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momomohi folks ..10:58
momomoi ran sudo apt-get dist-upgrade10:59
momomothen I am asked to configure fucking grub10:59
momomoI selected keep local one ( because it has been modified probably by server company, i don't know )10:59
momomobut then I am asked what disc I should install grup on10:59
momomoif I choose wrong, then server might no start .. this is why I don't ever fucking upgrade!11:00
momomofucking stinks!11:00
momomothanks ubunut!11:00
momomoit's better to just leave fucking shit as is,11:00
patdk-lapthat is a failure of your server company11:08
patdk-lapas once that setting is selected, it is saved11:08
patdk-lapit's only asking you, cause it wasn't ever set11:08
patdk-lapnormally the answer is sda11:09
jellyright, the whole disk.  better yet, first two whole disks in case of soft raid usage11:10
momomoso not the boot partion ?11:11
momomoi am not suing raid11:11
jellyno, use just sda11:11
patdk-lapjelly, if they where, I would have expected to see boot also on sdb11:11
jellythe boot loader goes into the master boot sector, that means the whole disk11:12
momomobut seriously, should I ever have to be faced with shit like this? I just wanted the fucking security updates ... ubuntu doesn't even offer a simple fucking way to do that.11:12
jellypatdk-lap: and probably some partitions on sdb, but I didn't take a good look11:12
jellymomomo: because you're pretending to be a sysadmin.11:12
jellyif you don't want to deal with shit like that, hire someone to do it for you11:13
momomoanother choice I don't want to have toe take: http://s16.postimg.org/a2v5u5oys/Screenshot_from_2015_07_25_13_12_30.jpg11:13
momomoseriously, ubuntu is retarded11:13
jellythis isn't ubuntu's fault really11:13
momomolook there isn't even a good answer to this questioN: http://askubuntu.com/questions/194/how-can-i-install-just-security-updates-from-the-command-line11:14
momomonot one11:14
momomoseriously, should one have to face shit like that?11:14
momomoif you upgrade, you computer might not work11:15
momomolets gamble, yes or no .. 50 5011:15
jellydo you want to fix the issue and move on, or do you want some cheese with that whine?11:15
momomoi don't have any other choice now than to hit yes, right11:15
jellylet grub install on sda, and just sda11:16
momomoi did11:16
momomoapt-get -s dist-upgrade | grep "^Inst" | grep -i securi | awk -F " " {'print $2'} | xargs apt-get install ... little hacky11:19
momomoone would imagine that ubuntu-server would come with such a command by default11:19
roraclehey guys, trying to get a cms set up on my site via a subdomain, but I no matter what CMS i try out, they all tell me it has some write errors for the directory11:37
norbinright, issue resolved15:53
norbindns server didn't respond correctly, changed resolv.conf to defaults and now it's ok15:53
norbini've initially changed the ip of the name server in resolv.conf to the actual nameserver ^_^15:53
norbinback to the loopback ip + localdomain15:54
TheEagerPadawanif i would like to study for lpic-1, what would be good source to start18:46
tewardtheir training18:47
tewardyou can buy a testing bundle from them, both exam vouchers + study materials through LInux academy18:48
tewardinteractive videos, test environments, etc.18:48
tewardor, try and find in-person training, but that gets pricey18:48
tewardTheEagerPadawan: note that's the method I took to get my LPIC-1 recently18:48
TheEagerPadawanthanks for the heads up18:49
TheEagerPadawandoing comptia network + right now18:50
TheEagerPadawanif you want more info pm me, since it's not linux related18:50
tewardTheEagerPadawan: don't think anyone cares much about it really18:52
tewardbut meh18:53
TheEagerPadawanabout being offtopic or about networking18:53
tewardin this case, neither, since it's not related to any topic currently in discussion here.18:54
TheEagerPadawanhah well i've been studying for comptia networking with cbtnuggets18:55
TheEagerPadawanbut i can't seems to find anything else then examcompass with examquestions18:55
tewardpretty certain 'certification' studying is offtopic here.18:56
tewardbut i also think CompTIA has study materials they publish18:56
lordievaderDo employers actually care about certification?19:20
bekksYes, they do.19:20
lordievaderOk, good to know.19:21
patdk-lapreally depends19:24
patdk-lapthe larger the bussiness, normally the more they care19:24
cluelessdoesn anyone know a good tutorial for a postfix conf that is used to send mail from a local network it doesnt need to receive20:24
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