happyaronLaney: mozc is still not in the list04:45
didrocksgood morning05:42
pittiGood morning06:11
didrockshey pitti, how are you?06:11
pittididrocks: tired! but otherwise fine, thanks; and you?06:12
didrockspitti: oh, why tired? jetlag from Europe to Europe? :)06:12
pittididrocks: I went to bed at 1 am only, after basketball06:14
didrocksquite late and so little sleep :)06:16
pittiyeah, I can't go to bed right afterwards (22:30), still too excited06:17
pittiso I still fixed some autopkgtest cloud bits and packaged systemd 223 :)06:17
didrocksahah :p06:17
seb128good morning desktopers!06:27
didrockssalut seb12806:28
seb128lut didrocks06:28
Laneylaney@nightingale> edit-acl -s mozc -S wily query                                                                                                                                                    ~08:04
Laney== All uploaders for package 'mozc' ==08:04
LaneyArchive Upload Rights for ubuntu-input-methods-dev: archive 'primary', package set 'input-methods' in wily08:04
LaneyArchive Upload Rights for motu: archive 'primary', component 'universe' in wily08:04
Laneygood morning everyone else!08:04
seb128hey willcooke Laney08:05
Laneyyo seb12808:07
LaneyI just got superglue on my fingers08:07
Laneythis is annoying08:07
didrocksgood morning willcooke, Laney!08:07
didrocksLaney: abandonned painting the walls and used paper instead? ;)08:08
Laneythe teapot lid broke!08:08
willcookeLaney, sorry for your loss08:10
didrockszomg, TEA WARNING08:10
seb128Laney, what's the status of the new eds?08:18
Laneyseb128: should be ready but didn't want to upload it with the alpha on08:20
Laneyafter I told eveyone to not break wily it would be funny if I went and did that :)08:21
seb128well, you don't expect that update to break wily, do you? ;-)08:22
Laneyit is a transition08:22
seb128can you upload and proposed block it?08:22
Laneyshould be all done, but you know08:22
Laneywould stack other things behind it if they need updating08:22
seb128I'm concerned it might land late and get in the middle of the gcc5 transition and be blocked for ages08:22
seb128is there any issue with uploading today with a proposed block?08:23
seb128so it's ready to be unblock after a208:23
Laneythat it would block any other update of reverse depends08:23
Laneywhen will you upload gcc?08:24
seb128is that likely that we need an update of a eds rdepends for a2?08:24
seb128oh, you mean the keybinding move to ucc thing?08:24
Laneygnu compiler collection08:24
seb128sorry, not fully awake yet08:25
seb128doko said tomorrow08:25
seb128dunno at what time08:25
seb128I really would like to see eds through first08:25
Laneywell I'll release A2 by the end of today08:25
Laneyso eds can go then08:25
seb128if eds ends up being caught by the gcc transition you are going to hear daily from me :p08:25
* seb128 doesn't get what the big deal with staging thing in proposed today08:26
seb128but oh well, I think I argued enough for my case08:26
seb128let's agree to disagree08:26
pittiLaney: please ignore the two worker failures, snafu on my side (fixed)09:13
pittior "fixing" at lesat09:13
Laneypitti: no worries09:17
pittiLaney: ok, fixed now -- log.gz is now viewable inline in browsers :)09:18
Laneypitti: ah, nice, I was just playing with curl/swift too to see if it worked09:20
Laneypitti: only for new uploads?09:21
pittiLaney: right now, yes09:21
pittiLaney: there might be a way to change content type of existing swift objects, or we'd have to reupload them all09:21
pittibut not such a biggie, I figure09:22
Laneypitti: seems you can - swift post $CONTAINER $FILE --header "Content-Encoding: gzip"09:26
pittiLaney: nice!09:26
pittiLaney: you'll need Content-Type: too09:26
pittiLaney: the code fix is https://git.launchpad.net/~pitti/+git/autopkgtest-cloud/commit/?id=eb9c7617fc09:26
pittiLaney: want to run that conversion on swift? otherwise I can in some 30 mins09:27
Laneyoh, you didn't have this before either?09:27
pittiLaney: no, I fought with that a bit in https://launchpad.net/bugs/1474271 , but seems I only tested that against a local swift container where it didn't work09:27
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1474271 in Auto Package Testing "fix MIME type of log.gz" [Medium,Fix released]09:27
Laneyah yes, octet-stream09:27
LaneyOK, should be easyish, let me see09:28
pittiLaney: right, use swift list, grep for the log.gz, and change those09:28
seb128ricotz, darkxst, bug #1479702 seems an issue with gobject-introspection from the gnome ppa, "Expected Gdk.Rectangle, but got gi.repository.cairo.RectangleInt"09:37
ubot5bug 1479702 in gobject-introspection (Ubuntu) "/usr/bin/update-manager:TypeError:do_foreach_alloc" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/147970209:37
Laneypitti: running, could be some time since I'm doing it sequentially09:38
Laney5 minutes for trusty/amd64, probably not worth optimising for a one shot script09:43
ricotzseb128, I am not able to look at the linked logs -- for reference https://git.gnome.org/browse/gobject-introspection/commit/?id=8ed72fd2641f1fdf21eefb7f8e7b36e58f03268b09:59
pittiLaney: cool, thanks! yeah, doesn't matter if it takes hours even10:03
Laneyit's up to wily/amd64/c so won't be too much longer10:04
* Laney rm Downloads/log*.gz10:05
Laneyremoved ‘Downloads/log(25).gz’ :)10:05
LaneyI have a Firefox bug where it tries to open everything with gedit so it's easier to save and open from the Downloads dialog ...10:06
Laneyoh, no, for this case I didn't get a choice to open them, I remember10:11
ogra_Laney, yeahm thats annoying ... i didnt think its a bug10:12
Laney"you want to open this docx with gedit?"10:12
LaneyNO I DO NOT10:12
* ogra_ has that here all the time recently, i thought it is an FF decision)10:12
pittiI saw this too, but I attributed it to some wedged gnome-ish mime handling10:13
Laneylaney@nightingale> ssh raleigh.local grep gedit .local/share/applications/mimeapps.list                                                                                                              ~10:14
Laneycould be this10:14
Laneywithout that you get a Cancel/Save dialog, no Open10:19
pittiLaney: ah, I have that too; I figure I said "gedit" for one case where a website had a document as octet-stream, and it remembered it ever since10:19
* pitti deletes10:20
Laneytested by downloading a ddeb from LP10:20
darkxstseb128, Ive not seen that one here,but will look into it10:23
olliwillcooke, didrocks, seb128, anyone... when did we start doing Ubuntu Desktop Next10:32
willcookeIt was a thing before I got here, so > 1 year10:32
willcookeseb128 will know for certain10:32
LaneyLook when I posted the thread on ubuntu-release10:33
willcookenice, thanks Laney10:34
didrockswaow, my memory was wrong, I thought it was older10:34
didrocks(like end of 2013)10:35
didrocksnormally, I'm doing the other way around, seeing things since not being "as old" :)10:35
Laneythat is my best guess as to when we got the first builds10:36
Laneydidrocks: I'd have guessed longer probably too10:38
didrocksphew ;)10:39
Laneymaybe it means that this year feels long to us :P10:40
ollididrocks, yeah10:43
ollithe BP was from May 2014 from seb128 ;)10:43
ollithx everyone!10:43
Laneyhappyaron: who's responsible for marking Kylin as ready for A2?11:00
happyaronLaney: NUDT's maclin11:00
happyarontheir QA is posting updates to bugs, guess they are still doing testings atm11:01
happyaronsee this example (the last comment is 15 minutes ago) https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/132580111:02
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1325801 in Ubuntu CD Images "failed to boot from USB disk with error: gfxboot.c32: not a COM32R Image boot:" [Undecided,In progress]11:02
LaneyOK, just wanted to check if they were going to be on track for ~5 hours from now11:02
happyaronlet me call them11:02
* Laney is impressed those guys are working late11:02
happyaronLaney: someone pinged me at 01:30AM today...11:02
happyaronI woke up once at about 2:30 today and saw the message, and responded, he then replied at 3:00AM, don't know when he went to bed11:05
LaneyI hope they are working in shifts or something11:07
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seb128olli, willcooke, I guess what Laney said ;-)11:38
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Laneypitti: the script finished13:29
pittiLaney: yay, thanks13:29
Laneyyay for descriptive vm names too13:30
pittiLaney: much better now, no? :-)13:30
Laneypitti: can we get a link to the file(s) in packages.json? (or is there a stable link to the latest versions?)13:33
Laneyand yes, definitely better :)13:33
LaneyI guess I should file a debci bug13:34
pittiLaney: bug 147426913:34
ubot5bug 1474269 in Auto Package Testing "result summary .json should contain linkage to the log and artifact objects in store" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/147426913:34
Laneynothing new under the sun13:35
LaneyI wanted to write thing to get the log files for tmpfails13:35
pittiapw seems to need something similar for the kernel reports, that's how it came up13:36
pittiLaney: but as I said, Brandon is currently working on a /status/alerts (or so) thingy13:36
pittiLaney: argh, I had tmpfails down to one (the network-manager kernel crash you already pointed out) last night13:37
pittioh, and gmsh, that seems to do something funky13:37
Laneyyeah, that's nice too13:37
Laneymaybe if it had an expander with the log or so13:37
Laneypitti: some transient network blip?13:40
pittiglib-networking looks like that13:41
Laneyand n-m/wily?13:41
pittihttps://objectstorage.prodstack4-5.canonical.com/v1/AUTH_77e2ada1e7a84929a74ba3b87153c0ac/autopkgtest-wily/wily/amd64/r/ruby-rails-assets-markdown-it-diaspora-mention/20150730_132704@/log.gz is interesting though13:41
pittiLaney: same as for glib-networking, timed out waiting for ssh13:42
pittii. e. the instance didn't boot up13:42
pittiso those are cases for retrying, I guess13:42
Laneyhttps://objectstorage.prodstack4-5.canonical.com/v1/AUTH_77e2ada1e7a84929a74ba3b87153c0ac/autopkgtest-wily/wily/amd64/u/ubuntu-system-settings-online-accounts/20150730_124859@/log.gz is the same13:43
Laneywonder what happened there13:44
* Laney goes to lunch, biab13:44
pittiLaney: I'll keep that as a TODO13:44
mgs4hi people got a question i cant seem to get an answer for, if im in a webpage or a window if i press my mute button on my headset it makes it go back a page.  i have tried multiple headsets and same thing14:05
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