diddledanlol @ https://twitter.com/pinkyswearing/status/623596946490429440 (swearing ahead!)00:35
zmoylan-piwell there was the discworld book the fifth elephant00:40
diddledangoogle states the obvious: http://googlewebmastercentral.blogspot.co.uk/2015/07/google-case-study-on-app-download-interstitials.html01:54
diddledanmy mac has a process called "lsd"02:08
diddledanI wonder if it's psychedelic02:08
knightwiseMorning peeps05:24
mapppshey knightwise05:40
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MooDoomorning all07:15
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bigcalmGood morning peeps :)08:33
davmor2Morning all08:45
davmor2MooDoo, diddledan: Good one this morning, bloodhound gang The Bad Touch08:55
davmor2popey: MooDoo: I just remember about this song https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h61QG4s0I3U  and  popey no it's not 80 or even 90's :P09:06
brobostigonmorning boys and girls.09:20
JamesTaitGood morning all; happy Friday, and happy Tequila Day! 😃09:25
JamesTaitdavmor2, https://youtu.be/8hLQCA2h8kA09:29
brobostigonmorning popey09:34
davmor2JamesTait: I forgot that one I was thinking this one https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DVyZVd9AuGo09:40
JamesTaitWhat is that noise?09:42
davmor2JamesTait: Ofcourse when it comes to drinking songs you can't beat this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RTjC6rxHz8g09:43
zmoylan-piand remember if you celebrate tequila day that tequila is for a night out but a tattoo is forever :-p09:44
JamesTaitdavmor2, but it doesn't have tequila. At least I don't think it does.09:44
zmoylan-piunless you have access to serious laser...09:44
davmor2JamesTait: I know, it's a shame09:44
bigcalmIf I do ctrl-alt-1, is there a way to undo the window alteration without getting my mouse out to move it to restore previous size and location?10:53
davmor2bigcalm: what happens if you press the key combo again10:56
bigcalmdavmor2: nothing10:59
davmor2bigcalm: http://askubuntu.com/questions/28086/what-are-unitys-keyboard-and-mouse-shortcuts11:01
bigcalmdavmor2: ta11:02
bigcalmI have the domain name winningnumbersapp.com. I've done nothing with it and it's due to expire 2015-08-19. Anybody want me to transfer it to them before it expires and is open to carpet baggers?11:04
* zmoylan-pi imagines a fortune cookie random lottery number generator for people lucky lottery numbers with repeated and impossible numbers just for the helluva it... :-p your luck numbers are 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and -7211:06
zmoylan-pi1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1 and 211:07
zmoylan-pibonus points for making this weeks numbers be last weeks winning numbers11:12
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TwistedLucidityShameless plug: https://www.reddit.com/r/linux/comments/3efo2f (LinuxBierWanderung 2015 in Wiltz, Luxembourg)12:09
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diddledaninteresting thoughts on AI https://www.microsoft.com/en-gb/developers/articles/week01apr15/her-cortana-and-artificial-intelligence-could-you-fall-in-love-with-an-operating-system/?CR_CC=200438481%3FWT.mc_id%3DCRM_DX_FY15_MAAlwaysON_EMAIL_11711002_5269_540287812:23
zmoylan-pian m$ operating system? ;-)12:23
TwistedLucidityzmoylan-pi: Abusive relationship?12:27
zmoylan-pithey didn't call them punch cards on original computers for nothing...12:28
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penguin42diddledan: Doesn't resolve here13:29
penguin42haha nice13:32
zmoylan-piwhen i first saw it thought it said bacon.fail  that doesn't even make sense, how can bacon fail??13:32
bashrcunder excessive load?13:35
zmoylan-piload bearing bacon...13:36
bashrcdrive carefully13:36
zmoylan-pisnap my rashers13:36
brobostigonlolz * 213:36
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diddledananywho, the backronym fail does appear to be a real vulnerability14:36
diddledanargh, I've got bean on the brain doing mr boombastic14:38
penguin42diddledan: I like his piss take on the need to have a backronym for it14:44
diddledanpretty meta to have a backronym called backronym :-p14:45
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penguin42diddledan: Of course the problem is that the time to repair critical failures is going up as people have to figure out the backronym for the failure and design a scary website14:58
diddledanpenguin42: don't forget the logo14:59
diddledanmorning daftykins15:31
daftykinshallo o/15:31
daftykinswhat's new? bit of a damp day here15:31
brobostigonheavy rain all day here.15:32
diddledanwet here too15:36
brobostigonoh dear, apparently wont stop untill early tmrw morning.15:42
diddledan"it was a moist night"15:42
daftykinslike good carrot cake15:43
diddledanor american pie?15:43
brobostigonintermittant dampness.15:43
diddledaninappropriate dampness :-p15:44
brobostigoni didnt think you could have described this persistant rain as inapropriate.15:47
brobostigoninteresting idea though.15:47
daftykinsanyone running wily? is it on a v4.0.9 kernel?16:27
* diddledan plays with wily16:27
* diddledan wistles noncholantly16:28
diddledanall family friendly, here, folks :-p16:28
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diddledanooh, it's clocking-off time already16:33
* diddledan clocks-off16:33
diddledangot work later tonight tho - patching gentoo (is that the correct plural of gentoo?)16:34
diddledanone gentoo, many gentoo?16:34
daftykinsdidn't you wake up at lunch? ;)16:35
daftykinsgentee? :D16:35
popeyLinux deep-thought 4.0.0-4-generic #6-Ubuntu SMP Tue Jun 30 20:49:28 UTC 2015 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux16:39
popeyon my wily laptop16:39
daftykinspopey: ty sir16:39
popeynot rebooted for a week though, so ...16:39
daftykinsi figure it usually stays on a main version?16:39
popeylinux-image-extra-4.1.0-2-generic is installed but not booted to it16:40
daftykinsjust suggesting to someone to try a mainline kernel due to intel issues16:40
popey.oO( I should reboot )16:40
popeyyeah, from the kernel ppa, wise16:40
diddledanI need to commit to git16:44
diddledan"do you, diddledan, take git to be your lawful source repository?"16:45
diddledanno not commit in that sense! :-p16:45
DJonesdiddledan: I'm glad you didn't change the "re" to "su"16:45
daftykinsdon't give him ideas!16:47
mapppsgot a viewing next wed16:57
mapppsapartment 2 mins from me16:57
mapppscould almost throw my stuff there16:57
mappps£1150 a onth16:58
mapppsthen £89 internet 100 fo water/elec roughly16:58
daftykinsmaybe you can drop your tubes to a contract you get the speed of this time?16:59
mapppsi might half it16:59
mappps89 is quite a lot..no?16:59
daftykinswell it might be ok if it really was the advertised speed :>17:00
mapppsliving on y own again17:01
mapppsahhh perfect17:01
DJonesmappps: £1150 per month?, what is it? 6 bedroom with en-suite +jacuzzi, gymn & pool? I pay <£400 to buy a 3 bedroom house17:03
diddledanDJones: wow17:03
diddledanthat's cheap17:03
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daftykinsmust be in a warzone :)17:04
mapppsare you kidding DJones17:04
mappps1 bed pokey flat17:04
mapppspool and squash courts17:04
mappps5min walk to work17:04
diddledanpool and squash courts?!17:05
DJonesdiddledan: Normal prices for here, I think we got in before morgages went silly17:05
diddledanno wonder it's spensive17:05
mappps2 squash courts17:05
mapppsand a pool17:05
mapppsbut no ac17:05
mapppsso i can lie in a pool of my sweat as normal17:05
DJonesdaftykins: Its 10 miles from liverpool..., so warzone isn't far off17:05
DJonesSaying that, crime reporting in the area consists of somebody trying to pinch the fake grass at the house over the road17:06
penguin42doesn't think it would be much different across here in Manc17:07
mapppsbut i have sun everyday17:08
mapppsand can walk to spain17:08
mapppsbetter than manc/lpool:D17:08
penguin42mappps has a point17:08
mappps300 days of sun17:09
mapppsnever need heating17:09
mapppsUK is a dump compared to here17:09
penguin42can't you send us some of that over a VPN ?17:12
mapppsshould come work here17:12
mapppsi earn a shed load17:12
mapppslive in the sun17:12
mapppsgo on holiday 6x a year17:12
mapppsget around £3.6k after tax17:13
mapppsand £8-9k 2x a year with bonus17:13
* penguin42 checks the code of conduct for the terms about rubbing it in17:13
mapppsthats why i had to laugh when a guy i briefly know that works at the gym was trying to talk down to me and my job in front of his litle work mates17:14
mappps18k a year receptionist..yes youre successful at 35 pal17:14
mapppshis job is scanning my card giving me towels..wow17:15
hamitronmappps, but he gets to look at all the hot chicks ofc17:17
mapppsyea il still pass17:17
mapppspretending he lives the dream..hes one of the brits that comes to gib works in a nothing job17:17
mapppsand HAS to live in la linea17:17
mappps(big big dump ) worst part of spain people say17:17
mapppsyou can get a 3 bed for 400 euros..then come to gib £1200 for 1 bed lol17:17
* penguin42 guesses those are similar to London prices17:22
* hamitron waits for firefox to catch up (2 mins and counting)17:22
mapppsyea penguin4217:38
mapppsthey are17:38
mapppscan get 2 bed for $1700 but i have noon to share with17:38
mapppsmy 'budget' was 1500 for myself17:39
penguin42looks like you can get a 4 bed detached rental for 950GBP around here17:41
mapppsprob over 2.5k here17:42
penguin42but I'm about 4 miles outside teh centre of the city17:43
diddledanthis is what the windows 10 dvd will look like: https://www.thurrott.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/07/media.jpg17:51
daftykinsdiddledan: i guess it'll be too much to ask for it to be USB 3.0, but that'd be amazing18:26
diddledanit's got a blue inner, which is the usual indicator that it's 3.018:27
daftykinsyeah i did wonder18:27
daftykinssome nice read speeds to an SSD would be nice :>18:27
diddledanI really need an SSD in my desktop18:27
diddledanit's sooo slow18:27
daftykinswhat is your deskie spec again?18:28
diddledanit's an AMD Bulldozer 8core thingy with 16 GB of thrust^H^HRAMs18:29
diddledanI might upgrade soon18:30
penguin42yeh I run the OS off an SSD - great improvement18:30
penguin42OS and home, but then still have spinny rust for most of my projects18:31
diddledanapparently the next iteration of amd cpu is going to move from their weird two-integer-one-fpu thingy to the hyperthready system that intel use18:31
DJonesdiddledan: I use an SSD in may home laptop, unless you;'re worried about an extra 30 seconds bootingup, I haven't found any benefit at all,18:32
penguin42ah good,  and the fab that AMD have access to have got much better I think since last time - so I hope they'll be a bit more competitive18:33
diddledanthey're citing huge performance gains18:33
diddledanbut considering their complete no-show in terms of performance at the mo that might put them just behind intel :-p18:34
daftykinsSSDs do way more than boot up time18:35
diddledan<random>I've got to collect a parcel tomorrow18:35
penguin42DJones: Really? I find it way more responsive18:35
daftykinsmy friend thats over atm has a Windows 7 bitlocker encrypted machine, high spec but it boots and logs in slower than mechanical =|18:37
DJonespenguin42: But once its booted up, I sthere areally a noticable difference in general use (web/email etc), I can't find any diffference18:37
daftykinsi figure it must not be a microsoft e-drive compatible setup, which uses the hardware controllers built in encryption capabilities18:37
daftykinshuge difference in every task for me :)18:37
diddledan<continued random> the parcel has one of these thingies in it: http://www.kryoflux.com/18:37
penguin42DJones: Maybe not for web, but starting applications etc18:37
diddledanyeah, it's starting programs and bootup that I'm finding really painful18:39
diddledanmy other systems with SSD are much more usable18:39
DJonespenguin42: Might be the way I use my computer, I come home from work, switch it on, open irssi, pidgin, polly, email, there's absolutley no performance gain in that type of usage18:40
* diddledan pines for Solid States18:40
penguin42DJones: Yes, that's possibly true - what's polly?18:40
DJonespenguin42: The best twitter client on linux18:40
diddledanpolly pocket!18:40
penguin42DJones: Ah, I'm not a twit18:41
* diddledan twats the twits18:41
DJonesHowever, maybe abandonware now18:41
diddledanjeebers - win10 has had updates daily the past few days18:45
daftykinsbuilds or just security level fixes?18:45
diddledanthis one is citing the KB at https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/kb/307468618:47
diddledanwhich mentions being an OOBE patch18:48
diddledanOOBE = Out Of Box Experience18:48
diddledani.e. the intro you get when you first upgrade18:48
daftykinsi know it well18:48
daftykinsmust be fine tuning the content yarr18:49
daftykinsi still feel a bit hesitant as to how 'complete' it'll be on day one18:49
diddledanmaybe, just I don't get how applying it to already upgraded systems helps them test it18:49
daftykinsi know it'll be worked on but damn, got enough hassle with games not being ready on release :)18:49
diddledanmy surface pro is refusing to apply the firmware update that was released yesterday :-(18:51
diddledanSystem Firmware Update - ‎23/‎07/‎2015 - Error 0x8024601318:51
diddledancan't find _anything_ helpful about that error number18:51
daftykinswas it delivered over WU?18:51
daftykinshmm i guess that's the only way you can get MS product updates?18:51
daftykinsnot like a normal electronics manufacturer where their site has a downloads page?18:52
diddledanI'm just hoping that MS are getting metrics reported about it so they can try to figure out what's going wrong18:52
daftykinsdiddledan: this is from another chan, seems up your alley :D http://i.imgur.com/eH4l2KZ.png18:52
diddledanthere might be a download page, I haven't looked18:52
diddledanthat looks like it's last month's and for win8 :-(18:54
* diddledan admonishes daftykins for not finding the right one :-p18:54
daftykinssweet, my xbox one copy of dying light just sold on ebay :D19:00
daftykinsbought it for a mate but he changed his mind19:00
daftykinshmm gotta post it up to Falkirk19:01
daftykinswherever that is *whistle*19:01
daftykinspossibly legit leaked info on the next intel gen19:04
daftykins33% upward graphics improvement and 10% general CPU minimum19:04
penguin4210% **YAWN**19:08
penguin42if it can't execute my code before I've finished writing it I'm not interested19:09
daftykinsi think broadwell stuff is currently around 3.5x faster than my core 2 quad desktop19:11
daftykinsnice to keep seeing that multiple increase19:11
penguin42not sure what it would give over my early i7 (i7-860)19:12
daftykinsprobably still in the order of 2.5-3x19:14
daftykinsbut yeah with discrete graphics and non-mobile it's definitely less relevant19:14
mapppswaywad pines time;D19:22
daftykinswe had fajitas19:55
diddledan<3 fadgeters :-p19:55
daftykinsi think i might need parental supervision next time i'm chopping veg though19:55
daftykinsmanaged to be a bit of a liability19:55
diddledanoh dear19:56
daftykinsthough i haven't sprung a leak which is odd19:56
penguin42daftykins: Have you counted your fingers?19:57
diddledandon't be silly, he can't count :-p19:58
daftykinsi can count to potato?19:58
penguin42you mean without his fingers?19:58
daftykinsit's a Guernsey thing.19:58
diddledanI thought potato was irish19:58
diddledanmoos are guernsish19:59
diddledanor are they jersish?19:59
daftykinsGuernsey golds are where it's at (for the cows what moo)19:59
diddledanaww, she's a nice m0020:00
daftykinsi believe that was immediately before or after a racehorse impression, if you get me20:00
diddledanshe won the sweepstakes cup?20:02
daftykinswow i was just wondering why a foreign person was speaking out in the street20:03
daftykinsstood up closer to the front door, was my house guest upstairs haha20:03
diddledanyou're next to france. you're full of foreign people20:04
daftykinsall the cruise ships are in again too20:04
daftykins150 this year apparently20:04
diddledanthat's a lot20:04
daftykinsthat's hundreds of photos of the little pastry shop 'victor hugo's boulangerie'20:05
diddledanI bet you get pukka french baguette there?20:05
daftykinsi've never popped in tbh20:06
daftykinsopens too early for me ;)20:06
daftykinstook my friend into pasty presto the other day though20:06
daftykinsamazing chocolate torsades20:06
diddledanchocolate ftw!20:07
* diddledan like croissants with chocolate in20:07
daftykinsthey're to die for20:07
daftykinsoh wow chocolate in, mmm20:07
daftykinsthink we bought a cheese filled one the other day20:07
mapppswayward ines is a bit silly20:39
daftykinsis it not pines?20:49
foobarryalmost finished my thingy20:49
foobarryweak photo because wifey doesn't want the light on20:50
diddledanfoobarry: are you going to play with your thingy?20:50
foobarryno, i will shelve it20:51
foobarryafter flying it round the house. although i have concerns20:51
foobarrythat the cabinet might be too slim20:52
foobarrythe rigging was a bit fiddly20:52
foobarrymy first time20:52
foobarrysky at night seems to have improved since sir patrick left20:54
daftykinsfoobarry: nice work!20:54
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foobarryta chaps21:00
foobarryneed to do the shaun the sheep model next week with kids21:00
diddledanshauno's a sheep!?! :-p21:01
foobarrydaughter asks to see my wallace and gromit model every morning21:02
daftykinsdiddledan: you'd know this if you two met up for a pint ;)21:03
diddledanif he's a sheep he might not survive. what with my welsh blood and all21:03
foobarrysome guy charged unwitting tourists £206 for a 10 min rickshaw ride :(21:04
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daftykinssurely you couldn't make anyone pay for that21:08
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mappps27c atm21:19
mapppssweating buckts lol21:19
mapppsyea ridiculous foobarry21:19
daftykinstime to scoot o/21:29
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