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Graf_WesterholtWhen I click on window menu — more actions — special settings, the new form instantly crashes.05:49
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marushi everyone, after update, my keyboard layout has chanched!!!07:07
Graf_Westerholtmarus, can you explain it?07:08
marusGraf_Westerholt> lol so i recieved security update like everytime, after install it, my keyboard layout has been changed07:09
marusit sound crazy but true07:09
Graf_Westerholtmarus, but changed to what?07:10
marusGraf_Westerholt> was DE now US layout07:11
Graf_WesterholtCan you change it back?07:11
marusGraf_Westerholt> i try to look why it does happend, so that i can change it07:12
marusGraf_Westerholt: i have restore it to DE07:13
Graf_Westerholtmarus, do you know #kubuntu-de ? ;)07:13
maruslol i don't need it, i'm not DE07:13
Graf_Westerholtmarus, why do you use DE-layout?07:14
marusi work for them xD07:14
Graf_WesterholtAnd you write in German?07:15
Graf_Westerholtok :)07:25
lordievaderGood morning.07:32
lordievaderGraf_Westerholt: Too bad about your nVidia problems :(07:32
Graf_WesterholtOi lordievader!07:36
lordievaderHey Graf_Westerholt07:36
Graf_Westerholtlordievader, I read in a forum to try EGL as OpenGL interface in Compositor-Settings. I am trying it.07:37
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ejayHi all. I've found a solution for making work intel/ati gpus on laptops. Found it on Arch wiki. No swicheroo needed, no additional grub changed needed. It's out of the box solution. https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/PRIME IMHO it should be on ubuntu wiki as well (somewhere on ati open source drivers pages).09:26
ejaygrub changes*09:26
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Graf_WesterholtNetwork Monitor eats a lot of the CPU.11:47
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BluesKajHowdy folks12:49
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dub_hi, I'm having trouble setting up my proxy in Kubuntu, everything works fine in Ubuntu, however my https proxy isn't getting set in Kubuntu14:47
dub_I can get to news.google.com (http) but not to google.com (https)14:47
dub_does anyone have an idea of whats going on here?14:47
TaggnostrI'm having some problems with the panel at the bottom and plasma 5: after switching to the dark breeze theme, the kde icon, and everything in the tray (including the clock) disappeared14:50
Taggnostrthe bar is still white (even though I'm using the dark theme) and the button/tray are still there (I can click on things and they work), but I just see all white14:51
Taggnostrseveral icons from the K menu -> applications are also invisible14:51
Taggnostrdo you know any way to fix this and/or turn the bar dark too?14:53
Graf_Westerholtdub_, what webbrowser are you using?14:55
TaggnostrI just found out in workspace theme -> desktop theme -> details, that I can set the theme for the icons and panel, but when I try to do so I get a "malformed url" error14:56
dub_I think that was the issue14:59
dub_just downloaded Chromium and now it works14:59
TaggnostrI suspect that once I selected the breeze dark theme, it also tried to select the same theme for the icons, and since the url is malformed, it couldn't load the icons -- that's why they are missing14:59
Taggnostrif I use the oxygen theme it works, so I guess I'll just use that15:01
Graf_WesterholtHow to restart the desktop?15:10
Graf_WesterholtMy desktop froze.15:10
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prw_running kubuntu 15.04, fully updated and can't change my icon sizes.  when i go to system settings->appearance->icons->advanced,  the "size" dropdown doesnt work.  do i need to install a particular package to make this work?15:37
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Graf_WesterholtI do not have a real workspace anymore. plasmashell is not working any more.15:48
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watsugHi, I have a problem on my Kubuntu 15.0417:10
watsugI have three knotes icons in my taskbar that I can't seem to  remove?17:10
watsugHow do I remove them?17:11
BluesKajwatsug:  open the 3 dashes at the far right of the panel then paas the cursor over the icons you want to remove and click the X in the popup17:25
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Guest59711Hi, I have kubuntu 15.04 and I got a problem after I killed plasmashell procces I guess!! So the problem is that I gey Login screen but when I try to login in, it just re-open lgoin screen!! Now Im on my root user, but I cannot enter to my local user!! I was reading about Xauthority but Im not able to deal with it.... someone can  helps me???20:30
krytarik!xhangs | Guest5971120:35
ubottuGuest59711: If the GUI hangs after logging in, use <ctrl><alt><f1> to switch to text mode. Log in and do: rm .{X,ICE}authority20:35
root____ubottu: I did rm .{X,ICE}authority and console show me that its not a file directory....20:45
ubotturoot____: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)20:45
krytarikroot____: Make sure you are at the top level of your home directory when running that command.20:47
root____krytarik: I was able to log into my local user but I just got the same programs that I had opened before the crag... and I cannot do anything... just change windows with alt+tab20:55
Graf_Westerholtkhotkeys is broken. I can set hotkeys, but wen I reopen khotkeys, it shows as if I did nothing. When I set a new hotkey and save, every defined hotkey is gone.21:11
krytarikroot____: I can't tell if this still applies to KDE Plasma 5, but there you go: http://askubuntu.com/questions/508666/how-to-delete-a-manually-saved-session21:11
rubytorkrytarik: thank you for your help... I solved my problem: rm -r  ~/.local/share/kscreen.... I lost my widgets, themes and more related with plasma but I prefer that!!21:41
watsugBluesKaj Thank you for the answer, saw it just now, I knew there had to be an easy solution :)21:47
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kubuntu_Hello, is there a way to reinstall / repair kubuntu without removing my files, etc?22:26
vedukubuntu_: your home folder can be reued as is23:02
veduunless something in that is causing your problems23:02
vedukubuntu_: s/reued/reused23:03
sebastianhi whats up23:13
sebastianhow do you d23:13
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Guest55331where are you23:13
Guest55331messi i love you23:14
Guest55331i love you football23:14
editionis it possible to change the background of the classic KDE menu?23:46

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