Kiloshelloo africa04:02
Na3iLgood morning Kilos07:55
Kilosgood morning Na3iL08:00
Kiloshi Fatar and others08:00
Fatarhey kilos08:00
Kilosoh my quick in and out08:07
stickyboyLMFAO https://twitter.com/andrewwhiteau/status/61634133338124288109:14
stickyboySausage puppy sleep digging09:14
Kilosstickyboy  do you speak frenc09:16
stickyboystickyboy: Nope :(09:24
Na3iLhey Kilos11:04
Kiloshi Na3iL11:04
Na3iLhows you11:04
Kilosgood ty and you?11:04
Na3iLam good, am searching for some testimonials for my wikipage11:05
Na3iLmoreover, I need ur feedback about it11:06
Kiloswill do11:07
Kilosdid you see mine11:07
Na3iLyup I did check yours11:07
Kilosyours looks ok so far, some errors , i will tell you what to change11:08
KilosI am 21 years old or I'm 21 years old11:09
Na3iLI think we can write I'm or I am11:11
Na3iLor not?11:11
Kilosany one of those two are fine11:11
Kilosyou really a busy fella hey11:12
Na3iLnope am not busy :D11:12
Na3iLI just trying to do my own project Awesome Remix team, I think I already told u about it11:12
Na3iLam looking forward to got it an official flavor of Ubuntu11:13
Kilosalso add that you are involved in ubuntu-africa in your long term goals11:13
Kilosubuntu-africa has made big news in ubuntu11:14
Kilosi think we are the first group to join a whole continent in one place11:14
Na3iLyup I already add it and I'll add it too on the log term goals11:15
Kilosgive me some time to go through it all more carefully then i will give my testimonial11:16
Na3iLtake your time11:16
Kilosbusy trying to get 14.04 going on a laptop11:16
Na3iLokay good luck11:18
Kilosstupid thing keeps kicking the dvd out half way11:20
Na3iLreally! weird problem!!11:21
Kilosyeah, old lenovo thinkpad11:21
Na3iLI think Lubuntu will be good for this old laptop11:22
Kilosnono i dont like lubuntu or xubuntu11:23
Kiloseven unity is better11:23
Na3iLheheh I don't like unity either, Ubuntu GNOME my favorite :D11:24
Na3iLQA, coffee please11:24
QANa3iL: There isn't a pot on11:24
Kilosim installing unity so i can see whats happening when i help noobs11:24
Na3iLI see11:24
Kilosthe problem is new peeps install unity ND NEED HELP11:24
Na3iLyeah, I installed Ubuntu 14.04 unity on my virtualbox to help guys when they need11:25
zxsinclairhie all, sorry it has been hectic so not active11:38
zxsinclairwill be offline a bit, chat later11:40
Kiloshi K_K_N11:55
Kiloswelcome to ubuntu-africa11:55
Na3iLhey K_K_N welcome mate :D11:57
K_K_Nhi Kilos,11:58
K_K_Nthanks Kilos11:58
K_K_NI registered on the Ubuntu page so I decided to join and check you guys out on IRC and how I can get involved more11:58
K_K_Nthanks Na3iL11:59
Na3iLcool K_K_N where do u from?12:00
Kiloshe is near durban Na3iL12:04
Kilosi need to go eat12:05
Na3iLah cool, Kilos good appetite12:05
stickyboyObama be in Kenya.15:23
stickyboyHe be like, "Gay rights are important."15:23
stickyboyKenyan President be like, "Nahhhhh"15:23
stickyboyOr rather, he was like "Our culture doesn't accept it"15:24
stickyboyThey could just de-criminalize it. They don't have to say "We LOVE gay people!!!!111one"15:32
stickyboyI mean, seriously, less than 100 years ago women in America couldn't vote (suffrage for women was 1921).15:32
stickyboyAnd let's not forget segregation of blacks / whites up until the 1960s!15:33
stickyboyGay rights is part of the same evolution of the human condition. It's human rights.15:33
FatarHey kilos when is the meeting again?16:51
Kiloswednesday night16:51
FatarThat's the 29th right?16:52
Kilosi will mail the list with a reminder16:52
FatarCan't we set it up as the topic?16:53
FatarPreferably without removing all of the info16:54
Kilosill ask16:57
FatarHow do we do 2 commands in one line (at the same time) ?17:30
Fatarnvm found it17:42
Kiloswell done17:48
Kiloswe lose power in a few minutes17:59
Kilossee you all tomorrow17:59
=== Cryterion_ is now known as Cryterion

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