RochvellonBashing-om: after installing kde-runtime it's the same error00:00
t0keBashing-on, tried that. No luck00:00
redfeltt0ke, :\ sorry, that's a new one to me00:02
Rochvellonand i don't use kde. all i want is to remove lubuntu00:03
Bashing-omRochvellon: Paste the complete command amd it's output, maybe I can see what the blockage is - in context.00:03
Bashing-omt0ke: The required repository enabled ?00:04
RochvellonBashing-om: http://paste.ubuntu.com/11927927/00:05
IceNine9how long should it take to write an Ubuntu live iso to a USB (2.0)?00:05
Bashing-omRochvellon: look'n at http://paste.ubuntu.com/11927927/ .00:05
cynicistIceNine9, takes me maybe 2 minutes00:06
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IceNine9it's been way longer…00:06
IceNine9is there a way to check status other than by killing the process?00:06
wileeeIceNine9, Let me guess you dd'd it?00:07
cynicistIceNine9: assuming you are using dd, I'm not sure once it's started, but check this out for future reference. https://askubuntu.com/questions/215505/how-do-you-monitor-the-progress-of-dd00:08
IceNine9yeah I dd'd it, why?00:08
IceNine9is there a faster, more optimal way?00:08
cynicistIceNine9: not in my experience00:09
cynicistIceNine9: are you certain you selected the correct drive?00:09
HulkHCan I install Ubuntu on my smartphone?00:09
wileee!touch | HulkH00:10
ubottuHulkH: Information about the Ubuntu Touch platform for Phone and Tablet is available here https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch . Support and discussion in #ubuntu-touch00:10
IceNine9well, I selected /dev/disk1 and not /dev/disks1/2/300:10
HulkHthanks ubottu00:10
cynicistIceNine9: you mean /dev/sdX?00:11
IceNine9yeah, sorry…00:11
IceNine9under diskutil list, I get ones like this: disk0s300:11
IceNine9(but thats obv not the disk I wrote to)00:11
Rochvellonwell, Bashing-om, I'm purging some of the last installed packages and now i shall install openjdk00:11
cynicistIceNine9: One thing I make sure to do, that I used to forget, is to be sure you are targeting '/dev/sdX' and not '/dev/sdX1'00:12
cynicistIceNine9: so the disk itself, not a partition on it00:12
redfeltdo I need to install an extra package to do Internet Connection Sharing? Is clicking "Use as hotspot" not enough?00:12
IceNine9right, I made sure to do that00:13
cynicistIceNine9: Use 'df -h' to check the disk btw, you may find the info you need from the Use% column (how much has been written)00:13
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IceNine9thanks, I'll try that00:13
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Guest60517Does changing operating systems take a toll on your computer hardware?00:15
cynicistGuest60517: Not in any significant way, no more than writing files or executing programs normally would.00:15
Guest60517cynicist: what flavor of ubuntu are you on00:16
cynicistGuest60517: Unity00:17
Guest60517cynicist: version?00:17
cynicistGuest60517: Wily Werewolf, latest dev00:18
Guest60517Is it newer than 15.04?00:18
Guest60517I have never heard of it00:18
cynicistGuest60517: 15.10 I believe, on a new ultrabook. It's quite nice.00:18
Bashing-omRochvellon: You have done all I know to do, Do not know what to advise now about "kde-runtime" .00:18
Guest60517Let me guess... Asus? :p\00:19
wileeeGuest60517, Do you have an actual support issue, this channel is not for polling.00:19
cynicistGuest60517: Yes it's basically what is coming up next. The current version is 15.04.00:19
cynicistGuest60517: HP Spectre x360 actually00:19
Guest60517i am looking to build an android developer environment on my pc im on kubuntu 15.04 kde plasma00:19
Guest60517the tutorials are for ubuntu 14.0400:20
Guest60517should it work all the same?00:20
kostkonGuest60517, check out ubuntu make00:21
cynicistGuest60517: Yes it's no different. You basically need java installed and then you can download the sdk from Google and run it00:21
cynicistGuest60517: and add path variables if you want to be fancy and execute it anywhere, see here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AndroidSDK00:22
Guest60517cynicist: Can you stay on here and help me?00:23
cynicistGuest60517: Sure. Ignore the part near the bottom about udev rules, it's outdated00:23
Guest60517cynicist: Im new to syncing sources for android and stuff00:23
cynicistGuest60517: I'm no expert, but I managed to do it to get updated android tools and it's not that difficult.00:24
Guest60517cynicist: Im just switching to the kubuntu00:25
Guest60517cynicist: I tried on ubuntu 15.04 but all kinds of errors00:25
OerHeksxangua +100:25
cynicistGuest60517: How did you try to install it?00:26
OerHeksoh and kostkon gave the good android sdk answer too00:26
redfeltI foun this guide http://ubuntuhandbook.org/index.php/2014/06/share-internet-with-android-ubuntu-1404/ and this works, kind of surprised Ubuntu's built in "Use as hotspot" doesn't work tho.00:26
ubottuPlease elaborate; your question or issue may not seem clear or detailed enough for people to help you. Please give more detailed information, errors, steps, and possibly configuration files (use the !pastebin to avoid flooding the channel)00:27
Guest60517cynicist: http://wiki.cyanogenmod.org/w/Build_for_d2vzw00:27
ubottusudo is a command to run command-line programs with superuser privileges ("root") (also see !cli). Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for more information. For graphical applications see !pkexec (for older releases: !gksu and !kdesudo). If you're unable to execute commands with sudo see: http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/fixsudo00:30
ubottugit is a distributed revision control/software code management project created by Linus Torvalds. For more information, see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Git_(software)00:30
cynicistGuest60517: People here in the channel are recommending that you add a ppa which can automatically configure things for you which is not a bad idea. https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-make00:30
ubottuAPT is the Advanced Package Tool, which together with dpkg forms the basic Ubuntu package management toolkit. Short apt-get manual: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AptGetHowto - Also see !Synaptic (Gnome), !Muon (KDE) or !Apper (KDE)00:30
pandbhey, what's the name of that ubuntu-based distribution that's pretty much a rip-off of OSX?00:30
OerHeksGuest60517,  /msg the pot private please00:30
pandb(not that i find anything wrong with that sort of thing)00:30
Guest60517pm me cynicist00:30
kostkonpandb, elementary os00:31
cynicistpandb: elementaryOS, though I disagree with the assertion00:31
pandbthat's it00:31
pandbfair enough00:31
pandbthat's just most salient thing I could remember about it00:31
wileeepandb, Another salient thing is very little support for it.00:32
pandbi just wanted to read some more about it00:33
ubottuPlease ask your questions in the channel so that other people can help you, benefit from your questions and answers, and ensure that you're not getting bad advice.00:36
RochvellonBashing-om: I don't know also what to do and i don't wanna install something from kde00:38
Mike9863My Unity launcher is not hiding. I have it set to autohide in Unity Tweak Tool and I've even tried the four finger swipe to manually hide it, but it continues showing. Can someone help me resolve this?00:40
Mike9863Nevermind, there was a CCSM setting that was preventing it from hiding00:42
OerHeksdirt in a corner probably00:42
OerHeksoh is unity tweak not ccsm friendly ?00:43
Auctusthere are a whole bunch of randomly named files in my home folder, how come? abctxefo.gxj?00:43
OerHeksAuctus, all .gxj ?00:44
Auctusno, .nei .ryp . fps .hvk .qkl00:44
pepeecan some ubuntu dev please fix this in ubuntu 14.04 ? https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/cups/+bug/137093000:44
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1370930 in cups (Ubuntu) "apparmor cups samba problem no printing" [High,Fix released]00:44
Auctusi think theyre all 0 bytes00:44
Auctusjust installed ubuntu couple days ago00:45
OerHeksAuctus, no idea00:47
OerHekspepee, strange, bug was fixed  answer #9 " This bug was fixed in the package cups - 1.7.5-2ubuntu100:49
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OerHeks!info cups trusty00:49
ubottucups (source: cups): Common UNIX Printing System(tm) - PPD/driver support, web interface. In component main, is optional. Version 1.7.2-0ubuntu1.6 (trusty), package size 173 kB, installed size 807 kB00:49
pepeeOerHeks, read the last comment00:49
RochvellonBashing-om: i think, if found the solution. i'm using dpkg --purge ... and now i see, why it's gone wrong: hplip needs gksu or kdesudo00:49
OerHeks!info cups vivid00:50
ubottucups (source: cups): Common UNIX Printing System(tm) - PPD/driver support, web interface. In component main, is optional. Version 2.0.2-1ubuntu3.2 (vivid), package size 166 kB, installed size 778 kB00:50
pepeeOerHeks, did you read the comment?00:50
Bashing-omRochvellon: Well. You do well .00:51
OerHekspepee yes, but 'we' are on cups 2.x ....00:51
OerHeksbad thing for the LTS version not to go with us :-(00:51
RochvellonBashing-om: and thx :)00:52
pepeewait, your mask says you are an ubuntu member... and you are telling me this?00:52
Bashing-omRochvellon: :)00:52
pepeeand that's why ubuntu is going down...00:52
wileeepepee, THis is not a developer channel.00:53
OerHekspepee, i am not on the cups dev team, but they sure must have a reason to stay on 1.7200:53
OerHeksbut i wonder..00:53
pepeeOerHeks, you can't use a VM? how about diffing the relevant configs?00:53
pepeewileee, which one is it?00:53
pepeeit can't be that difficult, check if one bug affects other releases, by checking the very same files that are being changed00:54
wileeepepee, There are 1000's of developers you are on a goose chase talking with any, however you could upgrade to 15.04.00:54
pepeewow, that's your solution? seriously?00:54
wileeepepee, No that is the reality, you could install another version, but would not be supported here to start with.00:55
wileeepepee, The OS does not revolve arouns a handful of users having a bug00:55
pepeeno, that's neither solution not reality, the bug was fixed in one later version, and you could diff a few files and check the problem00:55
pepeeyou could also automate it00:55
wileeeyou should get on that ;)00:56
pepeeI'm not being paid by canonical00:56
wileeenone one is here either, very few developres00:56
pepeeotoh, the 1000's of devs are, aren't they?00:56
OerHekspepee, me neither, this is community effort.00:56
pepeefine, are the maintainers being paid?00:57
OerHeksand the cups patches come from upstream debian, maybe it is in proposed.00:57
acovrigI’m trying to setup a mail server, I believe I have DNS setup correctly; I’m trying to use postfix/dovecot (that seems best, should I use something else?) how do I force it to use /var/mail/%u instead of /home/%u/Maildir?00:58
wileeelinux gives you what you pay for, the time not money to improve it00:58
pepeethat bug is > 8 months old00:59
pepeewileee, so you use windows?00:59
pepeealso, by that logic, water is free... it should be terrible00:59
pepeeor air, I dunno00:59
pepeemarket logic is just stupid00:59
pepeenot logical or rational as they try to sell it01:00
cynicistpepee: That's the unfortunate reality of Linux distros at the moment. It's not easy to upgrade packages that also rely on newer dependencies. It's not a simple issue to fix with the current state of things (you can't expect resources on every single small bug that a user could encounter)01:00
wileeethats the reality of all the OS01:00
pepeelinux distros? some distros are far better... because they hear the users, and promote the community01:00
cynicistpepee: That may change in the future, but for now the easiest solution would probably be to upgrade01:00
pepeeyou are just lying, sorry01:00
wileeelinux is much more flexible01:01
pepeewileee, ^01:01
NewtewewbewntewIs this a support channel?01:01
pepeeyeah, it is flexible, you can diff a few config files and fix a patch that is already fixed01:01
wileeeubuntu support yes01:01
pepeeNewtewewbewntew, yes, just ask01:01
OerHeksNewtewewbewntew, yes, we also have #ubuntu-discuss (hint for all)01:01
cynicistpepee: That is not flexible for anyone except those who can fix the problems themselves through coding a solution, and I'm assuming if you are here then you are not one of those people.01:02
pepeecynicist, I could, but it would take a lot of time, and I'm not a package maintainer anyway01:03
pepeeotoh, ubuntu could, for example, have better patch management systems01:03
OerHekshi, you must have a reason to run lts, one thing i can imagine is the switch to systemd + cups2. but still that 1.75 update should be long gone in updates.01:04
NewtewewbewntewOkay, first problem: I have a dual monitor setup using x.org x server - nouveau drivers, two graphics cards with one display plugged into each card. My cursor is almost constantly flickering on my primary monitor, but it's especially bad when I'm watching video or using the cpu at all.01:05
xangua(19:59:17) pepee: also, by that logic, water is free... it should be terrible  - This is a comunity, free support channel; if you want you can get payed support from Canonical 24/701:05
pepeebtw, doesn't redhat pay ALL of their devs?01:05
cynicistpepee: so you are not willing to put in the time, despite being personally affected by the bug, but you expect their developers to devote their time to this issue? It's just not realistic imo, they have other priorities too.01:06
pepeekinda funny that canonical isn't paying devs01:06
OerHeks14.10 had 1.7.5-3ubuntu1 .. but it died today01:06
pepeecynicist, the patch is already there, what am I supposed to do?01:06
pepeeother than report that fact...01:06
ubottuCompiling software from source? Read the tips at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompilingSoftware (But remember to search for pre-built !packages first). Also read !checkinstall01:06
* wileee hums the funeral march01:06
OerHekspepee one thing to check is the proposed repo... maybe it is hanging there01:07
pepeeOerHeks, I think I already enabled proposed01:08
OerHekshmm file a bug report then.01:09
pepeethere are a few already01:09
carlosthejackalhello world01:09
pepeethat one, for example01:10
OerHeksor confirm one.01:10
cynicistpepee: If there is a patch have you attempted to build from source and apply it?01:10
carlosthejackalHow is everyone doing tonight?01:10
pepeecynicist, no01:10
pepeeI didn't build the package01:10
NewtewewbewntewUsing two GTX275s with a dual boot setup (two separate internal hdds). I've done a bit of googling for support and thus far have found only: outdated support for old versions of ubuntu that don't have any effect on my problem, or suggestions to disable the "extra" display (which I don't have) in display settings.01:11
cynicistpepee: http://pascal.nextrem.ch/2010/05/06/build-ubuntudebian-packages-from-source-and-apply-a-patch/01:11
pepeethe bug is not even a cups bug...01:11
carlosthejackalaren't those cards outdated themselves?01:12
cynicistpepee: ah ok, I didn't follow the whole convo between you guys so I'm unaware of the details of the problem.01:12
Newtewewbewntewcarlosthejackal yes... one of the reasons I'm giving linux a try to begin with.01:12
carlosthejackalI'm using 2 gtx760 FTW 4gig each card and don't have any issues01:12
pepeecynicist, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/cups/+bug/137109701:13
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1371097 in cups (Ubuntu) "cupsd is not allowed to access /var/cache/samba/gencache.tdb by apparmor" [Undecided,Fix released]01:13
NewtewewbewntewInteresting to note however, that when I try the nvidia proprietary drivers, the flickering goes away completely.... but so does my ability to use a second monitor.01:13
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carlosthejackalI have 2 monitors and  it even supports my 4k resolution01:14
Newtewewbewntew14.04 lts btw01:15
carlosthejackal4k FTW01:15
carlosthejackalOnly if I could play GTA V and Battlefield 4 on Ubuntu I would be super happy01:15
steven__hello test01:15
carlosthejackalHi Steven01:15
cynicistpepee: Ah I see, it's a bug in the apparmor profile of the cups-daemon package. Did you try the solution mentioned there?01:16
pepeeerr, wait, no, that's not the bug report...01:17
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1370930 in cups (Ubuntu) "apparmor cups samba problem no printing" [High,Fix released]01:18
Newtewewbewntewalso, might I inquire as to a well known, effective and free antivirus/firewall?01:18
pepeeit's quite sad that that ubuntu devs/maintainers argue AGAINST fixing bugs. that's the attitude is what bothers me01:19
Bashing-om!virus Newtewewbewntew01:20
pepeealso, there is not even a patch file in the report itself, but... there is a patch file, obviously01:20
ubottuAntivirus is something you don't need on !Linux, except where files are then passed to Windows computers (perhaps using Samba). See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Antivirus01:20
NewtewewbewntewDual booting with windows... I think it's pretty important to me.01:21
cynicistpepee: Can't disagree with you there, a patch file would be handy01:21
carlosthejackalantivirus for linux hahahahahahahah01:22
pepeecarlosthejackal, would you say that android is linux?01:22
NewtewewbewntewSuch a welcoming and informative bunch you are.01:22
cynicistNewtewewbewntew: Try ClamAV01:22
pepeecarlosthejackal, also, would you say that linux has vulnerabilities and that there is targeted malware for linux?01:22
carlosthejackalit  is linux01:23
pepees/targeted malware/malware targeted/01:23
carlosthejackalWindows, and Apple was built on LINUX01:23
pepeeoh, a troll01:23
NewtewewbewntewBashing-om cynicist, thank you.01:24
cynicistNewtewewbewntew: Np, check out ClamTk for a decent gui as well01:25
cynicistNewtewewbewntew: I use it on files for friends who run Windows, I agree that it is handy01:25
Firefishepepee: I thought Apple wax built on BSD.01:25
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Bashing-omNewtewewbewntew: :) All we can do is try and help. I do not run -anti-virus- so can not advise directly .01:25
pepeeFirefishe, it was, yes, I didn't say otherwise01:26
NewtewewbewntewBashing-om no worries, I understand the nature of community support.01:26
OerHeksIf you run a server, use naigos to monitor your stuff, with antivirus signatures you are too late01:26
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NewtewewbewntewOerHeks, not running a server yet but I'm thinking of giving it a shot. Thanks for the info.01:31
brandoif you add a second hard drive to an ubuntu box, do you just chown the drive to be able to read/write on the drive? or is there something else that's more secure?01:31
reisiobrando: secure?01:31
reisiobrando: secure from what?01:31
brandowell I'd like to encrypt the drive and have it accessible after the initial bootup01:32
jamesd_doesn't the ubuntu installer have that option, probably easiest unless you have a good linux base to start from01:33
reisiobrando: mmm, number of ways you could do that01:34
reisiobrando: I would go with encfs, personally, as it's incredibly straightforward01:34
reisioyou might get slightly better performance with some other approaches, though01:34
OerHeksmake that disk lvm + luks ?01:34
carlosthejackalcan  you run minecraft in ubuntu?01:35
reisiocarlosthejackal: yup, minecraft is Java™ nonsense01:35
OerHekscarlosthejackal, sure, there are installer scripts somewhere in softwarecenter01:35
NewtewewbewntewSo no words on my flickering cursor? It really isn't that important, but other than relatively slow startup of most things linux (which is probably due to my older hardware) it's the most bothersome part about moving from Win7.01:35
reisioJava™ is portable thanks to C01:36
reisioNewtewewbewntew: flickering cursor?01:36
carlosthejackalmy system loads up in seconds but then again I have top of the line products01:36
NewtewewbewntewYes, dual monitors on dual graphics cards (gtx275) using x-org x server, flickering is only on my primary monitor.01:36
OerHeksah you don't see that splash screen too, with ssd01:37
reisioNewtewewbewntew: what driver?01:37
NewtewewbewntewWhat do you USE your top of the line hardware for carlosthejackal?01:37
reisiocarlosthejackal: load even faster if you stop turning it off01:37
reisioyou might try nvidia's01:38
NewtewewbewntewDid that, breaks my second monitor.01:38
Newtewewbewntew.... *sigh* this is a long one.01:38
carlosthejackal2 4k monitors acer, gtx 760s FTW 16 gb of ram, 8 tb hard drives, 750d, AMD 8 core processor01:39
carlosthejackalv6 gtx cooler01:39
carlosthejackal1000 watt power supply01:39
NewtewewbewntewNvidia drivers DO fix the flickering cursor, but when I enable the second monitor in x server gui, my secondary monitor (x monitor 1) becomes a useless black screen that I can't utilize as desktop space. (the cursor turns to an 'X' and I can't drag anything to it.)01:39
carlosthejackaland that 2 gtx 760s sli mode 8gb total01:40
carlosthejackal4gigs each01:40
NewtewewbewntewImpressive, what do you use it for again?01:40
carlosthejackalmy 2 gtx 760s run equal to a 780ti01:40
Newtewewbewntewreisio, I did try fiddling with the controls a bit, eventually effecting a mirrored mode that broke my login. (After password entry, both screens went black for a few seconds and returned me to the login prompt.)01:42
carlosthejackalGTA V, Battlefield 4, COD series01:43
carlosthejackalall on 4k01:43
reisiocarlosthejackal: so interesting01:43
reisioNewtewewbewntew: all dvi?01:44
NewtewewbewntewThat sounds like fun.... I think I'd be doing that if I had the $$ to spend on high end gaming rigs, rather than trolling support ircs with your big tech dick.01:44
reisiobeats playing games, amirite01:44
NewtewewbewntewDVI from the cards, the one to the flickering cursor monitor is flipped to hdmi as it is a small tv i'm using.01:45
reisioNewtewewbewntew: this is plain Ubuntu?01:45
Newtewewbewntew14.04 LTS01:45
reisioso it's hdmi because it hasn't dvi?01:46
reisioNewtewewbewntew: you have mutter? ('which mutter')01:46
NewtewewbewntewI do not.01:46
reisiommm, I guess mutter wouldn't be a great test, anyway01:46
reisioinstall openbox and run 'openbox --replace', see what happens (re: cursor)01:47
NewtewewbewntewMeh, I can give it a shot, getting it anyway.01:47
reisioNewtewewbewntew: any displaylink involved?01:48
NewtewewbewntewNot that I'm aware of.01:49
carlosthejackalI use display ports01:49
NewtewewbewntewBut I'm also not really sure what that is.01:49
reisiocarlosthejackal: we just assumed01:49
reisioNewtewewbewntew: okay, do the openbox thing01:49
NewtewewbewntewTried, got an ubuntu internal error... pretty sure it didn't take.01:51
NewtewewbewntewWM on screen 0 is not exiting.01:51
NewtewewbewntewTrying sudo01:51
carlosthejackalanyone uses lollypop player?01:52
carlosthejackalrythm player is just plain and boring01:52
Newtewewbewntewreisio ! That seems to have done it!01:52
NewtewewbewntewEverything is a bit more "snappy" too... what's up with that?01:53
xanguaclementine music player is the music player everyone needs carlosthejackal01:53
Newtewewbewntewreisio: Thank you very much for your help.01:54
=== achernya_ is now known as achernya
carlosthejackallooks boring02:03
reisiomost music players do02:04
OerHeksClementine can handle large collections pretty fine, with build-in equaliser.02:04
reisio...most music players can :p02:05
whallzhow can i scroll my terminal while using screen ??02:10
reisiowhallz: CTRL+a, ESC, {usual keys here}02:10
whallzreisio: cool02:13
reisioso cool02:13
reisiowhallz: you can also use space to select something02:13
reisiowhallz: and then CTRL+a, ] to later paste it02:14
dinhngoctrangwell well wel02:14
reisioa well-a well-a well-a HUH tell me more tell me more02:14
dinhngoctrangnewbie :)02:14
whallzreisio: danke02:15
=== NotANick_ is now known as NotANick
carlosthejackalthat celemtine player02:16
carlosthejackalits pretty nice02:16
carlosthejackalI like it02:16
dinhngoctranglike :)02:17
reisiogood fruit, too02:17
carlosthejackalI like it02:17
carlosthejackalits bad ass02:17
dinhngoctrangass ??02:17
dinhngoctrangtell me more about hack ?? :))02:18
carlosthejackalwe dont talk about hack02:19
reisiovkbcel: not you though02:20
reisiohi Ghhos702:20
Ghhos7so we dont get to talk about hack02:20
reisioyou can talk about 'hack'02:20
Ghhos7okay im not here for that anyways i want to talk about the tor browser02:21
Ghhos7and the .onion sites02:21
vkbcelwhy you name is red02:21
vkbcelsorry for my english02:21
reisioGhhos7: mmm02:22
Ghhos7cuz he sent the msg to you we dont see his msg or name as red just you02:22
reisiovkbcel: your IRC client has an exceedingly juvenile nick coloring system02:22
reisiomy nick is red either because it is six character long, or because my message includes your nick02:22
reisiovkbcel: test02:22
Ghhos7reison: do you know much about it?02:23
reisioGhhos7: I know as much as I care to know02:24
Ghhos7reison: and how much do you care to know XD02:24
carlosthejackalthats how you know you're in canada02:24
vkbcelmy xchat don't have menu bar02:27
Ghhos7okay guys if anyone can help me get my hands on some .onion sites that does work and are online please hep me out i have played around on tor browser but never got what i was looking for02:27
happyfr0ggGhhos7-  try reddit. They usually have a good selection but I am not sure how current they are.02:28
Ghhos7thank you happyfr0gg02:29
=== Blaster is now known as Guest57867
reisiovkbcel: CTRL+F9, or right click anywhere, View >02:29
happyfr0ggGhhos7-  you are welcome.02:30
dinhngoctrangwho come level 3 on deep wwed ??02:30
happyfr0ggGhhos7-  The #tor channel is at irc.oftc.net.02:30
happyfr0ggGhhos7-  You can inquire there if you wish.02:31
dinhngoctrangmy english is baddd :((02:31
Ghhos7i didnt know they had that might check it out thank you gain happyfr0gg02:31
vkbcelit's not working but thanks02:32
happyfr0ggI tried to join the channel on Freenode and it did not go through. That is when it told me the actual network the channel operates on.02:32
dinhngoctrangtor for ubuntu ??02:34
carlosthejackaltor is ugly02:35
Ghhos7tor is not too hard to install for ubuntu dinhngoctrang02:35
carlosthejackalI'm on a VPN so don't need TOR02:36
Ghhos7happyfr0gg i dont think anyone on the #tor is online02:36
dinhngoctrangi can see tor in software Center  tks :))02:38
happyfr0ggGhhos7-  I just posted a question there. It may take some time before anyone submits a reply.02:38
Ghhos7i didnt know they had that i do everything with terminal XD dinhngoctrang02:39
ubottuTor is a program to route connections through several servers for anonymity. It is in Ubuntu's repositories, but the Tor Project recommends using their Tor packages due to past issues with Ubuntu's. For setup info, see option (2) of https://www.torproject.org/docs/debian.html.en | To use Tor on freenode, see !tor-sasl02:39
Ghhos7happyfr0gg i didnt get it on my client can you help me out all i did was open the chat with the #tor you sent me it opened ##nottor tho02:40
carlosthejackalI wish I could make the irc chat look like the terminal02:40
carlosthejackalis that possible?02:41
happyfr0ggGhhos7 & dinhngoctrang, SelekTOR allows you to choose which country Exit Nodes you wish to use.02:41
dinhngoctrang thank  ubottu02:41
happyfr0ggGhhos7-  what chat client are you using?02:41
Ghhos7happyfr0gg: xchat02:42
carlosthejackalI want the background to be black02:42
happyfr0ggGhhos7-  Okay. In the upper left corner (XChat) select New Server Window.02:43
carlosthejackalalmost bedtime02:44
happyfr0ggGhhos7-  In the New Server Window that opens up. Go to Network List and choose OFTC as the IRC network and connect. From there, type in /join and then the pound symbol tor.02:44
carlosthejackalgotta head out to the gym02:44
carlosthejackalgoodnight my nerdies02:45
carlosthejackalhave a great night02:45
dinhngoctrangwhere are you from ????02:45
happyfr0ggMy laptop battery is about to go. I might return later.02:46
Ghhos7happyfr0gg: when might later be XD02:47
dinhngoctrangroom is boring XD02:47
carlosthejackalNot telling you02:47
svetlanadinhngoctrang: Hi.02:47
carlosthejackalreason I'm on VPN02:47
carlosthejackalso you don't know where I'm at02:47
svetlanadinhngoctrang: Welcome to IRC, freenode. The network focus is on making copyleft (broadly licensed) things. #ubuntu focus is on support for the Ubuntu GNU/Linux distribution.02:48
carlosthejackalI'm a ghost in the night02:48
carlosthejackalGhost Dog02:48
svetlanadinhngoctrang: The channel includes people from each continent, but only a small fraction are awake and active. How may I help you? What are your expectations?02:48
carlosthejackalsounds like the name of a vodka drink02:49
Ghhos7haha this dude is funny XD02:49
svetlanacarlosthejackal: it is, and it is my nickname. (I do not like too much attention to me as a person, of course; else this channel would be unusable.)02:49
eltopolinoSo with the recent update i did, both my sound channels have merged into one, left and right.02:50
eltopolinoHow can i fix this?02:50
carlosthejackalyou mean its on MONO02:50
Ghhos7why does the vodka dude talk as if he is siri on IOS or some shit02:50
svetlanacarlosthejackal: Yes, that's what he means.02:50
svetlanaeltopolino: Upgrade from what to what, what desktop environment are you using, and is it fixable in your sound preferences or does it ignore them?02:51
carlosthejackalGoogle it02:51
eltopolinowell i just updated not upgraded, i have been googling, come up with nothing02:51
eltopolinoIn the sound preferences i select Analog Stereo Output02:52
svetlanacarlosthejackal: Not all people here, for being new users, know what to Google, or how to interpret the results.02:52
eltopolinoI do test left and/or right02:52
eltopolinobut both left and right play through both channels02:52
svetlanaeltopolino: Do you have external speakers? Does it behave in a stereo way? (If you don't, that is fine, but I figured it'd be one way to troubleshoot).02:52
eltopolinoI am just plugging headphones into the back02:53
eltopolinoLet me try to plug them in the front jack02:53
eltopolinoNope theyre still mixed02:54
svetlanaAre you experiencing the problem in the headphones, or in the built-in speakers, or both?02:54
eltopolinoMy output is mixed02:54
svetlanaIs it mixed in the headphones, in the builtin speakers, or both?02:55
eltopolinoSomething i noticed, before on the Analog Stereo i would get a Volume scroll02:55
eltopolinoNow i see a Left and Right balance02:55
carlosthejackalmight be your driver bro uninstall and reinstall02:55
eltopolinosvetlana, its mono/mixed coming out , through every application02:55
eltopolinoIt wasnt like this 40 mins ago02:56
svetlanao_O do you *HAVE* built-in speakers at all?02:56
eltopolinoBefore i restarted02:56
svetlanaAh ok. I would pastebin dmesg. And say the graphics card model.02:57
svetlanaIf it had problems with loading the module it would probably mention them in a log.02:57
eltopolinoIm not using the videocard sound02:58
eltopolinoJust the regular motherboard output02:58
LonelyDanboI broke Wine by apt-get update and apt-get dist-upgrade, and now my games won't run. It gave different errors the first time but now skips them. 1st was rundll32.exe - .NET Framework Installation Error "unable to find a version of the runtime to run this application"03:01
LonelyDanboHm. WoW gave different errors during the changes to winecfg the 1st time compared to Terraria. though they both gave Gecko Installer errors.03:05
LonelyDanbogod I hate my life.03:05
LonelyDanbothis is so pointless.03:05
LonelyDanboI feel like going back to the botnet.03:05
ultragamecardwhat botnet?03:05
LonelyDanbo"the botnet". It's what people erroneously term the surveillance state. use windows, use IE, use nothing that protects you.03:06
ultragamecardso me rn03:06
eltopolinoOk so i uninstalled pulse and alsa but the sound is sitll working like before03:07
eltopolinoShould i restart to see that it doesnt work , so i can reinstall it03:08
LonelyDanboI've been away from Windows for over a year now, but other than a few weeks of hell trying to set up software initially, I've barely touched anything. and then as soon as I try to update Xubuntu {which it still didn't @!#$%ing do!} it breaks the games I play and I have to start over.03:08
Ghhos7hey guys anyone got an idea of what i need to write a botnet script or whatever honestly i am very noob and only know html n css03:08
Ghhos7i want to make a "zombie army" and do fun stuff for the lolz03:09
tonyyarussoGhhos7: That's not appropriate for Freenode.03:09
Ghhos7for who?03:09
ultragamecardGhhos7: would a javascript botnet work?03:09
ultragamecardit has no persistance03:09
Ghhos7will a javascript really do it? i want to be able to get all the information from a computer on my botnet and do some Ddos atacks with them03:10
Ghhos7ofc all this without the user knowing its happening03:11
ultragamecardfor research only03:11
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!03:11
somsipGhhos7: so take this somewhere else please03:11
ultragamecardhere: https://hack.chat/?c91xrsv403:12
LonelyDanboI'm so tired. I can't deal with life. what the... WoW is running despite the errors? or at least an "initial setup of required data files". might utterly fail after that.03:12
Ghhos7how do i connect to that chat ultragamercard03:12
ultragamecardGhhos7: https://hack.chat/?c91xrsv403:12
ultragamecardit's a link03:12
ultragamecarduse a browser03:13
Andre______Im running ubuntu off of a 8gb flash drive.03:14
Andre______and im trying to install ubuntu onto a 32 gig flash03:15
Andre______i ran the install ubuntu thing03:15
Andre______and its been at Running "update-grub"03:15
Andre______for 4 hours03:15
tonyyarussoAndre______: Please don't randomly bang on the enter key...compose your thought and *then* start typing.03:16
=== gerald is now known as Guest11500
svetlanaAndre______: Hi.03:19
Andre______How do i post my log? the install thing is still running. when i hightlight the log in the bottom of the window, and i do control C it types ^C and doesnt copy it, when i right click it, no options come up.03:19
dinhngoctranghave room has a litte girl ??03:19
svetlanaAndre______: Can you attempt the install one more time and, if it still has this issue, check the integrity of your download using md5sum? IIRC update-grub is a relatively incomplicated part of the install.03:19
svetlanaAndre______: Is it connected to network?03:20
Andre______Well, for the first part it wasnt. then when it was taking forever on update-grub i then connected03:20
Andre______Is that the issue?03:20
svetlanadinhngoctrang: As said before,  The network focus is on making copyleft (broadly licensed) things. #ubuntu focus is on support for the Ubuntu GNU/Linux distribution. -- You are unlikely to "just meet" people; for that, please use your local Linux and Free/Open-source meetups.03:21
svetlanaAndre______: Connecting to the network is not an issue. If the log contains an error message, we should upload it on the Internet somewhere.03:21
Andre______it has lots of warnings03:21
svetlanaAndre______: Do you have a mouse? Can you /select/ it?03:22
Andre______what is /select/? and yes i do have a mouse03:22
plytroanyone familiar with sssd setup?03:22
svetlanaAndre______: Just select it, and then open a web browser and middle-click to paste what you selected.03:23
svetlanaSelect it by your mouse, just like you would as if you were trying to copy it.03:23
Andre______wow, i didnt know you could do that. http://paste.ubuntu.com/11928442/03:24
=== Blaster is now known as Guest12705
svetlanaNone of these look grub-related. Would attempt the install one more time and, if the issue persists, go back to checking the integrity of the download.03:25
Andre______ill get back to you when its at where it is now03:26
dinhngoctrangare you admin ?? svetlana ??03:26
Andre______if it freezes03:26
Andre______uhh, how do i quit it? There is no X and no cancel or anything03:26
=== sport|steak is now known as sportman
svetlanaAndre______: If you're going to stop and start from scratch, just press the power button, I think.03:27
eltopolinoOk so when i switch the balance fully to either channel ( left of right) , when i click play left nothing comes out, but when i click play right it comes out of both channels03:28
eltopolinoAnd vice versa03:28
dinhngoctranghow to select  IRC channel ??03:31
reisiodinhngoctrang: /join #foo03:34
reisio/msg alis list *bar*03:34
dinhngoctrangtor room ??03:38
=== sportman is now known as sport|linux
dm444Anyone familiar with fakeraid on unbutu 14.04?03:48
bodhi_zazendm444, sure, you taking a poll you do you have a question?03:49
=== link is now known as Guest74109
cre8torxhaving problems did an update and now it can't find my graphics card03:50
dm444nope. a poll. bye :)    . ok kidding   .   I had a bit of trouble/confusion setting up the fakeraid/sofware raid a tthe start. long store short many hours of the Intel matrix stuff giving me trouble and then just turned it off and used whatever i could do manually in the server install menus with i think LVM . in any case it's running. it looks there but I think maybe i goofed the partion settup.  How can I verify the setup to see if it 03:51
dm444some tools i ran gave me odd results of what partitions and formats are there.03:52
cre8torxcan't run the cgi in low graphics mode only console03:52
bodhi_zazencre8torx, does it work with an old kernel, what update? what hardware ? what driver ?03:52
cre8torxkylin,7870 radeon03:53
bodhi_zazendm444, you want to confirm you are using fakeraid ?03:53
bodhi_zazendm444, can you run mount | pastebinit03:53
cre8torxno not even with the old kernel03:53
dm444well... yes essentially. i think i saw only 1 partition bootable (don't i need both just incase?  what commands can i run to confirm :) its all good03:54
dm444bodhi_zazen:  sure03:54
bodhi_zazendf -h |pastebinit03:54
cre8torxi didn't make a grub boot but it automaticly did after the update03:54
cre8torxsystem update that is03:55
dm444bodhi_zazen:     http://pastebin.com/5fWXbPn403:56
HowI need help how to run my .exe program on Ubuntu using "DOS Emulator". I have tried all the tutorial I can search but I can't still run my .exe program03:57
reisioHow: what program is this?03:57
cre8torxubuntu is running in low graphics mode03:58
cre8torxthats the problem03:58
Howit's a software from my client.. used for encoding\03:58
=== Guest74109 is now known as einnerlink
cre8torxwhats the driver download for ati through synaptic or what ever for the drivers03:59
HowReisio, are you familiar how DOS Emulator works?04:00
reisioHow: for encoding?04:00
bodhi_zazendm444, dmraid -r ; dmraid -s04:00
=== einnerlink is now known as linker
HowReisio, yes04:01
bodhi_zazencre8torx, so install the driver and see if it helps04:01
dm444bodhi_zazen:  dmraid not a command on this system.04:02
bodhi_zazensudo dmraid ...04:02
HowReisio, I have tried to run other .exe on DOS Emulator.. and it works. but when i tried my .exe program i can't run it04:02
bodhi_zazensudo apt-get install dmraid ;)04:03
cre8torxquestion what's the path for the driver downloads04:03
dm444no dmraid.  i think its "mdadm" ?04:03
cre8torxsudo app-install ????????????????04:04
dm444ok..checking it out.....04:05
cre8torxsudo app-install ????????????????04:05
wileeecre8torx, bodhi_zazen gave you the command04:06
svetlanacre8torx: ok04:07
wileeecre8torx, Err sorry with no nics I missed it was for another never mind my bad04:07
bodhi_zazencre8torx, http://askubuntu.com/questions/22118/can-i-install-extra-drivers-via-the-command-prompt04:07
reisioHow: for encoding what04:07
svetlanacre8torx: what hardware is it?04:07
bodhi_zazensvetlana, "cre8torx> kylin,7870 radeon"04:08
cre8torx7870 ati radeon04:08
HowReisio, can we talk somewhere else more private?? 'Coz I might break some legal rights since this "Software" is registered to my client04:11
OerHekssudo ubuntu-drivers list # to seeyour device and availabledrivers, sudo ubuntu-drivers autoinstall #speaks for itself04:11
bodhi_zazenHow did you try wine ?04:11
dm444bodhi_zazen:  whats the diff between dmraid and mdadm?04:11
bodhi_zazenwine /path/to/.exe04:11
svetlanacre8torx: see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto/AMD04:12
ultragamecard@How https://hack.chat/?7e7vz8es04:12
OerHeksultragamecard, please don't spam04:13
reisioHow: sure04:13
ultragamecardhe wanted a private chat04:13
ultragamecardok sorry04:13
Howreisio, where can we have private chat?04:14
somsipHow: /msg {user} {message} will open a private window04:14
svetlanaHow: reisio: see what somsip said. Web browser based chat is more slow.04:15
reisiosvetlana: quoi?04:15
reisiooh, n/m04:15
bodhi_zazenmdadm -D /dev/md004:17
dm444bodhi_zazen:  hmmmm    "no raid disks" do both commands....wierd.  in "Disks" interface Linux raid auto04:18
bodhi_zazensounds as if it is not working04:18
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bodhi_zazen mdadm --detail /dev/md004:21
dm444bodhi_zazen:  ok check that output.it shows something .  http://pastebin.com/jVmfBCd204:22
=== _syntroPi_ is now known as syntroPi
bodhi_zazendm444, OK, it is working =)04:22
dm444uh... i still don't feel secure :)   . are both drives bootable in this setup? and what exactly happens if one drive dies? 'Disks" gui shows only 1 bootable, if it actually sports raid?04:23
dm444i saw something about needing to manually setup the automatic startup on drive failure?04:24
reisioah, raid :p04:25
dm444reisio:  pain in the * really04:27
bodhi_zazendm444, best read the documentation - https://raid.wiki.kernel.org/index.php/Reconstruction04:27
dm444not to complain about ubuntu software raid but... "Try to reconstruct the MBR with the boot loader of choice"04:30
dm444so no good gui for fakeraid eh?04:41
cre8torxthank you04:44
cre8torxnow my mouse dosen't work04:44
IceNine9I can't get my Ubuntu (ubuntu-14.04.2-desktop-amd64.iso) to boot on a Mac (10.10.3). I have rei find installed and booted with the USB (which I know was written to, and completed, via dd) but I get errors upon clicking on the Pinguin icon in the boot menu. Error was: i8042: No Controller found04:44
cre8torxit was sudo apt-get install flgrx04:44
cre8torxgui is up04:45
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=== lubuntu is now known as Guest25100
pokergodusing terminal+ssh, is there a way to change the background color if i connect to a certain ssh box?05:08
Koyaaniswhat the hell05:36
Koyaanisi have a dir in usr/local/bin05:36
Koyaanisbut i cant access it with cd. why is that?05:36
Koyaanisits af ile05:37
Koyaanisno a directory05:37
wafflejockKoyaanis, yeah watch the language in here channel is all ages, any of the bin folders typically contain executable binaries or links to them05:43
wafflejockpokergod, believe the color is typically just controlled by the terminal shell wrapper itself you can use the message of the day (see motd) to have something show up when you login05:45
wafflejockpokergod, you could potentially use this setterm command I guess in the motd05:46
wafflejocker in the .bashrc or something else maybe05:46
wafflejockpokergod, setterm -term linux -back <background_colour> -fore <text_color> -clear05:46
wafflejockyeah works in .bashrc05:48
wafflejockneed another one in the ~/.bash_logout to switch it back when you exit the server though too05:49
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roraclehey guys, I'm using 14.10 server (yes I know it's out soon) but I need help:  I can't seem to use mod_rewrite on my subdomain pages.06:02
lotuspsychje!eol | roracle06:02
ubotturoracle: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades06:02
roraclewait I'm an hour late for getting support?06:03
roraclethat's no good06:03
lotuspsychjeroracle: maybe the #ubuntu-server guys might help on your mod_rewrite06:03
lotuspsychjeroracle: i wanna help you, but its wise to reinstall 14.04 fresh or upgrade to 15.04 first06:04
roraclei can do a dist upgrade right?06:04
lotuspsychjeroracle: sure06:04
roracleokay i'll do it when i get home tomorrow, i'm at work, and logging in at home server from across the network and i'd rather be there to get it working properly06:05
lotuspsychjeroracle: backup important data also before upgrade too :p06:05
=== zz_CyberJacob is now known as CyberJacob
roracleyeah.  i seriously thought i had 14.04 installed then realized i had too much already re-set-up.  i've been using 14.10 for like five months now lol06:06
lotuspsychjeroracle: yeah i would advise 14.04 server for long time support06:06
roraclewhen is the next LTS one?06:07
lotuspsychjeroracle: 16.0406:07
wafflejockevery two years there's an LTS06:07
roracleokay so 14.04 is the current i should use then06:07
wafflejockat least that's been the schedule for a while here06:07
lotuspsychjeroracle: correct06:07
roraclethis sucks...downgrading lol.  i hope everything still works fine06:07
lotuspsychje!release | roracle06:07
ubotturoracle: Ubuntu releases a new version every 6 months. Each version is supported for 9 months to 5 years. More info at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases & http://wiki.ubuntu.com/TimeBasedReleases06:07
lotuspsychjeroracle: you cant downgrade mate, install 14.04 fresh06:08
roraclelotuspsychje: that's what downgrading is lol06:08
lotuspsychjeroracle: no actually downgrading is a reverse upgrading from an existing version06:09
lotuspsychjeroracle: you cant reverse 14.10 to 14.04 digitaly06:10
roraclewell in my experience that's usually the first step of downgrading befor the ineviatibe frustration of wiping and doing a fresh install lol06:10
lotuspsychjeroracle: anyway good luck with your new server06:10
=== sagar is now known as Guest86176
bruceleedoes ifdown eth0 affect eth0.1?06:23
agent_whitebrucelee: Try it and see?06:28
agent_whiteI could be an alias, depending on your configuration. Or maybe not.06:28
=== Flannel changed the topic of #ubuntu to: Official Ubuntu Support Channel | IRC Guidelines: http://ubottu.com/y/gl | IRC info: http://ubottu.com/y/irc | Pastes to http://paste.ubuntu.com/ | Download: http://ubottu.com/y/dl | Currently supported: 12.04 LTS, 14.04 LTS, 15.04
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lickalott_hey all.  I have a new laptop with 14.04 on it.  and the first time it boots it always dumps  me into initramfs.  I ctrl+alt+del, reboot, and it works.  Anyone have any idea how to fix this?06:34
=== CyberJacob is now known as zz_CyberJacob
nikolamanyone knows how do I recompile/bring back kernel module for Matrox (G400) Graphics card support in (X)Ubuntu 14.04??06:36
nikolamI heard long ago that it is ditched from the kernel06:36
nikolamSo I suspect graphics slowness is because of using VESA or something06:36
agent_whitelickalott_: Can you paste the full error you receive when it jumps you into initramfs?  Either via paste.ubuntu.com, or if you don't want to type it all out, possibly a picture from your phone uploaded to imgur.com ?06:38
lickalott_agent_white, the next time it happens I can do that.06:39
lickalott_nothing from the logs now would lend ideas?06:39
agent_whitelickalott_: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingKernelBoot06:40
lotuspsychjelickalott_: dmesg, syslog or F1 at boot can help06:41
en1gmaim on 14.04.2 amd64 desktop. 'uname -r' = "3.16.0-44-generic" i downloaded 3.16.0 from kernel.org (i had to do a patch on a .h file) the next step in the guide says i need to "sudo apt-get build-dep linux-image-`uname -r`"06:44
agent_whiteOr, via the link I provided, add the "debug" boot option to have a log written for you to peek at.06:44
en1gmabut it tells me there is no package for me06:44
en1gmawhat does that caommand "sudo apt-get build-dep linux-image-`uname -r`" actually do06:44
en1gmado i need it?06:44
Howis it possible to run VB.Net on Ubuntu?06:45
agent_whiteen1gma: That is assuming you're grabbing a package from the repos. But as you said, you're using a kernel you downloaded elsewhere.06:46
en1gmaohhh. how do i get it from the repos? that would be so much better06:47
en1gmathat the same kernels im on.06:47
en1gmaill google. i bet its a ppa mainline or something like that06:47
agent_whiteen1gma: Read the article you are following... that command is to get the source code of the current kernel you are running.06:49
agent_whiteen1gma: More importantly, what exactly are you trying to do?06:49
lickalott_lotuspsychje, agelnt_white   --->  Syslog ---> http://paste.ubuntu.com/11928884/06:49
pruebaa question ubuntu version 14 no longer freezes06:50
pruebaa question ubuntu version 14 no longer freezes06:50
OerHeksprueba, you want to know why ubuntu version 14 no longer freezes? ..06:51
en1gmaAgent_Smith_BR im trying to get the current source code just like the command is supposed to do06:52
en1gmahere is my http://pastebin.ca/307286906:52
en1gmaim on the ubuntu mainline ppa for kernel 3.16 and they only have the kernel which i am updated to 3.16.044 (so uname -r says)06:53
en1gmai did "switch" back to and tried the same command but same result06:54
en1gmabut right now i switched back again and am on
en1gmawhich is not on ubuntu servers. i just got the
en1gmabut they are debs. do i need to extract?06:55
agent_whiteen1gma: Look at line 5 of the pastebin.06:55
en1gmai seen a git. i bet i have to git06:55
agent_whiteIt's grabbing the wrong source code.06:56
en1gmaAgent_Smith_BR yea i see line 5 and then 6 looks like a problem06:56
agent_whiteen1gma: If you're wanting to get the source code for the kernel, take a look here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/SourceCode06:56
agent_white`apt-get source linux-image-$(uname -r)`06:56
agent_whitebuild-dep attempts to satisfy the dependencies for a source package... you don't seem interested in that, from what I understand. You just want the source code, right?06:57
en1gmawell that build-dep command looks like it could make it build nice since its ubuntu specific06:58
en1gmai like to have it working06:58
nikolamI have mga driver loaded but i am not sure if graphics driver is in use. It is matrox G400.06:59
en1gmauhh. i thinking. why dont the build-dep command work? it should06:59
en1gmaits 14.04.2 LTS and i dont even have backports or proposed checked on07:00
agent_whiteen1gma: Did you try the command I said to try?07:00
nikolamBah, I have installed xserver-xorg-video-mga package. But is it used? (LTS 14.04)07:00
=== MrSeven7Seven is now known as shaky
en1gmaAgent_Smith_BR didnt try the command because you said i was just interested in the sources and not the build-dep command which i am interested in it07:01
en1gmaok i try command now 1 sec.07:01
agent_whiteen1gma: Also, my name is agent_white. You may want to use "agent_white" instead of "Agent_Smith..." so you're not annoying him with notifications :P07:02
agent_whiteen1gma: You're interested in getting the kernel source. Not the `build-dep` flag.07:02
en1gmaAgent_Smith_BR http://pastebin.ca/307289007:04
en1gmaoops :) sorry bout that07:04
en1gmathis is a brand new install with all updates but no backports or proposed in update manager settings07:05
en1gma,.etc/apt/source.lst basically07:05
en1gmaonly thing i installed is hexchat07:06
en1gmamaybe a couple build things but basically fresh07:06
agent_whiteen1gma: What happens when you attempt to do `sudo apt-get source linux-image-3.16.0-44-generic` ?07:06
agent_whiteen1gma: And are you familiar with LTS?07:07
Na3iLgood morning, who uses Awesome wm as DE/environment on his distro?07:07
en1gmaagent_white http://pastebin.ca/307289707:07
en1gmai know LTS = long term support :)07:08
agent_whiteNa3iL: It is best to ask your question instead of a head-count.  What is your question?07:08
en1gmaim familiar with ubuntu but i do so maky different version usually newest07:08
en1gmai need stable this time for this program i messing with (opencl)07:08
Na3iLagent_white, I think that my question very clear! am searching for guys to help and go through on this team #ubuntu-awesome07:09
en1gmahad to patch the intel gpu shared memory patch07:09
agent_whiteNa3iL: Your question is not a question, but a poll.07:10
en1gmaagent_white can i use my current kernel .config in the 3.16.tar.gz from kernel.org? should be able to right?07:10
agent_whiteen1gma: You're confusing me. Again, what exactly is your goal?  Originally you stated you wanted the kernel source code, but now you're talking about opencl...07:10
agent_whiteFor what?07:11
agent_whiteTo do what? Why?07:11
en1gmakernel source isnt an issue as i can do the git checkout that you pointed me to07:11
agent_whiteWhat is your goal?07:11
agent_whiteen1gma: http://www.catb.org/esr/faqs/smart-questions.html07:12
en1gmafor the ubuntu scripts to work and ".configure" the sources or whatever it does so i can the do a make install07:12
agent_whitehttp://www.catb.org/esr/faqs/smart-questions.html#symptoms -- specifically. Read this.07:12
agent_whiteen1gma: Read http://www.catb.org/esr/faqs/smart-questions.html#symptom07:12
en1gmaof make-pkg to get debs07:12
agent_whitehttp://www.catb.org/esr/faqs/smart-questions.html#symptoms  *07:12
agent_whiteYou are not making sense.07:12
en1gmayea with the git checkout for the sources it will have my current .config so wont have to mess with that. only need to get "Build-deps" working right?07:13
agent_whiteen1gma: I don't know what you are trying to accomplish, so I can't help you until you tell me exactly why you're attempting all this.07:14
en1gmahere is the command 'sudo apt-get build-dep linux-image-`uname -r`'07:14
agent_whiteWhy do you need the source code?  Are you just trying to get opencl to work? What EXACTLY are you trying to solve?07:15
en1gmawhere it says build-dep if i run that command in the new git checkout of will it function?07:15
agent_whiteen1gma: Good luck. If you can't answer my simple question then you're on your own.07:15
en1gmai mentioned to you awhile ago. i have to patch the kernel to get the GPU to work right. the patch is to let "Shared Memory" work correctly with opencl07:15
agent_whiteWhy do you know you need to patch the kernel?07:16
agent_whiteWhy do you know it's a shared memory problem?07:16
agent_whiteWhy do you know it's having to do with opencl?07:16
agent_white... etc.07:16
en1gmasearch "patch"07:16
agent_whiteThat does not help me.07:16
en1gmait has to be patched.07:16
en1gmaits fixed in kernel 4.207:17
agent_whiteWhat would help me, is an explanation of what your original problem was that lead you to believe this is the answer.07:17
en1gmawhich ive already verified07:17
agent_whiteUntil you can do that, I cannot help you.07:17
agent_whiteen1gma: http://www.catb.org/esr/faqs/smart-questions.html#symptoms07:18
en1gmaare we not allowed to patch a kernel and compile? i think i figured it out with your help already. i need to git checkout then cd to that dir. then run that 'sudo apt-get build-dep linux-image-`uname -r`'07:18
agent_whiteen1gma: "Describe the problem's symptoms, not your guesses"07:18
en1gmathink i got.07:19
agent_whiteI give up.07:19
en1gmaim better off on my own07:19
wileeeme runs 4.2 in 14.0407:19
agent_whiteen1gma: You're better off starting from the beginning instead of stumbling your way through.07:20
agent_whiteI don't even know how '07:20
en1gmai was very specific.07:20
en1gmacompile patched kernel = goal07:20
agent_whiteNo. You didn't even describe your original issue.07:20
en1gmagetting build-dep to configure it correctly07:21
agent_whiteYou only are describing what you think is the fix.07:21
en1gmayes i did07:21
wileeeagent_white, excellent link.07:21
* agent_white sighs07:21
en1gmaive researched this solid for last week07:21
en1gmai know all about it07:21
en1gmaits also in the intel sdk pdf07:21
agent_whitewileee: ;) It's unfortunate folks who need it don't read it.07:21
en1gmai read it07:21
wileeeyeah, right on the button in it's rhetoric07:22
agent_whiteen1gma: No, you did not. Otherwise you would have noticed the header "Describe the goal, not the step"07:22
agent_white"Often, people who need technical help have a high-level goal in mind and get stuck on what they think is one particular path towards the goal. They come for help with the step, but don't realize that the path is wrong. It can take substantial effort to get past this.07:22
en1gmasee ya l8r. dont got time to squable07:22
en1gmathanks for mentioning the ppa i had forgot07:23
agent_whiteI have no idea what you're on about, en1gma. Good luck.07:23
ObrienDavewe'll be seeing you ;P07:24
agent_whiteHopefully after reading my link.07:24
ObrienDavesomehow, i don't think so ;P07:25
agent_whiteObrienDave: Agreed. :P07:25
ObrienDavehe " knows all about it " LOL07:25
wileeethey will get it done some day than come here to brag07:25
wileeesee what I did humph07:26
=== decentrality is now known as digitalextremist
agent_whiteOr he'll tell the doctor he needs a heart transplant when in reality there's a splinter in his foot.07:26
ObrienDavemy money is on "i can't get it to work and my system is borked" ;P07:26
* agent_white sighs07:27
ObrienDaveAppropriate time-of-day greetings & Welcome07:27
agent_whiteObrienDave: Luckily that was a one-off... most people here seem to actually listen when you tell them to stop, rewind, and explain the original issue... others... well...07:28
lotuspsychje!es | edilson07:29
ubottuedilson: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba " /join #ubuntu-es " (sin comillas) y presione intro.07:29
Pupp3tm4st3rhi there, is it possible to create a user with the same permissions as another user?07:31
ObrienDaveagent_white, i admire your patience and telling him to bugger off :)07:32
Pupp3tm4st3rso that i have a user named user01 that can access all folders of user0207:32
ObrienDave*not telling07:32
Pupp3tm4st3rand write into them07:32
fearhi i am fear07:35
decibytehi everyone07:36
decibytemy unity seems to be broken. no window decorations, launcher or anything when i log in. is there a log file somewhere i can check to find clues about what's going on?07:36
ObrienDavedecibyte, reinstall unity07:36
agent_whitedecibyte: So you reach the login screen, but after logging in there's just your desktop background, nothing else?07:36
ObrienDavefear, you'll notice we are ignoring you07:37
fear wut no way07:37
decibyteagent_white: yes, my desktop is there (right click menu working). and my auto start apps open (browser, mail, terminal)07:37
agent_whitedecibyte: What window manager is in use? (click the cog-wheel at the login screen to see what window manager you're using)07:37
agent_whitedecibyte: Ok. So... the icons are missing, and taskbars?07:38
fearhay stop talking to friends and talk to me fear! now!07:38
decibyteagent_white: it's "Ubuntu", which is unity, right? i installed and running mate now to be able to use the system07:38
* ObrienDave loves a good /ignore command07:38
decibyteagent_white: taskbar is the top bar, right? yes, that's missing. and no laucher either.07:38
fearnow now NOW!07:38
decibyteagent_white: i didn't notice whether the icons were missing. is that important? want me to check? as said, right click menu did work.07:39
fearangent white, its me fear07:39
agent_whitedecibyte: Ah, well then MATE is your Desktop Environment.07:40
decibyteagent_white: yes it is in this session. but i only installed it few minutes ago because unity is not working07:40
fearno angent white07:40
JustMozzyGood morning. I have upgraded yesterday to ubuntu 14.10 and now my L2tp/ipsec vpn tunnel client is gone and not in the repository anymore. can anyone help me get it set up?07:40
agent_whitedecibyte: Ah. Sounds like both are not working :)  How is Unity not working?07:40
decibyteagent_white: mate is working fine07:41
ObrienDaveJustMozzy, 14.10 just went EOL. upgrade to 15.0407:41
JustMozzyObrienDave: oh... alrighty07:41
decibyteagent_white: unity is not working as described: no window decorations, no launcher, no bar on the top of the screen with window menus and indicators07:41
fearno way that was cool07:42
agent_whitedecibyte: Ok.  Have you updated Ubuntu recently?07:42
agent_whiteIt would probably be best to do what ObrienDave said, and simply reinstall Unity.07:42
ObrienDaveusually fixes most things :)07:42
decibyteagent_white: when the system asks me to update, yes. i also did a apt get update + ugrade to see if that would solve my problem. but no luck07:42
agent_whitedecibyte: Ah. See my link above.07:43
decibyteagent_white: okay. i will try that :)07:43
ObrienDavedecibyte, use dist-upgrade07:43
agent_whitedecibyte: Check back in to let us know if it worked!07:43
decibyteObrienDave: i also did dist-upgrade. no luck.07:43
decibyteagent_white ObrienDave: i followed the instructions from askubuntu but it still doesn't work. only the desktop works. my files and the right click menu are there.07:49
CxdvtyUbuntu wont support my wireless wifi adapter. What do I do07:49
decibyteas initially asked, is there a log file somewhere i can check?07:49
julayWhat is ?07:50
agent_whitedecibyte: Take a peek at ~/.xsession-errors and /var/log/Xorg.0.log07:51
agent_whitedecibyte: So you ran `sudo apt-get install --reinstall unity` and `sudo apt-get install --reinstall ubuntu-desktop07:51
decibyteagent_white: yep, but ubuntu-desktop before unity, as listed on askubuntu07:52
agent_whiteOkey doke!07:52
OhYashHey, how do I set monochromic icons in xfce4-panel?08:02
=== rahul is now known as Guest24454
jerome_need anyone spotify ?08:04
JustMozzy_good morning. I just upgraded to 15.04 and I am trying to get l2tp ipsec vpn client to run. just installed strongswan but it fails to start. can anyone help me diagnose and fix the problem?08:17
JustMozzy_I traced it down to one problem with the ipsec.service (Jul 24 10:18:24 mozzy-ThinkPad-T420s ipsec[5412]: /usr/sbin/ipsec: unknown IPsec command `addconn' (`ipsec --help' for list))08:19
histoJustMozzy_: does the ipsec command have the option addcon08:21
=== user_ is now known as arubuntu
JustMozzy_histo: I am not sure. this happens when I try "service ip2sec start". I think I am missing some dependency but cannot find a similar issue on forums08:22
decibyteagent_white ObrienDave, i found the problem. for some reason, the Ubunty Unity Plugin for compiz was disabled.08:24
=== arubuntu is now known as papitaurus
decibytethanks for your help08:24
histoJustMozzy_: when you run service ip2sec start it's just running a script. That script is complaining that IPsec command 'addconn' is not a valid command.08:25
nils_Where can I find the debug symbols for linux-image 3.19.0-22.22~14.04.1? I did find linux-image-3.19.0-22-generic-dbgsym_3.19.0-22.22_amd64.ddeb but stap-prep complains (probably because of the ~14.04.1)08:25
histoJustMozzy_: How did you install strongswan?08:26
JustMozzy_histo: I used apt to install strongswan and network-manager-strongswan (Ubuntu 15.04 just upgraded today)08:27
LonelyDanboWhy can't I update Xubuntu? It says it's up to date but it's still the version that I installed in spring 2014 of 14.0408:28
LonelyDanboI think I broke my Wine trying to update Xubuntu. god damnit.08:28
LonelyDanboI should have just stayed in the past and not updated anything ever.08:28
ObrienDaveLonelyDanbo, 14.04 is the LTS version08:29
Gh0st-Can someone kindly help me to setup ircanywhere from scratch? I can offer a small donation for that08:30
LonelyDanboI don't get it. Why is there a version that's updated and has shorter support period but I don't get to upgrade to?08:31
LonelyDanboI wonder if a newer version would support a higher version of Wine, since the respository shows an older version number.08:33
wileeeLonelyDanbo, ubuntu has a release model read it.08:33
ObrienDaveLonelyDanbo, LTS means Long Term Support. you're trading long term stability for lack of "bleeding edge" packages08:33
LonelyDanbolast time I tried to update my software FireFox refused to update so I thought it was because Ubuntu was still the old 14.04 but... I have no idea why it updated this last time.08:34
ObrienDaveLonelyDanbo, Ubuntu LTS is supported for 5 years. latest Ubuntu, 9 months. your choice08:35
LonelyDanboWhat's "support"? An uninformed choice is meaningless.08:36
ObrienDave*face palms and goes away*08:36
LonelyDanboI wonder if I'm just getting old, or if I'm retarded, or maybe it's both.08:37
LonelyDanbois Linux for hobbyists?08:37
EmptySpace-No, for everyone08:38
LonelyDanboso even for stupid lazy ignorant Windows/Mac users who want it to "just work"?08:40
EmptySpace-I find that most things just work out of the box with Ubuntu, instead of having to hunt down drivers on those rare times that I use Windows08:41
LonelyDanboit took me something like 3 weeks to get things running when I first set things up.08:42
iongraphixGood Morning!08:42
LonelyDanboI was so exasperated I was ready to throw out that $1K computer I just bought.08:42
EmptySpace-Sometimes it can be a pain, like the scene from that famous video 'Every OS sucks', linux will occasional kick it's users in the nuts and punch them in the belly lol08:44
EmptySpace-But worth the effort on those occasions imo08:44
JustMozzy_I just purged strongswan but ipsec is still there and I cannot remove it :| wth?08:45
LonelyDanboI'm not sure. I might be buying a small measure of privacy, but even that I'm not sure of.08:48
JustMozzy_ok I got strongswan to work now. but my vpn connection doesn't work. can anyone help out? I need a "simple" ipsec/l2tp connection but it seems like strongswan gives me a IPSec/IKEv2... not really what I signed up for08:49
=== badbodh_1 is now known as badbodh
sorinbHello. mysql-apt-config package seems to be broken. Even if I select Workbench 6.3 and run apt-get update, it will still install workbench 6.208:53
=== sins-_s is now known as sins-
EmptySpace-LonelyDanbo, linux is a lot more secure than Windows and much more secure than mac... privacy has more to do with the user08:57
LonelyDanboTell me about it.08:58
LonelyDanboToo bad I make mistakes.08:58
LonelyDanboComputer users shouldn't have to be so knowledgeable to ensure their privacy.08:59
LonelyDanboat least I found out how to follow instructions to block all internet access from programs running in Wine. That was nice.09:00
=== EriC^ is now known as EriC^^
EmptySpace-Most of it is just plain 'ole common sense, the rest has a bit of a learning curve, but not much... just a little research09:00
LonelyDanbowell like I didn't know that all the media players search online for cover art.09:03
EmptySpace-Yep, but we're always learning new things09:05
LonelyDanboyeah but some lessons are too hard to learn. like people who get harsh prison sentences for "hacking".09:07
=== Blaster is now known as Guest55321
EmptySpace-They should be the one's who know best... but using their same nicks on social media and keeping chat logs, well, the rest is history09:10
mandjewhy is the sound of my laptop (dell vostro 3550) so horrible ever since i installed 14.04?09:13
ObrienDavewhich sound? speakers? fan? keyboard? CD burner? !details09:14
mandjeObrienDave: audio sound. mostly audio sound comes from the speakers.09:15
ObrienDavetry turning volume down. or install pulse audio volume control. or try running alsamixed in terminal09:16
mandjeeverythings sounds like it's too much for the speakers. oversteered.  turning the volume doesnt make it better.09:16
ObrienDaveit's probably the pre-amp setting09:17
mandjeObrienDave: is that a setting that can be adjusted like the system is now?09:18
ObrienDavewith either package, yes09:18
=== Vampire0_ is now known as Vampire0
mandjeok. these packages give you the extra controls. tnx.09:19
ObrienDavesometimes it's called "boost"09:20
JustMozzy_Can anyone help me get a ipsec/l2tp vpn client running? I am clueless with 15.04 nothing seems to be working.09:20
=== EmptySpace- is now known as EmptySpace
mandjeObrienDave: looking at alsamixer in terminal. wow! yeah, headphone, speaker and pcm column are all in the red!09:21
mandjeall 3 in the 100.  master is normal with 79.09:22
JustMozzy_:| openswan has been removed from ubuntu?!?! WTH?!09:22
ObrienDavemandje, that will do it :)09:22
JustMozzy_what use does this system still have if no proper vpn connection can be established? :(09:22
EmptySpaceWhat's wrong with OpenVPN?09:24
ObrienDaveummm, way too easy to implement? ;P09:29
mandjesounds back to normal again and under control. tnx a bunch ObrienDave!09:30
ObrienDavemandje, most welcome :)09:30
sfinixhelp /window09:45
dreamcat4hi, when i 'Open with Banshee' any mp3 file in Nautilus, no file plays in Banshee. it's weird.09:48
dreamcat4for example:09:49
ObrienDavetry using any media player besides banshee. ewwww09:49
dreamcat4$ banshee --debug 11\ Inner\ Universe.mp309:49
dreamcat4[1 Debug 10:48:31.614] Bus.Session.RequestName ('org.bansheeproject.Banshee') replied with InQueue09:49
dreamcat4... and there's nothing in the play queue (its empty)09:49
=== mischief2 is now known as mischief4
ObrienDaveyou can't have spaces between \ and the name09:49
dreamcat4ObrienDave: no it's not that (just tried it)09:50
bekksbanshee --debug "name of the file.mp3"?09:50
dreamcat4same thing happens from Nautilus as cmdline...09:50
dreamcat4bekks: ^^ just tried that. it's exactly the same.09:51
bekksWhat happens when that with a file not containing whitespaces in its name?09:51
dreamcat4i don't think it matters but will just go do that to eliminate the possibility...09:52
usrvimbinHi everyone09:53
usrvimbinOn Ubuntu, where is MongoDb installed by default?09:53
dreamcat4bekks: no difference. it's not the spaces.09:53
usrvimbinI'm specifically looking for /mongo/bin to access the shell09:53
ObrienDave*drums fingers patiently and waits for dreamcat4 to enclose the path in quotes"09:53
usrvimbinor /mongodb/bin not sure09:53
bekksusrvimbin: http://packages.ubuntu.com/trusty/amd64/mongodb-server/filelist09:54
dreamcat4ObrienDave: like i just said... already done that. with/without both spaces & quites (4 times now)09:54
usrvimbinthank you! bekks09:54
ObrienDave*bed time, waves*09:54
dreamcat4ObrienDave: it's the same error msg / behaviour: mo3 file doesn't play.09:54
bekksdreamcat4: Maybe the file is corrupted?09:55
dreamcat4bekks: nope.09:55
dreamcat4bekks: the files are from my music library - i can click them in banshee songs list and they play just fine.09:56
dreamcat4i'm gonna goole the debug msg "Bus.Session.RequestName ('org.bansheeproject.Banshee') replied with InQueue"09:57
=== denbeiren is now known as zz_denbeiren
JustMozzySo... am still having the problem of not being able to establish an Ipsec/L2tp VPN connection on Ubuntu 15.04. Can anyone help me out?10:04
dreamcat4ha! looks like the 'latest stable version' of banshee provided (on my system) is 2.6.2... it's probably a bug in it. the ubuntu software centre version is the same10:13
dreamcat4too old10:13
dreamcat4i need to sudo add-apt-repository ppa:banshee-team/ppa10:14
dreamcat4wait a minute... that is the latest one: banshee/vivid-updates,now 2.9.0+really2.6.2-2ubuntu510:20
dreamcat4it says 2.6.2 in the about dialog... that's really weird. it should be one version or the other (not both!)10:21
sliddisI'm trying to use screen to connect to a serial interface on a switch. screen gives me a blank screen. dmesg shows pl2303 converter is attached to ttyUSB3. I use command sudo screen /dev/ttyUSB3. I also tried specifying baud speed acording to manual (hp 3500yl switch)10:21
lotuspsychjegioans: welcome, what can we do for you?10:29
JustMozzywell then... I decided to go with a VM to make my VPN connection.10:30
gioanshello! Thanks, i am a new ubuntu and i want to chat with you10:30
lotuspsychjegioans: you can use #ubuntu-offtopic or #ubuntu-discuss for regular chatting10:30
gioansdo you know a application for watching film online on ubuntu ?10:32
=== chaker1 is now known as chaker
lotuspsychjegioans: you mean like netflix?10:32
gioansi don't know netflix is what, is a application ?10:34
lotuspsychjegioans: to watch films online, you need a paying online service somewhere and netflix is one of them that can run from linux10:34
Fatarmaybe popcorn time is what you're looking for?10:35
=== rahul is now known as Guest46449
lotuspsychjehisto: morning mate10:38
=== mudo_ is now known as mudo
pragomer1when opening nautilus from terminal it opens in background of other program windows. is there a parameter to start it in foreground?10:43
Guest39045How do I create something like Teamviewer with a UbuntuServer and VNC Client Softwares?10:45
x4w31\join música10:45
pragomer1using firefox 39.0 under ubuntu 14.04 64bit: in older times the master pw was only asked when I activated / clicked on the form, e.g. username.. now it opens directly when opening a website.. is this a bug?10:47
ubuntzooim having trouble reinstalling windows im currently under ubuntu how do i reinstall windows from ubuntu?10:47
bekksubuntzoo: Are you talking about installing Windows in a virtual machine?10:48
bekksThen you cant do it using Ubuntu.10:48
ubuntzooim talking installing windows over ubuntu10:48
pragomer1you just install it.. after that your ubuntu-bootloader (grub) is overwritten.. after that you boot from "super grub disk" and start ubuntu again.. in ubuntu you re-install grub bootloader with command:10:48
bekksInsert the Windows installation medium, boot from it.10:48
pragomer1sudo grub-install /dev/sdx && sudo update-grub10:48
ubuntzooim confused :( wait so i can just move a iso file of windows on my usb drive and boot from there and tada i installed windows or do i have to do some fancy commands10:50
pragomer1so you want ubuntu to be deleted??10:50
Guest39045ubuntzoo: Search for EasyBCD in softpedia.com10:50
ubuntzoono im going to reinstall ubuntu after i install windows i need windows for photoshop and other stuff10:50
ubuntzooalright thanks guest3904510:51
bekksubuntzoo: So just install Windows first, then install Ubuntu.10:51
pragomer1why not staying with the ubuntu you installed?10:51
bekksNo need for EasyBCD.10:51
bekks!dualboot | ubuntzoo10:51
ubottuubuntzoo: Dual boot instructions: x86/AMD64: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DualBoot/Windows - Macs: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBookPro https://help.ubuntu.com/community/YabootConfigurationForMacintoshPowerPCsDualBoot10:51
pragomer1hello. what is the best ppa for ffmpeg for ubuntu 14.04 ?10:52
ubuntzoobecasue ubuntu is kinda bad for the stuff im intrested in i dont even know any code language and i installed ubuntu :(10:52
ubuntzooyeah bekks ima install windows than reinstall ubuntu dual boot10:52
bekksubuntzoo: Just follow the links ubottu just gave you.10:53
Guest39045ubuntzoo: Its the most easy Linux Distro. Easy as Windows. There is vast amount of softwares available for all tasks.10:53
ubuntzoowait so since im reinstalling windows should i click the first link?10:53
Guest39045Look into Xara Xtreme, Inkscape, Scribus.10:54
=== sins-_s is now known as sins-
bekksubuntzoo: Click ALL links ubottu gave you, which apply to your requirements.10:55
ubuntzoobut the other 2 links are for macs and i dont have a mac10:55
bekksubuntzoo: "...which apply to your requirements" ;)10:55
ubuntzoo sorry dude im dumb :(10:56
EmptySpacepretty straight forward if you just want to re-install Windows first and then re-install Ubuntu; Ubuntu installer will give you and option to install along side Windows10:56
EmptySpaceWhatever the wording of the installer is these days10:56
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nbusroneanyone know how to add a find list for date modified ? (  find ./home/ -type f -printf  "%f\n"  |sort  ) adding date modified + file name ?11:09
=== MrSeven7Seven is now known as shaky
jerryWhats up11:18
quemi'm frutrated. last week, my 14.04 LTS installation got fucked after an update, and i decided to install 15.04 rather than try to fix the problem. now, after a few days with 15.04, and having done nothing to the system really, it gets stuck straight away at boot, with a blank purple screen.11:20
Guest39045Im happy with Fedora 22 and Ubuntu 12.04 LTS :P11:23
AppAraathello, I want to "integrate" my /home partition into the root directory. I chose to encrypt the home of my main user on the machine, but now I want to have it always unencrypted and turn that partition (not the user though!) into just a directory in /11:26
AppAraatdo I have to chroot in to do that?11:26
AppAraat(from a live distro)11:26
=== rory- is now known as rory
mgs4hi, anyone know of any alternative way of making my headset mute button not make my webpage go back11:36
=== user is now known as Guest43488
mgs4there microsoft lync ones11:38
=== sins-_s is now known as sins-
nbusronehow do I add extra lsit on the find print out command ? like adding modified date ?11:39
marcin_I have strange problem with my 3g usb modem11:53
marcin_In dmesg i can see it's reattaching over and over again11:54
marcin_https://dpaste.de/Ydqy/raw it's properly found as huawei modem but it isn't recognized in ModemManager.11:55
marcin_and i'm afraid because of these detachments11:55
marcin_usb_modeswitch service is also in "loaded failed failed" state.11:56
lotuspsychjemarcin_: ubuntu version?11:57
marcin_actually kubuntu 15.0411:57
lotuspsychjemarcin_: have you tryed on 14.04?11:57
marcin_i didn't11:57
marcin_i'm this kind of dude who is using arch linux personally but i've installed ubuntu for my girlfriend11:58
marcin_and she have huawei e160 modem which should share configuration with e22011:58
lotuspsychjemarcin_: tryed other usb ports?11:59
marcin_yes, i did.11:59
marcin_i'm clueless12:00
toadpoledoes ubuntu run properly off a usb flash drive on a low spec pc?12:07
toadpolelaptop actually12:08
knobtoadpole, I would go with a lightweight installation... lxde  http://lxde.org/12:09
BBLLCCim thinking about buying a cable lock for my notebook, but I dont know how to be sure if the laptop in the lock hole has a plank of steel or metal to make the lock wort buying12:10
bekksBBLLCC: Thats not an Ubuntu issue at all, just ask the manufacturer of your notebook.12:12
bazhang##hardware BBLLCC12:15
isleifI have a problem with skype, I talk with someone on Win8 and i receive Parasitic element (Not sure of this word) How can I solve it? Any idea? Thanks12:17
vbotkaisleif, are you using headphones?12:18
vbotkaisleif, no idea12:19
isleifBut the problem is related Win812:19
knobGuys... I want to hook-up an ubuntu server to a samba share on a Windows server...   do I have to install smbclient?12:19
=== Tsunami1 is now known as Guest71741
maps_Hi, need a small help friends12:20
agent_whiteI am a help friend. And I have small. Whatchu need?12:30
=== owl is now known as Guest89225
gnumonkHi, How to use chroot on /tmp/user without root permission ?12:32
Installnow_Hi, I'm trying to make a bootable usb stick for running ubuntu on a mac. I cannot seem to get the usb stick show up in the boot drive selection. Any help?12:34
gnumonkany idea?12:35
Installnow_I followed the instructions from here: http://www.ubuntu.com/download/desktop/create-a-usb-stick-on-mac-osx12:35
cfhowlett!mac | Installnow_12:40
ubottuInstallnow_: For help on installing and using Ubuntu on a Mac, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MactelSupportTeam/CommunityHelpPages12:40
NicholasJDevDoes any one here12:49
NicholasJDevWho isn't sleep12:49
cfhowlettNicholasJDev, ask your #ubuntu questions12:49
NicholasJDevWell I've got a problem with freeglut312:50
bhangotaask your question12:50
cfhowlett!details | NicholasJDev12:50
ubottuNicholasJDev: Please elaborate; your question or issue may not seem clear or detailed enough for people to help you. Please give more detailed information, errors, steps, and possibly configuration files (use the !pastebin to avoid flooding the channel)12:50
NicholasJDevI have a project that is using OpenGL technology, before one of the last updates I compiled project12:51
Installnow_Ok, Thanks Ubottu! It seems that I cannot write to an hfs+ formatted hdd if i'm running ddrescue on ubuntu, is that correct?12:51
=== Mitchell92 is now known as Mitchell92[A]
NicholasJDevright now I have notice that glut isn't intalled in the system12:51
NicholasJDevProblem is when I tried to install freeglut it show dependency and failed with the message that it cann't be intall in current system12:52
NicholasJDevHere is the erorr message:  unity-control-center : Depends: libcheese-gtk23 (>= 3.4.0) but it is not going to be installed                         Depends: libcheese7 (>= 3.0.1) but it is not going to be installed12:54
NicholasJDevWas it clear enough?12:55
philipwhat is the best RAID to configure on a hp gen9 server12:55
cfhowlettphilip, might ask #ubuntu-server that specific question12:56
philip_which RAID is best to configure on a hp gen9 server12:58
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1428972 in unity-control-center (Ubuntu) "Unmet dependencies for libcheese-gtk23 and libcheese7 on 14.04.2" [Undecided,Confirmed]12:58
cfhowlett!server | philip12:58
ubottuphilip: Ubuntu Server Edition is a release of Ubuntu designed especially for server environments, including a server specific !kernel and no !GUI. The install CD contains many server applications. Current !LTS version is !Trusty (Trusty Tahr 14.04) - More info: http://www.ubuntu.com/products/whatisubuntu/serveredition - Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/14.04/serverguide - Support in #ubuntu-server12:58
NicholasJDevioria: Am I correct it's a bug?12:59
iorianot sure - undecided13:00
littlebluedanaHello.  I have added some custom repositories, and I want to make sure a package is from an official repositories before I file a bug.  How do I figure out what repository a package was downloaded from?13:00
mohackedhi all13:00
NicholasJDevwhen I tries to install these packages it showes me about 70 packages that it will remove: libglu1-mesa-dev  freeglut3-dev  mesa-common-dev13:01
ioriaNicholasJDev, what are you installing exactly ?   freeglut3 freeglut3-dev ?13:01
mohackedheloo all13:02
NicholasJDevioria: I tried to install these packages: libglu1-mesa-dev freeglut3-dev mesa-common-dev13:02
NicholasJDevmesa-common-dev install successful13:02
NicholasJDevfreeglut3-dev and libglu1-mesa-dev showed me 70 packages that will be removed, and some of that packages are system packages that was recently updated13:04
ioriaNicholasJDev, freeglut3 ?13:04
NicholasJDevioria: Yes, freeglut3-dev13:05
ioriaNicholasJDev, freeglut3   (not -dev) s installed ?13:05
NicholasJDevioria: let me checked13:06
NicholasJDevioria: let me check13:06
ioriaNicholasJDev, dpkg -l freeglut313:06
NicholasJDevioria: yes, freeglut3:amd64 version: 2.8.1-113:07
=== davidcalle_ is now known as davidcalle
NicholasJDevioria: Should it be removed?13:08
ioriaNicholasJDev, no13:08
NicholasJDevIn terminal the command sudo apt-get install for those packages failed13:09
NicholasJDevWhen I used Synaptic Package manager to install it showed 70 packages that need to remove13:10
ioriaNicholasJDev, try the #4 in the bug report13:10
cfhowlett!es | jorendo13:13
ubottujorendo: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba " /join #ubuntu-es " (sin comillas) y presione intro.13:13
=== Kully3xf is now known as thisdoescompute
gnumonkHi, How to use chroot on /tmp/user without root permission ? any one has tried ?13:16
NicholasJDevioria: That was temporate solution, that goes arond a proble13:18
NicholasJDevIt's worked13:18
NicholasJDevNo I'm able to finish my job13:18
NicholasJDevThank you very much for this solution13:18
ioriaNicholasJDev, ok are you 14.0.2 ?13:19
ioriaweird ... i got no problem to install them13:19
NicholasJDevI'm using laptop as a developer station13:20
ioriauname -r ?13:20
NicholasJDevIt has hybrid Nvidia graphic accelerator13:20
NicholasJDevioria: 3.16.0-41-generic13:21
NicholasJDevUpdated yesterday13:21
ioriai think current is 3.16.0-44-generic13:21
NicholasJDevBefore update I had 3.16.0-3013:22
ioriasudo apt-get update, upgrade, dist-upgrade gives nothing ?13:23
NicholasJDevioria: hold on sec13:24
NicholasJDevioria: some packages was updated the common size 6,144 B13:25
ioriaso nothing ?13:25
NicholasJDevTell me exactly what should be updated?13:26
ioriaif you have  0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 0 not upgraded.  ... none13:27
ioriaNicholasJDev, sorry have to go ... bye13:28
NicholasJDevthank you13:29
BluesKajHey folks13:30
=== Raven67854_ is now known as Raven67854
steven___hello guys13:36
steven___is there anyone running the docker in the ubuntu?13:37
steven___i met a question13:37
zteamHi all!13:37
skittishtriggerI am trying to backup one of my hosted websites using wget. the command I am using is wget -mHc --user-agent="" http://www.mysite.com/  Am I missing somethign to get it to download all the pages/resources (like css, sub folders, etc) or is this over extending what wget can do?13:37
steven___need some help...13:37
vdreyI thing you can use something like wget -r -l10 http:mysite.com13:38
=== od is now known as Guest96171
BluesKajsteven___,  just ask your question13:39
steven___sorry,i try to pull a freebsd image in the docker, then run the command13:40
steven___docker run -it some/freebsd /bin/csh  but i got nothing ,i could not login to the freebsd ,still stayed in the docker13:40
zteamI have a Ubuntu 15.04 with fulldisk-encryption if I hit backspace then I type my password for unlocking the disk, sometimes it just prints another * (star) instead of removing the previous characther, is there any fix / workaround for this?13:41
steven___ the freebsd images i pulled is call lexaguskov/freebsd13:41
BluesKajsteven___,  this is ubuntu support, not bsd13:43
steven___yes,but my desktop os is ubuntu, is there anyone meet this kind of question? still stayed in the docker after the command "docker run -it some/images /bin/bash"13:44
cfhowlett!ping | Oblivion13:44
ubottuOblivion: pong!13:44
sgo11hi, my samba server speed is about 3 MB/s. scp speed is about 4 MB/s. I tried scp to the server itself (scp user@localhost:). if I cp in the server, the cp speed is about 53 MB/s. can anyone tell me why my samba and scp both slow? thanks a lot.13:45
compdocsgo11, I get over 90 MB/s with samba13:46
sgo11compdoc, cool. my problem is not only samba. it seems scp is slow too. do you have any ideas why? thanks.13:46
Oblivionsgo11 you are comparing the local to network speed from what you say, so the network connection If I understood you correctly13:46
=== badbodh is now known as Guest8736
=== Guest8736 is now known as badhodh
compdocsgo11, could be hardware. could be your network13:47
sgo11Oblivion, I tried scp to localhost. should I consider network connection?13:47
sgo11compdoc, I tried scp to localhost. 4 MB/s13:48
Oblivionsgo11 so you are scp'ing on localhost?13:48
Oblivionsgo11 you will have overheads , encryption et that wat so if its local use cp or rsync13:48
sgo11Oblivion, yeah. just testing the speed. scp user@localhost:file .13:49
sgo11Oblivion, no, no. I am debugging the slowness. I am not using scp to do any work.13:49
sgo11Oblivion, I am saying that scp to localhost is even slow. cp is much faster.13:50
lotuspsychjesgo11: maybe the ##networking guys can debug speed issue13:50
skittishtriggerno luck on the wget options. even adding the mirror function. Thanks for the help anyways. :) Have a nice day everyone13:50
Oblivionsgo11 scp locally still has encryption overheads13:50
* skittishtrigger waves13:50
Oblivionsgo11 but yeah shouldnt be that much13:51
sgo11Oblivion, as what I said: 4 MB/s vs. 53 MB/s. do you think this is encryption overheads?13:51
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Oblivionsgo11 any different if you use instead, just thing dns resolution13:52
Oblivionthinking *13:53
=== S|ipKorN is now known as S|ipKorN-
sgo11Oblivion, just tried. no much difference.13:53
sgo11actually no difference.13:53
sgo11one more question. when I copy files in nautilus, it does not show the speed information. how can I see the speed information in nautilus or any other file managers? cheers.13:54
Oblivionsgo11 dont know much about GUI Im a server admin13:54
sgo11Oblivion, ok. :)13:55
Oblivionsgo11 so can you give a brief about what your doing13:55
sgo11Oblivion, just create a storage server. and the connection is very slow. trying to debug. right now, there is no easy way to check the samba speed. I am counting the speed by hand manually.13:56
Oblivionsgo11 so your connecting from 1 host in your lan to a SAN?13:57
sgo11Oblivion, not SAN. just home storage server. inside a LAN.13:58
=== Malsasa_ is now known as Malsasa
sgo11the server is just a host running ubuntu.13:58
Oblivionwhat does route show?13:58
=== EmptySpace- is now known as EmptySpace
Oblivionsgo11 what does route show?13:58
sgo11Oblivion, what do you mean by that? I tried scp to localhost, it's still slow. I don't think it's anything related to network connection.14:00
Oblivionsgo11 I was looking for hops it might be going through that it doesent need to14:00
Oblivionsgo11 I your comparison before cp v scp both to the same destination?14:01
sgo11Oblivion, I checked route (mtr), it directly goes to the storage server. 1 hop. cp and scp both to the same destination. right. the same hdd.14:02
Oblivionsgo11 nfs shared?14:02
sgo11Oblivion, no, I am not using nfs.14:03
Oblivionsgo11 samba?14:04
sgo11Oblivion, samba and ssh.14:04
sgo11Oblivion, I enabled both samba server and ssh server.14:04
lotuspsychjesgo11: can this help? https://vornoff.wordpress.com/2012/02/09/tweaking-transfer-rates-of-samba-shares/14:04
Oblivionsgo11 so samba over ssh or tunneled?14:04
lotuspsychjesgo11: router of firewal can block speeds?14:05
sgo11Oblivion, sorry, don't follow you. just a normal host running ubuntu and enable samba server and ssh server. it's very simple and easy setup. I have no idea what you mean by samba over ssh or tunnel.14:05
sgo11lotuspsychje, no firewall.14:06
sgo11lotuspsychje, and I said scp to localhost is slow.14:06
eindoofushi, if i have windows using two drives, and i decide to install ubuntu on the second drive with the bootloader, will the bootloader install only to the second drive. wondering if all ill have to do is switch the bios bootup sequence to start with the second drive?14:06
eindoofusand will i be able to continue to use old windows bootloader if i repoint the bios bootup to look for the first drive first?14:07
Oblivionsgo11 is it wired or wireless?14:07
lotuspsychjesgo11: ask this in #samba and ##networking14:07
sgo11lotuspsychje, I already did all the tweaks in that page before coming here. I think it might be something to do with kernel parameters. since scp is slow too.14:07
Oblivionsgo11 sorry for the confusion but if you dont know shouldnt be an issue14:07
sgo11Oblivion, it doesn't really matter if to localhost is slow.14:07
lotuspsychje!dualboot | eindoofus14:08
ubottueindoofus: Dual boot instructions: x86/AMD64: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DualBoot/Windows - Macs: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBookPro https://help.ubuntu.com/community/YabootConfigurationForMacintoshPowerPCsDualBoot14:08
Oblivionsgo11 self < EOf ; facepalm; EOF14:08
sgo11Oblivion, what does that mean?14:08
Oblivionsgo11 it means read instructions until end of file, so I facepalm until end of file14:09
eindoofuslotuspsychje, not going down that rabbit hole if i can't get an answer to a simple yes or no question14:09
eindoofusi'll dedicate my time if it is possible14:09
lotuspsychjeeindoofus: your making if difficult for yourself, why not just use GRUB to manage wich Os you need to boot?14:12
philip_which RAID is best to configure on a hp gen9 server14:12
lotuspsychje!raid | philip ask in #ubuntu-server also14:13
ubottuphilip ask in #ubuntu-server also: Tips and tricks for RAID and LVM can be found on https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/SoftwareRAID and http://www.tldp.org/HOWTO/LVM-HOWTO - For software RAID, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FakeRaidHowto14:13
compdocphilip_, how many drives?14:13
eindoofusit's a work laptop with two drives. windows is installed on the first and would rather not mess with the bootload on that drive if all it takes is switch a bios setting to use linux14:13
Oblivionsgo11 from the looks of it you have no bottelenecks anywhere otherwise cp wouldnt perform as it has, as to scp being slower not sure tbh14:13
philip_4 drives14:13
NijiroEindoofus: you can do it that way, using bios to choose whenever to switch between os'es.. but its really much more convenient to let Grub be the main bootloader and through that choose if you should boot into Windows och Linux mode.14:13
sgo11Oblivion, I am googling if that is due to any kernel setup. thanks.14:14
eindoofusNijiro, i've noticed that the boot loader has been the achilles heel of part dual boot attempts. i don't trust it14:14
philip_comdoc_ four(4) hard drives14:14
Oblivionsgo11 the only factor that comes in is encrytption14:14
eindoofusNijiro, would rather not risk that on a work laptop if i don't have to. i'm not going to be switching often14:15
compdocphilip_, yeah, thats not many. raid 5, or zfs14:15
lotuspsychjeeindoofus: maybe boot just a liveusb of ubuntu then, in your case?14:15
larryoneEriC^^, I managed to sort out my weird puppet Vs systemd Vs haproxy thing14:15
EriC^^larryone: how did you sort it out?14:16
Oblivionlarryone puppet v systemd ?14:16
larryonenever fully got to the bottom of why, but discovered that I had puppet configured to reload haproxy with `/etc/init.d/haproxy reload`14:16
eindoofuslotuspsychje, liveusb sounds like it's a temporary in memory os? would i even be able to access the drive or install new linux applications?14:16
larryoneinsetad of `service haproxy reload`14:16
philip_compdoc_ raid 5 will be better right14:16
Oblivionlarryone puppet isnt a startup handler its a config handler14:17
philip_and will love to know which raid will be better to configure msoft raid or hard raid14:17
larryoneEriC^^, doing a reload manually via the init.d script didn't trigger the problem, only when puppet did it. I still dont know why14:17
EriC^^larryone: oh ok14:17
lotuspsychjeeindoofus: its a temporary solution indeed14:17
NijiroEindoofus, Cool. I understand. It works anyways, I used to run like that for a while as well. You just have to be awake during the installer as the standard proposal from the installer will be to install grub on the first drive.14:17
larryonebut it works now with `service haproxy reload`   which will wonk on upstart and systemd machines14:17
compdocphilip_, its one of the few options that can help protect your data. but you need to keep an eye on SMART for each drive14:17
Oblivionlarryone check your puppet config14:18
larryoneOblivion, I need puppet to reload the haproxy after config changes14:18
larryoneOblivion, all working now, was just letting EriC^^ know  - he was giving me a hand ysterday with it14:18
Oblivionlarryone Ive never configured puppet only hanled the daemon , was just throwing ideas into the hat14:18
philip_kindly explain which one is the SMART for each drive14:18
larryonegot it fixed this morning14:19
=== S|ipKorN- is now known as CripperZ
Oblivionlarryone cool14:19
Oblivionlarryone that a scrubbing box?14:20
Oblivionlarryone dropping bad packets?14:20
Oblivionlarryone only experience I have with haproxy14:21
larryoneOblivion, using haproxy as load balancer14:21
Oblivionlarryone I c14:21
larryoneconfig and control syntax not so beautiful, but really powerful and lightning fast14:22
Oblivionlarryone how it at loading the balance?14:22
philip_compdoc_it will be better to configure hard ware RAID right14:23
compdocphilip_, only if you have a raid controller card14:23
Amozphilip_, hardware RAID can miss certain things that software raid (btrfs) can detect.14:24
Oblivionphilip_ hardware raid is better that software raid but NEVER rely on raid for backup14:24
philip_which will be the best to use14:24
Oblivionphilip_ raid protects from failure but not human errors14:24
Amozphilip_, that definitely depends on what you're trying to do14:25
philip_trying to setup hp gen9 server with four hard drive14:25
Amozphilip_, that doesn't say anything14:25
Oblivionphilip_ He meant your reasons14:26
philip_want to install ubuntu server14:26
Nijiro 0,14:26
larryoneOblivion, works well the way we have it right now, but more work to do to perfect it14:26
* Nijiro facepalms14:26
Oblivionlarryone have you noticed any uneven load balancing?14:27
larryoneso far we haven't seen any uneven behaviour14:28
philip_will want to install ubuntu server on the hp gen9 server with four hard drives14:28
Amozphilip_, that's too little information14:29
Oblivionlarryone cool just had a few boxes that no one has any knowledge how they werre originally configured on CentOs that dont seem to be distrabuting the load evenly14:29
larryoneOblivion, haproxy requires a lot of RTFM and the docs aren't so wonderful14:30
philip_Amoz_ with the four drives i want to ensure that if one is faulty it doesnt affect the other and make sure that when configure the ubuntu server to be install see all the drives14:30
dj3000I am having issues running apt-get update, and need some help.14:31
philip_Amoz_ with the four drives i want to ensure that if one is faulty it doesnt affect the other and make sure that when configure the ubuntu server to be install see all the drives14:32
dj3000In particular, I'm getting 404 errors14:32
fellayaboywhats the most lightweight version of ubuntu...desktop environment14:32
newguy1fellayaboy, yep14:33
Oblivionphilip_ this server is it hosted as most host providers have automated build systems so you wont be in control14:33
hd_chro321Today, I updated my ubuntu 14.04 use cli apt-get update && apt-get -y upgrade14:33
hd_chro321but after I update done, I found when I reboot my ubuntu 14.04 server, my golang application cannot start14:33
xanguafellayaboy: you can try minimal and install only what you want, if that is what you are rally after14:33
ubottuThe Minimal CD image is very small in size, and it downloads most packages from the Internet during installation, allowing you to select only those you want.  The installer is text based (rather than graphical as used on the Desktop DVD). See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD14:33
ubottuA desktop environment is what "puts the pieces of a !GUI together". The available desktop environments in Ubuntu are !GNOME (ubuntu-desktop), !KDE (kubuntu-desktop), !Xfce (xubuntu-desktop), !LXDE (lubuntu-desktop), IceWM, !Fluxbox, WindowMaker (wmaker), FVWM and others - See also !Flavors14:33
ubottuLinux is the kernel (core) of the Ubuntu operating system. Many operating systems use Linux as a kernel. For more information on Linux in general, visit http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Linux14:33
Oblivion!philip_ kickstart14:33
Amozphilip_, that still doesn't tell anyone about what you're trying to achieve. Do you have RAID cards laying around? Included in budget?14:33
xangua!msgbot | cloudlife9214:33
ubottucloudlife92: Please investigate with me only with "/msg ubottu Bot" or in #ubuntu-bots.  Search for factoids with "/msg ubottu !search factoid".14:33
cfhowlettdj3000, set your software sources to a different mirror - main for exmple.14:33
hd_chro321my golang application start command have not change, it is alike "sudo /usr/bin/mtunneld &"14:33
hd_chro321but whatever I modify start script /etc/rc.local, these golang application cannot automatic start again after I reboot my ubuntu VPS14:34
cfhowlettcloudlife92, go play elsewhere please14:34
fellayaboythanks cloudlife9214:34
hd_chro321but I login to ubuntu 14.04 ssh console, manually run these golang application, it run ok14:34
cloudlife92is the golang package broken?14:34
hd_chro321I googled found none related to the problem14:34
cloudlife92what error message is displayedf14:35
hd_chro321no, my golang application have changed, when ubuntu 14.04 boot ok, I ssh login, manually run these golang application, run ok14:35
hd_chro321sorry my golang application have not changed14:35
Oblivioncloudlife92 for someone coming in here chatting that, you are on your first install come back on your update :)14:35
Oblivion^^ thaat isnt a slate to arch14:36
cloudlife92i have used linux distros for 3 years14:36
Oblivioncloudlife92 lol Ive used them for 20 , so what distros have you used14:36
=== screedoz is now known as screedo
hd_chro321I checked my boot boot log, havenot found any error14:37
cloudlife92ubuntu, fedora, debian opensuse arch and variations of them14:37
cfhowlettOblivion, cloudlife92 chit chat in private or #ubuntu-offtopic please.14:37
=== lubuntu is now known as Guest10910
Oblivioncloudlife92 so how do you install arch?14:40
hd_chro321cloudlife92 my golang application have not change14:41
hd_chro321my golang application can run ok when I ssh login to ubuntu 14.0414:42
Oblivion^ rootkit?14:42
Oblivionafk < going to but more beer14:43
awtempleranyone install shiny-server on ubuntu (32 bit)?14:45
sivikanyone have an idea on why flash would stop playing a video in the browser after a number of secondes14:45
fellayaboysivik, what browser14:46
sivikchrome and firefox14:46
sivikalready tried with flashplugin-nonfree and pepperflashplugin-nonfree14:47
newguy1sivik, probably a issue with your GPU driver that is causing the flash player to crash?14:47
siviknewguy1: the video doesn't crash.  it just stops playing14:48
cfhowlett!server | awtempler14:49
ubottuawtempler: Ubuntu Server Edition is a release of Ubuntu designed especially for server environments, including a server specific !kernel and no !GUI. The install CD contains many server applications. Current !LTS version is !Trusty (Trusty Tahr 14.04) - More info: http://www.ubuntu.com/products/whatisubuntu/serveredition - Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/14.04/serverguide - Support in #ubuntu-server14:49
compdocnever heard of it14:49
newguy1awtempler, hmm, have you installed it?14:50
fellayaboynexttime use sudo apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extras when you want to install flash14:50
fellayaboyit helps me out alot14:51
fellayaboyplus it installs other neccessary components that you would likewise take for granted14:51
reisiosivik: any particular video?14:52
Oblivioncloudlife92 you still googling how to install arch lol14:53
sivikreisio: seems to be anything randomly used14:53
fellayaboysivik, read above...also...delete your cookies & all of that from your browser...delete everything in terms of historys, cookies etc using the menu in the browser..uninstall whatever flash you installed then run that sudo apt-get install ubuntu-resrticted-extras see if that works14:54
Oblivionsivik yes because flash is old as fuck and shit14:54
sivikI even tried installing the version from the adobe website14:54
newguy1why anyone would need flash BTW...14:55
Oblivionsivik thy chrome14:55
fellayaboyi think youtube uses html5 now. so it wont matter if flash is installed on the client14:55
hd_chro321ubotty: thank, I ask my qeustion in the lts channel14:55
sivikOblivion: I have the same problem both in chrome and firefox.14:55
newguy1fellayaboy, yep youtube defaults to HTML14:55
sivikfellayaboy: same problem in youtube14:55
fellayaboywhat ubuntu version14:55
Oblivionsivik and thats chrome and not chromium?14:55
newguy1fellayaboy, probably he needs codecs14:55
sivikLet me install chrome and test it.  Its chromium14:55
fellayaboyyeahh tahts true newguy114:56
fellayaboysivik...uninstall flash and run sudo apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extras14:56
fellayaboyi think thats  your solution14:56
Oblivionsivik chrome should work as that ships with adobes14:56
sivikOblivion: installing now14:57
BBLLCCdo I have to manually delete old kernels on xubuntu?14:57
ioria!info chrome14:57
ubottuPackage chrome does not exist in vivid14:58
ioria!info chrome trusty14:58
ubottuPackage chrome does not exist in trusty14:58
Oblivionchrome needs a ppa adding from google iirc14:58
newguy1!spam | ioria14:58
ubottuioria: Please don't spam14:58
sivikI installed chrome from the google chrome website14:58
sivikBut the same problem with vids14:58
fellayaboysivik sounds like a codec issue14:58
fellayaboylike newguy1 said14:58
newguy1well just install the Chrome Deb file, it will add a repository...14:59
Oblivionsivik it could be a million and one of things14:59
AndroidHackeranyone know why firefox would KEEP asking me to set it as default browser15:03
AmozBBLLCC, yes, like all the others in the *buntu family15:03
=== Evanion is now known as Evanion[AFK]
zaggynlanyone else having issues running sudo apt-get update against steam ppa?15:04
newguy1AndroidHacker, just select "Don't ask again"15:04
BBLLCCAmoz, there is a kernel that appears under grep, but appears as not installed in synaptic15:04
=== Bill is now known as Guest93932
AndroidHackernewguy1, im aware of this, but that does not change anything15:04
zaggynlI get a : E: GPG error: http://repo.steampowered.com precise InRelease: Clearsigned file isn't valid, got 'NODATA' (does the network require authentication?)15:04
AndroidHackerive already set it thru "preferred apps" and thru command line15:04
cfhowlettzaggynl, yep.  I expect it to self-correct given time.  wait a couple of days and try again15:04
zaggynlcool, I've disabled the ppa for now15:04
AmozBBLLCC, you mean dpkg --list | grep <version> ?15:04
Amozthat is probably because some config files are still there15:05
Amozdpkg --purge <package> will remove it completely afaik15:05
BBLLCChow do I get rid of those?15:05
Guest93932AndroidHacker I came across that issue recently , not found a fix yety that was with chromium, I suspect just setting the default manually will fix though15:05
AndroidHackerzaggynl, i am also getting errors from steam repo15:05
AndroidHackerGuest93932, yea i have chrome installed also, but as far as i know ive done everything i know how to15:06
Guest93932AndroidHacker what desktop?15:06
Guest93932AndroidHacker give me a sec or two15:07
Guest93932AndroidHacker just go to the mouse (xfce icon) > settings > default applications15:09
AndroidHackerive already done all of that15:10
Guest93932AndroidHacker you wil need to restart X11 and the desktop manager15:10
Guest93932AndroidHacker if unsure on that just reboot the box15:10
AndroidHackerthanks but ive done all of these things already15:11
Guest93932Ubuntu is getting like windows15:11
daftykinsAndroidHacker: tried a clean FF profile?15:12
daftykinsactually if you remember further enough back it used to be way worse than Windows for DE consistency :P15:12
jayjoCron write all output to file15:13
Guest93932^ DE I hate microsoft abreveations15:13
Guest93932^ DE ?I hate microsoft abreveations15:13
AndroidHackerdaftykins, as in "refresh firefox" and/or uninstall/reinstall? this has been a persistent problem with xubuntu since about 14.04 or since i can remember15:13
daftykinsdesktop environment. that is not a Microsoft abbreviation.15:13
BBLLCCAmoz, dpkg --purge linux-image-3.19.0-21-generic <<?15:13
daftykinsAndroidHacker: no, browsers use profiles15:13
Guest93932daftkins it is yours though never heard that before15:13
AndroidHackerdaftykins, ok im not sure what you mean then15:14
daftykinsGuest93932: no, it's a very widespread term in the Linux world15:14
daftykinsa DE = e.g. KDE, xfce, gnome, unity yada yada15:14
AmozBBLLCC, should remove everything15:14
Guest93932daftkins yes but IMHO not DE it is desktop enviroment15:14
AndroidHackeri use DE15:14
daftykinsGuest93932: well you're entitled to your opinion but it doesn't stop it being correct :)15:15
AndroidHackerdaftykins, im checking out the profiles right now, thanks for the tip15:15
Guest93932thats the beauty of Linux or any open source do what you can/want15:15
pokergodwhere do coredumps land?15:15
Guest93932daftkins seequal or sql?#15:16
Guest93932daftkins seequal or sql?15:16
BBLLCCthx amcsi_work15:16
BBLLCCthx Amoz15:16
AmozBBLLCC, :)15:16
amcsi_workdon't mention it15:16
daftykinsGuest93932: that is not support discussion, so feel free to take it to #ubuntu-offtopic15:16
Guest93932daftkins answer the question :)15:17
=== Capprentice is now known as Guest60715
AndroidHackerdaftykins, profile manager wont open up, im running "firefox -P" and/or "firefox -ProfileManager" from terminal and it just opens firefox15:17
Guest60715Hi! What is the correct way to allow DNS port for outside world in UFW?15:17
daftykinsGuest93932: i don't owe you, be polite in here.15:17
Guest60715Im using Ubuntu Server 1515:17
daftykinsAndroidHacker: must be the wrong method15:17
AndroidHackerdaftykins, ok, thats the info i got from the mozilla docu.. ill keep checking15:18
EmptySpace53 tcp15:18
daftykinsAndroidHacker: are you typing it into a terminal, or via Alt+F2 ?15:18
Guest60715I have used this rule ufw allow 53 and had problems.15:18
AndroidHackerdaftykins, terminal15:18
Guest60715The clients using the dns server were not able to resolve or cache any names. Why is that?15:18
AndroidHackeri open the terminal emulator15:18
daftykinsAndroidHacker: probably not meant to work that way, i can't verify right now15:18
Guest60715Any one who can tell me about what I have done wrong?15:18
AndroidHackerok no problem15:18
Guest93932daftkins fair enough , I asked a question though?15:18
daftykinsGuest93932: good for you.15:19
Guest93932daftkins  :)15:19
daftykinsalso, learn to tab complete nicks :)15:20
newguy1read a book about IRC :P15:20
EmptySpacemaybe all in and out rather than just in?  If not, someone else can help better than me :)15:20
Obliviondaftykins, lol yeah oldskool15:20
nicomachusthere are books about IRC? ;p;15:20
AmozGuest60715, can you resolve domains manually by dig?15:21
newguy1nicomachus, obviously xD15:21
Guest60715Is there a channel specific to UFW?15:21
cfhowlett!ufw | Guest6071515:21
ubottuGuest60715: Ubuntu, like any other Linux distribution, has built-in firewall capabilities. The firewall is managed using the 'ufw' command - see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UFW | GUI frontends such as gufw and ufw-kde also exist. | An alternative to ufw is the 'iptables' command - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IptablesHowTo15:21
Oblivionufw dont use iptables they say its easier but tbhh dont like the syntax15:21
Guest60715cfhowlett: Can you tell me the correct way to allow port 53 for outside world?15:22
AndroidHackerdaftykins, haha i got it going now.. i had to completely shutdown firefox and all background processes15:22
cfhowlettGuest60715, no idea. sorry.  I'd have to refer to the documentation or the wiki15:22
Guest60715Sorry! Thanks.15:22
=== Evanion[AFK] is now known as Evanion
Guest60715The link ubottu pointed has the into.15:23
daftykinsAndroidHacker: ah must've been a stuck one, that figures15:23
AndroidHackerdaftykins, thanks for your help15:23
Oblivion<Guest60715> depends on your setup really is this a defaulty iptables, ufw is just a FR15:24
Oblivionfront end15:24
Guest60715The UFW documentation says I need to run: ufw allow 53, but would this the correct setting if I do this: ufw allow in 53 and ufw allow out 53 ?15:25
Guest60715Why I do not need to ufw allow out ssh for connecting to another pc?15:25
daftykinsallowing both sounds like a misunderstanding of how it functions15:26
Oblivion<Guest60715> you commited anything yet because If Im gonna advise it wont be ufw it will be iptables15:26
Guest60715Oblivion: I know that UFW is just a frond end. But as it came in Ub Server by Default I did not removed it or neither installed the iptables-persistant package.15:26
Oblivion<Guest60715>  ok what does iptables -nvL output?15:27
Guest60715daftykins: How does it function then and why there is this out function allows me to add the rule.15:27
Oblivion<Guest60715>  your allowing dns15:28
daftykinsbecause communications are two way, it's not going to stop you from doing something because it doesn't know what you're trying to achieve.15:28
daftykinsthere's no firewall frontend that reads minds sadly :)15:28
OblivionDebian/Ubuntu are bad for changing stuff , why cant you follow Red Haty15:29
Guest60715Guest60715: Here is the output: http://pastebin.com/BhUxdAFK15:29
cfhowlettOblivion, because ubuntu/debian are NOT redhat.15:30
Guest60715I can switch to CentOS but thats a different story :P15:30
daftykinsOblivion: who is 'you' in that sentence?15:31
reisioyes, you can't follow instructions for one thing when you aren't using that one thing15:31
Guest60715daftykins: If I want to block all out going connections for ssh from my system (just for the sake of discussion) can I not use this : ufw deny out ssh ?15:31
nickthekiller109how do i install adobe flash player for xfce15:31
nickthekiller109xfce desktop15:32
daftykinsGuest60715: sorry maybe you should try ##networking or #ubuntu-server if nobody is replying15:32
Guest60715daftykins: Thanks.15:32
cfhowlettnickthekiller109, sudo apt-get install adobe-flashplugin15:32
nickthekiller109cfhowlett, thank you15:33
pokergodwhere do coredumps get written to?15:33
cfhowlettnickthekiller109, happy2help!15:33
Oblivionif you want a flash compromised box use windows15:34
geniipokergod: Usually either in your home directory, or else the root filesystem15:34
daftykinsOblivion: stupid comment that, flash is an equal opportunities disaster.15:34
usuarioun capullo no de sergio15:35
cfhowlett!it | usuario15:35
ubottuusuario: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)15:35
Obliviondaftykins flash is equally compromised platform based , yes the exploits can infect Linux but thats where Linux stops it15:36
Guest60715html 5 is taking place. but most of the sites still runs on Flash.15:36
Obliviondaftykins you have SELinux and APPArmour15:36
=== Mitchell92[A] is now known as Mitchell92
Guest60715Adobe is still  maintaining Flash for Windows. Thats a big issue.15:36
OblivionFlash is flawed by design same as AD was for microshit15:37
naftilos76Hi, my bluetooth adapter works fine in ubuntu 15.04 but does not in kubuntu 15.04. Can anybody guess if there is a package that i can install to make work? I think my bluetooth adapter wears an atheros chipset (if not mistaken).15:37
x4w3Hi, how can i watch dmesg in term and in the same time attached to this term errors of dmesg?  i can't with this ---> watch 'sudo dmesg -c >> /tmp/dmesg.log; tail -n 54 /tmp/dmesg.log';tail -f /var/log/dmesg | grep error >> /tmp/dmesg.log15:38
cfhowlettOblivion, please. no profanity.  and no need to bash other OS.15:38
daftykinsOblivion: this is not a channel for discussion, it's support only thanks.15:39
x4w3because watch always running :)15:39
=== thisdoescompute is now known as kully3xf
reisiox4w3: tee?15:41
reisiox4w3: you want to log and watch?15:41
x4w3yes :) reisio15:41
cfhowlett!guidelines > Oblivion15:42
ubottuOblivion, please see my private message15:42
reisiox4w3: yeah, | tee logfile15:42
x4w3reisio: watch 'sudo dmesg -c >> /tmp/dmesg.log; tail -n 54 /tmp/dmesg.log' | tee/var/log/dmesg | grep error >> /tmp/dmesg.log?15:44
x4w3reisio: tee: /var/log/dmesg: Permiso denegado :)15:44
x4w3ah ok15:45
x4w3sorry :) i change temp log.15:45
jayjoif I run > $FILE1 2>&1 multiple times will it append or rewrite?15:45
reisioyeah can you not just tail /var/log/dmesg ?15:46
reisiojayjo: run what now?15:46
reisio'>' overwrites extant, if that's what you're asking15:46
reisiouse >> or tee -a if you don't want that15:46
jayjoI dont think I can use >> bceause it's bin/sh15:47
jayjois that right?15:47
=== aktx__ is now known as aktx
=== Mitchell92 is now known as Mitchell92[A]
reisiojayjo: try it and see: echo 'foo' >> test; echo 'foo' >> test; cat test15:48
Oblivionjayjo what you are doing with 2>&1 is your redirecting stdin and stderr through the same channel so depending on what the input and the output is it will differ15:49
x4w3reisio: problem is that i want to process, one process for display temporal dmesg at refreshed terminal  and other process to add temporal dmesg errors :)15:49
reisiomm, well, tee is your man15:50
x4w3tee is ok for me, but i need to add to watch temporal dmesg and i don't know15:50
reisiowhile(true); do dmesg | tee foo; sleep 5s; done15:50
x4w3thank u let me.15:50
x4w3reisio: what's foo, i'm spanish sorry...15:52
reisiofoo is the first placeholder15:53
reisiofoo, bar, baz, then it gets tricky15:53
x4w3reisio: oks, :).15:55
Oblivionreisio cron needs full paths15:56
reisioOblivion: ?15:56
Oblivionreisio when Ive run scrips by cron they have failed if you dont give relative path15:57
reisiowhy tell me this?15:57
Oblivionask dev @ cron15:58
daftykinsseems Oblivion likes to second guess other volunteers rather than help directly15:58
reisiodon't even know what he's talking about15:58
* reisio shrugs15:58
OnkelTemHi a..15:58
OnkelTemHi to move Cairo Dock panel to another monitor?15:58
Obliviondaftykins I work in aa Enterprise enviroment based mainly on RH/CentOs15:58
daftykinsOblivion: http://i.imgur.com/9ooK4NT.jpg15:59
daftykinsOblivion: probably best you don't give advice in #ubuntu then15:59
cfhowlettdaftykins, you got me.  LOL15:59
=== Bill is now known as Guest6513
Guest6513 trust ne dont aggrivate16:01
TBotNikAll: I keep getting errors from my FireFox browser and know it is related to "keytracker viruses" that are now being stored via the HTML5 cache. Where do I find help to located and delete these?16:11
daftykinscreate a clean profile and test16:11
olabazHey, I'm trying to boot from a USB CD drive but that option does not come out on my BIOS menu. How can I add it or boot from it another way?16:14
=== michael__ is now known as Guest9864
daftykinsolabaz: desktop or laptop? motherboard ports or otherwise?16:16
KimmoNOI have Ubuntu 15.04 workstation with i7-4790 installed fresh and I am using the internal graphics. This is my first Linux workstation. I have some stuttering/lag when I am writing that is very annoying. My idea is that is is related to the graphics driver. I wanted to install Intel graphics driver, but I see here https://01.org/linuxgraphics/downloads that 15.04 is not supported. When I look in system Settings, there is no graphics icon.16:17
olabazdaftykins, it's a laptop, I'm not sure what the motherboard is but the BIOS says American Megatrends16:17
daftykinsolabaz: being AMI means nothing, they're one of the two common names of BIOS and nothing more16:17
x4w3crazy combination reisio:  while dmesg -c >> /tmp/dmesg.log&&dmesg | grep error | tee -a /tmp/dmesg.log;do sleep 0.1; done & tail -f /tmp/dmesg.log :P16:18
daftykinsKimmoNO: doesn't matter, attempting to install one of those drivers is pointless - just being on an up to date installation will be fine. you can also try a newer mainline kernel to see if it helps16:18
ubottuThe kernel team supply continuous mainline kernel builds which can be useful for tracking down issues or testing recent changes in the Linux kernel. More information is available at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/MainlineBuilds16:18
x4w3kernel failed hehe.16:18
daftykinsKimmoNO: ^16:18
olabazok I'll brb and try editing some settings in BIOS16:18
KimmoNOdaftykins, Well, Ubuntu is updated and I have had this stuttering issue across different kernels.16:19
KimmoNOdaftykins, thanks for answering :)16:19
daftykinsKimmoNO: different being what, just the subtle revisions that come along with updates?16:19
KimmoNOdaftykins, yes16:19
=== ubik is now known as Guest4637
daftykinsKimmoNO: yeah that's pointless, try a newer than 3.19 mainline from the link above16:20
KimmoNOdaftykins, I am a newbie :)16:20
daftykinsKimmoNO: what do you need help with? can you follow the above link and try installing a >3.19 kernel?16:21
KimmoNOI am happy to move to ubuntu 15.2016:21
daftykins15.20 isn't a real release16:21
KimmoNOI am happy to move to ubuntu 15.1016:21
daftykins15.10 isn't out until October16:21
KimmoNOYes, but I thought there was some beta I could use? But if you dont recommend that, then I will try to install a more recent kernel. I dont know how to do that, but I guess I can explore it.16:22
daftykinsKimmoNO: one quick test would be to grab a recent liveCD of the unfinished 15.10 and see if it solves the issue, you can put it on a flash drive to avoid affecting your current installation16:24
KimmoNOdaftykins, This would be the correct one? http://kernel.ubuntu.com/~kernel-ppa/mainline/v4.0-vivid/16:27
KimmoNOafter that one there was only RC as far as I could see.16:28
daftykinsKimmoNO: yep sounds good, just the single generic amd64 package16:28
daftykinsKimmoNO: just hold left shift at startup to boot it once manually from the menu, if it doesn't help or doesn't work, you can boot the current version you're using (confirm with "uname -r" in the terminal)16:29
KimmoNOWhere should this foldr be? "It is best to downloaded the files into a folder by themselves. Then, one may install all the packages simultaneously by executing the following in a terminal: "16:30
daftykinsit just means download them into *a* folder16:30
KimmoNOas root or with sudo?16:30
KimmoNOah, I see16:30
daftykinsbut you're only doing one .deb :)16:30
daftykinssudo dpkg -i blah.deb yep16:31
KimmoNOThis one? linux-image-4.0.0-040000-generic_4.0.0-040000.201504121935_amd64.deb16:32
KimmoNOThere is also low latency kernels16:32
daftykinsKimmoNO: yep, no LL is not appropriate - solely that one16:32
CxdvtyI have an old dell inspirion 530s with the wireless wifi adapter that came with it. Ubuntu wont detect the hardware. Can anyone help?16:33
CxdvtyIs the 14.04 version too new for the hardware?16:33
daftykinsCxdvty: share the service tag16:33
daftykinsCxdvty: looks like it didn't come with wireless originally - http://www.dell.com/us/dfh/p/inspiron-530s/pd16:34
=== max__ is now known as Guest60193
CxdvtyWhen I got it from castle rental they gave me a wireless linksys owifi adapter with it16:36
Guest60193ich habe hunger. was soll ich verspeisen16:36
=== Guest60193 is now known as maxssss
daftykinsGuest4637: Nur Englisch bitte schon16:36
maxssssi cant speek english16:36
daftykinsmaxssss: dan #ubuntu-de16:37
DJonesmaxssss: Do you have an Ubuntu support question, thats what this channel is for16:37
DJonesmaxssss: We can't help with what you should eat when you're hungry16:37
god_phantomhello all.16:47
silverbaqyo ^_^16:48
Kimmono2daftykins, uname -r16:48
daftykinsKimmono2: success16:49
daftykinsso now see if it's any better.16:49
Kimmono2daftykins, Yes :)16:49
Kimmono2So far it seems that there is no log.16:49
Kimmono2Yes, much better :)16:50
daftykinsgood stuff, so you can keep using that kernel until 14.10 is released16:50
daftykinssorry 15.1016:50
Kimmono2daftykins, okey, great! :) Thanks for the help!!16:50
god_phantom[ubuntu 14.04 LTS Desktop, 64-bit]  GNOME is freezing when i use google chrome.  after a few minutes and a couple of tabs open, i won't be able to move my mouse, CTRL+C won't work, can't ALT+tab out of the window, etc.  where could I find a log to see what's going on or submit a good bug report?16:51
daftykinsKimmono2: np :>16:51
daftykinsgod_phantom: well chrome is from google, so not an ubuntu issue really16:51
god_phantomdaftykins: yeah, i was hoping maybe there'd be a system log.  but you know what?  i just looked at their bug tracker and someone literally JUST entered a bug for the same issue i'm having16:52
daftykinshow handy!16:52
Matt_tenianyone here runs lxdm on unity ?16:53
god_phantomi think i'll open it from terminal and redirect the output, see if i can get it to freeze16:53
=== sport|linux is now known as sportman
borisetoHello. Is there a way to fix the "Your browser does not currently recognize any of the video formats available" on Firefox, no flash for live videos? I'm guessing there is a missing codec or something. The thing is that I don't want to install flash at all.17:03
=== dev_ is now known as ecl3s
nemithgod fucking damnit. http://paste.ubuntu.com/11931142/17:05
nemithI asumme it is this https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/policykit-1/+bug/1447654 ?17:06
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1447654 in policykit-1 (Ubuntu Vivid) "installing policykit-1 hangs under systemd" [Medium,Confirmed]17:06
vltHello. I'm running Ubuntu 12.04 LTS. What do I have to do to make chromium-brower accept all characters that I type into input fields or the search/address bar, just like any other program (firefox, editors, terminal, ...) does? I*m talking about haracters like è, ä, ß, ø, or simply numbers from the number block.17:15
Benjamin__is there any linux help channel that isn't specific to ubuntu? i'm trying to compile from source a software and have problem17:24
PiciBenjamin__: ##linux17:24
sl1rpyim trying to use recordmydesktop to record something but the windows are distorted.  is there a program that works better or what setting should i use to fix this?17:24
dreamAny reason as to why Steam refuses to open on Ubuntu 15.04 (64 bit) MATE?17:24
sl1rpyi have a feeling it has something to do with compiz...17:25
sl1rpyanyone have any ideas?17:27
Benjamin__how do i register, says i can't chat17:27
nrml1does anyone have any suggestions for a centralized (preferrably web based) package management system?17:27
vdreyBenjamin__ I can see your comment just fine17:27
Benjamin__in the linux channell....17:27
Benjamin__this is my issue17:28
tgm4883!register | Benjamin__17:28
ubottuBenjamin__: Information about registering your nickname: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat/Registration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname. Registration help available by typing /join #freenode17:28
Benjamin__says cannot join while banned on channel17:29
Benjamin__haven't been on irc for years...17:29
nrml1wow just looked at landscape... $$$$$17:30
ioriaBenjamin__, gcc --version ?17:30
tgm4883nrml1: yep, it's kinda spendy17:30
Benjamin__[root@pitus openvpn-2.3.7]# gcc --version17:31
Benjamin__-bash: gcc: command not found17:31
nrml1good god, how does anyone afford it?17:31
tgm4883nrml1: when I looked, it wasn't that expensive compared to similar products17:32
vdreynrml1 Afford what?17:32
tgm4883vdrey: landscape17:32
ioriaBenjamin__, maybe you don't have gcc installed ...  ubuntu 15 ?17:32
Benjamin__ioria: server is running centos 6.5 i38617:33
Benjamin__just did fresh install17:33
nrml1thats nuts17:33
nrml1I realize its an involved and time consuming thing to develop, but geez17:33
ioriaBenjamin__, you have to install gcc, g++ and other on your server then17:33
nrml1I'd love to get a sample of who their customers are17:34
sl1rpydoes anyone know how to record the desktop in ubuntu 15.04 without the windows being distorted?17:34
sl1rpyin the recorded video17:34
tgm4883nrml1: what is your use case?17:34
vdreyI just looked at the price......wow......17:34
tgm4883where are you guys looking at the price?17:34
nrml1tgm4883: management of a large cluster of ubuntu servers17:34
nrml1like 100+17:35
tgm4883nrml1: where are you seeing a price, I had to request a quote, but that was awhile ago17:35
vdreytgm4883 http://www.ubuntu.com/cloud/plans-and-pricing17:35
nrml1yeah its part of their management thing17:36
vdreyNot landscape specifically, but other management things... $75k/year for up to 100 nodes17:36
tgm4883vdrey: nrml1 are you running openstack?17:37
nrml1it seems really beefy, but man17:37
tgm4883vdrey: because if not, then that's not the pricing I got for 100 nodes17:37
Benjamin__no idea how to install gcc... it says c is missling and cl.exe also...17:37
vdreyYeah, its for openstack17:37
PiciBenjamin__: install the build-essential metapackage.17:37
nrml1tgm4883: not yet, I'm just trying to find out the best, most cost effective way to do it still17:38
Benjamin__Pici: how?17:38
PiciBenjamin__: sudo apt-get install build-essential17:38
tgm4883nrml1: I wasn't looking at openstack (we've got vmware internally), so I was just looking for landscape cost for servers17:39
Benjamin__Pici: i'm running centos 6.517:39
PiciBenjamin__: Then why are you asking in #ubuntu?17:39
Benjamin__Pici because i can't register with NickServ, so can't access linux channel or centos channel17:39
Benjamin__i'm in china and without the server working can't access my email17:40
PiciBenjamin__: That doesn't mean that #ubuntu is now on-topic for your questions.17:40
Benjamin__Pici: i didn't say it was but you asked my why17:40
nrml1I've actually never used openstack17:40
vdreyits 'fun'17:41
nrml1its just OS on the cloud?17:41
vdreypretty much17:41
tgm4883nrml1: my understanging is it's local cloud, meaning rapid build and tear down of vms17:41
nrml1all of our systems are guests on UCS clusters17:41
nrml1that would add another layer to our infrastructure that we probably dont want to deal with right now17:42
nrml1we have puppet+foreman for config right now17:42
tgm4883nrml1: that was kinda my thoughts as well, which is why we stayed with vmware. We also had windows machines to manage, so we went with puppet over landscape17:42
Benjamin__can u help me with one thing then, how do i register, what is the syntax17:43
nrml1tgm4883: yeah we're in the same boat17:43
tgm4883nrml1: we had puppet+foreman at my previous job, here we have puppet enterprise17:43
tgm4883Benjamin__: I already sent you the info on it17:43
tgm4883!register | Benjamin__17:43
jazzzu /j #debian17:44
nrml1tgm4883: we're happy with foreman so far, it works well. just wish there was package management integration via puppet, that would be awesome.17:44
PiciBenjamin__: see /msg nickserv help register and http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#nicksetup , more help available in #freenode17:44
tgm4883nrml1: Well there is, but I know what you mean17:45
nrml1tgm4883: so what do you use for package managament now?17:45
tgm4883nrml1: well now at work we use centos and redhat instead of ubuntu, so if we were to manage it network wide would use something like spacewalk17:50
nrml1oh gotcha ok17:51
tgm4883nrml1: before I left my previous job, we were looking at spacewalk a bit since it apparently also supports debian/ubuntu, but I left before we looked at that too hard17:51
nrml1I'll read up on it, thanks17:51
tgm4883nrml1: previously, we just had some puppet facts that let us know if a particualr machine had security updates that it needed to do17:51
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aethersishi, is there a tool for linux that'd let me test a HDD thoroughly? I want to test it for read/write operations sector by sector and get timings.18:00
dodo_film shpper america18:03
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=== Droz is now known as Drozz
linelevelHi, I'm running Ubuntu 14.04. The top menu bar and left shortcut/launcher bar have completely disappeared, but only on my main account (they show up on the Guest account). Restarting does not help. Any suggestions?18:13
EriC^^linelevel: try pressing ctrl+alt+t, then type dconf reset -f /org/compiz18:13
EriC^^also try typing ccsm and make sure that the unity plugin is enabled18:14
maotorahello, i have a quick question... I am using cmus to play my music in terminal and am wondering does it have some kind of visulizations??18:14
linelevelEriC^^: Ctrl+Alt+t does not work, and I'm not sure how to get to Terminal given that I don't have the launcher. I can Ctrl+Alt+F1 to get to tty1, but I cannot run your command from there (because X11 is not running in tty1). Any suggestions?18:16
EriC^^try typing DISPLAY=:0 ccsm18:16
EriC^^from tty1 while it's logged on in tty818:17
EriC^^also the dconf command18:17
romanosaurius_rehello. App armor question: I have a docker image that needs to access it's own processes io stats provided by /proc/{pid}/io but app armor is denying it. I used aa-complain to turn the rules into audit logs and was able, but tryed to add a rule to allow that and there is no way I'm getting it right.18:23
linelevelEriC^^: The former worked; it opened ccsm in tty7. I still have no way to run dconf though.18:23
romanosaurius_reis there some documentation other than the manpage that explains how to work around app armor configuration?18:23
EriC^^linelevel: is the unity plugin enabled?18:24
linelevelEriC^^: It wasn't. I just enabled it. It made me enable 7 dependencies as well.18:25
linelevelEriC^^: Rebooting now.18:25
EriC^^linelevel: ok, try to log in again18:25
linelevelEriC^^: Rebooted and logged in. No change in behavior.18:26
azamrodi am probleming whit Ubuntu 16.0418:27
EriC^^linelevel: ok, try rm -r ~/.compiz ~/.config/compiz-118:27
daftykinsazamrod: typo perhaps?18:27
drocsidhi #ubuntu. How do I create an encrypted home without the Desktop CD? I am using ubuntu-server: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EncryptedHome18:28
azamrodif it is with Ubuntu 15.0418:28
linelevelEriC^^: Done. Now reboot?18:28
EriC^^linelevel: no, just try to login18:29
EriC^^type sudo service lightdm restart18:29
lickalott_can anyone tell me that the 3 values represent when changing touchpad sensitivity?   i.e. xinput --set-prop "ETPS/2 Elantech Touchpad" "Synaptics Finger" 50 80 25718:30
linelevelEriC^^: Done. No change.18:30
nbusroneanyone can have a guide for find command manpage ? what is ( -type f -printf "%f\n" ) means ?18:31
EriC^^linelevel: try rm -r ~/.gconf18:31
lickalott_Synaptics Finger18:32
lickalott_              32 bit, 3 values, low, high, press.18:32
lickalott_what is low and high?  the X , Y values for where the touchpad is active when you try and use it?18:32
cheetahw26how can I add a crontab entry  with @reboot globally, i.e. in cron.d/<mycron>18:32
Picinbusrone: look at the printf section of the find manpage, it explains what all the options are.  "%f  =  File's name with any leading directories removed (only the last element)."18:32
cheetahw26it seems to work if I use crontab -e  and add to a user's cron, but not system...18:33
sorinelloHello. How can I install the latest pidgin version ? I have Ubuntu 15.04, but my pidgin version is
Matt_teniget the ppa sorinello18:33
linelevelEriC^^: Done. Restarted lightdm and logged back in. No change.18:33
sorinelloMatt_teni, the Pidgin Developers PPA is deprecated18:34
Picicheetahw26: if you want to add something to /etc/cron.d/, you'll need to use sudo to make a new file there.18:34
EriC^^linelevel: yikes, try mv ~/.config ~/.config.old18:34
sorinellohow come the latest version is not pushed into the official repos ?18:34
daftykinssorinello: someone has to package and test first, no?18:34
cheetahw26I have a file there, and all of the entries work, except I cannot use the @reboot command...18:35
linelevelEriC^^: That worked!18:35
cheetahw26or it seems the entry I have that is supposed to execute that doesn't get called at reboot18:35
sorinellodaftykins, yes, well isn't the community doing that ?18:35
EriC^^linelevel: ok18:35
Voyage_my laptop LCD is broken, I need to get things urgently from my pc, I can ssh from another pc to it. I plan to attach an external LCD to VGA port and via ssh, change the display monitor in the settings> monitor of KDE. How can I do that?18:35
daftykinssorinello: not enough to go around evidently18:35
cheetahw26If I instead use crontab -e   and then add  @reboot <cmd>  it works fine, however I need to be able to do this programatically and cannot go to crontab -e on each device...18:36
daftykinsVoyage_: err why not just rsync the whole lot over SSH? why do you need a GUI?18:36
Voyage_its in browser cache, I cant rsync that18:36
Voyage_nice suggestion though18:36
EriC^^linelevel: if you want copy the startup apps files with cp -r ~/.config.old/autostart ~/.config18:36
daftykinsVoyage_: what's in browser cache o018:38
Voyage_daftykins,  something important18:38
nbusronePici : Thanks :-) but how do I add an extra option to print out date modified or file size ? taken for example ( find /home -type f -printf "%f\n" |sort  > /home/test) ?18:38
daftykinsok be vague, get no responses :)18:38
daftykinscould just SSH X forward your browser too18:39
Voyage_daftykins,  how18:39
daftykinsssh -X user@host18:39
daftykinsno quotes, but just run it18:39
Voyage_thats it?18:39
daftykinspenguin power \o/18:39
EriC^^cheetahw26: use (crontab -l; echo "something to add") | crontab18:39
EriC^^cheetahw26: it will add what you want to the user's crontab18:40
philip_who can kindly explain what strip size means18:40
Picinbusrone: add %t or %A% or %s, etc.18:40
cheetahw26ok... I get an error in cron, bad command, seems like it doesn't like @reboot there18:40
daftykinsphilip_: stripe size, plenty of information about RAID online - essentially it's the chunk size of data per disk before the next member disk is read from18:40
EriC^^cheetahw26: if you type crontab -e and put @reboot something it doesn't like it?18:41
daftykinsphilip_: you might need to be more specific about the context of your question though18:41
philip_just a brief explaination of strip size what is it actually use for18:41
daftykinsphilip_: *stripe. and you have to give context, so did you mean RAID or something else?18:42
OerHeks!duckduckgo raid stripe18:42
ubottuOerHeks: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)18:42
cheetahw26thanks... checking now...18:43
philip_yes raid strip size ..18:43
cheetahw26No... crontab -e works fine with @reboot... but just adding that to a file in /etc/cron.d/myfile    does not work18:44
cheetahw26I just read that this may be a bug... but if the crontab -l command works I'm fine with putting it in root's account18:44
daftykinsphilip_: ok not really on topic here, this is OS support sorry.18:44
sorinellodaftykins, so the only way is to build pidgin by myself ?18:45
Picicheetahw26: did you include the username in your file within /etc/cron.d/ ?18:45
cheetahw26yep, that worked...18:45
daftykinssorinello: i don't know, have you hunted for PPAs?18:45
philip_just a brief explanation18:45
cheetahw26no, is that the proper syntax?  I read that it's just supposed to be:   @reboot <cmd>18:45
sorinellodaftykins, yes, I found this.. https://launchpad.net/~pidgin-developers/+archive/ubuntu/ppa .. and states that is deprecated18:45
cheetahw26that does make sense though... how does cron know which user to run it as...18:45
daftykinssorinello: yeah i think launchpad ones are dead18:46
daftykinssorinello: i really meant active PPAs...18:46
sorinellodaftykins, well if the Launchpad's are dead, you think there are others ?18:46
daftykinssorinello: i'm not going to google for you18:46
cheetahw26trying with '@reboot   root   /cmd'18:46
sorinellodaftykins, I googleed, but I did not found anything. I usually google before asking here18:47
daftykinssorinello: game over then18:48
daftykinssauce it is.18:48
daftykinsphilip_: already done and no, off topic. sorry.18:48
sorinellodaftykins, the most popular IM software and it's not been included into the official channels. I' m a little bit shocked.18:49
cheetahw26no... that didn't work...18:49
cheetahw26didn't even get an error message18:49
EriC^^what did you do?18:49
daftykinssorinello: most popular is highly inaccurate. also most protocols Pidgin supports are dying / easily handled elsewhere.18:50
cheetahw26added...  @reboot   root   /mycmd     to my /etc/cron.d/cronfile18:50
EriC^^cheetahw26: echo "@reboot root bla" | sudo tee /etc/cron.d/bla18:50
sorinellodaftykins, yes, that's also true18:50
cheetahw26yeah, that's exactly what I did ...18:50
EriC^^yeah and cat /etc/cron.d/cronfile doesn't show it there?18:50
cheetahw26know... it shows... and then I rebooted, the cmd just never ran, and no errors in syslog18:51
cheetahw26I'm using 12.04  maybe a bug?18:51
EriC^^did you +x it?18:51
cheetahw26yes... the cmd works fine...and actually the crontab entry works if I put it in root's account, i.e. (crontab -l; echo '@reboot /mycmd')|crontab18:52
cheetahw26that works... so even though it's not what I expected, it's functional...18:52
EriC^^cheetahw26: try to +x it maybe18:52
EriC^^the /etc/cron.daily are +x, maybe it needs a +x to work18:52
cheetahw26it is executable :)   I can run it manually with no problem as well... I just readded it and rebooted, and it's working fine18:53
EriC^^i have some in cron.d which aren't +x though, i dunno18:53
EriC^^try +x, it might work18:53
cheetahw26it has always had the executable bit  +x  for all users18:54
EriC^^anything in /var/log/syslog ?18:54
Amozcheetahw26, sorry if I missed anything, but isn't crontab -e the preferred way?18:55
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disconnectedave2anyone know how to change the permissions on an external harddrive?18:56
nbusronePici : Thanks for the guide , actually is there a 101 handbook for linux manpage on how to add those option command ? i am not good in understanding how to add certain option into a command .18:56
EriC^^cheetahw26: i think you need to run the command to install it18:56
EriC^^have a look at cat /etc/crontab it mentions something cheetahw2618:56
Picinbusrone: not that I'm aware of, the manpage is pretty self-explanatory to me.18:56
Voyage_daftykins,  nothing different happened with -X18:56
EriC^^Unlike any other crontab you don't have to run the `crontab'command to install the new version when you edit this file and files in /etc/cron.d18:57
EriC^^cheetahw26: ^ from /etc/crontab18:57
daftykinsVoyage_: no you connect with that first, then when you type "firefox" it runs firefox on the machine you're SSH'd to - but displays it on the one you're typing from18:57
Novice01yHello. If I'll use "sudo fsck -l bad-blocks /dev/sdX" , then changes will be pernament also for other OSes that I will install in future on this machine?18:58
wileeedisconnectedave2, At the type of partitions, ext or fat or ntfs, + a little cause and effect for the channel.18:58
wileeedisconnected, At the least is my message.18:58
EriC^^cheetahw26: maybe you need to set the SHELL variable? in my /etc/cron.d file there's a SHELL and PATH variable18:58
Voyage_daftykins,  nice. how to open settings of kde?18:59
nbusronePici : but not for me as a beginner , maybe i'll try and read more on adding command option in terminal :) thanks for the guide :)18:59
disconnectedave2it is a ext4 500gb drive and when i try to mount it from clicking on it from a file manager i am unable to read/write files because "Permission denied"18:59
daftykinsVoyage_: not gonna happen.18:59
Voyage_daftykins,  why?19:00
GislehWhen trying to use the propietary drivers (both with and without updates) on a 970, It gets stuck on "[OK] Starting ACPI event daemon..." on reboot. I set the driver in the Software & Updates program. I'm using ubuntu-gnome 1419:00
daftykinsthe way you're trying to go about that task is not correct19:00
wileeeNovice01y, If you're having to mess with bad blocks, replace it, you have no idea when it will fail.19:00
daftykinsGisleh: check you don't have nomodeset in your kernel boot parameters19:00
GislehThanks, I'll try that.19:01
wileeedisconnectedave2, Anything on the HD now, did you build the partition or partitions, how is it mounted?19:03
disconnectedave2it is a single ext4 partion 60% full of music files I mounted it with pcmanfm i am able to read write if i am using a root program "sudo audacious" will let me play music19:04
Voyage_daftykins,   i used ssh -X  but the sys settings openned my settings page.  Actuall I want to change monitor view etc via config files, how can it be dnoe?19:05
Gislehdaftykins: Where do I find the file? I have only used arch previously, and ubuntu seems to have a different folder structure in /boot/19:05
davidnsilveiraboa tarde19:05
wileeedisconnected, Cool, check this out. ;) Read carefully and always be backed up. https://askubuntu.com/questions/158735/how-to-set-permissions-so-that-i-can-read-and-write-to-another-partition19:05
wheeeiis there a risk when uninstalling a program with   'purge'  that it will remove something else important?19:05
wileeedisconnectedave2, se that message above to disconnected,19:06
Dayberif a lying to cnn19:06
davidnsilveiraOla, amigos, eu sou david, tenho Dificuldades de Instalação AWN linux 17 Rafaela, JA fiz de Tudo NÃO Consigo, gostaria Ajuda vcs CE, ok PODE postar na Minha Conta; davidnsilveira @ gmail, ok obrigado19:06
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wileeewheeei, Way to vague, what is the app and end goal?19:07
wheeeiwileee, I want to uninstall hhvm from a ubuntu14.04 server19:07
wileeewheeei, Not familiar with hhvm however any remove or purge shows hyou what is going on and a chance to yes or no, if you do not authorize with a -y in the command.19:08
disconnectedave2wheeei thanks ill try it and brb19:09
daftykinsVoyage_: probably creating something in /etc/X11/xorg.conf.d/ which outlines your external display only. can't help you with that though19:09
voltagexis there any way to test cloud-init scripts before running them at all?19:10
wileeewheeei, This is in a terminal, you say server I'm assuming you have no desktop and are not using a gui.19:10
wheeeiwileee, whats is generally the recommended way to uninstall a program? I have found a few different ones... should I runt them all?     Yes this is in terminal19:10
Voyage_daftykins, ~/.config$ ls -a19:11
Voyage_.  ..  akonadi  chromium  enchant  gtk-2.0  gtk-3.0  ibus  libreoffice  oxygen-gtk  pulse  Trolltech.conf  upstart  user-dirs.dirs  user-dirs.locale  vlc19:11
wileeewheeei, Really it is per removal, some apps are cleaned with a purge some are not completely, there are dependencies, so be careful trying to a one or two  etc fixall ideal system. ;)19:11
disconnectedave2wileee no luck :(19:12
daftykinsVoyage_: please don't paste - plus none of that is of any use to me19:12
wheeeiwileee, thats what I'm afraid of =/19:12
wileeedisconnectedave2, And that answer is enough info for me?19:12
wheeeiI think a simple remove is safe though19:12
wheeeiI'll stay away from purge and autoremove for this one19:12
wileeewheeei, Depends on dependencies.19:13
wileeewheeei, THe cli tells you what is up always read it.19:13
wheeeialright, thanx19:13
wileeeno prob19:14
Cake-ChanAm I alive?19:15
daftykinsCake-Chan: close19:15
wileeemmmm cake19:15
Cake-ChanYes cake is tasty19:16
* wileee dreams of gallons of butter cream frosting19:17
daftykinsaaaaand back to support19:17
daftykinsCake-Chan: got an ubuntu support question?19:17
GislehWhere do I disable nomodeset in ubuntu-gnome 14? I found no mention of it in /etc/default/grub and it did nothing to remove it in the /etc/grub.d-file with linux in the name.19:18
daftykinsCake-Chan: #ubuntu-offtopic would be better for you then19:18
Cake-Chanok thanks19:18
daftykinsGisleh: well boot and pastebin your /var/log/Xorg.0.log19:18
wileeeGisleh, Not there unless you put it there.19:18
disconnectedave2wileee thanks for the hint i figured it out19:18
wileeedisconnectedave2, Good job, woot.19:19
x4w3Hi, i have tried all in my hands to run Tp-Link Archer T2UH AC 600 with module properly installed like "mt7601Usta" and with ndisgtk like hardware present:yes. I don't know what can i do more! xD i'm crazy with this wifi usb card! I must change it soon....19:19
daftykinsx4w3: return it and buy another19:20
daftykinssomething more compatible19:20
x4w3daftykins: i cant return it, but i will borrow to someone needed :). Do u know a good comercial linux driver or a compatible wifi usb card with good power and dual mode?19:21
wileeex4w3, Hand fulls of plug and play usb wifi out there, with info on working in this OS or linux in general, cheap.19:21
Gislehdaftykins: http://pastebin.com/ezATT1NJ19:22
wileeenever had one not work here19:22
daftykinsx4w3: dual band? no19:22
Gislehwileee: It's not there, then.19:22
wileeeGisleh, Should not be but follow daftykins request.19:22
wileeethat is some good help in general19:23
daftykinsGisleh: i forget, did you say gnome?19:23
x4w3wifi usb disconnected and buying new one in amazon!19:23
wileeex4w3, Yeah, just search them with linux/ubuntu19:23
Gislehdaftykins: yeah.19:24
x4w3what do u think about this one for ubuntu? Alfa AWUS036NH 2.4 GHz…….Amazon.19:24
daftykinsGisleh: from what i understand nvidia drivers require lightdm to be used and i don't think gnome uses it?19:25
wileeex4w3, links?19:25
x4w3wileee: http://www.amazon.es/Alfa-AWUS036NHR-intercambiables-Omnidireccional-Wireless-N/dp/B005F0BP1I/ref=sr_1_fkmr0_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1437765904&sr=8-1-fkmr0&keywords=Alfa+AWUSO36NH+High+Gain+USB+Wireless+G+%2F+N+Long-Rang+WiFi+Network+Adapter19:25
daftykinsGisleh: ah oddly i didn't have the complete log. can you run "sudo apt-get install pastebinit" then "dpkg -l | grep nvidia | pastebinit" ?19:26
daftykinsGisleh: also "lspci | pastebinit"19:26
GislehSure, give me a moment.19:26
Jeff__can someone tell me why I need to define `chdir` in my upstart script - https://github.com/jeff1evesque/machine-learning/blob/c497daaa0d5c0deea943f22c10c78b870eb77ac4/puppet/manifests/compile_asset.pp#L51?19:26
wileeex4w3, Personally, it says linux compatible, however is it plug and play would be my research.19:26
wileeex4w3, Or easily drivers found or in the ubuntu repos.19:27
x4w3wileee: Realtek Chipset RTL8188RU. xD19:27
OerHeksJeff__, the answer is in line #5019:27
Jeff__OerHeks: that was a guess - is the correct comment?19:28
wileeex4w3, run for the hills, I would not touch realtek myself, some works some is a real problem, again the research is needed.19:28
Jeff__* is that comment correct?19:28
OerHeksJeff__, do you have a reason it is not?19:28
OerHeksJeff__,  it is not my script to defend. just reading it19:28
Gislehdaftykins: http://paste.ubuntu.com/11932055/ http://paste.ubuntu.com/11932060/19:29
wileeex4w3, So why the external?19:29
x4w3wileee: i dont know because is not a laptop, :)....19:29
x4w3x4w3: do u prefer pci?19:30
Nono_Hi. How can I adjust sound volume if there is no possibility to add applet in tray? I use Lubuntu.19:30
NymeriaFrHello guys19:30
x4w3wileee: do u prefer pci?19:30
daftykinsGisleh: is this a desktop system?19:30
wileeex4w3, If this is a manufactures desktop you should have wifi onboard.19:30
daftykinsGisleh: enter the BIOS/EFI and check that you're set to use the PCI-E card only, seems to be keeping the intel and nvidia going at once right now which is causing confusion19:31
wileeex4w3, Look with lspci in the terminal19:31
x4w3wileee: i haven't wifi on board! only the ethernet. :(19:32
=== mailserver is now known as Bill
wileeex4w3, I'm not sure what pci is, no on board cool, just wondering, hope you're sure on this, rather strange really.19:32
=== Bill is now known as Guest11931
x4w3wileee: i have MSI 970 Gaming mainboard plugged :)19:33
wileeex4w3, No idea what that is, but if you're sure that's all that matters. ;)19:34
=== Guest11931 is now known as clueless
x4w3wileee: don't worry, you're right i must change usb for pcie to add wifi network to a pc.19:35
Gislehdaftykins: Yup, that did the trick. Thanks for the help!19:36
daftykinsGisleh: np :)19:36
GislehIntegrated and dedicated can't run at the same time?19:36
daftykinsGisleh: they can but with some manual intervention i think, it's probably freaking out because of no displays attached to the intel19:38
GislehAh. I'm going to install Void Linux tomorrow on this computer to try VGA passthrough, so I'm probably going to have to deal with that then. This ubuntu install was on my brother's computer.19:39
daftykinsas in to have a VM running Windows atop Linux to play games?19:40
guest|58881Hello, I have Gnome 3 as my desktop environment, and I was curious as to how I can disable a certain feature.19:41
GislehYes, and Unity3D. Since my huge steam library is kind of anchoring me to Windows.19:41
=== zz_denbeiren is now known as denbeiren
daftykinsguest|58881: ok my first guess as to which feature is to buy the letter 'e'19:42
daftykinsGisleh: mmm, well bear in mind running non-ubuntu = no support in here19:42
guest|58881Whenever I press F2, the search menu opens. No matter what the situation is. And I've been playing Garry's mod. And I need to press F2 sometimes. But instead of registering the function in the game, it opens the search menu on Gnome 3.......and doesn't register in game.19:42
GislehI'm very aware of that, I wasn't asking for support.19:42
guest|58881Is there any way to disable that feature that opens the search menu?19:43
daftykinsGisleh: nah i know, just warning ahead of time19:43
=== ochorocho1 is now known as ochorocho
slicepaperwordsis there a way to start a movie on vlc through SSH?19:45
guest|58881Anyone? :P19:45
cn28hslicepaperwords: as in using X forwarding? or you want to play the video on the remote machine?19:46
nicomachusguest|58881: you can delete that keyboard shortcut.19:46
davermy moms specialty.19:46
daveru just they dont every I will having cut of death isnt news or an anothes her. not a 200lb athlete.19:46
nicomachussystem settings -> keyboard. it's there somewhere19:46
daverHe used that drunk nasty bitches inventual feature wish in anothing19:47
slicepaperwordscn28h: yeah i want to play it on the remote machine19:47
daverim should even most modern charged with they topping back? He lowerful thats a book a $5000 camera and block him watchini bread then for two cake in time. Joys of bevery I will be they soon.19:47
daveryah her men shes an athlete. lol.19:47
daverCultural reaction this started men evented no making a lawn cheese cake more price spit first. hes dumb for learly how fat dise. yum. janay ricotta cakes for C.J. Anderson? lol.19:47
daverand baked.19:47
cn28hslicepaperwords: I'm not sure ssh is the right tool for that -- but I think vlc has a remote control interface (web based)19:47
nicomachuspretty bad AI there...19:47
* AndroidHacker ok19:48
guest|58881Weird, I can not see that shortcut anywhere19:51
Voyage_Question: In kubuntu, how to change things by config files that are change via settings> monitor/display ?19:53
stack12anyone know what sets the keyboard brightness automaticially from the ambient light sensor? i want to disable that but not disable the sensor19:54
Voyage_which file controls the display/monitor?19:54
daftykinsVoyage_: i already told you, creating one in /etc/X11/xorg.conf.d/ for monitors19:54
daftykinsread up on it19:54
OerHeksguest|58881, this page any help ?http://askubuntu.com/questions/76576/remapping-alt-f2-in-unity19:55
wileeeVoyage_, Don't chase a wild goose, follow the help, it is good.19:55
Voyage_daftykins,  not in .kde/share/config$ ?19:56
daftykinsVoyage_: why would you even say that19:56
Voyage_all settings are there for each user19:56
Voyage_daftykins,  hm ok let me go there /etc/X11/xorg.conf.d/19:56
Voyage_daftykins,  etc/X11$ ls19:57
Voyage_app-defaults  core  cursors  default-display-manager  fonts  rgb.txt  X  xinit  xkb  Xreset  Xreset.d  Xresources  Xsession  Xsession.d  Xsession.options  xsm  Xwrapper.config19:57
Voyage_what now?19:57
guest|58881No, I'm not talking baout the alt+F2 command which opens the command line, I'm talking about in Gnome 3.....how f2 opens the search menu19:57
daftykinsVoyage_: so earlier when i said don't paste and i can't help you with that, you'll need to look it up...19:58
Voyage_what do you want me to look in?19:58
wileeeguest|58881, Gnome shell, the fallback, gnome 3 is the base for several desktops including unity.19:58
daftykinsVoyage_: no look it up online19:59
OerHeksmaybe /usr/share/X11/xorg.conf.d/ ? https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config/Resolution20:01
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Voyage_daftykins, http://pastie.org/10310361 found the file, which line do I need to change?20:04
daftykinshow many times do i have to say i can't help you with it - look it up20:04
=== Guest74211 is now known as en1gmaa
Meerkati'd like to compile and install a package but when I build it there are dependencies missing. Are there instructions of how the native ubuntu packages are built?20:07
daftykinscompilation is the last option, ensuring you couldn't find a package first. there should be instructions as to what dependencies are needed.20:08
drocsidI'm having trouble getting an encrypted home built in ubuntu 14.0420:09
aktxwhy dont we compile everything? wouldnt it be optimized?20:09
Voyage_Question: In kubuntu, how to change things by config files that are change via settings> monitor/display ?++20:09
daftykinsaktx: no. negligible gains.20:09
Meerkatdaftykins, im going to do changes as well but I wanted to make sure the default code ran.20:09
OerHeksaktx, that was the old days, today you would gain 0.5% maybe20:10
waykool99why would the program BleachBit suddenly show up in the root menu as "Unnessesary File Cleaner"?20:14
wileeewaykool99, lets see that, pic, text etc20:14
ultragamecardI have bleachbit20:14
drocsidThe encyrpted home support seems to be broken in ubuntu 14.0420:15
waykool99can't. i'm logged in as myself now.20:15
OerHekswaykool99, you can.. but you won't?20:15
wileeedrocsid, Don't just make assumptions because you'e having issues, this is not bait the help.20:16
waykool99in my login, the Menus show as Bleach Bit20:16
wileeewaykool99, so far you've not really given info usable, it makes no sense, give us some proof.20:19
OerHeksbleach bit CLEANS unnessesary files from you system, it says, not that it is unnessesary itself20:19
OerHekswhich it is, imho20:20
wileeegood point20:20
waykool99i'm searching hidden folders, one second...20:20
drocsidwileee: it is broken.. duh.. https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ecryptfs-utils/+bug/132868920:20
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1328689 in ecryptfs-utils (Ubuntu) "ecryptfs-utils does not work with Ubuntu 14.04.1" [High,Triaged]20:20
wileeebleachbit is okay in it's vanilla state, start adding deletes and you can get into trouble20:20
drocsidbeen broken for more than a year.20:21
waykool99maybe the secret root user "john" changed it.20:21
wileeedrocsid, Dude drop the attitude, that has barely a handful of reports, that is not proof of anything in the end, ask your self why no one is responding to you.20:23
reisio'lo mate20:23
daftykinsalso 14.04.1 is old20:23
drocsidwileee: don't need your help. 14.04 is LTS.20:24
wileeedrocsid, Since you seem to have a little chip on your shoulder read this. http://www.catb.org/esr/faqs/smart-questions.html20:24
drocsidwileee: no20:25
daftykinstrolls gonna troll20:25
ultragamecardhaha love catb.org20:26
OerHeksdrocsid, so does that bug still exists in 14.04.2 ???20:26
reisioultragamecard: http://maddox.xmission.com/20:26
drocsidOerHeks: yes, see https://gist.github.com/drocsid/3e8d00b68cd51011dd20:27
ultragamecardreisio: what?20:28
daftykinsdrocsid: 40420:28
drocsiddaftykins: must be a github issue. I can see it in my browser. https://gist.github.com/3e4e8d00b68cd51011dd.git20:31
daftykinswell you edited it now20:32
daftykinsand still 40420:32
daftykinsdrocsid: show some respect to our fellow volunteers if you want assistance in here though.20:32
OerHekspaste on paste.ubuntu.com20:33
drocsidno, I just provided the git link instead of the html link20:33
OerHeksdrocsid, 404 here, do better20:33
drocsidbut anyhow, I will attach to the bug report. Thanks20:33
reisioultragamecard: quoi?20:34
* jjjjjj slaps reisio around a bit with an electric eel.20:34
reisioso nobody can link to websites but you, and nobody can be weird in response to you pretending that? :p20:36
* reisio rolls eyes20:36
waykool99in Window Manager Tweaks, tab Accessibility, there's a check box for "Edge Resistance Instead of Window Snapping". just so i'm clear, what's the difference?20:44
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djiboutiiiHi everyone. I have a deb file that I need to install with dpkg. I then need to place the package in "hold" status with dpkg --set-selections. Finally, and here's where I have an issue, I need to install all of the dependencies for this package, without upgrading the original package that I've placed on hold. Any ideas on how I can get that done?21:12
Aleksandar86Can I install this version on INTEL i7  ubuntu-14.04.2-desktop-amd64.iso????21:13
compdocthats the best one21:13
OerHeksdjiboutiii, sudo apt-get install -f #would fix dependencies21:13
Aleksandar86Whay name AMD64?21:14
djiboutiiiOerHeks, thanks for responding. Unfortunately I get this error: E: Error, pkgProblemResolver::Resolve generated breaks, this may be caused by held packages.21:14
djiboutiiiE: Unable to correct dependencies21:14
OerHeksdjiboutiii, so what .deb package is this problem?21:14
djiboutiiiSo because it is on "hold" status, it blocks me from getting the dependencies21:14
djiboutiiiIt's just one I wrote, but I'm working on scaling my solution for a lot of servers.21:15
OerHeksAleksandar86, amd was the 1st 32+64 bit compatible 64 bit processor, intel lost.21:15
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Aleksandar86anybody here try Ubuntu on ASUS H97 - plus21:18
Aleksandar86I need server database firebird with Ubuntu on this motherboard21:19
reisiowhat's stopping you21:20
Aleksandar86is Ubuntu have drivers for this MB?21:20
OerHeksAleksandar86, better ask your real question, what does not work?21:20
Aleksandar86is good idea do this with Ubuntu or with some another distro?21:20
Aleksandar86Ubuntu + firebird database, work good?21:21
=== thejackg_ is now known as thejackg
reisioAleksandar86: it'll work21:21
w30If I login to an internet cafe or a motel network and use ssh my ssh connect keystrokes could be captured but the login keystrokes would be safe, right?21:30
Fuchserrr?  Define "login keystrokes", but probably the answer to that is "no"21:31
=== mkv is now known as m4v
w30Fuchs, the keystrokes you use to enter the password of the ssh server one is connecting to.21:32
Fuchsno, how should they be protected?21:32
Fuchsif it is the _keystrokes_ they can somehow monitor (e.g. keylogger), they aren't. If you are talking about what actually goes over the network: yes, that is protected21:33
OerHeksrun an ubuntu-live iso to do that, w3021:35
w30Fuchs, I know sound and radio is now being used to capture strokes; nothing computer related except to process the captured info21:35
OerHeksohh not that fud ..21:35
Fuchsw30: should be save enough, you can look at a ssh connection being built up with some sort of network sniffer like wireshark if you want to21:35
Fuchsw30: if you use their hardware, though, keyloggers can be a thing. Aside from that: yes, ssh should be save. They will get the destination and port, so they might start trying bruteforce attacks or the like21:36
w30Fuchs, where I go with my login is no big deal. No political or extra-marital concerns here.21:37
w30Fuchs, I have 500 bucks in bank so now big fish label here.21:39
jhutchins_wkMount Laurel, New Jersey.21:39
Fuchsdespite being Swiss I am not terribly interested in your bank account :p21:40
w30Fuchs, Ha21:40
schovis there a way to determine maximum se21:40
schovresoltuion my card can handle21:41
OerHeksschov, xrandr -q  #will show you all21:42
jhutchins_wkschov: I believe it's logged to /var/log/Xorg.0.log - but there's a lot of noise in there.21:42
OerHeks* and is limited to the monitor and driver you use21:42
jhutchins_wkschov: Also, there's this thing called "the internet" where you can probably find your card's specs./21:43
Mason64hi everyone,i am running 14.04 but i cant get silverlight to work - could anyone help me?21:48
reisioMason64: silverlight, for what?21:49
OerHeksMason64, for drm protected streams, use chrome.21:49
jeffuserdid you add-apt-repository21:50
Mason64hey OerHeks, will chrome work on sky go?21:50
Mason64Silverlight™ install/update required  i get that21:52
OerHeksMason64, dunno, try it and tell us?21:52
Mason64nope it says the above.21:52
OerHeksMason64, oke then you answered your own question.21:53
Mason64i cant install it i meant sorry21:54
Mason64or how do i install it via chrome or ff21:54
OerHekssilverlight is for windows, linux version used to be moonlight, 'till npapi plugins went EOL.21:54
OerHeksMason64, you don't need to, as moonlight should be build-in in chrome21:55
reisioMason64: I think there's a specific app/plugin for that site, but you could also use pipelight21:55
reisio/if moonlight doesn't work21:55
geniiPipelight generally works, albeit slowly21:56
Mason64hmm i cant seem to get it to work21:56
Mason64should chrome have it as standard?21:56
OerHeksoh this one ? http://pipelight.net/cms/install/installation-ubuntu.html21:56
Mason64let me go see21:57
OerHeksnot sure that still works, with FF blocking plugins ...21:58
Mason64nope tried that before21:58
Mason64let me go reboot brb21:59
geniiI'm using the pipelight from http://ppa.launchpad.net/mqchael/pipelight/ubuntu/ and it tends to render stuff like 3-4 times slower than under Windows with regular silverlight21:59
reisioyou can tweak it some, and it does better on its own, IIRC22:00
reisiolike fullscreen22:00
r33th4x0r5   ,   j   O   C   =   N   :    D   \   q   z   c   [   ~   )    x   {   0   %   }   %   P   #    |   D      <   R   @   <   S    )   H   w   }   x          l    2   ~   *      #22:01
r33th4x0rH   N   ,    =   /   g   ~   x   (   L   $22:01
r33th4x0r(   %   W       \   {   &   D    j      c   ;       ^   E   G    J   o   W   m   Q   l   i   E    g   v   ~   B   H   v   )   >    5   Z   !   r   `   S   x   o    x      -   z   $   `22:01
r33th4x0r   Y    =   /   a   ]   j   M   S   m22:01
r33th4x0r:      x   V   F   `   !   A    X   D   ^   s   y   N   t   V    T   u   K   o   O   @   p   L    J   }   R   E   p   ^   +   K    :   c   d   n   (   *   $       V   n   /   -22:01
r33th4x0rM   \   Q   $    ]   /   e   U   a   n      r22:01
OerHeks!ot > r33th4x0r22:01
ubottur33th4x0r, please see my private message22:01
r33th4x0rE   #      v   I   +   v   -        A   c   d   g   +   N   ^    p   )   &   D   (   l   Q   ]    )   e   V   q   G   "      m    Z   N   |   Z   Z   j   f   Q    G   x   %   Q   k22:01
r33th4x0rG   V   Z    $   N   +      0   Z   ~   a22:01
r33th4x0rG   8   E   f   y   7   F   >    Z   M   z   M   K   T      I    e   W   "   _   u   n   %   Y    @   _   g      ~   l   ]   v    p   m   Q   v      i   u       ,   \22:01
OerHeksis that the result of pipelight plugin ?22:02
reisioOerHeks: :p22:03
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mifiican't get this wifi adapter to work been trying all day22:17
xanguanext time make sure your hardware is Linux compatibel22:17
mifiiRTL8187L, it's not working from stock drivers22:17
mifiiyeah it is linux compatible but the drivrs are from like 200922:17
mifiiso i got a fresh driver and tried compiling gave errors22:17
mifiisyntax errors or some sort22:18
mifiii disabled the drivers that came with ubuntu because it was for RTL8187 not RTL8187L and the device was constantly non stop reconnecting *not to wifi but like loaidng and disconnecting from the laptop*22:18
mifiiit's really a sticky situatin22:19
wesleigood night friends22:20
Na3iLmay I ask how I can get the approval by the Council of Ubuntu to a new project team??22:21
nomicmaybe post a message on here Na3iL   http://ubuntuforums.org/22:22
Na3iLokay nomic22:23
nomicThe few ways to contact the Forums Council: Post to the Resolution Center if you have a problem on the forums. E-Mail: ubuntu-forums-council -at- lists.ubuntu.com22:24
nomicresolution center in the forums22:24
wesleitem br ae?22:25
reisioweslei: #ubuntu-br22:27
wesleireisio: you is american? ou vc e brasileiro?22:29
reisioI'm from Florida (in the USA, not in Uruguay)22:30
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wesleipleasure friend, i'm from Minas Gerais(Brazil) , please but my english not is much good rsrs22:32
OerHeks!br | weslei22:33
ubottuweslei: Por favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Para entrar no canal por favor faça "/join #ubuntu-br " sem as aspas. Para a comunidade local portuguêsa, use #ubuntu-pt. Obrigada.22:33
wesleiubottu: thanks22:34
ubottuYou're welcome! But keep in mind I'm just a bot ;-)22:34
ubottuPor favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Para entrar no canal por favor faça "/join #ubuntu-br " sem as aspas. Para a comunidade local portuguêsa, use #ubuntu-pt. Obrigada.22:35
wesleiOerHeks: thanks22:35
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looseboltonHello, I'm having trouble getting nitrogen to restore my wallpaper when I log in23:09
looseboltonI use lightdm and dspwm, but can't seem to get the right config file23:09
looseboltonAnyone know which config file I should be putting commands in for logging in?23:10
looseboltonI think I've got it, will try to use a system hook in the lightdm config23:15
=== S|ipKorN- is now known as CripperZ
* genii twitches23:24
kingstonHi everyone, I was hoping someone could help me. I got a Kindle HD6 and I am trying to load some books onto it but when I plug it into my xubuntu machine it's not recognized. Can someone please help me figure out how to get it to mount?23:28
=== CripperZ is now known as S|ipKorN
OerHeksaccording to  the libmtp website, your kindle isnt an mtp device .. ?23:31
=== hi is now known as Guest51643
OerHekskingston, use wireless then, i guess.23:33
gingif i deleted a file, but it's locked and  won't actually free up the space, can i recover it so i can close it and then delete it?23:34
kingstonOerHeks, How do I do that?23:34
OerHeksging, depends what file?23:34
kingstonI just got this thing,.23:34
OerHekskingston, i don't know, isn't there a manual that comes with it?23:35
optimalrun the command 'dmesg' and send me the USB output23:35
gingOerHeks: a vm image which is stored on local disk23:36
optimalkingston, run the 'dmesg' command and send me the USB output23:36
ging/var/lib/libvirt/images/test1204.img (deleted) is still in use by qemu because i deleted the  file  rather  than deleting it via virsh or virt manager23:37
KoyaanisI asked yesterday how can i upgrade from 13.10 to 14.04 on my VPS. i couldnt find an answer and i wrote my VPS hoster a ticket. they just answered me saying that "their kernel doesnt support 15.04"23:37
optimalthat might do it23:37
OerHeksging, then next reboot it will be gone i guess..23:38
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optimalyes dmesg23:39
gingOerHeks: problem is it's a big hypervisor running a lot of vms so i woul rather not23:39
mgolischKoyaanis: they probably run some sort of container virtualisation without hardware virtualisation support23:39
OerHeksKoyaanis, so what do you think we can do about that ?23:39
mgolischchange to another hoster23:39
=== Fusl_ is now known as Fusl
OerHeksmgolisch +223:39
OerHeksIf your VPS does not provide 14.04 images, you are on your own then.23:40
mgolischmaybe look at what the running kernel is and see if you can get 14.04 to run with that23:41
mgolischbut id just consider changing hosters23:41
optimalkingston yeah run dmesg in cli and give me the output it will tell us the status of the USB connection type dmesg | grep 'USB'23:42
optimalkingston make sure you plug it in first23:43
IkarusHi, I want to open an application placed in ./bla/blabla/myapp calling in in terminal using only myapp. How can I do that?23:43
optimalwhat I dont get your question Ikarus23:44
OerHeksIkarus, add the location to your %Path%23:44
optimalchange $PATH23:45
IkarusOerHeks: thanks, but if instead of calling in myapp I want to call it only using mapp ???23:45
optimalyes Ikarus23:45
Ikarusthanks also optimal23:45
OerHeksIkarus, make a ln link to it?23:46
optimalor an alias?23:46
IkarusOerHeks: and after place the link into the %PATH% ?23:46
Ikarusyes it's like an alias23:46
Ikarushow i can do an alias?23:47
optimalalias xxx xxx23:47
optimalalias myalias='commands to run'23:47
optimalyou could put the entire pathname in the alias23:48
optimalaliases can be almost anything i think23:48
Ikarusthanks optimal !!! and also OerHeks23:48
optimalmy pleasure23:49
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kingstonoptimal,  I sent you the output of the desmg23:54
kingstonin pm23:54
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ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.23:54
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optimalkingston paste it in paste.ubuntu.com and pm me the URL23:55
=== Fudster_ is now known as Fudster
Helpme123Hi, I'm trying to install Ubuntu 14.4.2 alongside xp but there is no option to dual boot on the installer. any ideas23:56
optimalare you using the ubuntu installer to install ubuntu after windows is installed?23:56
OerHeksHelpme123, xp on a Sata disk ?23:56
kingstonoptimal,  http://paste.ubuntu.com/11933780/23:57
OerHeksHelpme123, then your bios is set to IDE emulation, set it to AHCI and you are fine ( but cannot boot xp anymore, which is a good thing)23:57
Helpme123It could be as its a netbook23:57
histoHelpme123: is there an option to install along side windows?23:58
=== mariorz_ is now known as mariorz
jda2000festival or espeak?23:58
Helpme123no but it recognises there is windows installed23:58
histoHelpme123: what do you mean?23:59
jda2000which is best, festival or espeak?23:59
histojda2000: why not try them both out and see23:59
OerHeksjda2000, the one that works best for you ? this is not a polling channel23:59
bpromptHelpme123:    how many partitions do you have?   just the XP one?23:59

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