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MoPacHello. I'm wondering if the patch for timing-induced data corruption with TRIM on Samsung SSDs is incorporated into the latest 3.19.0-XX release kernels in 15.04. I have an 840 EVO and am not sure whether it's safe to upgrade the firmware 15:09
apw8m ... thats not long to wait15:39
apwMoPac (N,BFTL), if you know the specific patch you are talking about ... then ... we can check15:39
apwhenrix_, kamal, does the above description ring a bell ...15:40
apwis that the "turn off trim for a family of drives" fix i wonder15:40
kamalapw, what above description?  (I just reconnected to irc -- no backscroll)15:42
henrix_apw: yes, it does ring a bell... checking15:43
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henrixapw: kamal: it's commit 9a9324d39696 ("libata: Blacklist queued TRIM on all Samsung 800-series") which is already in vivid15:44
henrixkamal: there was a user asking if 3.19 had the fix for the 840 EVO SSD15:44
apwhenrix, thanks, the logs are complete even if they anr't here to appreciate it15:53
TJ-Hopefully we can get this SSD TRIM fix backported: https://git.kernel.org/cgit/linux/kernel/git/torvalds/linux.git/commit/?id=f3f5da624e0a891c34d8cd513c57f1d9b0c7dadc20:01
FourFireGreetings, which is the latest kernel version which I can manually install on ubuntu 15.04 and expect it not to crash/have drivber problems?20:38
FourFireI suppose that last qualifier complicated things a bit, just ignore it (drivers) if that's the case20:39
FourFirefrom what I can see in the mainline repo, 4.0.9 looks like the best candidate, but I don't really know anything about kernel development so I've come here for a second opinion20:40
FourFireok, since noone has answered me in 15 minutes I'm going to go ahead and install 4.0.920:56

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