Kilosmorning all03:48
Kiloshi mekiss 04:05
Kiloswelcome to ubuntu-za04:06
mekissHey Kilos, thanks. I'm that guy you where chatting with yesterday 04:06
Kilosthe new ubuntu user04:07
Kiloshave you been successful04:07
Kilosi actually saw you go offline last night04:08
mekissyeah...had questions about how to install ubuntu server you guys helped me out. 04:08
Kilosi hope everything worked, you know more than me04:09
Kilosim a greeter bot04:09
mekissoh nice, I havent started installing it yet, my wifi battery died and I lost my charger04:11
Kiloswell you know where we are and we here most of the time04:12
Kilosyou welcome to hang here 24/704:12
mekissAnd I appreciate that :). I'll always be here too04:14
Kiloscool, all my waking hours are here04:14
mekissThats awesome. I'm busy downloading different flavours of Ubuntu for my friends and family04:15
Kilosget one of them to try kubuntu04:16
Kilosi am still using 14.04 because it is long term support04:16
mekissKubuntu 14.04?04:17
Kilosbit yes04:17
Kilosvery bulletproof04:17
mekissfor real? thats what I want04:18
mekissNeed actually04:18
Kilosimo its the best04:18
Kilosthere must be a 14.04.1 and maybe a 14.04.204:19
Kilosim not sure when .2 is released04:20
mekissNice. I decided to go full ubuntu, dumping windows for good. I also started introducing ubuntu to my friends and family, my younger sister and a friend run only Ubuntu on their machines and they love it04:21
Kilostell them any help needed is right here04:22
mekissWill do so Kilos04:22
Kiloswhere did you get such a clever sister?04:23
Kilosshame on you04:23
mekissLol hahaha thats why I decided to go full ubuntu04:24
Kilosclever girl04:24
mekissShe's 12 and I want her to be exposed to all of this, and to start developing on Ubuntu as well04:25
Kilosis she on ubuntu or kubuntu04:26
Kilosi think kde has more tools built in already04:26
Kilosif you go kubuntu then you use quassel or konversation for irc04:27
Kiloshexchat is for unity peeps04:27
mekissOk. So KDE is Kubuntu and Unity for Ubuntu, whats the difference?04:28
Kilosthe gui04:28
Kilostotally different04:28
Kiloskde is a bit of a learning curve , but once you settle in you wont change04:29
Kilosit just does everything better04:29
mekissYeah. This will be my time trying anything but Ubuntu04:29
Kilosi liked unity as well but had probs often04:30
Kilosive been onkde now for a year04:30
Kilosmy daughter tried unity and loved it04:30
Kilosmy son loves kde04:31
mekissWow I'm sure you so proud04:31
Kilosyeah, my son uses kde from a flash drive to repair his clients pcs04:32
mekissI have'nt ran into issues with Ubuntu yet but since I'm going full scale I'll see for myself04:32
Kilosbut my daughter has to use win7 for her audio recordings equipment and her tablet she draws on04:33
Kilos14.04 unity must be pretty stable by now04:33
mekissMan that is so awesome, at first I installed it as a back door for my files if windows crashes  04:33
mekissYour son is a genius04:34
Kilosnono you learn quick04:34
mekissMy friend is an artist so I told him about ubuntu studio and he is eager to try it04:35
Kilosyou can install full ubuntu systems on a flash and boot from any pc and have your system right there with you04:35
mekissThats what I did when I installed ubuntu server, though it was intentional, it did not boot without my flash04:37
Kilosi gave up with windows and its crashes and malware and virus probs after 2 years or less on a pc04:37
mekissmeant it was not intentional04:37
Kilosyou can do wonderful things with linux04:37
mekissTrue, I got tired of fighting with viruses before I have to use my computer04:39
Kilosin ubuntu you just need to install gufw then you safe 04:39
Kilosset to allow only outgoing04:40
Kilosthen clever bad peeps cant hack in even04:40
mekissWow should install it on every machine04:41
Kilosits a tiny package and easy to set up04:42
Kilosyou can guess i love ubuntu hey04:42
Kilosi am totally hooked04:42
mekissLol haha I can relate04:43
mekissYou are married to it04:43
mekissBut its a wonderful unity to have lol04:44
mekissSo how did you know about Ubuntu?04:46
Kilosi asked around what can one do to not have virus probs and a neighbour gave me a 8.04 cd04:48
mekisslol 04:49
Kilosthose days ubuntu was lots of work04:50
mekissI can imagine the learning curve, didnt you feel like it was too much04:51
Kilosi batylled because i knew nearly nothing about pcs04:52
Kilosbut the guys invited me here from the ubuntu mailing list and ive been here since04:52
mekissWow how long have you been here?04:53
Kilossince 8.1004:56
Kilos8.04 i couldnt get to work with a cell phone04:57
mekissmmm those where the early days04:58
mekissI'm going offline, I should be back around 11 or 12 to start the installation04:58
mekissBye for now!04:58
Kilosgo well04:59
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magespawngood morning07:20
Kiloshi magespawn 07:24
Kilosonly 15°c max today here, sigh07:27
MaNIdoes anyone know a 'multi airline' flight search for south africa that doesn't suck?07:34
MaNIi.e. something like travelstart.co.za except they ruined that one07:34
Kiloswhere you wanna go07:35
Kilosonly one i know that flew recently is 07:37
Kilosthat guys down there thats been scarce for months07:37
Kiloskept thinking of midori07:38
MaNIthe problem is there are now at least 6 airline to choose from and 2 airports in JHB, most of those airlines don't let you easily search for multiple dates so it's 6*2*4 searches just to try narrow down best flight07:39
MaNItravelstart at least search both JHB airports and all airports at once07:39
MaNIso you just have to search multiple dates (because they removed the +-3 day search)07:39
Kilosfight with them07:40
MaNII don't know why web developers always make web pages less usable07:40
MaNIits like some plague07:40
Kilosbecause they not linux peeps07:41
MaNIit works too well, quickly lets change the graphics and remove half the functionality in the process!07:41
mekissLoad Shedding :(12:06
mekissI was about to install then lights went off12:08
Symmetriamy bachelor party tonight12:24
* Symmetria is nervous :P I have no idea what my psycho friends are planning12:24
Kiloswbb soon14:33
Trixar_zaEnjoy Symmetria - also congrats on your future marriage14:34
Kiloshi Trixar_za 14:35
Trixar_zaHi Kilos14:35
Kilosi forgot one can close a popup that shows pc working so i couldnt see text here14:36
Kilosmekiss  you winning14:36
Trixar_zaPlaying Final Fantasy IX in the background :P14:40
mekissYes I installed ubuntu successfully and now I'm going to install LAMP Applications15:00
Kiloscool, you done updates?15:01
mekissYes I am updating it now15:06
Kilosusing the update manager15:06
Kilosyou will see most guys here use the terminal for nearly everything15:07
Kilos2 simple commands15:07
mekissLol yeah I like the terminal as well, teaching myself how I to use it15:12
Kilosjust write down the commands the guys use15:12
Kilossudo apt-get update15:12
Kilossudo apt-get upgrade15:12
mekissThanks let me do that15:13
mekissQuestion, on my machine I have two hard drives but none of them appear under devices. How do I make them appear under devices?15:19
Kiloswhat is on them15:19
Kilosare you using kde?15:19
mekissOne is the OS the other has nothing, I'm using Unity15:20
Kilosin unity they should show on the panel on the left15:21
Kilosim busy setting unity up so i can see what you seeing15:21
mekissexactly, but they don't show15:21
Kiloson your left tick on the button or icon called files15:22
Kilosit will show then name when you hover the mouse over it15:23
Kilosthe name15:23
mekissI did open folders then went to Computer but nothing but installation files. 15:25
Kilosyou sure the second drive is connected15:26
Kilostry running lshw in terminal15:26
mekissYes, during the installation I had to choose the drives I should install in15:26
Kilosit will show all hardware15:27
mekissYes I can see all the hard dries15:31
Kilosi dont know what you see the second one as15:32
Kilosbut try sudo mount /device/sdb15:32
Kilosor sdb115:32
mekissThere's no indication of primary or slave, let me run that command15:33
Kilosif it is sdb it will show on the panel15:34
mekissLogical name: /dev/sdb15:36
Kilosif im slow its because im watching rugby with my daughter15:36
Kilossometimes you need to use /dev/sdb115:36
mekiss Ok15:37
mekissIt says cant find /dev/sdb1 in /etc/fstab or /etc/mtab15:39
stickyboyI converted an ext4 md RAID1 to btrfs last night.15:40
stickyboyCan I get a round of applause?15:40
Kiloslol i dont even know what that is15:41
Kilosoh you raiding the 2 drives?15:41
Kilosdo they then still show as individual drives15:41
Kilosive never done that15:41
mekissYes I wanna do that15:41
stickyboybtrfs manages the drives. It's a logical volume manager. :D15:42
stickyboymekiss: Are these two drives new or something15:43
mekissOne is only 350Gigs the other is 1TB15:43
mekissnew and old respectively15:44
mekissBoth drives logical names are the same15:44
stickyboymekiss: Sorry, as in, do they have data on them already or you want to re-format them?15:45
mekissthey have nothing on them15:46
Kilosare they formtatted15:46
Kilosok open gparted15:47
Kilosit will see whats going on in there15:47
Kilosstickyboy  knows more he admins many servers15:48
mekissthe second drive is unallocated15:58
Kilosin gparted?15:59
Kilosthen its easy to fix15:59
Kilostick one it so it lights up15:59
Kilosthen tick partitions at the top16:00
Kilosand it will give options for it16:00
Kiloslearn to use gparted ell before you start ticking all the top buttons16:00
mekissYes, I see options 16:00
Kilosticking wrong ones can cause you to lose everything16:01
mekissLet me read about it online16:01
Kiloswhat are the options16:01
Kilosnew is one i think16:01
mekissNew is disabled, its delete, format to and manage flags16:03
Kilosformat to16:04
Kilosdo you want that drive as a secong bootable drive maybe16:04
Kiloshi gremble 16:04
grembleHey Kilos 16:04
mekissNo its not, the new options is enabled but a partition table is required16:06
grembleAnd a filesystem16:07
mekissSo I'm creating a partition table16:07
Kilosthyen tick new16:07
mekissFile system is unallocated 16:07
Kilosdid you tick new16:08
Kilosthen it will allocate it as something16:08
mekissYes, but it needs a partition table first16:08
Kilosdo you want to use it for storage?16:09
Kilosthen just use the whole thing as one large partition16:09
Kilosor two or three16:10
Kilosto name the drive storge16:10
mekissOk the partition table needs a partition type16:10
Kiloswhere it says mount point type in /storage16:10
grembleMBR is the old one with BIOS, GPT is the modern partition type16:11
grembleI suggest trying to see whether GPT is the correct one for you16:11
Kilosty gremble 16:12
grembleAlthough I am not sure as to whether different drives should have the same partition type16:12
grembleBut probably not16:12
gremblemaaz weather16:16
Maazgremble: What?16:16
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KilosMaaz  foecast pretoria16:17
MaazKilos: Huh?16:17
gremblemaaz forecast pretoria16:17
Maazgremble: Saturday: Clear. High: 17° C., Saturday Night: Clear. Low: 2° C., Sunday: Clear. High: 19° C., Sunday Night: Clear. Low: 3° C., Monday: Clear. High: 19° C., Monday Night: Clear. Low: 4° C., Tuesday: Clear. High: 20° C., Tuesday Night: Clear. Low: 6° C., Wednesday: Clear. High: 24° C., Wednesday Night: Clear. Low: 8° C., Thursday: Clear. High:16:17
Maaz24° C., Thursday Night: Clear. Low: 4° C., Friday: Clear. High: 19° C., Friday Night: Cle…16:17
KilosMaaz  forecast pretoria16:17
MaazKilos: Saturday: Clear. High: 17° C., Saturday Night: Clear. Low: 2° C., Sunday: Clear. High: 19° C., Sunday Night: Clear. Low: 3° C., Monday: Clear. High: 19° C., Monday Night: Clear. Low: 4° C., Tuesday: Clear. High: 20° C., Tuesday Night: Clear. Low: 6° C., Wednesday: Clear. High: 24° C., Wednesday Night: Clear. Low: 8° C., Thursday: Clear. High: 24°16:17
MaazC., Thursday Night: Clear. Low: 4° C., Friday: Clear. High: 19° C., Friday Night: Clear…16:17
Kilosyou too fast16:17
grembleIt's going to be cold as tits tonight16:18
Kilosalready is here16:18
grembleYes, my phone says that it is 16 though. It's not supposed to be this cold when it is 1616:18
grembleI think it is the moisture cooling it off16:18
Kilosyeah breeze over moisture16:19
grembleAh the weather people say it is 12.816:20
stickyboymekiss: If you're on Ubuntu 14.04 or newer, go with GPT. :P16:21
stickyboyAnd use gdisk on the command line. Advanced, but winning. :P16:21
grembleor parted16:21
grembleI heard that parted is easier to use16:21
gremblestickyboy: do you know if you have to have the 1007KiB at the beginning of a storage drive like you need to have for the bootable one?16:22
grembleMy windows machine really doesn't like getting the power turned off while it is hibernating16:24
MaNIhuh, thats pretty much what hibernating is for, you don't mean sleeping?16:33
grembleYes, sleeping. My bad16:33
grembleAnyone familiar with using containers?16:33
MaNIdefine 'containers', lxc, docker?16:34
grembleI assume as much. I don't even know enough to ask the right questions. I want to install anaconda on my machine without it actually being on my machine. So in my head, installing it on a container makes more sense16:35
grembleWhatever that may be16:35
MaNII've briefly used lxc and haven't touched docker so not sure how much help I can be there, I usually just use kvm vms for everything :p16:37
grembleI don't know of a full vms would work for me, since I only have like 2gb ram to work with16:38
stickyboygremble: parted's gpt support is deprecated.16:47
stickyboySo only use that if you're going to do MBR partitions.16:47
stickyboygremble: Regarding the 1007KiB... I believe you're talking about aligning partitions to the hardware sectors?16:48
stickyboygdisk does that automatically, yes.16:49
stickyboyYou don't "have" to, but you definitely want to, or writes will be unaligned.16:50
stickyboyI've never paid much attention since gdisk does it automatically. :P16:51
MaNI2gb is not a lot :(16:58
MaNInormally I would tell you about shared pages and how extra vms take up less memory than you might think, but yeah with 2gb lxc is probably a better bet :p16:59
mekissOk thanks guys it worked.17:00
mekissUm I applied GPT and chose ext417:02
grembleI will go have a look. Thank you Maaz 17:04
mekisskilos the hard drive shows 17:05
Kiloswell done17:09
mekissYeah thanks for the help all, I was in the dark there17:11
Kiloswe going off in 30 mins17:27
Kilosso ill see you all tomorrow if power cuts17:27
Kilosthere is another tool in unity that works well with drives17:28
Kilosdisk utility17:28
Kilosor just disks, im not sure17:28
mekissOk I'll check it out, see you soon17:29
Kiloswe lose power in a few minutes17:59
Kilosso night all . if i disappear18:00
Kilossleep warm18:00
grembleLoadshedding was this morning, wasn't it?18:00
mekissNight sleep warm 18:00
grembleOh, apparently he lives just far enough to not be in my loadshedding area18:03
gremblesuperfly: www.oreilly.com/programming/free/files/functional-programming-python.pdf18:11
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=== Russ_|Away is now known as rusbus
magespawngood evening19:13
grembleI am watching the pilot episode of QI. It's amazing19:52
Cryterion_watching BareFoot atm while configuring a server20:10
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grembleHey Squirm 20:26
magespawnhey Squirm gremble 20:30
grembleHey magespawn 20:30
Squirm'lo magespawn20:53
SquirmPlans for tomorrow?20:53
magespawnstay in bed, seems like a good one for now, sunday, and we are expecting cold weather21:08
grembleI did that today21:09
grembleIt was amazing21:09
magespawncool beans21:09
magespawnwill also try to get through some more of coding lessons21:09
grembleWhat are you learning?21:09
magespawni bought a whole load of courses on stack social, php, python, ruby, html, css 21:11
grembleOh nice21:11
magespawnstarted with the basic php first21:11
magespawnmost of them are on Udemy, they have a android app that allows you to download the videos to watch offline21:13
magespawnso that works out nicely21:14
grembleIt sounds quite nice 21:15
SquirmPython is a good one21:17
magespawni like the way yu can use all of those together, each seems to have strengths21:18
magespawnbed time for me, good night all21:19
grembleCheers magespawn 21:19
Squirmhtml and css are good if you want to make websites look pretty :)21:19
superflyimpossible. PHP has no strengths. 21:20
Squirmsuperfly: agreed21:20
magespawnit has one21:20
SquirmBut it was my first language :D21:20
Squirmand I needed to learn it21:21
magespawnwell at least that i can think of21:21
SquirmHave to use it now days21:21
magespawnSquirm: that is my reasoning too21:21
Squirmmagespawn: depends. I'd have been happy just learning python21:21
magespawnthere are too many programmes etc written in PHP for me to ignore it, poor reason perhaps, but there we go21:22
magespawnnow, before my modem dies, good night21:23
superflyIt is better to learn python first. When you learn a real language after PHP, you have to unlearn so much rubbish. 21:23
grembleYou should learn PHP and then C. 21:25
grembleYou will be trying to debug so many segfaults :D21:25

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