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dokoxnox, so for  #793222 I think I should at least break libboost-date-time1.55.0 unconditionally, not sure for the other libs. could you have a look at https://codesearch.debian.net/results/catch.*%3A%3Afailure%20package%3Aboost1.55/page_0 ?09:41
xpheresif anyone has an ubuntu touch device I will be happy if you write in reviews that my app actually works: https://uappexplorer.com/app/analyticaltranslatordemo.xpheresdev10:48
Laneydoko: trying a build with new dh-python11:45
Laneybut pyside does some renaming action itself11:46
dokoLaney, see my fixes for newt and comedilib11:47
dokoor let dh-python do the work11:48
Laneylooks like it just renames stuff so that dh-python will pick it up11:54
Laneywill check on the test build later11:54
xnoxdoko: what do you mean break boost1.55? boost 1.55 should remain on 98 abi, otherwise it will be nuts....13:42
xnoxdoko: boost1.58 is with C++11 abi and should be peachy, no?13:43
dokoxnox, please read the bug report, that's about not being able to catch an exception13:44
dokoso with libstdc++6 5.2.1-12, this may get broken in boost1.5513:45
xnoxdoko: i'd rather have broken parts of boost1.55 and deal with that. i only see like 20 packages using boost-date-time13:48
dokoxnox, so I'll add the breaks?13:48
dokobut just for the datetime package?13:49
xnoxdoko: yes.13:51
xnoxdoko: i don't see for other libraries to be affected.13:52
xnoxfrom codesearch.13:52
xnox(there is like tests and examples)13:52
sforsheehallyn: overlay is the upstream fstype, overlayfs is the legacy fstype in wily. As far as mount options go, the same code is used for both fstypes - if you supply upperdir then you also need workdir. I don't know how it worked in the past though.15:08
hallynsforshee: as i said above, 'overlay' is not supporting unpriv mounts now, 'overlayfs' still does.16:08
hallyn'overlay' used to, so it's a functionality regression16:08
hallynsorry, heading out right now16:08
tewardrbasak: infinity: so, i discovered something on the Apache package, they actually install to /usr/share and then have a postinst script that copies files around17:10
teward(it's their solution to the /usr/share/... being written to by package managers problem...)17:10
tewardit's an interesting solution...17:10
teward(for the default site)17:11
teward... and it's a solution i could adapt for nginx... with some work and testing, of course17:14
infinityteward: Pretty sure I suggested that very same thing for nginx.18:58
tewardinfinity: i didn't see that, sorry, but i wanted to check the logic :)18:59
* teward yawns18:59
tewardthe side effect of bad-sleeping during the week: things're missed18:59
infinityteward: With a caveat that it should only do so on new installs, and only if /var/www/html is empty (so you don't stomp over another webserver or user content)18:59
tewardinfinity: there's checks for that too18:59
tewardin the apache implementation18:59
infinityI would assume so, yes.18:59
tewardbut my current focus is a trusty bug that should've been sqashed and i was too lazy to squish18:59
infinitySo, it probably should just do the same thing and be done with it.18:59
tewardright, that's my thoughts19:00
tewardcan never have enough testing though19:00
ari-tczewcjwatson: I've got an odd problem with builders. The package subtitleeditor has been built fine on PPA, but in wily-proposed got FTBFS. Could you check that?22:27
ari-tczewPPA: https://launchpad.net/~ari-tczew/+archive/ubuntu/testing/+build/772589622:27
ari-tczewwily: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/subtitleeditor/0.52.1-122:27
slangasekari-tczew: check the versions of the build-dependencies that were installed in the ppa, vs. the ones used in the archive?22:37
ari-tczewslangasek: there is no build-depends installed in ppa22:43
slangasekari-tczew: that is categorically false22:55
slangasekari-tczew: what I mean is that you have build logs, which show you which versions of the build dependencies were installed and used for each build22:55
ari-tczewslangasek: why versions should be different? PPA takes B-D from -proposed, doesn't it?23:02
slangasekari-tczew: a) that's a configurable setting, so not necessarily; b) the ppa build and the archive build didn't happen simultaneously so the contents may have changed in between23:05
ari-tczewslangasek: the first what I pointed out is a count of build-depends. ppa gets only 13 packages, archive build gets 22, but I guess it doesn't matter23:09
ari-tczewslangasek: can be it a problem related to gcc 5 ?23:11
slangasekgcc5 has not landed in the archive23:11
tewardslangasek: that's still in testing first, right, before it lands?  What was the timeline on gcc5 landing, out of curiosity?  (I probably need to make sure nginx builds there)23:15
slangasekteward: https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-devel-announce/2015-July/001143.html23:16
infinityari-tczew: Your PPA isn't configured with -proposed enabled, so it's not surprising that the results differ from an archive build.23:51
ari-tczewinfinity: I had no idea there is a way to configure it... thanks23:56
ari-tczewPrimary dependency added: Primary Archive for Ubuntu - PROPOSED23:56

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