mhall119shadeslayer: it's all on Google+ now, the cat's out of the bag00:47
mhall119valorie: no kidding, I was in Portland for CLS and it was hotter there than in Florida00:47
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shadeslayermhall119: only nexus 5 at the moment07:55
shadeslayerThat was the reference platform07:56
shadeslayermhall119: you could technically just remaster the N4 images07:58
shadeslayerI'm totally going to trip on this slope during the next week08:00
shadeslayerI know it08:00
shadeslayerclaydoh: could you fix your connection ?08:37
santa_Riddell: I'm working in the okteta symbols files; any reason why they are amd64 only?09:46
Riddellsanta_: no reason, fixes welcome09:47
santa_Riddell: haha, ok, its just renaming the files09:47
=== Riddell changed the topic of #kubuntu-devel to: Kubuntu at Akademy | https://trello.com/kubuntu | http://qa.kubuntu.co.uk/ | KF 5.12 Wily build status: http://qa.kubuntu.co.uk/ppa-status/frameworks/build_status_5.12.0_wily.html | Plasma Mobile images http://kubuntu.plasma-mobile.org/
Riddellta da Plasma Mobile images http://kubuntu.plasma-mobile.org/09:51
Riddellmparillo: woo!10:00
BluesKajHowdy folks11:51
Mamarokclaydoh, valorie: Ralf has subscribed again, with a different mail address... I set a moderation flag to it12:00
Mamaroknvm, already gone again, apparently12:01
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Riddellwoo sgclark is an orator!13:29
bshahoh right..13:31
soee_are there any videos planned from academy ?13:35
Riddellsoee_: the talks are being videoed13:44
lordievaderRiddell: Will they publicly be available?13:44
Riddelllordievader: of course, but no date set 13:44
soee_i se whole g+ is talks today about Plasma Mobile :)13:47
soee_*is talking13:47
Riddellhere's oor scarlett https://www.flickr.com/photos/jriddell/19810238759/14:08
lordievaderWhoop whoop14:10
BluesKajRiddell,  which one is Scarlett, sitting or standing ?14:14
Riddellstanding, nightrose is sitting14:14
bshahooo student presentations.. I still remember my presentation..14:14
murthywow plasma mobile is looks cool!14:39
murthyso many questions about the plasma mobile in my mind,  I will just put it here14:43
murthyDoes it have have the same code base of the desktop or the plasma active?14:46
murthyIs the browser shown in the demo is rekonq or a new one?14:46
Riddellmurthy: #plasma may be a better place14:47
Riddellyes it's the same codebase, it's all plasmashell14:47
RiddellI think the browser may still be the ubuntu one actually14:47
murthyIs this a kubuntu initiative?14:48
Riddellsure, me and shadeslayer and sitter have been working on it14:50
shadeslayerit's ... not ... technically14:50
shadeslayerhard to explain :p14:50
shadeslayerit's a reference image14:50
shadeslayerother distributions can build images too14:51
shadeslayerassuming they can get bits and pieces working14:51
shadeslayerand we're willing to share what knowledge we have14:51
shadeslayerso you could have a Fedora reference image, or a suse one14:51
murthymore open and collaborative indeed 14:52
murthythis is a good news14:52
murthywill there be hardware too in the future?14:53
murthyIs this an extension of Aaron Seigo  tablet project?14:55
shadeslayerRiddell: you should ask Swapnil to fix his article15:05
shadeslayerit says "Fully Open source" in the title15:05
shadeslayerthat's literally a lie15:06
murthyshadeslayer: the link?15:07
murthyshadeslayer: what is closed? the drivers?15:07
shadeslayerRiddell: very muchos wrong this article15:08
shadeslayerRiddell:  "it also supports GTK apps, Android apps" < Android apps, not yet15:09
murthyshadeslayer: telegram?15:10
murthywhatsappp alternative15:10
murthyIs for multiple platforms15:10
murthyIts primarily an android app also available on linux desktop15:11
murthysome android apps do have linux builds15:11
shadeslayerno I mean15:14
shadeslayerthere is no desktop app15:14
shadeslayerit's literally a webview15:14
shadeslayerthat's all it is15:14
murthyshadeslayer: no there is a linux desktop app15:14
murthyshadeslayer: https://desktop.telegram.org/15:15
shadeslayerwhy would I want that15:16
shadeslayeralso that won't run on the phoe15:16
murthyshadeslayer: Its one of the best alternative to whatsapp15:16
shadeslayersomeone will have to recompile it for armhf15:16
shadeslayerno why would I want a desktop app15:17
shadeslayerfor that15:17
shadeslayerI have telegram15:17
shadeslayerfor like more than a year15:17
murthyshadeslayer: you had used it?15:17
shadeslayerthat's literally what I said15:18
murthyshadeslayer: the desktop app is just for convenience sake15:18
shadeslayerI doubt someone actually uses it15:19
murthyshadeslayer: The thing is these guys love linux, the code is qt and so it could easily be used15:19
shadeslayeryes, but needs recompiling on armhf, like I said15:20
shadeslayerprobably won't scale on the phone though15:20
murthyshadeslayer: ok can we expect a detailed blog soon?15:21
shadeslayerwhat do you need to know?15:22
shadeslayerIdk if people are going to blog about stuff15:22
murthyeverything plasma mobile :)15:22
murthyremember the vivaldi project?15:23
shadeslayerI have no clue what you know and what you don't know :P15:23
shadeslayerwe released the git repos plasma mobile15:23
murthyshadeslayer: I had earlier seen it in the git and I thought someone was just playing, never thought it was getting serious 15:24
murthyThe demo video is better than ubuntu phone's demo video :15:25
shadeslayermurthy: so yeah, what do you want to know more :P15:26
murthyshadeslayer: Is this the extension of Aaron Seigo project15:26
shadeslayernew stuff afaik15:26
shadeslayerthere was some stuff that was reused I think15:27
shadeslayerd_ed: ^^ 15:27
murthyfrom plasma active right?15:27
murthyWill there be hardware too in the future?15:27
shadeslayerdon't think so15:27
shadeslayeratleast not that I know of15:27
murthyshadeslayer: but you guys are thinking of?15:28
shadeslayeragain, not that I'm aware of at the moment15:28
murthyIt would be like the koil bird :)15:29
shadeslayeridk, personally I think that'd be useless15:29
shadeslayerwe're shite at hw15:30
shadeslayerbetter to do sw and make it work on existing devices15:30
murthyya, I have seen in case Aaron Seigo tablet project. It was very difficult15:31
murthyshadeslayer: a new kde browser was being show in the recent days, is it intended to be part of the plasma mobile?15:32
shadeslayerdon't know of any such thing15:32
bshahshadeslayer: fiber by Ken15:32
bshahbut no it is not part of plasma mobile15:33
murthynetwork problem15:35
murthyWill plasma mobile support low end devices?15:39
santa_Riddell: good afternoon, I'm still working on the gcc 5 patches, could you (or someone else with git access) do me a small favor? please sync the git repo of the legacy baloo here http://anonscm.debian.org/cgit/pkg-kde/kde-sc/baloo.git with the archive15:39
santa_I need to patch that one15:39
santa_I could of course send you a debdiff but would be a lot better to have it in git15:40
santa_https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/baloo/ <- the package in the archive15:41
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mhall119shadeslayer: if the Nexus5 images ship with some of the Ubuntu Core Apps, can you guys give a public "thank you" to those community developers?16:35
murthymhall119:  Its mentioned as "Ubuntu Touch apps" with other components used at the end of the webpage. http://plasma-mobile.org/16:59
mhall119thanks murthy 17:38
mhall119murthy: I was hoping for something a little more personal, especially when doing an interview with someone17:38
sebasmhall119: those are nice apps, so thanks to those who wrote them17:40
sebasthat said, we didn't thank anybody, we're thankful, but there's the work of thousands of people in there, it'd be a very long list of personal thank yous17:40
sebasalso, hey :)17:40
sebasmhall119: also, let's sit down together and talk about collaboration, common ground and how we can all be more effective17:42
sebasperhaps once we're back from Akademy?17:42
murthysebas: Thanks for the interview I got some of my doubts cleared. Waiting for more details17:49
sebasmurthy: which details are you interested in?17:49
sebasour queues with additional information are all flushed for now ;)17:49
murthysebas: what is the future of plasma mobile17:50
sebasmurthy: that's a pretty general question :D17:50
murthysebas: whats the role of blue systems and how much they may control as a makers17:51
murthywill it support low end devices also like kitkat17:52
sebasmurthy: we're paying a bunch of devs to work on it, but the governance and control over the project has moved to KDE today17:52
sebasso, the role of the BS devs is to work with the community to develop the whole thing17:52
sebaswe're looking to support more devices, but that's work of the next weeks and months17:53
sebasI'd love to have a new inexpensive device to support, and it's on the list of things to work on17:53
murthysebas: did you approach any phone makers? 17:53
sebasmurthy: not yet, too early, we're about a year away from end-user suitability17:54
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sebasI have to go for dinner now, if you have more question, you can drop me an email17:55
* sebas @kde.org17:55
murthysebas: sure, thanks. have a good one!17:56
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sebasmurthy: cheers, will do17:56
mhall119sebas: absolutely, ping me once you're back and recovered from travel and we'll see where our interests overlap18:08

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