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elopioI'm trying to set up a quassel server on canonistack but it says allocating since 15 minutes ago.12:34
elopioshouldn't it be allocated by now?12:34
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lazyPowerelopio: hmm, i would think so12:52
lazyPowerelopio: are you connected to the VPN, and have you verified the machine is not "stuck in allocating" in nova list?12:52
elopiolazyPower: now it says executing12:53
elopionow running install hook12:53
elopiowow, things are happening!12:53
lazyPowerawww yisss12:53
lazyPoweryeah canonistack can be a bit pokey, its a tad oversubscribed.12:53
elopioand started. lazyPower: you probably cheated in here. I don't buy it.12:54
lazyPowerelopio: It's Levi-OOOOH-sa not LevioSAR  ;)12:54
elopio_look, I'm juju!12:58
lazyPowerelopio: is this your first interaction with Juju?12:58
elopio_lazyPower: the first successful, yes.13:02
lazyPowerthats awesome! Congrats!13:02
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elopionow, how do I change the name of the machine? I'd like it to be named "quassel" instead of "1".13:06
lazyPowerelopio: ah, juju treats machines as cattle not pets. The service you deployed should be named Quassel however in your juju status output.13:06
elopiook, I can live with that.13:07
lazyPowerto get a better view of how we model things, i highly recommend deploying the Juju GUI. It does a bang up job of displaying the model. juju deploy juju-gui --to 0 (which will colocate the gui on your bootstrap node, not consuming another machine)13:07
elopiothanks lazyPower. That's shiny.13:09
elopionow, I need a tarmac.13:10
elopiothe only thing I didn't see on the available charms was dovecot or courier-imap.13:11
elopioI suppose I can install that manually.13:11
lazyPowerWe dont have any mail delivery agents charmed up, no. We have postfix available - but thats the end of the road afaik.13:15
lazyPowerelopio: we have office hours today, might be a good opportunity for you to join and ask questions about juju / evaluating the contribution opportunity here13:17
elopiolazyPower: at what time is that?13:18
elopioI want to write a charm, and I'm thinking about getting started with nikola.13:18
elopioI'll definitely have many questions, but not likely today.13:18
lazyPower2000 UTC13:19
=== lazyPower changed the topic of #juju to: Welcome to Juju! || Office Hours, here July 30'th 2000UTC || Docs: http://juju.ubuntu.com/docs || FAQ: http://goo.gl/MsNu4I || Review Queue: http://review.juju.solutions || Unanswered Questions: http://goo.gl/dNj8CP
elopiook, I'll try ot make it.13:20
lazyPowerif thats after hours, they are recorded on hangouts and we'll syndicate a link to the mailing list after the fact.13:20
jrwrenlazyPower: MDA charm to what end?13:21
lazyPowerjrwren: do we have any mail delivery agents?13:21
jrwrenlazyPower: not that I know of :(13:21
lazyPower^ thats the end. <313:21
jrwrenlazyPower: I can't imagine what an MDA charm would do. I'm trying to understand what one would mean.13:22
lazyPowerjrwren: well, you could say for instance, deploy a dovecot service, and have actions that manage the user accounts. CRUD stuff13:22
lazyPowerif you deploy something like roundcube, it could relate to it and provide a webhead to view email13:23
lazyPowerdeliver an action to manage DKIM, juju action do dovecot create_dkim domain=mx.jrwren.com - and the output gives you all the DNS entries to paste into your panel. or - optionally - add a DKIM relation between teh DNS charm and it to populate the DKIM signature (bonus points for integration)13:24
jrwrenoh that is much more than MDA. I hear MDA, I think /bin/mail :)13:24
lazyPowerperhaps add in a spamassasin subordinate + relation to handle filters13:24
jrwrenwould be very nice13:24
lazyPowerand greylisting13:24
lazyPoweri mean there's a *lot* of possibility there13:24
elopioand throw a mailpile in there just for fun.13:24
lazyPowerelopio: aiui mailpile is intended to be run locally. running it remotely does very little to actually secure the data you're already paranoid about and therefore using mailpile to pgp encrypt13:25
lazyPowerstoring the keys on the server isn't a great idea. I was in a long talk w/ the maintainer as  I thought about charming it up13:25
lazyPowerultimately it was stated its not at all recommended to place it on a remote system.13:25
elopioI thought adding https to it was good enough.13:26
elopiobut well, it would still be useful to deploy in a local lxc.13:26
lazyPowerindeed. Thats how i ran it when i was beta testing it13:26
aisraeljose: are you still working on a review of the xcat charm (it shows locked by you)?14:42
joseaisrael: wat? no, let me check if I can unlock it14:43
joseaisrael: should be unlocked now - feel free to take it14:46
aisraeljose: will do, thanks!14:46
joseI'm studying for an exam later today and will check the queue after that14:46
josenp :)14:46
jcastrohazmat: can you PM me an updated email address for you?14:56
lazyPoweralai`: HI Alai :)15:04
alai`hi lazyPower15:04
lazyPoweralai`: i understand you're having a problem with the ETCD charm wrt testing calico15:04
lazyPowercan you pastebin me the error code? i have received the bundle.15:04
alai`sure 1 sec15:04
lazyPowersorry, the juju log from the etcd service would be more helpful alai`15:05
alai`lazyPower, http://pastebin.com/SBE0NEMd15:05
alai`that's the error15:05
lazyPowerwell thats fun... i see you're pointed at the ~kubernetes namespace charm, which is the one containing the fix we resolved last week15:06
lazyPowerhttp://bazaar.launchpad.net/~kubernetes/charms/trusty/etcd/trunk/view/head:/metadata.yaml - looking at the service definition, it has an etcd-proxy interface, but the relation is just 'proxy'15:07
lazyPoweralai`: can you update the bundle from 'etcd-proxy' to just 'proxy'? that should resolve the error you're seeing15:07
alai`lazyPower, woot15:07
alai`+1 lazyPower15:07
lazyPowernp lmk if you run into any further issues :)15:10
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beisnerwolsen, dosaboy - hacluster functional test fixup re: VIP @  https://code.launchpad.net/~1chb1n/charms/trusty/hacluster/amulet-extend/+merge/26635515:52
beisnerand a > vivid bug discovered along the way: bug 147966115:53
mupBug #1479661: hacluster install hook fails on vivid (openhpid init script error) <amulet> <openstack> <uosci> <hacluster (Juju Charms Collection):New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1479661>15:53
beisnerjamespage gnuoy fyi ^  prob not a 1507 blocker, but something to be aware of.15:55
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beisnergnuoy, argh, my merged mojo-foo missed a sneaky 2nd spot where net_info is assigned.  i'll be shifting the env var detection up to a helper and calling that in get_mojo_config instead.  WIP...19:06
beisnergnuoy, ^ which is causing the 2nd neutron-gateway nic to be wired up to the wrong network.19:07
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mbruzekJuju office hours in 6 minutes!19:54
mbruzekGet your questions ready19:54
jcastroalright everyone19:55
jcastrooffice hours will be here:19:55
jcastroif you want to jump in ^^^19:55
jcastrohttp://ubuntuonair.com if you just want to listen.19:55
marcoceppiFeel free to ask questions if you're watchin!20:03
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cory_fuThose links courtesy of mbruzek20:05
lazyPowerthe google repository for upstream kubernetes for hacking on as a developer: https://github.com/googlecloudplatform/kubernetes20:15
lazyPowerwhich is being demo'd now20:16
lazyPowerif you just want to kick the tires of Kubernetes in a cloud - we have a bundle ready for you https://jujucharms.com/u/kubernetes/kubernetes-cluster/720:16
mbruzekAny questions for Juju office hours?20:33
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bhundvenis this a directory that the juju package should make? machine-0: 2015-07-30 23:20:52 DEBUG juju.wrench wrench.go:112 couldn't read wrench directory: stat /var/lib/juju/wrench: no such file or directory23:25
bhundvenI've seen that message with 1.22 (ubuntu package) and 1.24 (ppa:juju/stable)23:30
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