krytarikknome: The product of this night's work on the docs - and yes, one can avoid *translating* it twice, I may not have got you right at first: http://paste.openstack.org/show/pgTMDd937sYjZhUaeO5K/06:03
krytarikThis one puts PDF links at the top of every page that has a normal header (i.e. not the credits-license one), if they were generated before.06:06
krytarikThat is, at build time - if no PDF creation, no links.06:09
ochosiknome: ping08:12
Noskcajochosi, Do you know what else i'd have to add to the sgt-puzzles-launcher before we could start using it?08:41
ochosihey Noskcaj 08:41
ochosii haven't had time to try it yet08:41
NoskcajIt's just a 6x6 grid of the games with there icons08:41
ochosii saw Unit193 mentioned some concerns, have you addressed those already?08:42
NoskcajAll the sgt-puzzles are installed at once, so i was hoping a dep in the packaging would be enough08:42
NoskcajIt definitely needs it's own icon, but other than that and maybe translation support, it should just be a case of packaging it and making the sgt desktop files notshowin xfce08:43
Unit193It'd still should error or check for the applications though.08:44
ochosiyeah, that ^ makes sense to me08:45
ochosianother thing that would be nice is type-ahead search for the game-name08:45
ochosicurrently you can only navigate with the cursor buttons08:45
ochosii presume you're using gtkbuttons there, maybe an iconview would be better, it should have that feature automatically08:46
ochosior you could filter the results on keyboard-typing ;)08:46
NoskcajI'll get the checks in soon, but search doesn't really work with how i've designed it. i'll have a look though08:46
NoskcajIt's just gtkbuttons so far, designed in glade because i'm a crap coder08:47
ochosii haven't looke at the code yet tbh08:49
ochosig'day flocculant 08:49
flocculantmorning ochosi :)08:49
ochosiNoskcaj: another easy fix is closing the launcher with either ctrl+w, ctrl+q or Esc08:50
Unit193As-is it doesn't handle close well, right.08:53
ochosiNoskcaj: still, as bluesabre said, it's a good start considering you haven't coded too much yet. so just keep on poking!08:57
knomeochosi, pong11:03
knomeoh bah, krytarik's not here11:05
flocculantafternoon 11:06
knomehello flocculant 11:06
knomeochosi, did you have something in mind?11:06
ochosiknome: i've just been toying with a few more LO icons11:06
ochosimuch of it is just resizing icons that i've already refreshed from 24 to 16px11:07
ochosiso nothing spectacular there11:07
ochosimaybe we could take another peek at the status page11:07
knomemaybe you're right - maybe we need "tabs"11:09
* knome goes looking at that now11:09
ochosiyeah, i mean we can keep the page as is11:10
ochosiit's really a lot better than status.ubuntu.com already11:10
ochosibut i think it can still be improved (like everything, always)11:10
knomeyes too11:10
ochosifor instance, i was wondering whether LP provides the data for the burndown graphic11:10
ochosinot that we as a team *really* need it, but it'd be a nice starting image/graphic for the developer area11:11
ochosishowing that there's stuff going on in a timeline sort of view11:11
knomeit doesn't11:11
ochosiright, so status.ubuntu was collecting/calculating that on its own then, i presume11:11
knomethere is no history for LP, you got to gather the data yourself11:11
ochosilet's put that to the end of the todo-list then :)11:12
ochosilet's start with the lower-hanging fruit11:12
ochosito the worst we can always show progressbars instead11:12
knomearen't we doing that already?11:12
ochosino, i was still thinking of the entry page for the developer area11:13
ochosii know that needs some IS interaction, so it might take time to land, but we could still plan for it11:14
knomethat sounds like a $lot more work11:15
ochosiwell for one we could make the "tracker" link in the developer area point to your page11:15
ochosicause status.ubuntu is dead11:15
ochosiso it's not really useful11:15
knomebecause even if i can feed the data easily out from the tracker, there needs to be something that outputs it on the website11:15
knomewell that's the other question - can we have a space where it is under the IS control in xubuntu.org?11:16
knomesure, then all code needs to go through IS, but meh11:16
ochosii thought of just rendering it to an image when there's an update11:16
knomethe status bars?11:16
ochosiwe can also add an iframe ;)11:17
knomei kind of understand your point, but otoh, don't11:17
knomepeople can just go to the tracker to see the status11:17
knomethe progress bars are useless as is on the developer area11:17
knomeyou need to follow-up on the details anyway11:18
knomeknowing we're "23% towards 15.10" doesn't tell a lot11:18
ochosiyeah, it's just a visual gimmick there, i know that11:19
ochosibut a meaningful image makes ppl click links11:19
* knome shrugs11:20
ochosianyway, let's focus on the status page itself instead11:20
ochosiso what was your thought re:tabs again?11:20
knomei'm working on it11:20
ochosioh ok11:21
ochosii'll just give you some time for that then and get some other stuff done meanwhile11:21
ochosialso, just a small thought: maybe we could also put the "total progress" as the first item in the list11:22
ochosii know it's the sum, so that makes sense at the end11:22
* knome shrugs11:22
ochosistill, it also makes sense as the first item11:22
knomeif you want to do it like that, then i need to change the code11:44
knomethe total isn't saved anywhere11:44
knome(maybe it should..)11:44
ochosido it like what?11:44
ochosiyou mean put the total first11:44
ochosiright, then keep it where it is11:44
knomesee the status now11:45
knomehas tabs11:45
ochosiwhat about color-coding the inprogress/todo/done in the expanded overview?11:46
ochosi(just the status column on the right)11:46
ochosior the whole line with a very pale version of the main status color11:47
ochosiflocculant: wanna start setting up your LP account?11:49
ochosi(just added you to x-qa)11:50
knomeochosi, i thought about that, but i'm not really sure11:50
knomeat least the whole row would be obtrusive11:50
ochosimhm, maybe11:50
ochosithen maybe just try to add a bg color for the status column11:51
ochosi(maybe even that is too obtrusive, but it'd be nice to know/see)11:51
ochosifor the details page it'd definitely help11:51
knomeanother thought is to append something to the item row11:51
ochosiyeah, could work just as well11:52
knomethere you go11:55
knomei don't know if that's useful11:55
knomei was actually thinking that it might be more useful to color the status text11:56
ochosiright, that could work too11:56
ochosiquestion is whether the text "inprogress" etc is still needed then11:56
ochosiif things are color-coded anywa11:56
knomelooky now11:57
ochosidefinitely better!11:57
flocculantochosi: you found it then ;)11:57
ochosiand appending might still be worth a try11:57
knomethough now it's a bit too colorful on the details page11:57
knomeor at least it doesn't help me much...11:57
ochosiflocculant: sure ;) just wanted to wait until we were both around11:57
ochosiknome: yeah, on the overview it's good, details not that much11:58
knomeactually, it's more or less useless on overview ;)11:58
knomethe column is too far away11:58
ochosiknome: yeah, that's what i mean with "appending"11:58
knomelook now11:59
knomewould something like that work?11:59
knomei mean, just color todo/blocked11:59
knomemaybe a bit less colorful red11:59
ochosiit's a bit funny though that done is grey-strikethrough ;)12:00
ochosibut yeah, maybe better than making it green tbh12:00
knomenot at all..12:00
knome"don't worry about this"12:00
ochosino actually i think this works wel12:00
knomeok, done with the color tweaking now12:01
knomeanother idea...12:02
knomeprepend "TODO: " to the todo items12:02
knomelike this12:02
knomethen the color might not be needed (for the whole row)12:03
knomelike this12:03
ochosihm, dunno, the "TODO" is a bit of a duplication there and the color is not as easy to see as before12:03
ochosibecause it's just four letters instead of (usually) more12:03
flocculantthen would it not be better to remove the status column and add the status to all the work items12:04
ochosiyeah, sort of12:04
knomeochosi, refresh12:04
knomeflocculant, that might be an option12:04
ochosiheh, flashier color :)12:04
knomethough i don't think we need a status for every row12:04
knomei think it's useful enough12:04
knomeand not too obtrusive12:04
ochosithe colors do it well enough for my taste12:05
knomecould also b smaller font12:05
ochosii wouldn't need the status column at all as it is now12:05
ochosiit's pretty clear what is done and what's not12:05
knomelookie now12:05
knomeor refresh12:05
knomethat might be my favorite12:05
knomecan also prepend blocked items with "BLOCKED"12:06
ochosimhm, nice12:06
ochosimakes it look more like a tag or label12:06
ochosigotta step out for 10mins or so12:07
knomeok, enough of this hacking now12:27
flocculantlooks better like that imo12:31
ochosiknome: well done12:44
ochosialso, is there a style for "postponed" yet?12:45
ochosi(could be like "done" but with "Postponed:" prepended)12:46
* knome shrugs12:46
knomei'll look at that the next time12:46
bluesabreit's looking really good13:10
knomei just modified the tabs so that you can actually link to either tab and get that tab opened on load13:11
knome(also note that the tabs remember the "state", eg. you can go to details and then come back to "overview" and it keeps stuff you had expanded, expanded)13:12
knomeochosi, there you have it, postponed style13:19
knome(lookie under web)13:19
ochosihey bluesabre 13:24
bluesabrehey ochosi13:24
ochosiknome: yeah, looks nice!13:24
ochosibluesabre: still on holidays? :)13:24
bluesabreochosi: pretty much, just checking in here for a few minutes this morning13:25
bluesabregotta bake a blackberry cobbler this morning as promised ;)13:25
ochosiheh, lovely13:26
ochosibtw, i marked my artwork items done, since they're all just pending in terms of getting uploaded13:26
bluesabresounds good to me13:27
bluesabremaybe we'll see that new ubiquity this week13:27
ochosithat'd be good too13:28
ochosioh, and a xfpanel-switch release ;)13:28
bluesabrethat'll be here probably monday13:28
bluesabregotta review the build system to make sure its up to snuff for release13:29
knomeochosi, also now you can see that POSTPONED items aren't counted towards the progress13:29
knomein good or bad13:29
knomewhich is, IMO, the only right way13:29
bluesabreknome: that sounds good to me13:30
ochosiknome: indeed, that sounds right13:30
knomestatus.u.c didn't do that13:30
knomeochosi, what do you think of the following idea:13:31
knomemark blocked items with the BLOCKED tag13:31
knomeremove the tag from TODO13:31
knomeadd the tag to INPROGRESS13:31
ochosiguess i'd have to see13:32
knomeok, just a moment, it's a trivialish css operation now13:32
knomei think it makes more sense logically13:33
knomebecause obviously, all items here are "TODO"13:34
knomejust with different statuses13:34
knomethis way the blocked items also get more weight and prominence in the list13:34
ochosiyeah, puts the (visual) stress on WIP instead of TODO13:34
knomewhich is desirable13:34
knomeor at least is from my POV13:34
knomethis way it's very easy to see what needs unblocking13:34
ochosiwoops, gotta run13:35
ochosibe back in 30mins13:35
knomehave fun :)13:35
knomewill do13:35
knomealso thanks for reminding me music exists :P13:35
knomebluesabre, http://xstatus.knome.fi/#tab-details/bluesabre13:54
knomebluesabre, http://xstatus.knome.fi/#tab-details/ochosi13:54
knomeochosi, http://xstatus.knome.fi/#tab-details/ochosi13:54
ochosiknome: nice, almost done :)14:07
ochosithat's a really useful view14:07
ochosiwould be nice to integrate that back into LP somehow14:08
knomealso, http://xstatus.knome.fi/#tab-overview/expand14:08
ochosiinto the personal page overview14:08
ochosinice, much cleaner14:09
knome(no, see the url without /expand)14:09
ochosiinto this page, i meant: https://launchpad.net/~ochosi14:09
knomeit would be a resource hog, they'd likely need to create db views for all people and look through all specifications14:09
ochosimhm, nice14:09
knomethere's no way to know which specs you are involved with until you check all the specs14:09
ochosiyeah, i guess14:10
knomeor check all specs where you/any of the teams you're a member of is in some of the fields14:10
ochosibut since it seemed like we're building our own frontend to (parts of) LP almost...14:10
knomeso yeah, it's not sustainable by all means14:10
knomewe are14:10
knomegood lord they have an API for that14:10
knomeadded a dropdown14:39
knomeso you can now pick a nick from the UI14:39
knomedo whatever you wish with it :P14:41
ochosithat's pretty cool too14:42
ochosiknome: you could (if you wanted to) style that combobox too to fit in with the rest of the page though ;)14:50
sorinellovery nice link: http://xstatus.knome.fi/#tab-overview/expand didn't know about it16:35
ochosijjfrv8: ok, in the file-manager-window page i'd add the right-click menu (to show / hide sidepane items)17:06
Unit193http://lists.alioth.debian.org/pipermail/pkg-xfce-devel/2015-July/020878.html - https://bugzilla.xfce.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1201217:07
ubottubugzilla.xfce.org bug 12012 in General "xfce4-session configured with --disable-legacy-sm breaks qt4 integration" [Normal,New]17:07
ochosijjfrv8: other than that, that page looks great!17:08
ochosijjfrv8: the working with files and folders isn't finished, but what's there looks good! lemme know when that's done and i can review the rest of it17:14
jcjordyn120hello what's up20:20
knomejcjordyn120, are you looking for something or somebody?20:29
jcjordyn120no knome20:30
knomejcjordyn120, what brings you here then? :)20:30
jcjordyn120just seeing what up with the xubuntu development. knome20:31
knomeok; it varies how quiet/loud it is here, but feel free to ask or comment if there's anything20:32
jcjordyn120okay knome20:33
knomekrytarik, hello!20:34
krytarikknome: Howdy.20:34
knomekrytarik, avoiding translating twice was the (other) thing i thought about - great to have that sorted20:34
knomekrytarik, what's VPATH?20:35
knomekrytarik, and what's translate: | get-translations ?20:35
knomeand for the pdf linking, i'd rather use something else than sed20:36
knomepractically something that would just be hidden from the PDF20:36
knomebut would be part of the documentation20:37
knomethat would also allow a (better) description (that can be trasnslated)20:37
knomeand while <ul> kind of is most semantic, i'd likely just drop it all inside a <p>20:38
knome(avoid most of the CSS and all)20:38
krytarikknome: http://www.gnu.org/software/make/manual/make.html#Directory-Search - and - http://www.gnu.org/software/make/manual/make.html#Prerequisite-Types20:39
jcjordyn120whats up with that QA position20:43
Unit193jcjordyn120: What do you mean "what's with it"?  f<tab> has it.20:43
knomejcjordyn120, a person by the nick "flocculant" is being appointed as the QA lead if there is no objections20:43
knomejcjordyn120, the QA lead coordinates the testing and quality assurance related tasks for xubuntu20:44
jcjordyn120oh ok20:44
jcjordyn120why is abiword and gnumeric included with xubuntu instead of libreoffice suite20:44
Unit193I'm not going to remember that nick very well, sigh.20:44
Unit193jcjordyn120: It isn't, in Wily.20:45
jcjordyn120oh i was talking about vivid20:45
Unit193vivid is done with, wily is the target.20:45
jcjordyn120oh ok, so what is included with wily20:46
knomeUnit193, basically, you just xsltproc to a .fo file, then use fop to make a PDF out of that20:49
knomeUnit193, in our case, using the PDF customization layer20:49
knomeUnit193, done.20:50
Unit193(Thinking about adding it to my daily build script.)20:52
jcjordyn120hello can you here me, my internet went out21:12
knomejcjordyn120, yes, we can read you.21:12
jcjordyn120oh thanks, i by mistake flipped my wifi switch off21:13
knomeUTC'ized the tracker21:17
ochosievening all21:25
ochosiknome: looking forward to the date switch and the status tracker burndown's second line ;)21:26
knomehey ochosi 21:26
knomeochosi, it already happened when the tracker thought it was supposed to follow UTC+3 time21:27
ochosicrap, i missed it21:27
knomebut i of course fixed it and removed the other line ;)21:27
knomeyeah, i don't intend to keep it this way21:27
ochosihm, planning to rotate those progressbars by 90┬░?21:27
knomethe problem is that i don't really want to create a SVG21:27
knomeand i don't know how i could draw the burndown line21:27
ochosihmm, css maybe?21:27
ochosior js21:28
ochosi(i know php could draw it)21:28
knomewith html5 canvas, maybe21:28
knomei should know what the area for the burndown chart was then21:28
knomethe other option is some hacking with css rotation21:29
ochosiyeah that sounds about ok21:30
knome"about ok"21:30
knomethat sounds like headache21:30
ochosiwell, it could be a lot of work21:30
ochosiis what i mean21:30
ochosibut the result would likely work21:30
knomethough it might be less than canvas21:30
knomethe problem is21:30
knomei should figure out the printing of the vertical lines next21:30
knomeeg. store start/end days somewhere21:31
ochosiindeed, that's likely more important than the burndown line21:31
knomethe burndown line is actually quite trivial after that, i just figured21:31
ochosihmm, have you ever exported to xpm from inkscape?21:32
* knome gets some puke to his mouth from the thought alone21:32
ochosiyeah, it's quite terrible, i know21:33
ochosii was considering to port parts of greybird's wm theme to svg21:33
ochosibut then there seems to be little benefit because of the xpm-iness21:33
knomewhat was the 15.04 release day21:35
knomeand what is the scheduled 15.10 release day21:36
knomeochosi, SAMBA!21:43
knomeochosi, or in other words, look at the burndown page21:43
knomeochosi, well, there you have it21:58
knomenow for the burndown line21:58
ochosinice that didn't take that long :)21:58
knomenow for the burndown line21:58
ochosi(still waiting for that date-change)21:58
knome2 more hours21:58
knomethough i could add some fake informácion21:58
knomeactually, first21:59
knomesome other stuff21:59
knomeyou'll see soon21:59
* knome sighs in advance21:59
* ochosi waits patiently22:00
knomeochosi, refresh22:01
knome10% line22:01
ochosii see a line22:01
knomeit's at 10%22:02
knomenow for the rest22:02
* knome hacks the css linear-gradient background22:02
knome10 + 2022:03
knomewell, at least should be22:03
knomethat doesn't look unifrom22:03
knomemaybe my eyes just fail me22:03
knomelet's see 3022:03
knomethat looks better22:04
knomethere's something fishy with the bar22:04
knome*there* we go22:08
ochosithat looks good22:11
knomelet me try something completely different22:11
knomecould be subtler22:12
knomebut believe me or not, that's half easier than the previous one22:12
knomecould be even more subtler22:13
knomehuh what22:15
ochosiquite fat lines, but the gradient is nice22:15
knomeit's a visual thing22:16
knomethere aren't lines22:16
knomethere are just 10 gradients22:16
ochosimaybe subtler?22:16
knomehaha, it's already 2.5% black22:16
knomebut ok22:16
ochosistill looks like 2px lines, but my eyes might be tired22:17
knomewell, yeah22:17
knomethere seems to be some glitch22:17
knomeit's %'s anyway22:18
ochosiand i guess the effect is stronger with the low brightness i'm using atm22:18
knomenow the gradients is barely visible22:18
knomebut the lines are definitely still "fat"22:18
ochosiwhen i pump it up, the gradients fade out a bit22:18
* knome returns to the lines22:19
knomefor now, at least22:19
knomeok, the burndown line now22:19
* knome sighs22:19
knomei think i need js there22:19
* knome sighs again22:20
ochosiwhoops, where did the burndown tab go?22:21
ochosioh, it's at the bottom22:21
knomeok, something failed22:22
knomeonly my js.22:22
knomemy bad!22:22
knomethink i'll figure this out with greasemonkey22:22

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