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skyjumperdoes the compiz static switcher work correctly for anyone in Wily?19:03
penguin4215.04's synergy worked just nicely with my Fedora box; in actual fact it's the only combo that got key combos and things right; and 15.10 is back to the way it was22:43
skyjumpersynergy is always screwy for me23:00
skyjumperseems best to just build from the git repo23:00
penguin42skyjumper: Well, it has a keyboard mapping problem (UK to not quite US) and also it stopped doing screenlock across the two machines which had been wroking for a few months23:15
penguin42someone wrote an alterantive called mango chutney a while back, but I couldn't get it to work - but then again I haven't tried it recently23:18

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