pleia2kind of a quiet news week02:41
pleia2ok, after scouring all my alerts and rss feeds, I found nothing to add02:50
pleia2off to summary writers!02:50
josewoot woot02:52
pleia2jose: I forgot to tell you, I LOVE ceviche02:54
pleia2I could eat it like all day02:54
pleia2and fish in general02:54
pleia2yum yum :d02:54
josepleia2: we usually have that for lunch, what about the day before the conference for lunch?02:55
pleia2jose: perfect :)02:55
josewoot woot02:56
joseI was in the middle of writing a blog post about ubuconla02:56
joseI'll get that done for the uwn :)02:57
josepleia2: is this one suitable for including?03:10
pleia2jose: totally, I'll put under loco team section?03:13
PaulW2Ulooks like we have a new summary writer that likes to write more than on line08:51
PaulW2Ulet's hope he sticks around a while08:51

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