penguin42mappps: If you want to send 5c back here we'll take it00:05
popeycurrent fave subreddit https://www.reddit.com/r/OSHA/00:36
* zmoylan-pi remembers the time i used gas cylinder as hammer to run network cable...00:43
penguin42popey: Eek!00:44
penguin42http://i.imgur.com/C2LhZW9.jpg  is wonderful00:46
popeykept me busy for a while, that did00:48
popeyright, now bed00:48
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brobostigonmorning boys and girls.08:11
knightwisemorning peeps10:02
knightwisehey brobostigon10:02
knightwisehow are you doin today10:02
brobostigonhi knightwise, not bad, missing my gf, and you?10:03
knightwiseDoin ok , doing some long overdue dyi in the office10:46
knightwisemounting a screen , hangin up some pictureframes10:46
knightwiseLong overdue stuff .. papercuts that lie around forever11:07
brobostigonmy gf is away for a week with her parents and son,11:17
brobostigonhi mappps11:28
brobostigonwaiting for click to come on on bbc news.11:29
mapppsnot so warm today11:30
brobostigoni think we are due about 20c this afternoon.11:30
NokajiHi, anyone know how to get a blu ray player working? - I've installed unbuntu extras, also the three drivers libdvdread, libdvdnav & libdvdcss and set region. Nautilus can see the files/names. I've tried VLC & smartplayer. So far it only plays DVDs plus I can re-encode a blu ray disc to mkv (with some artefacts).14:15
* p42phone waits for a train at Northwich17:30
p42phoneAlthough it'll probably be a pacer so more of a bus on rails17:31
p42phoneOh, real train17:36
daftykinswow tales of the disconnected20:23
daftykinsNokaji: yes, you will get bluray playback going nicely if you use some lib substitution with makemkv20:24
NokajiNow that is a familiar nick for some reason, I see, that's what it does. I've listed it for trial at some point, also noticed I've got K3B installed which seems highly rated20:26
daftykinsNokaji: i was under the impression that was an optical media management tool for burning discs in KDE?20:29
daftykinsyeah makemkv is free if you just request a serial key or some such20:29
daftykinsi found someones PPA with it in all built, but you can just compile if you so desire20:29
Nokajiyes, sorry a burner, not quite the same thing of course but useful nonetheless - if it works20:29
* brobostigon really should practice the piano more, he is listening to genesis and cant remeber to play anymore.20:29
daftykinsthen it's a quick case of replacing a symlink - and hey presto players like VLC and Kodi can play bluray films20:29
NokajiSomeone kindly gacve me a coupla links, inc a PPA20:30
Nokajithanke ye20:30
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daftykinsfound some suspicious third party VPN app on my mums HTC android smartphone this evening, after removing it - 25 app updates popped up20:53
penguin42heck knows what else it did though20:55
daftykinsgonna factory reset it once i get a chance20:55
daftykinscan't be having mother deprived of her facebook20:56
Nokajidaftykins: Just fired up K3B, the proggie looks pretty, is far more informative to a point where it inspires confidence and, more to the point, it has started to burn the disc, @ 4% progress so far20:57
penguin42yeh, k3b is the best I know of20:57
daftykinsrunning out of optical drives at mine now i think, they're slowly dying and i'm not replacing them20:59
daftykinsnot even removing them from the cases since it'd leave a gap :D20:59
Nokajithis particular drive is fairly quiet as drives go, it's billed as top spec/quality however it will soon be out of date when they bring in the 4k thingy drives21:02
daftykinsi don't think the optical drives will need to change for HEVC 4K bluray movies21:03
NokajiI think it/they doesn't do 3D burning either21:03
NokajiI heard something about it but this is all new tech to me, i don't even have a TV21:03
Nokaji20% burned after some 8mins, burning 2.6x on 2x media FWIW21:04
Nokaji4.7GB was getting too small and the discs too numerous21:05
penguin42daftykins: Some rumours of 100GB/disc with 3 layer drives21:05
daftykinsoh yes21:06
daftykinsmight only need firmware to finer tune the laser power, will have to see21:06
penguin42I'm sure they'll take the chance to force you to buy new hardware21:07
daftykinshrmm i have a challenge on my hands21:07
daftykinsmy friends who own a shop have bought this cheap welcome matt that's meant to be capable of sounding an alarm as a pressure sensor21:07
daftykinsit has two pairs of wires coming out of it, one for a tamper detection and the other for the actual bell21:07
Nokajithey announced 47GB discs over 20yrs ago, they've taken their time to work their way through though21:08
daftykinsweird thing is there's no power supply and you have to hook it up to your own doorbell setup21:08
daftykinsi don't have a clue what i'd need to even test it :S21:08
penguin42daftykins: It's just a pair of wire springs that touch if you step on it21:08
Nokajipressure sensor, it would throw a switch21:09
daftykinsi wonder if i could rig a test up with a battery and something else21:09
penguin42daftykins: Old alarm systems just had loops that if they made contact/contact was lost they'd sound the alarm21:09
penguin42daftykins: Yes, it's junior school electronics - battery, bulb, switch21:09
Nokajithey should supply a spec and circuit21:10
penguin42daftykins: Of course I'm sure you can wire it up to a pi, provide a JSON basd RPC system and connect it into the cloud21:10
penguin42or just use a battery and a bulb21:10
Nokajidon't go cheap on a burglar system though21:10
Nokajiparticularly in an industrial setting21:10
daftykinsneed to go down and prove this old phone line cable that's running from one end of their shop to the other21:11
daftykinsalso there's some ancient existing doorbell setup but i have no idea how it's wired21:11
daftykinsi don't think it's really my area to try and mains wire this gadgetry21:11
daftykinspower over some old cat5 phone wire will be sketchy21:11
penguin42daftykins: Erm no, I don't think those things are designed for mains wiring21:51
daftykinspenguin42: oh totally, the doorbell thing might be mains powered and somehow be signalled differently separate from that21:55
penguin42daftykins: I don't think normally; there's normally a doorbell transformer and then a button on the DC side I think21:55
penguin42daftykins: Sorry, not DC, I mean low voltage21:56
daftykinsah well these aren't paired up you see, the doorbell type thing is some ancient looking setup in a church21:56
daftykinslooked like they may've had the phone ring it previously21:56
daftykinsthough i can't imagine the phone line power limit juicing that thing enough either21:57
daftykinsi might just have to tell my friends it's way beyond my experience21:57
Nokajihmh, my blu ray burn failed. fine to 93% then v. slow burn, then fail. Maybe too much on the disk, I left 130MB free space on a 25GB  disc22:18
Nokajihmh, now they tell me22:53
Nokajiapparently it writes an additional 250MB to the disc (formatting disc for writing) for error correction, it can be disabled, if not you get eror correction and perhaps half write speed22:54
Nokajiso much for checking disc for available space22:54

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