lindolhi all01:06
lindolgood morning :)01:06
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craysiiigood evening :)03:15
LinDolgood morning :)03:40
LinDol_phonehi again05:03
LinDol_phonehi again05:37
ricotzdarkxst, don't retry succeeded packages ;)07:34
ricotzMore 3.17 \o/07:35
darkxstricotz, i see, launchpad was lying07:37
darkxstthat should be most of the core, g-s-d and g-c-c on their way now07:37
ricotzdarkxst, mutter-dbg deps wasnt bumped07:38
ricotzdarkxst, great, I hope I find some time to test it a bit07:39
darkxstoh oops, fixed07:42
ricotzpushed a gnome-session rebuild for gnome-desktop07:47
Noskcajdarkxst, ricotz, Before we start on 3.17, would either of you have time to merge gnome-user-share? It's way too far behind current08:14
NoskcajAnd how big are the changes planned for 3.18? Is there any part we could aim to get into wily?08:14
Noskcajeven user-share 3.8 would probably be an improvement08:16
darkxstNoskcaj, isnt that blocked on bluez 5 or so?08:26
darkxstas for how big are the changes (or how badly they affect Ubuntu vanilla) really wont know until about .90/9108:30
darkxstgtk atleast breaks the ubuntu software-updater08:31
Noskcajdarkxst, >= 3.8.3 is blocked by bluez, but even 3.8 brings in a few fixes08:40
darkxstNoskcaj, not sure there is much point in merging 3.809:11
Noskcajapache2.4 is the only big thing09:12
ricotzexactly, waiting until .90/91 is mostly needed and if gtk+ 3.17 is a hard-dep it won't be able to get into wily anyway afaics09:14
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