Noskcaj-schoolbluesabre: Did you end up making the launcher for sgt-puzzles? If not, do you mind if i make it? I need some small project for a software design class00:35
micahgbluesabre: sorry, been a busy week, on my list, is Sunday night ok?02:25
Unit193Noskcaj: Doesn't check to see if it's installed, nor any error messages if button is clicked and the package isn't installed.12:15
bluesabremicahg: no problem, I'm enjoying my vacation this weekend, so no hurry here :)12:35
bluesabreNoskcaj: looks like a good start12:49
NoskcajUnit193, I'll get to that later (busy this weekend), although couldn't that be done on the packaging end to start with?20:35
ochosibluesabre: sure, next week is ok and enjoy your holidays. just don't want to forget about that and finally mark a few workitems done21:35
knomehey ochosi 22:18
ochosihey knome 22:20
ochosiwhat up?22:21
knomenothing much22:23
knomejust doing the messing around ;)22:23
ochosioh ok :)22:24
ochosii'm already half-way to bed, that's why i asked ;)22:24
knomegood night then22:24
ochosithanks, u2! :)22:24
ochosiwill be around tomorrow a bit during the day btw22:25
ochosiwill try to catch up with what needs catchups22:25
knomemmh, i should be around tomorrow around noon too22:25
ochosiok cool22:26
knomeso... just ping me22:27
ochosiyep, will do22:27

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