OerHeksfes-ti-val - or -  Ste-phen-haw-kins ...00:17
lotuspsychjegood morning to all02:32
OerHeksgrinn, troll trolls troll ..03:32
ObrienDaveif it's not for his machine, why is he asking??? ;P06:54
OerHekswhy should we care :-P06:57
ObrienDavei think i'll have another beer or three :P06:58
ObrienDaveif i get out-of-line, slap me ;P06:58
OerHeksdon't drink, drive and irc !06:59
OerHeksyou have 2 hand, you know06:59
ObrienDave*uses both hands* ;P07:03
ObrienDavecan't drive, at home LOL07:03
OerHeksdrinking makes me say funny things that are not funny sober ... driving makes me a criminal without license :-D07:04
OerHekswell, irc ... not that much better either07:04
ObrienDaveyup :)07:04
ObrienDavelordy, i want to shoot google translate07:07
OerHeksdrinking & irc are driving me nuts07:10
ObrienDavekcj is in rare form LMAO07:11
OerHeks" 50 ct ?"  No, 2 million !07:18
ObrienDavelordy. even #U-OT is being trolled *sigh*07:43
histosorry for all the reconnects, setting up a router here.08:05
ObrienDavegood thing i have the turned off ;P08:05
lotuspsychjemorning :p09:53
OerHekshi lotus09:54
lordievaderlotuspsychje: You are just in time ;)09:54
lotuspsychjehi lordievader, OerHeks and EriC^^09:54
lordievaderHow are you doing?09:54
lotuspsychjelordievader: i was here at 4h30 but felt to sleep again :p09:55
lotuspsychjefine tnx lordievader09:55
OerHeksIf i had little wings, i could fly now http://www.buienradar.nl/weerkaarten/wind09:55
EriC^^hi lotuspsychje09:55
EriC^^great you?09:55
lordievaderDoing good here. Rewriting an automatic update script I found on the web.09:55
lotuspsychjelol, summerstorm over benelux09:55
lotuspsychjegreat tnx EriC^^09:56
lordievaderThe original script would build things one at a time...09:56
lotuspsychjelordievader: so after booting up, your script would auto update?09:56
lordievaderNah, through anacron it would build packages of the updates and email me that I can install updates if I want to.09:57
lotuspsychjeah ic09:57
lotuspsychjealways liked enlightment :p10:04
lotuspsychjeanyone needs a doctor?10:11
TJ-Received a very neat WaveShare Spotpear touchscreen 480x320px 100mm (4") LCD for the RasPi today; anyone tinkers with that stuff I recommend it17:30
* ObrienDave waves from Win7ville ;P17:54
chocorolldafty hi20:28
EriC^^hi daftykins20:48
daftykinshi sir, how are we?20:49
EriC^^good, you?20:49
daftykinsyes thanks :) just saw my visitor from the US off at the airport today, so back to my lonesome20:50
daftykinscan relax now ;)20:50
EriC^^that's cool20:52
OerHeksWe just had the "worst storm since 1901"....i remember a huge bad storm in 1990 .. stupid reporters only write what they can find on the internet21:33
JanCOerHeks: not to mention the one that flooded half of the Netherlands in between...21:56
JanCI would say that was a pretty bad one too...21:57
OerHeksAh, the great washing up,1951 was it?21:57
JanCsomewhere around then, I don't know the exact date21:57
OerHeksI just sended one ACR38U user to #ubuntu-be :-)21:58
JanCthere is no support in -be really21:59
OerHeksoh :-(21:59
JanCbetter send them to -nl or -fr or -de21:59
OerHeksAs it is a pure Belgium issue, i thought i did the right thing21:59
JanCI can try if I'm around and a question is asked, but usually there are much more people in the other channels  :)22:00
JanCOerHeks: nickname?22:01
OerHeksmetemp, i gave him this url https://mark911.wordpress.com/2014/01/04/how-to-get-the-eid-electronic-card-reader-acr38u-working-in-ubuntu-14-04-64-bit/22:01
JanCOerHeks: z'n vraag heeft dus niks met BelgiĆ« te maken  :)22:43
OerHeksoh ..22:44
JanCwil die card reader (proberen) voor iets anders gebruiken22:44
OerHeksOww een prutser dus22:44
JanCeh, probably better in English here22:44
JanCwell, it's somewhat interesting what he tries to do22:45
ObrienDavemight be better if i actually understood dutch ;P22:52
OerHeksBut then we loose our secret language to make fun :-(22:55
OerHeksObrienDave, sometimes i do not understand the dutch either :-D22:56
ObrienDave*glares at OerHeks*22:56
OerHeksWe have certain areas, where people speak without moving their lips..22:56
OerHeksThere sould be a Ubuntu IRC weekly top 5 'most amazing questions people dare to ask'23:10
OerHeksthis monitor one should be in it.23:10
ObrienDaveafaik all monitors can go down in resolution, not up without damage LMAO23:11
OerHeksBut then, people lik eme would come up with more fantastic ideas to get in the top523:11
ObrienDavebreak! 5 min23:14
OerHeksoh, i have a netbook somewhere .. i almost forgot about. not worth anything to sell.23:14

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