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JonathanFergusonCan I get assistance with http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/11935333/06:43
JonathanFergusonI suspect that the internal storage was corrupted upon the first issuence of 'fastboot [-w] erase <partition>' and 'fastboot [-w] format <partition>' then I flashed the images that I compiled myself with 'fastboot flash <partition> [ <filename> ]'.06:43
JonathanFergusonI am able to get into a Recovery Mode and use adb shell. - Is there a method to repartition and format the internal storage?06:43
mardyJonathanFerguson: I've never seen that error; does the file /home/jonathan/.cache/ubuntuimages/gpg/image-master.tar.xz exist?07:07
JonathanFergusonmardy, Yes07:23
JonathanFergusonjonathan@Matryoshka:~$ ls -l /home/jonathan/.cache/ubuntuimages/gpg/image-master.tar.xz07:23
JonathanFerguson-rw-r--r-- 1 jonathan jonathan 884 Jul 25 15:07 /home/jonathan/.cache/ubuntuimages/gpg/image-master.tar.xz07:23
mardyJonathanFerguson: and /cache/recovery/ ?07:41
JonathanFergusonmardy, where shalt /cache/recovery be?07:43
mardyJonathanFerguson: in the root directory: just type "ls /cache/recovery" from an adb shell07:44
JonathanFergusonmardy, give me a while, I'll have to force boot into Recovery Mode07:45
JonathanFergusonjonathan@Matryoshka:~$ adb shell ls /cache/recovery07:49
JonathanFergusonls: /cache/recovery: No such file or directory07:49
mardyJonathanFerguson: well, I'm no expert in this, but I would try to create it :-)07:49
JonathanFergusonjonathan@Matryoshka:~$ adb shell mkdir -p /cache/recovery07:52
JonathanFergusonjonathan@Matryoshka:~$ adb shell ls /cache/recovery07:52
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NymeriaFrHello guys08:44
NymeriaFrI need your help08:44
NymeriaFrI have to install a third library in my project but I can't do it08:46
NymeriaFrif someone can help me, I will be very happy08:46
brobostigoncan we have more information please.08:51
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xpheresany news regarding the emulator?10:46
xpheresif anyone has an ubuntu touch device I will be happy if you write in reviews that my app actually works: https://uappexplorer.com/app/analyticaltranslatordemo.xpheresdev10:48
nhainesxpheres: it starts, but it surely doesn't work.11:20
nhainesxpheres: http://imgur.com/JxPkF6a,icrRESY,GGGQBT3,3fPcbTB11:24
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nhainesSee those four images for an example of the performance on a Nexus 5 running OTA-5.11:24
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studio_i need some help. how to mount a new image, made with debootstrap for the ubuntu-touch-device without purging MIR ?13:00
studio_popey, i have seen, that under vbox, it is possible to install wily (image from 07/2015). so today i tried to make a debootstrab for ubuntu touch on an armhf, cortex-a9 (there is no cortex a7 in the qemu for ubuntu), and made a new image. Now, i'd like to disable mir and mount my new image with xfcw4 in chroot. I tried to figure out via google, but can find informations how to close/disable MIR and start the X-Server ...13:14
studio_i am still on lollipop, but i am owning the "KRILIN01A-S15A_BQ_L100EN_2024_150713.zip" for the bq E4.5. should i flash that and purge the MIR to install the X-Server? or is there any chance to get that work on a chroot?13:20
studio_i'd prefer to boot up a new (test) os via sdcard but i think there is no "open" uboot for the bq Aquaris E4.5 :(13:26
studio_so, did anybody here tried debootstrap or purged the MIR and installed an X-Server?13:29
studio_popey, have you ever tried that?13:34
popeystudio_: how would x work on that GPU?13:39
studio_framebuffer? that worked on my old sat-receiver after i installed debian with with xfce ... maybe that also work on the bq Aquaris E4.5. I didn't tried, therefore i asked, should i flash the new image?13:44
popeyNo idea. Not something any of us have tried.13:45
studio_ok, i am going to delete lollipop and install "KRILIN01A-S15A_BQ_L100EN_2024_150713.zip"13:46
studio_hmmm, ok, i am now switching from a fully working android (lollipop) to an ubuntu-touch (07/2015) with an older kernel ... hope it is worth ...14:26
studio_oh my good, how can you offer this image???14:39
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studio_omg "god" sorry for my english14:42
studio_this is not worth to change from lollipop to ubuntu-touch!14:47
studio_i understood, that canocial is supporting its connection to google via goobuntu, but please, let the phone be free ...14:50
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BOHverkillstudio_: np :P14:51
cybrNautit's a sad state of affairs, when alternative rivals of Google's Android cannot simply offer a free (libre) platform14:56
cybrNautif an underdog wants to take on google, they need to make a FOSS phone14:56
studio_cybrNaut, sorry, i do not understand "FOSS", what does that mean?14:58
cybrNautstudio_: Free Open Source Software15:00
cybrNautubuntuphone has closed-source proprietary GSM drivers, just like Android15:00
cybrNautbut ubuntuphone is a little more free than Android, because you can enable root access without hacking or breaking warranties15:02
cybrNautbut they need to do better.  they need to open the code up15:02
Anth0nWho use ubuntu on Meizu?15:04
studio_cybrNaut, where is the different to use an LTE-Stick on Ubuntu (Desktop) or the internal 3g on an internal device? i am a little bit confused about that ...15:06
studio__again, was deconnected ...: cybrNaut, where is the different to use an LTE-Stick on Ubuntu (Desktop) or the internal 3g on an internal device? i am a little bit confused about that ...15:09
studio__this on "KRILIN01A-S15A_BQ_L100EN_2024_150713.zip" is the "Worstcase" i have eve seen on Ubuntu-Touch, are you kidding?15:17
studio__sorry, i'll switch back to android lollipop. :(15:22
ogra_oohm did i miss the weekly studio_ rant ? how sad15:35
ogra_i wonder why he still tries15:35
studio_hmm, ok, how to purge unity8 and MIR on the bq E4.5?16:38
studio_this is "strange" ... when i use for exp. "http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-desktop-next/daily-live/current/wily-desktop-amd64.iso" under VBox i am able to install XFCE4 or ubuntustudio-desktop. but under these Ubuntu-Phone it is not working. Why?16:53
tathhuOh man.17:17
skrum365I am really new to the ubuntu touch project.17:39
skrum365I want to get involve but I do not know where to start. Can somebody help me ?17:39
tathhuCan I somehow enable "button light" on my E5 after flashing android? :P18:22
tathhu(back to ubuntu soon, lol.)18:22
dadexix86hi guys I need help20:09
dadexix86I rebooted the phone20:09
dadexix86now it is not starting20:09
dadexix86it goes back and forth "bq" and a black screen20:09
dadexix86also recovery mode does not work20:10
dadexix86this is a link of a video on dropbox https://www.dropbox.com/s/1exhx74dr40vnog/VID_20150725_221135.3gp20:21
mariogripdadexix86: do you use the stock recovery?20:28
mariogripdadexix86: http://askubuntu.com/questions/602035/how-do-i-use-ubuntu-device-flash-with-the-bq-aquaris-e4-5-and-aquaris-e520:29
mariogripthis should fix it, Download unloced the recovery for your device (FOR e4.5 http://people.canonical.com/~jhm/barajas/recovery-krillin.img FOR e5: http://people.canonical.com/~jhm/barajas/recovery-vegetahd.img) and then do: ubuntu-device-flash touch --channel ubuntu-touch/stable/bq-aquaris.en --bootstrap --recovery-image path/to/downloaded/recovery.img20:31
dadexix86mariogrip thanks I try now20:42
dadexix86mariogrip, probably I will not need it20:45
dadexix86I don't know why but after letting it rest and charging for a while now it started without problems...20:45
dadexix86is that a known behaviour for when the phone is really low on battery?20:46
dadexix86if so, it is really misguiding20:47
zettowhello everyone, I have a quick question about Developer Mode21:02
zettowis there any way to enable it from adb?21:02
zettowI have a nexus 4 with broken screen so there is no way to do it normally21:03
hariramahow do i play a video on my ubuntu phone? cannot seem to find a player (vlc, mplayer, whatever)22:22
popeyharirama: go to video scope, click on video22:23
hariramafound it! thanks.22:27
matv1popey regarding that last question. I was thinking about that a little and tried doing a search for ' video' does not return with either Video Scope or My video' s Scope..23:11
matv1whats the deal with ubuntu store on utouch? is that not being developed anymore23:13
ogra_matv1, where did you search ? if i search for video in the store scope i get a ton of hits (includiing scopes)23:21
matv1i get 89 hits but neither of those are in it23:21
* ogra_ sees vimeo scopes and such 23:22
ogra_myvideos and videos are preinstalled, perhaps that excludes them23:22
matv1ogra_ it doesnt. It returns both installed and non installed clicks and scopes23:23
matv1always has, I believe23:23
matv1hmm would language settings have soemthing to do with the result returned?23:23
ogra_not sure, i don think there is much search localization yet23:24
ogra_its a matter of the keywords set in the store i belive23:25
matv1ogra_   so you are saying video scope and my video scope do not have the ' video' keyword attached to them?23:26
matv1that is weird :)23:26
ogra_i have no idea :)23:27
matv1haha ok23:27
matv1but I heard somewhere that click store is due for a overhaul.. (to do with transition to snappy packages or somesuch..) and current store is not really being developed... is that true?23:29
ogra_it is maintained but no new features ...23:29
ogra_snappy is the future (and not much different from click actually)23:30
matv1right.. I havn't really grasped the difference anyway. I will dive in sometime soon.23:31
matv1so I wont bother with a bug rep for the weird search result for the current click store then23:33
matv1ogra_ thanks fr the info23:33
ogra_well, not sure the searhc algorhitm is any different in snappy23:33
ogra_i guess thats a store side thing23:33
ogra_so likely owrth a bug against the sotre itself23:34
matv1ok i will do that then.23:35
matv1ogra_ forgive my ignorance. Thats unity-scope-click in launchpad right ?23:39
matv1nm found it23:41

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