tewardthank you for the accept :)00:08
infinityteward: Thanks for addressing my nitpicking. :P00:09
tewardinfinity: i quite like it when people point out my minor failures00:09
tewardit makes me realize why i say i shouldn't code after being jerked around left right up and down by work00:10
infinityteward: For the record, that's not about "ugh, your changelog sucks", but more about "always debdiff and read carefully before upload".  The same sort of careful review of why your changelog sucks tends to also apply to carefully reviewing the rest of the diff, IME.00:10
tewardoh you know what, that hit at the same time as we had servers going BOOM in the server room, no wonder i didn't catch those mistakes :/00:11
* teward shrugs00:11
tewardinfinity: i still don't mind when my minor mistakes are pointed out - makes me pay more attention in the future :)00:11
tewardat least it's not a 'HEY THIS IS UNTESTED WHY DID YOU UPLOAD IT' situation00:12
teward(which has happened once)00:12
jackyuHi, release team, Help: we can not update the status on Wily Alpha 2 of Ubuntu Kylin. It stays on re-building, we want to Cancel it.01:46
infinityjackyu: I can fix that.02:11
jackyuinfinity, great, thanks^02:11
infinityjackyu: Did you want a fresh build?  That's the simplest way to fix it.02:14
jackyuinfinity, yes!02:15
infinityjackyu: Right.  Fresh build coming up, then.02:15
tewardinfinity: thanks on helping with that SRU and getting to proposed.  verification-done but i'mma let it sit02:15
* teward isn't too worried about it :P02:15
jackyuinfinity, Actually, we updated a package that results in the block problem. So we want to build a fresh one.02:17
infinityjackyu: There's a fresh build in progress right now.02:17
jackyuinfinity, Great~02:18
infinityjackyu: ^02:47
tjaaltoninfinity: the right answer would be to allow mesa backports as is, of course :)05:45
tjaaltoni'm on holiday, btw05:45
tjaaltonand don't know what (meta) pgk should depend on the wayland bits.. but if you did it manually last time then do so again, and leave a bug for the next time05:47
infinitytjaalton: It wasn't the backport that introduced the issue, it's "broken" the same way in vivid and wily. :P05:55
infinitytjaalton: It's just accidentally working in V and W because libgtk and libsdl happen to depend on libwayland-egl, so it's pretty hard to not have it installed.05:56
infinitytjaalton: But yeah, I can work around it in livecd-rootfs for now.  But it's still a bug. :P05:56
infinitytjaalton: As for what package should depend on it, it should be whatever is dlopen()ing it unconditionally.  Which is probably libegl-mesa.05:59
infinitytjaalton: If that behaviour isn't intentional, that should be fixed, IMO.05:59
jamespageinfinity, thankyou06:16
tjaaltoninfinity: right, i'll check it out when i get back. assign the bug to me so i don't forget06:30
infinitytjaalton: Done.06:35
infinityRAOF: You around?07:28
RAOFinfinity: Yo.07:30
infinityRAOF: Too late, I got pitti to cover.07:30
RAOFHow are you online both when I get up and just before I stop work?07:30
infinityRAOF: Magic.07:32
tseliotinfinity: any progress on approving nvidia-graphics-drivers-352-updates and nvidia-graphics-drivers-352 in wily?08:06
infinitytseliot: I've been flat out on point release stuff, sorry.08:10
tseliotinfinity: no problem08:10
Laneyflexiondotorg: How's the hassling going?10:55
flexiondotorgUbuntu MATE looking good.10:55
flexiondotorgKubuntu looking good.10:55
flexiondotorgNo feedback from Lubuntu.10:55
flexiondotorgwxl, How is the Alpha 2 testing progressing?10:56
infinityAccording to the tracker, they look good on !powerpc, though they've not marked ready.11:05
LaneyI got happyaron to find out about Kylin11:08
LaneyThey've been doing hardcore through-the-night QAing11:08
flexiondotorgLaney, I've marked Ubuntu MATE as ready.11:10
flexiondotorgLaney, I'll start drafting release announcements in a little while.11:11
LaneyEnjoy the crushing burden of finding a suitable quote11:12
flexiondotorgLaney, quote?11:17
LaneyAll the best release announcements start with an appropriate quotation. :)11:18
Laney(it is optional)11:19
flexiondotorgLaney, easy ;-)11:24
flexiondotorgwxl, lordievader Can you please add your release note or link to them here please - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/WilyWerewolf/Alpha211:24
infinityLaney: Bah, I gave up that tradition ages ago, in favour of instead embedding subliminal messages in headers.11:37
lordievaderI suppose http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/kubuntu/releases/wily/alpha-2/ will become available once it is released?11:39
cjwatsonlordievader: that's how it works, yeah11:41
lordievaderflexiondotorg: Updated :)11:41
flexiondotorglordievader, Thanks.11:41
infinitylordievader: Are the kubuntu images ready, BTW?  I can mark for you, since I happen to be on the page...11:44
lordievaderinfinity: Yes, mark them ready :)11:45
Laneyinfinity: Cue many man hours wasted by Ubuntu watchers poring over your emails11:46
infinitylordievader: ^11:46
lordievaderinfinity: Thank you :D11:46
infinityWell, now, there's a package name.11:47
lordievaderI wonder what it does...11:48
infinity thefuck    - spelling corrector of console commands11:48
Laneyrcj: Cloud image verification on track?11:48
lordievaderHihi, interesting.11:49
* infinity accepts that with vigor.11:51
infinityLaney: Lemme know when your soft lock on the archive is up, so I can let the kernel migrate.11:58
xnoxinfinity: .. at least that package is not written in nodejs....11:59
infinityxnox: No, but all bets are off when your README contains a gif.11:59
infinityxnox: And a gif of terminator, no less.11:59
xnoxinfinity: enough of internets for today....12:01
* xnox hobbles downstrairs on crutches to get pain killers12:01
Laneyinfinity: 'kay - hoping the remaining flavours wake up soon12:02
flexiondotorglordievader, Are you ready to mark Kubuntu images as ready?12:08
infinityflexiondotorg: Already done.12:09
flexiondotorginfinity, Thanks.12:09
lordievaderflexiondotorg: ;)12:10
* flexiondotorg was looking at Kylin.12:10
rcjLaney, cloud images are ready12:49
Laneyrcj: great12:50
Laneyflexiondotorg: ^ fyi - they don't use the tracker12:50
rcjLaney, correct12:51
flexiondotorgrcj, Great.12:51
flexiondotorgLaney, yup I got that :-)12:51
Laneygetting there12:51
flexiondotorgWorking on release announcement. Nearly done.12:52
rcjLaney, flexiondotorg: Do you have an outlook for the release?  I need to grab some breakfast.13:04
flexiondotorgrcj, Do you mean timing?13:05
rcjflexiondotorg, yeah13:05
flexiondotorgWell, 16:00 was the plan.13:05
flexiondotorgrcj, Just Lubuntu to go.13:06
flexiondotorgwxl, ^^^^^^^^^^^^^13:06
LaneyI'm going to get lunch in a minute so at least 1 hour13:06
rcjflexiondotorg, Laney: thx13:07
flexiondotorgLaney, OK. I've just eaten.13:07
flexiondotorgBut someone put a beer in my hand.13:07
LaneyThe horror13:07
infinityflexiondotorg: If lubuntu doesn't show up on time, I'd make an executive decision based on their tests to releast amd64+i386 and skip powerpc.13:07
infinityflexiondotorg: If I were you, anyway.13:07
flexiondotorginfinity, Thanks for the pro tip :-)13:07
infinityAaaand, hopefully that's the last time I touch livecd-rootfs for another 6 months.13:09
flexiondotorgLaney, I've tried chasing Lubuntu in various channels. No feedback as yet.15:08
Laneyflexiondotorg: Give them until 5pm then execute the plan15:08
flexiondotorgLaney, OK.15:09
flexiondotorgLaney, you're actually releasing the images right?15:09
flexiondotorgLaney, perfect.15:09
* flexiondotorg goes to get a Whiskey.15:09
=== henrix_ is now known as henrix
flexiondotorgwxl Are the Lubuntu Alpha 2 images good to go? What about the PowerPC images? Do you want to include those?15:50
LaneyI don't think we're going to respin anything now15:51
Laneyinfinity: go get all kernelly15:51
infinityMmmm, kernelly.15:52
* Laney gets all e-d-sy15:53
* Laney screams and goes to redirect the old ci-train dashboard to the new one15:53
jderoseinfinity: do you plan to respin the 14.04.3 daily iso today with your totem/libwayland-egl-whatever fix?15:54
flexiondotorgLaney, I got word from Lubuntu.15:54
Laneysecret word15:54
Laneywas it good word?15:55
Laneyor bad word? bird?15:55
dokoslangasek, infinity, Laney: can we turn on the approve queue for wily tomorrow morning, while preparing for the GCC ppa copy to the archive?15:56
flexiondotorgLaney. Lubuntu do not want the PowerPC images releasing. The i386 and amd64 are good to go.15:56
flexiondotorgLaney, I can't mark the Lubuntu images ready in the tracker.15:56
Laneyflexiondotorg: No worries, I can. Thanks!15:57
flexiondotorgLaney, Those that can (from Lubuntu) are not available.15:57
slangasekdoko: by this, you mean freezing the archive?15:58
dokoslangasek, yes15:58
dokoI mean, manually accepting unaffected packages is fine15:59
slangasekdoko: can you clarify why you want this?  is it because you're worried about packages in this list having other uploads during the window?15:59
slangasekan archive freeze is extra work for the release team, so would like to understand why it's needed15:59
dokoslangasek, I want to avoid having debian packages synced merged with 5 as the default before we make 5 the default16:00
dokobecause then, we have to redo these transitions16:00
slangasekdoko: so gcc 5 will be made the default in Debian before it's made the default in Ubuntu?16:01
slangasekI thought this ppa was going to be published tomorrow16:01
dokoyes, need the buildds to catch up rebuilding the qt5 stack16:01
slangasekdoko: I don't understand; you mean you're waiting to publish gcc5 to Ubuntu until the qt5 stack is rebuilt?16:02
dokoslangasek, yes, rebuild what is in silo16 in silo39, so we depend on the renamed libraries16:04
* flexiondotorg awaits further instruction from Laney16:06
Laneyflexiondotorg: I'm going to start publishing in 2 minutes16:06
infinitydoko: If you're just worried about autosyncs, we can disable the cronjob.16:06
flexiondotorgLaney, What does that mean exactly?16:06
LaneyMaking the ISOs exist in their final locations16:07
flexiondotorgRight OK.16:07
LaneyGenerating torrents, etc16:07
infinitydoko: But if you want the release team to approve every upload, it's vaguely non-trivial for us to know what an "affected" package is.16:07
flexiondotorgOK, and when that is done you'll poke me to send the email?16:07
dokoinfinity, ok with the autosyncs then16:07
infinitydoko: Sure.  Disabling autosyncs can be easily done.  Just let us know when.16:08
Laneyflexiondotorg: Yup16:10
slangasekdoko: ok, so the library package renames from seb128 are still in flight, and you're wanting to wait for these to finish before landing any of it to -proposed?  couldn't we publish silo16 immediately, follow through on the renames in silo39, and publish silo39 immediately to -proposed once it's also done?16:14
slangasekdoko: the only negative impact I see is that partial upgrades will be broken in the meantime inside -proposed, and we don't care about that16:15
Laneyrcj: Go for cloud image publishing when you're ready16:15
Laneyrcj: Syncing the rest out over the next hour-ish16:15
rcjLaney, excellent16:15
dokoslangasek, I copied sources without binaries from 16 to 39, so these are different, and then will fail to copy from silo3916:16
dokoso maybe copy 39 first, and then 16, and you'll see the rejects what was already copied from 3916:17
slangasekdoko: so are all the packages copied to 39 that need to be?16:17
dokoslangasek, no, not yet. working on it ...16:17
dokoI hoped that the lib renames would be done today, but they are not yet16:18
slangasekseb128: how are you coming with the lib renames?16:18
dokoslangasek, http://pad.ubuntu.com/gcc-5-transition16:19
Laneyhas nusakan been upgraded or something?16:21
LaneyISTR checksumming taking ages before16:22
slangasekLaney: certainly not16:22
slangaseknusakan is unupgradeable16:22
slangasekdoko: what are you meaning to show me with that pad?16:22
LaneyIt is already peak machine16:22
dokoslangasek, what is pending16:23
slangasekLaney: no, it's in a maintenance dead-end until we migrate services to juju16:23
slangasekdoko: which part of that tells me what's pending?16:23
dokocwidget - FTBFS: https://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=79268116:25
dokogoogle-perftools - FTBFS with gcc 5 (test failures)16:25
dokolibept - pitti; current version FTBFS in wily (Debian #788770), synced 1.0.1316:25
dokosnappy - check with the snappy team/mvo?16:25
dokotagcoll2 - doko16:25
ubot93Debian bug 792681 in src:cwidget "cwidget ftbfs with GCC 5" [Normal,Open]16:25
ubot93Debian bug 788770 in src:libept "libept: FTBFS in FindPkgConfig.cmake: No cmake_minimum_required command is present." [Serious,Fixed] http://bugs.debian.org/78877016:25
dokoI'm working on tagcoll216:25
slangasekdoko: and all the libraries *not* on that list, which are included in silo 16, have been transitioned in silo 39?16:35
Laneyflexiondotorg: Image should start appearing on http://cdimage.ubuntu.com momentarily16:39
dokoslangasek, no, still rebuilding16:39
Laneyflexiondotorg: Takes a short while from here for the torrents to start working16:40
flexiondotorgLaney, Is that a go for send the email?16:40
LaneyProbably wait until they're all available16:40
LaneyI probably wouldn't wait for all torrents to start working - usually just check one to see if the seed box is still alive16:41
Laneybut all HTTP downloads, sure16:41
cjwatsonLaney: checksumming> I improved the code a while back16:41
cjwatsonit does a better job of reusing the checksums that are already there nowadays16:41
slangasekdoko: "still rebuilding", but uploaded, yes?  that's the thing I'm asking16:41
Laneycjwatson: Ah right - much appreciated16:42
cjwatsonLaney: the relevant change was probably the python rewrite, since it was bloody hard to get the logic right in shell :)16:42
cjwatsoner, yw16:42
slangasekdoko: I only show three packages currently building in silo 3916:42
dokoslangasek, can't yet copy. waiting on the armhf build. the packages don't have versioned b-d's16:42
slangasekdoko: can't copy what?16:43
slangasekI'm just asking the status of the library package renames16:43
dokocan you call me? I don't understand you ...16:43
cjwatsonslangasek: reading the tea-leaves, qtbase-opensource-src is still building in silo 39 on armhf and so things on top of that in the stack can't start to build yet16:44
cjwatsonI think that is what doko means, apologies if I'm wrong16:44
slangasekdoko: have the source packages, that need renamed, all been uploaded to the silo?16:44
dokoslangasek, yes, but still left: libept, cwidget ("only" aptitude needs it), google-perftools, libept (currently doing it myself), qca2, snappy, zeitgeist16:47
cjwatsondoko: snappy> not the snappy team/mvo, since it's not that snappy16:48
dokoyes, I know, but we needed it16:48
slangasekdoko: thanks, that's what I wanted to confirm16:49
cjwatsonsure, just saying that arbitrarily giving it to the snappy team is not exactly fair16:50
dokothat was pitti's mistake in the etherpad, but I made the same when I asked mvo to work on it ;)16:52
flexiondotorgLaney, no sign of Ubuntu Kylin or Ubuntu MATE on cdimage yet.16:53
Laneystill rsyncing16:53
Laneyflexiondotorg: good now?17:00
flexiondotorgYep :-)17:00
Laney'k, my work here is done17:02
* Laney puts cron back on17:02
flexiondotorgLaney, so I ping them email?17:02
LaneyIf you're happy, I'm happy17:02
ogra_uh, oh17:04
ogra_who removed the comment in front of the vivid snappy image build line in nusakans crontab ?17:04
flexiondotorgLaney, email sent but awaiting moderation :-(17:05
cjwatsonflexiondotorg: *clickety* no it's not17:05
flexiondotorgcjwatson, Thanks.17:05
ogra_(we definitely dont want daily vivid builds for snappy, that has been commented since vivid release day i think)17:07
Laneyflexiondotorg: Want to do the honours with the topic in here? :-)17:07
Laneyogra_: You going to put it back...?17:07
ogra_Laney, well, we seem to have a new process, i need a cdimage tree on this machine first ...17:08
Laneyso it should be uncommented?17:08
ogra_i would appreciate if someone with am already set up tree could revert it17:08
ogra_no, it shoudl be commented17:08
ogra_we only want manual builds for vivid17:08
flexiondotorgLaney, If you can give me super powers for a moment, sure.17:09
ogra_(but want to have the line there as reference)17:09
Laneyflexiondotorg: You can do it, we're not +t in here17:09
=== flexiondotorg changed the topic of #ubuntu-release to: Released: Trusty 14.04.2, Vivid 15.04, Wily Alpha 2 | Archive: wily open | Wily Release Coordination. Please don't upload things during freezes where you shouldn't, or be prepared to apologise to the release team | We accept payment in cash, check or beer | melior malum quod cognoscis
flexiondotorgLaney thanks for your help today.17:13
Laneyflexiondotorg: thank *you*17:13
* ogra_ hugs Laney 17:14
ogra_thanks !!17:14
flexiondotorglamont, yw17:14
flexiondotorgLaney, yw17:14
bdmurrayinfinity: could you fully phase the iproute2 SRU for trusty?17:17
infinitybdmurray: Sure.17:17
infinitybdmurray: Done.17:17
pleia2I'm wondering if it's time to close down http://release-blog.ubuntu.com/ ?17:18
pleia2since it went to the planet, I didn't used to replicate the fridge.ubuntu.com posts to the planet, but it's not being updated anymore so I've started replicating again17:19
slangasekdoko: snappy, surely this is a bug that this is in the seed at all17:19
slangaseknone of the revdeps are anything that should be in the seed17:19
pleia2still, I check every release to see if release-blog has been updated just in case, and I'd rather not do that anymore :)17:19
bdmurrayinfinity: thanks17:20
dokoslangasek, already built17:20
dokoargh, https://launchpadlibrarian.net/213120954/buildlog_ubuntu-wily-amd64.qtbase-opensource-src_5.4.2%2Bdfsg-2ubuntu2.1_BUILDING.txt.gz17:20
infinitypleia2: Yeah, it's fairly dead.17:20
slangasekpleia2: it's still documented as part of https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MilestoneProcess, so I wonder why that's being missed17:21
infinityslangasek: It's been intentionally missed for years, but no one pulled it from the process page, I guess.17:21
slangasekinfinity: errm17:21
slangasekI don't mind if the blog is dropped; I do mind if the checklist is ignored and no one bothers to update it :)17:22
slangasekinteresting, there's a thing called leveldb which is used by thumbnailer-service and depends on the other snappy17:25
slangasekwhat are the odds17:25
slangasekok no bug here17:25
infinityslangasek: I see no mention of it on *Process pages, I don't know what you're talking about.17:27
infinityAnd I'm going to go "nap".17:28
infinityflexiondotorg: I've always found that Tesla quote hilariously ironic.17:30
flexiondotorginfinity, :-)17:30
infinityNo thrill that can go through the human heart?  Really dude?  Not even, I dunno, 240 volts?17:30
flexiondotorginfinity, It was the Tesla quote or,17:40
flexiondotorg"I am Groot" - Groot17:40
dokoLaney, thanks for paying attention what is in silo16 ... now merging my evolution-data-server changes17:45
Laneyhey doko, don't be angry, I'm going to do it17:50
Laney(you can if you want though)17:50
dokoLaney, already done17:50
seb128slangasek, http://pad.ubuntu.com/gcc-5-transition has the renames remaining17:54
dokoLaney, see https://launchpad.net/~ci-train-ppa-service/+archive/ubuntu/landing-016/+sourcepub/5267586/+listing-archive-extra18:22
dokoplease don't update -proposed until we copy these ... and maybe another soname bump is needed18:22
Laneydoko: I'm hoping e-d-s migrates tonight... don't want to be entangled with gcc really18:26
dokothe hope with you may be18:30
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bdmurrayarges, infinity, slangasek: Has an SRU team member talked to ubuntu kylin about their software-center SRU?18:42
slangasekI have not18:43
slangasekdoko: do you have an estimate of how long it will take to get the rest of silo 39 built?18:43
slangasekdoko: trying to schedule the image testing with jibel, so that we can get this stack validated and moved on from -proposed as quickly as possible18:44
slangasekand of course there's no sense in scheduling this for a time when we won't yet be able to build images18:44
dokoslangasek, building images means that all package have to be installable, which I suppose won't yet be possible18:46
dokothat was not the plan. and if you want to do that, then freeze the archive. the noise costs more and more time18:51
argesbdmurray: i haven't18:52
robruinfinity: can you NEW review this packaging please? http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~unity-api-team/persistent-cache-cpp/devel/files19:16
slangasekdoko: those packages have to be installable at some point, in order for them to migrate to wily; my question was if you can estimate how long it will take to get them built, I guess the answer is no?19:26
dokoslangasek, I'm currently working up the qt5 stack. Mirv told me some rough order, so lets see how far this goes. In parallel I'll rebuild the phone stack. so maybe I can give you an answer in 3-4h19:28
bdmurrayinfinity: did you see my ping about ubuntu-archive-scripts and utopic? https://code.launchpad.net/~brian-murray/+junk/ubuntu-archive-scripts20:21

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