flexiondotorgI'm helping with the 15.10 Alpha 2 checklist.14:16
flexiondotorgAre the Lubuntu iso image for Alpha 2 ready?14:16
flexiondotorgDo you want the PowerPC images included?14:16
flexiondotorgdkessel, wxl phillw ^^^^^^^^^^^^^14:22
dkesselflexiondotorg: i don't think i should decide that ;)15:48
flexiondotorgdkessel, Fair enough :-)15:49
flexiondotorgdkessel, I'm trying to get someone to commit.15:49
flexiondotorgThe clock is ticking.15:49
flexiondotorgI think the trigger is being pulled in 11 minutes.15:49
flexiondotorgwxl, ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^15:49
phillwflexiondotorg: the A2 for i386 and AMD64 are good to go. The PPC is not.15:53
flexiondotorgphillw, Thanks!15:54
phillwflexiondotorg: wxl is on vacation afaik... gilir is just mad busy. I did email them earlier15:54
flexiondotorgI'll mark the i386 and amd64 images as ready.15:54
phillwflexiondotorg: knowing that they were both busy.. we also prepped up https://wiki.ubuntu.com/WilyWerewolf/Alpha2/Lubuntu ready to go :) (We are good at ensuring things are in place)15:55
phillwflexiondotorg: THANKS :d15:57
flexiondotorgphillw, OK, we are preping stuff now. Thanks for getting back to me.15:58
phillwflexiondotorg: if you'd be so kind as to give me a ping on here when release is ready to go (I'm also part of lubuntu comms team, as well as a tester) We can make the announcement :)16:03
flexiondotorgphillw, Sure. I'll let you know one the release announce goes out.16:04
flexiondotorgphillw, You're a go!17:43
phillwflexiondotorg: thanks!!!17:44
wxlflexiondotorg: phillw: so sorry i disappeared. the red eye flight did me in worse than i thought18:03
wxlflexiondotorg: phillw: thanks to whoever made it happen in my absence :(18:03
flexiondotorgwxl No probs :-)18:03
phillwwxl: flexiondotorg did the flags, me and gsilva did the release notes.18:05
wxlgsilva: thank you, too18:05
wxlreally appreciate it18:05
gsilvaNo worries, that's why I'm here for18:05
phillwwxl: also, me and rafaellaguna have just blitzed social media with it being out :)18:05
wxlphillw: rafaellaguna: you guys are awesome18:06
wxlwe have such an awesome team :)18:06
phillwwxl: as long as the end user sees a perfectly calm exterior, it matters not about how much work goes on behind the scenes. That's what we signed up for and take pride in doing.18:07
phillwwxl: (19:07:53) vikingredwolf: daddy, Twitter, Reddit and Blog done18:09
phillwviking is rafaellaguna's temp name as he moves from a bouncer18:09
phillwhi vikingredwolf :D18:09
vikingredwolfwxl, the spreading work is done18:10
phillwwxl: we were ready about 20 hours ago :D18:11
phillwdidn't get any ppc done over and above what was mentioned on social media. But, as they said it was working okay with no major bitching... that does look promising as we move next to the lts again :)18:12
wxlhai vikingredwolf18:15
wxl*hugs* to all18:15
vikingredwolfhello! :D18:17
phillwvikingredwolf: please be aware...18:23
phillwhi, after my last upgrade (debian unstable) audacity (version 2.1.x - got fromppa.launchpad.net) has simply stopped to work - no message no error nothing - anybody knows what's happening, if there is some issue with some libraries? ANd, in case, any valid substitute to suggest?18:23
phillw OK - temporary solved: (foreword - they are switching from wxgtk2.0 to 3.0 so a major writing task is undergone - the source is unstable approx. till September 2015) ....18:23
vikingredwolfAudacious is getting reversed to GTK2. the GTK3 was a total disaster. There's a Qt interface that half-works.18:24
phillwvikingredwolf: okies, I just caught it on linux europe group... A pretty nice group to follow. https://www.facebook.com/groups/Ike.Santos/ try it out :)18:25
vikingredwolfyes, it is :)18:26
vikingredwolfAND now I'm following this one: https://www.facebook.com/groups/elementary.talk18:26

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