histoHelpme123: basically you need to resize the windows partition so you have space to install ubuntu. Then install ubuntu to the free space.00:01
jda2000histo: OerHeks The question was not "Who knows nothing about festival or espeak".00:01
jda2000but thanks for playing.00:02
histojda2000: right, don't poll as to what is best. It completely depends on what you want/excpect.00:02
kingstonoptimal,  I think your not getting my PM's00:02
OerHeksorca screenreader is awesome :-)00:02
Helpme123looks like just xp partition in gparted00:03
optimalkingston just do a 'dmesg' without the grep and send me the url00:03
jda2000histo: because crowdsourcing is not a thing.00:04
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kingstonoptimal, http://pastebin.com/VXLNTH2U00:04
OerHeksHelpme123, so what happens when you set your sata controller to AHCI in your bios?00:05
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optimalkingston one sec00:05
kingstonok thank you00:06
Helpme123doubt it's a sata hdd00:06
Helpme123probably more like memory card00:06
histojda2000: not hear00:07
OerHeksHelpme123, if it is a netbook, it would have a ssd i guess = sata00:07
Helpme123ok it is labelled ssd00:08
histoHelpme123: what size ssd is it?00:09
optimalkingston i only see three devices including the kindle fire00:09
histoHelpme123: and how much data is on the windows partition?  That could be why, if it's small and near full.00:09
Helpme123about 160 gb00:09
kingstonoptimal,  yes. That sounds right.00:09
kingstonone is my HDD, another is a USB flash, and the fire00:10
Helpme123looks like the widows partition is all of it00:10
kingstonoptimal,  currently Im running my OS off the Flash because my HDD is bunk00:11
jda2000Festival reads it's own Wikipedia page and sound more like Stephen Hawking.00:12
histoHelpme123: well resize windows partition if you insist on dual booting and install ubuntu to the free unpartitioned space00:12
optimalkingston - one sec00:12
histo!ot | jda200000:12
ubottujda2000: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!00:12
kingstonoptimal, ok00:12
optimali need to get pm working this sucks00:13
jda2000histo: You must be smoking crack if you think the relative level of satisfaction between two packages in the Ubuntu repository is off topic.00:14
optimalkingston is the fire in mass storage mode?00:15
Helpme123Thanks for your help00:15
optimalgo to your kindle fire configs and let me know if its in USB Mass storage mode00:16
kingstonoptimal,  i dont know.00:16
kingstonok let me loook00:16
optimalturn it on go to settings and tell me what mode its in for USB connections00:17
OerHeksoptimal, i already told him it is not an MTP device, kindle HD 600:18
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optimalshould be easy enough if the device is recognized by the machine00:19
optimalthese devices arent auto-recognized in Linux00:20
optimalu need to install00:20
optimalsudo apt-get install gmtp00:20
kingstonoptimal,  no option to choose mass storage mode far as i can tell00:21
optimalkingston u can just instal gmtp00:22
optimalsudo apt-get install gmtp00:22
optimalthen connect the kindle, runt gmtp, once its loaded click Connect00:23
optimalthen click Add00:23
optimalto add files00:23
optimalseems like the easiest solution00:23
kingstonoptimal,  it says : Detect: No raw devices found.00:24
optimalgo to the gmtp settings00:24
optimaland tell me what u see00:25
OerHeksit is recognized, idVendor=1949:00f2 , but according to this bugreport https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=1164498 it will be in next version
ubottubugzilla.redhat.com bug 1164498 in libmtp "Add USB device ID for Kindle Fire" [Unspecified,Closed: errata]00:25
OerHeksUbuntu is still on 1.1.8 https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/libmtp00:26
optimaloer, that means its unsupported?00:26
OerHeksNot yet, indeed.00:26
optimalthats for redhat thro00:27
kingstonoptimal,  gmtp prefrences just has some options for auto download and stuff like that. not much else.00:28
optimalking, what OS r u running?00:28
optimalehem unmount the device00:29
optimalthen run gmtp again00:30
optimalsudo umount /device/pathname/here00:31
optimalthen plug it in and run the app again00:31
kingstonoptimal,  how do I find where it's mounted?00:32
optimalrun 'lsblk'00:32
optimalpaste it in00:34
optimaldo this:00:34
dholberthi folks! I'm looking to report a bug in the "light-themes" Ubuntu package ( https://launchpad.net/light-themes ), but its "Report a bug" link [on that page] is grayed out. Anyone know where I can report a bug in Ubuntu default themes?00:34
histokingston: output of mount will show you00:34
kingstonoptimal,  http://paste.ubuntu.com/11933976/00:35
histo!bug | dholbert00:35
ubottudholbert: If you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs for other ways to report bugs.00:35
dholberthisto, thanks, trying ubuntu-bug now00:35
optimalkingston how big is ur storage on the fire00:36
ilbeIkyrhey genii :)00:37
optimalnot showing up here00:37
ilbeIkyrdo you want to kick out the real ilbelkyr now?00:37
ilbeIkyri know u want to00:37
* genii sips00:37
optimalgive me 5 minutes00:37
kingstonthank you00:37
optimalwhat is 60 GB whats that00:38
kingstonmy os00:38
kingstonrunning it off of US?B00:38
optimali dont see it00:40
optimaltry mount00:40
optimaland paste it00:40
kingstonoptimal,  http://paste.ubuntu.com/11934013/00:41
optimalanyone have any ideas?00:42
reisioyeah, world domination00:43
optimalits not showing00:44
optimalso its unsupported00:44
optimalweve confirmed tha00:44
optimalwhat do u need a kindle for anyway?00:45
optimalreading books?00:45
kingstonlol it was a gift00:45
OerHeksuse wifi to connect to something?00:45
optimalcan u watch movies on it?00:45
kingstonYea, books etc.00:45
kingstonyea, amazon instant and netflix00:45
optimalhow much is amazon instant?00:46
kingstonoptimal,  I pay  100$ a year for prime00:46
kingstonit comes with it00:46
OerHeksor get an dropbox plugin, done00:46
optimalu know about these oer?00:46
OerHeksjust googled it, kindle HD + dropbox00:47
optimali know nothing about Kindles but they sound pretty cool they run Android I assume having read that somewhere00:48
optimalhows the display? is it book-worthy?00:48
kingstonoptimal, this is my first one. I like it. I hope to put proper android on it at some point but the screen is nice and i love the size00:49
kingston6" is great00:49
optimali wonder if putting android on it will fix your problem00:50
optimali dont know if its just not recognized00:52
optimalbut those bug reports were from redhat00:53
optimali dont think they apply to xubuntu00:53
OerHeksThat patch went upstream, so we will get it eventually00:53
optimaloh ok00:54
raul782Hi guys00:54
raul782why do you think I get this error?00:54
raul782sed -i '/\$env = \$this->container->get( '\''kernel'\'' )->getEnvironment();/r build/iffalse.txt' $(pwd)/src/AppBundle/Controller/DefaultController.php00:54
raul782unexpected EOF while looking for matching `''00:54
optimalwhat is it that you are trying to do?00:55
OerHeksraul782,  count the '00:55
optimalyea that means u probably are missing a closing '00:56
rwwi count six, not including escaped ones00:58
optimalwho asked u...00:58
optimallol jp lol00:58
OerHeksi wonder about this part >   '\''kernel'\''00:59
rwwyeah, that does seem odd00:59
optimalhe needs more00:59
raul782I believe the next command might be the cause00:59
raul782sed -i 's/if (\$env == '\''test'\'') {/ \/\/if (\$env == '\''test'\'') {/g" $(pwd)/src/AppBundle/Controller/DefaultController.php00:59
rwwyes, that should have a ' where the " is01:00
OerHeksby editting, i notice you use doeble ' as a "01:00
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optimalyea did you write that expression01:01
optimallooks fishy to me01:01
OerHeksIt's a good learning example :-)01:01
tgm4883geez what font are you using that you saw that01:02
rwwsecond one just comments out a line.01:02
Guest68478Hello i lake a code of register01:02
rwwtgm4883: me? courier new :P01:02
* OerHeks using Ubuntu 1401:03
Guest68478no linux mint01:03
ubottuLinux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu. Please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org01:03
OerHeksGuest68478, you would get a code/line in your email provided during registering01:03
raul782thanks guys, yeah " was my mistake, thanks01:03
rwwI think that's also where their stupid forum registration code thing is too01:03
OerHeksindeed, universal answer :-)01:04
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BossRyanhey all - having an issue with NFSv4 on Ubuntu 14.04 - trying to use an NFS share for 3 web servers - and I cannot get the permissions to work between 3 clients and 1 server (talking NFS) using any user or group permissions... the guid and uid are all identical but no matter what I do - it wont share the ownership between the servers... any ideas?01:25
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kokutHello, i just installed an SSD in one of my ubuntu machines and its copying files below 10mb/s... is this normal ? i tested it and it came out at 500mb/s01:31
histokokut: copying files to and from where?01:33
TBotNikAll: I keep getting errors from my FireFox browser and know it is related to "keytracker viruses" that are now being stored via the HTML5 cache. Where do I find help to located and delete these?01:33
TBotNikI have pastebin at: http://pastebin.com/i5Tjv8cp.  These lock me out for 25-35 minutes at a time, which is tough on a developer that is checking his work.01:33
histoBossRyan: what's your exports file look like01:33
kokuthisto: 40k files, around 400mb, from documents folder to nginx folder01:33
histokokut: is the nginx and documents directory both on the same drive?01:34
histokokut: ahh so their all small files?  You would take a performance hit with smaller files like that.01:34
kokuthisto: is it possible to fix that? ill be moving lots of small sites around on this machine :\01:35
OerHeksTBotNik, cache would be in ~/.cache01:35
krismatrixHi...i need help with a corruption or error on my machine...there is a red circle with a white minus sighn.01:35
krismatrixclicking on it...and it says...01:36
krismatrixan error occurred..please open package manager...has some problem with steampowered something.01:36
krismatrixBut I can't open either ubuntu package manager OR synaptic package manager01:36
histokokut: you could try tar'ng the files and copying them.01:38
kokuthisto: yea will try that i guess01:38
histokokut: try copying a bigger file and see if the speed increases.01:38
histokokut: truncate -s 100M foo  then try to copy foo01:39
TBotNikLooking for a resource to solve this so any help appreciated!01:39
histoctually that wont work01:40
OerHeksTBotNik, cache would be in ~/.cache/mozilla/firefox01:40
histokokut: sorry use dd bs=1M count=100 if=/dev/zero of=foo01:41
TBotNikOerHeks: Looking!01:41
kokuthisto: yea01:42
krismatrixE:Encountered a section with no Package: header, E:Problem with MergeList /var/lib/apt/lists/repo.steampowered.com_steam_dists_precise_steam_i18n_Translation-en, E:The package lists or status file could not be parsed or opened.01:47
BossRyanhisto: /usr/share/nginx,sync,no_subtree_check,no_root_squash)01:53
TBotNikOerHeks: Do I delete everything in the /.cache dir?01:59
OerHeksTBotNik, that is the safest way, delete the firefox folder, it removes plugins/addons too02:00
TBotNikOerHeks: Dir is: /root/.cache/mozilla/firefox/vu8fs315.default/  so delete all in there?02:00
krismatrixok..managed to fix my problem...02:01
OerHeksTBotNik, yes, the firefox folder and contents02:04
OerHeksTBotNik, still wonder why you think there is a keylogger active02:04
OerHeksin html502:04
kokutAnyone knows where to copy the ssh keys i just crated in my server?02:11
histokokut: it's easier if you just use ssh-copy-id to put them in the right place. But if you want to manually you put the pub in authorized keys and the private on your client in the .ssh/id_rsa02:13
histoassuming it's an rsa key02:13
kokuthisto: yes, how is it easier to ssh-copy-id?02:14
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histokokut: on the client generate keys with ssh-keygen and then ssh-copy-id user@someserver   it will then place the public key in the authorized keys file for you.02:15
kokuthisto: does it ask for some kind of passphrase when connecting to the server or something?02:17
optimalit does02:17
histokokut: yea for yoour user.  After you enter the passphrase and the key is copied then next time it wont'. Unless you password protected your key.02:18
histokokut: make sure you remove yoru private key from the server if you are going to use that one.02:18
histokokut: the authorized_keys file on the server is in the ~/.ssh  directory02:20
yorwosim trying to figure out how to access network settings to setup, i just got a usb wifi stick , it seems wlan0 is created but how/where do i connect it to my router ?02:23
optimalis the interface up and running?02:23
plytro_gui interface02:23
plytro_not the cli interface02:23
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yorwosi have no idea but i think yes it is02:24
optimalthe connection interface in the network connection sense of the word02:24
optimalcopy the output from the command ifconfig02:25
DDRHello, all. What is the package called that provides me default the login prompt for Gnome? I usually use a different prompt, but sometimes both pop up and I think I end up with two sessions.02:26
yorwosipconfig not found02:26
optimalyorwos: ifconfig02:26
plytroyorwos: are you doing a gui/mouse and clicky buttons install?02:27
plytroor are you installing server?02:27
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optimalare you installing a new os or connecting an already configured machine?02:27
yorwosim using a desktop ,was using ethernet cable but decided to get this thing to avoid the cable on the floor02:27
plytroI misunderstood "setup"02:28
plytroI was thinking initial setup02:28
yorwosalready using the machine , ubuntu studio 14.0402:28
plytroyorwos: can you find network-manager?02:28
Anygma^hi, i have a question if someone don't mind me asking...  i have a failed update due to full boot drive.  does that mean i will have to reinstall ubuntu?02:28
optimali would02:28
yorwosyea its in greek but translated shouold be , settings->network connections->02:28
optimalyorwos u should be able to connect wifi02:28
plytroAnygma^: you don't "have" to reinstall02:29
DDRIn addition, using gnome-classic, I can't resize some windows.02:29
plytrobut it will result in the cleanest results02:29
DDRSuch as "files".02:29
yorwosif i choose to add wifi i get a menu with things asking for values for SSID , BSSID , MAC adress , cloned MAC adress02:29
Idle23834if i run a anti virus scan on / will that cover all the files on the OS/partition/hdd (depending on context ofc)?02:29
yorwosin mac adress i can choose from dropdown the wlan002:29
Anygma^hehe, no doubt it will be cleanest, it will be a new fresh install ...02:30
plytroAnygma^: what is in your /boot?02:30
optimalcopy  and paste that mac address02:30
plytrolots of old kernels?02:30
plytrohave you done an apt-get autoremove?02:30
optimalif it matches ifconfig then it should be up and running02:30
Bashing-omAnygma^: Maybe a full /boot partition. Try and see if "sudo apt-get autoremove " will free up the disk space .02:30
yorwos30:B5:C2:18:10:1C (wlan0)02:30
Anygma^ok, i will try the autoremove thing first, thanks02:30
optimalyour golden02:30
Anygma^is my data safe or should i back up everything first?02:31
yorwosbut where do i put the router's password ?02:31
yorwoshow will it find it to connect to it ?02:31
plytroenter the ssid02:31
Idle23834if i run a anti virus scan on the directory / , will this scan all the files on the OS/partition/hdd(depending on context?02:31
optimaljust try02:31
plytrothat is the name of the router02:31
optimalit might ask u after02:31
plytroand there should be a tab Wi-Fi Security02:32
optimalgo to wirless connections02:33
yorwosgot it02:34
yorwosit says connected ill try to unplug the ethernet02:34
optimalit should connect no problem02:34
Anygma^it say it will free up 578 mb of space02:34
Anygma^oh great, an other problem pop up warning02:35
yorwos_its me , its working it seems !02:36
yorwos_thnx a lot optimal and rest pple :)02:37
yorwos_so this is usb2 , do u think it will be too slow compared to cable ?02:37
optimalwhat is the wifi device?02:38
yorwos_the model ?02:38
optimalwhat is it02:38
yorwos_150mbps high gain wireless usb adapter02:38
optimalu should be ok02:39
optimalwhat speeds are you getting?02:39
yorwos_no idea !02:39
yorwos_ill try speedtest02:39
optimallet me know im interested02:40
yorwos_ping 29ms , 7mpbs download , 0.75 upload02:40
optimallittle on the low end02:41
optimalslow end02:41
optimalshoud be good for surfing and irc :)02:41
yorwos_thats ok then :D02:42
yorwos_if i need huge downloads ill use the ethernet hehe02:42
optimallol ya02:42
yorwos_thnx again dude02:42
optimalya dude02:42
Idle23834if i scan the / directory with anti virus will i scan the entire os?02:43
optimalwhat anti virus are you using02:44
jlucI have an issue with ubuntu 14.04 : i need to log twice everytime i switch the computer on02:44
jluchow can i avoid that ?02:44
optimalgo to User Accounts02:46
optimalor system settings02:46
rypervencheIdle23834: Yes, although.02:46
rypervencheIdle23834: I might run it while the system is off, but yes, you can run it against /. I would probably run it on only directories that you need, like /home and /var/www02:47
Idle23834ok thank you02:47
reisiohe's not going to be having any fun02:48
optimalhow fast would it scan a base install02:48
optimal^ ryper02:48
reisioon a spinner, not fast :p02:48
reisiobut mostly he's not going to use a log02:49
reisioor -i02:49
lotuspsychjescans alot of dirs02:49
reisioor -r02:49
reisioor --detect-pua-wtfevr02:49
reisiohe's just going to be sad02:49
reisioand even if he isn't, it's so unlikely he'll find anything worth finding02:49
optimalthats depressing02:50
=== optimal is now known as MeanTreeFrogs
jlucMeanTreeFrogs, was "go to user accounts" or "system settings" an answer to my issue ?02:51
jluci have to enter the paswword twice each time i login02:51
jluci would like to enter it once02:52
jlucis this known issue with 14.04 ?02:52
DDRWhy do I have to supply my password to log in AND log out? It says other users are logged in, then it lists only me. :(02:53
reisioDDR: two reasons02:53
reisioDDR: 1) so you don't accidentally log people out that don't want to be02:53
* DDR perks up02:53
reisioDDR: 2) because Ubuntu misuses sudo02:54
DDRBut I'm the only people?02:54
reisioDDR: check with 'w' in a terminal02:54
DDRwe have guest-ot and myself.02:54
reisioright, well02:55
reisiothat's two users, isn't it02:55
reisiotwo is more than one02:55
reisiotwo != only02:55
DDRBut I'm still fundamentally only -one- person, regardless of what the computer says.02:55
DDRYes. :(02:55
reisiommmm, well02:55
reisioyou've told the computer there are two people logged on02:56
reisiodo you want your computer to second guess you?02:56
reisiosounds annoying to me02:56
wileeewhat are you doing dave02:56
reisio"I know you wanted to open a browser, but here's a video of a chainsaw massacre instead"02:56
reisiodaisy... daisy02:56
bazhangcould we get a bit more on topic here please02:56
=== dearn_ is now known as dearn
DDRYeah, the thing is I haven't, the computer has somehow, somewhere, invented a user.02:57
DDRI may be a shitty sysadmin. :p02:57
reisioDDR: so if you reboot, and log in, and type 'w', it shows guest-ot?02:57
bazhangno cursing here ddr02:57
reisiothat does sound incorrect to me02:58
reisioif you don't plan on using any guest user, the simplest solution may well be userdel -r guest-ot :D but that might also break things weeee02:58
mekhamiwhat exactly is GTK?02:58
MeanTreeFrogsdont do that02:58
DDRoutput of w: http://www.pasteall.org/5982002:59
bazhangmekhami, the gnome tool kit02:59
* DDR shrugs and tries it02:59
MeanTreeFrogsgtk is a user interface02:59
ubottuGTK is the !GIMP toolkit, which forms the base of !GNOME and is used by many applications to provide a !GUI02:59
DDRoo, userdel: user 'guest-ot' does not exist02:59
plytroDDR what is the userid of guest-ot?03:00
MeanTreeFrogsuser interface libraries is gtj03:00
reisiowell, the base of GNOME's front end03:01
reisioand it's 'GTK+' :D03:01
MeanTreeFrogsits guest-ot03:01
DDRplytro: Well... there isn't one.03:01
plytroDDR: if you do a ps aux|grep upstart03:01
plytrodoes guest-ot show up?03:01
reisiomekhami: probably the most important thing GTK+ is, is that it isn't it's primary alternative, Qt :D03:02
DDRthe gues-ot is postfixed with a small random string.03:02
reisioor even its* :p03:02
histoDDR: are you using xdm?03:02
geniiDoesn't lightdm have guest login that is created and destroyed on the fly?03:02
MeanTreeFrogsya xdm03:02
DDRps aux | grep upstart → http://www.pasteall.org/5982103:03
MeanTreeFrogshave you tried to reboot xdm03:03
reisiohe's tried rebooting the entire OS03:03
plytroDDR: do ps auxn|grep upstart03:03
=== S|ipKorN is now known as S|ipKorN-
MeanTreeFrogsno but kill xdm and reboot03:04
MeanTreeFrogsit could be caught in the process tre03:04
reisioit'd just start the dm again03:04
plytrosorry forgot the n flag on that the first time, had to look itup03:04
MeanTreeFrogsya but then why is it idling03:05
DDRps auxn|grep upstart → http://www.pasteall.org/5982203:05
plytroso uid is 126...03:05
plytrois there a 126 in /etc/passwd?03:05
mekhamianyone here use terminator?03:06
DDRreisio: How do I restart, and to some degree what is, the dm?03:06
plytroDDR: grep 126 /etc/passwd03:06
reisiomekhami: not until 202903:06
bazhang!info terminator03:06
ubottuterminator (source: terminator): multiple GNOME terminals in one window. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.97-4 (vivid), package size 234 kB, installed size 2049 kB03:06
reisioDDR: the Display Manager, AKA login manager03:06
MeanTreeFrogs!info XDM03:07
ubottuxdm (source: xdm): X display manager. In component universe, is optional. Version 1:1.1.11-1ubuntu1 (vivid), package size 167 kB, installed size 808 kB03:07
reisioDDR: it can be involved with what users are logged in03:07
DDRAh. Yes. I was having problems with two different ones popping up occasionally.03:07
reisiooh really03:07
reisio_oh /REALLY/_03:07
* reisio samples the plot03:07
reisioyes, it's thicker03:07
DDRYes. It hasn't happened this reboot.03:07
* DDR laughs03:07
mekhamireisio: you are a character =P03:07
reisioDDR: ps aux | grep -i dm03:07
reisiomekhami: I hope I'm ϕ03:08
bazhangreisio, no need for the rolling editorial03:08
reisiothe most golden of chars03:08
plytromekhami: I use tmux not terminator, so I guess my answer is no03:08
DDRps aux | grep -i dm → http://www.pasteall.org/5982303:08
MeanTreeFrogs!info terminator03:08
ubottuterminator (source: terminator): multiple GNOME terminals in one window. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.97-4 (vivid), package size 234 kB, installed size 2049 kB03:08
DDR( ps auxn|grep upstart → http://www.pasteall.org/59822 )03:09
MeanTreeFrogsit really has nothing to do with upstart03:09
plytrono that was to get the uid of the "other" user03:10
reisioso sddm03:11
reisioit does kind of look like you have two DMs running03:11
MeanTreeFrogs!info find03:11
ubottuPackage find does not exist in vivid03:11
reisiowhich could well explain it, why not03:11
reisioDDR: you using ordinary Ubuntu with Unity/GNOME ?03:11
DDRAt the moment, although I had originally installed the kubuntu variant and then installed the gnome packages after kde broke.03:12
=== MeanTreeFrogs is now known as EarnFrugBumps
reisioDDR: okay, maybe it's just a little confused03:12
* DDR nods03:12
reisioDDR: take a look at the suggestions over here: http://askubuntu.com/questions/371742/how-to-restore-ubuntu-login-screen-after-lubuntu-install03:12
=== EarnFrugBumps is now known as FernGullips
FernGullipsi would wait03:13
DDRThanks, I'll give that a shot.03:13
OerHeksFernGullips, how helpfull ..03:13
FernGullipsi try03:14
reisioDDR: and if that doesn't work, you might find someone's magic reset-from-kubuntu-back-to-ubuntu command03:14
FernGullipshow do u send private messages03:14
FernGullipsin irc03:14
DDR /msg <nick>03:15
reisiolike http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntucat/pure-ubuntu-14-10/ etc.03:15
plytro!info irc03:15
ubottuPackage irc does not exist in vivid03:15
reisio!info inspircd03:15
ubottuinspircd (source: inspircd): Modular IRCd written in C++. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.0.17-2 (vivid), package size 1453 kB, installed size 7653 kB03:15
=== megabitdragon is now known as megabit|away
=== jon___ is now known as upfwnv03
=== FernGullips is now known as hairlessgilliwoo
mekhamiso I'm using ubuntu and i3 and I need a better terminal than terminator, I think. my main problem is I just can't seem to make it stick to the color theme, it always loads up as blakc on white03:16
hairlessgilliwooi need sushi rolls03:16
plytromekhami: you could use gnome-terminal with tmux03:16
reisiohairlessgilliwoo: so true03:17
=== Guest26751 is now known as Chex
plytroor figure out how to save terminator's settings properly03:17
reisiomekhami: hrmmm03:17
hairlessgilliwoo!info tmux03:17
ubottutmux (source: tmux): terminal multiplexer. In component main, is optional. Version 1.9-6ubuntu1 (vivid), package size 225 kB, installed size 609 kB03:17
reisiomekhami: I tried evilvte the other week03:17
reisiowas real light and nice03:17
mekhamiplytro: that would be the best option03:17
=== Vlixes is now known as Metus
reisiomekhami: but with i3... I'd probably just go with urxvt03:17
reisioAKA rxvt-unicode03:17
plytroreisio: really?03:17
reisioyes really03:18
plytrothe processor matters that much for your terminal app?03:18
plytroI use gnome-terminal on a core 2 duo without worrying about resources03:18
plytroand xfce4-terminal03:18
=== erwin is now known as easyOnMe
plytroI know rxvt is super light though03:19
plytroeclipse/STS are my concerns there03:19
plytroand jetty :(03:19
mekhamiso many consonants03:20
mekhamignome-terminal AND xfce4-terminal?03:20
plytromekhami: I have a handful of laptops03:20
plytromy account uses xfce403:20
plytrowhen the kids are logged in its gnome-terminal03:20
plytroer whatever comes with unity in 15.0403:20
DDRreisio: Well. This solves a bunch of my problems.03:21
mekhamii want to look into xfce4 because that's what the thing i'm basing my system off of uses03:21
plytroits just terminal in that pretty lookup app03:21
DDRThanks so much for the help.03:21
=== hairlessgilliwoo is now known as SqueaksMajestik
reisioDDR: yeah, got it working?03:22
=== SqueaksMajestik is now known as GullyFernis
DDRYeah. I uninstalled the other two login prompts. (lightdm and ssdm)03:22
OerHeks!nick | GullyFernis03:23
GullyFernisi see why03:23
ubottuGullyFernis: Your nick is how people know you on IRC. Please don't change your nicknames too often (use /nick newnick), or it creates a lot of confusion. You should also !register your nick with freenode.03:23
GullyFernisi havent decided03:23
reisioDDR: so... you still have a DM?03:23
reisiocool :)03:23
reisiohopefully an update won't bring any back :p03:24
DDRRequired for gnome.03:24
DDRIt /should/ be fine... I've made a note, I know how to solve this problem now.03:24
GullyFernisanyone use irssi03:25
ubottuirssi is a terminal based IRC client. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Irssi for help. See also !screen03:25
bazhangtry #irssi GullyFernis03:25
reisioDDR: yeah, one DE better than more than one :)03:26
DDRBut if one of something is good, then MANY of something should be better, right?03:27
* DDR jokes03:27
reisiothat only works with certain parts of certain sex's anatomy03:27
plytro< reisio> two dicks are better than one03:28
reisiosame applies to planets03:28
reisioGullyFernis: lots of people do03:28
GullyFernis500 users03:29
_luciusdear god I've found heaven.03:30
mekhamii prefer weechat03:30
mekhamiis !weechat a thing?03:30
_luciusNOW HELP ME03:30
GullyFerniswhat r u trying to do03:30
GullyFernisno its not a thing03:30
plytrot!info weechat03:30
plytro!info weechat03:30
ubottuweechat (source: weechat): Fast, light and extensible chat client. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.1.1-1 (vivid), package size 2 kB, installed size 72 kB03:30
GullyFernisits wee?03:31
GullyFerniscan i help you03:31
_luciussweet i do need help03:33
_luciusshould i use iptables or is there a better alternative?03:33
GullyFerniswhat are you trying to do with it03:33
ubuntu-matesir how to install ubuntu mate303:33
_luciusI'm on google cloud and I need to route all traffic through the internal firewall that is also the nginx proxy03:33
GullyFernisinternal being iptables?03:34
ubottuUbuntu, like any other Linux distribution, has built-in firewall capabilities. The firewall is managed using the 'ufw' command - see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UFW | GUI frontends such as gufw and ufw-kde also exist. | An alternative to ufw is the 'iptables' command - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IptablesHowTo03:34
OerHeks_lucius, how is this related to ubuntu support?03:34
_luciusI'm going from their routing tables that are easily configurable via http ui in the console for developers03:34
_luciuswhat is that armored core thing?03:34
mekhamihere's a question for you amazing folks. I need to switch my monitors when my computer starts up. I have the command, xrandr --output DVI-I-3 --auto --left-of DVI-I-2 etc. I tried to put this in my .xinitrc file and that didn't work. Where do I put this command so it happens when my system starts?03:34
_luciusI can barely remember it's name but it has to do with stuff like clamav03:35
_luciusthanks bahzang03:35
bazhanggufw for a frontend to that _lucius03:38
bazhang!info gufw03:38
ubottugufw (source: gui-ufw): graphical user interface for ufw. In component universe, is optional. Version 15.04.0-0ubuntu1 (vivid), package size 719 kB, installed size 3060 kB03:38
xioaxHmm is this the support channel?03:47
plytromekhami: physically move your monitors03:47
plytroits just easier03:47
theJianpptp service fails to start. I heard this is a bug in ubuntu 14.04 LTS. http://askubuntu.com/questions/547763/ubuntu-server-14-04-1-lts-pptpd-fails-to-start03:48
mekhamiplytro: cmon that's not a fun answer.03:48
plytrono but its practical and maintainable03:48
mekhamiplytro: i have another similar thing where03:48
mekhamii need to rebind caps lock to escape03:48
mekhamifor vim reasons03:48
optimali like it03:48
Bashing-omxioax: It is, support for ubuntu.03:48
theJianAnyone has solution for pptp bug?03:49
=== optimal is now known as GullyFernanditto
mekhamiplytro: what do you think for that?03:50
=== Blaster is now known as Guest51409
ubuntzoohow do i frikin make a bootable usb in ubuntu i tried for the past week with no results03:50
xioaxok thank you03:50
jlucwhat is it related to that i need to provide password twice when booting ?03:50
GullyFernandittojluc just turn it off03:51
jluci appreciate having that password though03:52
xioaxubuntzoo download ISO and open up Startup Disk Creator03:52
GullyFernandittosystem settings03:52
jlucbut having to enter it once would be better03:52
jluconce only03:52
GullyFernandittou should03:52
ubuntzooi tried using startup disk creator but when i pick the windows iso it doesent put it in the list thiny03:52
GullyFernandittois it .iso03:53
xioaxIs it a valid image file03:53
GullyFernandittono its not03:53
ubuntzoowait how do i make sure it is a valid image file/iso03:53
GullyFernandittowhats the file name03:54
ubuntzoothe file name is windowsblahblahblah.iso03:54
ubottuTo verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows03:54
=== GullyFernanditto is now known as ewtronix
Koyaanisjust md5sum filename03:56
Koyaanisin console03:56
Koyaanisoh we talking windows here. i highly recommend this http://code.kliu.org/hashcheck/downloads/HashCheckInstall-latest.exe03:57
Koyaanisitll look like this -> http://code.kliu.org/hashcheck/screenshots/HashProp3_Aero.png03:57
ewtronixthis is ubuntu chat03:58
ewtronixnot windows chat03:58
Koyaanisoh he was in ubuntu03:58
Koyaaniswell then just do what i said above, terminal -> md5sum filename03:58
mekhamihere's a question for you amazing folks. I need to switch my monitors when my computer starts up. I have the command, xrandr --output DVI-I-3 --auto --left-of DVI-I-2 etc. I tried to put this in my .xinitrc file and that didn't work. Where do I put this command so it happens when my system starts?04:00
ewtronixuse upstart04:01
_luciusUFW and routing on google cloud: I have an internal network of and I need to route the traffic through the 10.240.0.XYZ and then to the other servers04:02
ewtronixsave the script in a .conf file in /etc/init04:02
ewtronixmekhami: save the script in a .conf file in /etc/init04:02
ewtronixfor root04:02
_luciusCurrently my ufw has Anywhere  ALLOW from and anywhere allow anywhere04:02
ewtronixor ~/.config/upstart/04:02
_luciusdoes that look okay for UFW?04:02
ewtronixfor users04:02
ewtronixget that mekhami?04:03
mekhamiewtronix: gonna work on it04:03
Dstevens08hey guys04:03
ewtronixmekhami: could try Startup Apps in Settings04:03
=== ewtronix is now known as snafuuu
ubuntzoomd55sum is not working04:05
xioax_ /msg NickServ VERIFY REGISTER xioax_ dmddhtqthjbd04:05
cfhowlett!md5sum | ubuntzoo,04:06
ubottuubuntzoo,: To verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows04:06
=== Zachary_DuBois is now known as Cassini
=== Cassini is now known as Zachary_DuBois
=== ubuntu is now known as Guest6934
_luciusI think I have it.04:11
IPhotonhello, so external hard drives are not mounted automatically?04:12
IPhotonmy videos are in there04:12
IPhotonand I was not able to open them unless I went there from the folders04:12
IPhotonwhen I do that it mounts it?04:12
IPhotonas in /media/username/hard-drive04:12
snafuuuIPhoton they mount they just dont mount to your desktop04:12
OerHeksgood thing they don't mount automaticly.04:13
IPhotonbecause I have VLC and when I opened my playlist, it didn't find them until I was able to open the folder04:14
IPhotonwell the playlist04:14
snafuuuthat might be a password lucius04:14
=== snafuuu is now known as OverTheHill
=== OverTheHill is now known as zerolag
OerHeksOverTheHill, please stop that anoying namechange, thanks.04:18
zerolagi have namechangitis04:19
cfhowlettbetter yet, send the list of your nicks so I can easily add them all to /ignore04:19
zerolageat it04:20
zzo38Why doesn't the bell work in XTerm(297)?04:24
zzo38Also why doesn't the t_Co setting in the vimrc work?04:24
zzo38Other setting in .vimrc are working such as "set showcmd"04:25
grantumanhey guys04:26
grantumani have a problem with ubuntu04:26
grantumancould someone help me?04:26
cfhowlett!ask | grantuman04:26
ubottugrantuman: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience04:26
zzo38grantuman: What kind of problem?04:27
grantumanI have a problem with ubuntu, I cannot boot it up. I have initramfs error or i have ttyl login. My motherboard is a gigabyte ga-970a-d3p. Someone please help!04:27
grantumanI have a problem with ubuntu, I cannot boot it up. I have initramfs error or i have ttyl login. My motherboard is a gigabyte ga-970a-d3p. Can someone please answer?04:29
OerHeksIs this an UEFI or old fashion BIOS, grantuman ?04:29
grantumanuefi, I cannot turn off secure boot04:30
OerHeksgrantuman, oh, can't help you with that, odd you cannot turn off secure boot04:30
grantumanthere is no option04:31
wileeegrantuman, You've asked the web this with the computer model?04:35
OerHeksmaybe askubuntu.com is a good start04:36
wileeejust confirmed it is all04:36
zzo38Complain to the computer manufacturer after you have tried everything else if none of it is working.04:36
grantumanyes i have asked04:37
grantumanaskubuntu and no one has answered wilee04:37
boodllebati'm using this functiont to print text to screen but break line does not work , i guess cause it reads first \ then n , here is my function http://paste.ubuntu.com/11935047/04:38
wileeegrantuman, I meant by asking is do the search for if it's there confirming this is locked, besides there, also a great place to search.04:38
OerHekssome motherboards need an update first. 1. to unlock features, and 2. to determin when your guarantee starts04:38
grantumanI get a usb/device/descriptor 64 error04:38
histograntuman: has this machine ever booted?04:39
OerHekswith this unlock you obtain the license.04:39
cfhowlettgrantuman, update your bios if possible.04:39
grantumani need to use windows for that right?04:39
OerHeksgrantuman, not always, check the bios if it can update live or from usb04:39
grantumani got an error when i updated it04:39
wileeegrantuman, some are bootable04:39
cfhowlettthat ... not a good sign04:39
grantumani can use qflash right?04:39
wileeeI would go as far as the OEM's crack IT, heh04:41
=== seagate is now known as malhar
histograntuman: Has this machine ever booted successfully?04:44
OerHekshisto, i see 2 posts that give other issues than booting04:44
OerHeks gigabyte ga-970a-d3p http://askubuntu.com/questions/561165/ubuntu-not-connecting-to-ethernet-nor-wireless http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2111223&page=504:45
histograntuman: So what happened to start this issue with initramfs?04:45
grantumanhisto: umm, i dont know04:46
zzo38Does any of you know answer of my questions?04:46
histograntuman: Well what were you doing last on the system?04:46
grantumani couldnt use ubuntu on my ststem after i upgraded04:46
histograntuman: boot to the install cd/usb and then we can work on fixing it04:46
histograntuman: or try booting an older kernel04:47
histograntuman: secure boot is not the issue04:47
grantumanhow do i boot an older kernel?04:47
grantumanlike would i boot kubuntu 14.04?04:47
grantumaninstead of 15?04:47
OerHekshold shift @ boot to enter grubmenu04:48
histosecureboot has been supported since 12.0404:50
xioax_sounds good04:59
=== hi is now known as Guest67665
zzo38Actually I figured out the way to allow t_Co to be override, it is by also overriding t_RV to a blank string then it won't automatically override t_Co too.05:27
TJ-!ops | might want to (be prepared to) ban "Dildeaux!~stormroof@" doing the rounds of channels with highly offensive output05:32
ubottumight want to (be prepared to) ban "Dildeaux!~stormroof@" doing the rounds of channels with highly offensive output: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Pici, Myrtti, jrib, Amaranth, tonyyarusso, Nalioth, lamont, CarlK, elky, mneptok, PriceChild, Tm_T, jpds, ikonia, Flannel, genii, wgrant, stdin, h00k, IdleOne, nhandler, Jordan_U, popey, Corey, ocean, cprofitt, djones, Madpilot, gnomefreak, lhavelund, k1l, rww, 05:32
DildeauxTired of niggers?05:34
TJ-!cookie | tonyyarusso05:34
ubottutonyyarusso: Wow! You're such a great helper, you deserve a cookie!05:34
OerHeks!oreo | tonyyarusso05:34
cfhowlettno oreo.   no beer.05:35
zzo38I tried some stuff mentioned in Debian mailing list about the bell not working, but it doesn't fix it. I have version 29705:48
zzo38(The computer didn't come with this version; I installed it so that I can get Sixel graphics support)05:48
zzo38The "xkbbell" command works and visual bell also works if enabled05:50
zzo38I tried overriding volume levels too and so on, those also don't work05:51
zzo38In version 271 the bell works05:51
OerHeksI would file a bugreport in your case, zzo3805:52
=== Blaster is now known as Guest29746
zzo38But I want to know what is wrong so that I can fix it05:53
histozzo38: is pcspkr blacklisted?06:01
=== nano_ is now known as citroniks
=== Nigel is now known as Guest85924
Guest85924Who is here?06:17
ObrienDavenobody ;p06:17
logicalsyntaxIm here06:17
Guest85924Im new here06:18
logicalsyntaxThis is a channel for people who have questions related to Ubuntu06:18
Guest85924Ok ,I know06:19
zzo38histo: The bell used to work and the "xkbbell" command works06:19
Guest85924i had to sign up !!!06:22
Guest85924i had to learn how!06:24
Matt_teniAnyone know a way to check if my computer is venerable to recent 0day exploit release of Flash? I dont have Adoble Flash plugin installed but the pepperflash one06:25
Guest85924I do not know how to chating here06:25
OerHeksGuest85924 you are doing fine, sofar. do you have a support question?06:26
TJ-Matt_teni: check with the pepperflash project first, they'll be the experts on such things06:26
histoGuest85924: huh?06:26
OerHeksMatt_teni, if you are up2date, i guess not06:26
Guest85924i want to know what i can do here.please?06:29
histoGuest85924: you can ask for help with ubuntu here06:29
Guest85924i should sign up first!!!   google...06:30
histoGuest85924: You're here already no need to sign up06:30
Guest85924What? it is ok?06:31
Guest85924im sory for my pool english06:33
Matt_teniTJ-, i did check pepperflash plugin page on debian, it was last updated in december 2014 https://packages.qa.debian.org/p/pepperflashplugin-nonfree.html06:34
histoGuest85924: what is your question?06:36
TJ-Matt_teni: As I understand it PF is an integrated part of Google Chrome, and is published under a non-free licence by Google, so checking with the Google Chrome project would be best, since updates to Chrome possibly include updates to PF. If that project publishes security advisories they may list specific issues against PF, or not06:37
Matt_teniTJ-, thanks. will look into it06:41
gnomedHi. I am facing an error while running a program in wine. Can I ask that question here or not?06:51
ObrienDaveany wine issues direct to #winehq06:52
fury__why is the default swappiness 60 in ubuntu? since I learned about it and switched it to 5 my laptop is actually enjoyable06:52
OerHeksfury__, it is a choise made not only for your machine.06:52
ObrienDavefury__, how much RAM do you have?06:52
ObrienDaveprobably not necessary to have any swap06:53
OerHekssleep/hybernate wants swap, anyway.06:53
ObrienDavethis is true06:54
fury__obviously it is not for my machine, but I can't think of any case when that 60 value is usefull06:54
=== quellochevuoi is now known as Guest97367
=== Guest97367 is now known as SamuraiRoma
fury__what happens if I have 512mb an a value of 10 in swappiness? will I face a sudden drop in performance? and that 60 is there to balance this drop so I have worse loading times overall but no sudden drop?06:55
OerHeksfury__, test it ?06:57
Guest85924the python's model scapy can't use the apt-get to install in ubuntu06:58
Guest85924what can i do?06:59
fury__yeah, i could, although I would have to run some VMs to fill these 4gb but I feel too lazy now06:59
TJ-fury__: vm.swappiness controls the weighting between evicting pages from the file-cache or the anonymous-pages cache. 60 is safe default middle-ground06:59
OerHeks!info python-scapy07:01
ubottupython-scapy (source: scapy): Packet generator/sniffer and network scanner/discovery. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.2.0-1 (vivid), package size 230 kB, installed size 1096 kB07:01
OerHeksIt should be there, what ubunt version, Guest85924 ?07:02
OerHeks14.10 died yesterday :-D07:02
Guest85924ubuntu 14.5?07:03
Guest85924let me see07:03
Abhijitwhere does 14.04 LTS logs error when sudo start test fails where test is a job in /etc/init/test07:04
Guest85924but i change the place that is err ,success....07:06
Guest85924is the code 's mistake...07:06
OerHeksAbhijit, auth.log if inlog fails, dmesg log if something else goes wrong, not sure your test writes a log anywhere07:06
TJ-Abhijit: If it's an Upstart config, then maybe "/var/log/upstart/" will contain a service start log07:09
AbhijitOerHeks, TJ- yes its in a /var/log/upstart/test.log automatically07:10
=== nano_ is now known as citroniks
RudyValenciaI have a PC with an AMD FX-8320 CPU and I tried to run Ubuntu Mint 14.04 on it, but it overheated and shut itself down, why was that happening?07:13
OerHeksRudyValencia, good question, mint has its own issues.07:14
ubottuLinux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu. Please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org07:14
RudyValenciaI meant Ubuntu MATE07:14
ObrienDaveRudyValencia, there is an #ubuntu-mate channel :)07:14
OerHeksdid you check lmsensors ? and restricted drivers ?07:15
ubottuTo access CPU temperature sensors and detect fan speeds, install the lm-sensors package. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SensorInstallHowto for installation and usage instructions.07:15
RudyValenciaI can't recall if it happened before or after installing the nVidia driver.07:16
RudyValenciaI am not using it at the moment, because I'm back on Windows.07:16
=== zz_CyberJacob is now known as CyberJacob
histoRudyValencia: what were you doing when it overheated?07:19
RudyValenciaI was just using it as normal07:19
RudyValenciaalso I was trying to set up Windows in VMware07:19
RudyValenciabefore it shut off the screen went black a couple times07:19
fury__RudyValencia: I have only used it on a laptop but you could install tlp07:23
fury__is very smart and efficient07:23
histoRudyValencia: is this a laptop or a desktop machine?07:23
histoRudyValencia: make sure all your fans are clean. You were probably hammering the cpu setting up the VM07:24
RudyValenciait has a Corsair liquid-cooled radiator attached07:24
RudyValenciaunder Windows at idle I get ~29 deg. C07:24
fury__RudyValencia: lol it is almost definitely a driver issue07:24
histofury__: why do you think that?07:24
histoRudyValencia: check it under linux at idle07:25
RudyValenciasounds like a plan07:25
histosetting up a VM is not idle07:25
fury__setting up some VMs should not cause such a behaviour07:26
fury__RudyValencia: You should also try to set up VM in windows07:26
histofury__: it will peg the cpu to 100%07:26
* histo thinks cooling problem07:27
RudyValenciaI can run VMs in windows without the box going down07:27
RudyValenciadoes it matter that I installed the driver using the nVidia-supplied .run package instead of the nvidia-current package in the repo?07:28
histoRudyValencia: Why do you suspect video to it down?07:29
histoRudyValencia: Your bios doesn't monitor the video cards temperature. Just the cpuss07:29
RudyValenciaI've checked my setup, it stays cool on Windows07:30
fury__so you think it is not the CPU but the GPU? That is a lot more plausible07:31
RudyValenciait has to be something07:31
RudyValenciaunder nouveau I wasn't having problems07:31
RudyValenciabut nouveau doesn't do acceleration07:31
RudyValenciait was when the nvidia driver was installed that it started acting up07:32
RudyValenciaI couldn't get the repo-supplied one to install07:32
fury__I have a GTX650 on my desktop and it worked like a charm with drivers from nvidia07:33
fury__on the laptop however, where I have some AMD thing I lost 3 days makign it work properly, I was overheating too07:34
RudyValenciait was a GTX 550 Ti07:34
naftilos76Hi, can anybody suggest an editor with inegrated terminal targetting rails development for ubuntu?07:35
fury__I do not have access to my desktop right now and I didn't use it in months so I cant tell what driver I have installed there but keep looking and try different drivers it will definitely work07:37
Abhijitnaftilos76, try geany?07:37
naftilos76Abhijit, thanks i ll try it07:38
=== ubik is now known as Guest90746
* tiru says HI07:52
wn_hi ,everybody,good afternoon!08:13
BryzNastyshh, we're sleeping08:20
oemno peploe08:20
BryzNasty420 am08:20
GuidovanPossumubuntu is timeless08:21
GuidovanPossumand I'm just here because I've broken mine again08:21
yellabs-r2ssh , we are loggin in .. ;)08:22
reconx2Hi all, i have big problem with huawei e173 modem on my ubuntu 15.0408:36
reconx2Can someone may help me ?08:36
reconx2I use script to run device. The script is: usb_modeswitch -v 0x12d1 -p 0x1446 -M 55534243000000000000000000000011060000000000000000000000000000 -V 0x12d1 -P 0x1436 -s 50 -m 0x0usb_modeswitch -v 0x12d1 -p 0x1446 -M 555342408:39
reconx2But without it the modem can't start after restart.08:40
reconx2Anyone ?08:40
historeconx2: without what?08:40
reconx2Without running this script08:41
historeconx2: so you want to run a script after restart?08:41
historeconx2: in your crontab you can put @reboot /path/to/script08:42
reconx2Well, i want to run it after a device is plug-in. But i thnik it can solved the problem. When i run script device work to next restart. Heh, sometime the best solutions are so simple heh, thank :)08:43
historeconx2: perhaps something with udev can be configured to run on insert08:44
historeconx2: yeah you could write a udev rule for the device08:46
=== Bill is now known as Guest52036
reconx2thanks histo. Yes but it's marekd as bug on lunchpad https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bug/1441285, and the way you write me is simple and should work08:46
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1441285 in Ubuntu "Huawei E173 not recognized as a modem" [Undecided,Confirmed]08:46
ubot93Launchpad bug 1441285 in Ubuntu "Huawei E173 not recognized as a modem" [Undecided,Confirmed]08:46
historeconx2: k08:47
historeconx2: you should post your command you ran to the bug report, so others know how to fix it08:49
reconx2well with udev it can be the way08:49
reconx2i try it08:49
reconx2it's posted in bug description08:51
reconx2I download it from ther08:51
thuginc614i  have a ?  cant  any one point me in the right  place i want to make a custom splash screen08:53
histothuginc614: what are you using as your boot manager?08:56
MatsyHey all. Does anyone know of a way to configure file system quotas (via quota) via some kind of include? Or where the individual user quota configuration files are stashed? I can't find them anywhere08:56
MatsyOh, apparently it is 'aquota.user' at the filesystem root08:57
thuginc614 i  dont have one yet08:58
thuginc614 working on geting one  i wont to make a costom   boot splace  i wont a skull   there08:59
histothuginc614: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2/Displays for grub208:59
sgo11hi, where does nautilus or pcmanfm store passwords? I am unable to clear those saved passwords unless I reboot my system. I don't want to reboot the system now. I used smb:// and choose remember the passwords until logout. I don't have seahorse by default, I did install it, nothing in the seahorse. thanks.09:00
randome112hey..im currently running 15.04, a driver update for my nvidia graphics card was released a month ago..i downloaded the driver..it's in '.run' format...how do i install it?09:00
thuginc614?  is there virus scanner for  ubuntu ?09:00
histo!av | thuginc61409:01
ubottuthuginc614: Antivirus is something you don't need on !Linux, except where files are then passed to Windows computers (perhaps using Samba). See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Antivirus09:01
sgo11randome112, maybe "chmod +x file.run" and then simply run it.09:01
randome112@sgo11:will try it09:01
historandome112: sudo sh /path/to/file.run09:01
MatsyOr just sudo ./path/to/file.run since they always have a hashbang09:03
histoahh they do cool09:03
MatsyAnd don't have to be a shell script 100% of the time (sometimes embedded python scripts)09:03
randome112@sgo11:chmod didnt seem to work..@histo : looks like its working09:03
MatsyOr perl09:03
sgo11randome112, that's weird. chmod should work. whatever.09:04
sgo11chmod should work if sh in the front of the file works. anyway.09:04
randome112_hey..i tried installing it..said something like X server is running, diable X server09:10
EriC^^randome112_: type sudo service lightdm stop, it'll take you to tty1, login and install from there09:10
randome112_@EriC^^ :  will do09:11
ryilefer@EriC^^ : stuck there..can't type anything.. Randome here btw..using my phone09:12
fury__ryilefer: press ctrl+alt+F7 what happens?09:13
randomeLost connection for a sec..09:14
historandome: you can't type in tty1?09:16
randomehisto: it says 'Starting acpi event daemon...' And stuck there09:17
linuxrhi all. I try to burn a cd from a .cue file with "brasero". However, it fails just at the beginning, in the log I can see this: "BraseroWodim stderr: Unsupported filetype 'MP3' "09:20
=== Mitchell92[A] is now known as Mitchell92
linuxrI already installed " gstreamer0.10-fluendo-mp3 " and " gstreamer1.0-fluendo-mp3 " from restricted extras, no success still :( any ideas?09:20
neurotbin and cue09:21
neurotlinuxr http://www.ehow.com/how_7159004_burn-bin-file-brasero.html09:23
linuxrI dont have a bin file neurot , its a MP3 file09:24
linuxrthis used to work09:24
erhanahmetHi, I have a laptop pre-installed Ubuntu 12.04.5 LTS and it is working fine. I am missing some drivers for 14.04 LTS so my question is here: can I continue to use 12.04 LTS after the 5-year-support time ends? How may it effect my personal/home use?09:24
linuxrI suspect its just some library missing, don't know which one though09:24
OerHekslinuxr, you will need lame codecs to record mp309:25
linuxrOerHeks, I'm not recording mp. Its rather decoding mp3 for burning to cd09:26
neurotlinuxr so your wanting to make a cd to play in a cdplayer out of some mp309:31
linuxrprecisely, neurot09:32
linuxrthats what the .cue file is for...its read by the burning software and splits up the mp3 into individual tracks09:33
MiarHi all. I needed a little help.09:33
MiarI have KDE,Gnome and Unity installed , but KDE crashes after around 2 mins of usage.09:33
MiarRest are fine.09:33
MiarAny reason why this might be happening?09:33
neurotI dont run brasero but I have good luck with k3d for that09:33
linuxrneurot, I'd like to avoid k3b as this would pull in almost entire KDE libs...I don't use KDE09:34
OerHeksI prefer k3b over brassero or whatever is available.09:35
OerHeksThat might be your issue, brassero cannot handle .cue files correctly09:35
linuxrOerHeks, but it used to work :/09:36
siskoI am using ubuntu 14.04. Is it "safe" and "nonproblematic" to upgrade to the new kernel 4.1? how would I do that the easiest and best way?09:38
fury__linuxr: then you could try to reinstall it09:38
linuxuz3rwin10 coming out soon09:38
OerHeksMiar, what happens when kde crashes? did you check the logs?09:38
linuxrbut you might be right, maybe the error is misleading...burning single mp3 files works, just not from cue files...where I get the "unsupported type mp3" error09:38
neurotsisko Is something not working09:39
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pavi_i try to build a custamized distro. It is a 32 bit Architecture so is it possible to change 32 bit to 64 bit?09:43
bhagwanhow to install whatsapp purple in pidgin09:43
EmptySpace-try asking in #pidgin09:44
OerHekspavi_, sure ... start all over again ?09:45
neurotbhagwan http://itsfoss.com/whatsapp-linux-desktop/ may help09:46
neurotkaseoga_ hi09:46
kaseoga_i have 3 hd, one for data, one with windows and now a ssd with ubuntu, i install ubuntu, all fine with grub, i reinstall ubuntu and now i see GRUB bash-like09:46
kaseoga_minimal bash-like09:47
bhagwani want to run in pidgin ?09:47
neurottry asking in #pidgin09:48
pavi_OerHeks_, So I start from basic? is there any method to change  architecture09:48
OerHekspavi_, yes, to start with a 64 bit iso09:50
OerHekswhat makes you think you can change it ?09:50
OerHeksbhagwan, this post is maybbe a good start https://samtinkers.wordpress.com/2014/01/11/install-whatsapp-on-ubuntu-12-04-12-10-13-04-13-10-mint-13141516/09:51
kaseoga_neurot:  u know something about my problem?09:51
neurotkaseoga_ i do not sorry09:51
kaseoga_:( thanks!09:51
OerHekskaseoga_, reinstall grub2 maybe ? see the grub manual09:52
ubottuGRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub209:52
kaseoga_OerHeks: i install boot-repair from live usb09:53
kaseoga_but it tells me something like LEGACY / EFI09:53
EriC^^kaseoga_: type sudo parted -l | nc termbin.com 999909:54
EriC^^after booting a live usb09:54
kaseoga_omw EriC^^09:56
kaseoga_on my wayy EriC^^  XD09:58
EriC^^oh ok :D09:58
EriC^^kaseoga_: type sudo mount /dev/sda2 /mnt09:58
EriC^^kaseoga_: actually hold on09:59
EriC^^kaseoga_: ubuntu is installed in legacy mode, and windows is in efi mode09:59
EriC^^you should reinstall ubuntu in uefi mode09:59
sad_Hallo !09:59
lotuspsychje!nl | sad_09:59
ubottusad_: Nederlandstalige ondersteuning voor Ubuntu (en vers gezette koffie) is te vinden in #ubuntu-nl09:59
EriC^^kaseoga_: type ls -ld /sys/firmware/efi09:59
kaseoga_no such file10:00
lotuspsychjekaseoga_: and dont forget setting bios from IDE to AHCI for ssd10:00
EriC^^kaseoga_: ok, you're booted in legacy mode right now, you need to boot the usb in uefi mode, from a boot options menu or so choosing usb uefi, then run that command to see if a file exists so you know it worked, and reinstall ubuntu10:00
sad_Can some one help me with Redshift , please ?10:00
lotuspsychjekaseoga_: what kind of samsung ssd is this?10:01
kaseoga_samsung 850 evo10:01
lotuspsychjeask your real question, sad_10:01
sad_I cant install and use redshift in my LXLE 14.04.1 .10:02
sad_I install but it dosnt works10:02
lotuspsychje!info redshift | sad_ sudo apt-get install redshift10:02
ubottusad_ sudo apt-get install redshift: redshift (source: redshift): Adjusts the color temperature of your screen. In component universe, is extra. Version 1.9.1-4ubuntu1 (vivid), package size 52 kB, installed size 476 kB10:02
lotuspsychjesad_: did you check the man page how it works?10:03
kaseoga_lotuspsychje: didn-t undestand that config to change IDE to AHCI10:03
kaseoga_im a noob10:03
sad_no how should i do that ?10:03
lotuspsychjekaseoga_: if you plug a samsung ssd into your pc, bios has te be changed from IDE to AHCI10:03
kaseoga_let-s restart and se xD10:03
kaseoga_how to do all that things10:03
lotuspsychjesad_: man redshift10:04
lotuspsychjesad_: (from terminal)10:04
sad_i am going to try it10:04
sad_and the answer is : it is no page about redshift10:05
lotuspsychjesad_: maybe this can help: http://linux.die.net/man/1/redshift10:06
kaseoga_lotuspsychje:  it's in ahci mode10:06
lotuspsychjekaseoga_: ok good, follow the sugestings from EriC^^ now10:07
kaseoga_EriC^^: ok now i see the file10:10
kaseoga_now install no?10:10
EriC^^kaseoga_: yeah10:11
sad_No , i'm sorry . linux .die dosnt help .10:12
EriC^^kaseoga_: how are you installing, wait a sec10:12
EriC^^manual partitioner?10:12
sad_But thank you for your help !10:12
kaseoga_EriC^^:  i select the option to remove all OS and file10:13
kaseoga_and install10:13
EriC^^kaseoga_: ok, i guess it will install on the hdd10:13
kaseoga_yep in the next step i can select the hd10:13
EriC^^kaseoga_: i wanted to make sure it creates it's own efi partition if you want it to be a standalone install and not use the windows efi one10:13
EriC^^ok, you want it to be a standalone install right?10:14
siskoneurot: its because I want to try the new feature of ext4 encryption10:14
EriC^^( not dependent on that you have the windows hdd installed )10:14
kaseoga_yep ubuntu in ssd and windows in the other hd10:14
kaseoga_but i want to select the OS10:15
kaseoga_at start10:15
EriC^^ok, where are you at right now? can you go to the manual partitioner at the bottom, the Something else option10:15
kaseoga_it's finishing installation10:15
kaseoga_let's see if this work if not i'll do all this again XD10:16
EriC^^kaseoga_: ok, type sudo parted -l | nc termbin.com 9999 after it's done10:16
EriC^^and we can see what it did10:16
kaseoga_and i can select ubuntu and windows10:17
kaseoga_now i launch your command10:17
kaseoga_one monitor is black10:17
EriC^^the other isn't?10:17
kaseoga_1 is working10:18
kaseoga_but i can "move" to the other monitor10:18
kaseoga_first time i install ubuntu10:18
kaseoga_i launch a command and it restore10:18
EriC^^kaseoga_: ok, looks good10:19
kaseoga_thanks EriC^^ and lotuspsychje10:23
kaseoga_i will try to solve the monitor problem now xD10:24
EriC^^kaseoga_: no problem10:25
kaseoga_xrandr -s 0 now the other monitor is black10:25
=== EmptySpace- is now known as EmptySpace
EriC^^kaseoga_: ctrl+alt+f1, then sudo service lightdm restart10:27
kaseoga_unit ligthdm.service failed to load: no such file or directory10:28
kaseoga_nah only 110:29
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SpunkyHi all.10:33
momomoI want to install only security updates, and I want to do it manually each time. How can I do that?10:43
momomoon server10:44
bazhangtry #ubuntu-server momomo10:45
=== GitGud is now known as GitAway
Matsymomomo: Use unattended-upgrade in the unattended-upgrades package10:45
MatsyWorks flawlessly10:45
rootrihey guys, anyone with a 1080p 15" screen here?10:45
xphereshow is it called the channel for ubuntu touch?10:46
xpheresah I found it10:46
lotuspsychje!fr | Darduc10:51
ubottuDarduc: Nous sommes desoles mais ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en français, veuillez taper /join #ubuntu-fr ou /join #ubuntu-qc. Merci.10:51
speefakdoes anyone use an asus mainboard10:51
speefakasus z87 pro10:51
DarducOops, thanks!10:51
speefaki cant geht any grafik information10:51
DarducUh..the Lenovo Yoga 3 (http://shop.lenovo.com/fr/fr/laptops/lenovo/yoga/yoga-3-14/) is it 100% compatible with Ubuntu?10:54
MeltedLuxShould be10:54
DarducMeltedLux: ? meaning? no problem with touchscreen/pad, nvidia?10:55
Darducwifi card?10:55
MeltedLuxShould be okay10:56
momomofuck, i updgrade and I've been given fucking choices which destroy the server .. this is shiet10:57
momomogrup installation.. keep the local one .. then I am still asked what disc I want to install it on10:57
momomowhat the fuck10:58
DarducThanks MeltedLux!10:58
momomoshoudld that be on boot partion ?10:58
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yorwos_whenever i suspend my system to ram, after i recover jack is kinda broken it doesnt work, is there any way around this ?11:01
=== yorwos_ is now known as yorwos
momomoi ran sudo apt-get dist-upgrade, then I am asked to configure fucking grub.. I selected keep local one ( because it has been modified probably by server company, i don't know ) .. but then I am asked what disc I should install grub on ... if I choose wrong, then server might no start .. this is why I don't ever fucking upgrade! fucking stinks! thanks ubunutu! it's better to just leave fucking shit as is.  http://s1.postimg.org/4e42r6gni/Sc11:03
bazhangmomomo, no cursing here11:04
yorwosmomomo,  usually when i install ubuntu on a 2nd hdd i disconect the 1st hdd so im sure it wont mess with that drive , then its easy to configure grub , i use grub customizer within ubuntu11:05
momomoi can't even cancel11:05
momomodo I have to install a new grub?11:05
momomoi choose to keep the local one11:05
momomowhy is it fucking bothering me still?11:05
bazhangmomomo, stop the cursing11:06
momomowhen I hit cancel, it gives me this: http://postimg.org/image/qu7alfag1/11:06
momomoeven though I choose in a previous step to keep the local grub11:07
yorwosid say cancel and continue and if u have problems make a grub livecd to fix it11:10
randomeGot an error after installing graphic card update.. "The system is running in low-graphics mode"11:14
randomeRunning 15.0411:15
randomeNvidia graphics card11:15
pavi_can i change my custom distro from 32 bit to 64 bit? if any method is there please tell me?11:18
bazhangpavi_, full reinstall is it11:19
pavi_bazhang_, i can't get u11:20
bazhangpavi_, there is no other way than to fully reinstall a new OS11:20
bazhangpavi_, you cannot change the 32bit to 64 bit any other way11:21
=== marcel is now known as Guest78721
pavi_bazhang_,  so what is solution whether i build from 64 bit agian?11:22
momomorandome, never upgrade ubuntu11:22
randomemomomo: lesson learnt11:22
Matsymomomo: I'll just keep on upgrading, and do it right11:23
MatsyUpgrading grub is one of the easiest upgrade paths11:23
bazhang!behelpful | momomo11:23
ubottumomomo: As our !guidelines say, "When helping, be helpful". If you're not familiar with the issue at hand, let someone else handle it instead of making !offtopic comments or jokes.11:23
=== svetlana_ is now known as svetlana
pavi_bazhang_,  so what is solution whether i build from 64 bit again?11:24
avisyou have to use 15.04 to get full selinux security support.11:24
svetlanathat nvidia was reported quite a few times11:25
yorwoslet me ask again just in case , if i suspend system to ram when it wakes up jack is broken and i have no sound11:26
Matsyyorwos: What drivers?11:26
yorwosjust using jack/qjackctl as it came with ubuntu studio , using firewire sound card no drivers installed11:27
randomeGuys.. Help please..11:31
EriC^^randome: ?11:31
Adamsky21Jak ustawić aby wlan0 nie włłaczał tryb oszczędzanai energii?11:31
ubottuNa tym kanale używamy tylko języka angielskiego. Możesz uzyskać pomoc w języku polskim na #ubuntu-pl.11:31
randomeI tried installing nvidia update.."the system is running in low-graphics mode " error @EriC^^11:32
randomeEriC^^: running 15.0411:33
NokajiHi, I've installed a new blu ray player. It identifies disc properly but so far nothing will play it. I've installed extras and the expected libdvdread, libdvdnav & libdvdcss11:36
Nokajitried VLC & smartplayer (not familiar with smartplayer so maybe didn't try it)11:36
bazhang!info smplayer11:40
ubottusmplayer (source: smplayer): complete front-end for MPlayer and MPlayer2. In component universe, is optional. Version 14.9.0~ds0-1 (vivid), package size 1388 kB, installed size 3702 kB11:40
bazhangthats had bluray support for a very long time11:40
Nokajiokay, thanks.  thought just occurred...11:41
NokajiI need to set region to region211:41
pi-My $PATH is /usr/local/sbin:/usr/local/bin:/usr/sbin:/usr/bin:/sbin:/bin:/usr/games:/usr/local/games -- what is up with the two games entries?  This is a remote / cloud instance that I ssh into. I can't imagine playing any games on it.11:41
pi-I'm trying to figure out where it gets set, but I can't work it out11:41
pi-Short of text searching over my entire RemoteFS11:41
Massi__join /debian11:42
bazhangtry /join11:42
randomeAny suggestions??11:43
randomeAny help is appreciated11:43
bazhangrandome, yes11:43
bazhangrandome, you are in low graphics mode, install the drivers then reboot11:43
randomebazhang : I tried that..did apt get install nvidia current11:44
bazhangrandome, not from the website11:44
bazhangwhat card randome11:44
randomebazhang: nvidia gforce gt 720m11:45
bazhangrandome, any errors during the install11:45
randomebazhang: not really..I'm trying it again.. Should be done in a minute11:46
NokajiOay, I'd better check before i commit myself here -I'm using 'setregion', it says "Enter the new region number for your drive [1..8]:2" which I set (2), it then asks me "New mask: 0xFFFFFFFD, correct? [y/n]:" - How the heck should i know if that is correct? - thanks11:46
bazhangNokaji, thats not really something ub untu support would know11:47
bazhangNokaji, perhaps the ##hardware channel11:47
randomebazhang: install completed.. Shall I reboot now?11:48
bazhangrandome, no errors installing?11:48
Nokajibazhang: Would nobody know the normal response from "sudo regionset /dev/sr0" ? - guess I can try google11:48
randomebazhang: nope..11:48
bazhangrandome, then reboot yes11:49
randomebazhang: says DKMS: install completed11:49
randomebazhang: rebooted... Same problem agaib11:50
DDRHi all. Ubuntu in gnome-classic mode keeps doing this thing where I'm going along, going along, and then my screen turns black, a few seconds pass, and I am back at the login screen with my session apparently killed.11:50
BluesKajHowdy folks11:51
DDRIt happens a few times a day, apparently at random. Last time, a file I had open was corrupted.11:51
DDRHas anyone experienced anything similar? I'm at a complete loss how to debug it. :(11:51
tomtomtomHi, I'm running a NAS on ubuntu with a 4hdd raid5. Last week I was running apt upgrade and got a read failed message on one of the disks thats part of the raid. I checked mdadm and it said that this disk failed, the hdd indication light of the case was disabled, too. I've now checked the drives with seatools on windows (SMART and short selftest), and they all passed.11:52
tomtomtomI'm wondering if that has something to do with grub, bc it happend right after grub configuration11:52
Nokajibazhang: FYI, I looked at a typical example run of regionset, region 1 corresponded to 0xFFFFFFFE, this gave me enough confidence to assume whatever region value is set, is deducted from the number FFFF (Hexadecimal), I did a re- setregion and it confirms I now have region2 set -  now to try my blu ray disc ...11:53
tomtomtomIs it possible to run a live ubuntu and mount the raid read only to check if it's really the hdd?11:54
DDROh, something about kdeinit5 crashing with SIGSEGV.11:56
Nokajiokay, back to my old question - anyone any idea why my 'blu ray player' "doesn't"?11:59
DDRno codecs?11:59
DDROr bad codecs?11:59
DDR(iirc, you might need the non-free ones?)12:00
NokajiI've checked the codecs over in here last week when i had a faulty player12:00
naftilos76Hi, i installed gnome flashback in order to be able to access gnome classic. However i cannot edit the taskbars and i do not remember how it was done last time i did it. Can anybody help? Alt+right click does not work.12:00
Nokajiall the extras installed, etc12:00
DDRHm, got me then. :/12:00
NokajiDDR: What i did manage to do was re-encode the blu ray disc using 'handbrake', i got a mkv file - playable but with some artefacts (5% approx)12:01
Nokajiand that was without even setting the region12:01
DDRSay, have you tried playing it in VLC?12:02
DDRThat's the only other thing I got.12:03
Nokajivlc and smartplayer, yup12:04
Nokajihaerd spme say they had to regress to V1 VLC12:04
DDRYou've been nothing if not thorough. :(12:04
=== eblip is now known as eb0t
NokajiI could try a reboot, I could boot to windows but then not sure I have a proggie to do blu ray, vlc still perhaps12:05
DDRUh, does http://plasma-mobile.org/ kill gnome classic for anyone else?12:08
DDREvery time I try to look at it in Firefox, my desktop session dies an inglorious death.12:08
mobile3I have 4 IP in VPS what is the use of it ?12:09
DDRI'm going to add this to my list of things I don't understand about linux, along with xmonad and just how the c linker really works.12:11
randomeCan someone please help me??12:11
mobile3From all 4 different IP, I am getting different things.12:11
mobile3I should see same website but It is showing different things on different IP... why ?12:13
DDRrandome: Be healed, my son. *blesses* … Well, that ought to take care of it. :)12:18
=== GitAway is now known as GitGud
randomeDDR; nope.. Didn't work12:18
DDRI don't know the command to link the 'how to ask a question on irc' guide, here.12:19
ubottuA list of official Ubuntu IRC channels, as well as IRC clients for Ubuntu, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat - For a general list of !freenode channels, see http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#channellist - See also !Guidelines12:19
DDRUh, this is okay... http://rurounijones.github.io/blog/2009/03/17/how-to-ask-for-help-on-irc/12:20
randomeDDR: dude,I've asked the question thrice already.. Didn't want to be rude and ask it again and again..12:20
DDRAh, I don't have it on backlog.12:20
DDRIn general, IRC has a memory of about five lines of text.12:21
DDRAnyway, what's wrong?12:21
randomeDDR: well then, here goes..for the fourth time and just for you.. I tried to update my nvidia driver from website.. Stupid mistake.. I got an error saying low- graphics mode12:22
DDRI've done something like that before. :(12:22
DDRAre you able to downgrade the driver?12:23
randomeDDR: tired apt-get install nvidia current12:23
DDRMaybe if you remove the driver entirely, then try apt-get install?12:23
randomeDDR: how do I do that??..12:24
DDRThat is a very good question.12:24
DDRUh, do you have a graphical shell atm?12:24
DDReg, gnome.12:24
randomeDDR: I just have the terminal open12:25
DDRI've been there, too. :(12:25
DDRThe best advice I can give you is to google how to search installed packages, see what the likely candidate package is, and google how to uninstall that.12:27
DDROr wait until someone competent comes on.12:27
ioriarandome did you install with sudo ~/installation_file.run   ?12:27
mobile3Can anyone help me ??12:28
DDR(It's 5:30 AM PST atm, I think the chat room usually is a bit more active 6 to 18 hours from now.)12:28
randomeioria: sudo sh12:28
ioriarandome      a .run file, i mean ?12:29
randomeioria: yeah..sudo sh installation_file.run12:30
ioriarandome      if so you should have the --uninstall   flag12:30
ioriarandome      the same command but with  --uninstall    at the end12:30
ioriarandome      open a console, stop lighdm , unistall it, purge nvidia* and reboot12:31
randomeioria: sudo sh installation_file.run --uninstall ???12:31
ioriarandome     condieer that i don't know your configuration so the only advice that i can give you is to remove/purge all the nvidia package you have12:32
ioriarandome    if you run ubuntu-drivers list ?12:32
DDRrandome: Yes, I believe so.12:33
fury__randome: try sudo apt-get remove nvidia- then press tab, does it autocomplete something?12:33
randomefury__ : not auto completing12:33
randomeOk..so I got 312:34
fury__then try sudo apt-get install nevidia-34612:34
ioriarandome    in any case you should work in pure text env ... so ctrl-altF212:34
fury__from autocomplete? good12:34
ioriarandome     ctrl-alt-F212:34
randomeNvidia-304, Nvidia-current ,nvidia-opencl-icd-304 and nvidia-settings12:35
fury__great, unistall first two12:35
fury__sudo apt-get remove <name>12:35
randomeioria: I am running in pure text environment12:35
ioriarandome    ok ... sudo service lightdm stop12:36
randomefury__ :on it12:36
LicencedUserFor CPU usage, should I go with Iceweasel or Epiphany browser?12:36
fury__after you uninstall: sudo apt-get install nvidia-34612:36
LicencedUserI'm rendering a site like this: http://dashingdemo.herokuapp.com/sample 24/712:36
randomefury_ : uninstall the first 2 right??12:36
LicencedUseron a raspberry pi with Ubuntu12:37
randomefury__: done with first..removing 2nd now12:37
randomefury_,: done..installing nvidia 34612:38
fury__now try restarting12:38
randomefury__: cool..download is so slow..12:39
fury__randome: btw, what version of ubuntu do you use?12:40
randomefury__: 15.0412:41
fury__randome: ok, let me know if it works after you restart12:42
randomefury__: OK done with installation..rebooting now12:43
randomefury__: yeah..blank screen after the Ubuntu logo...12:46
randomefury__: did crtl alt f212:47
fury__ok then lets try use the recomended driver fo you GPU12:47
fury__sudo apt-add-repository ppa:xorg-edgers/ppa12:47
fury__remove the driver you just installed nevidia-34612:48
fury__sudo apt-get update12:48
fury__also remove nvidia-setting12:49
fury__then sudo apt-get install nvidia-current nvidia-settings12:49
randomefury__: added the repo..removing 346 now12:49
randomefury_: removed settings.. I did the tab thingy again..there's nvidia-opencl-ivd-346 and nvidia-prime..do I let them stay or remove them too??12:51
=== CyberJacob is now known as zz_CyberJacob
randomefury__ *12:52
fury__one sec I dont know that prime is12:52
fury__are you using a laptop?12:53
=== Mitchell92 is now known as Mitchell92[A]
Matsyfury__: If he has nvidia prima, then probably yes12:54
randomefury__: yea12:54
fury__ok..it should not matter...I think12:55
fury__sudo apt-get install nvidia-current nvidia-settings12:55
randomefury__: on it12:55
=== GitGud is now known as GitGUI
randomefury__: done ..reboot?12:57
fury__randome: yes12:57
kernixhey all12:58
randomefury__: low- graphics mode12:58
fury__ok I asorry then but I do not know what your problem is, it might be that nvidia-prime driver, there is no harm if you uninstall it and then try to install it again now that oyu have that repository I gave you12:59
fury__check this link which seems to describe your problem12:59
fury__sorry for not being able to help you more13:00
randomefury_ : thanks a lot buddy.. Will take a break and try again..13:00
randomefury__: OK..so I uninstalled everything related to nvidia.. Rebooted.. Got the login screen..13:04
randomefury__: its running in x.org server nouveau..will take back up of all files and try installing nvidia later13:06
fury__randome: ok, good luck :)13:06
=== Guest54458 is now known as dazm
Fohlenis there any way to install mysql-client "only". When I install mysql-client it bind's to the local socket, which means I need a local mysql-server running permitting user's connects to outgoing hosts13:13
Fohlenanyhow this seems a distribution-specific problem I've also ran into debian, but it works on cent13:13
Fohlen*when using debian13:13
yarekt_Hi. Can someone help me make a bootable USB stick from ubuntu without GUI please?13:21
yarekt_Or alternatively from OSX13:21
EriC^^yarekt_: sudo dd if=/path/to/iso of=/dev/sdX bs=4M && sync13:21
SCHAAP137yarekt_: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick#mkusb_-_dd_image_of_iso_file_to_USB_device_safely13:22
=== pkircher_ is now known as pkircher
EriC^^yarekt_: type sudo parted -l first to get the name of your usb13:22
yarekt_EriC^^: Last few times i tried that didn't work..13:22
EriC^^yarekt_: did you use /dev/sdX or /dev/sdxY ?13:22
=== d- is now known as Guest1885
yarekt_I dds the iso right onto the block device, /dev/sdh13:23
yarekt_But let me try it again, just to be absolutely sure13:23
EriC^^did you checksum the .iso?13:23
EriC^^maybe you need to set the bios to boot it?13:24
yarekt_ok, dding onto the stick, might take a while13:29
yarekt_I don't know how I didn't see that section in the wiki, I must have not scrolled far enough =/13:30
yarekt_SCHAAP137: ^^13:30
drdozerhi - I'm not getting audio through my TV down an HDMI cable13:35
drdozerin the kde mixer, there is a playback device for HDMI and the volume is set to 100%13:36
Fuchsdrdozer: you then also have to move audio streams to that output device, unless it is set as the default13:38
Fuchsas much as I love KDE, you probably get better results by firing up pavucontrol for that13:38
yarekt_EriC^^, SCHAAP137, Amazing, booted straight away. Thanks for your help!13:38
Fuchs(you can, however, right click any stream in kmix and redirect it to HDMI, if that helps you testing)13:38
yorwosdrdozer in configuration in audio settings maybe try to only let hdmi audio on and turn others off , i did the exact opposite thing for my external sound card to work , had to turn hdmi audio off13:38
EriC^^yarekt_: great, no problem :)13:38
drdozeryorwos, in the audio video settings, the non-hdmi is listed first in the preferences lists13:40
drdozerso if I move hdmi up to the top of those lists, it may work?13:40
yorwostheres no moving in xfce here , just dropdown menu which i chose deactivated13:43
yorwostry moving to top and if that doesnt work deactivate and reactivate after ur movie13:43
yorwosim seeing this in audio settings/mixer from the notification menu in menu bar13:44
drdozerI've set HDMI as the default channel13:45
drdozerI've used the kmixer thing to tell it to send dragonplayer to hdmi13:48
drdozerbut still no sound13:48
drdozerok, I've fired up pavucontrol and it thinks that dragonplayer is being routed through hdmi13:50
drdozerand it's showing me volumes going up and down13:50
drdozerok, when I go to the output devices tab, it says port: hdmi/displayport(unplugged)13:51
drdozerah, it was trying ot talk hdmi rather than hdmi2 :D I have sound now13:53
yorwosnice u fixed it :) enjoy ur movie hehe13:54
drdozerlols, it's my daughter - she wants to watch frozen *again*13:54
SuperFAMCan you use the Appearance > Behavior setting 'Enable workspaces' without the Workspace Switcher application on the dock?13:59
debianixgot it14:01
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Luciusanyone use google cloud compute engine?14:07
LuciusI need to understand something about network infrastructure that's absent in my mind14:07
Luciusrouting is directed towards Wide area networks right?14:07
Luciusand iptables / ufw is directed bidirectionally right?14:07
=== Guest14160 is now known as DarkAngel
Luciusrouting = out only and iptables / ufw = in<->out right?14:07
DarkAngelNICK darkydark14:09
guest-dGMFW2anyone here how to destroyed the planet?14:12
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=== porcodio is now known as scusate
=== jakob__ is now known as jakob__2
ghost__my bluetooth isnt working properly.. i.e every time i turn it on, it automaticcaly turns itself off..14:19
ghost__any sol?14:19
=== jakob__2 is now known as Jay
=== Jay is now known as Jay_cobe
NokajiHi, anyone know how to get a blu ray player working? - I've installed unbuntu extras, also the three drivers libdvdread, libdvdnav & libdvdcss and set region. Nautilus can see the files/names. I've tried VLC & smartplayer. So far it only plays DVDs plus I can re-encode a blu ray disc to mkv (with 5% artefacts prior to setting region code).14:24
Luciuspc specs would be necessary Nokaji, right?14:27
Luciusit's probably proprietary14:27
Luciusor at least the blueray model / type14:27
Nokajiubuntu 14.04 , Pioneer BDR-209DBK14:28
Nokajinot sure how critical the model is, they don't come with driver s/w14:29
Nokajibios autodetects odel form outset14:30
Nokajimodel from*14:30
marianneHello... running 14.04 ... I connected an apple device to pull off some pictures and now I have all these stupid .AppleDB and .AppleDesktop directories i can't get rid of. They have little locks in the corner and even logged in as root, I can't delete them...help, they are annoying14:34
dustSteamUpdateUI: An X Error occurred14:36
dustX Error of failed request:  BadValue (integer parameter out of range for operation)14:36
ioriamarianne can you read them in terminal   ls -al   ?14:36
dusti tried several times to purge and reinstall and reboot and still that problem after the update failed14:37
marianneioria: yes, I can see them in terminal14:38
ioriamarianne ehat attribs  they have ?14:38
marianneioria: drwxr-xr-x  2 root     root        4096 Jul 23 15:20 .AppleDB and drwxr-xr-x  2 root     marianne    4096 Jun  3  2014 .AppleDesktop14:39
=== BOHverkill is now known as BOHverkill___
ioriamarianne and you can delete with sudo rm -rif folder ?14:40
marianneioria: so the command would look like this    sudo rm -rif .AppleDB    ??14:41
ioriamarianne if you want to delete , yes ( no trash bin)14:41
marianneioria: ok...officially love you  thanks it works14:42
ioriamarianne ok, enjoy it14:43
NokajiHi ioria, you asked me to update you from 20th Jul with my dvd writer issues - well in brief I decided to scrap it; it failed in Win8 though I could set the region code there. Wouldn't read non commercial DVD or blank DVDs. One thing I haven't tried is cleaning it with a disc cleaner but I've since replaced it with a blu ray and am trying to get that fully working now, lol14:46
ioriaNokaji, why not a normal rw dvd ? :-P14:47
ioria20 $14:47
NokajiI wanted blu ray ability14:47
Nokajibackup and occasional movies for entertaining14:47
ioriaNokaji, blue ray it's easy on linux, i heard14:48
NokajiI got 'Handbrake' to re-encode a blu ray to mkv so can't be too far out, looks like it should work anyway14:48
Nokajigotta be permisions or drivers - maybe i can find error messages to read but vlc shuts down after trying14:49
ioriaNokaji, i think you have already read this : http://www.libregeek.org/2014/01/05/a-guide-to-playing-blu-rays-on-ubuntu-linux/14:49
NokajiDon't recognise it, I'll have a read - thanks14:50
air2402do any of you use fanless computers ?14:50
Nokajidid find a setting in vlc no one seems to mention though,14:51
MneuroIs there a way to not auto hide the menu bar on windows?14:51
=== BOHverkill___ is now known as BOHverkill
Mneuroit is visible when mousing over it, but I would like it to be visible all the time14:51
NokajiInput Codecs/ Access Modules/ Blu Ray/ blu Ray Menus14:52
NokajiI've set it and now vlc waits 10secs befoe closing instead of almost immediate14:52
Nokajiair2402: saw a real heavy duty lump of metal case that acted as its own heatsink, proly had a pricetag to match, next best option is quit fans and fan control perhaps14:53
Nokajiquiet* fans14:53
PanVHello! I recently heard rumours about Firefox blocking Flash or something.14:54
ioriaNokaji, have you already tried this pps  ppa:heyarje/makemkv-beta14:57
rforceДоброго времени суток14:58
rforceКто может помочь разлочить модем ?14:59
rforceпишите в личку14:59
BluesKaj!ru | rforce15:00
ubotturforce: Пожалуйста наберите /join #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке. | Pozhalujsta naberite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke.15:00
Nokajiioria: : I haven't I'll add that to my list in case I need it. I think, short of dropping to Win8 to see what it does, I'm gonna see if i can burn to blu ray on a 25GB platter/disc15:00
pj___> When I try to view the contents of a flashdrive in xubuntu through the file manager I get the error "Error mounting /dev/sdb1 at /media/pj/PJ: Command-line `mount -t "exfat" -o "uhelper=udisks2,nodev,nosuid,uid=1000,gid=1000,iocharset=utf8,namecase=0,errors=remount-ro,umask=0077" "/dev/sdb1" "/media/pj/PJ"' exited with non-zero exit status 32: mount: unknown filesystem type 'exfat' " Any idea how to fix this15:05
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ioriapj__, try to in stall these : exfat-fuse   exfat-utils15:23
=== chao is now known as Guest67205
Guest67205while, is this the room for random chatting?15:27
pj__iora, thanks for the help that fixed the problem. Do you know why these packages don't come with ubuntu by default15:28
BluesKajGuest67205,  no, try #ubuntu-offtopic15:30
Guest67205thanks, bye15:30
ioriapj__, to be honest idk ... maybe they are obsolete15:31
nahledgeis there a tool to customize an existing iso's applications? I want to make a custom live cd of Ubuntu from outside of ubuntu...15:36
cfhowlett!uck | nahledge15:36
ubottunahledge: uck is a tool that helps you customise official Ubuntu Live CDs (including Kubuntu/Xubuntu and Edubuntu) to your needs. See http://uck.sourceforge.net/15:36
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emilianowhats the point of this15:43
SkyriderI might as well here as well. I know that this is an ubuntu channel.. but if you had to choose between ubuntu 15.04 and debian 8 (SERVER) not desktop, what would you choose?15:45
* cfhowlett checks irc channel ... yep. it's ubuntu ...15:45
norbinI have configured a new DNS server (On ubuntu server) according to the guidelines here https://help.ubuntu.com/lts/serverguide/dns.html15:48
norbinone by one, yet i am unable to ping local domain by name, says unknown domain15:48
norbini can ping ip yes, but it won't reversedns even though ive set up the zone to do so too15:49
norbinso clearly something is wrong but i can't find out what15:49
=== erwin is now known as easyOnMe
Skyridercfhowlett there's still a difference in server and desktop if you ask me. :p15:49
cfhowlettSkyrider, ubuntu server vs. debian server was your query.  this is the ubuntu channel so ...15:50
cfhowlett!server | Skyrider15:50
ubottuSkyrider: Ubuntu Server Edition is a release of Ubuntu designed especially for server environments, including a server specific !kernel and no !GUI. The install CD contains many server applications. Current !LTS version is !Trusty (Trusty Tahr 14.04) - More info: http://www.ubuntu.com/products/whatisubuntu/serveredition - Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/14.04/serverguide - Support in #ubuntu-server15:50
SkyriderI thought 15.04 was the new lts?15:57
cfhowlettSkyrider, no15:58
Skyridermh, interesting.15:58
Taz3rQuelqu'un sait-il comment puis-je changer l'icône d'ubuntu en haut à droite dans le panel à droite du systray celui qui permet de changer de session ou d'éteindre l'ordinateur (l'icone de l'écrou)?16:18
cfhowlett!fr | Taz3r16:19
ubottuTaz3r: Nous sommes desoles mais ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en français, veuillez taper /join #ubuntu-fr ou /join #ubuntu-qc. Merci.16:19
Taz3rDoes anybody know how can I change the ubuntu icon at the top right in the panel to the right of the systemtray that allows changing session or shutdown the computer ?16:20
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ciarankhey! im having some trouble installing ubuntu server and was wondering if anyone could help?16:40
EriC^^ciarank: what's up?16:40
ciaranki cant get it to detect my ssd :/16:41
EriC^^gpt msdos?16:41
EriC^^was it raided earlier?16:42
ciarank being a total noob here, could you walk me through it?16:42
EriC^^ciarank: ok, do you have a live usb?16:42
ciarankim trying to use a SanDisk 128gb ssd, with a asus m2n68-am plus mobo16:43
ciarankim trying to install from usb yeah but theres no option to go live, just install16:43
EriC^^do you have any means of getting a live session?16:43
ciarankone minute16:43
ciaranki can execute a shell and abour the installation, im going to try the latter16:44
ciaranki just get the installer boot menu16:45
ciarankIm thinking maybe get a usb with ubuntu desktop and see if i can go live from there16:46
EriC^^does the bios see it16:46
EriC^^yeah, good idea16:47
ciarankbios detects it16:47
EriC^^ciarank: ok, add libata.noacpi=1 to the kernel cmd line16:47
ciarankill give that a go now16:51
ciarankill give that a go now16:51
ciaranki cant seem to get that :/16:55
ciarankim getting very limited optionns when i boot16:55
ciarankall the options i get are : Install Ubuntu Server, Multiple server install with, chekc disk for defects, test memory, boot from first hard disk, advanced options, help16:57
ciarankthats all my options16:57
mgolischyeah you need to press e to edit the entry or something16:59
ciarankim going to put ubuntu desktop onto a usb, see if i can boot into that on the machine17:00
EriC^^ciarank: is there an option to edit the boot options or so?17:01
EriC^^which gives you a line like linux /vmlinuz ........etc.17:01
ciarankso im putting desktop 14.10 onto my usb now17:02
ciaranki couldnt see any eric, what i listed is litrally all it gave m,e17:03
mgolischi think you need to use the advanced or other options entry17:03
mgolischit will show the boot cmdline then which you can edit17:03
ciarankcreating persistant file now17:04
ciarankthe advanced options was just to recover from a broken installation]#17:04
ioriasomething like F6 ?17:05
TJ-EriC^^: Which server release was that? 14.04 boot menu has "Install Ubuntu Server", "Multiple server install with MASS", "Check disk for defects", "Test memory", "Boot from first hard disk", "Rescue a broken system"17:05
Taz3rresolve, thx17:06
ciaranki was usuing server 15.0417:06
ioriaTj- seems he has an 'advanced options' menu17:07
EriC^^TJ-: ^17:07
ciaranki do but its only to rescue a broken installation :/17:07
TJ-Probably where it got hidden then17:07
TJ-For future reference, the BIOS and UEFI boot menus for server ISO (14.04) are the same even though BIOS is using isolinux (syslinux) not GRUB17:08
EriC^^TJ-: his installer isn't seeing his ssd17:08
TJ-EriC^^: Firmware controller mode issue - AHCI/RAID/IDE ?  ... UEFI/BIOS ?17:09
ciarankT his motherboard only has bios, no uefi, my nios is detecting my ssd but the installer isnt seeing it17:09
ioriaciarank, i think msdos is deprecated with ssd.... but not sure17:10
EriC^^wth is wrong with flash lately, i get 95'c cpu temps and now irc is in slow motion17:10
ciarankonce i have the usb created i will see what my bios settings are, cant remember off the top of my head now17:10
TJ-ciarank: If it's SATA, which SATA version does the SATA controller on the motherboard support, and what does the SSD support?17:10
TJ-ciarank: I've seen systems where the controller and drive won't agree to talk at SATA 2 (or 3) and have to be forced to use SATA 1 (1.5Gbps link)17:11
* EriC^^ remembers he installed fglrx-updates lately17:11
zzo38The xterm bell also doesn't work when I compile XTerm(271) from source17:11
EriC^^still flash is going bazerk though17:11
ciarankit supports sata 3Gb/s, the ssd im sure is 6Gb/s17:11
zzo38So possibly I misconfigured it and made the same mistake when configuring XTerm(297)?17:12
TJ-ciarank: Checking for that means, in the installer, getting to a root prompt and checking the output of 'dmesg' looking for SATA link negotiation issues17:12
TJ-EriC^^: flash, as in flash memory?17:12
EriC^^ever since the vulnerability update it's been hogging the cpu a lot17:13
TJ-EriC^^: Oh! ... disabled that pile of 0-days ages ago!17:13
ciarankpretty sure theres a solid reason that its getting phased out17:13
TJ-The only thing with more vulnerabilities is Microsoft Windows OS it seems, but vulnerabilities per line of code must be highest in Flash17:14
ciarankim booting into a live ubuntu desktop!17:16
tewardgeneric question, but does anyone know of a USB 3.0 ethernet adapter that works out of the box with Ubuntu without any real additional driver installations?17:17
looseboltonWhy does dual booting have to be such black magic :/ I want to switch from Ubuntu to Arch but I'm afraid I'll mess up grub somehow17:18
looseboltonI guess I could just shrink my Ubuntu partition instead of getting rid of it17:21
TJ-loosebolton: don't allow Arch to install a boot-loader, or remove the Ubuntu GRUB and let Arch's GRUB do it. Don't keep both around else they'll both try changing the same files17:22
looseboltonYes, that's what I'm planning17:22
looseboltonI'll just add arch to ubuntu's menu17:22
Kalkarloosebolton; why would you like to switch to arch?17:23
looseboltonI'd like to learn more about how everything works together, and I think it would be easier to do when everything isn't already set up out of the box17:23
Kalkarloosebolton; then switching to arch is probably a very stupid idea17:24
looseboltonhow so?17:24
vigilant_Hello! I was using steam without problems for many months and today it suddenly wont start and gives me this error: "SteamUpdateUI: An X Error occurred17:24
vigilant_X Error of failed request:  BadValue (integer parameter out of range for operation)" help!17:24
Kalkarloosebolton; ubuntu isn't windows, it is linux17:24
Kalkarloosebolton; you can always reconstruct it to your liking17:24
vigilant_I even tried to reinstall steam, after purging and deleting all things steam17:24
Kalkarloosebolton; in the process, you'll learn quite a bit17:24
TJ-loosebolton: When update-grub runs it has a script /etc/grub.d/30_os-prober that scans all file-systems it can find and if it finds a valid OS adds its entry to the grub.cfg.  So you don't want GRUB installed in more than 1 OS else the boot loader config might get confused as both attempt to make changes if they update files (e.g. kernels)17:24
Kalkarloosebolton; trust me17:24
Kalkarloosebolton; reconstructing ubuntu isn't that difficult, considering you have an internet connection and a USB drive with a distro installed since if nothing goes wrong, you can always switch over to the live distro on the USB, find a solution to the problem, and apply it on ubuntu17:26
Kalkaranything goes wrong*17:26
vigilant_X Error of failed request:  BadValue (integer parameter out of range for operation)" anyone can help? I even reinstalled steam and deleted everything first.17:27
vigilant_Hello! I was using steam without problems for many months and today it suddenly wont start and gives me this error: "SteamUpdateUI: An X Error occurred17:28
looseboltonmaybe I'll just install it on my raspberry pi then, for fun17:28
Kalkarvigilant_; google is your best friend17:29
vigilant_Kalkar: google doesnt answer17:29
ioriavigilant_, ati drivers ?17:30
vigilant_Iora: yupp17:30
ioria!info fglrx-amdcccle17:30
ubottufglrx-amdcccle (source: fglrx-installer): Catalyst Control Center for the AMD graphics accelerators. In component restricted, is optional. Version 2:15.200-0ubuntu4 (vivid), package size 4976 kB, installed size 14502 kB (Only available for amd64; i386)17:30
ioriavigilant_, vivid ?17:30
vigilant_iora: 15.04 with RV730 - Radeon HD 467017:31
ioriavigilant_, try to install the above ....17:31
vigilant_iora: is it supported for this early graphic card?17:32
ioriavigilant_, don't know :(17:32
ioriavigilant_, maybe you already have    dpkg -l fglrx-amdcccle17:34
vigilant_iora: "dpkg-query: no packages found matching fglrx-amdcccle"17:34
ioriavigilant_, try it ... you can remove/purge17:35
vigilant_iora: ok, sudo apt-get install fglrx-amdcccle ?17:35
ioriavigilant_, yes, first apt-get update17:35
zzo38I fixed the bell; the problem was that the "libxkbfile-dev" package was missing and that caused the bell to not work17:39
Nokajiioria: Hi again, I'm about to pop out but to give you a minor update n the blu ray stuff, I can't get it to burn to a blank disc - maybe brasero and CD/DVD Creator are simply not up to it (askubuntu claims otherwise on brasero) - maybe also this indicats the problem isn't with viewing rights software, I'll keep at ti when i get back.17:40
vigilant_ioria: then just reboot and try again?17:40
ioriavigilant_, yep17:40
vigilant_thanx :D17:40
u0m3hi, does anyone know if there is a way to make ubuntu ignore a usb device so I can assign it to a virtual machine? the system keeps taking control of it17:40
BluewolfHi all, I am trying to install Ubuntu 14.04 Gnome on my laptop Samsung i7-2675QM using a usb drive, but I don't know how to get it to boot of the drive. My settings in the bios are to boot off the usb drive before CD/DVD rom and Hard Drive. Any suggestions?17:41
ioriaNokaji, sorry to hear that17:41
TJ-u0m3: what kind of USB device? usually it requires blacklisting a driver, or do you need something more subtle?17:41
Nokajiioria: okay , I have DVD access still, no immediate need for blu ray except to archive at sme point, i don't even own a TV17:42
ioriaNokaji, dvd is working , right ?17:42
Nokajii'm off anyways ...17:42
NokajiI can wath DVDs, not tried burning one17:42
Nokajinot tried CD either17:43
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Nokajioh, on my old DCD, I maanged to extract a CD to flac without errors so that indicates possible laser on the dvd issues17:43
u0m3TJ-, well so far I only needed a phone and a usb wifi card17:43
ioriaNokaji, there is this ppa someone says it's working https://launchpad.net/~heyarje/+archive/ubuntu/makemkv-beta17:44
u0m3TJ-, phone= samsung galaxy S317:44
vigilant_ioria: now I only have 640 on ubuntu :( cant even see the bottom of the display settings17:44
ioriaNokaji, purge it :(17:45
vigilant_ioria: same error on steam aswell17:45
yorwosnokaji ur problem was burning a blueray ?17:45
yorwosor reading it ?17:45
ioriavigilant_, purge it .... are you using proprietary ?17:45
vigilant_ioria: how do I know?17:46
sarawaraanyone know what the name of the ubuntu channel in dutch is?17:46
Nokajiioria: Duly noted, thanks for all your help on this. One good thing is it forces me to dig under the bonet of ubuntu, I sorted my drive issues out form last week (drive names displayed as alphanumerics) so a sense of achievement, i'll keep plugging away, i also downloaded the free ubuntu book so maybe i'll crack it open17:46
vigilant_ioria: what is the command line to uninstall it?17:46
sadHello .17:46
Nokajiyorwos: More the problem was reading but yes, can't burn either17:46
ioriavigilant_, sudo apt-get purge fglrx-amdcccle17:46
=== dan__ is now known as dan801
sadPlease can someone help me with Redshift on LXLE ?17:47
Nokajiyorwos: I have a few things to try for now though and no immediate panick17:47
u0m3TJ-, the samsung device kept getting disconnected and the wifi card was locked by networkmanager17:48
naftilos76Hi everyone, i have chosen gnome classic via gnome flashback but there is one thing that really annoys me. The favorites from the menu. Is there anything that i can install to have a kde-like menu?17:48
sadIt something strage happens with redshif in my computer.17:49
yorwosaw i had the problem to burn discs a year ago but it could read them17:49
sadI install that but it gone away after 2 seconds17:49
vigilant_ioria: seems purging it didnt help, I still have 640 now :\ it allways worked fine before, is there someway to change the resolution with commandline maybe?17:49
ioriavigilant_, xrandr17:50
sadis er een nederlander aan bord ?17:50
vigilant_ioria: it says maximum is 640 now lol17:50
ioriavigilant_, sudo lshw -c video17:50
vigilant_ioria: http://paste.ubuntu.com/11937863/17:51
sarawaraah found it, might be useful for you sad ... #ubuntu-nl17:52
ioriavigilant_, ubuntu-drivers list ?17:52
sadi visit it. dosnt help17:52
vigilant_ioria: what is that?17:53
sadi cant keep redshift17:53
sadand it dosnt work17:53
ioriavigilant_, tells you reccomended video drivers to install17:53
vigilant_ioria: aaah its a program!17:54
ioriavigilant_, it's a command17:54
vigilant_it says 'amd64-microcode'17:55
vigilant_ioria: it says 'amd64-microcode'17:55
ioriavigilant_, it should say  fglrx   .... additional drivers ?17:56
vigilant_ioria: just says amd64-microcode17:56
ioriavigilant_, and  additional drivers ?17:56
vigilant_ioria: 'Unknown:unkown' next line: 'this device is using an alternate driver' next line: ' using processor microcode firmware for AMD cpus from amd-64-microcode (proprietary)17:59
BluewolfHi all, I am trying to install Ubuntu 14.04 Gnome on my laptop Samsung i7-2675QM using a usb drive, but I don't know how to get it to boot of the drive. My settings in the bios are to boot off the usb drive before CD/DVD rom and Hard Drive. Any suggestions?17:59
ObrienDaveremove the USB after installing ;P18:00
ioriavigilant_, don't you remember if you installed fglrx or you had the default driver ?18:00
vigilant_ioria: I never installed any driver for this card before today.18:00
vigilant_ioria: it just worked perfect at installtime18:01
ioriavigilant_, sudo apt-get remove --purge fglrx*18:01
vigilant_ioria: and then reboot :)18:02
ioriavigilant_, yes18:02
vigilant_ioria: now it looks good again thanks :)18:03
wileeeBluewolf, Besides the bios choice you can do this per-session (boot) of what is booted, This sounds like uefi computer if so state that.18:04
ioriavigilant_, better ask to steam players :-)18:04
vigilant_ioria: where are they hiding?18:04
ioriavigilant_, :-þ maybe here18:04
vigilant_ioria: haha :D18:04
vigilant_Anyone else in here with steam problems today who managed to resolve them?18:05
tgm4883vigilant_: what kind of steam problems?18:05
vigilant_tgm4883: it worked perfect until today when I got this message on startup from terminal : 'SteamUpdateUI: An X Error occurred18:06
vigilant_X Error of failed request:  BadValue (integer parameter out of range for operation)18:06
vigilant_tgm4883: and then I do an uninstall purge all files away and then reinstall and same error.18:06
tgm4883vigilant_: nope, running fine here18:06
vigilant_tgm4883: funny thing is that my crossover steam still works ;)18:06
tgm4883just fired it up18:07
vigilant_I can emulate windows steam but not run linux steam, its crazy18:07
Bluewolfwileee: Pardon my knowlage on the laptop, its a friends. There is no option in the bios to directly boot off the device nor will it run on the OS on it when I plug the USB in (The OS currently installed is Ubuntu 14.04)18:08
tgm4883vigilant_: when you say you purge all files, does that include the files in your home dir?18:08
Bluewolf uefi?18:08
vigilant_tgm4883: all the steam things, I read a howto uninstall steam on google and followed the steps18:08
tgm4883vigilant_: odd, nothing else changed?18:09
wileeeBluewolf, Should you be doing this to a friends computer with this little of understanding, personally I'm not gonna touch this anymore.18:09
vigilant_tgm4883: 'sudo apt-get remove steam' 'sudo apt-get purge steam'' rm -rf ~/.local/share/Steam && rm -rf ~/.steam'18:10
vigilant_tgm4883: then I reinstalled18:10
tgm4883vigilant_: I meant nothing else changed from the last time it worked?18:10
vigilant_tgm4883: nope18:10
vigilant_tgm4883: it installed fine, updated lots of files, but then when it wanted to startup the same error18:10
tgm4883vigilant_: what video card?18:11
vigilant_tgm4883: never had this problem before. Amd rv73018:11
Bluewolfwileee: Look, the friend in question knows less than I do. All I am trying to do is reinstall it via USB which its not booting off or even running in the ubuntu OS installed.18:11
TJ-Bluewolf: what is the make/model of PC?18:12
tgm4883Bluewolf: so it has ubuntu on there already?18:13
BluewolfTJ-: Ah the make is samsung, as for the model I'm not sure as it does not say on the machine, is there a command I can enter in the terminal to find out?18:14
TJ-Bluewolf: "dmesg | grep DMI" should do it18:14
vigilant_I am wondering if I should get a new video card either a 'MSI GeForce210 1GB PhysX CUDA Low profil' or a 'ASUS GeForce GT 610 1GB Silent PhysX18:14
vigilant_GDDR3, DL-DVI-I, HDMI' would it be better than my amd rv730 for ubuntu?18:14
fallorewhats the best way to disable mouse acceleration in ubuntu? i've heard that the "xset m 00" is not the best to use18:14
wileeeBluewolf, You are getting support, you need to respect my unwillingness to help you and why.18:14
Bluewolftgm4883: Yes it has Ubuntu 14.04 on it, I want to put Ubuntu 14.04 Gnome as I don't like unity.18:14
TJ-Bluewolf: If the PC is already running Ubuntu, all you need to do is install the additional packages using "apt-get" or the Software Centre18:15
tgm4883Bluewolf: so do it via apt, don't bother with reinstalling the whole OS18:15
Bluewolfwileee: Indeed, and as us wish. Don't mean to bother, thanks for the help. :D18:16
tgm4883vigilant_: open source drivers?18:16
TJ-Bluewolf: as in "sudo apt-get install ubuntu-gnome-desktop"18:16
vigilant_tgm4883: the ones ubuntu 15.04 uses automatically, didnt alter them at all18:17
Bluewolftgm4883: TJ-: I want a clean install. As I will be doing a dual boot as well.18:17
TJ-Bluewolf: OK, well if the USB device won't boot then first thing is to check the ISO download wasn't corrupted, by comparing the hash checksum against the list on the download pages18:18
tgm4883Bluewolf: how did you make the usb?18:18
TJ-Bluewolf: 2nd thing to try is if that USB device will boot on any other PC - if not, the image in it is likely corrupt and needs re-writing to it18:18
fallorewhere do i edit my start programs?18:18
BluewolfTj-: I doubt, At the time I downloaded and made my USB bootable I checked. And this os I am talking to you from is installed from that same usb. Also I seem to recall this friends laptop being a pain last time with a reinstall via USB.18:20
tgm4883vigilant_: well something must have changed18:21
Bluewolftgm4883: Startup Disk Creator I think18:21
vigilant_tgm4883: I just ordered the 'ASUS GeForce GT 610 1GB Silent PhysX18:22
vigilant_<vigilant_> GDDR3, DL-DVI-I, HDM' I bet its an amd error, its below the athloon 5000 mark which is where they put the line for updating the drivers the amd bastards18:22
tgm4883vigilant_: maybe. I've got an AMD card on open source drivers though18:22
vigilant_tgm4883: its maybe not as old as my 4650?18:23
tgm4883vigilant_: well WTF18:23
tgm4883vigilant_: thinking about it, I didn't start it on my AMD card previously. I've got the same error18:23
TJ-Bluewolf: without the model of the PC we're in no position to help since the issue is the PC - you're in front of it and have access to the firmware setup, we don't,18:23
tgm4883vigilant_: and there was a steam update last night...18:23
athanHey everyone - I can't seem to sign-in to my ubuntu desktop through ssh. I've installed openssh-server, but for some reason Doing `ssh athan@ip` won't accept my password18:23
vigilant_tgm4883:  :D :D18:23
tgm4883Bad valve! No biscuit18:23
athanit's asking for the password to the user, but rejects the correct one :\18:23
athanis there some group I need to add `athan` to?18:24
athan(This is on 15.04 btw)18:24
vigilant_tgm4883: so its a bug, I have no idea how to report those18:24
BluewolfTJ-: okay, how do I get the model number, where do I get it from the software side?18:24
tgm4883Bluewolf: 'sudo dmidecode | grep -i Product'18:25
TJ-Bluewolf: As I said before: "dmesg | grep DMI" should do it18:25
BluewolfOkay one moment18:25
BluewolfTJ-: tgm4883: Okay here - Product Name, 700Z3A/700Z4A/700Z5A/700Z5B18:29
tgm4883Bluewolf: and you want to dual boot what?18:30
TJ-Bluewolf: so this is thw Win8 user manual for that model I think http://downloadcenter.samsung.com/content/UM/201210/20121028104609083/Win8_Manual_eng.pdf18:31
tgm4883vigilant_: when is the last time you successfully started steam? come to think of it, I probaby didn't start steam on my AMD card yesterday18:31
Bluewolftgm4883: Windows 7 which appears to already be there, I guess I won't go through the hassle of reinstalling that as I don't have a windows disk.18:32
boot13Anyone know how to fix an unbootable system that shows error: symbol not found: grub_divmod64_full?18:32
vigilant_tgm4883: I definitevely started it yesterday18:32
TJ-Bluewolf: See page 10218:33
vigilant_tgm4883: was trying out some new humble jumbo bundle stuff :)18:33
tgm4883Bluewolf: I'm super confused now. It's already dual booting, you've got a working install of Ubuntu on there, and you said yourself that the laptop is a pain to install on. Why not just use apt to install gnome shell?18:33
TJ-Bluewolf: The clue is in "If you need to boot to DOS using a USB device, enter the BIOS Setup, select Advanced menu and set the Fast BIOS Mode item to Disabled"18:36
tgm4883vigilant_: ok, I've got a fix18:37
vigilant_tgm4883: I tried to contact steam support, but it feels like a maze of sh't18:37
vigilant_tgm4883: :D :D :D18:37
vigilant_tgm4883: hurra18:37
Bluewolftgm4883: And that would completely remove every trace of unity?18:37
tgm4883vigilant_: "find ~/.steam/root/ \( -name "libgcc_s.so*" -o -name "libstdc++.so*" -o -name "libxcb.so*" \) -print -delete" from https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Steam#Steam_runtime_issues18:37
tgm4883Bluewolf: you could purge the unity stuff yes. This isn't windows where you need to reinstall the OS to fix 40% of the problems18:38
vigilant_tgm4883: I should run this command 'find ~/.steam/root/ \( -name "libgcc_s.so*" -o -name "libstdc++.so*" -o -name "libxcb.so*" \) -print -delete'  ?18:38
BluewolfTJ-: Page 102 is about changing the boot password, I dont get it. And the perpose of the Fast BIOS mode?18:39
tgm4883vigilant_: you're running 15.04 on open source amd drivers?18:39
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vigilant_tgm4883: thats me18:39
wileeeunity is a tiny plugin in compiz sitting on top of gnome 3 that is a bad idea, has most of the shell already in place.18:39
vigilant_tgm4883: and then reboot?18:40
tgm4883vigilant_: ni18:40
Bluewolftgm4883: Old habits, truth is that I haven't been playing with this stuff for ages and have forgotten all the installation stuff. I feel bad :D18:40
TJ-Bluewolf: the BIOS config details start there, what little there is, and goes on to discuss the boot order options and the hint aobut disabling "Fast BIOS" mode which might the problem - Fast Boot (BIOS) mode usually means the default boot entry is loaded without first checking the boot devices for alternative boot loaders18:40
tgm4883vigilant_: just start steam after that18:40
vigilant_tgm4883: wooooow it woooorks :D :D :D18:40
vigilant_tgm4883: going to have to play all my adventure games to where I was before now though lol18:41
BluewolfTJ-: Okay should I go ahead and give it a try quickly?18:41
tgm4883vigilant_: it's just removing the steam libraries that point at the old mesa. It's using system libraries now18:41
TJ-Bluewolf: seems like a lot of un-necessary hassle if all you want is Gnome!18:41
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TJ-Bluewolf: but it might be useful as knowledge for the future to know if that is the cause18:42
tgm4883vigilant_: which means that A) a steam update in the future might mean you need to do that again, and B) it's possible you'll have some game instability since it's using newer libraries18:42
BluewolfTJ-: I find it easier, but yes it is useful to know. I'll give it a try18:42
vigilant_tgm4883: ahh, I think I might just buy me that nvidia. I dumpstered this whole computer :)18:43
vigilant_tgm4883: maybe the graphic card is too old18:43
tgm4883vigilant_: well to be fair, the newer libraries might give you better performance as well. But it's always nice to have new hardware18:43
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rebswas bash changed from 14.10 to 15.0418:44
vigilant_tgm4883: thanks for thelp :)18:44
tgm4883vigilant_: yw18:44
vigilant_the help18:44
BluewolfTJ-: Here is something interesting, there is no Fast boot in the bios, in Advanced. I do see Legacy USB support and UEFI Boot support (Which I don't know what it means)18:47
TheEagerPadawanif i would like to study for LPIC-1, what whould be a good source to start with?18:47
TJ-Bluewolf: Sounds like that 'Windows' user guide is as bad as it looked, with no real details and inaccurate info. "Legacy USB support" means the firmware provides drivers to access USB devices like keyboard/mice/mass-storage for the boot-loader to use until the operating system takes over18:49
TJ-Bluewolf: "UEFI boot support" probably means whether the system tries to boot first in UEFI mode, or tries Legacy BIOS mode18:49
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wileeerebs, This might help, you're question has no context. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Beginners/BashScripting18:50
BluewolfTJ-: Okay that helps thanks, so now if there is no fast boot what other suggestions do you have?18:50
TJ-Bluewolf: Contact Samsung18:51
BluewolfTJ-: And then, what do I say?18:52
=== makaveli_ is now known as Guest25912
BluewolfTJ-: What about installing that Ubuntu from the current OS or even Windows, possible?18:53
rebswileee, all I was wondering is if new functionality was introduced, or the version stayed the same18:53
=== roberto is now known as Guest93408
karmousy a quelqun18:54
TJ-Bluewolf: It sounds as if the machine is preventing the user from booting from removable media in some way, and the manual appears to contain incorrect information... I'd start with that. However, in the time you've spent messing about with this you could have done the "apt-get install ubuntu-gnome-desktop" 100 times!18:54
tgm4883rebs: there appears to have been a change of bash between 14.10 and 15.0418:55
tgm4883rebs: a minor change though. It would probably help if we knew why you wanted to know that18:56
BluewolfTJ-: Okay fine, I'll do it. But that includes completely removing all traces of unity.18:56
rebswell its a bash question, so it would be off topic here18:57
TJ-Bluewolf: plenty of folks here can tell you how to remove Unity :)18:57
rebsor can i ask bash questions here18:57
TJ-rebs: If it's related to an Ubuntu install, and possibly a config change, yes18:57
BluewolfTJ-: You sure there up for the teaching, I'm a difficult student :D18:57
TJ-Bluewolf: I hadn't noticed :p18:57
BluewolfTJ-: Lucky you, okay so in the terminal I enter "sudo apt-get install ubuntu-gnome-desktop"18:58
BluewolfHow big is it to download?18:59
BluewolfSlow interent connection.18:59
karmousça marche comment ?19:00
tgm4883Bluewolf: if you run the command, it will tell you exactly how large the download is19:01
TJ-Bluewolf: I'm not sure, it depends on which new packages are required. apt-get should tell you19:01
w30Bluewolf, evidently apt-get can resume if you shut it off right.19:03
tgm4883w30: I don't think that's a good solution19:04
w30Bluewolf, http://askubuntu.com/questions/219242/how-do-i-pause-resume-download-and-install-from-terminal19:04
Bluewolftgm4883, TJ-: Okay well it's going, you two have an idea of removing unity?19:04
Bluewolfw30: thanks19:04
BluewolfHope it goes well19:05
smo80why removing unity just use another session type.. gnome-shell or don t know what ...19:05
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=== iacin is now known as Yohan55
Yohan55hey everyone19:07
BluewolfTJ-: Um help :D - the install is asking me what default display manager to select - gdm or lightdm?19:21
lordievaderBluewolf: Go lightdm, it is default for most flavours of Ubuntu.19:22
Bluewolflordievader: Okay thanks .19:22
AppAraathi, I am trying to automatically login to an LXDE session. The user has a password but I would like to get to the desktop after boot without password prompt. I've set "autologin=user" in /etc/lxdm/default.conf and I've also tried doing "gsettings set org.gnome.desktop.lockdown disable-lock-screen 'true'" but none of these methods work.19:26
AppAraat(I'm running on Ubuntu 14.04 minimal with LXDE minimal installed)19:27
Bluewolflordievader: Would you have any ideas on completely removing Unity?19:27
ubottuIf you want to remove all !Gnome packages and have a default !Kubuntu system follow the instructions here « http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/purekde »19:27
ubottuIf you want to remove all !Kubuntu packages or !Xubuntu packages and have a default !Ubuntu system, follow the instructions here: http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/pureubuntu19:27
lordievaderBluewolf: There is probably something among ^ that you can use ;)19:28
ubottuIf you want to remove all !KDE, !GNOME and !XFCE packages and have a default !Lubuntu system follow the instructions here « http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/purelxde »19:28
wileeeAppAraat, this may help, http://lxlinux.com/#1219:31
Bluewolflordievader: Appreciate it, and I just follow those steps there, nothing out of the ordinary I need to know?19:31
lordievaderBluewolf: Err I don't use Unity, so I don't know of any pitfalls. Try not to remove things your current desktop uses I guess.19:33
Bluewolflordievader: ah well I'm not to sure on that stuff. . .19:34
=== Guest76087 is now known as mantena
lordievaderBluewolf: What kind of desktop are you running now?19:35
Bluewolflordievader: Unity, and now I am in the process of switching to Gnome. Then after that I will be making all efforts to rid my machine completely of unity and its relations.19:37
Bluewolfwileee: Something I did wrong?19:39
lordievaderBluewolf: Isn't it easier to install Ubuntu gnome; https://ubuntugnome.org/19:39
mintuxthe output of libreoffice 4.* in jpg is broken. are there any same experience ?19:39
wileeeBluewolf, You're chasing a supposed street cred social/cultural bogus idea. Unity is tiny, it is a plugin in compiz, it is on top of what you just finished loading. It is just a DE not a political event, and removing it could really mess you up if done wrong and this is not even your computer. Only this is what I see.19:40
mintuxare there anyone have libreoffice 3.6 installation ?19:41
AppAraatthanks wileee, apparently it was using lightdm. It didn't have a /etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf so I created it with "autologin-user=user" and "autologin-user-timeout=0" as the only two entries.19:42
wileeeAppAraat, That would be an issue, glad you figured it out, good job. ;)19:43
AppAraatthanks :)19:43
AppAraatnow I need to work on the core functionality of that machine... which is Skype calling. That proves a bit difficult when webcam turns screen blue, but that's for another day hehe.19:44
dawidd6hello ppl, praise yourselves what are you doing now :)19:45
maldridgegreetings all; I'm struggling to install drivers with ubuntu-drivers autoinstall, I want it to install proprietary drivers if there are any, otherwise install what is recommended, is there a way to do that?19:46
dawidd6maldridge what vendor?19:46
maldridgedawidd6: fglrx (amd)19:46
dawidd6maldridge: sudo apt-get install fglrx19:47
maldridgedawidd6: I have some machines that don't need fglrx though, which is why I was using ubuntu-drivers; is there a side effect to having it installed when not necessary?19:47
wileeeBluewolf, I don't doubt you're intentions are honorable, I just find them questionable in you taking the responsibility is all. that is all I will say, best of luck you will probably be fine.19:48
fallorewhen i play dota 2, using the alt button (which i use frequently) causes all sorts of trouble. it minimizes the game, it opens the right click dialog, etc. is there some way to disable all these shortcuts? i've looked in the keyboard settings menu but i dont see a lot of the problematic shortcuts19:50
wileeefallore, Unity desktop?19:50
dawidd6maldridge: i don't undestand you well, but i think it's not wrong to have proprietary and opensource drivers along side19:50
fallorewileee, i think so. fresh 14.04 install19:50
prwilsonanyone know how up-to-date fglrx-updates is compared to the amd catalyst download (current is 15.70)?  seems like ubuntu's version #s aren't in sync with amds19:51
DevilusHello, I recently bought 4 memory sticks of 8gb(32gb total), still ubuntu will detect only 16GB ram, what can I do?19:51
wileeefallore, menu on left of screen?19:51
fallorewileee, yes, which i hate :(19:51
transhumanhi how do i find the lvmid of a volume (I had to copy the boot sector from another install in order to recover19:51
prwilsonDevilus: sounds like an issue with your hardware.  the extra ram doesn't show up in the bios, does it?19:51
Devilusprwilson: actually it does, I looked up the setup, and it is there19:52
fallorewileee, i guess the problem is generally that the alt key is almost like the super key in windows? i think if i could change that most of my problems would go away19:52
Devilusprwilson: I also tried using lshw also shows it19:52
wileeefallore, Cool, there is a compizconfig setings manager you would install, the keybaord would be changed there, be very careful.19:52
wileeecareful with that manager overall19:52
maldridgedawidd6: I manage a large lab, some generations of hardware need fglrx, some don't.  I intend to use a single bootstrap script to get most of the system software installed and I was concerned if there are any adverse side effects to having fglrx installed when not needed19:53
prwilsonDevilus: what's not showing it?19:53
Devilusprwilson: free -m19:53
Devilusprwilson: I also tried gnome-system-manager, it is not shown there as well19:53
fallorewileee, is there like an overarching setting i can change so that alt doesn't do everything it does now? like could i make it the right alt, instead of left alt?19:53
prwilsonDevilus: are you running 64 bit ubuntu?19:53
Devilusprwilson: yep19:54
transhumanmaldridge it seems to work great, but I have noticed some things that concern me with the security of that solution. I could be wrong..I installed it on my kids machines but all of them failed a couple weeks after (just make sure you have a backup)19:54
wileeefallore, Not that I know of, as far as I know you have to hit each individually if customizing, however I have not had any issue needing this.19:54
Devilusprwilson: Not sure if it helps, but "sudo dmidecode --type memory" will also show all memory sticks19:55
fallorewileee, do you think getting rid of unity and using something else would fix the issue?19:56
Devilusprwilson: free -m will show only 16GB =/19:56
transhumananyone able to tell me how i find the lvmid?19:56
prwilsonDevilus: you aren't using xen are you?19:56
maldridgetranshuman: thanks for the info, my site keeps very good backups after a windows dc took a fileserver with it a few years ago19:56
mgolischtranshuman: what do you mean by that?19:56
transhumanwithout peeking at the one thats wrong in grub19:56
Devilusprwilson: I don't think so, what is xen?19:56
prwilsonDevilus: also make sure yoiu have the latest bios19:56
wileeefallore, I would not worry about unity being there personally, but for gaming I assume the lightest usable de would be my choice, but I don't game.19:57
mgolischwhy dont you just boot a livecd and let update-grub fix stuff?19:57
Devilusprwilson: I have the latest bios19:57
transhumanas I said I had concern over multiple failures on machines that I installed it a couple weeks later19:57
mgolischor what exactly is your issue?19:57
fallorewileee, do you know what the 2nd most common alternative might be? is openbox an alternative or does that replace something else?19:57
transhumancould be something or it could be nothing19:57
fallorealso does anyone know a good support channel specifically for ubuntu or linux gaming?19:58
maldridgefallore: you could try the planonlinux channels19:58
transhumanmgolish the whole first 1000MB of disk was wiped19:58
prwilsonDevilus: i don't know.  weird problem.  try resetting your bios and reseating your ram19:58
Devilusprwilson: It is also worth noting that the motherboard automatically sets the memory frequency to 1333, I have to set it to 1666 manually19:58
wileeefallore, Not sure really, that is sorta your area of investigation, although you will get subjective opinions on this.19:58
mgolischand there was nothing on that?19:59
prwilsonDevilus: see if it works at 1333.19:59
falloreof course wileee. thank you for your help, i'll start doing some research. was just hoping for a jumping-off point :)19:59
Devilusprwilson: k, let me check19:59
transhumannothing on what mgolisch19:59
mgolischlike iam not sure your lvm stuff will work if the lvm pv was partialy on those parts that were erased/overwritten19:59
transhumanthe first 1000 MB was wiped by an error19:59
wileeefallore, Sure I understand, best.20:00
transhumanI have created another disk with the same layout and same names only thing that remains wrong is the lvmid20:00
falloremaldridge, is playonlinux an app or a community?20:00
darkan app20:00
mgolischi think the lvm metadata is stored somewhere on the begining of the partition of the physical volume20:00
mgolischso its probably lost20:00
mgolischor do you lvm volumes actualy work?20:01
mgolischlike you can mount them successfully20:01
Devilusprwilson: Kind of helped, now at 1333MHz it recognizes a little bit more memory20:01
Devilusprwilson: 24GB20:01
mgolischlike if you do pvscan or vgscan or lvscan does it actualy list anything?20:01
Devilusprwilson: Seems like it somehow hardware related huh?20:02
prwilsonDevilus: yeah definitely.  at least you've got it recognizing more now.  i'd try reseating the ram and switching the chip locations when you do it.  you may also want to reset your bios.20:02
=== Yukkii is now known as Dhs92
transhumanyes i can mount the volumes20:04
transhumanno problem20:04
Devilusprwilson: right, give me a moment20:04
transhuman its the boot sector thats lost20:04
EriC^^boot sector? or mbr?20:05
maldridgefallore: its a package that helps make wine work for a ton of stuff, but they have a decent community20:05
fallorethanks maldridge, i asked my question, hopefully i'll get a response :)20:06
fallorewhats the best way to make ubuntu work more like windows/linux mint, where you have a panel, your windows on that panel, and a "start menu" of sorts? am i looking for a windows manager, a different desktop environment, or what? just need to know some basics so i can point my research in the right direction20:06
transhumanmbr and first 1000 MB which had boot volume20:06
transhumanI am sure I can get it working with the lvmid20:07
maldridgefallore: you're looking for a different DE, lxde is lightweight, cinnamon is very windows like if you're not in a networked environment20:07
mgolischchroot into the install, run blkid to get uuid for the /boot fs add it to correctly to your fstab and run update-grub20:07
maldridgeboth will be more windows like20:07
falloremaldridge, what exactly do you mean by networked environment?20:07
mgolischor manuyl add it to your grub.cfg20:07
maldridgefallore: network logon20:07
falloreah ok maldrige, thanks a lot. i was using and enjoying cinnamon on linux mint so i might try that again20:08
transhumanalready did the uuid no problem20:08
transhumanso I guess I will chroot into install problem is its on lvm20:08
maldridgefallore: cinnamon has a huge bug for networked environments right now, if you don't have that its great;  you can get it from a PPA20:08
mgolischthen all should be golden20:08
mgolischgrub would only need to access /boot to load its config and the kernels20:08
falloremaldridge, is lubuntu a different distro or just a reference to ubuntu using that specific DE?20:09
mgolischit shouldnt realy care for any of your lvm stuff20:09
maldridgefallore: both, it is an officially supported respin of ubuntu, but you can install lubuntu-desktop on regular ubuntu and get pretty much the same thing20:09
mgolischunless /boot was actualy within that20:09
fallorethank you for all the help maldridge. i'm going to jump in and do that, hopefully all goes well :)20:11
maldridgefallore: good luck; have fun!20:11
mgolischmaybe just run grub-install again just to be sure and update-grub to fix your grub.cfg from within the chroot20:11
Devilusprwilson: Good news :D20:12
Devilusprwilson: I just switched the chip locations, reseted the bios, all is running just fine, thanks a lot!20:12
Devilusprwilson: although I'm still wondering what caused it20:13
stevecamjust playing around with Ubuntu 15.04 in a VM, is it just the environment, or is 15.04 extremely fast at starting up/shutting down?20:14
=== mantena is now known as Guest97421
prwilsonDevilus: possibly some strange bios quirk.  also reseating ram is serious voodoo.  glad to hear you got it working!20:15
Devilusprwilson: :) Really, thanks a lot!20:16
maldridgestevecam: it can be, depending on the underlying hardware20:16
mgolischits super fast for me besides the network setup part20:17
so1hi guys20:17
mgolischbut thats probably due to me having configured a bridge20:17
=== so1 is now known as chocoroll
chocorollwat u doin rag20:19
ragieli dont know..20:19
ragielits very quiet20:19
stevecammaldridge, well, compared to 14.1020:19
chocorollmaybe we should go to #ubuntu-disscus20:20
falloremaldridge, on lubuntu now, looks so much nicer :) do you have any idea how i choose this as my default DE when i start ubuntu?20:21
chocorollnoones talking in discuss channel20:22
ragieltrue choco20:22
ragielsooooo quiet20:23
chocorollragiel are u a grl20:23
chocorollrag where u from20:23
ragielu ?20:23
John[Lisbeth]I am having trouble getting docker to work20:23
chocorollwats ina20:23
xangua!ot | chocoroll ragiel20:24
ubottuchocoroll ragiel: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!20:24
chocorollim from US20:24
stevecamJohn[Lisbeth], docker for deep dream?20:24
chocorollsorry john20:24
ragielnice to meet u Choco20:24
chocorollragiel wana b my friend20:24
chocorollu too20:24
yoavstI've broke window's boot with dd, and I can't seem to fix it using boot-repair and diskrepair. Any other idea but using windows disk?20:24
chocorollcizu hi20:25
xanguayoavst: /join ##windows ?20:25
xangua!ot | chocoroll20:25
ubottuchocoroll: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!20:25
chocorollhi xan20:26
maldridgefallore: assuming you're using unity greeter, it will remember the last DE you chose and use that on next login20:26
ragielyaaa UBUNTU20:26
wileeeyoavst, This a dual boot you moved with dd to another HD?20:26
John[Lisbeth]yoavst if you are familiar with the command line this may help: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ddrPnuvFV6E20:26
chocorollragiel ur back20:26
yoavstwileee: I tried to fix boot on OS X, but I dd to the wrong partion20:27
chocorolliia hi20:27
wileeefallore, The desktop you last run is the default boot to.20:27
xangua!ot | chocoroll ragiel Please Stop20:27
ubottuchocoroll ragiel Please Stop: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!20:27
ragielwhats special in Ubuntu 14 ??20:27
wileeeyoavst, Thanks no idea here, was phishing if this was a grub issue is all.20:28
ragielhuft #ash20:28
ragiel14.04.02 ?20:28
hrustihey guys, can someone explain me how can I get rid of installed program (mysql). I want to delete it but files are everywhere20:30
andrewjs18any users of automysqlbackup?20:31
bekkshrusti: Uninstall the package(s).20:31
RaulwynnGood Evening having some issues with Ubuntu. I'm new from Windows.20:31
hrustibekks: I did but files are still there20:32
maldridgeRaulwynn: good evening, generally in IRC you should just ask your question and someone will get back to you, no need to ask to ask20:32
bekkshrusti: Define "everywhere" and name the files please, along with your Ubuntu release.20:32
RaulwynnOkay. Nvidia drivers won't update. Software Center freezes computer up and Steam will not launch'20:32
RaulwynnWhere should I start?20:33
wileeeRaulwynn, Share them with channel for support.20:33
wileeeone at a time20:33
RaulwynnOkay Lets get my steam to launch.20:33
RaulwynnLemme get the error that comes up20:33
RaulwynnI have just uninstalled and reinstalled steam.20:37
RaulwynnNothing happens when I try to launch it.20:37
RaulwynnThe icon lights up blue then flashed then stops20:37
paulmadoreMan I hope there's someone who knows what problem i'm having. the only kernel that will load for me is *.*.1520:38
bekkspaulmadore: Which version is *.*.15 ?20:38
paulmadorei think it's 3.19.15?20:38
wileee+1 x 100020:38
bekkspaulmadore: Just take a look at uname -a20:39
paulmadorek one sec20:39
paulmadoreLinux Bitillionaire 3.19.0-15-generic #15-Ubuntu SMP Thu Apr 16 23:32:37 UTC 2015 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux20:39
FillyTolahi, when i try to umount i get some weird message..20:39
paulmadorethe newer versions all throw an error, drop me an intframs, and unfortuantely i have no clue what im doing when ig et there.20:39
bekkspaulmadore: which error?20:40
paulmadorebekks: is there a log i can pull up?20:40
paulmadorei believe it says20:40
paulmadoresomethign about a "pcr"20:40
bekkspaulmadore: You could try to reboot for getting the ful, exact error message.20:41
paulmadorethis last time that i just tried, actually, though, i don't think i saw an error. i changed settings in bios before trying again, since everyone seems to think it's secure boot.20:41
paulmadoreokay i will do that right now20:41
RaulwynnSteam won't launch, flashes blue three times then just sits in the background20:42
zeroonehello all20:43
zerooneanybody there?20:43
zeroonehows it going?20:44
yeatszeroone: do you have an ubuntu support question?20:44
paulmadorebekks: it doesn't say an error now, just puts me into intframs. i sincerely believe that when i first had this problem it was throwing an error. maybe the bios settings i changed put the error away.20:45
maldridgeI'm running systems with home on nfs and its unusably slow, is there a good way to figure out where the slowdown is?20:45
paulmadoreit does say an error before successfully loading this kernel though20:46
bekkspaulmadore: Which error...?20:46
paulmadoreit says it failed to execute pcr?20:46
paulmadoresahll i reboot again and snap a photo of that for you?20:46
daftykinsmaldridge: well i definitely wouldn't do that, but anything in logs?20:46
yeatsmaldridge: you say /home is on an NFS share? if so, I would expect it to be slow20:46
bekkspaulmadore: Yeah.20:47
paulmadore2mins (thanks for yr help btw)20:47
maldridgeyeats: more like each user has an individually accessible share that is nfs based, and how else would you do homes on remote storage than nfs20:47
yeatsmaldridge: I've never been put in a situation where I would need to do that, so I don't know.  Perhaps someone else can help with that, but I would definitely recommend putting home directories on local storage in general20:49
maldridgeyeats: not possible for ~4000 users, but thanks for the replies20:50
RaulwynnI have a ubuntu support question: How can I get Steam to launch? I click and it does nothing. when I look into the issue it says I need 32-bit library so I type "sudo apt-get install ia32-libs" but I get this error "Package ia32-libs is not available, but is referred to by another package.20:50
RaulwynnThis may mean that the package is missing, has been obsoleted, or20:50
Raulwynnis only available from another source20:50
RaulwynnHowever the following packages replace it:20:50
Raulwynn  lib32z1 lib32ncurses520:50
maldridgedaftykins: nothing in the logs that I can see, but firefox and libreoffice are very slow, i assume that is related to them building profiles on disk, but I don't know how to confirm that20:50
RaulwynnE: Package 'ia32-libs' has no installation candidate"20:50
yeatsmaldridge: this may provide some ideas: http://serverfault.com/questions/19323/is-it-feasible-to-have-home-folder-hosted-with-nfs20:51
daftykinsmaldridge: best test, quickly try a guest session which presumably would create a /home outside of your NFS mount (unless you mount the whole of /home there) then see if it behaves?20:52
paulmadorebekks: so now it doesn't throw that error when i load 3.19.0-15. i thought maybe i should try *-21 again, and i got th same thing. no reasoning, just put you over here into intframs where you don't know what you're doing paulmadore.20:53
paulmadorebut -15 is still working. which is fine by me, except there's a lot of updates that won't install at this point. i'm worried.20:53
maldridgedaftykins: firefox loads much faster, but libreoffice still feels sluggish (though it is an older version than I'm familiar with)20:53
maldridgeRaulwynn: you need to install the packages it said replace it20:54
paulmadorei noticed the new libreoffice is much cleaner on ram usage maldridge20:54
paulmadore4x i think it is20:54
paulmadorei use it daily for work20:54
wileeemaldridge, libreoffice is much faster in later editions.20:54
bekkspaulmadore: And which update in particular does not install on -15?20:54
paulmadoreone second bekks20:55
wileeeopening anyway, strange to be sluggish in use.20:55
maldridgepaulmadore: wileee: I agree, I plan to update as soon as I can confirm it won't break anything20:55
paulmadoreThe upgrade needs a total of 69.0 M free space on disk '/boot'. Please free at least an additional 12.6 M of disk space on '/boot'. Empty your trash and remove temporary packages of former installations using 'sudo apt-get clean'.20:56
maldridgeso emacs loads files from the shares with no perceptible lag, it seems like its only things that are writing profile data20:56
bekkspaulmadore: So free up space by uninstalling old kernels.20:56
paulmadoreis it possible to uninstall say 21 whilst leaving 15?20:57
daftykinspaulmadore: yes, confirm package names with "dpkg -l | grep linux-image" bearing in mind corresponding -extra- packages must be removed prior to the main generic kernel packages20:57
bekkspaulmadore: Uninstall _old_ kernels. -15 is your current, -21 is newer, Everything older than -14 :)20:57
paulmadorei don't have those, 15 is where i started20:57
paulmadoreon this computer20:57
paulmadorei took a photo of that actually20:58
paulmadoreone sec20:58
bekkspaulmadore: Can you pastebin "df -h" and "ls -lha /boot/" pleasE?20:58
bekkspaulmadore: So uninstall -16, -18, -2020:59
=== misha is now known as Guest81421
paulmadoresudo apt-get autoremove linux-image ?21:00
bekkspaulmadore: No.21:00
bekkspaulmadore: apt-get purge linux-image-3.19.0-16-generic21:00
paulmadoredo that for each one i assume?21:01
bekkspaulmadore: Yes. Do that for all installed kernels except -15 and -2121:02
paulmadoredidn't know these took up 200mb each21:02
bekksThey dont.21:03
bekksTake a look at ls -lha /boot/21:03
paulmadorenow i just have 15, 20, and 2121:03
paulmadoreevicting 20 now21:03
paulmadorethen i will try update again21:04
paulmadoreand if it updates, i owe you $521:04
bekkspaulmadore: Just dont try to keep 5 kernel versions, you dont have enough space in /boot to do so :)21:05
paulmadorewhat do you think is preventing the new kernel from booting? my bios allows -15, why wouldn't it allow -21?21:05
bekkspaulmadore: The new kernel could not be installed correctly.21:05
bekksBecause you had too less free space.21:06
paulmadoreso you think 21 will work now properly?21:06
bekksIf you reinstall it, most likely.21:06
paulmadore*smacks self*21:06
paulmadorei knew it wasn't a problem with my beloved ubuntu core. i was sure it was user error. i may not like gnome or unity but i'm *buntu for life. xubuntu this is. should have gone stable 14.04 for this machine though.21:07
=== badbodh is now known as orangewimp
bekkspaulmadore: Even with 14.04, your /boot is too small for keeping 5 kernels.21:08
paulmadoreis it something i did, telling it not to delete the old ones?21:08
bekkspaulmadore: No, you didnt tell it to delete old kernels :)21:09
mgolischkernels are not removed automaticaly21:09
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=== vassago is now known as Guest4414
=== pinkpansy is now known as badbodh
scratQis it possible to give google earth 7 a more native look on ubuntu (15)?21:11
paulmadoreW: GPG error: http://ppa.launchpad.net vivid Release: The following signatures couldn't be verified because the public key is not available: NO_PUBKEY D46F45428842CE5E21:12
bekkspaulmadore: Thats a warning only.21:12
paulmadorek, i just followed some instructions to continue updating, involved doing apt-get clean21:13
=== badbodh is now known as bluepill
=== bluepill is now known as bluelotus
=== bluelotus is now known as badbodh
OerHeksHow did you add that ppa, paulmadore ?21:15
paulmadorei'm not even sure which one it is referring to, i'm looking at the list now21:15
OerHeksbitcoin client, if my google fu is correct21:16
Kartagishow can I find out what's using my internal webcam? I'm not running skype or cheese but the webcam light is on21:16
paulmadorei bet it is21:16
paulmadorei don't trust bitcoin core devs either!21:16
FuchsKartagis: lsof  might show what accesses the device21:17
OerHekspaulmadore, next time, add a repository the right way, including the key  > sudo add-apt-repository ppa: <name>21:17
paulmadorewhat's the >21:17
paulmadorei would have thought that's how i had added it21:18
paulmadorecan't remember though it was probably 7 weeks ago i got this machine21:18
paulmadorethank god21:19
paulmadorethank you guys21:19
=== kaiser is now known as Guest50753
Guest50753gibt es das auch in deutsch?21:19
FuchsGuest50753: #ubuntu-de21:19
OerHeksGuest50753, jawohl, #ubuntu-de21:19
Guest50753aa danke21:19
paulmadorei actually write about bitcoin for about 50% of my living. there's been a huge fracas with the core devs lately.21:20
OerHeksheh bitcoins-miners-mining21:20
paulmadorewell basically you've got 5 guys saying that even though they're blocking decisions which would effect them financially, that's not why they're blocking them. (sidechains, blockstream.)21:21
daftykinspaulmadore: interesting but sadly off topic for this channel21:22
paulmadoreah, no problem. :)21:22
paulmadorei'll stick around and hopefully be able to help someone with something i've been through.21:22
paulmadorewow firefox reader mode21:23
Guest50753wie geht das?21:26
bekks!de | Guest5075321:27
ubottuGuest50753: In den meisten Ubuntu-Kanälen wird nur Englisch gesprochen. Für deutschsprachige Hilfe besuche bitte #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #edubuntu-de oder #ubuntu-at. Einfach "/join #ubuntu-de" eingeben. Danke für Dein Verständnis!21:27
daftykinsthat's also really bad German :)21:27
matt123Can anyone help me with an issue with kali?21:29
daftykinsmatt123: it's not ubuntu, so no.21:29
Guest50753wo soll ich das eingeben?21:31
daftykinsGuest50753: Englisch sprechen oder lassen21:34
Guest50753no good english21:35
paulmadoreKali isn't even based on Ubuntu, is it?21:35
texasmadedebian derived21:36
paulmadoreTrisquel is the same concept, right?21:38
texasmadeBacktrack was ubuntu based, with kali they went with debian. so they have a lot of similarities21:38
texasmadekali is just geared  more towards digital forensics and pentesting21:38
paulmadoreI tried installing Trisquel on a laptop but had issues with the wireless driver. Wasn't enough other things I liked about it to keep messing with it, so we did Lubuntu on there.21:38
=== jasoniumh_ is now known as jasoniumh
=== TEMP is now known as metemp
badbodhtrisquel is supposed to absolutely strip ubuntu off any non-free code.21:52
=== Blaster is now known as Guest90433
badbodhvery unlikely that you may find a proprietary driver on it. you need source and ndiswrapper or something21:53
* cartert 21:53
jshanabCan someone tell me even one iso that will work off of a liveusb? I have been trying lubuntu14.04 32bit and the installer crashes after copying files. THe alternate fails to mount a cd-rom drive.  I can boot into the try lubuntu, it is just the installer that is borked.21:54
badbodhjshanab: what app did you use to create the liveusb ?21:54
OerHeksjshanab, i would do a md5sum on the iso first, to check integrity21:54
metempHello From Belgium. Anyone experience with configuring ACR38U ?21:55
ubottuTo verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows21:55
jshanabI tried UUI and Xboot and all MD5 sums are good, I have downloaded no less than 10 times21:55
OerHeksmetemp, that is a smartcardreader, right?21:56
TJ-jshanab: But have checked the hash on the USb itself ?21:56
wileeejshanab, unetbootin and it's download?21:56
OerHeksmetemp, there is #ubuntu-be also, those guys know exactly what you need21:56
maldridgestarting libreoffice 4.2 I get an error that I can't read data in a "backenddb.xml" any thoughts?21:56
jshanabgood point. TJ21:57
jshanabBut can someone tell me one they know works so I can start there21:57
metempthank OerHeks ( mooie naam ;-)21:57
jshanabFor example the exact same Hardware (except the target Hard Disk) worked with the ubuntu 14.04 lubuntu 64bit21:58
metempOerheks, yes it is21:59
ErfanBsI reinstalled python and now my terminal is gone and when i press CTRL+ALT+T a software named XTerm shows up21:59
EriC^^ErfanBs: did you run apt-get remove python?22:00
ErfanBsEriC^^: Yes22:00
mgolischit probably removed all sort of stuff then22:00
ErfanBsmgolisch: What should i do now ?22:00
mgolischreinstall ?22:00
EriC^^ErfanBs: type cat /etc/apt/history.log22:01
mgolischoh yeah or try to install everything again22:01
EriC^^and copy and paste the packages it removed22:01
OerHeksmetemp, i have an English manual https://mark911.wordpress.com/2014/01/04/how-to-get-the-eid-electronic-card-reader-acr38u-working-in-ubuntu-14-04-64-bit/ for 64 bit22:01
EriC^^ErfanBs: you can reinstall packages by using --install --reinstall without removing the packages that depend on them22:04
EriC^^*install --reinstall22:04
soulissonSorry about this question, does systemctl calls systemd to start or stop a service?22:05
ErfanBsEriC^^: There is nothing named history.log22:06
k1l_soulisson: yes22:06
soulissonk1l_, ok, do you know what arguments are passed to systemd?22:07
EriC^^ErfanBs: my bad, /var/log/apt/history.log22:07
k1l_soulisson: that depends on the systemd scripts that are called for that service.22:07
soulissonk1l_, can you give me a simple example, when the service only requires one script?22:08
ErfanBsEriC^^: oh men, i can't work with XTerm, how i can get back Terminal ? i can't even copy and paste in XTerm :|22:08
OerHekssoulisson, good start to read http://www.howtogeek.com/216454/how-to-manage-systemd-services-on-a-linux-system/22:09
EriC^^ErfanBs: highlight the text, then press middle mouse button to paste, or shift+insert22:09
k1l_soulisson: i dont know what you are on about. every service need a script that tells the init what to do. that is still the same as upstart or init.d . its just different in the details where it looks for it and what it expects, see the link from OerHeks22:10
EriC^^i think you need to modify the list from history.log first to remove the ","22:10
metempOerHeks, Do you know it can/should be visible as a ttyUSB device ?22:10
EriC^^ErfanBs: if you have gedit paste the list there, and use the search & replace feature to replace the "," with ""22:11
soulissonk1l_, i just want to know if in this case systemctl calls the systemd executable, i know that systemctl is used to manage services22:12
OerHeksmetemp, sure, open terminal: lsusb, and it should show something like "Bus 002 Device 005: ID 072f:90cc Advanced Card Systems, Ltd ACR38 SmartCard Reader"22:12
k1l_soulisson: what "systemd executable"? systemd runs all the time, that is the sense behind an init system.22:13
EriC^^ErfanBs: you need to remove everything between the () too22:13
soulissonk1l_, /bin/systemd22:13
ErfanBsEriC^^: what about name:amd64 ?22:14
EriC^^that's ok22:14
OerHekssoulisson, i think it does not call systemD executable directly, it adresses to the service.22:14
EriC^^ErfanBs: do you need help with the brackets?22:14
soulissonOerHeks, thanks22:14
soulissonOerHeks, through a unix socket or something like that, right?22:15
OerHekssoulisson, i am not that deep in systemD, but i think you can compare it with a socket yes22:15
brainwashsoulisson: DBus22:16
soulissonbrainwash, ok, thanks22:16
brainwashsoulisson: also, if you have more question, then I suggest that you join #systemd22:16
metemplsusb is showing correct but we I dmesg | grep tty , no result22:16
soulissonbrainwash, thanks, didn't know this chan existed, i'm new to systemd, so far i've only used init22:17
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ErfanBsThere is something for recovery in ubuntu ? i can my computer recover all of things to 2 days ago22:35
daftykinsrestore? no, not really22:37
daftykinsErfanBs: what have you done?22:37
ErfanBsdaftykins: i deleted some of softwares on my laptop :)22:37
daftykinspop 'em back on22:38
EriC^^ErfanBs: are you talking about the python removal?22:38
h0merjust out of curiousity, does ubuntu have some sort of restore point capability that windows has?22:39
h0merim pretty sure the answer is no, but hoping it's "yes"22:39
OerHeksh0mer, yes, it is called dejadub, you can make an image of your system, manually.22:41
h0meroo nice.  let me check that out22:41
OerHeksand no, not automaticly, and you will need sufficient diskspace to do so22:41
h0merive been using vmware with snapshots just for that purpose, but i have enough bare metal nodes that i want to forgo using a virtual environment22:41
OerHeksYou mean BTRFS ?22:42
mgolischuse something that has snapshots?22:42
h0meryea im using vmware with the free hypervisor22:42
h0merbut it's kinda overkill because that machine only has one vm on it22:42
mgolischi mean use a filesystem that support snapshots22:42
mgolischlike btrfs22:43
ObrienDavedoesn't ZFS have something like that?22:43
mgolischor zfs linux22:43
mgolischbut no idea how well that works nowadays22:43
sjmikemcan someone please help me with intermittent wifi network dying?22:44
sjmikemI've tried turning off power mgmt22:44
sjmikemI've turned off ipv622:44
h0merim going to try zfs here shortly22:44
h0merty guys22:44
mgolischid probably go with btrfs as its in kernel22:45
mgolischi just dont think anything developed outside the kernel tree will work as good as something maintained by the developers/maintainers of the operatingsystem kernel you use22:46
sjmikemmy iwlwifi.config has: options iwlwifi wd_disable=0 bt_coex_active=0 11n_disable=122:46
OerHekscarefull with btrfs .. the !btrfs factoid says it is experimental.22:46
mgolischit cant be that bad22:47
mgolischoracle linux and suse both support root on btrfs22:47
mgolischlike out of the box in their installers22:47
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mgolischthink yast triggers a snapshot on every invocation, that sounds like fun, like comparing what a certain configuration change actualy changed on the filesystem22:48
TJ-sjmikem: which kernel version is the PC using?22:49
sjmikemTJ-: 3.19.522:50
metempoerheks, Do you know it can/should be visible as a ttyUSB device ?22:50
OerHeksmetemp, not sure of that.22:51
metempoerheks, as it is usb , it is serial right ?22:52
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sjmikemfirmware is iwlwifi-7260-10.ucode if that matters22:53
TJ-sjmikem: iwlwifi had a LOT of bugs with dropped connections and packets until recently; I'd suggest trying a mainline kernel build, v4.0 or v4.122:53
TJ-!mainline | sjmikem:22:54
ubottusjmikem:: The kernel team supply continuous mainline kernel builds which can be useful for tracking down issues or testing recent changes in the Linux kernel. More information is available at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/MainlineBuilds22:54
OerHeksmetemp, yes, lsusb shows you22:55
TJ-sjmikem: prior to the bugs, the module parameter 11n_disable=1 was supposed to work around most of the issues. With recent kernels that isn't needed and I find the devices use the full MIMI potential with few problems22:55
sjmikemCan I still run virtualbox w/ mainline kernel?22:55
TJ-sorry, MIMO22:56
sjmikemis it possible that my iwlwifi.config is not taking effect somehow?22:57
arooni-mobilei have a lenovo t420 laptop with display port output and VGA output.  it has intel 3000 integrated graphics.  can i run two monitors at the same time with this setup, each monitor @ 1920x1080?22:57
sjmikemiwconfig wlan0 shows: IEEE 802.11abgn22:57
TJ-Multiple Input, Multiple Output - the ability to send/receive using more than 1 antenna, thus upping the total throughput22:57
OerHeksarooni-mobile, both HDMI ?22:57
arooni-mobileOerHeks, both monitors will be HDMI input only22:57
sjmikemis that expected with 11n_disable=1?22:58
arooni-mobileoh i mean HDMI and VGA22:58
OerHeksarooni-mobile, both hdmi it is possible, or both dvi. a mix i am not sure.22:58
brainwashsjmikem: the 'n' should not appear there I'd guess22:58
arooni-mobileOerHeks, well i mean monitors support HDMI input and VGA input22:58
OerHeksarooni-mobile, depends how ther are connected22:59
sjmikembrainwash: Any idea where else I might need to disable, besides /etc/modprobe.d/iwlwifi.config ?22:59
sjmikemalso some sites suggest it should be =8 instead of 1...23:00
TJ-sjmikem: the file in "/etc/modprobe.d/" should be called "iwlwifi.conf" not ".config"23:03
ObrienDavearooni-mobile, yes, it should be possible23:03
sukuis there any way to force a monitor to display past its native resolution? i have an older netbook that has a 1024x600 resolution and it causes issues seeing menus fully - would love to try to force it to 1024x768 without panning and understand it would look stretched23:04
bekkssuku: Most displays cannot exceed its native resolution.23:05
sjmikemfixed that and now "n" is no longer showing23:05
sjmikemstupid me23:05
ObrienDavesuku, LCD, no, CRT maybe but will probably cause damage23:06
brainwashsjmikem: didn't a iwlwifi.conf already exist?23:06
sukuthat stinks, was thinking perhaps some xrandr options might work23:06
sjmikembrainwash: I had misnmaed it .config instead23:07
sukui know it can be forced in windows, just didnt know of linux23:07
brainwashsjmikem: I understand this. however, the package kmod installs a file named iwlwifi.conf already23:07
sukui'll ask in ##linux as well just to make sure there arent any other options23:08
OerHekssuku, in windows without panning? what would look terrible23:08
ObrienDavesuku, once again, you probably will cause damage to the CRT if you try23:08
brainwashsjmikem: well, I'm just wondering why you've not seen it (or why it's missing in your case)23:08
sukuOerHeks: yeah, there is a registry hack and it looks stretcched but it does work23:08
sjmikemhmmm not sure..my dpkg log includes:23:09
sjmikem/var/log/dpkg.log.2.gz:2015-05-18 12:50:08 status half-configured kmod:amd64 18-1ubuntu223:09
sjmikemis that unusual?23:10
ObrienDavesuku, you could try reducing the PPI of your fonts from say, 96 PPI to 8523:10
ObrienDaveor the other way around23:10
ObrienDavewhichever works LOL23:10
sukuObrienDave: yeah i will see if that makes any differences23:11
sukuthe biggest issues obviously is just not being able to see "OK" or "Cancel" on application menus that are specified for x768 resolutions23:13
brainwashsjmikem: maybe run "sudo dpkg --configure -a" then23:14
ObrienDaveyea, i have the same issue from time to time23:14
sjmikembut sudo apt-get install --reinstall kmod did not put the file there...23:14
brainwashsjmikem: http://packages.ubuntu.com/trusty/amd64/kmod/filelist23:15
sjmikemso if I upgrade to 4.0 kernel, I will not be able to run Virtualbox?  Or I'll just have to rebuild the drivers from scratch?23:15
brainwashsjmikem: I suggest that you ask in #vbox23:16
TJ-sjmikem: *move* your file to another name, such as "iwlwifi2.conf"  then "sudo apt-get install --reinstall kmod"23:17
sjmikemTJ-: that's what I did23:17
sjmikemhow do I tell apt-get to show the files it is installing?23:18
TJ-sjmikem: the --reinstall will have put back the missing iwlwifi.conf then23:18
sjmikemit's not, though...23:20
OerHekssjmikem, there is no 4.x for trusty http://kernel.ubuntu.com/~kernel-ppa/mainline/?C=N;O=D 3.15 is the latest for you, else you need to build your own.23:21
sjmikemOerHeks: I'm on vivid23:21
sjmikemTJ-: apt-file list kmod shows it there...23:21
sjmikemdoes apt-get have a verbose mode?23:21
sjmikemman shows -V that shows verbose version23:22
TJ-sjmikem: Hmmm, I tried it here and you're correct; --reinstall isn't23:23
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k1l_sjmikem: make sure you install the mainline kernel headers too23:25
rsftwhi, can anyone help me 1sec with a bash script? pls pm23:26
k1l_rsftw: ##bash maybe?23:26
sjmikemwhy would apt not install all of the files?23:26
k1l_!paste | sjmikem23:27
ubottusjmikem: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.23:27
k1l_sjmikem: well, you need to install the mainline kernels manually.23:28
sjmikemwas that for someone else?23:28
k1l_!mainline | sjmikem23:28
ubottusjmikem: The kernel team supply continuous mainline kernel builds which can be useful for tracking down issues or testing recent changes in the Linux kernel. More information is available at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/MainlineBuilds23:28
k1l_sjmikem: if you have a specific issue better pastebin the command and the output so no information is lost that could lead to a solution23:29
rsftwhi, anyone can help mewith a script pls pm illsend u 2$paypal or something23:33
fallorei'm sure someone will be willing to help you if you just ask your question rsftw23:33
OerHeksrsftw, use paste.ubuntu.com to show your script, and send the money to an animal shelter :-)23:34
k1l_rsftw: if its ubuntu support ask in here and people will try to help. if its more bash related please ask in ##bash as already told.23:34
DrahKeN_window hide 323:34
OerHeks##bash would be a better place indeed23:34
sjmikemuninstall kmod and reinstall seems to create the file23:34
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TJ-sjmikem: here you go: "sudo apt-get -o DPkg::Options::="--force-confmiss" --reinstall install kmod"23:37
smo80what s your problem rsftw ? (don t need money...)23:38
TJ-sjmikem: the cause is that the files are what's known as 'conffiles' and if you make any changes the package manager assumes you're exercising your sys-admin role and doesn't try to change anything23:38
sjmikemTJ-: ah, makes sense23:39
TJ-sjmikem: that reports: Configuration file `/etc/modprobe.d/iwlwifi.conf', does not exist on system.23:39
TJ-Installing new config file as you requested.23:39
sjmikemnow to reinstall the pkgs that I accidentally purged when I removed kmod :-/23:39
sjmikemstop laughing :-)23:40
ObrienDaveNEVAH! ;P23:40
rsftwhi, on windwos i use a .bat file to allocate ram to an app Java -jar app.jar 2048 . how can i do this on ubuntu ? :D ty23:42
bpromptrsftw:     same command pretty much, make a file, name it whatever, usually to distinguish it, you'd want to name it with an .sh extension...   myjavaapp.sh      1st line in file ->  #!/bin/bash;    2nd line-> java -jar app.jar 2048, save the file...to.say.. ~, and right-click it, to change the permissions, set "execute" permissions on it23:46
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rsftwbprompt,  thx a lot! :D it is working now.23:53
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