* Kilos waves06:15
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* slangasek waves15:00
* infinity grunts.15:00
* genii sips15:00
* doko curses15:00
* sil2100 curses15:01
robruforgot to /me, I ruined it!15:01
slangasekwell that's .. different?15:01
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slangasek[TOPIC] Welcome, Tiago!15:03
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slangasekhey, so some of you will have seen the mail from me today... we have a new team member joining us for the first time this week :)15:03
tdaitxglad to be here =)15:03
slangasektdaitx is taking on the java maintainer position, and I'm sure is having fun drinking from the new-starter firehose15:04
sil2100tdaitx: good to have you on board!15:04
pittihey tdaitx, welcome!15:04
slangasektdaitx: anything you want to tell the team about yourself?15:04
mbruzektdaitx: Welcome fellow Java person.15:04
infinitytdaitx: I hope you really, really, really like Germans.15:05
cyphermoxwelcome tdaitx!15:05
tdaitxwell, I lived for 3 months at Germany once ;-)15:05
tdaitxgood memories15:05
infinitytdaitx: Well, you're about to work very closely with someone who's lived in Germany for about 80 years.15:06
dokofein, fast jeder hier spricht deutsch (although slangasek's is a bit rusty)15:07
dokodon't forget to bring the cachaca for the next sprint =)15:08
slangasekmien Deutch nie war nicht rostig15:08
slangasekalso it seems to have lost an s somewhere15:08
infinityMy German is also not roasting.15:08
tdaitxwell, what can I say, I have been involved with software development for quite a long time, moved from php to java to IDL to infrastructure and back and forth =)15:08
slangasek[TOPIC] Lightning round15:08
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slangasek[TOPIC] Welcome, Tiago!15:09
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slangasek ;)15:09
infinityslangasek: I can only assume the PHP bit wasn't on his resume.15:09
tdaitxI have been looking into joining canonical for a while and for some reason slangasek and doko agreed to it a few weeks back15:09
cyphermoxinfinity: people don't like to brag about the dark parts in their lives.15:10
sil2100Dark parts indeed..!15:10
slangasekhmm I don't remember seeing php /or/ IDL on there, but maybe that was selective blindness ;)15:10
* sil2100 shrugs in terror15:10
tdaitxyeah, it was left out in purpose15:10
infinityWell played.15:11
infinitytdaitx: Just one question: how do you feel about BSD?15:11
tdaitxis this one of those tricky questions?15:11
infinityIt's an inside joke, don't worry.  We'll fill you in when one of us gets a little bit unsober.15:12
tdaitxI have gone as far as installing nas4free15:12
infinityI nominate slangasek.15:12
cyphermoxI still haven't heard that BSD joke.15:13
slangasekright, so /now/ I think it's time to move on ;)15:13
slangasek[TOPIC] Lightning round15:13
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slangasek$ echo $(shuf -e barry doko bdmurray slangasek caribou infinity sil2100 robru cyphermox pitti tdaitx)15:13
slangasekcaribou barry sil2100 infinity doko bdmurray slangasek pitti robru tdaitx cyphermox15:13
slangasekthat's a totally fair dice roll and I didn't reroll it twice because tdaitx ended up at the front of the list, honest15:13
sil2100caribou is not around today from what I read15:13
dokocough, last upload quantal ... dbus-c++ (0.9.0-6ubuntu1) quantal; urgency=low15:14
infinityIsn't he on vacation for a few years or something?15:14
pitti. o O { and we told infinity a thousand times to not exaggerate }15:14
infinitydoko: Oh phew, I thought that was going to be one of mine.15:14
sil2100doko: to the transition PPA?!15:14
slangasektdaitx: so for this part of the meeting (which is the main part, which often makes for a quick meeting), we go around telling the team what we've been working on the past week / will work on for the next week / are stuck on and want input on, then we ask follow-up questions if there are any15:15
sil2100Ah, barry not around as well!15:15
sil2100Ok, so my turn it seems15:15
sil2100A long one today:15:15
sil2100- Landing team work, silo coordination, preparing landing e-mails15:15
sil2100- Unblocked thumbnailer from wily-proposed15:15
sil2100- Fixed channel mis-configurations for arale images15:15
sil2100- RTM status meetings and discussions15:15
sil2100- gcc-5 transition misc stuff:15:15
sil2100  * Releasing some of the pending merges as per doko's request15:15
slangasektdaitx: it's traditional to draft this in the 5 minutes after the start of the meeting time, but we won't hold you to tradition15:15
sil2100  * Coordingating landing of others15:15
sil2100  * Consulting and packaging help for upstreams during the transition15:15
sil2100- Shlibs help for some developers wanting to get rid of symbol files15:16
sil2100- Prepared jenkins job for help in spreadsheet -> bileto migration15:16
sil2100- Looked into why the URLs from bileto to assign silos are double-urlencoded15:16
sil2100  * This was breaking silo assignment15:16
sil2100- Finished making commitlogs scripts working with bileto15:16
sil2100- Migrating a few CI Train spreadsheet entries to bileto, analyzing related problems15:16
sil2100- Work on a tool to perform a batch landing from the gcc-5 transition silo15:16
sil2100- Writing script for downloading specific older debs from the overlay PPA15:16
sil2100- Coordinating enabling the LP overlay translations with the LP team15:16
sil2100- Re-spinning and re-releasing OTA-5 hotfix for mako devices15:16
sil2100- Discussions regarding the mako Nokia HERE tarballs and images15:16
sil2100- Updating the release process for OTA-615:16
sil2100- Looking into the livecd-rootfs problem with missing -updates and -security15:16
sil2100  * It's a problem with live-build removing them for ubuntu in lb_chroot_archives15:16
infinityslangasek: Did you replace sil2100 with ev?15:16
infinity - Wrangled critical kernel security updates15:17
infinity - Dealt with fallout and emergency fix for regression from above15:17
infinity - Lots and lots and lots of SRU work for 14.04.3, reviews and uploads15:17
infinity - Fixed livecd-rootfs for HWE regressions and lubuntu/kubuntu builds15:17
infinity - Fixed critical apt autoremove bug breaking 14.04.3 builds15:17
infinity - Updated powerpc-ibm-utils in unstable and wily15:17
infinity - Started on the rest of the IBM rtas stack updates for wily (and SRUs to trusty)15:17
infinity - Random archive admin tasks15:17
infinity - Performing an experiment to see how long one can attempt to offset caffeine headaches with ibuprofen before they die15:17
doko- trying to keep silo16 up to date15:17
doko- started silo39 for the library renamings15:17
doko- pinging ubuntu-touch people to fix things15:17
doko- some python fixes, necessary for 3.5 as supported version15:17
doko- start mentoring tiago15:17
doko- openjdk-7, openjdk-8 security updates, openjdk-9 update15:17
doko- some GCC 5 bug fixes, and libstdc++ breaks added15:17
sil2100I need to start writing my weekly reports in the format of "- Did *stuff*. (done)"15:17
bdmurrayreviewed retracer logs for information about core files still in swift15:17
bdmurraydaisy retracer changes to better handle a failure to get the core file (don't15:17
bdmurrayremove it from the queue as it may be a temporary network issue)15:17
bdmurrayresolved issue with retracer's moving failures due to networking errors to failed queue15:17
bdmurrayconfirmed update of daisy on the production daisy frontends is good15:17
bdmurrayresearch into migration of Errors to a DevOps service15:17
bdmurrayreplied to errors bug LP: #1479465 (overlay PPA stuff)15:17
bdmurrayinvestigation into and discovery of reason for apport test failures15:18
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1479465 in Errors "Show the touch overlay PPA in the package versions table" [Undecided,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/147946515:18
bdmurrayupdated RT #83411 regarding removing Utopic crashes15:18
bdmurrayinvestigation into iproute2 increase in crash rate (w/o crashes)15:18
bdmurrayreported systemd bug LP: #147811515:18
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1478115 in systemd (Ubuntu) "using PathExistsGlob in apport-noui.path results in test failures" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/147811515:18
bdmurrayparticipated in making Ubuntu 14.10 End of Life15:18
bdmurrayupdated bugbot to log reporter of no package bugs15:18
bdmurray✔ done15:18
sil2100infinity: how's the experiment so far?15:18
infinitysil2100: Not dead yet!15:18
sil2100I don't believe you15:18
slangaseksil2100: what was misconfigured for the arale images?15:20
sil2100slangasek: your turn!15:20
sil2100slangasek: it seems they changed some jenkins urls for custom tarballs for a few channels - or gave us wrong ones from the start15:21
sil2100But those were for the meizu.zh arale ones15:21
sil2100So no impact15:21
slangaseksil2100: ah, ok15:21
slangasek * discussions around library package renaming for the gcc5 transition15:22
slangasek * tracking down silos with gcc5 fixes, and giving their owners a nudge15:22
slangasek * python3.5 transition: fixing most of the build failures caused by no-change rebuilds with python3.5 enabled; roughly 20 problem packages remaining15:22
slangasek * tracking of the remaining POWER issues for 14.04.315:22
slangasek * discussions around proposed-migration blip that caused all test failures to be ignored last night15:22
slangasek * this week:15:22
slangasek  * follow through on shim SRU before 14.04.315:22
pittionly three (but rather long) days to report due to holidays15:22
pittiautopkgtest cloud:15:22
pitti - add build-essential to trusty testbeds for test backwards compat15:22
pitti - analyze/categorize all tmpfails, fix bugs in worker and autopkgtest15:22
pitti - create LXC worker, and set up AMQP/swift workers for armhf/ppc64el15:22
pitti - rollout of britney with considering cloud test results, but reverted due to a grave bug in the logic that promoted most things with test regressions15:22
pitti - sift through the above fallout, fortunately not much actually broke except foolscap's test (still TBI)15:22
pitti - langpack-o-matic: adjust to new potemplate-stats format15:22
pitti - build new wily langpacks for touch issue (#1478208)15:22
pitti - help with g++ 5 transition15:22
pitti - fix apport for python 3.515:23
pitti - package systemd 223 (delaying due to alpha-2 freeze)15:23
robruso the universe is exploding15:23
robru* Finally got live rollout of Bileto to replace CI Train spreadsheet, many back-and-forths with IS to make it happen15:23
robru* nothing works right now, need to get everythign fixed15:24
slangasekrobru: is that beyond the double-urlencoding issue?15:24
infinitypitti: Oh, speaking of langpacks, I'll need some for trusty.15:25
robruslangasek: yeah for some reason bileto is giving HTTP500 intermittently on some requests15:25
slangasekrobru: I assume the old spreadsheety instance is still up; have you considered asking IS for a DNS rollback?15:25
robruslangasek: I just asked IS for the logs, no idea why it's failing15:25
* pitti waits for https://translations.launchpad.net/ubuntu/trusty/+language-packs to stop timing out15:25
robruslangasek: pls no15:25
pittiinfinity: I asked on https://translations.launchpad.net/ubuntu/trusty/+language-packs for a full export, but the cron'ed one will be too late; I'll ask wgrant for a manual run15:26
sil2100The other problem is that I though the spreadsheet would still be supported for the grace period15:26
robruslangasek: the double-encoding thing shouldn't be horrible to fix quickly but intermittent 500s is a mystery15:26
infinitypitti: Ta.15:26
slangasekrobru: if the phone team is down right now due to these problems, a rollback would be the right thing to do so you can debug it offline15:26
tdaitxlet me know when I should drop in15:27
infinitytdaitx: Whenever.15:27
tdaitxas slangasek said, I have been "drinking from the new-starter firehose"15:27
tdaitxapart from that...15:27
tdaitx- fixed a libedit bug for wily proposed; lp #147947415:27
tdaitx- fixed conflict and merged bash (4.3-11ubuntu3 and debian's 4.3-13); lp #147954215:27
tdaitx- getting familiar to debian/ubuntu packaging process15:27
tdaitxnext steps are:15:27
slangasektdaitx: feel free to talk over us :)15:27
robruslangasek: DNS rollback shouldn't be necessary, the spreadsheet is still online and jenkins still works, it's possible to just use that15:27
tdaitx- finish the newcomer stuff15:27
tdaitx- make sense out of the openjdk-7 packaging style15:27
tdaitx- fix more stuff on ftbfs15:27
tdaitx- get acquainted with a few openjdk bugs15:27
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1479474 in libedit (Ubuntu) "failure to detect libbsd on build due to wrong LDFLAGS usage" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/147947415:27
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1479542 in bash (Ubuntu) "merge Debian 4.3-13 and 4.3-11ubuntu3" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/147954215:27
slangasekrobru: isn't run.sh pointing at a hostname that has been moved?15:27
cyphermox * trusty SRUs:15:27
cyphermox   - parted 4k sector disk support15:27
cyphermox   - fixed up initial multipath-tools SRU for FC, 4k, udev shared lock15:27
infinitytdaitx: Pro tip, if you ref those as LP: #1479474, gnome-terminal linkifies them for lazy people like me.15:27
cyphermox * moar multipath work to SRU bug 1468897 to trusty:15:27
cyphermox   - fixed some udev interaction issues15:27
cyphermox   - lots of testing, on qemu and ppc64el.15:27
slangasekrobru: and is anyone able to find the dashboard?15:28
sil2100robru: yeah, although I was considering getting the old dashboard setup somewhere to track spreadsheet entries15:28
robruslangasek: run.sh is pointing at the jenkins instance which is working perfectly.15:28
cyphermox * debugging ubiquity issue for 14.04.3 with infinity.15:28
cyphermox * ubiquity cherry-pick for 14.04.3 print flush.15:28
cyphermox * identified an issue with handling wwids in initramfs in multipath 0.5.015:28
ubottuError: Could not gather data from Launchpad for bug #1468897 (https://launchpad.net/bugs/1468897). The error has been logged15:28
sil2100robru, slangasek: since the new one is not tracking the spreadsheet at all15:28
cyphermox   - needs fix in partman-multipath and multipath-tools itself15:28
cyphermox * silo for NetworkManager upload (landing-017)15:28
cyphermox   - testing with ModemManager, given some core changes in NM code.15:28
slangasekrobru: ok, I understood from last night's discussion that IS was updating the target of that DNS name15:28
cyphermox * uploaded skiboot (opal-prd) to wily NEW queue.15:28
pittiinfinity: or just click on the autogenerated links from ubottu ;)15:28
tdaitxinfinity, noted =)15:28
infinitypitti: The bot's not in every channel. :P15:28
sil2100robru, slangasek: we could also switch the spreadsheet to use the new location for the config files for silos and still work in the background15:28
robruslangasek: yes they changed the DNS to point at the jenkins instance that is actually being used.15:28
bdmurrayinfinity: terminator linkify's them too fwiw15:28
infinitybdmurray: Well, it's vte that does it, I think.15:29
sil2100robru, slangasek: since the dashboard only supports bileto right now, I would also opt for a mass migration of existing spreadsheet entries to bileto, since right now there's no flow control on the old landings15:29
slangasekcyphermox: is the wwids-in-initramfs problem a regression in the last SRU / blocker for 14.04.3?15:30
cyphermoxslangasek: no, it's an issue with that pesky thing of ignoring USB devices and non-mpath disks15:30
slangasekany other questions over status?15:31
cyphermox(but it's a bug in wily too, since we don't have the wwids file there either, not sure why people haven't reported it)15:31
slangasekbecause nobody runs a server on an Ubuntu development series, and especially not one using multipath?15:31
cyphermoxsome people do test multipath on wily...15:31
cyphermoxI like to think I'm not the only one :)15:32
slangasekif it makes you happy to think that ;-)15:33
cyphermoxit does! :D15:33
slangasek[TOPIC] AOB15:33
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slangasekoh wait15:33
slangasek[TOPIC] Sprinting15:33
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tdaitxcharles, wouldn't it be possible to automate multipath tests using qemu as well?15:33
cyphermoxtdaitx: I do :)15:33
tdaitxops, cyphermox ^15:33
slangasekwe have a sprint in the works15:34
cyphermoxtdaitx: I keep preseeds for this stuff at http://people.canonical.com/~mtrudel/preseed/15:34
slangasekthe details are not completely finalized yet (location, etc) but we have a week set15:34
slangasekSeptember 1415:34
slangasekso please mark your calendars15:35
cyphermoxslangasek: back to a full week?15:35
sil2100Sprint? Uh oh15:35
infinityslangasek: I vote somewhere with English accents and Parliament.15:36
slangasekcyphermox: had we ever stopped sprints being full-week?15:36
sil2100Hope it's in Europ15:36
slangasekinfinity: I hear there are people agitating to have it somewhere tropical15:36
slangasekby which I mean Florida, not somewhere fun15:36
infinityslangasek: Those people are crazy.15:36
infinityslangasek: Oh, gross.15:36
slangasekanyway, I'll keep you all posted15:36
sil2100Not the US, oh no please no15:36
infinityslangasek: Every time I have to sprint in Orlando, I die a little inside.15:36
slangasekor more likely you'll get an email direct from msm the moment it's decided15:37
pittisil2100: last EU sprint was a while ago indeed15:37
slangasekinfinity: but it's the happiest place on earth!15:37
* tdaitx is a not tropical kind of guy15:37
infinityslangasek: That's Anaheim.15:37
cyphermoxit's tropical enough here in Montreal this week :)15:37
slangasekor wait, not the happiest place on earth... the happiest place in the other thing15:37
cyphermoxslangasek: in florida?15:38
slangasekactually Miami was mooted but I don't know if that'll fly15:38
infinityslangasek: Orlando is the happiest place in Orlando.  That's about the best it can manage.15:38
infinityslangasek: Miami's a whole different story, it has culture.  I'd do that!15:38
slangaseksil2100: do you have your passport situation sorted yet?15:38
sil2100slangasek: hm, I'll have to drive to get a new one, since indeed the previous one will be invalid by that time15:39
sil2100slangasek: thanks for the reminder!15:40
slangasek[TOPIC] AOB15:40
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slangasekok - anything else?15:40
infinityIf anyone has anything they need to get onto 14.04.3 images, your deadline is about a week ago.  HTH, HAND.15:41
bdmurrayinfinity: in bug 1471903 sil2100 mentions -updates being removed by live-build15:42
ubottubug 1471903 in livecd-rootfs (Ubuntu) "-updates, -security missing from apt lists" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/147190315:42
bdmurrayinfinity: would that also happen with 14.04.3 images?15:42
sil2100The ubuntu-remove-non-release-lists.patch patch does that15:43
infinitybdmurray: Yeah, that's by design.   I'm unconvinced that fixing it will fix anything.15:43
sil2100bdmurray: the rationale of this patch makes sense for desktop, sadly not for a system with a read-only filesystem15:43
infinitybdmurray: Since we do things like run apt-get update in the installer, which then invalidates any out of date packages anyway.15:44
slangasekinfinity: it will fix the packages on the image that are installed from -updates and -security being shown as being of unknown source15:44
infinitybdmurray: Anyhow, we can discuss it out of meeting.15:44
slangasekwhether this is worth the cost is another question15:44
bdmurrayinfinity: if the origin for a package is unknown you can't use ubuntu-bug so then you can't use it when running a live cd before installing.15:44
infinityslangasek: It only fixes them until they're out of date again.15:45
slangasekinfinity: yes, you run apt-get update in the installer, but not for the live system15:45
infinityslangasek: Are the majority of our bugs on livecds not from the installer environment?15:45
slangasekinfinity: how do we know, given that people can't report them? ;)15:46
sil2100hah, indeed15:46
slangasekanyway, let's discuss outside meeting as suggested15:46
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meetingologyMeeting ended Thu Jul 30 15:46:37 2015 UTC.15:46
meetingologyMinutes:        http://ubottu.com/meetingology/logs/ubuntu-meeting/2015/ubuntu-meeting.2015-07-30-15.01.moin.txt15:46
slangasekthanks, everyone!15:46
sil2100I would opt for getting that patch removed, not sure if there's enough merit in having it around to try and work-around it somehow in ubuntu-touch15:46
tdaitxwhat does AOB stands for?15:47
sil2100Any Other Business I guess15:47
infinityAll Other Business.15:47
pittitdaitx: any other b... yes15:47
infinityOr Any.15:47
pittihttp://www.acronymfinder.com/AOB.html has a few other interesting ones, though15:48
slangaseklinux-any other business?15:48
infinityOh man, tired+dyslexia = reading gold.15:48
infinityI read that first one as "anals of baloney"15:48
sil2100infinity: I had the same thing, but in my case it was maybe only because I'm a perv15:49
pittiwe're done, right?15:56
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