as in the example above, dont flash an image that isnt designed speficilly for your device, breakage central.18:19
qxmen31qxmen31, yes alright.18:20
brobostigonqxmen31: from what i can see, an image doesnt exist for your phone, so it is ready to be ported by someone.18:22
qxmen31brobostigon, can i do that by myself? if so , how ?18:23
brobostigonthere is a porting guide link in the channel topic.18:23
qxmen31brobostigon, ok thanks.18:26
brobostigonyw, qxmen3118:26
TonyBostonhaha, now that is bad bad bad18:29
TonyBostonwhen I plug my aquaris E5 into the computer, with Fedora I can just browse all folders on the device18:30
TonyBostonsame with PC-BSD18:30
TonyBostonbut in Ubuntu18:30
TonyBostonit can't connect...18:30
mardykenvandine: hi! DO you have an idea about this? http://askubuntu.com/questions/638911/apparmor-denial-when-trying-to-open-file-using-content-hub18:45
mardykenvandine: I think I'm seeing the same problem, but my app is QML18:46
mardykenvandine: or maybe it's not the same: I'm seeing this:18:47
mardyJul 24 21:31:54 ubuntu-phablet dbus[1798]: apparmor="DENIED" operation="dbus_method_call"  bus="session" path="/" interface="com.ubuntu.content.dbus.Service" member="KnownDestinationsForType" mask="send" name="com.ubuntu.content.dbus.Service" pid=8284 label="it.mardy.ttrss_ttrss_0.5.1-0" peer_pid=6104 peer_label="unconfined"18:47
kenvandineoh no, someone is using the c++ API18:48
kenvandinemardy, and you have content_exchange in your policy?18:48
kenvandinethat should allow access to that18:48
mardykenvandine: yes, I do; but I just added it. Maybe I need to reboot or something?18:50
kenvandineyeah... the policy might not have refreshed18:53
kenvandineif you bump your app version i think it does18:53
kenvandineand it does on reboot18:53
kenvandinemardy, ^^18:53
mardykenvandine: ok, let me try18:53
JanCis there no support for webm in the Ubuntu Touch browser?19:16
popeyJanC: there is19:17
popeyJanC: http://people.canonical.com/~alan/screenshots/device-2015-07-24-201801.png19:18
popeythats one playing at the bottom19:18
JanChm, then why streamable.com clips aren't playing...19:22
JanCseems like Android has the same issue19:22
NymeriaFrHello guys19:31
NymeriaFrIs someone know if I can use openCV with ubuntu touch ?19:31
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popeyNakanut: i think someone has done that, yes.20:11
NakanutSorry, getting used to this kiwi clinet on the bq20:14
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