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dandradermzanetti, the strip-u8-tags.py script got 8.10+15.10.20150710-0ubuntu1 in trunk12:55
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olliis there a way to pass a commandline argument into a QML app via qmlscene?13:16
olliwhat I am trying to do: as I can't evaluate env vars in QML and as I am (at this point) trying to avoid to implement a component that would do that, I was hoping I could cheat and pass the required data as commandline parameter13:17
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josharensonmterry: have like, 2 minutes, to talk about greeter/debian packages?14:01
mterryjosharenson, sure!14:02
josharensonmterry: cool! So, I guess a simple question would be, did you envision the greeter (desktop/full lightdm version) being its own exe?14:02
mterryjosharenson, it could be, but there's not technical reason for it.  I envisioned it being the same exe with a different argument14:03
josharensonmterry: otherwise, I'm not sure how to break it out into a deb, as it is essentially just unity814:03
josharensonmterry: yeah I'd rather just keep it the way it is.. I'm just not sure what to put in the package I guess14:03
mterryjosharenson, separate deb would depend on unity8, and ship the /usr/share/lightdm/greeters/*.desktop file14:03
josharensonmterry: oh thats easy, ok14:04
mterryjosharenson, plus maybe whatever plugins are greeter specific?14:04
josharensonmterry: cool, I was thinking it would be more complicated14:04
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josharensonmterry: and yeah probably liblightdm-qt (or whatever its actually called)14:04
mterryjosharenson, right14:05
josharensonmterry: cool, thanks14:05
mterryjosharenson, I think my old split branch has an example of such a split (though that may have used a separate exe.  but rest of packaging would be similar)14:06
josharensonmterry: ok I'll take a look, also looking at the packaging details of unity-greeter a bit14:07
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dandraderdednick, https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/147620114:42
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1476201 in Mir "Dynamic double buffering fails to detect inertial dash scrolling as slow; and stutters instead of scaling up to triple buffers." [High,In progress]14:42
dandraderdednick, he has two branches attached to this bug14:42
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dednickdandrader|afk: ta14:44
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