Felishiahelp! :303:07
nhainesIRC does not work that way.  :/03:10
RoguehorseSt.Rose in Hayward was awesome! They are handling both my MediCal and SSDI claims for me. All i had to do was sign where she highlighted.04:28
RoguehorseThat's a really big weight off me.04:28
pleia2wow, that's wonderful to hear04:28
RoguehorseYeah, hopefully I'll be able to get my biopsy in about a month then the doctors can build a plan04:29
RoguehorseSSDI might take up to a year though04:31
RoguehorseI'm still responding to recruiters and opportunities...but my limitations are pretty severe so I don't hold my breath for many of them04:32
Roguehorsehaving SSDI and be able to teach both my Fall and Spring courses regularly would be really good04:33
Roguehorseand if I could talk them into a summer course as well, I'd be golden04:33
Roguehorsewhen I started, they pretty much guaranteed me that Fall and Spring were regular guarantees. Then when I contacted them to tell them I was sick, they said the Fall class was no longer scheduled04:36
RoguehorseI don't know what happened, but I'm pretty devestated with it .... now, I'm not sure what my future is there04:37
RoguehorseHow are things on your end? Good?04:38
Roguehorselots of travel?04:39
pleia2actually just finished almost 2 months of being home, which was nice04:41
pleia2but then on Friday I flew to portland, did the community leadership summit and a few days of oscon, came home yesterday04:41
pleia2today was work, laundry, gym with trainer, event this evening...04:41
RoguehorseAh man, that's right! Saw those Tweets =)04:41
pleia2I come home and check on IRC and start working more x_x04:41
pleia2and I really need to work on my book tonight04:41
pleia2but it's been such a long day, might crash04:42
Roguehorsefer sure! \o/04:42
RoguehorseYeah, all I can really do right no is chase down medical dilemma04:42
RoguehorseI have a lot of loose ends I have to make sure I tie up on time frames04:43
Roguehorseone bite at a time though04:43
* ianorlin tried installing gentoo in a vm but messed it up and find it too fiddly not that I can't do it but if I make one mistake it propigates04:43
ianorlinwhereas something even like the server installer is much easier as I can't mess it up with a typo04:44
Roguehorseianorlin: eeek.04:44
Roguehorsesounds like work man04:44
pleia2I've dealt with migraines my whole life so I thought I understood pain, but I was in constant pain with my gallbladder issues for 3 months last year, I have a whole new appreciation for folks who really struggle with a constant condition04:44
pleia2those 3 months were brutal beyond anything04:45
RoguehorseI had one migraine in my life and I was paralyzed to my bed terrified because I couldn't move...I will NEVER forget that moment04:45
pleia2at least they go away and you can get back to a normal life04:46
pleia2months of constant pain is life-sucking04:46
Roguehorsetrue, my condition used to correct in 7 to 10 days with theregular meds04:46
Roguehorsethis time, I'm not responding to the meds04:46
pleia2yeah :(04:46
Roguehorseit is, all protein is being lost through the urinary tract04:47
RoguehorseI was ready to die walking from one end of Walmart today to the other04:47
pleia2yeah, that's awful04:47
RoguehorseI'm only 45!04:47
pleia2it was nice that they were able to just chop out my stupid gallbladder04:48
pleia2tomorrow is the anniversary of my surgery \o/04:48
RoguehorseI was hoping for 55/60 beforethis sh**04:48
Roguehorsewell, my feet are killing me...I have to go, can't sit anymore04:49
Roguehorseyou guyts be well...04:49
pleia2good night04:49
nhainesGood night!04:49
pleia2o/ nhaines04:52
nhaines_o/ pleia2!04:55
ianorlinwb Nairwolf05:05
Nairwolfhi ianorlin ;)05:29
ianorlinhi Nairwolf05:29
philipballewfigured what was up with my ip.20:28
philipballewIm behind a nat.20:28
philipballewreally should have guessed that...20:28

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