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mhall119shadeslayer: not likely, but dholbach, dpm and/or popey might01:48
lordievaderGood morning.07:32
lordievadersoee: How did your upgrade go?07:32
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lordievader!testers | last day of Alpha2 testing, if you have time please test :)07:48
ubottulast day of Alpha2 testing, if you have time please test :): testers is Help is needed in #kubuntu-devel. Please ping Riddell, yofel, soee, Tm_T, shadeslayer, BluesKaj, James147, Quintasan, lordievader, shrini, tester56, parad1se, mamarley, alket, SourBlues, sgclark, neo31, vip, mparillo for information07:48
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Riddellmparillo: thanks for testing upgrades, I guess I really need to look into that08:03
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sbivolhi, I would like to ask about KDE updates for Kubuntu 15.04: I have reported several bugs to KDE only to find out that all of them have been fixed long ago, but the fixes are not in Kubuntu packages. this is true for the official packages and also for the Kubuntu PPA packages08:22
sbivolis there something I could do to help backport these bugfixes to Kubuntu packages?08:23
Riddellsbivol: testing needed now for Frameworks 5.12 update08:26
Riddellsbivol: it's in kubuntu-ppa/staging-frameworks08:26
sgclarksbivol: https://launchpad.net/~kubuntu-ppa/+archive/ubuntu/staging-frameworks needs testing, then I can copy to backports and finish plasma08:26
RiddellScottK: 5.12 frameworks packages are syncing into wily, do you know anything about that?08:43
ScottKRiddell: no.08:46
Riddellhum, who would?08:46
Riddellis the sync script logged?08:46
ScottKI recall a mention that the sync script was broken so it was stopped.08:47
ScottKMaybe it was broken than they thought.08:49
Riddellwell it shouldn't do any harm08:50
Riddellsonnet 5.12.0-1 (Accepted)   Artur Rona 08:51
Riddellit's ari-tczew08:52
Riddellnote to self: this needs fixed should be easy enough https://jenkins.qa.ubuntu.com/job/wily-adt-kdelibs4support/lastBuild/ARCH=amd64,label=adt/console08:53
sbivolnow I use frameworks version 5.9.0. kubuntu-ppa/staging-frameworks offers 5.12.0. I'll upgrade and report back09:03
sbivolis it a known bug that highlighting an item in the K menu (mouse hover) works only for half of the items?09:21
sbivolit's pretty visible, and upgrading Frameworks has not fixed it09:22
shadeslayerovidiu-florin: are you at Rialta?09:24
Riddellhe is at the uni09:27
Riddellshadeslayer: ^^09:27
santa_good morning doko, any news about musicbrainz and openbabel?09:33
shadeslayerRiddell: oh ok09:35
dokosanta_, no, will have a look09:36
santa_ok, btw we are working on gcc 5 stuff right @ akademy09:36
santa_Riddell: kitemmodels had a patch, but it seems it's not in git yet http://gpul.grupos.udc.es/kubuntu_patches/frameworks-5.12/kitemmodels/09:41
santa_same for kjs and kcoreaddons09:45
RiddellScottK: it's probably a good idea to merge in the various gcc changes to debian branches for frameworks since debian is switching to gcc 5 too09:48
ScottKYep.  If someone can make a list of the packages, I can take a look at that.09:48
ScottKDid Qt need patches?09:49
ScottKThat's probably first in any case.09:49
santa_ScottK: about qt I don't know, but I will make an experimental build here to give you a clue. about frameworks anything with a subfolder here was patched http://gpul.grupos.udc.es/kubuntu_patches/frameworks-5.12/09:56
santa_ScottK: oh, and also note that there's non-kde stuff which may hinder your work on this, for instance, for us (= kubuntu) plasma-workspace failed to build like this https://paste.kde.org/pu0e0mtcq10:00
santa_they were other ftbfs'es following that patttern, that kind of build failure happens because you need a non-kde library which broke it's abi10:01
santa_in the plasma-workspace case it was libqalculate, which will need a transition, see https://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=79115910:03
ubottuDebian bug 791159 in src:libqalculate "libqalculate: library transition may be needed when GCC 5 is the default" [Important,Open]10:03
* Riddell publishes http://jriddell.org/2015/07/30/akademy-day-trip/10:10
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Riddellhi clivejo, how did you get on?10:10
clivejonot good10:12
Riddellclivejo: what's up?10:12
clivejocant understand why the files arent being put into the correct packages10:12
Riddellclivejo: got an example?10:13
clivejothe icon files being listed by dh_install --missing-files10:14
Riddellclivejo: there's no icon files there10:17
Riddelljust these two I see which need added somewhere10:18
clivejousr/share/calligraactive/qml/DocumentTypeSelector.qml 10:19
clivejois in calligracative.install10:20
clivejobut dh_install says its not installed anywhere710:21
Riddellclivejo: calligraactive isn't built any more, it's not in debian/control so no package is made so it will still get listed in --list-missing10:22
Riddellclivejo: upstream says calligraactive is dead for now so we don't want to make that package10:22
clivejoput them in here?10:23
Riddellclivejo: no leave the active files in calligracative.install and we'll not package them10:30
Riddellupstream doesn't want them packaged10:30
Riddellthey're just being lazy and installing them anyway10:30
clivejodont they know how confusing that is for newbies!!10:30
clivejothe two .desktop files I put them in calligra-data.install, so that right or wrong?10:32
Riddellclivejo: krita_presethistory.desktop I guess goes into krita.install10:34
Riddelland calligra_filter_karbon2image.desktop into karbon10:34
Riddellalthough there's not always right answers with these things10:34
clivejook done10:39
ovidiu-florinshadeslayer: I'm at the KDE Connect BoF10:47
Riddellclivejo: woo, so check the packages install with   dpkg --install ?11:01
lordievaderRiddell: Do we have release notes for Alpha2?11:27
mparilloDrafted here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/WilyWerewolf/Alpha2/Kubuntu11:36
lordievaderI had just found that page, thanks.11:37
mparilloNeed me to add the link to: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/WilyWerewolf/Alpha211:37
lordievaderAlready on it.11:37
lordievadermparillo: I suppose http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/kubuntu/releases/wily/alpha-2/ will become available once it is released?11:39
mparilloActually it becomes availabe before the official release announcment. I recall jumping the gun once.11:40
lordievaderOk, I'll add that link too.11:40
lordievadermparillo: Do you have time to do some more amd64 testing? Else I'll ask it to be marked ready.11:42
lordievader^ whoop whoop11:46
mparilloFor some reason, I have not been able to start 64-bit images on any of my VMs or on my poor little netbook. And with no new images, I think we are as good as we are likely to be.11:56
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mparilloWhoops. I am 10 minutes late, but I agree.11:57
lordievaderFor me the 64bit worked fine. I even tried it on real hardware (needed to fix something about my install)11:59
BluesKajHowdy folks12:49
BluesKaj just heard a sonic revelation ..listened to some of fav music on lossless flac without pulseaudio in the mix, the change for the better is quite something12:53
BluesKajbtw, i did a clean install without my old ~/ and the problem with the desktop not loading disappeared, actully Wily alpha 2 seems quite fine atm12:56
Riddelllordievader, mparillo: thanks for the release notes page12:57
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ahoneybun__mparillo: ping12:58
BluesKajRiddell: so need for me the file a bug about nvidia nouveau not loading the desktop, since the problem was my own 12:59
RiddellBluesKaj: if it's a problem of your making then no bug needed :)12:59
BluesKajRiddell:  exactly :-)12:59
mparillo_Riddell: YW. ahoneybun__ Pong13:00
soee_lordievader: i had problem with networkmanager package as you mentioned13:05
ahoneybun__mparillo_: know anything about amarok?13:07
mparillo_Other than Mamarok_vactn has a bad connection while on vacation ;-) Seriously, I have only played the test tune.13:09
lordievadersoee_: The modemmanager you mean?13:09
soee_lordievader: yeah probably, can remember now :)13:10
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lordievadersoee_: Right but nothing major right? (A simple apt-get dist-upgrade fixed it for me)13:10
soee_yes, and system works fine :)13:13
soee_it was my parents PC, upgraded from Vivid13:13
lordievadersoee_: Good to hear.13:19
BluesKajwily alpa 2 seems quite stable on my pc so far , so i dropped the debian install since i realized I'd better get used to plasma 5 and it's quirks, since it's not going away anytime soon13:24
soee_Plasma 5.4 next month13:28
lordievaderOhh, nice.13:28
Riddellsoee_: next week for the beta13:44
soee_Riddell: yes but i think it wil take time till we have Wily pakages right ?13:47
Riddellsoee_: dunno depends how well the scripts work13:48
soee_i see KF 5.12.0 are almost  ready :)13:54
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Riddellahoneybun: qtmultimedia5-dev14:04
Riddellahoneybun: http://anonscm.debian.org/cgit/pkg-kde/14:20
Riddellahoneybun: http://anonscm.debian.org/cgit/pkg-kde/frameworks/frameworkintegration.git/14:21
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soee_Riddell: held back since few days in Wily: libavcodec-extra14:31
ahoneybun__Riddell: https://paste.kde.org/paumtpifo14:51
Riddellahoneybun: bzr co lp:~kubuntu-packagers/+junk/kubuntu-automation15:20
snelehi guys. when do you plan to remove muon package manager from repositories?15:38
snelediscover cannot search for and install packages15:38
sneleso I would hate to tell some kubuntu newbie "open konsole and type sudo apt-get..."15:39
snelebte muon is great package manager. too bad it is unmaintained15:40
Riddellsnele: hopefully a new maintainer will appear for muon package manager and it won't be removed15:40
valoriesnele: also not just plain apt works: `sudo apt update && sudo apt full-upgrade"15:45
valorieerr, `15:45
BluesKajNeo31:  I still use muon as apackage reference guide, it's still more detailed than software center 15:54
BluesKajoops snele. rather15:54
sneleBluesKaj: yea me too. its main kubuntu tool for me :)15:56
BluesKajsnele:  I didn't realize it's no longer maintained , that's a shame, but I'm going to keep using it til it stops giving accurate info15:59
snelefor noobs it is important not to scare the away with konsole and apt. I just tell them for exmpl open muon and install icedtea-plugin16:00
snele*scare them16:00
snelebtw I loved synaptic, but now synaptic kinda suck compared to muon. at least for me :)16:02
BluesKajI was using synaptic in debian, and it's getting clunky 16:03
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santa_sgclark: try with this one for kjs http://gpul.grupos.udc.es/kubuntu_patches/frameworks-5.12/kjs/0001-Update-i386-symbols.patch16:52
santa_the other one was, indeed already applied, however they were sutile differences between amd64 and i386 symbols16:53
mparillo_I have not seen the announcement, but http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/kubuntu/releases/wily/alpha-2/ is out there.17:28
valorieI'll wait to upgrade until Akademy is over17:31
mparillo_I am ready to hit enter on the news item. Last-minute edits on https://wiki.ubuntu.com/WilyWerewolf/Alpha2/Kubuntu welcome17:31
valorieone of my good friends has died17:31
valorieNóirín Plunkett, I met her in linuxchix17:32
valoriewonderful vibrant FOSS activist17:33
BluesKajthat's too bad valorie, sorry for your loss 17:37
valorieit's a loss for all of us17:48
valoriethank you, BluesKaj17:48
BluesKajalso a loss for FOSS unfortunately 17:48
BluesKajwe need more linux chicks to help spread the word 17:49
BluesKajI gave my daughter my elcheapo acer laptop with kubuntu 10.04 on it and she used it til the thing died nearly a yr later and she never found a reason to switch to windows 17:53
valoriehmmm, I installed the new redshift widget, but redshift wasn't installed18:05
valorieisn't that a packaging error?18:05
mparillo_My daughter prefers to run Kubuntu Wily on better HW over Win7 on decent HW and much better than WinXP on aging HW. 18:09
BluesKajdaughter bought anew Lenovo laptop that has W8.1 , but she hardly uses it now that she also has a Samsung Galaxy S5. I haven't bothered her about putting Linux on it 18:15
BluesKajlinux on the laptop 18:16
lordievadermparillo_: \o/18:25
mparillo_Another plus: A clean install got me my dropbox icon for the first time since Plasma 5: https://www.kubuntuforums.net/showthread.php?68382-Dropbox-icon-does-not-show-in-system-tray-with-KB-15-04&p=377059&viewfull=1#post37705918:27
BluesKajmparillo_:  oh really>? i had given up on ever seeing the dropbox link again18:31
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lordievadermparillo_: That is good to hear :)18:31
mparillo_I have the ksnapshot in the URL to prove it.18:31
claydohmparillo_: kudos for posting in the forum ;)18:31
mparillo_Kubuntu is a great distro in part due to these channels, and KFN is part of it.18:32
claydohI was surprised that skype's icon was showing up again18:33
mparillo_I have not downloaded Skype in a while. And I always use the partner repo for it anyway18:33
BluesKajmparillo_:  nice to see dropbox KDE integration instead o using that workaround on Richard A Johnson's blog18:52
Riddelllordievader: woo well done on your first alpha release!19:09
lordievaderHeh, thanks :D19:09
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Riddellclivejo: all good?19:54
clivejoRiddell: no idea!19:55
clivejoIm debating mowing the lawn!19:56
clivejohow about you?19:59
Riddellclivejo: I'm lovely thanks :)20:02
Riddellclivejo: now calligra, have you built the source package for me to sign and upload?20:03
Riddellclivejo: have you checked it installs?20:03
clivejono I havent20:03
clivejobut I did install Windows 1020:03
* clivejo ducks and hides20:03
* mamarley throws a Tux doll at clivejo.20:04
clivejoI know I know20:04
clivejobut is there any way to have voice control on Kubuntu as default?20:05
clivejolike in kRunner?20:05
Riddellclivejo: Simon should allow that20:09
Riddellbut it's not by default20:09
Riddellclivejo: there's a long standing todo item to update all the accessibility profiles including using Simon20:09
Riddella task for the taking :)20:10
Riddellclivejo: how's Windows 10?20:10
Riddellis it 1.9 better than windows 8.1?20:10
VeryBewitching1.9 version levels more proprietary I would wager.20:12
clivejoso far so good20:12
clivejoI hate 8 and 8.1 20:13
clivejobut 10 I could work with20:13
lordievaderclivejo: Is it worth upgrading from Win7?20:17
clivejoI prefer 7 to be honest20:19
clivejoits very slow20:19
VeryBewitchingI nuked my Windows 7 partition about 3 weeks ago, I don't think I'll install it in anything but a VM ever again.20:20
lordievaderI'm kind of doubting if I'll upgrade or not.20:21
clivejoI wouldnt bother!20:22
lordievaderHmm, interesting. Why not?20:22
clivejothere are no advantages20:23
VeryBewitchingI had it installed for 3 games I played that weren't supported on Linux, so I just ran installs through PlayOnLinux20:23
clivejoits slower and will probably be buggy for a while too20:23
VeryBewitchingThe other 30 games or so I play with some regularity run natively in Linux through Steam.20:23
lordievaderHmm, good arguments. I'll guess I back off with the upgrade.20:24
clivejobut its only been a few hours20:24
VeryBewitchingI honestly feel that with the productivity suites, utilities and user experience advantages of a Linux desktop, Windows is nothing more than a media platform for my uses.20:24
lordievaderVeryBewitching: I use Windows for Lightroom. 20:26
VeryBewitchingWhat's that?20:26
lordievaderPhotoediting program. And it works really nice, hence I do not want to get rid of Windows.20:26
VeryBewitchingVirtualBox + ISO = win20:27
VeryBewitchingI've really taken to Krita, those folks are doing quite well20:27
lordievaderVeryBewitching: My Windows install can already be booted as a VM ;)20:27
lordievaderOr booted physically if performance is critical.20:28
VeryBewitchinglordievader: Nice.  I think the main blockage with keeping it on my SSD is that it has a 15GB foot print barebones20:28
VeryBewitchinglordievader: If I can run anything throubh an emulator, it's better than 15GB of overhead for a handful of applications.20:29
* clivejo doesnt like krita20:42
clivejobuilding files for no reason!20:42
Riddellkrita is awesome, but you need to be an artist and you need to like dark theme20:42
VeryBewitchingRiddell: Krita supports .color files that your user has access to.20:43
clivejoRiddell: how do we get it off the EC?20:43
VeryBewitchingIt defaults to a dark theme though.20:43
Riddellclivejo: if you make the source package I can sign it and you can upload it20:44
clivejoI like that idea, if you sign it, you get the blame for my mistakes!20:45
clivejoif I do a debuild -S now then?20:46
clivejoyou can push it to LP?20:46
Riddellclivejo: it's good to upload to ubuntu20:49
Riddellclivejo: so remove the ~ubuntufoo~ppa1 from debian/changelog20:49
Riddelland run debuild -S again20:49
clivejook donw20:53
clivejocant sign it thou20:53
Riddellclivejo: I've singed it20:58
Riddelland signed it20:58
Riddellclivejo: so dput ubuntu the .changes files20:58
clivejothat ok?21:00
Riddellclivejo: go for it!21:00
clivejoRiddell: whistles21:01
clivejofake signature?!?21:03
Riddellclivejo: nah the server just doesn't know about any gpg keys21:03
Riddelldput -u21:03
Riddellclivejo: awooga!21:04
clivejoin english?21:04
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clivejodid I hear there is a new plasma being tested?21:05
soee_not yet21:07
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clivejoRiddell: you gonna shut the EC down?21:08
clivejoRiddell: where/how do I see the build status?21:19
Riddellclivejo: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/calligra/1:2.9.6-0ubuntu121:20
Riddellahoneybun: /usr/lib/pbuilder/pbuilder-satisfydepends21:54
Riddellahoneybun: apt-get build-dep PACKAGE21:54
clivejoanyone know where the source for this is http://kde-apps.org/content/show.php/ClamAV-GUI?content=17078222:16
clivejonevermind, found it22:17

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