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firlrick_h_ Just finished doing the openstack install via the gui only. I ended up having to remove the ceph services, re add them manually, commit the conifg, then add the machines then commit the units. 16:09
firlrick_h_: If I could add a config file for a whole bundle, that’d be awesome before placing the units16:09
rick_h_firl: can you shoot an email summary to the juju list? I'd be curious to peek at what you did long form an expoose it to others.16:10
rick_h_I'm afk at a sprint at the moment but want to check it out.16:11
firlsure, I just need to figure out where the email distro subscription is16:11
firlty, I will summarize and send an email out16:12
rick_h_ty much!16:15
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