jarnosWhy does mythbuntu use mawk instead of gawk?20:27
tgm4883jarnos: I didn't realize we specified one over the other20:28
jarnoscommand "update-alternatives --display awk" shows which is used, when awk is called. http://distrowatch.gdsw.at/table.php?distribution=mythbuntu&pkglist=true&version=14.04 shows mawk is installed by default, but gawk is not.20:31
jarnostgm4883, ^20:31
tgm4883jarnos: I would assume we just pull in what what ubuntu and/or xubuntu uses20:32
jarnostgm4883, oh, indeed xubuntu 14.04 does not have gawk either; later versions of xubuntu have both mawk and gawk, but I don't know which is default.20:40
tgm4883jarnos: we pull a lot of default stuff from some lower level xubuntu packages20:41
jarnostgm4883, I wonder, why it is used, as it is very old version of mawk and has known bugs.20:42
tgm4883jarnos: IDK, we could look at specifying gawk instead. I'd ping them over i #xubuntu and ask about it20:43
tgm4883jarnos: ubuntu defaults to gawk?20:43
jarnostgm4883, I don't know, I am using Ubuntu Studio in another PC, and it has both gawk and mawk installed by default like Ubuntu. Ubuntu Studio is using gawk currently, IIRC it is default.20:49

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