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geniiTBotNik: Yes, we see01:32
TBotNikAll: I keep getting errors from my FireFox browser and know it is related to "keytracker viruses" that are now being stored via the HTML5 cache. Where do I find help to located and delete these?01:33
TBotNikI have pastebin at: http://pastebin.com/i5Tjv8cp.  These lock me out for 25-35 minutes at a time, which is tough on a developer that is checking his work.01:33
TBotNikLooking for a resource to solve this so any help appreciated!01:39
glennok installing nvidia 346.59 -346 recommended river01:50
glennif it kills the boot again until i have to purge it i will cry :(01:50
glennok had to put 'nomodeset' in grub config but im finally on nvidia drivers and can actually boot!02:20
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sattyhey guys , I have problem with bluetooth and powermanagement in kubuntu 15.0403:27
jade_hey my plasma is broken and wont display the bottom panel03:32
jade_the top corners of the screen work but the panel never displays it just dissapeared one day03:32
soeejade_: maybe you removed it >03:38
soeeor try to move mouse to bottom screen edge - maybe you set panel to autohide03:38
jade_no because dolphin does not display and file options03:38
jade_im using xfce right now03:39
jade_becuase right click doesnt work on the desktop03:39
sattyjade_: go to #xbuntu or #xfce irc03:39
jade_this happened after a kde update03:40
jade_but ill try03:40
jade_is there any way to re install kde?03:40
jade_or the maybe the configuation03:41
soeejade_: why? if only panel is gone, just add new one :)03:41
jade_it wont let me03:41
jade_like the whole system that is the panel wont load03:42
jade_thus theres no way to add one or even access settings03:42
soeejade_: you can try to backup .kde and .config folders, and remove them03:42
jade_sweet thats more like it03:43
jade_where are they?03:43
soeein your home folder03:43
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jade_thanks a lot im going to try it to see if it makes a new config automatically or whatnot03:49
jade_yeah that didnt work03:53
jade_it did manage to erase the desktop settings for both kde and xfce though03:54
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enchantedhi does anyone know the command to load network adapters on an old kubuntu distro?10:54
enchantedacpi install or something?11:10
enchantedor i guess there are cheatcodes?11:19
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BluesKajHowdy folks11:51
sapphire_what themes for kde is great?12:21
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murthyIs the plasma mobile an extension of Aaron Seigo tablet project?14:57
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TaggnostrI'm trying to install 15.04 but the installer has been stuck at "preparing to install kubuntu" for a few minutes now.  Is that normal?15:57
Taggnostrok, now it loaded the disk setup part15:59
soee_Taggnostr: depends, did you checked to donwload restricted packages ?16:04
Taggnostrnow it seems to work, it's just a bit slow16:04
Taggnostrit's copying files16:05
soee_ok :)16:05
TaggnostrI hope it will work16:05
soee_if you heck at the beginging to doenload restricted packages16:05
soee_it will download graphic drivers etc.16:05
soee_so it might take a while16:05
Taggnostryes, I checked both16:05
Taggnostrnetwork should be fast, but the pc is slow16:05
Taggnostrlooks like it worked16:16
Taggnostrthe screen resolution is off though16:19
soee_Taggnostr: screen resolution ?16:26
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Taggnostrsoee_, yes, I'm installing the recommended nvidia drivers now16:44
Taggnostrthat fixed it16:50
TaggnostrI was about to give up and retire my pc, I'm surprised that it's alive again16:55
Taggnostris there any link that summarizes new features and/or tips&tricks I should know?16:56
BluesKajTaggnostr, how old is your pc and wthat made you think it should be retired?17:00
TaggnostrBluesKaj, 8-9 years, the fact that I unsuccessfully spent over a week around the time 15.04 came out trying to making it work17:01
BluesKajTaggnostr,upon first release 15.04 was a difficult OS for older hardware/pcs, but now improvements have a quite a difference17:03
BluesKajTaggnostr, even this pc that's 7 yrs old now was slow to install17:05
Taggnostrin april I had problems with the video drivers17:07
BluesKajyeah nvidia was buggy at first17:08
bird_support ubuntu and android apps17:38
soee_whats wrong ? :)17:41
chaos18802has anyone gotten xfburn on kubuntu?17:42
chaos18802if so it would be great to find out how17:44
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soee_if someone is interested, i have created slack team: https://kubuntu.slack.com18:02
lordievadersoee_: What is that?18:06
soee_lordievader: hard to explain, something like webbased irc, you can create team, channels and all is loged - you don't need bouncers, you can serch history, paste code snippets, urls with preview, integrate with a lot of services like jenkins, dropbox etc.etc.18:09
soee_there are phone apps etc.18:11
soee_and it has modern user friendly interface etc :)18:11
jaafarAny recent upgrades to 15.04?  I found I could not log in... plasma would crash and give me the "crash reporting assistant" wizard18:17
jaafarI got it working by running off of a ppa instead (backports)18:19
jaafarplasma still periodically crashes though18:19
soee_jaafar: a lot should change when Plasma 5.3.2 will land in backports18:20
jaafarsoee_ are there known issues with 15.04 then?18:20
soee_some yes18:22
jaafarI'd like to help but the "Crash Reporting Assistant" appears to be one of the things that's not working :)18:24
jaafarstuck on the page where you login to bugs.kde.org - the "login" and "next" buttons are permanently greyed out18:25
jaafarand if you try to save the crash report as a file, you get the message "Unable to create io-slave; klauncher said "unknown protocol: file""18:26
valoriesoee_: I tried to join, but it doesn't seem to be letting me19:29
valorieperhaps you can add my valorie.zimmerman@gmail.com email to the group?19:29
valorieI thought it was a paid-only service19:30
valoriethe people I know who use it, love it19:31
valorierave about it, actually19:31
BluesKajvalorie, rave about ?19:38
bpromptrave about raves, maybe /me ducks19:38
lordievaderBluesKaj: Slack.com, see the link soee posted some time ago.19:39
BluesKajlordievader, I can't scroll back , had to reboot 40mins ago19:41
lordievader25-20:02 < soee_> if someone is interested, i have created slack team: https://kubuntu.slack.com19:46
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