* Bashing-om hands TJ- a larger cup of patience, as he may need it .01:22
* TJ- rolls his bleary eyes and runs for a coffee.... to New York and back at this rate :)01:24
TJ-We need a new channel policy: GIVE TJ SSH ACCESS SO ITS DONE IN 30 SECONDS NOT 30 MINUTES!01:24
TJ-Well, I've had time to repair a bicycle puncture whilst I've been waiting :)01:43
Bashing-omtj-; on the brighter side, teaching someone an operating system .01:54
TJ-Bashing-om: you missed out the keyword s/\(teaching/)\1 to break /01:55
Bashing-omTJ-: breaking/fixing. it is not so much that bear talks so well, it is that the bear talks at all .01:58
lotuspsychjegood morning to all05:06
lotuspsychjeyikes, a pc with android oO05:14
cfhowlettlotuspsychje, I've seen a few of those around.  meh.05:14
lotuspsychjethats gonna ask for troubles05:14
wileeeI forgot to have it auto load05:32
* lotuspsychje slides a chinese ginger coffee to wileee and cfhowlett 05:32
wileeemmmm knosh's05:32
cfhowlettI see your chinese ginger coffee and raise you a butter / coconut milk/ bulletproof coffee05:32
wileeegonna probably cancel my internet for awhile soon getting to expensive for me, If you see me gone that is the downlow05:35
lotuspsychjewileee: steal some free wifi?05:35
wileeelotuspsychje, Heh I could easily, probably hang more at the coffee shop05:36
wileeefew without keys here, besides all the businesses, just a moral issue for me05:36
lotuspsychjewileee: internet should be free bah!05:36
wileeeyeah, and the education I owe a gigantic amount on05:37
lotuspsychjemoney wolves @ the top walking away with our money surfing05:37
=== bubbasaures is now known as wileee
lordievaderGood morning.07:34
ObrienDave*waves to the crazy crowd* ;P07:46
wileeeuh this broken can you help me07:50
ObrienDavesounds like the typical help question ;P07:51
wileeeI wish I had the communication skills, patience and knowledge to help these types better07:53
wileeenever had kids I suspect that is a huge advantage, heh07:54
ObrienDaveyou can't save them all :)07:54
OerHeksThat does not make me switch to mate, but good decision08:19
ObrienDavei think i'll hide in here for a while ;P08:20
* wileee whistles "It's a Beautiful day in the Neighborhood" while meditating08:22
ObrienDaveso, won't you be my neighbor LOL08:23
* ObrienDave is an OLD fart ;P08:24
wileeeme to just turned 5108:24
ObrienDave58 ;p08:24
lotuspsychjethere was a previous article many users dont like GUI ubuntu software centre08:25
OerHekstogether, we are 15608:25
OerHekssoftwarecenter is unreliable.08:25
wileeenot all that friendly really hard to tell what it is doing08:26
ObrienDavei use USC only if i HAVE to. can't remember the last time08:26
OerHeksto install synaptic ?08:26
ObrienDavesounds about right LMAO08:26
lotuspsychjehere's the thread08:26
wileeei install synaptic but just use the terminal mostly08:27
ObrienDavei like synaptic to browse what's available08:27
lotuspsychjei understand we techs all like the terminal style, but for most users i find GUI important also08:27
OerHeksi am not sure who this y Silviu Stahie guy is, i read only assumtions, no hard figures and examples...08:28
lotuspsychjeread the comments, funnier then the article08:29
OerHeksif he wrote: ubuntu users love windows 10, would he get paid ?08:29
ObrienDavehe'd get shot08:29
OerHeksnobelprice :-D08:29
OerHekslike Obama08:29
OerHeksoh come on ObrienDave,  RFCOMM ? you invented them!08:31
lotuspsychjeEriC^^: morning mate08:31
ObrienDave;P i don't remember being that OLD or the smart ;P08:31
EriC^^morning lotuspsychje08:31
EriC^^morning everyone08:31
OerHekshi EriC^^08:32
EriC^^hi OerHeks08:32
ObrienDavehowdy EriC^^08:32
EriC^^hi ObrienDave08:32
* lotuspsychje slides free hot coffees in the channel08:33
ObrienDavedon't dilute my beer ;P08:33
ObrienDavewe WILL have problems ;P08:34
lotuspsychjehmm someone should invent coffeebeer08:34
lotuspsychjefirst you wake up, then you become drunk08:34
ObrienDaveinteresting idea but ewwwwwww08:34
EriC^^isn't that what irish coffee is?08:36
EriC^^well with whiskey i think08:36
lotuspsychjelol yeah abit08:36
ObrienDaveclose ;P Coffee and Emmett's08:36
lotuspsychjeif you drink 3 irish coffees at breakfast mmmmm youl go bacj to sleep08:36
wileeeI'm in PDX tons of local breweries, one across the street, I request the coffee beer08:37
ObrienDavePOrtland OR?08:37
ObrienDavei'm from Grants Pass. just moved to Denver ;P08:38
wileeewait, there went linus running by, ;) ah grants pass08:38
lotuspsychjetoo late guys!08:38
lotuspsychjeseems like they already exist08:39
lotuspsychjeno $$$$$ for you!08:39
wileeeObrienDave, 101F tomorrow your not missing anything08:39
ObrienDave*shudder* glad i'm out of there LOL08:40
ObrienDavei was 40 miles SW, Cave Junction actually08:40
wileeeheh, I use another depressant, legal since july 1st here with me coffee08:41
wileeenice born here never left08:41
EriC^^weed :D08:42
ObrienDavesmoked that crap for 35 years, had to quit 10 years ago for a job LOL08:43
lotuspsychjeso far for quality ubuntu discussions :p08:43
EriC^^smoking on the job is the best :P08:43
wileeepretty much most of my life here08:43
ObrienDavei remember COMPLAINING about spending 20 buck on a n OZ of Columbian in about 1976 ROFL08:44
wileeeas of now there are 3 times the medical dispensaries than liquor stores, all controlled by the same org, olcc08:45
wileeemedical use has been in place a long time08:45
ObrienDavewow, didn't think the OLCC would go there08:46
wileeethey are letting regulars user into the med disp in october08:46
ObrienDavewell, i still own my property south of CJ, it might be time to sell it soon ;)08:47
wileeeflowers only, another year for the rest like ingestible stuf08:47
wileeeproperty has rebounded here08:47
ObrienDave17 acres, spring fed year round pond. all mine ;P08:48
wileeenice, I wish I had the money08:48
ObrienDavegotta pay beer rent ;P brb08:49
wileeesounds like a nice place to garden08:49
wileeejust watched a lecture on Kant and using others for reason, not read any kant I can remember, good stuff though08:56
wileeeusing other as a means to an end, kinda relevant on the channel, heh08:57
ObrienDaveNEVAH! ;P08:58
lotuspsychjesalam maleikum09:00
ObrienDaveyou do and you'll clean it up ;P09:02
MonkeyDustchromixium is a chrome os clone, based on chromium ... i wonder why it even exists ...13:07
MonkeyDustoh I see13:15
=== JanC_ is now known as JanC
* daftykins rolls his eyes at #ubuntu users once more16:18
wileeetime for gobs of caffeine16:29
OerHeksSometimes i want to learn howto troll.16:30
wileeejust informing the users sometimes feels like I already there ;)16:31
wileee"now look 500 feet a long dive into a 1 foot deep pooll"16:32
wileeeA portlandia filming is going on blocks away from here soon, the neighborhood I live in is the yuppie area, should be good pickins16:35
MonkeyDustsweet... indicator-cpu really helps the temp stay low, even while using a VM16:37
TJ-Well, I'm sure having fun with this Super Talent Core Store Plus mini-PCIe SSD! Manufacturer engineers asked the classic question today despite everything I've reported: "Does it work correctly with Windows?" ... to which I replied :You tell me - at the moment the bug prevents the PC booting!"17:17
cfhowlettdc contact the site.17:18
lotuspsychjegood evening to all18:18
lotuspsychjelordievader: fixxed ssd yet mate?18:19
EriC^^evening lotuspsychje18:23
lordievaderlotuspsychje: The ssd ain't the problem. Messed a bit with it, didn't really go anywhere.18:23
lotuspsychjeEriC^^: hello mate :p18:24
lotuspsychjelordievader: kk18:25
* ObrienDave waves from Win7ville ;P19:24
* OerHeks waves back from uname -a19:24
* TJ- waves from GRUB19:33
* lotuspsychje waves@localhost19:34
daftykinsthere's no place like ::1 that's for sure19:42
daftykinshrmm i think it might be curry night :)19:42
lotuspsychjehmm i dont see alot of india ip's flowing by in ubuntu actually wonder how that comes19:53
lotuspsychjethey have large population, should be crowded with india support19:54
daftykinswe get one in #u-uk19:54
lotuspsychjeor maybe they still use windows 200019:54
daftykinskeeps trying to use the channel as his own personal search engine replacement =|19:54
daftykinsstrolls in and goes "teach me this today people"19:54
TJ-SSD TRIM bug-fix to be aware of:  https://git.kernel.org/cgit/linux/kernel/git/torvalds/linux.git/commit/?id=f3f5da624e0a891c34d8cd513c57f1d9b0c7dadc19:56
TJ-This is the cause of the Samsung SSDs getting blacklisted for TRIM support... turns out it affects all SSDs and is specific to md RAID0/1/10 configurations19:56
daftykinsheh thankfully RAIDd SSDs are quite rare still19:58
daftykinsonly those silly gaming laptops do it19:58
* lotuspsychje never liked raid anyways19:59
daftykinsit's alright if done well :)19:59
daftykins#ubuntu teenagers trying to run minecraft? not so much :>19:59
lotuspsychjehow about ssd servers, dont they use raid ssd layouts?20:00
TJ-I use it for encryption purposes20:00
lotuspsychjeTJ-: nice find anyways20:01
TJ-At least we have a solution now, and the fix is easy to back-port20:01
daftykinssurely you don't mean RAID for encryption?20:05
TJ-installed drive is totally encrypted, with a detached LUKS header kept on an external boot device20:08
daftykinsbut that doesn't seem to have any relevance to necessarily be in a RAID config o020:10
TJ-To ensure it doesn't cause problems with regular package updates, grub-update, update-initramfs I have the /boot/ mirrored using RAID-1 on both the external device and inside the dm-crypt container... that way updates can be done without the USB attached, and synced later20:10
lotuspsychjenite nite guys20:21
* lotuspsychje waves @ sudo halt20:21
bubbasauresNothing like a HD lockup to really make your day fun.21:14
bubbasaurescrucial M4 SSD, runs great when it runs21:15
wileeeWe have green peace hanging off a bridge blocking a shell oil ship to the river here, heh23:14
Bashing-omMaybe, he get the drift of it, and become of some good help ?23:16
wileeethe fire personal are doing a rescue to get them off the bridge23:20

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