BlueGoneHi everybody03:14
BlueGone_Hello, it is someone here ?03:44
xubuntu65wHey, any news about fixing the Bluetooth bug that prevents connection and/or terminates connection after a few moments?07:20
OhYashIa anybody here?08:07
ObrienDaveno ;p08:09
lyttonis the update-rc.d deprecated in 15.04?08:15
sorinbHello. Does ubuntu have a tracker on its own or Xubuntu bugs are reported inside Lunchpad/Ubuntu ?12:05
Unit193Still the same idea,  ubuntu-bug $package  or on LP itself.12:08
* bynarie ok19:48
letarchhey guys19:59
letarchsay me how login live cd user?19:59
letarchlogin:xubuntu, password:xubuntu?20:00
letarchpls, need help now20:00
flocculant__if it's asking - try username xubuntu and no password iirc20:01
letarchI closed my netbook, after open it, and need login, i tryed write login xubuntu and no password20:03
flocculant__well the livecd shouldn't actually need one - try rebooting instead of closing and re-opening20:04
letarchand not login, it need paste login'n'pass again20:06
flocculant__it shouldn't need it - if it keeps wanting one - I would check cd integrity https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/CDIntegrityCheck20:07
letarchI use wi-fi from my phone, and traffic small, I install firefox new, after reboot all deleted20:07
flocculant__it's a livecd, it's not designed to be used like that20:07
flocculant__check your download too20:08
letarchI know, I want install it on hdd20:08
flocculant__check it all - if it is asking for the password there is something wrong20:09
letarchbut install-utils dont start from other xserver20:10
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