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yorwoshi,using ub.studio 14.04 , when i suspend system to ram jack isnt working after wakeup , any work around it ?12:07
yorwosoh just fixed it by mistake12:08
yorwos.turned the sound card off and on12:29
holsteinyorwos: i woudnt expect to have jack live through that13:00
holsteini would ask in the kxstudio community, since, by default, kxstudio is configured to have jack always running..13:00
yorwosaha thanx holstein !13:18
yorwosill try that13:18
yorwosill try suspend and turn off on again though13:19
sebastian_gaunaaguante ubuntu vieja14:30
holsteinyorwos: sure.. try it all you like.. as long as you relize, its just not a feature of jack, that it is able to resume from standby events like that..15:52
nandoejackyo soy nuevo aca18:48
yorwoswhen im using both internel and external sound cards , while i can change output to either internal sound analog stereo or jack sink pulse audio jack sink , there is a specific application that even if i click it to change to jack sink it remains on internal sound analog19:39
yorwosholstein, since ur still here , i should be able to totally close/stop jack before i suspend the system and restart it after maybe ?19:40
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