dkesselballoons: pingback05:21
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pittiGood morning06:11
veebersMorning pitti o/ hope all is well with you?06:14
pittihey veebers! yes, it is, thanks (a bit tired, but otherwise fine); how about yourself?06:16
veeberspitti: Good to hear :-) can't complain. The weather seems to be improving slowly but surely.06:19
pittiveebers: we had a great bicycle tour through the Alps last week06:20
pittisun was burning, but we cycled in the mornings and spent the afternoons on lakes :)06:20
veeberspitti: nice! A little envious :-) This weekend should be nice enough weather for a walk I think06:22
dkesselballoons: good blog entry09:48
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flocculantballoons: ping13:31
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balloonsflocculant, pong14:26
balloonsdkessel, thanks. We have some volunteers now, so I'm going to document things and create a workflow to share the idea with everyone14:28
balloonsthen the fun part of divying up work :p14:28
flocculantballoons: hi - could you do a thing for me please :)14:35
flocculantnow I've been added to xubuntu release team - can you set me up with perms to fiddle with xubuntu things on the trackers please :)14:36
balloonsflocculant, ohh.. If you are on the release team, you should just have access. Try it and see14:37
flocculantaah - I logged out and logged in - got the option - all sorted :)14:38
flocculantsilly me14:39
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balloonsdkessel, ping whenever you are about19:37
dkesselballoons: on19:46
dkesselOnly for a few more minutes19:46
balloonsdkessel, oO. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1TILHcVLJzJ6Cz9gaUA0D-Aa5FbdYeP-Jc19nH7Xf1lc19:46
balloonsI've been working on solidifying things out, and I've invited those who expressed interest. I'm curious if you found out the answer to the question of whether or not we need physical servers19:47
flocculantreading that19:50
balloonsindeed, DanChapman or anyone else who's interested ^^19:51
dkesselDone reading it. No, I have not spent any time trying to find that answer.19:53
balloonsdkessel, ahh no worries. Just thought I'd ask to see19:53
dkesselI got to go. I really wish I would have more time for this.19:55
dkesselAnyway, keep pinging me about it, balloons ;)19:55
* DanChapman looks19:55
dkesselThe document looks good so far, describing what it is about and what the plan is.19:56
balloonsdkessel, is there a good time / date you would be about for meeting to talk about it?19:57
balloonsI'd like to get everyone together to finish hashing things out so we can start moving forward on making it happen19:57
dkesseltime of day-wise anywhere from four hours before now till now.19:58
balloonsdkessel, ok. Any day of week in particular?19:58
dkesselTomorrow I will have time during that time :) I will be alone at home with the cat :)19:59
balloonsdkessel, hehe, ok, we'll do one tomorrow then :-)19:59
balloonsI'll schedule and send. I imagine we'll end up doing several so people can meet19:59
dkesselOkay good20:00
dkesselSee you then!20:00
balloonsDanChapman, how about yourself? What day / times are good for meetin'?20:00
DanChapmanballoons: I can make tomorrow as well20:01
balloonsDanChapman, dkessel, see you at 1900 UTC tomorrow.20:14
shrinihappy to see the mails21:01
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