Kiloshellooo africa06:12
Kiloshi nj3ma welcome to ubuntu-za06:13
Kilosi mean ubuntu-africa06:13
Kilosaw cyrilb you missed our first meeting06:22
Kilosand ishwon as well06:22
Kiloselacheche  here are the minutes for those of you that missed the meeting06:25
Kiloslogs maybe06:25
inetprogood mornings06:50
Kiloshi Cryterion Neo3107:03
Kilosso Neo31 what you think?07:03
Neo31hey Kilos :)07:05
Neo31total awesomeness07:05
Neo31I really thank you a lot for all the time that you have spent into this :)07:05
Kilosyeah man i think we gonna rock the world07:05
Kilosits all been a pleasure07:06
Neo31u rock07:06
Kilosty sir07:06
Neo31thanks a lot old man haha07:06
* Cryterion wonders where these vibrations in the ground are coming from :)07:06
Neo31old man making a change07:06
Neo31seriously you rock07:06
Neo31thanks a lot :)07:06
Kilosno man i just like to see things run smooth and efficient07:07
Kilosand friendly07:07
Neo31I hope I will have this energy when I get old :)07:07
Neo31not an easy task07:07
Neo31and I would say congratz to all of us :)07:08
Kilosyeah life can weigh you down at times07:08
Neo31I think many have helped and spent some time into this07:08
Kilosyes we all helped07:08
Kilosi am so happy i found the tunis team early07:08
Kilosor things would have taken longer07:09
Neo31ur team also rocks :)07:09
Kilosoh yes my za guys are all awesome07:09
Kiloswithout them i would still be playing red alert on xp07:09
Neo31glade to know u07:09
Neo31hopefully this will help new teams :)07:10
Kilosyes that was the idea07:10
Neo31come on, red alert sucks07:10
Kilosbut things were so fast last night i missed the burkina faso guy07:10
Kilosi mean i saw himm but didnt get him to add them in the wiki page07:11
Neo31We still have a mailing list and a next meeting Kilos ;)07:11
Neo31i see07:11
Kilosi am busy doing a mail right now too07:11
Neo31africa related email ?07:11
Kiloswell duh!07:12
Kilosof course07:12
Kilosi have the biggest team of everyone07:12
Neo31that is cool07:12
Neo31that was the idea07:13
Kilosyeah stretches 8000 ks07:13
Neo31there are few great guys in africa, if we bring them together it will be a great team that could make a bigger change07:13
Neo31few in each country i mean, but a lot in the continent07:14
Kilosalready the rest of the world is taking note07:14
Kilosthere, mail out there07:18
* Neo31 setting up Kubuntu 15.04 then thinking of upgrading to alpha07:41
Kiloshi r0ckwilda ongolaBoy07:46
elachecheKilos, sorry sir :( was supposed to reach my destination in 30min, It was my first time going there.. So I spent more than an hour on the road.. :/07:49
Kiloselacheche  not a problem , we had a greta first meeting, im glad you got there safely though07:50
elachecheThank you07:50
ongolaBoyKilos: hi07:58
KilosongolaBoy  do you just want to know how to make your mirror an official mirror?08:05
Kilosor do you need more info?08:05
Kilosonce i know what you need i will mail our maintainer and see what he had to do08:06
Kilosmaybe mail me your needs then i can forward it to him. what do you think?08:08
ongolaBoyin fact I do not have resources (disk space) to maintain an official mirror08:12
ongolaBoyI thought it was possible to list all the mirror available accross the world even if they cannot mirror *all* the versions08:13
ongolaBoyhere in cameroon I maintain miroir.cm.auf.org , miroir.uninet.cm . They don't contain all ubuntu version but they are very useful in our area08:14
ongolaBoyif .. at least those who are in our country know that they can grap packages from that mirror instead of cm.archive.ubuntu.com which redirect in UK ...08:15
Kilosoh yes08:16
Kiloslet me get you a link08:17
KilosQA  google official ubuntu mirrors08:18
QAKilos: "Ubuntu-mirror - Launchpad" https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+archivemirrors :: "Official CD Mirrors for Ubuntu - Launchpad" https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+cdmirrors :: "Alternative downloads | Ubuntu" http://www.ubuntu.com/download/alternative-downloads :: "Mirrors - Ubuntu Wiki" https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Mirrors :: "Rsyncmirror - Community Help Wiki - Official Ubuntu Documentation" https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Rsyncm…08:18
ongolaBoymirror.cm.auf.org is listed on launchpad https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+mirror/miroir.cm.auf.org-archive .. «Pending review» :-\08:23
ongolaBoysince 10 months08:23
Kilosok, im a bit lost now, what do you want to do?08:24
Kilossorry im so slow08:24
ongolaBoythat someone review the mirror08:24
Kilosgoodness me08:24
Kilosill get that info for who to contact08:24
Kilosthey actually have an irc channel08:25
ongolaBoyyep #ubuntu-mirrors :)08:26
Kilosdont they help you?08:26
ongolaBoyi know it but .. I have never understand why nobody review my mirror08:26
Kilosdo they answer you at least?08:27
ongolaBoyI do not remember .. because it was some months ago .. but I may try again08:27
Kilosill join you there08:27
Kilosok ongolaBoy i will ask our maintainer what he did. took only a week or 208:31
craigbrashmornin Kilos, ongolaBoy08:32
Kiloshi craigbrash08:33
manuliteronaldm, howdy10:48
Kiloshi manulite ronaldm Na3iL10:49
Na3iLo/ morning africa10:49
Na3iLhows you Kilos10:49
manuliteKilos, how are you doing?10:49
Kilosgood ty and you mguys?10:58
Kiloshi oteng10:58
otengDo I have to sign in10:58
Kilosoteng  you mean join the group and mailing list?10:59
otengHow do I do that10:59
otengWhen is the meeting11:00
Kilosyour first tick join then when approved you go down to the mailing list11:00
Kilosnext meeting is next month\11:01
otengYesterday we were talking about ubuntu official membership11:14
otengMy question is how do one get this membership and how do I raise11:15
Kilosthere you approved11:17
KilosQA  google ubuntu membership11:17
QAKilos: "Membership - Ubuntu Wiki" https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Membership :: "Membership/Boards - Ubuntu Wiki" https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Membership/Boards :: "Forums/Membership - Ubuntu Wiki" https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Forums/Membership :: "community - How to get Ubuntu membership? - Ask Ubuntu" http://askubuntu.com/questions/16403/how-to-get-ubuntu-membership :: "Membership Applications - Ubuntu Forums" http://ubuntuforums.org/forum…11:17
Kilossomewhere in there is new member11:18
Kilosoteng  where are you again??11:22
Kilossorry i forget11:22
Kilosyou will need to make a wiki page for yourself11:23
otengI am here oo11:24
Kiloshi munro11:24
munrokilos: I am good11:25
Kilosthats nice11:25
munrokilos: I am going away from the machien but will keep irc client running so as to catch up later11:26
Kilosi like it when everyone is good11:26
munrokilos: are we logging the sessins?11:26
Kilosall sessions logged yes11:26
Kiloselacheche  how are you man?11:38
Kilosand tell about the coffee11:39
elachecheI'm ok Kilos thx :) :)12:02
elachecheI didn't got more than 1 espresso per day till now :)12:02
Kilosyou gonn asuffer again12:03
elachecheloool Kilos :D I used to get 5 coffees per day :D that includes 2 espressos :D12:04
ongolaBoycan someone review my wiki page https://wiki.ubuntu.com/WillyManga  :)12:07
nasowahhey guys12:09
nasowahongolaBoy: checked your wiki.. got stuff going for you there man ...12:09
Kiloshi nasowah12:09
elachecheongolaBoy, what for?12:09
elachecheongolaBoy, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kilos can be a good source of inspiration ;)12:10
nasowahHello Kilos: i was looking for just the specific logs for yesterday's meeting to share with the Linux Accra User Group in Ghana but couldnt find so had to share the whole log link12:11
elachechehttp:// nasowah12:15
Kilosnasowah  sec12:17
nasowahthanks guys ...12:18
nasowahshared with them12:18
Kilosnasowah  try get your lug to add in it https://wiki.ubuntu.com/AfricanTeams12:19
Kilosyou will there is one lug there already12:19
nasowahyeah sure ..12:21
KilosongolaBoy  see the mirror channel14:12
Kiloselacheche  help14:50
Kilosi forgot how to end off testimonials14:50
Kilos&Kilos& or what14:51
Kilosin wiki pages that is14:51
Kilosor &msdomdonner&14:51
Kilosor $msdomdonner$14:52
elacheche- '''''[[Kilos]]''''', Ubuntu-Africa Member and Ubuntu Member, 07-30-2015.14:52
elachecheSomething like this?14:52
Kilosit was different14:53
elachechegive me an example and I'll get you the coee14:53
elachechegive me an example and I'll get you the code14:53
Kiloswe did something at the end of the message14:53
elachecheShare the link so I can see that14:53
Kilosgo see my page then where peeps add testimonials it said sign off with bla bla14:54
craigbrash@ SIG @14:55
Kilosyour page doesnt show it either14:55
Kilosyes my man well done14:55
craigbrashwill sign it i think14:55
elachecheYou should remove the space after @ and before @14:55
Kilosyes thats it thanks guys14:55
Kiloswill do ty14:56
elacheche@SIG@ will generate a code like this one "-- [[LaunchpadHome:geames]] <<DateTime(2015-01-29T20:47:46+0130)>> "14:57
Kilossigning works cool but somewhere it didnt new line me14:57
elachecheIn my wiki the guys added a line like this "- '''''[[Kilos]]''''', Ubuntu-Africa Member and Ubuntu Member, 07-30-2015." manually :)14:57
elachecheI fixed that kilos :)14:58
Kilosi go see14:58
elachecherefresh the page and see14:58
elachecheWe (Tunisians) like the Ubuntu LoGo very much :p https://wiki.ubuntu.com/elacheche#Testimonials :D ping craigbrash14:59
Kilosthere we go ty14:59
Kiloswhy didnt it add my line feeds?15:03
Kilosthe first time elacheche now my post is there twice or am i going mad15:14
elachechelet me check15:15
KilosongolaBoy  you must get your cameroonians to write testimonials fo r you15:15
Kilosthe more the better15:15
ongolaBoyi may remove the conflict for you :)15:16
elachecheproblem fixed15:16
Kiloslol i dont uderstand these wiki things at times15:16
Kilosgood man elacheche ty15:17
elachecheit's simple :)15:17
Kiloseasier to drink cyber coffee15:17
KilosQA  coffee on15:17
* QA washes some mugs15:17
elachecheWhen I fixed the line you was editing the page too.. So the wiki said to you that someone else is editing it and if it should show you the confilct that can be caused.. You said YES, wiki showed the conflict between my edit and yours, you just send it all :D15:18
Kilosoh my15:19
Kilosanyway good now ty15:20
Kilosim lucky i found you15:20
QACoffee's ready for Kilos!15:21
KilosQA  ty15:21
QAOnly a pleasure Kilos15:21
=== r0ckwilda is now known as r0ckwilda{-_-}
elachecheGTG, see you later15:37
Kilosgo safe elacheche15:46
Kiloswho was here last night from burkino faso15:47
Kilosim sure i saw someone mention the country15:47
Kiloshi chaker welcome to ubuntu-africa15:48
Kilosand daker15:48
Kiloswhere are you guys15:48
Kilosi think there was something for daker to do15:49
Kilosfor those interested here is my blog about the meeting16:08
Fatarkilos I can't connect16:12
FatarIt says I don't have the authorization16:13
Kilosoh my16:13
munrokilos: I am getting Your current account (xxx@gmail.com) does not have access to view this page. Click here to logout and change accounts.16:13
Kiloslol inetpro fixit16:14
Kilosoh guys our chair last night was inetpro affectionately know by me as Mrfixit16:14
Kilossince i started with ubuntu him and superfly have been there to help me with any problem16:15
FatarWhen did you start with ubuntu kilos?16:16
Kiloswith 8.1016:16
Kilostry this https://wiki.ubuntu.com/AfricanTeams/Meetings/20150729#Summary16:21
=== Cryterion_ is now known as Cryterion
dakerKilos: hi18:04
dakerAre you sure it's me ?18:05
Kilosohi daker ill read the logs19:27
Kilossomeone said you were from somewhere or something19:28
Kilosdaker  ill let you know tomorrow after i have read the logs19:31
KilosQA  tell fatar http://kilosubuntu.blogspot.com19:40
QAKilos: Okay, I'll tell Fatar on freenode19:40
KilosQA  tell munro http://kilosubuntu.blogspot.com19:41
QAKilos: Sure, I'll tell munro on freenode19:41

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