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greenrideI'm setting up a 4 node maas cluster in a home network with manual dhcp configuration. My router has the dhcp server, and it runs dhcp. Anyone know a tutorial for this setup? Mainly, I need help with the manual dhcp configuration.20:48
h0merinstall dnsmasq or proxydhcp on a machine and have it serve up the PXE boot file and images.20:57
greenrideh0mer: Are you suggesting this in place of maas or in addition to maas?21:01
h0merin addition to it21:01
h0merthat's pretty much what i have set up at the moment21:01
h0merat a later time ill be flashing my linksys router with dd-wrt which gives you the ability to specify the pxe settings on its internal dhcp server21:02
greenrideh0mer: My router is running openwrt. So, I should be able to specify the pxe settings on the internal dhcp server.21:03
greenrideIs there a reason that you aren't using the master maas node to serve the pxeboot images?21:04
h0mercan't you just ssh into the router and setup the pxe boot config?21:05
greenrideThose instructions are for ISC DHCP. I'm not familiar with all the settings. Where do I start learning about those settings/options?21:07
greenrideBut yes, I can ssh into the router.21:07
greenrideAlso, the /etc/config/dhcp file has a section for dnsmasq.21:09
greenrideThat's on the router.21:09
greenrideHere's the /etc/config/dhcp file. https://dpaste.de/Zyea21:12
greenrideI screwed up the cut and paste. This version is better. https://dpaste.de/Un8R21:13
h0meron dd-wrt I can set a "next-server" option (for dnsmasq) which I pointed to the maas server IP and it booted from the tftp directory on the maas server21:18
greenrideDid you have to setup the tftp server on the maas server?21:19
h0merit should be there by default when you import the images on the maas gui.21:20
greenrideAre you using Ubuntu's maas server or a different setup.21:20
lathiatmaas does that for you if you set it to managed mode21:20
h0merubutnu's maas21:20
greenrideLet me try that.21:20

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