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robert35Hie, does anyone know a ubuntu-sdk Project wich match the structure described in http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2288198  ??09:19
popeyrobert35: put your libraries in lib/<arch_triple> and they will be found11:57
popeyso ./lib/arm-linux-gnueabihf and ./lib/i386-linux-gnu and ./lib/x86_64-linux-gnu for armhf, i386 and amd6411:58
popeyrobert35: install Notes (reminders) on a device and you'll see this structure11:58
robert35i already try to install the shared lib via the qt-creator process (put install on the make command line entry), this leads to an error : impossible to create a dir12:22
robert35mkdir: cannot create directory '/usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/qt5/qml/CG2ControlePlugin': Permission denied12:22
robert35and and i don't want to change these dir permitions (i don't know the impact on the system, also if there is a problem of permission on these dirs, it should be corrected)12:24
popeyit shouldn't go in /usr/li12:27
popeybut ./lib within your app dir12:27
robert35so i have to add a copy task on apps .qmlproject ?12:28
robert35That's i was thinking of, but i don't know how to modify this file12:28
popeywe tend to use cmake for our projects, sorry12:36
robert35that's what i see more and more...12:36
robert35I don't12:36
robert35I don't know cmake at all12:36
robert35it's one more build tool to understand...12:36
robert35just one more guy who think he could invent the wheal again....12:37
robert35the existing tools where enough12:37
robert35thanks poppey, i'll give a look at Notes source code then12:38
robert35poppey, i think it's a good base to study (Notes), lots of plugin/libs thanks12:47
ahayzenpopey, should this be updated with the new meeting times for music and weather? https://developer.ubuntu.com/en/community/core-apps/meetings/13:49
popeyahayzen: yeah, its on my todo14:09
popeyahayzen: now to-done14:10
ahayzenthanks popey \o/14:17
popeyi remembered it as I went to bed last night14:17
popeyand grabbed my phone to put it in my to-do for monday 🙂14:17
* popey removes it from monday's todo list14:18
ahayzenhah :-)14:18
* popey hugs Notes app14:18
* ahayzen wonders why his evernote account keeps disappear and he has to resign in14:18
ahayzenprobably something todo with flip flopping between channels :-)14:20
popeyif you re-install / update the app that happens too14:24
popeyannoying, we have a bug for it.14:24
ahayzenah damn14:28
joehanneshey guys ... I'm trying to start making a living on ubuntu apps ... I want to get started15:33
joehanneshttps://developer.ubuntu.com/api/apps/html5/current/ --> the most promising link on the dev page, shows only Qt, not HTML5 stuff15:33
joehannesanyway, can anyone tell me if there's a common best practice on how to include nodejs/npm packages in ubuntu apps?15:34
joehannesI mean, is it even necessary to use the QT Creator as an editor? I'd muchly prefer atom and just use some ubuntu-sdk and command ... any ideas?15:37
dale_Is there somebody here who can tell me what policy I need to add to an app to make C++ time() and localtime() calls work?17:50
dale_Are there any appdevs here?17:56
dale_My app dies a silent death when I call time(), do you know why?17:56
ahayzenis there anything in the syslog todo with denials ?17:57
dale_Nope, nothing at all is appearing in the syslog.17:58
ahayzenhmm weird, why do you need to use time() and localtime() anyway?17:59
ahayzenand the clock app is likely to be retrieving time info so maybe worth looking what they have done http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-clock-dev/ubuntu-clock-app/utopic-3.0/files/head:/backend/modules/18:00
dale_I'm writing a clock app, funnily enough.  If there is a `proper' way to read the time I'd be interested to know (this is my first little attempt at an app).18:00
ahayzendefinitely have a look at the clock-app's code then ;-)18:00
ahayzenas that solves all the issues with timezones18:00
dale_Thanks for the link, I'll look right at that :-)18:00
joehanneshi guys, anybody there???23:49
joehannesI already asked this once today, but we had an electricity-outage, so I have been logged out23:49
joehannesbasically, is there a way to run sh scripts in click-packabed-html5-apps?23:50
joehannesone way would be, for example, if one could use Node.js packages ... but the documentation doesn't speak thereof ...23:50
joehannesWhat I would even prefer, is, to write my app with electron/atom-shell and then wrap it into a click package - is this possible??? I want, of course, a way to allow certain privileges like run a shell script ...23:52
joehannesbasically I'm trying to make a long term commitment to make a living from writing ubuntu apps, and am starting away with writing a simple unity-topbar-icon-app, that allows to disable the screensaver/dim ... for example when watching movies23:53
joehannesso I want to run a shell script to manipulate system settings23:53
joehannesplease help23:53
joehannesok, it looks like there is this option to import repos ... maybe I can just develop an electron app and import/wrap it with the qt Creator tool?23:57
joehannesbtw, the html/js api of current on developer.ubuntu.com still links to the wrong C++/Qt Variation ... I guess that's since there possibly was no JS-API at that time, but as it is, it's very misleading23:58

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