bhundveninteresting to note, on the node I started the kvm container on, I see this over and over: 2015-07-24 23:36:48.316+0000: 3068: error : virNetDevGetMTU:397 : Cannot get interface MTU on 'juju-br0': No such device00:18
bhundveneven though, I have this set in my environments.yaml: disable-network-management: true00:18
bhundvenand juju status says: agent-state-info: 'kvm container creation failed: exit status 1'00:20
marcoceppibhundven: why are you disabling networking management?01:01
bhundvenmarcoceppi: https://jujucharms.com/docs/stable/config-maas01:02
bhundvenfirst item under: MAAS specific features01:03
marcoceppibhundven: right, but I've enver had to do that, unless you have that all configured in maas it should prbably be set to false01:03
bhundvenmarcoceppi: well, the network the nodes are on are managed by maas.01:04
bhundvendhcp and dns01:04
marcoceppibhundven: right, which is still fine, but I doubt that maas is doing the container network as well01:04
marcoceppibhundven: that option should seldom be used AFAIK01:04
marcoceppimore a caveat and less a standard01:05
bhundvenmarcoceppi: ok. I think I understand. I nuke the env and try again.01:05
bhundvens/I\ nuke/I'll nuke/01:05
marcoceppibhundven: I have a standard maas dhcp + dns setup here as well, and have that option set to false and LXC + KVMs work, which is why I mention trying it the other way01:07
bhundvenmarcoceppi: bootstrapping now01:07
bhundvenmarcoceppi: thanks, it's probably been my problem all along.01:07
marcoceppibhundven: if it is, I'll open a bug/merge on the docs to make it clear that is not a typcially enabled option01:08
bhundvenmarcoceppi: well, that section of the config-maas document should note that maas networking doesn't manage the hvm/lxc networks, and it's best to leave it at false unless you know what you're doing (deploying openvswitch... etc...)01:09
bhundvenit's false by default.01:09
marcoceppibhundven: I'll be around for another hour or two, curious if that helps. lmk either way!01:12
marcoceppihopefully that was it and you're all set to go01:12
bhundvenI should have results in about a half hour01:13
bhundvenup to this point, everything has worked well with some fairly old hardware (dell e1950/e2950) using plain ipmi v2.0. I'm excited to get something working! :)01:14
marcoceppibhundven: what's the plan for the hardware? Any interesting workloads?01:15
bhundvenfor no it's a poc01:15
bhundvenI'm trying to build a CBA for getting some blade servers01:15
bhundvenproduction of course would live on a cloud provider, but the dev systems need to be local. (and similar to the cloud provider)01:16
marcoceppimakes sense, sounds exciting01:16
bhundvenyes, and the cto is a centos bigot. I'm happy that 1.24 has at least initial support for deploying centos. :) that helps the CBA, and hopefully in the future bringing him over to the ubuntu side ;)01:18
marcoceppieven if he doesn't, we're happy to support the workloads that make sense for you guys ;)01:18
bhundvena lot of the workload is network and storage i/o01:19
bhundvenI can get more specific in pm.01:20
marcoceppibhundven: sure, definitely interested!01:21
bhundvenif anyone was following along, disable-network-management: true was causing my problems. Thanks again!01:54
bhundvenNow that I have something deploying, and to correct kvm/lxc instances (yeay!), I hit commit on the juju-gui to make it go, but all of my items are still blue (besides the juju-gui, which is green). juju status shows nothing interesting, not even 409 errors. Is there a meaning to the blue status?04:32
bhundven2015-07-25 04:06:51 WARNING juju.cmd.jujud machine.go:885 determining kvm support: INFO: /dev/kvm does not exist04:35
bhundvenHINT:   sudo modprobe kvm_intel04:35
bhundvenmodprobe: ERROR: ../libkmod/libkmod.c:556 kmod_search_moddep() could not open moddep file '/lib/modules/3.13.0-35-generic/modules.dep.bin'04:35
bhundven: exit status 104:35
bhundvenno kvm containers possible04:35
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jobotHi there, so little question... I want to ssh to a machine on a local juju env. "juju ssh _____" , but is now giving this error: ERROR missing namespace, config not prepared19:08
josejobot: what are you putting on _____?19:31
jobotjose: juju ssh mysql/0   ... or juju ssh IPADDRESSofMachine , both give the same result19:32
josethe ip address shouldn't work. can you please do a pastebin of your juju status?19:33
jobothere you go http://paste.ubuntu.com/11938378/19:35
joselet's take a look19:38
josejobot: have you tried destroying the environment and re-bootstrapping?19:46
jobotjose: yes, I have been doing that quite a bit. Also noted that I could not do simply "juju bootstrap"; I had to create a custom "myenv".19:47
josejobot: have you switched to local before bootstrapping?19:47
jobothm, actually i just tried it now and it seems to bootstrap :P19:48
jobotI will see if the ssh works in that environment. Thanks!19:48
marcoceppijobot: next time run the command with the -v and --debug flags, they can be quite insightful20:08
jobotmarcoceppi: good idea. Thanks :)20:09
jobotjuju ssh is working on the new local boostrap, thanks guys.20:10
josewoohoo! glad it's working now jobot :)20:16
josemarcoceppi: mind a quick pm?20:16
h0meranyone here know how to tell which juju machine has the neutron/networking node installed on it?  I'm running the Ubuntu cannonical openstack distribution with 9 nodes, but "juju status" doesn't tell me which node has the networking component on it20:51
marcoceppijose: sure21:40
marcoceppih0mer: it should, what does juju status say?21:40
h0merlists everything (rabbit-mq, mysql etc..), but not the networking node.22:24
h0merbut I know networking is setup because i can see the network topolgy in the openstack gui22:24
h0merbtw I'm using the Ubutnu/landscape/Openstack beta setup.22:24
h0merhold on let me put it on pastebin22:25
josegreat :)22:47
marcoceppih0mer: pastebin would be best23:27
h0mermy juju nodes crashed, it'll be up shortly23:37
h0merhad to re-deploy23:37

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